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Thank You for Your Service

Thank You for Your Service is a movie starring Mark Russell, Mike Mullen, and Robert Gates. An investigation into the failed mental health policies within the US military and the deadly consequences to the troops.

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Documentary, Drama
Tom Donahue
Nicholas Kristof, Mike Mullen, Robert Gates, Mark Russell
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Thank You For Your Service tackles the mental health crisis in the military and addresses specific solutions to reducing stigma both within the military and within the larger culture. We also tell the story of incredibly resilient veterans whose struggles and triumphs are chronicled in the film. With interviews from the leaders of our military and our government, as well as mental health professionals, non-profit leaders and veterans and their families.

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Samuel Owens photo
Samuel Owens

This movie is not just about the military, it is about all of us. This is the story of a man who lost his faith in the military, and was forced to do what he was told. We are told that he was a soldier who was simply following orders. The film shows that he had been struggling with his faith for years, and had to go back to church, and the church had to go back to him. He did not have a choice. The film is not just about him, but about all of us. It shows that the military is not the answer, and the church is. We are all connected to the military, and we have to realize that. I am grateful that this film was made, and I hope it will be widely released, and we can see it again and again.

Harry T. photo
Harry T.

In the wake of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American public has been galvanized by the events of September 11th. With this heightened awareness, a powerful new documentary film, "Thanks, But No Thanks" has been released. The film follows a team of American soldiers, and their families, who served in the Middle East during the 1991 Gulf War. The film is a deeply personal and compelling look at the men and women who were part of the effort to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein. The film is a must-see for anyone who cares about our country and its commitment to freedom. It is also a reminder of how far we have come in the war against terrorism. "Thanks, But No Thanks" is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth about what went wrong in the Middle East.

Nicholas photo

This is an excellent film, but I think it has some problems. The first is the treatment of the subject matter. It's really hard to look at the US soldiers, as we see their private lives, their families, and their girlfriends and husbands. I'm sure that this is not the way it really happened. However, I think that there are a few moments that are awkward. For example, the opening scene is very awkward. I think that this could have been a little better. The second problem is the treatment of the subject matter. There is a lot of violence in this film. This is a little bit too much. I think that the filmmakers should have been a little more careful about how they handled the violence. The third problem is that the movie is a bit too long. It feels like it goes on forever. I think that this is a very good movie, but it does have some flaws.

Betty B. photo
Betty B.

I thought this was a good film. I'm not a military person, but I have friends who served in the military. They were good people and I think that it was a good film. The best part of the film was when the soldiers were talking about how they felt about the war. It was a good movie. It's not a documentary and it's not a docudrama. It's a documentary. It's based on actual events and it's based on actual events. I think that it's good because it tells the story of a real person who did the things that were described in the movie. It's a good story. It's a good movie.

Crystal Cunningham photo
Crystal Cunningham

A very good movie, not very action-packed but it is interesting. This movie has the power to change the world, and if we can all be more like Tom Brady, who is the real hero of the movie, then maybe the world will be a better place. I think that if the world really cares about the people who do not have the power to be there, and are not being respected, then maybe we will start to be better. I hope that this movie does not just show us how bad it is, but that it makes us care about what we do not have, and that we all can do something to help people.

Randy Berry photo
Randy Berry

This movie is a must see for anyone who has ever been in the military. It is not only a look into the military, but also a look into the life of a young man who was just released from the military. There are so many different scenes of what the military is like, but it is always the same. Everyone has to be a certain way, but you have to learn to adjust to it. I think that this movie is great because it shows how the military is a great way to learn how to adapt to your surroundings and how you can change to the way that you feel. The only negative thing I have to say is that it is a little too long. I think that if they cut a little bit out of the story, it would make it better.

Louis Adams photo
Louis Adams

This documentary is about a soldier who has served in Iraq. It is the first time I've seen a movie about this subject. I think the topic is important and the movie is well made. It's interesting to see how the soldiers deal with the stress of war and their families. It also helps us to see how we have become a society that has accepted war as the norm. I think the movie is very good and worth watching.

Jean Marshall photo
Jean Marshall

This movie is a good documentary that I recommend everyone to watch, especially those who have fought in the war. It shows the hardships that the soldiers went through and it gives them some inspiration to fight for their country. It's also a good story about the veterans who are fighting to make it back and have the American dream. If you're a combat veteran or a combat hero, I recommend you watch this movie.

Tiffany Rivera photo
Tiffany Rivera

This film is excellent. The American Indian is a much misunderstood and misunderstood people, and this film shows the struggle of the American Indian and the struggle of the Native Americans. The film is very insightful and it shows the brutality of the American Indian and the struggle of the Native Americans. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a basic knowledge of American Indian and Native American history.

