Steam Rock On 2

Rock On 2

Rock On 2 is a movie starring Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, and Arjun Rampal. The band, Magik reunites with some new members.

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Rock on 2
Running Time
2 hours 23 minutes
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Music, Drama
Shujaat Saudagar
Pubali Chaudhuri, Abhishek Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Pubali Chaudhuri
Purab Kohli, Arjun Rampal, Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The band, Magik reunites with some new members.

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Juan Hart photo
Juan Hart

I've watched this movie 3 times and I'm still thinking about it, it's so powerful and intense, you really need to watch it, and it's a must see for anyone who's ever felt lost. I can see this movie being on my top 10 list of all time! And for those of you who haven't seen it yet, go rent it now!

Brandon W. photo
Brandon W.

Not a lot of movies get a review of 10, but this one deserves it. Well, let's face it, it's not the kind of movie that'll blow your mind or make you laugh out loud. But it does have it's moments. This is a movie that has some serious drama, and that's what makes it great. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie with a lot of drama. It's a good movie that will leave you thinking about it for a while. The acting is great, especially by the lead actress. It's an excellent movie and you should definitely watch it.

Gregory photo

I have watched this movie a number of times, and I still love it. It is so true to life. The acting is superb. The story line is just perfect. I love it!

Joyce Hill photo
Joyce Hill

I saw this movie on TV, and it was on the news channel, so I thought it was a must-see. I've seen it several times since, and I still love it. I am a huge fan of Woody Harrelson and the songs are very well done. I liked the movie, and I think it's definitely worth seeing, especially if you have a young child, or if you love musicals.

Carl Weber photo
Carl Weber

While "Rock On" (2016) was a great film in its own right, I believe it could have been much better if it had more diversity in its cast. I think that if more diverse characters were in the film, the film would have been much more fun and compelling. I liked the film overall, but I'm definitely going to recommend it to my friends. It's a very well made film with an interesting plot, and I'm glad that the directors decided to go with a traditional, two-hand held camera style, instead of the 360-degree "Freefall" style that they used in the trailer. That style really works. I have to say that this film was worth the price of admission.

Ruth P. photo
Ruth P.

I just got back from a screening of "Cinema Paradiso". I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure what to expect of it. I was in a new theatre and the story and direction was really great. And, it was really good. My first reaction to the film was "What the heck is this?" But, I was completely blown away. I went and saw it with my mom and it was a perfect movie. Everyone in the theatre (a mostly adult audience) were in tears by the end. The story has it all. Characters are great. Acting is great. It was also incredibly funny and made me smile from the very beginning of the film to the end. It made me laugh out loud at certain parts of the film and I just really enjoyed it. I liked it so much that I went and saw it again on a rainy night. I really enjoyed it again and I'm going to see it again and again and I am definitely going to see it again. I think that the film has a great future, I can't wait to see the second part. I will be seeing this film a few more times. The story is great and the direction is great and it really surprised me. It was well written and the acting was fantastic. I loved it! I will be watching this film a few more times!

Gloria Wallace photo
Gloria Wallace

Just finished watching this film and all I can say is WOW! I was thoroughly impressed by the story and the cast. Great work! I can't wait to see the follow-up. The plot line was well developed, the acting was good, and it did not feel like a typical rock opera. I did not understand why so many people were criticizing the story. People who are not into rock opera are no doubt going to find this film boring. You should see it, and if you don't, well, you're missing out on a great story and a very talented cast. I would have to say that the musical score was just as good, if not better. It was very well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in finding out what life is really like, or just looking for an entertaining movie. The story does not use a "Hollywood" style of musical score or soundtrack. It's very clean, clean, clean!

Gregory photo

I think this is the best film I have seen in a long time. It was very moving and heartwarming. I cried a lot and I cried a lot because it was so sweet and perfect. I can't wait for this one to come out on DVD. It is very underrated. I think this movie is a must see for everyone.

Kimberly photo

I'm a bit tired of the John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd stereotype. I'm not a kid who adores their characters, and neither am I that obsessed. I like the Johnny Cash character and his piano music, but I don't think he's that great. I like the Mario's character, but I think he's not that great. It's tough to tell a good song when you're a kid. I liked the music. It was very catchy. I like the story. It's not the most original story. It's also very long. It's a little too long for a film. I think I was ready to see something really good, but it wasn't that good. The music is still really catchy, but I'm tired of that. The movie was good, but I'm ready to see something better. So, it's still enjoyable, but not that good. So, I'm still open to seeing something better.

Evelyn W. photo
Evelyn W.

Just watched this film on Netflix. I was a bit disappointed. It has a nice concept and the music is good, but it is not as good as the first one. But there is a lot of heart in the film, and it is very realistic. The characters are very real and well acted. The story is very well told. The cinematography is excellent. It was also very good that there is no nudity. This is not a pornographic film. The only nudity I saw was the main character's. It was necessary for the story to go on. I feel that this film would have been a lot better had it not had to have nudity. Overall, a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone. 9/10

Eugene photo

I enjoyed watching this movie on TV and I thought it was a good introduction to David Duchovny and Julie Bowen. I thought the plot was well done and it was at times interesting to see how they would pull off such a small plot. I thought the acting was pretty good, the one flaw I found was in the fact that the actresses seemed a little too young to be doing the roles they played. Overall, I thought this movie was very enjoyable and I recommend watching it. I would have given it a 10 but for one flaw.

