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My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer is a movie starring Ross Lynch, Alex Wolff, and Anne Heche. A young Jeffrey Dahmer struggles to belong in high school.

Other Titles
O Despertar de Um Assassino, Doostam Dahmer, Meu Amigo Dahmer, Moj prijatelj Damer, Mój przyjaciel Dahmer
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1 hours 47 minutes
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Biography, Drama
Marc Meyers
John Backderf, Marc Meyers
Alex Wolff, Anne Heche, Zachary Davis Brown, Ross Lynch
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A young Jeffrey Dahmer struggles to belong in high school.

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Beverly Hansen photo
Beverly Hansen

This is an excellent movie and I have to say that it is also a very important film because of the way the movie shows how people who are involved with the occult have a strong influence over the society. The film shows how Dahmer's family and friends were involved with the occult and how he began his addiction to the occult. I recommend this movie to everyone who has an interest in the occult and the world of sex and vice. It is a must see for those who are interested in learning more about the occult. Also I recommend this film to those who are interested in learning about the history of the occult.

Debra Stone photo
Debra Stone

It's a very good movie. I found it very hard to stay awake, because it keeps you focused and at the same time you are thinking about it and it's a very hard movie to sit through. The cast is fantastic and very well acted. This is a very good film and if you can find it, it's a really good one.

Danielle H. photo
Danielle H.

This movie was a very poor imitation of the 1967 version. I've never seen a better "True Crime" than the version made for television that came out in 1973. It was truly great when it came out. You can see the differences, the influence, and the scenes and characters that were missing. I've never liked the idea that more than one man had Dahmer. I'm not saying that the main characters in this version did not show sympathy for Dahmer, but I just find it difficult to see how one of the male characters could find pleasure in the torment he caused. For some reason, there were so many scenes where someone was running around yelling, "Moo-ch!" The scene where he was hiding in the little pond was incredibly funny. I think the message was strong enough that the movie really works well, even if the story is a bit of a mess.

Catherine photo

For anyone that hasn't seen this film yet, it is a brilliant piece of work. It was extremely well made and the actors were absolutely fantastic. The story is something you will never forget and there is a real sense of reality to the film. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the special effects were absolutely superb. The acting was perfect and it was wonderful to watch. It was also very sad at the end of the film. I was very sad to see this person go and it was very touching to see the end of this man's life and the end of a wonderful life. I highly recommend this film to anyone that has an interest in this topic and if you don't know what it is about then I would suggest watching the film first then reading a book about it. This film is a must see for everyone!

Cheryl S. photo
Cheryl S.

Michael R. Gilbert's (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dexter) "Ruthless" film debut is a quick witted and edgy, and amazingly played, satire of the serial killer subculture and the cruelty of social media. The film plays it straight and delivers a unique insight into the underground criminal world of true crimes. The result is an entertaining yet bleak look at the social world of the pervs, who are portrayed as normal, all consuming, and seemingly normal, until you start taking it more seriously. Even so, the film is often humorous, especially in a hilariously ironic moment in the middle of the film when the murderer uses his cell phone to direct people in a murder scene. He has no clue that people are going to be paying to see his decapitation. "Ruthless" is one of the better horror movies of 2017, and has a lot of unexpected twists, which come out of nowhere. The film is well acted, with very strong performances by the entire cast, especially Colin Farrell, who is simply great. The film also has some original and interesting ideas. The film also has some very dark, gory and realistic scenes, which are likely to make people uncomfortable. The film has a dark, serious tone that draws you in to the film, and is very difficult to take your eyes off of the screen. The film is certainly not for everyone, but if you're a fan of psychological films, "Ruthless" is definitely a must see. "Ruthless" is recommended for people who enjoy dark, violent, and satirical films, or those who are interested in the social media scene.

Sandra photo

I must say that I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. The story is quite dramatic and original, and the acting is excellent. Kevin Bacon has really taken this character to a new level, and is a truly talented actor. The cast is superb, especially from Tom Noonan who is brilliant.The direction is excellent and I could really see the effects of the actors. I really enjoyed the way that the director portrayed the tension and fear and the beauty of the world that they created, and it was very real. The scene in the basement was quite tense and I enjoyed it very much, but that is all I will say about that. There are some bad parts, and I won't spoil the ending, but there were a few that I really didn't like. For example, I didn't like the fact that some characters were never really explained. I understand that it was necessary to make the characters original, but it was a little disappointing that some people didn't get to know the whole story and who the main characters were. I also didn't like the scene in the cemetery with the cemetary and the zombies. It was a little unrealistic and I couldn't help thinking that there must be more to the story, because in that scene they were walking around the graveyard, and were walking in a hurry. They didn't slow down, and were walking with all speed, but this didn't make sense, and I don't understand why they did that. I also didn't like the fact that when something happens, you don't see what happens, and you can't see the blood splattering and making a splash, it's so obvious that this thing was actually happening. All in all, I liked the movie, and I highly recommend it to any of you who are looking for a good story about a young man who became a monster, and the story behind his decision.

Harry photo

I thought this movie was pretty good. The acting was pretty good, and the story was good. I think it would have been better if the movie was a little longer, but I think it was a good movie. I think it was interesting that the main character, Dahmer, was a little older than the other characters. I also think that it was interesting that the other characters had been in prison for a long time, but Dahmer was only in prison for a few months. I think that it was a good movie.

Craig P. photo
Craig P.