Gerald Barnes photo
Gerald Barnes

My wife and I have been through a lot of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have been involved in a lot of the actual fighting. We both agreed that this film did not focus on the actual fighting in the Middle East, but rather on the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served in our armed forces. We had the opportunity to watch this film at the National Geographic Society's 10th anniversary celebration and it was extremely inspiring and well worth the cost. As the film progressed, we were impressed with the bravery and commitment shown by the men and women who were involved in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is rare that we are given the opportunity to see a documentary that is truly accurate and gives a true and truthful account of the fighting in our armed forces. This film was a must see and we plan on purchasing the DVD when it is released.

Rose photo

This is a very good documentary. The movie is about a soldier who, in Iraq, has to go to the aid of a dying Iraqi. He is on the front lines, and the Iraqi people are in the dark. He sees a little girl's death, and the soldier feels responsible. He knows that he is not supposed to leave the girl's side, but he doesn't want to be a bad soldier. The movie is good because of the dialogue. It is not only about the soldier, but also about the soldiers, the people in the town, and the Iraqi people. I liked the fact that the soldier doesn't want to leave the girl's side, but he also doesn't want to be a bad soldier. This is a good movie, because it shows the reality of war.

Brian Fernandez photo
Brian Fernandez

This is an amazing documentary that I can watch over and over again. It is so powerful and so insightful that I feel I can watch it over and over again and never get bored. It is the story of a man who was born into a very religious family and is a very strong believer in God. His life is a story of growing up in a very strict Christian household, his career, and his marriage. He eventually finds himself at a crossroads in his life, and he finds himself in a very difficult situation. I believe that this is one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. It is so powerful and you feel that you are right there with him. He has a strong belief in God, and he is willing to risk his career and life for it. It is a very touching and powerful story, and it is not over-simplistic. He is a strong believer and is willing to do anything to be there for his beliefs. This is an amazing documentary, and I recommend it to everyone.

Nicole H. photo
Nicole H.

This film is a testament to the fact that the U.S. military has always been the most superior military force on the planet. It's a great story of a guy who was willing to sacrifice everything for his country. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know about what the U.S. military is really like. I hope that more people will see this film and learn more about what the U.S. military is really like.

Olivia photo

It's not that I didn't know the history of the Marines in Vietnam, I just didn't know it. I watched this film with a lot of knowledge, and that made it a lot easier to watch. This film is about the Marines, and what they did and how they did it. It's not about what the military did, it's about what they did and how they did it. It's a very human film, and I think it's very well done. I'm not a big fan of war movies, but this one was very good. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what it was like in Vietnam, and what it was like to be in the Marines.

Jennifer Walters photo
Jennifer Walters

I have been a supporter of the military since I was in the military myself, and it was hard to watch the movie and be appalled by the suffering and sacrifices that have been made for our country. I can not help but feel that the filmmakers tried to be too politically correct. I understand that many people were shocked by the war in Iraq, but I think the film could have done a better job in portraying the real and extreme stories of the soldiers. There were some really graphic scenes in the film that did not seem appropriate for children. I was disappointed with the ending. I think it could have been more emotionally moving, but it could have been more realistic. I think the filmmakers could have done a better job of portraying the true story of what happened. The filmmakers tried to be too politically correct and did not convey the true story of the soldiers. It was not a movie that I would recommend to anyone.

Joan Dean photo
Joan Dean

I just came home from seeing this movie at the Toronto Film Festival. It was so incredibly powerful. I am so grateful for the courage of the men and women who risked their lives to serve our country. I have learned a lot about this subject through this film. I was very moved and moved by the entire movie. I think it is a must see for everyone.

Lisa Valdez photo
Lisa Valdez

The acting of this film was excellent, and the film itself was entertaining, but I think it was a little overlong. The first half of the film was great, and the second half was a little slow, but I didn't mind it. I think the film could have been a little shorter, but it was still entertaining. I really enjoyed it, and I think everyone should watch it. I give it a 7/10.

Brittany Stephens photo
Brittany Stephens

I saw this film in the theater, and it made me want to do something. I had never been to a Vietnam Veterans' event before, but I was intrigued by the film. It is a very moving story, and it is a great film to see at the end of the day. I am a Vietnam veteran, and this film made me feel so much better about the war. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely watch this film again. I am going to see it again, and I hope to see more of these films.

