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The Peanuts Movie is a movie starring Noah Schnapp, Bill Melendez, and Hadley Belle Miller. Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their archnemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown...

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Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Family, Comedy
Steve Martino
Charles M. Schulz, Craig Schulz, Cornelius Uliano, Bryan Schulz
Noah Schnapp, Hadley Belle Miller, Francesca Capaldi, Bill Melendez
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the beloved "Peanuts" gang make their big-screen debut, like they've never been seen before, in state of the art 3-D animation. Charlie Brown, the world's most beloved underdog, embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the lovable beagle Snoopy, takes to the sky to pursue his archnemesis, the Red Baron. From the imagination of Charles M. Schulz and the creators of the Ice Age film franchise, this movie will prove that every underdog has his day.

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Phillip photo

I had some experience with the series when I was a kid. I loved the show as a child and loved the film. The film is definitely a movie that is a perfect companion piece to the television series. I was disappointed that it wasn't longer. I would have been very happy to see it. The movie is a great way to introduce the characters of the Peanuts and get into the world of Charlie Brown. It is a fun family film that is one of the best that I have seen in years. I can't wait to see the rest of the series, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the movie. I would definitely recommend the Peanuts Movie to anyone. If you're looking for a movie to watch with your family and you enjoy the TV series, you will not be disappointed. 8/10

Scott B. photo
Scott B.

When I saw the trailer for this film, I thought it looked promising. Not only did it look good, but I thought it was going to be a fun film. I mean, it was a fun film. I really enjoyed it. What a treat for those who like The Beatles and Charlie Brown. I thought that this movie was funny, and made me laugh at least twice, and that's saying something for this film. My only problem with the film is that it did not live up to my expectations. I did not expect a comedy, but I did expect a film that had a good story. I was looking for a comedy, but I got a comedy. I expected a decent film. I got a decent film. If I can get back the time I spent on this film, I will be pleased. It was a good film, and I recommend it to anyone.

Raymond Welch photo
Raymond Welch

I'm a big fan of the Peanuts and this movie was quite good. The characters were great and the animation was fantastic. They had a very well thought out story and the characters were all likable. The story was a little confusing and some of the acting was a bit off. However, it was still really funny. My favorite character was Snoopy. I could not stop laughing. It was a nice change from all the other cartoons and I recommend it to everyone.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

I had seen the trailer for this movie in the store and thought it sounded very funny. However, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know what the story was about, so I just sat back and watched the whole movie. I was surprised to see how well the movie did in my opinion. It was very touching. It was funny and a lot of fun. I think it's a movie that everyone should see. It's also a great way to spend a couple of hours and relax. I think everyone should see this movie because it will make you smile and laugh. It's a great way to spend your time.

James Green photo
James Green

I'm not sure what to make of this movie. I've seen the animated TV series a few times and loved it. I thought the movie was good, but didn't quite connect with me. My biggest problem was that I really didn't think the film was well-written. I wasn't sold on the characters or the story. I just thought it was a lot of talking and not much happening. I'll try not to be too negative, but the movie could have used a bit more "action" to keep me interested. I just didn't care about the characters or the story. But I think this is what the creators were going for. It's a family film, so there's a lot of touching moments and a lot of love and joy. It has a lot of jokes that kids will enjoy. The action is just a little too slow for my liking. I'm not sure if the director's cut is better than the theatrical cut, but it was good enough. It's a good movie for families and kids of all ages. I think I'll keep the theatrical version on my DVD shelf.

Matthew photo

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: This isn't an Academy Award winner, but it is a good movie. It is a movie that is just plain fun. Charlie Brown's life has been going downhill ever since he was a kid. He is suffering from ADD, and now he is being fed through a feeding tube. It is obvious that he has been forced to stay indoors to be fed. The film is about his quest to find the magic, but he doesn't really know how to get it. The film doesn't really follow the events in the show, but instead focuses on how Charlie Brown ends up where he is, and what changes he has to make. The film is funny, but it isn't really what I call a serious comedy. The Peanuts Movie has some serious moments, but overall, it is just an enjoyable film for kids. In fact, it is one of the few films I would recommend for kids, because the humour is just so fresh and the situations are just so funny. The film is actually very entertaining, and it is actually quite funny, which is surprising. The characters in the film are all very likable, and each of the characters have their own funny side to them. It is a great family film. There are some more serious moments, but there are also some humorous moments as well. If you are looking for a good family film, then the Peanuts Movie is for you. It is a film that is worth seeing, but it is also a film that is good for kids, because it is fun and funny.