Perhaps it's just my palate but I was so disappointed in this movie. All that was great about it was the fact that it was based on a true story. But to me, that's all it was. From the awful acting, to the horrible story, to the lazy editing. I felt nothing. I do agree, that this was definitely a unique subject. And yes, there were parts that I found scary and terrifying. But after the first few times, I just started to think that this was going to be another easy watch movie. When I watched it again the other day, I realized that I was looking at the wrong movie. No, this was not a movie that had a beginning, a middle and an end. This was a story that was just so full of holes, it's hard to see how the story could be any good. I've been a rabid fan of the book for many years. I read it multiple times over the years. I think it's a great story, that I could never completely understand. I just wanted to see how it was going to end. I know that there are plenty of people that actually liked this movie and that it was based on a true story. I just can't understand why. I believe the book was much better than this movie. I have not read the book but if the movie was just as good as the book, then this movie would not have been made. The movie was just plain bad.

Eugene Grant photo
Eugene Grant

When I first saw this movie on my nightstand, I was a little confused because it did not show Dahmer as much as he should have been shown. When I saw the movie on TV last night, I finally realized the movie did show the dark side of Dahmer more than the real-life version. Although there was a slight "yippee" factor to the movie, it wasn't as dark and intense as the real-life version. Like I said, I had some questions in my head but I am glad I finally watched the movie and saw how this movie ended. It also showed how good of a guy Dennis had been at this time in his life. For someone who didn't know much about him, the movie did a good job showing the dark side of Dennis. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes serial killer movies. For the few that do not like serial killer movies, this movie is not for them.

Patricia photo

This movie is absolutely amazing. I would give it a 10 if i could. It is one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. I am sure that people will be writing this a 10+ review when it is released in theaters. The acting is very good, the story is excellent, the characters are well developed, and the movie is very true to life. This is a movie that should be seen by everybody. It is a true story of a serial killer, who killed ten people and still kept himself alive. There are no real bad guys in this movie, only a few bad guys who help him out and a few who think he is a hero. This movie is not a drama, it is not a comedy, it is not a thriller, it is not an action movie, it is not a horror, it is not a romance, it is not a comedy. It is a story about a serial killer who is alive, and who is the subject of this movie. If you have ever thought about killing your friends or family, this is the movie for you. I would like to give this movie a 10, but i cannot.

Tyler V. photo
Tyler V.

This movie is definitely a must see for people who are interested in the events surrounding the death of serial killer Dahmer. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who is not familiar with the story of the "The Grocer Killer." I am not a fan of Dahmer or his story, but this movie is a must see for people who are interested in the story of the Grocer Killer. It has a lot of information that is not shown in the movie, but it is still very important to know. It will give you a better understanding of what happened to Dahmer, and how he was able to make it out alive. The movie is very good in it's depiction of Dahmer, as well as the people around him. It is definitely a must see movie.

Wayne photo

I can't think of any more violent and dramatic films than this one. I'm sure it's an overused genre to me. With that in mind, I enjoyed it. Sure, it may be lacking in a few details, but I think it's a solid film nonetheless. Don't get me wrong: I still prefer the Memento films, but there are certain qualities that these two films have that IMO are more important and more cinematic. I think this film is still worth watching just for the performance of Matt Dillon. The documentary, where he talks about Dahmer and his life, is compelling. I also liked the way they blended in the flashbacks to his childhood to give an overall sense of Dahmer's existence. They could have cut it down a little bit, but I think that would have made the film more forgettable. I also enjoyed the characters' voices, which were used to give a feel of how Dahmer sounded. Overall, this is a solid film, with great performances by the actors and also the direction. It's easy to enjoy, although I do think it could have been a little longer. Still, it's a good watch. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Dylan L. photo
Dylan L.

Jill (Lena Olin) is a younger cousin of Aaron, the deceased serial killer whose most famous victim was Jeff, an actor on the big screen. Soon Jill will discover the truth about Aaron. As an actor, Jeff was a handsome man. He was kindhearted, curious and an artist. Jeff also had a truly weird and unique taste for ladies. Jill's great uncle Sam (Tom Berenger) is an aging Hollywood producer who has been a struggling producer for years. He doesn't want to continue with his work and has recently married. The neighbors have tried to evict Sam from his home and he finally becomes homeless. The hotel in which he has been staying has offered him an opportunity to stay there. He takes the deal. However, he gets to know that the hotel does not want him. It turns out that the other guests at the hotel are the ones that are responsible for the loss of his life. Sam and Jill make plans to work together and help him to cope. Jill soon finds out that Sam was really a sadist and wanted to end his life. There are many more things that Jill must discover about his uncle before he can really know him. The cast also includes Michael Rispoli as Aaron's best friend and good friend, Larry Schwartzman as the hotel manager who gets hurt by the attack, and John Goodman as the police officer. There is also a great cameo by Matt Dillon, so you know this isn't your normal "teen slasher" type of film. The great thing about this film is that the viewer knows that the actors are portraying the real characters. The ending is the best part of the film. It is satisfying and a happy ending. The film is entertaining, but has a political message. The biggest problem is that the director/writer of this film, Rick Rosenthal, didn't really do a good job with this film. Also, it seemed like he was just adding material to the screenplay. You really have to pay attention because it is written very poorly. Another problem is that the character of Jill is really boring. I don't think I could ever watch her. She has an amazing body and a perfect face but I couldn't care less about her. I couldn't even feel sorry for her because she is such a boring character. Finally, I really felt that he was trying to make a statement, and I really didn't get that. Overall, I give this film a 3 out of 10.

Hannah photo

I watched this movie after reading the book, and I was disappointed to find that the movie wasn't as good as the book. The movie was about 20 minutes too long, and the scene where Kevin Zegers is speaking to the police chief, was a bit too long. But overall, I highly recommend this movie.

