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The Assassin's Code

The Assassin's Code is a movie starring Justin Chatwin, Peter Stormare, and Mark Thompson. A rookie detective, son of a dead disgraced cop, works to solve his first major case while under the watchful eye of a ghost-like assassin.

Other Titles
Suikastçi, Legacy, ダブル・ミッション 報復の銃弾
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller
David A. Armstrong
Valerie Grant, Edward Lee Cornett
Mark Thompson, Robin Thomas, Justin Chatwin, Peter Stormare
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Rookie Cleveland detective Michael Connelly is desperate to escape from under the shadow of his late father, a detective convicted of a drug scandal within the department when Michael was a boy. When a million dollars' worth of drugs are stolen from police custody and the detective on the case soon turns up dead, Michael begs his captain for the assignment and the chance to prove himself. But when his investigation points toward a crime network, Michael faces pressure to maintain the status quo as he plays a cat-and-mouse game with the powers that be, while under the watchful eye of a ghost-like assassin ensuring their secrecy.

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Rose Delgado photo
Rose Delgado

There are no words to describe this movie. I was lucky enough to watch this movie at a local theatre and it really was a good experience. I would say that it is not a movie that is for everyone. The movie is a dark story and the acting is very good. The story is about a gangster who is on the run and he has a very difficult time finding his way out of the city. He is trying to get to his family but he is not sure if he can trust them. I think the story is very well written and the way the story unfolds is very interesting. I think the movie is very well done. The acting is very good and I think the movie is very good. The characters are very good and the story is very good. It is a movie that is very well done. I think this movie is not for everybody but it is for a lot of people. I think this movie is a very good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie. It is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Madison G. photo
Madison G.

I saw this movie the first time when I was a kid, and I really enjoyed it. When I saw it again I thought it was really good. The acting was good, the story was good, the direction was good, the cinematography was good. I really liked the movie and I thought it was a good movie. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you see it, it's worth it.

Kevin Boyd photo
Kevin Boyd

Well, I must say that I really liked this movie. It has all the elements of a great action movie: thrilling action scenes, intense scenes, and a strong plot. The plot is very interesting and gripping. I'm really surprised how the film manages to keep its momentum, because I've seen many action movies that are too slow and boring. This film keeps you on the edge of your seat. I liked the story and the way it was told. The way the movie tells the story is very well done. I think it was a very well-made movie, with a very good script. The acting is good, but not great. I think that the actors are very good at portraying their characters, but they are not that great at their characters. I think that the main problem with the movie is that the story is too long. The movie is just too long and too boring. But I think that the story is very good and interesting. I recommend this movie to all action fans, and also to people who like a good plot. The movie is very good. 8/10

Sean photo

It was a pleasant surprise to see Nicolas Cage play an assassin in a movie, and he does a great job. The story was compelling, and the cinematography was great. The supporting cast was good, too. The only thing I didn't like was that the ending was a bit predictable, but I guess it could have been worse. Overall, it was a very entertaining film. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Dennis photo

A fast moving story with strong performances. You would expect a good story in this type of movie but it is not what you are expecting. The movie has a great pace, some action, a good thriller, and an interesting plot. The acting is great, the direction is good, and the soundtrack is fantastic. I don't know what to say about the plot, but it is quite original and really engaging. I like it a lot.

Catherine B. photo
Catherine B.

In terms of how the film is made, the movie is certainly entertaining. The acting is good, especially by Kevin Spacey. However, the movie does seem to drag on. The pace seems to be very slow and the movie does not seem to get its point across. However, the movie is certainly worth seeing, and the movie is definitely worth seeing in a theater.

Ashley Pierce photo
Ashley Pierce

I have seen this film twice and I have to say that it is an excellent piece of work. What makes this film so great is the great performances of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. The film is set in Los Angeles, in the late 1980's. It is an exciting story of an assassin and his "art". Morgan Freeman plays the part of the assassin very well. Denzel Washington plays the role of a detective very well and looks very serious. I have to say that the film is very well made. The film is very realistic and it shows how violent and violent the drug trade is. The film is a very well made film and I give it a 9 out of 10.

Melissa Pena photo
Melissa Pena

I am a fan of James Ellroy and I was very excited to see this film. I've read the book, and thought it was a brilliant book. I have to say, it's a shame that the film was not as good as the book. I thought the ending was very disappointing. I would have liked to have seen more of the Russian mob. It was definitely not enough to hold the film. I think it would have been better if they just went straight to the sequel.

Nicholas A. photo
Nicholas A.