Jennifer photo

Ok, I'll start with the good points: The story is true, the characters are believable, and the music is simply beautiful. I'm not saying that the movie isn't a classic. But the story is no longer the main focus. It's not a timeless tale, and it's not a book that has been written by someone whose time is coming. It's a movie that's worth seeing simply for the music and the visual effects. Also, one of the most important things about this film is that the music is not only the main focus, it's the ONLY focus. It is just as important as the story. Yes, the story is important, but that is only one aspect of the film. It is just as important to have the music as the story. It is beautiful, it is timeless, and it is a masterpiece. But it's also one of the most important movies I've ever seen. I highly recommend it. But if you are not a huge fan of music, or if you're not really into classic movies, then you won't find this movie to your liking. If you like classic movies, you should really check out this movie. I give it a 9/10, and that's because I was a little bit disappointed with the music, but that's just my opinion.

Brenda R. photo
Brenda R.

John Travolta, in his best movie role, plays the role of Frank E. Avila Jr. the pimp who is recruited by the Harlem Globetrotters to drive them to the NBA finals. The movie has a great opening shot of the black & white view of the street and the Globetrotters marching to the arena. Then, John Travolta's character introduces Frank Avila Jr. as the "Striped Ice Queen". The two men compete, but in the end, Frank's character has to leave Harlem to earn enough money to move to New York City and to start his own ice-skating franchise. This movie has a great feel to it and features great acting by all the cast. I highly recommend it.

Sharon photo

The last time I saw this movie was in 1988 and I was really impressed with it. It was a very colorful, colorful movie. It was a lot of fun. The music was also good. The storyline was a little weird but I guess that's what makes it so interesting. It's not like you're supposed to figure it out. I still remember the music at the end and that was very memorable. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where the music was so good. It was a great movie and it will be remembered for years to come. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Pamela photo

WOW! What a terrific movie. It shows the amazing talent of Russell Crowe. It shows what it's like to be a teenager. The entire cast is great. The music is great. The plot is great. The acting is terrific. The directing is great. It's an incredible film. I really enjoyed it. I hope it is seen by all. It's worth it.

Alexander photo

I'm not a big fan of music videos. I find them too noisy, too over-produced, and generally boring. However, this movie is different. It's not noisy, it's not over-produced, and it's very beautiful. The music is beautiful and the dancing is beautiful. The acting is great. I think this movie is one of the best I've seen. It's very well-written and has a very good plot. It's not the typical music video, but it's not the typical movie either. I think this movie is very well-made, and I hope it gets a lot of attention. I'm giving it a 10/10.

Harold R. photo
Harold R.

I was a teenager, not really into music or in love with the Beach Boys, but I did like the music. I liked the character development of the lead character, both in the movie and in the book. I liked the ending of the movie. I think this movie is about perfect family relationships. I like that. I love how the plot was integrated in the movie, and how it tied in with the plot of the book. The ending was great, and really was a great plot twist. I liked that. I like how the movie ended, and how the movie shows how the characters reacted to their lives. I like how the characters felt comfortable and safe in the apartment they were living in. I love how the characters were in control of their life, and felt a sense of control over their own lives. I like how the movie shows how the Beach Boys are a family, and how their lives have changed because of the Beach Boys. I like how it was a great movie, and it was a great book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the Beach Boys. 9/10.

Howard Fox photo
Howard Fox

the best film ever. it's a film about life. in the end the characters are not always the same but the way they live and what they do have to deal with make them who they are. all those questions that people ask the movie show the way they react to the things that are going on in their lives. the movie has a great story and so much to show you. it's a documentary of all kinds of stuff you could ever imagine. it's a masterpiece. i'm very proud to say that i've seen the movie. thanks to the director and the cast.

Frank photo

This is one of my all time favorite movies. I've seen it about 10 times and still love it. I love the way the movie is filmed and the music is awesome. I love the way they made the movie look. The way the movie is filmed is just so beautiful and makes you feel like you're watching a movie. The way the music is used is awesome. I think the only reason why this movie isn't more well known is because it's so underrated. I really love this movie and it's one of my all time favorites. This is one of the most underrated movies. I recommend this movie to everyone. 10/10

Jeffrey photo

I loved this movie so much. My husband and I watched it on a Saturday night and watched it again the next day and loved it more! There were so many emotional scenes that I was so touched by. The film is based on a true story, so don't expect the typical Hollywood ending and there are a lot of things that are not in the movie. The film is one of my favorite films and it is one I will watch over and over again.

Karen Fox photo
Karen Fox

The music. it's really cool. I know its original to the film but you can really hear the influence of Roger Ebert and the like. The music really helped with the acting. It really gives the film a sense of realism and how a man living in an area like that would be overwhelmed by the world around him. I also think that the music is great, a little too extreme at times but that's just me. It really added to the film. You see a different side of Michael Moore, a man who really knows how to get people's attention. It's a lot of fun seeing how he does it. I think it's great. It's more of a documentary type film but still has a lot of entertainment value. It's more of a music video type film. I don't think it would have worked so well as a feature film. It's a good film but not great. I recommend it for fans of the music.