Evelyn Hanson photo
Evelyn Hanson

Yes, there are tons of laughs but still it has a serious point. This isn't about the morality of Charlie Brown. No, this is about friendship, friendship, friendship and also the hatred that both Charles and Snoopy felt towards one another. While not being as big as the previous two movies, the animation was awesome. It was a great, bright and funny movie. The only thing that would have been better than it was the ending which was lame. There are funny scenes, but also serious moments, and this is where the storyline falters.

Gary Mendoza photo
Gary Mendoza

I got my hands on this after buying the recently released The Lion King (9) for the second time. After waiting for this one for a few weeks, I finally got my hands on it. I saw it with my girlfriend and she thought it was a great movie. While I loved it, there were a few parts that I did not enjoy as much as I thought they would. The characters were pretty much the same as in the Lion King, but, this time they were more fleshed out and you did get a better grasp of their personalities and how they interacted with one another. The characters that were used the most were: Lucy and Linus (who's like cartoons, but still has a reason for being there), Oscar and Bernice (Lucy's mom and dad), Principal Skinner (the jerk who keeps the kids in line), and Elmo (Elmo, Linus's pet, is a mix of lions, tigers, and tigers). While it is a great movie, there is a lot of stuff in it that I could see as being cut out. For example, in the first half, it was just Charlie Brown in school. Then, when he discovers the school bus is stolen, Charlie Brown is in jail, as opposed to when he was in the bus. I don't think it was a huge issue, but, I just didn't like the music. I know I am nitpicking, but, the music from when he goes to the bus station was incredibly annoying. The animation is very nice. The characters look very real and realistic. The first time you see them, you'll think that the characters are cut out of some kind of animation, but, when you see them, you'll realize that they look real. But, what really made me like this movie was the music. As for the music, it was very catchy and I just couldn't get enough of it. If I had a complaint about this movie, I would say that the pace of the movie could have been better, but, I'm not talking about the actual movie. I like this movie a lot, so, I don't think I'll have any complaints. I would probably put it at #2 on my top ten list, but, I don't really see that that would be the case. My advice to people who haven't seen this movie is, if you haven't seen it, you should, but, if you have, watch it again, and give it a chance, I know you'll like it. All in all, a great movie, one I would definitely recommend to people.

Raymond photo

Well, to be honest I went to the movie with a really bad mindset, I'm a bit sad that I wasted my money to see this movie, because the concept of this movie is great, but it's not good enough, it's not a must watch. The plot is very childish, and it's not really entertaining, so the movie is pretty good, but I don't like the idea of taking some stories and doing a movie out of them. And I don't like to take a movie that's based on a TV show and doing a movie from it. But still I didn't see any flaws in the film, it was really good. I really loved the look of the movie, and I think it was a good idea to keep the story as close as possible to the comic strips. So it's just a fun movie, and if you are not a fan of the strip, it's not a bad movie to watch, just don't expect anything too great. My vote: 7/10

Sarah Schmidt photo
Sarah Schmidt

This movie has been out for a year or so now. I have been a fan of the series since I was a kid and I am now 23. I was kind of skeptical of watching the movie at first because I have been a big fan of the series since I was a kid. However, I am glad I did. This movie has been well received by critics and fans. It is not one of my favorite animated movies but it is certainly a fun one. The story is simple and entertaining and I am not surprised at all that it has received so much acclaim. The characters are charming and all the voice actors did a great job. I am not sure if I would consider this a family film because there are plenty of adult content in the movie and it is not as young children friendly as many family films are. However, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Rose Martin photo
Rose Martin

Peanuts. Favourite television series and the signature piece of Americana to share, since the first episode. And what a look. Cinderalla circa the 1940s, front side alley, et al. The Peanuts Movie is a throwback to those same years. The concept is nothing new, but the introduction of the parade of talking dogs is a little more imaginative. Daffy Duck is an important part of the film, and really is the glue that holds the Peanuts team together. The fact that he's both dog and man is essential to the film. Unlike the original film, Charlie Brown (Will Ferrell) is not the protagonist of the film, rather a number of other characters who are joined by Daffy's friendship, and Charlie Brown's foibles, to develop the story. Charlie Brown's father (Jeff Daniels) is the antagonist, and his grand-daughter (Ellie Kemper) is the wife of Charlie Brown's father. Charlie Brown has to do all this, and with a tad more help from the gang, he does. They even start an internet conspiracy in the beginning, and it ends up blowing up in Charlie Brown's face. The writing is perhaps a little less clever in this movie, but what was there is good enough. There are some funny moments, and a memorable moment of a song which has to be seen to be believed. I'm not really sure how it is possible to have any good sing-along songs for a children's film, but it is the time for it. The story is a little convoluted and a little too much, and its sequel, The Peanuts Movie: A Star is Born, is a little more normal. It is a good film for a family evening, and it is a pretty good film for a kids' film. 7/10

Cheryl photo

This movie is a perfect family movie. It is a good way to start your Sunday. There is a lot of fun and fun to be had. The characters are likable and it is easy to like them. The humor is well written. The message is not forced. The movie is full of humor and it is not too heavy. It is good for a family to watch. It is worth watching. I give it a 9/10.