Ashley photo

I was very impressed with this movie. I am a fan of both Robert Redford and Tom Hanks. This movie is a great portrayal of the hardships that the Vietnam Veterans have had to endure and the ways that they have tried to cope with their experiences. This movie is well worth the price of admission and is a great way to show the public about the men and women that served in Vietnam. It is a great movie to show to your friends and family members. It is a great way to show the sacrifices that the Vietnam Veterans have made to keep our country safe. This movie is a must see for anyone that is interested in the Vietnam War. I recommend that everyone see this movie.

Stephanie Andrews photo
Stephanie Andrews

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was aware of the "vietnam syndrome" as I watched the news and read the news. This documentary, however, was much more than a documentary. It was an opportunity to look at a very real problem. The veterans are given a chance to tell their stories, and I was moved by their courage and the way they took on the task. I was also moved by the stories of the younger veterans, who had to deal with their own "vietnam syndrome" and the effects of war on their families. This documentary was a great way to learn about this very real problem. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the effects of war.

Peter Olson photo
Peter Olson

The United States is facing a major problem with mental health. This documentary provides the viewer with a glimpse of the true problems that plague the country. The director of the film, Dr. John Donne, is an expert in the field of mental health. This film provides a very realistic view of the issues facing the nation. This is a must see film. I highly recommend this film.

Daniel Lawrence photo
Daniel Lawrence

I can't say I was completely happy with this movie, but I have to give it a 7 out of 10 for the bravery of the men in the movie. This movie really made me realize how many people have to serve in the military and how much sacrifice they have to make, and how much time and effort they have to put in to get to the point where they are going to be fighting, but they aren't even going to be there yet. I can't say that I really sympathized with the men in the movie, but I can say that I understand the problems they had to deal with. The movie really brought me to realize how much sacrifice these men had to put in. I felt really bad for them, especially the ones who didn't make it through. The movie also showed the life of these men as they went through their journey. It really showed the sacrifices that they had to make, and how the next step was going to be the toughest. I would recommend this movie to anybody that is interested in learning more about the military. It was very interesting, and it made me appreciate the sacrifices that they had to make, and how hard they had to put in. I feel really bad for these men, and I hope that they get some recognition for their efforts.

Tammy Sanchez photo
Tammy Sanchez

I watched this film with my daughter, who is 7 years old. We both loved it. I was impressed by the positive portrayal of the Marines in the film and the reality of what their job entails. I found the film to be realistic and touching, although the portrayal of combat was not exaggerated. This film will encourage people to think about the sacrifices of our servicemen and women in service to our country. We all need to support our veterans who have been through some of the worst things that our country has ever known. I highly recommend this film.

Laura Tucker photo
Laura Tucker

After watching the doc about the Iraq war for the first time, I felt I had to make a point about it. Having just seen the film, I'm not so sure I have the same feeling about it as I did before. The biggest problem with the doc is that it's very talky, which means it's very hard to get to the point of the film. The issues that the doc talks about are many, and you have to pay attention to it to get the full effect. But the main problem is that it is not the right style for this subject. The issue is complex, and you have to be really focused to get it. I think that a much better approach would be to tell the story in such a way that you can see the effect of the war, but also understand what you missed. Then, you can see how important it was and what the people lost. That way you can see how many people died and how much that has affected the country. That way you can understand how important the war was for the country and how much it was worth. The way the doc is narrated is more effective. If you want to watch it and you have a lot of time, don't worry. But if you want to get an understanding of what the war was all about, it's worth seeing.

Bryan P. photo
Bryan P.

This documentary is well made, but there are too many good movies out there that you can't afford to miss. This is a must see! It's a sad story, but it's a story that I believe everyone can relate to. This is the type of story that makes you think about your own life and how you can be a better person. The acting is great, the production is excellent and the direction is excellent. I give it a 7/10

Gary Howard photo
Gary Howard

I've always been a bit surprised that the Academy didn't nominate this documentary as the best documentary. The images are incredible and the people interviewed are amazing. However, I think that they probably overlooked some of the highlights that the film makes. The thing that really bothered me about the documentary is that it just goes on and on and on about the actions of the Vietnamese people, and how terrible and horrible their war was. It seems to be saying that the Americans killed the Vietnamese people without a single shred of evidence. At the same time, it also says that the Vietcong were the most brutal people on earth. The Vietnamese people could have easily killed thousands of Americans in a matter of days if they were given the chance. Instead of showing the atrocities of the Vietnamese people, it goes into a lot of the silly details of the war, like the way the US military used the water hoses to wash the bodies of the Vietcong soldiers. I don't know if this was an intentional attempt to exaggerate the atrocities of the Vietnamese people or if it was just an oversight, but it is a bit absurd. Overall, I think this film is great and it is very interesting. The people interviewed are fantastic, and the interviews with them are really great. However, I think it is important to highlight some of the other issues that the Vietnamese people have with the US. For example, the film doesn't really go into the fact that the Vietnamese people are the most backward and impoverished people on earth. If you look at some of the countries that are wealthier than the US, they have all had horrible civil wars, but they have also had some of the most extreme human rights violations of the 20th century. There is a lot of footage from the Vietnamese people that is very depressing. The film is extremely well done, but it doesn't really say anything new.