Karen R. photo
Karen R.

I watched this movie thinking it would be a run of the mill horror movie. I was wrong. I was so shocked to find out the actual story behind this movie, that I wanted to watch it again. What a hell of a movie! This movie is so true to life and I am a huge horror fan, but this movie really has a real good horror story to it. I had never heard of the Dahmer murder, but I was impressed how realistic the movie really was. You really get to see how the serial killer truly became this monster. I know how much the Dahmer family hated the film, but that didn't affect my opinion. I really think this movie is very real and not a movie you'll want to see once, but it will make you think and still have a good time watching it.

Cynthia Hudson photo
Cynthia Hudson

I saw this movie on the first weekend of the Oscars and I had tears in my eyes the entire time. It really made me feel bad for what he did and how it affected so many people. The cast was great and the cinematography was amazing. I thought the ending was quite sad but it was a very sad story that I feel we can all relate to. I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over again.

Ronald photo

Jeff Gordon and Jonah Hill are actors with some movie credits to their name. And in the latest season of "Friends" or "New Girl", they are about to be in big screen roles. That would explain the making of this film. Written by and starring Gordon and Hill, and directed by Peter Greenaway, "At Home With Jeff and Jonah" is about three best friends from Westlake High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "Jeff" and "Jonah" (played by James Marsden and Ben Feldman) are pretty normal people with two aunts (played by Debra Messing and Molly Shannon). And of course, "Dahmer" (played by James Franco) is the other main character. But in this film, they are actually the two suspects that leads to the police investigation and ultimately results in Dahmer's arrest. The whole movie is told in flashback and is shot in a very authentic way. It gives a feeling of what it was like to actually be a high school student during that time period. But if this was not the case, it would have been a lot more cliche. And this is a little bit of a problem. It might seem a bit fake, but there is a reason for this. The film is really based on true events and is basically told from the perspective of Dahmer. At the beginning of the film, it seems like they are all living in some sort of utopia where the country was on the brink of a coming economic crisis. Dahmer is a prominent part of this utopia and his friends are living a blissful and comfortable life. But when his friends begin to be arrested and later killed, it starts to be clear that this utopia has a dark side. It was a sad story but I can imagine that it was something to be really real. This is a very personal film to me. It's about a very strange man who actually was a real person. The film is very down to earth and I could not help but like it. It's an interesting story and a little bit boring at some parts, but the film definitely has something to it. The film follows Jeff and Jonah through the whole six years of their high school lives. They are famous on campus and they get good grades and good jobs. They're good kids and they're popular. It's a happy story, and as the film unfolds, they begin to realize that the characters they know are not what they thought they were. They begin to realize that they're not the only "normal" people around. At some point, they are a little worried about their friends and about their own sanity. But after the first four minutes, you get this real emotional sense of friendship and what it is to really be a friend. The performances were good and there was a good story to it. But it does not have a perfect ending. Overall, "At Home With Jeff and Jonah" is a very interesting story about two teens and their friends and their time growing

Heather W. photo
Heather W.

This is a really interesting, powerful movie. I am not a meat eater or vegetarian so i was not too keen on seeing this movie, but it is certainly worth a look. Having been raised in the Midwest and watched our dairy farm go out of business, i never thought anything was as disgusting as a factory farm. There is just something so honest and sad about watching people that are so hopeless and hopeless about their lives. The acting was very strong throughout the movie and when the characters finally broke down, you just wanted them to live and be happy. One thing i did not like was the parts where they interviewed the inmates about their day and it seemed like it was a lot of rehashing of the same questions. For example the janitor said the same questions over and over again. The movie was really moving and really shocked me. It is very real and not perfect. Overall a good movie that makes you think and think a lot.

Albert photo

I had the chance to attend the premiere of A Most Violent Year at the Sundance Film Festival and got the chance to see this incredible film. I was overwhelmed with emotion watching this film, just like watching my close friend move in to me. I am very grateful that my friend came out of his hiding place to support me and to help me get through this loss. I believe that if there was more of this type of story on the silver screen, we could have an easier time accepting the reality that a loved one committed suicide. My goal is to educate people on the reality that A Most Violent Year represents. I believe that people have the right to know that people are just as capable as the world's leaders and do have the same motivation to commit suicide as some of those that have the responsibility to control the people. I hope that people that view this film will be able to accept that the world has an issue of accepting suicide.

Brian photo

This movie is a little slow but is still interesting to watch. It has a lot of good actors in it and they did a great job. The ending is a little confusing but I still enjoyed the movie.

Patrick Larson photo
Patrick Larson

This movie is a MUST SEE for anyone who has had a close friend who was a serial killer. This movie is more about the person, not the situation. The actors are perfect for their characters and the direction is very well done. There is a lot of substance and there is also some humor. It has also some great scenes that are not too sexual. I think it is important to know that there are some people who love serial killers, but there are also people who hate them. This movie is not meant to be taken serious. It is meant to be enjoyed, even if you don't agree with the people who are killing and the people who are killing. It's important to know that there are people who love serial killers and people who hate serial killers. This movie is meant to entertain and that's why I recommend it. This is a must see.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

I am going to take a few moments to reflect on this wonderful film, it is simply wonderful, and I will tell you why. The acting was superb, every single actor played their role to perfection. The story line was brilliant, the suspense was so well done, and the acting was wonderful. It was like they were trying to make a movie with just the cast, and not the director, the movie was still great, I just wish they would have made a few changes to the story line, I mean, the ending was absolutely perfect, it just made me want to go and see the movie again. The writing was superb, the characters were all played perfectly, and the dialog was perfect, and it really made you feel for the characters, especially Mark Ruffalo, he was so great in this movie, and the movie was truly touching, I really did not want to leave the theatre, but I did, I did. It was truly a wonderful movie, I give it a 10 out of 10, I would definitely see it again. I am so glad that I saw it, and I hope you will too.