Ruth Walters photo
Ruth Walters

I liked this film because it is different from your typical low-budget movie that is just a bunch of random people sitting around with no plot. It is about real life and some people's lives. It has a great soundtrack and good acting, which makes it worth watching. The ending is great, the twist is unbelievable but still, there is something about it that made me happy. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good movie with a positive ending. 8 out of 10.

Janice R. photo
Janice R.

I loved the movie. It was so cool, I was on the edge of my seat for a good part of the movie. I also loved the music. I am a huge fan of 80's and rock music. I watched the movie with my 13-year old daughter who is a huge fan of the band Panic! At The Disco. We both enjoyed it, and we both are fans of the band. I hope you all enjoy the movie too.

Christian D. photo
Christian D.

What a pity it was overshadowed by The Rock. I saw the trailer for The Rock 2 a couple of days ago. I must admit that I was pretty excited, since I saw it at the film festival in February and thought it was going to be a wonderful movie. I thought it was going to be great, but after the movie I have to admit it is a little better than the first one, but still not as good as the first one. There are a couple of things that bothered me in this movie. One is that the story does not go the way I would like it to go. What we see is basically what happens to Rock. As a matter of fact, I am sure the director and screenwriter were the same way. This is the reason I did not like the movie, because I would like it to be different. I would like to see the rock go out on a limb, rather than just stand still. There are a few other things I found wrong. The editing is rather sloppy. The music is pretty poor. The editing of the movie is very inconsistent, especially in the beginning. Also, it would have been nice if the rock did not wear black in this movie, it made him look like he is a violent and crazy person. The rock in the first movie was a great person, in this movie he is just a violent and crazy person. The best part of this movie is definitely the acting of the rock. He is at his best in this movie. He is brilliant. The other actors are not bad, but they are not outstanding either. The Rock is at his best. I would also like to add that I do not know why there is such a low rating of this movie. The first movie was better, I was really impressed by it. I do not understand the low ratings of this movie, I think the critics and the audience have completely missed the point of the first one. If you enjoyed the first movie, then you will definitely enjoy this one. I also believe that the criticism of this movie is really wrong. I think it was a great movie, and I was very impressed by the acting of the rock, I was very surprised when I heard the person who wrote the original review of the first movie say "this is not what I expected." I think that the first movie was a great movie, and The Rock was brilliant. I hope that people watch this movie, because it is not just a sequel to a great movie, but also a great movie. I was really impressed by this movie.

Albert Morris photo
Albert Morris

This is a great film, the music was great and the story was really good. It was good to see some old songs from the 70's and 80's. This film was very moving and shows how a marriage can change a person. The characters are good and all of the actors did a good job. If you have not seen this film then go out and buy it now. You will not regret it.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

Let me just say that I am one of the few people who didn't want this movie. I love Ritchie, but this movie was just too hard to watch. It was so slow and boring. I wanted to turn it off the first time I watched it. But I did keep watching it, and I even got a kick out of the music. I think it was great and it would be great to see more of these guys. They have a lot of great songs. I hope they come out with another movie. I also would like to see a movie about the origins of rock & roll. I think it would be really cool. The history of music is a great subject to explore.

Wayne Torres photo
Wayne Torres

I don't understand why some people say this movie is so bad. It's so funny, it's so sad, it's so exciting, it's so happy and it's so beautiful. It is a masterpiece. I'm not a fan of 'kung fu movies' and I think that some people can't understand the genius of it. I'm a big fan of Jackie Chan, and his movies are the ones that will have the most impact on my life. He is one of the few that can move me to tears. I loved this movie. If you are a fan of kung fu movies, you must see this movie. It's not that you have to understand it, it's that you must see it. This movie was truly amazing. It was very emotional, it was very funny, it was very exciting and it was very beautiful. It's a masterpiece. It's not that I can't stand the Chinese or the English, but I like to see my movies as good as the Jackie Chan movies.

Kathy J. photo
Kathy J.

From the beginning of the movie to the end, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat. I cried more than I had in a while, and I was able to cry, because I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The music is great. The set is excellent, and the scenes were realistic. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of drama, or people who enjoy good music and good acting.

Philip H. photo
Philip H.

This film is something special. I don't know what to say other than it is amazing. There are some really big stars in it but the star of the show is the director. It is an amazing movie that will touch your heart and you will feel like you have just been there. This movie is about one man's journey and the kind of man he can be, and it is about his relationship with his daughter. This movie is a must see. You will not be disappointed. I give this movie a 9/10

Howard M. photo
Howard M.

i enjoyed this movie very much. it was very good, and i'm glad that it was made. i think that the story was very well told, and the acting was fantastic. i think that the two main actors, Jake Lloyd and Genevieve Bujold, played their parts very well. the story, the music, everything about this movie was just brilliant. i also thought that it was good that it was based on a book, because i have read it, and i think that it was a very good book. also, the music was very good, and i was really pleased with the music in this movie. i have watched this movie on about 12 times now, and i haven't found anything to complain about. i think that it's very good, and i would recommend this movie to everyone. i think that it's worth watching, and i definitely recommend it.