Carolyn photo

This film was an outstanding example of how to make a film. It did not ask for the audience to react to the film as they did in other films. The viewer simply observed the characters and their actions. It was an excellent way to show the audience the relationships between the people. The people in the film were very different from each other. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a different approach to film making. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that is entertaining, informative, and real.

Peter Stone photo
Peter Stone

It's amazing what the press will do to any artist. They will almost never give any credit to the director, or the writer. I was a fan of Saffron Burrows. I've seen many of her videos. However, I have never seen her do a full-length documentary. I did like some of her short videos, but there were many that were just filler. Then I saw the trailer. I was blown away. I had never seen the trailer, and the trailers for many other films were very weak. The trailer looked very good. The trailer had such a powerful and powerful message. I was sold. It was like a train wreck. I went into the theater with high hopes. I was also excited that the filmmaker, Mark Gubrud, had such a great track record. It was like a major studio forced me into the theater. I was going to get to watch a great film. Instead, I got a really good film. I was very disappointed. It was too short. It was too short on the message. I could have made it longer. I am glad I did not go to see it in the theater. I would have rather seen a full-length documentary. It is worth a watch, but not the only reason I would recommend this movie. The film has a very powerful message, and it's extremely powerful. The message is: "Thank You for Your Service." However, the film is very short. I'm giving it 7 stars, and I am going to go see it again. I hope it's not too short. It's worth seeing, but not for the reasons I give it.

Patrick Barrett photo
Patrick Barrett

This film was incredible, I loved it. It was very moving, as well as funny. It's definitely a good film to see. There were a few parts that were a little too long, but it was still great. The story was really good, and it's really good to see veterans, especially when you know how they were. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was filmed in black and white. The white was good, and the black was bad. I think they should have done something a little different. I recommend this movie to everyone, you will enjoy it.

Brian Tran photo
Brian Tran

I first saw this documentary on PBS back in 2003, when I was a teenager. I found it interesting to see what the political and social dynamics of the Vietnam War were. I also thought it was very interesting to see how the roles of military and civilian leaders were played. After watching it recently, I now realize that what I was thinking about when I first watched it was right on target. For me, this film is about the experiences of one individual soldier in a battle for his life. It is certainly not a movie about the war itself. However, the documentary does show how people who served in Vietnam were treated in the U.S. Military. The person who made the documentary is an Army officer who was serving in Vietnam at the time. He was on the ground and could feel the war from his troops. He was very interested in the people he was seeing on the ground and wanted to understand what was happening. He talked to some of the soldiers about what was going on. I was fascinated by the interviews and the documentary was interesting for me because I knew so little about the Vietnam War. I had only read about it from the news articles. It was very interesting to watch the interviews, but I was still left with a lot of questions. I don't think the film is really a documentary. It is more a presentation of the individual soldier's experiences. I think this film has a very good message, but I don't think it is very clear. The documentary is very interesting because it is very raw. I think the documentary should have a longer time to tell the story and show more of the war itself. I would have liked to have seen more interviews with people who served in Vietnam and more of the lives they lived there. I think there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. I also think it is important to show the lives of the people who were in the Army in Vietnam. The people who fought in Vietnam were just like any other Americans. They were just trying to survive, and I think it was important to show the lives of the people who lived in the Army. I think this film is an important piece of American history and deserves to be viewed.

Eric Meyer photo
Eric Meyer

I found this documentary to be a little more "WOW" than other documentaries. It is more about the personal stories of the troops and their families than a professional overview of the war. There are many personal stories told about the soldiers and their families, but not enough is told about the war itself. As a result, the viewer may become lost in the story and not know where to look for information. This is an excellent documentary that serves as a great example of how to tell a story about the war, while not neglecting the personal stories of the soldiers.

Catherine M. photo
Catherine M.