Carl photo

Mark Rylance, who I admire in his role as Llewelyn Moss, offers another powerful performance in this new British film about the curious life of a notorious serial killer in which he is the central figure. Rylance's commanding performance makes it impossible not to notice him in all of the roles that he's been in. Here he is pretty much the centrepiece, a scruffy, traumatised white-haired middle-aged man with a past and a cold-blooded streak. I was shocked and disturbed by how eloquent, articulate and richly played his performance is. I wasn't impressed by Frances McDormand's performance, a very good one in the usual way, but Rylance's is superbly directed. It is certainly one of his best roles. And then there's Angela Bettis, who comes across as a sympathetic, likable person as a woman who is caught in the middle of Rylance's world. This is a powerful, powerful performance. The plot of the film, though, is non-linear. There is a lot going on at one time, so we don't get all the information at once, but it's clear enough and the film moves at a steady pace. It is also very well filmed, the camera circling the streets, the camera tracking Rylance as he walks through the film and all the details are well done. The pacing of the film is excellent and it makes the film work on a big screen. This is a film that is well worth seeing. I've seen it many times and it stays with me. It is about a serial killer who was devoured by his victims, but the film doesn't really show this. It just focuses on Rylance's performance and on the few intimate moments that it is possible to have in a film. The film also tells the story of Rylance's relationship with his wife and with other family members, and it's also quite moving. There are some scenes where Rylance's wife, Madeleine, and Rylance's daughter, Joan, talk with a huge volume, making the whole film very hard to listen to at times. But overall the film is a strong one. As I said, it's very powerful and the performances are powerful. The film is well made and the direction and editing is also well done. It's not a huge film, but it is a good film and a very powerful one. This is a strong film and it deserves a lot of praise. This is an excellent film. I recommend it very highly.

Tyler B. photo
Tyler B.

This movie is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I really enjoyed it and was very moved. I watched it with my mother and sister and they both loved it. I have to say that the only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is because the movie was a little slow at times. I wish they could have added more scenes and more scenes that would be more intense. Overall, I thought it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I think that it is one of the best movies ever made.

Kenneth Wong photo
Kenneth Wong

This movie was truly outstanding. There were some very good performances by everyone in the cast, and I was very impressed with the story and plot. This is the most honest, gritty, and real depiction of a serial killer that I have ever seen on the big screen. I think everyone should see this movie. I am certain that this will be a huge hit at the Oscars. I have always been a fan of Terrence Howard's work and I think he did a fantastic job in this film. This is one of the most realistic portrayals of a serial killer I have ever seen on film. It's a real breath of fresh air in the film industry, and I hope it will be a major hit at the Oscars.

Sara Webb photo
Sara Webb

I'm not sure what's worse, but in this age of over-sexualized pictures and gore, it's hard to find a movie that can stand out. In order to find one, you have to look hard and you have to be prepared for a little crying and screaming. My Friend Dahmer is quite possibly the best movie I've seen all year. I'm not talking about the acting or the effects or the story. I'm talking about the portrayal of the characters. This movie is certainly not for the timid. You're going to be talking about it the next day. Seriously, this is a movie that you are going to talk about. I mean, we all talk about this movie. I can't recommend it highly enough. My Friend Dahmer is really quite an extraordinary movie. A perfect balance between the real life and the story. Everything you need is in this movie. There is some tension, some comedy, and of course, a little gory. I don't think there are many movies out there that come with the feeling of being real. It's really really hard to get your head around how someone can be gay and still be scary. But in this film, it's right on. I've never been a big fan of the Diary. It's the kind of film that the kids don't talk about for years. But this is a great way to show how a diary can be so powerful. One thing I'm going to tell you about this movie is, I watched it twice. I would say, this is the best movie of the year. So many movies, in my opinion, just aren't as good as this. I have two comments. One, I think there's no reason to watch this movie twice. Two, I think that people should take it more seriously. The Diary is a masterpiece of a movie. I can't even say that. But the people who want to see a movie that is far different from the norm, look no further. My Friend Dahmer is for you.

Mildred Mendez photo
Mildred Mendez

Mike Myers did an amazing job portraying one of the most disturbed men in history. He portrays a man who was a murderer, a rape offender, and a cannibal, yet he never left a scar. He was intelligent, witty, and did his homework, yet he left a horrible world behind. The film made a good point that we are becoming a hyper-connected society that gives permission to criminals and other young people to do whatever they want. He also made a good point that when people can be monsters in their own lives, it's pretty easy to be a monster in the public realm. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who's looking for a good film.

Stephen R. photo
Stephen R.