Amber Hart photo
Amber Hart

I was fortunate enough to see this film in The Grove Theater in San Francisco. The film was quite a surprise. It was more of an intellectual journey rather than a straightforward action-packed, 2 hour, cheesy and predictable action movie. The film was very well acted and the camera work was really nice. It's more of a character study than a mindless action movie. I found the film to be a refreshing change from the usual American action movies. I think the actors did an excellent job at portraying the relationships they had with each other and with the director. The film is very moving. The scenes and conversations between the characters was very heart felt. You would think the film was going to end on a disappointing note but it ended on a positive note. The film was really well done and I think the director did a great job. The film is definitely worth watching.

Zachary H. photo
Zachary H.

This is a great story about a young girl who is going to be the first girl to win the national cheerleading competition. The film was a little disappointing that it did not go into much more detail about the competition itself. It also seemed a little too much of a love story at the beginning and then it seemed to focus on the rivalry between the girls. It was still a great movie though. The acting was good, the camera work was great, and the music was great. The film also had a little bit of a silly side to it, but it was still good. I would give this a 9 out of 10.

Christopher Perez photo
Christopher Perez

Boy, did I like this movie. It is the most subtle and touching movie I have ever seen. I think its important to point out that the director's aim was to make a movie about a generation of people. The generation that came of age in the 1970's. For many, it was a huge transformation into a mature adult. This movie shows them at their best and worst. The story is more for the older generation than the younger generation, but this movie is still a must see for anyone who is a fan of this generation. There are some aspects that are left out or exaggerated, but its not bad, its just not the focus of the movie. The movies that it is based on are an interesting change. At the time of the movies, it was popular to talk about what is now considered a "fad" of having one's name and "first name" changed. This movie has a lot of interesting and important topics that are well represented, especially the movies that were made before the 1960's. These are interesting for anyone who has a strong interest in the years of the 40's and 50's. It is the first time I have seen a movie that is so great, and so subtle, that I could barely stand it. I have a few complaints, and I will get to them later, but I think that is the whole point of the movie. Its not about things that happen in the movie, its about the effects that the movie can have on the viewers. It is also a great way to introduce the characters to new people. I think that if you do not like or are not a fan of movies, you may not like this movie. However, for people who do like movies, or who like this type of movie, you will enjoy it. If you like movies and you like movies like this, then you are in for a treat. I give this movie a 9 out of 10, but I would give it an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Ralph Gilbert photo
Ralph Gilbert

This film is one of my favorite that I have seen. It is in a class by itself. The acting is superb. The directing is excellent. The cinematography is perfect. The characters are believable. This is a true story that many people will agree with. This is the story of a woman that became an American citizen and her relationship with a young man that was in her life that she never met. I think the character of Carla does an excellent job of taking a stranger and making her understand that she is not alone. This is a great film for anyone who likes to see a good film.

Roger Arnold photo
Roger Arnold

This movie has the feel of a classic rock movie. It starts out with a sweet romantic storyline, then gets into some cool rock 'n' roll music. I don't know if this is a spoiler, but it is. It is definitely a "rock'n'roll" movie, but I will try to be nice and keep it that way. I loved the soundtrack, it was absolutely great. The characters were well developed and the story was strong, and they didn't take themselves too seriously. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into rock and roll, or people who like romantic comedies. I think this movie is a must see.

Charles Garza photo
Charles Garza

The movie is great and you get a true feel for what it must have been like to be in the band. This movie was written by Matt Stone and J.J. Abrams and the direction is amazing. While not everyone will agree with this film, it is a very realistic movie about the music industry and the drama that goes with the way we live our lives. I think the movie is one of the best and I recommend this film to anyone who is looking to see a great movie that shows the real side of how music gets made.

Sara F. photo
Sara F.

This is a great film about the growing up of a young man that had the opportunity to do everything that he wanted to do, yet he never really did. If you are a fan of the original Bob Cranshaw film, this is not going to change your mind. But it is the second best version of the film, the first being the 1973 film by Jim Carrey. This film is not only an original, but it has some of the most realistic scenes in the whole film. The only things that make this film great are the songs by The Doors, as the film is about their rise to fame, but the actors are great in their roles. Bruce Dern is great in the role of a young and not too bright musician that is still learning how to be a musician, he plays this role very well. The two leads in the film, Robert Carradine and William Atherton, are great actors. They play a very good supporting role, especially William Atherton who plays the lead character, John Cranshaw, and is really good. All in all, this is a great film, and the best of the original trilogy. 10/10

Rebecca R. photo
Rebecca R.

A great movie. I have to say I was very impressed by it. I am a big fan of musicals but this is one of the best I have seen. I think it is very well made and very realistic. The music is so great, it really adds to the movie. It is really like a fairy tale. I have to say that the ending is great, it is very emotional and it is also very sad. I would recommend this movie to any movie fan. I really think it is a great movie and I am happy that it has won some awards.