In my opinion, this documentary should have been called "The Tragedy of the Nazi Death Camps". It is a good piece of work that will give you a new perspective on this infamous topic. But it is not the only documentary on this topic. The German film, "The World of the Holocaust" (by Matthias Kuehn) is a masterpiece that also takes the topic of the death camps and gives you the background of the Holocaust from the point of view of the German people. The main focus of this film is the Germans and their reactions to the Nazi regime and the persecution they had to endure. The Nazis were the bad guys in this film and were the ones who took the responsibility for the genocide of the Jews. I can understand why the Germans are so angry about this topic and want to tell the world about it. But it is a little bit too much for the average viewer. The film does not give you a good perspective of the Holocaust but the documentary makers try to do that. In the end, this documentary is more about the German people and the fate of the Holocaust than the Holocaust itself. I recommend it but only if you can handle this subject matter.

Ryan Harper photo
Ryan Harper

I went to the movie with an open mind and a large bag of popcorn. I found it to be more of a documentary than a movie. I felt like I was watching the movie and I was sitting in a chair and the movie was on the screen. I enjoyed it immensely but I am still not sure if I would recommend it. Maybe it's because I went with an open mind and big bag of popcorn. The movie is a bit confusing. It was just like the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and I don't like those type of movies. The movie had a lot of moving parts and it didn't move at all. I guess if you want a movie that's hard to watch it's a good movie. But for me it was just a movie with a lot of moving parts.

Brandon photo

This documentary focuses on the Iraqi children who were the victims of a war that was completely unnecessary and which was ended without regard for their children. There are a few bad apples in the bunch, but they are only in the minority. This film gives you a good feel for what it was like to be a child in Iraq during the war. It was an enormous battle to survive and to look after your fellow man. The director's only desire was to document the war, not the effects of the war on the children. The children, like most of the people who have fought the war, have a natural connection to it. They live it and love it, and they want to continue to live it and love it. This film is a wonderful testimony to that. I would say that this film is not too critical of the war, but rather it is a tribute to the children who fought it and the people who lost their lives.

John photo

A documentary about veterans' right to vote, as well as the importance of their vote. This film is a mixture of both inside and outside story. Each veteran is interviewed and their story is told. The interviews are very informative and show the veterans at their most proud and humble, showing how they are just like the rest of us, just like they say. This film is not a documentary and is not about veterans, but about the voting rights of the people who serve and their duty as citizens. This film also shows how the federal government tries to keep the voting rights of the veterans, but we are here to protect them, as well as the rights of all citizens. This film was very well done and was informative, exciting, and a great film to watch.

Andrew W. photo
Andrew W.

I saw this movie last week at the San Diego Comic-Con, and I must say that I was very impressed. I was actually expecting something similar to "Citizen Kane" or "The Godfather", but this movie was a lot more. The acting was great, the story line was great, and the editing was great. The characters were realistic and not overly created, and the tension was great. All in all, this was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch on the big screen.

Matthew Smith photo
Matthew Smith

I'm sorry, but that is just the worst film I have ever seen. The script is awful, the directing is awful, and the acting is terrible. The film is so poorly done and edited that it is impossible to follow. The music is so bad it is unbelievable. The only thing that saved this film from total failure was the performances of the actors. They were simply terrible. It was truly a disaster.

Linda Lopez photo
Linda Lopez

The movie "Thank You for Your Service" is about the changes the military went through after the war, and how many veterans have been in the military for years. After the war, the military had a lot of problems, and many veterans had to move out of the country to find employment. In the end, most of them were unemployed, and unable to find work. They also had to face the problems that came with the war. One of the main characters, Kevin Bacon, has seen his life turn in a different direction. He is now working as a security guard. His life is not as he once had, and he has problems finding work. Kevin is the only one who feels like he can actually have a normal life. His life is a little more complicated than everyone else's. He has to deal with his drug addiction and his problems with his wife. He has to deal with his wife's problems and problems with his son. The other main character, Major Kyle Burke, is trying to cope with the war. His life is not the same as the main characters. He is not getting a lot of work, and he has problems with his wife. Major Kyle is trying to have a normal life, but he is having problems with his job. It is very hard for him to have a normal life. His life is really hard. Kevin Bacon's character has problems with his job, but he also has problems with his wife. The movie is very good. It shows the problems that many veterans have, and how they have to cope with the problems. It is a good movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know about the problems that many veterans have.

Samantha Ryan photo
Samantha Ryan

The movie is great and well done. The camera work and lighting is incredible. The actors did a great job. The entire crew did a fantastic job. I was really impressed. The movie is a true story of a soldier that went into Iraq to fight a war that we did not go to Iraq to fight. The movie is really a good look at what it was like to be in that situation. I really enjoyed it and think it was great. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I hope to see more from the movie crew.