While this is a dark and disturbing movie, it's also a great look at a tragedy. The subject of cannibalism and murder is presented in a manner that makes you sympathize with the killers, but also make you want them to stop. The movie doesn't shy away from the subject and it portrays it in a dark and disturbing way. The characters in the movie are also extremely well-acted, and despite the terrible details about their lives, the viewer can still get drawn into their motivations. Overall, this is a powerful film about a terrible event in history, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Wayne photo

One of my all time favorite movies. I watched this movie when I was a teenager and it really made me think about my childhood. I am only 16 and I am already considering to be in a group of people like the characters in this movie. I don't think I will ever get old, but I am gonna watch this movie again when I am 25. I think that this movie is a must watch, because it really made me think about my childhood and my own childhood. I think that this movie is a must watch for people who are interested in movies, because it really makes you think about the movie and what you think about it. I really recommend this movie to people. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Bruce photo

My best friend is gay. But he is a pretty good actor and has done other movies. This is his first movie and he told me he wanted to do something else. I wasn't really interested and I didn't think he was good enough. I mean who in their right mind is going to say yes to this? I was not a big fan of the book and I didn't even want to see it. And I can't understand why there are people who are reading this who have not read the book. This movie had some good points but some not so good. It would have been better if it was a movie I was going to watch but I wouldn't say this is a great movie. It's just not great. For the most part, this movie did a good job of showing the psychology of these characters. I thought that the actors were doing a very good job in making you feel the same emotions that they were feeling. I think the people who do not like this movie are either going to hate this movie because it shows the truth about these people and it's depressing or they're going to hate the fact that they're seeing real life on the screen. I'm not saying it's great because I can't tell you how good it is. I just can't tell you how good it is. I'm going to just say that I enjoyed the movie and I think that it's a pretty good movie and if you like it, then you will like this. I think that if this movie wasn't made, it wouldn't have been as good as it was. This movie would have been just as good or even better.

Janet photo

Great photography and the soundtrack are nice, but this movie isn't a very good movie. It was not like I expected it to be, and not like I expected from the previews, so I would say it wasn't very good. This movie is about a serial killer who gets his victims' bodies. Most of the time he kills them by skinning them. Sometimes he does it by turning them into a tasty dish, but usually he just kills them. The story is also about a serial killer, but I don't think this movie is even as good as "Hannibal" or "Silence of the Lambs" (as I call it). In my opinion, this movie isn't very good either, but it was good. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. Some of the characters are rather unlikable, the writing isn't very good. But I think this is a good movie, just like "Silence of the Lambs". I think "Silence of the Lambs" is better than "A Perfect Murder", but not as good as "A Friend to Kill For". I give this a six out of ten. Overall, a good movie.

Bryan D. photo
Bryan D.

This movie is a masterpiece. It does not take place in a country with a different culture but it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I really cannot find anything bad to say about this movie. I will say that the story is interesting but the characters are not really well written. But, that is not the reason why I gave it a 10 out of 10. The reason is because this is a movie you will not forget. It is definitely a must see.

Crystal photo

Rudy, the owner of a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) center, moves from New York to Minneapolis to see his dad, a professor of anthropology who has moved back into town. But as he grows close to his dad, things begin to change. What I liked most about this movie was that it was not really based on a true story and that it was not a documentary. This was a movie about the drug culture, or what people did in the '80s. It wasn't really trying to take a stance on the drug culture, it was trying to portray it, and what it was like. The director did a very good job in the editing and the cinematography. The acting is quite good. Johnny Depp was probably the most well-rounded of the cast, but Billy Bob Thorton was excellent. The story is quite interesting and a great dramatic story.

James Harper photo
James Harper

A movie that has been making the rounds for years. I love this movie. It is an honest look at the mind of a serial killer. I wish there was more movies that show the whole thing. If you like movies like "Making the Grade" or "Snatch" then you will love this movie. This movie is great and it is a must see. I have seen it three times and it is still in my mind. I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to see a movie that shows the mind of a serial killer. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I hope you will go out and see it and see it again.

Madison photo

This is the first movie that I've seen that takes on an important question. I felt compelled to write a review because I feel like I am getting increasingly more used to films that are "All you can eat, all the time" experiences. They seem to be at the core of all of the great movies. However, this film takes on an incredibly challenging question. Who is the serial killer we see portrayed in this film? Is it one of us? Or is it a character that is real? The questions are great, the actors amazing, and the subject is just as interesting as the actors. A perfect movie to see.

Diana photo

I was only able to see the movie on television when it came out, and I was truly impressed with it. The acting, the storyline, the scenes, everything. I think I even liked it better than the book, which is very rare in movies. I love how the movie shows how Dahmer's life was cut short, and how his parents were just happy he was alive, and how his family could be happy with him being alive. I think it was a great portrayal of the Dahmer case. I was also impressed with the acting, the editing, the score, and the cinematography. The cinematography was fantastic. I was also very impressed with the amount of time and money that went into the movie. The actors did an amazing job. I believe that the movie had a great impact on the public and made Dahmer more famous than he already was. I think the movie did a good job of showing how a person can be turned into a monster, and how the people around him were also turned into monsters. I think the movie was very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Stephen Wheeler photo
Stephen Wheeler

I loved this film. I have seen it twice in its original language and the second time in English. I was glad to see the movie had subtitles for the first time. I didn't understand much of what was going on, but this is the type of movie where you'll want to see it a second time. I liked it so much because it was so realistic and did not shy away from the reality of what happened to these kids. The acting is superb and the direction is first rate. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is well worth your time.

Madison photo

I first saw this movie on Showtime when it first came out, and I've seen it several times since then. It is a compelling and disturbing story about a serial killer who kills people with the intention of keeping them for as long as he can. I really love this movie because it is just so intriguing. I also love how it's done in a documentary style. It is a must see for anyone who enjoys a great movie. One of the best films I've ever seen.

Emily photo

I saw the movie on video when I was 10 and have watched it over and over. I have watched it at least 3 times a week since then. I recommend it to everyone, even if you haven't watched the movie before.