Rachel A. photo
Rachel A.

this movie is brilliant. It is one of the best that i have seen. The story is excellent, the music is great and the acting is superb. it shows how music has affected the people of the world and the importance of music in our lives. The songs are all great, especially 'scandal' and 'foolish woman'. The acting is amazing. Emma Thompson is in my opinion, the best actress of the year. She gives the movie a wonderful depth and she is the best thing about the movie. The music is fantastic and adds to the movie in a way that most movies do not. The ending of the movie is brilliant, it leaves the viewer with so many questions and will leave you speechless. 9/10 for this great movie.

Brenda Carter photo
Brenda Carter

I saw this movie in the theaters and was so impressed that I bought it on DVD. It's a good film, if you don't mind the predictable storyline. A lot of people complain about the lack of character development in this movie, but it really doesn't matter. I think the movie was about two kids who, for whatever reason, never grew up. But the characters are still very well developed and you really feel for them. The way they get along and interact with each other is really nice. The movie is really a story about friendship and learning from your mistakes. It's a good movie to watch with your friends and it really helps you to learn some things about life.

Margaret photo

This film is the best one of all time. I saw this movie in college and I still remember it. I was just a little kid and this movie made me think about life and about my future. I also remember seeing it again a couple of years ago and I was so touched by it. I never thought I would be that moved by a movie again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Carol photo

This movie is the best film i have seen in a long time. The plot is simple and yet it is so intricate and interesting. The actors in this film are great. They really do a great job. I really enjoyed this film and it will be one of my favorites for a long time. This film is great for anyone who has a love for film. I give this film 10/10

Danielle photo

This is a very good movie, but one that I have to say, was "cheesy". I don't think it was meant to be as good as it was, but it wasn't bad either. The "speed of the drumming" was very cool, especially during the "Slumber Party". If you like musicals, you should definitely watch this one. If you have an old tape or other movie of "Speed" that you can watch, go for it. You'll be surprised how great it really is. I don't know how the other people rated it, but this was a great movie for any type of movie lover!

Patrick Thompson photo
Patrick Thompson

This is a great movie. It is a beautiful, gentle film. It has a great message and I love the music. It was very moving. It's a great movie for anyone who likes to think and enjoy the music.

Justin Arnold photo
Justin Arnold

I just caught the DVD on DVD sale, and this is a fantastic movie. The film is packed with beautiful shots and great characters. The ending is very dark, and I think this is a great part of the film. I don't think the movie would work as well on the big screen, but it is a great film to watch on your couch. I highly recommend it. Another great point in the movie is the music. A great soundtrack. I loved the music from the "Hollywood Ending" scene. I also liked the music from the "Rachmaninoff" scene. Overall, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great movie. It's a great movie and I hope to see more films like this in the future.

Johnny Woods photo
Johnny Woods

This is a very good, very well crafted movie. The first one was more like a thought of what was to come, but this one had the ability to flow into the future of it all. This one has the ability to leave us wondering what's next. This movie is a wonderful experience. I am very happy that it came out on DVD. I was disappointed to see that there wasn't an extended version available in the theater. But the movie is also a great "non-verbal" experience. There is so much that can be done with this. I really hope that these movies that come out are a success. I am really looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen. It is a great movie to be a part of. I would give it a 9/10. But to keep in mind, it's a "must see" movie. I would recommend that everyone go out and see it at the theater. This movie is great.

Richard H. photo
Richard H.

This is a great movie. It is about the lives of three people who all meet at a talent show. One of the people is a singer, the other is a comedian and the third is a singer and singer-songwriter. They all have different ways of getting their music heard. This movie is about how they deal with the music industry and the way they deal with each other. This movie is not a typical Hollywood movie. It is a good movie that is different from most movies out there. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie. I give it a 10/10.

Sarah photo

I'm not going to be a great fan of Timothy Hutton's films, and this one might be one of those that has me on the fence. It's not that I don't like him. I really do. I think he's a fine actor and a good director. It's just that I don't care for this film. I'm not really sure what the point of it was. I thought it was a bit too slow and I never really got into it. The plot of the film felt like it was a bit too contrived, and I also think the ending wasn't really that satisfying. Overall, I didn't like this film. I do think there are some very good actors in it, though. I think this film is a 6/10. 8/10 if you want a good old fashion, slow burning, obscure movie that is really good.

Crystal G. photo
Crystal G.

I think the best thing about this movie is that it doesn't rely on the action to be entertaining. The action is actually just the background to the story. You see how the characters are connected to each other, but that is all. In other words, you are not seeing them as heroes. It is the story and how they are connected. The movie is so beautiful, and the cinematography is very good. I love this movie!