Lauren photo

This is one of the most fun films I have seen in a long time. I loved the way the kids acted in it and how they were able to do so with the actors. I had a great time watching this movie, and if you love the Peanuts and/or the movie, you will enjoy this. The only thing that I did not like about this movie was that it was a little longer than I expected it to be. I think it was about the right length for the story and it just ended a little bit too soon. I would recommend this movie to any Peanuts fan, and especially to anyone who likes the movie.

Rose George photo
Rose George

It is one of my favorite childhood movies. I watched it more than once and it still got a reaction from me every time I watch it. It is really funny, very clever and fun for kids of all ages. I am a fan of the "Peanuts" cartoons and I think this movie is just as good. It has a very good message and is a perfect family movie. I do not want to spoil it for you, but it is a great movie for kids and adults. I recommend this movie to everyone, it is great.

Frank Reid photo
Frank Reid

I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the characters, I loved the story, I loved the music, and I loved the animation. It was very funny and very well done. I think that this movie is a good family movie, and it is very appropriate for kids. I really recommend it. I also think that it is a great movie for adults as well. I really hope that they make a sequel to this movie.

Martha Nelson photo
Martha Nelson

I have been waiting for this movie for so long, and I was so surprised to see the movie being released. The first time I saw it, I thought it was boring, but I was wrong. It was so funny and heartwarming, I could not stop laughing. It is not just about the characters, but it also touches on some of the problems in our world. The movie is a must see for everyone, and I recommend it to anyone.

Jacob G. photo
Jacob G.

The Peanuts Movie (2013) Starring: Jim Carrey, Alison Brie, Lucy Liu, Jason Segel, Danny DeVito, and others. Jim Carrey (voice of Scrooge McDuck from the Peanuts) has been orphaned by his father. While he is growing up he is haunted by the ghosts of the past. As an adult he tries to reclaim his past and overcome his problems. This is a fantastic comedy about the relationships that define your life. Jim Carrey and Alison Brie are wonderful together, and the rest of the supporting cast is fantastic. This is a great family movie. This is a must-see for anyone.

Terry photo

My family is big Peanuts fan, and we're very disappointed that this movie didn't live up to its promise. We were expecting some pretty hilarious jokes and a lot of great moments, and we got that, but it was far from the best Peanuts movie ever made. The characters were cute, but the jokes were just silly. There was really not much to it, except maybe the fact that the Peanuts gang is back and we got to see how they were doing back in the 50's, and how they deal with modern life and modern technology. But it's not like it was all that funny, and the animation looked kind of cheap, and it's not really that great either. I'm not a big fan of the strip, but I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and if you're a big Peanuts fan, you may even want to wait until it comes out on DVD.

Madison photo

I saw this movie the day it came out in theaters. I was 11 years old. I thought it was just another movie for kids to see, but I was wrong. It's a great movie to watch with your family. I give it 9 out of 10 stars!

Diana Mitchell photo
Diana Mitchell

I have always loved the Peanuts comic strip. I grew up reading them. I thought the movie was a great improvement on the book. It's not as dark and realistic as the book, but I still think it's a great way to spend an hour and a half. I was impressed by the acting by Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Lucy. They all had great chemistry together. I also think the movie was better for the fact that it didn't have a lot of swearing and vulgarity. I think the movie was perfect for young children. It's better for the adults because they can relate to the story and have a good time watching it. There is a lot of humor and a lot of emotions. I'm not a big fan of horror movies, but this movie is a great one. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, it's definitely worth the time and money.

Grace photo

The Peanuts Movie is a cute film with lots of laughs and a very positive message. Charlie Brown (played by Tim Allen) is a lovable character who is forced into taking the role of a teacher by his parents. Charlie Brown is a sort of a lovable character in the film. He has a big heart, a sweet personality and is very kind. He is the quintessential example of a 'good guy' who does good things for the good of others. The film is a great success in my opinion. The plot is very simple and there is no real depth to it. But it does a great job at portraying the character of Charlie Brown. Tim Allen does a great job with the role of Charlie Brown. He is very likable and a lot of people would like to have his character. The movie is a great movie to watch with your kids. The movie is very light hearted and a great way to pass the time. The film is an excellent way to pass the time. The film is a very good movie and I recommend it highly.