Christian Stephens photo
Christian Stephens

I have seen a lot of movies about the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. However, I haven't seen anything like this. This movie shows the horrific life of a serial killer that had no remorse for killing innocent people. It also shows how he became a serial killer, and how he finally got caught. The movie also shows how the society at large, and the people in the police department reacted to the serial killer. I recommend this movie to anyone that has seen Dahmer in a movie or read some books about him. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, this is it.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

I'm not a big fan of the film "My Friend Dahmer". I can't see myself liking this movie, in fact it's so boring I almost wish I didn't bother. The idea of Dahmer killing his fellow patients is what really grabs me, but the movie lacks the intensity to make me see Dahmer as a killer. But with "The Children of Dahmer", I can see where the obsession came from, and it does show. The film shows that the school has been treating the community with an incredible amount of love, but it also shows that the community still had trouble dealing with the massacre. Not all of the people involved with Dahmer's clinic left as well, and this makes the film work. We see that with their struggle with what happened in Dahmer's clinic, and what is coming for them. I think that the overall effect of the movie is good, because it gives you a nice look on how something that shocking, even if it's not true, can have a big impact. 8/10

Judy photo

It's often said that "Life is not about when you die" but more often than not, it's about how you lived that mattered and I am here to argue that this is not the case. "Life is about when you die" would have been more useful to this film in making you think about the time you lived in the face of dying. That said, "Life is about when you live", in the context of this film, meant the people in the film. It's a simple enough theme, it's only about one person and that person is Jeffrey Dahmer, a young man from Pennsylvania who created a raunchy, yet creepy, pornographic website and became a prominent part of the town's popular and rich small-town population. Dahmer is portrayed by Justin Theroux, the son of famed actor Ben Affleck, and the movie goes through the real-life events that led to his life being torn apart. The most prominent reason to watch the movie is for Justin Theroux. He's really good. There's not a lot to say about his performance. There's not much of a cast here, but Theroux is absolutely brilliant, and we will see more of him in the future. I found the plot in the film interesting, but less interesting than the life the story was based on. I didn't feel like I had a good grasp on the past, present, or future of this young man, and I didn't care much for the characters involved. The acting is really good, as is the writing and directing. I did like the writing and the dialog, but I felt like there were a lot of things that were not very clear. I was also surprised by how much I actually cared about these characters, and the film tried to show me some of that. I didn't feel as though the movie was nearly as slow as it seemed at times. It was very fast-paced, and that's good. I was actually surprised how much I cared about this story. This movie is not for everyone, but I believe that even people who don't like this kind of movie would find it fascinating. I can't say this movie is great, but it was a good story, and I found it to be worth watching.

Kathryn Walters photo
Kathryn Walters

I didn't think this movie was really a must see, but I couldn't resist a chance to see it again. I just watched it a second time, and it actually seems more accurate to me. What I found most amazing was how well Michael and Danny were able to portray Dahmer's character without becoming a caricature. They didn't fit into the character so much, but they were able to get inside his head. They also did a great job of portraying Dahmer's inner demons without making him evil. Michael kept the character of Dahmer alive in the way he was able to communicate to us, without making him "evil". Now, about Dahmer. If you watch the movie with an open mind, you can actually see that the author did a great job portraying a real person. The author made Dahmer seem like a normal person, and he didn't portray him as some sadistic monster. Dahmer was much more of a "good guy" than a "bad guy". If the author of this movie had not portrayed Dahmer as being someone who was sick and twisted, he probably would have not been able to create a believable character. All in all, this movie is really good, and I would recommend it to people who have not seen it. This is one of the few movies that have managed to make me want to write a review. It is the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Daniel K. photo
Daniel K.

I saw this movie about ten years ago, and I have not forgotten it, so I decided to look up the actors. I had never heard of any of the actors in the movie, and this was the first one I had seen. I just about puked, and then remembered that I had read the book by Steven King, and it said that the movie was based on the book. So I read the book, and I liked it. I had a friend who had seen the movie, and he had never heard of any of the actors. He told me that he had seen "Se7en", "Ransom", and "Pulp Fiction". I have to say, he was right. The actors who played the roles of Dahmer and Walter were very good, but they didn't have much screen time. They just talked, and that's about it. They weren't the best actors, but they were good. The only problem with this movie was that it wasn't about the murders at all, it was more about how these two men had a love affair. But that isn't the real reason why they were called "The Cannibal Murders". They were actually obsessed with the cannibalism of animals, and wanted to do it. And it was because of that obsession that they just wanted to make the world a better place. This was the reason why they killed animals. To show how evil and messed up their lives were. So, if you haven't seen this movie, don't. You will hate it.

Richard B. photo
Richard B.

I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the film. It was well made and acted. The characters were interesting and believable. The story was interesting and well told. I enjoyed the film and would recommend it to others.

Elizabeth photo

A decent movie about a very sad man. The acting is pretty good, the story is believable, and the direction is good. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, which I will not spoil. It is a very sad ending, but it is not that bad. The movie is definitely worth a watch, especially if you like the characters. I would give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Juan T. photo
Juan T.

This is the first of two films I have seen on the subject of serial killers, the other being "The Devil's Rejects". I found "The Devil's Rejects" to be quite good, but "The Monster" was a bit more intriguing. "The Monster" is a film that deals with the subject of serial killers and the death of a young boy in a local town. The boy was killed by a serial killer known as "The Monster" and his motives for killing the boy are never really explored. The film is based on a true story and is quite good. I found the acting to be good, the photography to be great, and the cinematography to be very good. The movie does a good job of showing the desolation of the town and the atmosphere of the town. The film is quite disturbing, but I did not find it too disturbing. The film is a bit slow moving and I found it to be a bit boring at times. I think the film could have been a bit more interesting and better directed if the story had been better developed. I would have liked to see more of the killer and more of his motivations. The movie is quite good, but I think it could have been better. The film does a good job of showing the desolation of the town and the atmosphere of the town, but it could have been better if the story had been better developed.