Bruce photo

This movie has some interesting ideas, but the execution is what counts. The last 3/4ths of the movie is one of the most visually interesting, and poignant movies I have ever seen. And I think I've seen a lot of movies that deal with issues like these. The acting is really good, although I think the character of Johnny Winter was a bit much for most of the movie. The special effects are also quite impressive, especially the bridge scene and the end of the movie. This movie could easily be compared to Nolte's legendary performance in "9 1/2 Weeks". In that movie, Nolte plays a cop who gets into a sexual relationship with a woman, only to have it eventually end. Here, Johnny Winter has sex with some prostitutes, but has an affair with a married woman, which takes place at a party. This movie is also very much like "9 1/2 Weeks". A serial killer has his victims gunned down, and there is the suggestion that the killer is in a similar way, in terms of his killing and his actions. The difference is that this movie has a very good plot, a good ending, and a great performance by James Woods as the serial killer. In "9 1/2 Weeks", there were some problems with the ending. I think if this movie had been a little longer, there would have been a more satisfying ending. But that is not to say that this movie is not worth watching. It is definitely worth watching, especially if you are into the serial killer genre. I would also recommend watching the extended DVD version, because that adds some new scenes to the film. Overall, I think this movie is a very good movie, and I think it will be a movie that is good in the future.

David photo

What are you doing today? What are you doing with your life? What are you doing after you're dead? How much you love? The film's title refers to the fact that it has nothing to do with the Beatles, but it's the musical group that would go on to create the biggest rock band in the world. It's a tale of the rise of the band and the number of lives it touched. The most important thing in the film is the characters. In one, a jilted lover takes off on his motorcycle and doesn't come back. In another, a young man who left the Beatles and now acts like they never existed leaves for another life. He's not alone. A very small handful of people were crucial in making the group's success possible. The performance of the group is superb, and the group's music is incredible. It's like watching the Beatles on the road in the '60s. It's almost unbearable. Watching the Beatles in their heyday is one of the greatest things ever. On the other hand, they're also a little creepy. There are some disturbing images of them in the film, and it's not a good thing. If you like rock music and you like the Beatles, see it. It's a great movie, but it's not for everyone.

Donald Washington photo
Donald Washington

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the Sydney Film Festival. The film was great. The director did a great job at telling the story of a family. It was a wonderful story and the actors did a wonderful job. I think the film would have been a great film if the director had given the audience more information about the characters. For example, we were given a glimpse of the husband's family background and why he left his wife and his children. We also saw the parents talking about their son's past and how he was always at the house. The audience could have easily inferred that the father was a drunk and the mother was a drug addict. The director could have easily used this information to give us a better understanding of the characters. I would have liked to have seen more information about the two other families in the film. It would have made the film more enjoyable. The film also made me realize that I am a very selfish person. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the family's reactions to the film. I think the director did a great job at telling the story of a family. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Lauren photo

If you haven't seen the film, you haven't lived. This is a story about a rock star's journey of self discovery and growing up. A great film. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes "queer" films, because it's much more real than "gay."

Shirley Garcia photo
Shirley Garcia

If you like the first one, you're going to love this. It's a little more 'movie like' and has a bit more suspense to it, but the movie is very well done and has lots of great performances. The whole family is great, even the kid is great. I'm not a big fan of Justin Timberlake, but I really like this film. I really enjoyed it, I think it's one of the best movies of the year and I would definitely recommend it. For those who want to see a different movie, you'll like this. It's different, but you'll like it. I gave it a 9/10.

Katherine photo

This movie is quite good. It is a well-crafted movie with a good story to it. I love this movie, and it was for me the best movie of 1999. I do not feel that this is a bad movie, but I believe it is a good one. Like many other people, I don't like John Cusak. His acting is not always that great and his characters sometimes seem to be over-acted. I do not like that he does not act like a real actor. This movie does not have any Cusak-like scenes. But it is still a good movie with a good story to it. So I would give it 8/10. This movie is an 8 out of 10, and it is certainly a very good movie. It is definitely not a bad movie.

Daniel Porter photo
Daniel Porter

I thought that this was a great movie. It wasn't what I expected and I actually found it very entertaining. I was surprised to learn that this was the first time the director had made a feature film and he has great vision. The first film was an experimental film that really kept me in suspense, and was the type of film that I like to watch. The second film was an average film, but I enjoyed it. I liked the way the story was told, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I don't think that the film is entirely successful, but I think that it does have its strengths, and it is a very entertaining film. This is a great film and one that I recommend to anyone who likes thrillers, but it is not as good as I thought it would be.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

For the first hour or so, I was rather disappointed in this film, mainly because I thought it had a way too slow pace for such a grandiose production. The soundtrack was good, however, and I kept watching because I had heard that this film had some cool shots. Once the music was put to good use, I was sucked into the story, and the visuals were amazing. There were some very vivid and beautiful shots. The storyline was interesting, and I'm not usually a huge fan of 'romance-type' films. However, this film had its moments, and the acting was top notch. This is a film that will be treasured, and I'm sure most people will be talking about it for years to come. I would recommend this film to anyone who's interested in the subject of true art.

Kathy Jenkins photo
Kathy Jenkins

This film is a great movie to watch if you are looking for a film that has some action, some comedy, and some romance. This film has all of those things and more. It has great acting, great directing, and great script. This film is great for anyone who likes to watch movies. It has a great story, great acting, and great directing. It also has a great story and great acting. I give this film a 7/10. If you like action, comedy, and romance this is a great movie for you.

Harry B. photo
Harry B.