The Assassin's Code is a pretty impressive movie in that it has an amazing cast, great direction, a great storyline and the actors play their roles with a ton of class. It's a great watch, and is definitely worth seeing. I gave this movie a 9/10, because the acting is pretty good and the plot is interesting. However, I don't think this movie is as good as a lot of other movies. The movie is slow at times and has a few scenes that are just annoying. This movie is not a masterpiece, but is definitely worth seeing.

Jeremy Graham photo
Jeremy Graham

A talented young man gets involved with a terrorist organization who claims that the government has taken his father's soul, killing his mother and sister. The man who is supposed to be the son of his father commits a heinous act, which gives the organization an opportunity to go after the rest of his family. The question is, is the organization really capable of doing that? "The Assassin's Code" is a good movie with a lot of good performances, good direction, good cinematography and good suspense. I was able to get into the movie pretty quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The beginning was a little slow, but I think the director was able to establish the story pretty quickly and it helped to develop the characters as well. "The Assassin's Code" has a very good sense of humor in the film. I was really surprised by the jokes in the film and they were funny. I was also surprised by the way the characters reacted to certain situations. I think that the characters are very realistic and I really enjoyed the way the film showed how the characters reacted to certain situations. I also liked how the movie showed the way the characters were dealing with their parents and the feelings they were going through. I also think that the ending was good and I thought it was a good way to end the film. The only thing that I didn't like about the film was the direction. I don't know if it was the director's fault or the way the film was shot, but I felt like the film was kind of slow in some parts. I think that the direction was pretty good but I think that some of the scenes didn't have a strong impact on the audience. I also think that the film is a little slow in some parts. Overall, I think that "The Assassin's Code" is a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good thriller or action film. It's also a great movie for families, because it has some good messages about family and about the importance of family. I would recommend it to everyone, but I would also recommend that you do not watch it alone because you will be distracted from the story.

Gerald photo

I liked this movie a lot. It is an intelligent and interesting story about a "hacker" that is also a journalist. The movie is not so well known but I like it. The first half of the movie is a bit slow, but it is still very good. The second half is really good, because you understand what is going on. I liked it very much.

Judith K. photo
Judith K.

I have seen the trailer to this movie. and thought it was going to be a mindless action movie with a few strong action sequences. I was wrong. It was more than that. The acting was very good. James McAvoy's performance was very believable. The scenes with Mr. McAvoy and the big computer chip were very interesting. And the scene with Mr. McAvoy's and James McAvoy's kids in the car was very interesting. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 9/10.

Melissa B. photo
Melissa B.

This film is a major and critical success for the New York Times. It shows the world how important it is for America to be involved in Middle East conflicts. The film is based on the real life story of a young man named Anwar, who was a CIA agent in Saudi Arabia during the early 1980's. The film begins in the 1980's and continues to the present day. Anwar's mission was to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden. He also had the mission to prevent the assassination of President Ronald Reagan. The film is very well done. The acting is superb. The screenplay is well written. The photography is very good. The movie is very well done and I recommend it to everyone. The film is worth seeing.

Lawrence M. photo
Lawrence M.

This movie is a brilliant adaptation of the book. A young man from the slums of New York is hired by a corrupt cop to carry out a job on a wealthy family. The guy is a loner who is reluctant to carry out the job because he wants to make a name for himself. The whole story is based on the title of the book and the movie shows us what it is really like to live in the slums of New York. The acting is superb, the camera work is brilliant, and the plot is gripping. The only problem I had with this movie was that the script was not up to the standards of the book. I would have loved to see a more complete version of the story. All in all, I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Barbara F. photo
Barbara F.

The Assassin's Code (2005): Dir: Rufus Sewell / Cast: Liam Neeson, Kevin Bacon, Gabriel Byrne, Analeigh Tipton, Bruce McGill: Acting is often given far too much credit. In The Assassin's Code, it is Neeson's turn as the title character who is also the man on the run from the British secret service. In an effort to prove his innocence, Neeson must attempt to make the most of his limited time in prison. This is one of those movies that shows that a little bit of action can go a long way. Liam Neeson plays a man who is looking for redemption. He is assisted by Kevin Bacon as a government agent looking to learn the truth about the assassinations that have been committed. The movie is very intense and has a great plot. Kevin Bacon is a man that is willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. This is one of those movies that will not be forgotten and is still a great movie to watch. It is not the best movie in the world, but it is certainly worth the watch.

Christian photo

I was pleasantly surprised with the story, it was well acted, and the action scenes were great. There was also an interesting sub-plot that would have made for a great movie, but sadly I cannot remember it now. The only thing that disappointed me was the ending, it seemed a bit forced, and as I said, it is not exactly what I expected. I still think the movie is good, and I would recommend it to anyone. It has a great cast, a good story, and is well worth watching.