Christina Brooks photo
Christina Brooks

This movie was really good. I liked the two characters more than I did the original characters. They are more likeable than the original ones. I thought that the story was good and the chemistry between Snoopy and Lucy was pretty good. There was some funny jokes in this movie and they weren't just funny. The plot was a little different than the original and I think that was good because it made the movie a little more interesting. I thought the movie was better than the original and I thought it was better than the other Peanuts movies I've seen. I thought the story was more interesting and more interesting characters. I think this movie is more for the kids and adults. I think this movie is a great family movie and I recommend it to all ages.

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

I'm going to try to be as objective as I can be about this movie. I am going to try to talk about the positives, and the negatives. The positives are that this movie is a great family movie, and it was funny. The negatives are that the story is a bit cliche. There are some minor plot holes. There are some parts that are repetitive. I think that this movie is good for a child, but it is not good for an adult. For that reason, I rated this movie a 7/10. I was not too upset when I saw this movie, but I definitely was disappointed with the story. It is not the greatest movie, and I don't think I will watch it again. If you are like me, you probably will want to rent this movie because you will have a good time, but I will be the first to admit that I am not the target audience. Overall, I think this movie is good, and I recommend it to anyone. I give it a B+

Elizabeth Lee photo
Elizabeth Lee

I think the movie is really good. You can actually relate to the characters. I am usually very critical of the animated movies like this one, but I like this one and found myself being very close to the character Charlie Brown. The only reason I give this movie a 7 is because the movie does go to far and the story gets repetitive. But, I still like the movie.

Juan Lawrence photo
Juan Lawrence

It was a great movie to see the Peanuts Characters. I love the way they are portrayed. The special effects are great too. I love the way they make the streets look. The great thing about this movie is that you can relate to all the characters. Even though this movie is not for kids I would still recommend this movie to all the family. The movie is based on the original comic strip, which was published in the 1960s. I recommend this movie to all family members.

Jose photo

It was very hard to resist falling in love with the Peanuts Movie. I liked the way the movie was narrated, and the music. I especially liked the old-time sound effects. I would like to recommend this movie to all the people who loved the series, or any people who liked movies that are not the very popular ones.

Jack photo

This is a great movie, but it doesn't do it for me. The original Peanuts is my favorite comic strip of all time, and it was made in the 60's and still looks fantastic. But the movie is just awful, it is completely awful. Charlie Brown is turned into a sniveling little monkey with no emotions whatsoever. His new friends are just as bad, and he is too much of a coward to even try to help them. His father is played by none other than Christopher Lloyd, the same actor who played the father in the original movie. The cartoon has not aged well at all, and the movie just doesn't capture the original humor. There is no one person who can make the movie funny, but the characters just don't have any personality. It was a terrible movie, and I hope they don't make another one. I am a Peanuts fan, but this movie is just horrible.

Joan M. photo
Joan M.

Just finished watching this on TV. A very good movie, very well done. It seems to be aimed more at younger children than the Peanuts itself. A lot of the jokes are crude, but it works. But the best thing about it is that it really doesn't take itself too seriously. I think it's just a funny movie and the characters aren't very well developed, but that's a minor point. I think this is probably the best Peanuts movie that they have done. I just don't think that it's as good as the first movie, but it's still good. Maybe it's just me, but it was a bit too fast paced for my tastes, but it's better than the first one.

Amy R. photo
Amy R.

The plot of this movie is simple and simplistic: the five Peanuts gang are having trouble dealing with life in the modern world. Charlie Brown's story is about finding peace with himself and his friends and growing as a person. Lucy is trying to find her life again, only to be driven to a new life of drug dealing and prostitution. Snoopy has been saddled with a life of snobbery and a sense of entitlement to his family and his position in the world. and of course, there's the gang's new leader, a crazy dog named Sid. This movie is not really funny. It's only funny when you're laughing. The movie is the Peanuts version of What About Bob? and the only reason I think this movie has any merit is that the Peanuts gang is the best characters in the series. The other characters are not nearly as funny and the movie is really all about the gang. The plot is the weakest point of the movie. However, the movie does have some humor and some heart. The best part of the movie is the dog scene, in which the dogs save the day. All in all, I think this movie is a decent family movie.

Lauren H. photo
Lauren H.

I am so glad I went to see this movie, it was great. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed it so much! I'm so glad the Peanuts Movie was released on DVD so I could watch it again. I love it, I love the characters, I love everything about it. It was a great movie, I didn't hate it, I didn't laugh at all, I didn't cry, but I did enjoy the movie. I just wish it was longer, I think I saw the movie a little bit too long, but it was a great movie, I loved it. I really hope they make a Peanuts Movie 2, I hope it is great.