This is one of those films that is made and then forgotten about. I think that the fact that it was made in the 90's was a big part of its poor reception. In the film, a young woman, Audrey, who lives in a convent, is attracted to a man, Charles. They have a brief relationship and the next day, he decides to leave her. She then decides to leave him too. He then goes on a trip to Paris, where he meets a young woman, Sophie, and falls in love with her. The film then shows how she gets her own studio, and gets a recording contract with the band "The Golden Chariots". It then shows how Charles leaves her for a young man, Alex, and they have a child. It then shows how Audrey's father, and her brother, are both interested in Alex. In the end, Audrey and Charles find a way to stay together. In the end, the film ends with Audrey and Alex together, and the end credits. The film is quite slow, but is worth watching. I think that the film was made for a specific audience, the young adults, who may be interested in the movie. The film has some interesting music and is definitely worth watching.

Arthur W. photo
Arthur W.

I don't know what I was expecting, but this movie is pretty darn good. I like the music, and I like the plot, and the acting is good. The story is pretty much about a couple who move to LA to be with their first love. The movie doesn't have any huge twists and turns, but the characters are interesting and the movie has some great music. The movie has a good pace, and it keeps you interested. The acting is good, and the movie has some great music. I liked it, and I think you should like it too.

Vincent H. photo
Vincent H.

This is one of the few movies I've ever seen that I would recommend. The movie is based on the book of the same name. I'm a huge fan of all the actors in this film, and they all have great performances. This is one of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen. The music in this movie is amazing. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies, or romance.

Adam M. photo
Adam M.

I saw this movie last night and it is by far the best movie I've seen all year. I'm a film student and I really like the movie. The director was able to create a story that feels real and gives you an overall feeling of the movie. The actors really pull out their performance and make it seem real. The music is also really good. I really love the music in this movie, especially the songs on the soundtrack. The movie really has something for everyone and I highly recommend this movie.

Carl photo

I remember seeing this movie when it first came out and I was so excited to see it. I just got back from seeing it and it was fantastic! The acting was outstanding, the directing was great, and the music was great. If you liked the first one, you'll love this one. It's a must see.

Mark L. photo
Mark L.

I've been a huge fan of the musical, and I am a fan of the film. I've seen the film about 5 times and I still watch it every now and then. It is a great film. If you are a fan of the musical, you will love this film. This is the type of movie that I will watch over and over again. It is a great film that everyone should see. I will be seeing it again in the theater and I will be buying the DVD when it comes out.

Terry Evans photo
Terry Evans

I really liked this movie. The story line is so well done, the cast is great, the music is good and the film is very realistic. I think this is the first movie that really makes you think about the problems in our world. We have to be very careful of the things we do and it is a very difficult situation. This movie shows us the different problems and the problems of the different countries in the world. I think it is a very important movie to see. I highly recommend it.

Dylan photo

A small movie that seems to be aimed at the youth market. It is not that bad but not as good as "City of God" (1978) or "Cast Away" (2001). It is a good movie to watch on a rainy day or when the weather is nice and you don't have anything else to do. It is not a movie to rent. It is a movie to see at home. It is not a movie to buy. But if you like musicals, this is one for you. I have rated it a 7 out of 10. Recommended for all ages. See it.

Bobby photo

I watched this film in the cinema, but had a small viewing in my home. I must say that it was a very good experience. I felt that this film was very different from the usual studio movies. The sets and the acting were good, and it was very entertaining. I would say that this was a good, if not great movie. I thought the acting was good and the story and the overall feel of the movie was very good. I would say that this film was very good. The characters were a little cliched but the movie was so good that they were good enough for me to not think that it was cliched. I also think that the story was very good. It kept me guessing, and was entertaining. I also thought that the acting was very good, but not great, but good. I think that the story was very good, but the movie was good. I think that the movie was very good, and very good. I think that this movie was very good, but not great. I think that the movie was good, but not great. I think that this movie was very good, and very good.

Bobby Elliott photo
Bobby Elliott

I saw this film on opening night and loved it. It was well acted, well written, well directed, well produced and well directed. It is a great example of how a great film can be made. I hope it gets a wider release. I think the audience is ready for it.

Danielle A. photo
Danielle A.

Don't let the cover fool you, this is a very interesting movie. I have not seen the original one but the director did show me the story of the original movie and he really did it justice. The story of the story is as a guy, who was known for his music, his appearance and his lyrics. After many years and he was going through a lot of issues with his family and his wife who was thinking of divorce. Then he meets a young girl who looks at him like a son. They get married, and they are going to live in a huge mansion in the mountains. The marriage of the boy and the girl was not going as expected and it was not working out. The girl who was the wife in the original movie started to think about suicide. And then it became worse. But in the end the movie, like the original movie, was about the relationship between a father and a son. In this movie, it was like a tale of love and betrayal. The director did show us the truth behind the original movie. I liked it and I recommend it to you, because the truth is so much more complex than the movie show.