Stephanie Sanchez photo
Stephanie Sanchez

I don't know why people have rated this film so low. I thought it was very good. I was surprised at how well it portrayed the events surrounding the murder of Dahmer. The acting was very good and I felt sorry for the actors who were portrayed in the film. The only problem I had with the film was the ending. It seemed to be a bit rushed. I think the film would have been much better if it had ended at the beginning of the film. The ending was very good and the film was a good example of how the people in the film were portrayed. The film was very well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to see a good film.

Betty M. photo
Betty M.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I am not a big fan of horror movies but this one really got me. The story is about two people who meet on a secluded island, then decide to murder the people they meet. The movie is very well-written and the actors are all very talented. The movie is very entertaining and not very gory. I think the acting was pretty good. The movie has a good pace and the film is quite long. The movie is not a masterpiece but it is a good one. I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies about serial killers.

Lauren photo

A beautifully made movie about a psychopath. This movie is so realistic and realistic in the way it depicts the love that is necessary for the psychopath. The way it shows the relationship between the psychopath and the victim. It shows the love that is needed between the psychopath and the victim. The movie is very touching and very realistic. It shows the cruelty and the love that is necessary to the psychopath. This is a great movie about a psychopath and a wonderful movie.

Patrick H. photo
Patrick H.

I went to see this film expecting a horror film and I was not disappointed. This is a very well made film with great acting. It is about a family who are very successful and wealthy and who have problems with their own family and with the police. They get a letter from their friend Dahmer and they go to see him. Dahmer is a really interesting character and the film shows how he became a serial killer. It is a very good film and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see real human behaviour and the way people can react to situations. My rating is 9/10.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

I have to say this is the best film I have ever seen. I watched it on the TV a few days ago and I can say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It's not the best thing you could ever do, but I think it's quite good, it really is. The film is about a man who was a sadistic murderer. He murdered his girlfriend's mother and her friend and then he was locked up in the cellar for 12 years. The film follows him as he slowly recovers and becomes a normal person, but his love for his sister takes over and he starts to kill people again. I won't give away any more of the plot, it's quite difficult to describe it. However, I do recommend that you watch it because it's pretty interesting. It's one of those films that I would recommend to everyone, especially if you like dark, bloody, creepy, strange, weird, dark, sadistic films. It's a great film, not just for the fans of the film, but for all of us who just like a good film.

Marie Carpenter photo
Marie Carpenter

First of all, I have never felt like this before. I thought I was just not seeing enough of it. It is really amazing, and I am not sure if I could say it was a great movie, but I definitely loved it. The first thing that jumps out at me is the acting. Ethan Hawke and Anna Paquin are great together, and I loved the chemistry between them. The two of them really made this movie. Anna is such a great actress, and she is able to show her emotions and feelings really well. Ethan Hawke is also great as the "serial killer" and he really shows you why he is a killer. And this is the one part of the movie that I thought was really good, the end of the movie. I thought it was really well done and very touching. The movie is very realistic and it makes you feel like you are there. I was able to really feel the pain and suffering of the characters, and I felt a lot of the feelings of the characters. I thought the movie really was good and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie that is realistic, and shows you what it is like to be a serial killer.

Scott photo

This movie is a great movie to watch and a great story to watch. Its not the greatest movie of all time but I liked it more than most of the movies I have watched. I thought this movie was a great movie, the acting was great, the story was great. I think that this movie could be in the top 100 movies of all time, it was great, but it was not the greatest movie of all time, but it was a great movie.

Anthony Wells photo
Anthony Wells

This movie is a must see. I think the acting was great from both sides of the story, but that is not the whole story. The actual story is great and the story of who Dahmer really was is well told. As for the movie, the actors and actresses all did a wonderful job. I thought the movie was better than the book. This movie is a must see for anyone who likes true stories. I would give this movie a 9/10.

Christian photo

For those who loved the film Dahmer: The Movie, I can only recommend this one. The movie is filmed in a way that the viewer can't really distinguish between what is real and what is not. Dahmer is seen from the outside, but it is the inside that is shown. The camera is always out of focus, but it is just like what we saw in Dahmer: The Movie. If you liked the film Dahmer: The Movie, I can only recommend this one.

Terry Jackson photo
Terry Jackson

I have been a huge fan of Ben Mendelsohn's for quite some time and as much as I appreciate his acting talents, I am not a huge fan of his directing abilities. But this film is a fantastic movie. I found it hard to believe that he was actually a great actor. But after seeing this movie, I realized that Ben is one of the best directors in the business today. The movie is about a man who is dealing with a very bad case of cancer and is having an extremely hard time coping with the mental and physical hardships of this disease. So much so that he doesn't even know who his son is. He tells the story of how this man, named Dexter Dahmer, met his son and the relationship between the two of them. I can't say enough good things about this movie. I am surprised that no one has made a film about this man. There are a lot of terrible films about people dealing with mental illness and this is one of the few that does a very good job of showing the humanity of a man who is dealing with mental illness. The acting in this movie is absolutely stellar. Mendelsohn is brilliant. He has created a movie that will be remembered for a very long time. And I will be watching this film over and over. I can't recommend this film enough.

Bruce Hill photo
Bruce Hill

I just saw this movie for the first time. I was expecting the usual Hollywood movie cliches, that the whole movie is based on. This movie is nothing like that. It was really a good movie. I can say that I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, but I never was a fan of Clooney. But this movie changed my opinion of Brad. I really don't like him anymore. But, this movie was really good. It was very realistic. And I really liked the fact that I didn't know what was going on, because I didn't read the book. It was really good. If you are a fan of Brad Pitt, you must see this movie. It is very realistic. I am a fan of Clooney, but this movie was good. It is very good.