Jason photo

I had seen the trailer for this movie, and it sounded interesting. So I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. This movie is one of the most underrated movies of all time. I've seen it several times and it never gets old. I have seen it on DVD and it is still a treat to watch. It is a great movie to watch with friends. The acting is great. It is very well done. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a great movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The story is very good and it is well acted. The plot is very well written and the acting is superb. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Victoria photo

This film was a personal favourite of mine. Its a tale of life and love and death, and the ways in which love can overcome all obstacles. It has a great cast and a soundtrack that stands up to time. The story is simple and quite true, but not at all formulaic. And it never goes for the cliches and predictable endings that we see so much of these days. As a lover of romance, I really enjoyed it. It's not like a movie to see for a one-off; you'll remember it long after its over.

Crystal Sanders photo
Crystal Sanders

This movie is a must see for anyone who appreciates musical theatre and the movies in general. Since the director of this film had to pull of an I Love the 70's-era musical at the same time, you have to wonder why he didn't get another musical with the same scope. This movie is a masterpiece, no question about it. What's a musical theater fan to do? Listen to this film and never look back. I can't wait to see the next movie from this director.

George C. photo
George C.

Linda Fiorentino (Diane Keaton) is the mother of two daughters, who happen to have some kind of talent for singing. While out on a road trip, they are threatened with eviction from their house if they don't start singing a song by the time the song is finished. This causes a rift between Linda and her two daughters. I know what you're thinking. What a well written, well acted movie. Not so much. Actually it's not really that good. It's all okay. But, I don't know, I can't tell you why. And maybe that's the problem. It's okay, but it's not great. I think the movie is supposed to be sweet and uplifting, but it just doesn't work that way. I'm not going to say that the movie is bad, I'm not. I'm just saying that it's not great. It's not really that good. I just think it's okay. The movie is pretty good. It's just not that great. If you like it, I think you should see the movie "I'm Not There" by John Denver. It's a great movie. It's just great.

Ryan photo

I think that this movie was very good. It seemed to me that this movie was more like the original than any other movies that have been made lately. It seems that the people behind this film did a good job of balancing all the different elements of the movie. I have never been a fan of Rob Schneider, but I felt that he was just about perfect for the part he played in this movie. He was just about the best I have ever seen for the role of Steve. There was also some good supporting actors, such as a young Tim Robbins and Patricia Clarkson, who played the part of Ciel and the Dora character in the original movie. I thought that the movie was definitely worth watching, and I am very pleased with the actors who played the various characters. I have seen this movie twice now, and I plan on seeing it a few more times. I give this movie an 8/10.

Adam Patel photo
Adam Patel

This is the kind of movie you'll love when you're drunk. I saw it the first night it came out and just couldn't get it out of my head. The story is good, and even the lead character (a Canadian DJ) has a charm that's hard to resist. The soundtrack is awesome, too, with all the R&B hits that the movie has. This movie will make you feel good, even if it's a little dated. If you have no problems with binge drinking, it will definitely make you feel good.

Samantha Howell photo
Samantha Howell

It was always going to be difficult to create a musical sequel to a film that was already over two hours long, and in this case it was the main theme of the film that was over two hours long, but I suppose that doesn't make it any less of a problem. When the film was first released, I remember being a little upset by the length of the film, but over time I started to enjoy it more and more. I was also one of the few who thought that it was really good that the film was made in the first place, but I was also one of the few who thought that the musical numbers in the film were actually really good. But over time I just found that the songs were getting longer and longer, and I really didn't like the fact that the film was going to be running for two hours. So I have always said that the original film was probably the best musical film ever made, but this film is definitely not up there with the original, and I think that was probably the only reason that I liked this film so much. This film was definitely made for the first time, and the music is very good, and the acting is also good, but it was still very long. Overall, I would definitely recommend this film to fans of the original film, but it is definitely not as good as the original. 7/10

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

I watched this movie for the first time a few years ago, and I really enjoyed it. It was very entertaining and I loved the acting of the cast. The story was very interesting, and the soundtrack was awesome. I was very pleased with the movie. But, the movie was a bit too long, and the ending was a bit too sad. I didn't care for the character of William Shatner. He was so annoying. I also didn't care for the actress who played the part of Nancy. She was a bit too dark, and I didn't feel she had much of a personality. But, the movie was very entertaining, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes this type of movie. It was also very entertaining to see how well the actors did with the music. I really liked it.

Billy photo

I thought the movie was great. It had a good story line and great acting. I thought the only thing that could have made this movie better was the music. The music was great. I love the music and I thought it was a good thing that they did not use the original music. I thought the acting was good and they did a good job with the actors they had. I thought the acting was great and the movie was good. It was good to see some actors that are from the 60's and 70's. The only thing that I thought was a little strange was the sex scenes. I think they should have shown the sex scenes in the movie. I thought the movie was great. I would recommend it to everyone. I would give it a 7/10.

Timothy Price photo
Timothy Price

When I first heard of this film, I was intrigued, as it sounded like a film I'd love. Well, I wasn't disappointed. The film is very good, and the story is very interesting. It's also very much like a musical. I can see why people would like this film. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but it is not as good as I thought it would be. I didn't like the music that much, and I didn't like the acting. I also didn't like the story. I think it could have been better, but it wasn't terrible. I think it's worth watching. It's not a terrible film, but it is not a great film either. I gave it a 7 out of 10.