Billy Garcia photo
Billy Garcia

After watching this film, I am really amazed how much I like this movie. It was a great film and I am not surprised that it won several Oscars. I really like how this film was made, the way the director used the camera and the way he made the characters look like real people. I think this movie is very interesting and a good look at a person who is very bad. I think the film was really good and I think it should be nominated for many Oscars. I think that this film deserves to be nominated for a lot of Oscars. I really recommend watching this film. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Victoria R. photo
Victoria R.

It was difficult to decide whether to watch this film or not. I am a fan of the classic TV show "Hannibal" and have watched every episode. This movie is a masterpiece. The way it was filmed was amazing. The actors did a wonderful job. There were so many scenes where I was actually scared. The movie was very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies. The only thing I did not like was that there were too many people in the film. You couldn't see every character.

Michelle photo

I'd like to congratulate the filmmakers of this film, and I've enjoyed them for making a documentary. It is definitely not the usual type of film I normally see. It's a film that you can't help but think about after seeing it. This is a film that goes through a lot of the same things that you would think happen when a serial killer is hunting a family. It is definitely not a documentary about a serial killer. However, this film does a great job of showing you a lot of the things that happen when a serial killer is hunting a family. It does a good job of showing you that they do not take any victims, but they just want to take advantage of the people in their family. It is a really good film that you will have to watch and think about after watching it. 9/10

Harold photo

This is a film which is really excellent. The actors in this film are really great. The film is about how Dahmer came to be a serial killer and how his life was ruined. It is an amazing film, with excellent performances and great direction. The film also tells a very interesting story about a serial killer and how he got his start. I really recommend this film to anyone who loves a good film. It is a very good film and I really recommend it.

Christian Hernandez photo
Christian Hernandez

I have seen this movie twice and I do not regret it. I was so moved by the story and the acting. I really loved this movie and I don't understand why it is getting so much hate. I think the critics are the same as the rest of the people that love this movie. It is a great movie and I think anyone would like it. I love it and I think that all people who have never seen this movie should see it because they will not be disappointed. It is a great movie and it deserves all of it's praise.

Willie Torres photo
Willie Torres

I was quite surprised to see this movie at the local video store. I had never heard of this movie until the video store was showing it. The DVD cover looked like a movie I had seen before. I was not expecting to like this movie. But I have to say I do. This movie is absolutely fantastic. I loved every minute of it. The performances are all very good and all the actors have a believable chemistry. I didn't see any annoying actors like some other horror movies have. I especially liked Jared Leto. The director did a great job of showing how the character Dahmer had a very tragic and evil personality. He was so convincing that you could really feel for him. There is no doubt in my mind that this movie is a must see for anyone who likes a good movie. This is a movie that will touch you and make you think. The movie is definitely a must see for anyone who is a horror fan. My Grade: A+

Louis H. photo
Louis H.

I have seen a few documentaries about serial killer Dahmer (the best is usually from the documentary "Cannibal Holocaust"). I had to see "I'm Sorry I Haven't Suicide Gotten You" before seeing this one. I thought it was a very interesting documentary and really made you think about the things that you did in your past. I would definitely recommend watching this documentary. I can't wait to watch it again, and maybe even see it again. My best friend was a great subject for this documentary, because of all the things she had to go through. I liked the way they showed the things she did, and how they showed it in a very real way. I would definitely recommend watching this film. It was really interesting and I think that the viewers will enjoy this documentary.

Katherine F. photo
Katherine F.

I just got back from the cinema and watched "I'm not your friend, so go away" starring Kevin Bacon. I was in a bad mood and I thought it would be boring but I was wrong. This is an amazing movie about the dark side of humanity. It's a movie that will make you think and it will make you feel. I love it.

Justin Obrien photo
Justin Obrien

I have never been a fan of Zach Braff's work, but this film is a big step up for him. This is a very well made film. The acting is fantastic. Justin Theroux is great as the slowest guy on campus. Chris Klein is also very good in his role as the racist. I enjoyed this film a lot. I think the story was good and the performances were great. The music in the film is amazing. The music is the best part of the film. The film is not perfect though. There is a scene in the film where the film is supposed to be about a secret society but is much too long. The ending of the film is also a little disappointing. Overall this is a very good film. This film is worth seeing.

Sara J. photo
Sara J.

I had heard about this film, not knowing much about it. I finally watched it and was so surprised at the depth it took me to see. This film touches on many of the issues we face in society today. I also love the way it gives us a glimpse of what could have been. The film is very well done, and I recommend everyone to watch it. It is a very sad movie, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will not be disappointed.

Amber D. photo
Amber D.

The most realistic portrayal of a serial killer I have ever seen. This movie is not just for the mentally challenged, but for everyone, especially the morons who still believe the legend of Mary-Sue in the deep recesses of their minds. This movie is not about the movie, it's about the journey.

Katherine photo

A disturbing movie which brings the truth to the surface and makes you think about the world. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has even a small interest in the events in the early 2000's.

Gary photo

I think most people would agree that there is no other movie that can compare to The Silence of the Lambs. This movie is probably the best movie of all time. There is no doubt about that. I watched the movie twice, and I found myself having a lot of flashbacks to the first time I watched it. I am also a big fan of the HBO series "True Blood", which is based on the same book, and I was very pleased that they decided to release the movie on DVD, so I watched it again. I think that the movie is the best movie that I have ever seen, and I recommend it to anyone who likes suspense, mystery, or anything else that you can think of. I rate it a 10/10.