Ethan photo

I was not expecting much when I went to see this movie, but I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. I thought the characters were well played by the actors, and the movie was very well done. The plot is a little weak and it could have been a little longer, but it was good. It was like they tried to make a movie about Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang. It didn't quite work, but I guess it was to the writers and director's credit. It was like they wanted to make a movie that included the whole gang. The humor in the movie was very good, the only reason why it didn't win any awards was because it wasn't funny. It was very funny, but not the kind of funny that makes you burst out laughing. The last part of the movie was not as good as the first half. The part where Charlie Brown is having a heart to heart with Snoopy and Linus was great, and it really showed the effects of heartache. Overall, this is a movie that will entertain everyone, but I would recommend that you go and see it first. It is worth it.

Amber Rice photo
Amber Rice

The best of the Peanuts movies, and it is even better than the first two. The plot is a bit different than the others, but it is the same basic plot. The only thing that differs is that Charlie Brown and the gang come to life, like the other movies. The real magic of the movie is that it is set in the 70's, and we have a couple of fabulous 1970's songs to make the mood come alive. The other great thing about the movie is that it has the most beautiful animation of any movie. The songs are great, and are sung by the amazing James Corden. His voice is really good. The plot is not very deep, but it is still good. The last movie was pretty weak, and it was not the best Peanuts movie, but it is still a good one. The first two movies were pretty bad, but the third one is the best one. It has a great plot, and it is very entertaining. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the Peanuts movies.

Karen G. photo
Karen G.

I don't know why so many people are bashing this movie. It's a great family film and everyone should go see it. I'm a huge Peanuts fan and the movie is great, but I have to say that the only reason I rated it a 9 is because of the kids. They all loved it, they laughed a lot and it was a great family movie. I'm not saying that the adults don't like it, but they're the ones that are going to be most upset. My mom and I were both laughing the whole way through and it was a great family movie. I think that this is a perfect family film and I think that everyone should go see it. I'm not saying that it's the best movie ever, but it's a great family movie.

Shirley H. photo
Shirley H.

This is one of the best of the Peanuts movies. It's about Snoopy trying to get out of the city. The movie has lots of funny things and funny scenes. Charlie Brown is the main character. Charlie Brown is very funny and fun. This movie is great to watch for kids and adults. It's not the best of the series but it's good for all ages.

Janice R. photo
Janice R.

My wife and I absolutely love Peanuts. We have been collecting the cartoons for decades and are going to get them for generations to come. We were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to watch this movie. We had such high expectations for this movie. We didn't know how well it would be received. The first few minutes we were very disappointed with the special effects and overall quality of the movie. But after the introduction of the three main characters, we realized the quality of the movie was much better than we were expecting. Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy are now almost perfect for our family and we really enjoyed the movie. We would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing family movie with the family. We all agreed that the movie was worth our time and money. We would love to see a sequel.

Philip S. photo
Philip S.

I love Peanuts and can't get enough of it, but this film is not as good as the TV series, and many of the characters have been cut. My biggest complaint was the ending, which is not as good as the original series, which is great. Charlie Brown is the most well known character, and it is great that they got Johnny and Ginger back for this film. I like this movie, and it is a perfect family film. Definitely not for everyone, but if you are a fan of the Peanuts, go see it. I would say it is a 7 out of 10.

Mary photo

The world needs a Peanuts Movie. I have always wanted to see the Peanuts Movie, but my dad would not let me see it. I finally got to see it this past weekend and I am very happy I did. It is definitely one of the best cartoons ever made. I was also very happy that I was able to see it in the theatre. I saw it on a big screen, which is not very common. I think it would have been very hard to sit in the small theatre. All the actors did a great job in this movie, and I loved the characters. I hope the Peanuts Movie comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray soon, because it deserves it. This movie was very fun and I would recommend it to anyone.

Russell Jackson photo
Russell Jackson

For some reason I found this movie to be more 'comedy' than anything else, I wasn't expecting anything other than a "family friendly" movie. You know the kind you see in the 50's or 60's - a film that will have some kind of touchstone - A Little Princess, The Three Little Pigs, etc. So for me this film was a disappointment, I like to think I'm a fan of Andy's in the Peanuts comic strip, but I found this film to be overly funny. I'm not sure if this is the intent of the creators, or if it was intended as a childish and funny way to try and mimic the original Peanuts film, but it didn't work out well for me. I think the one thing that was really funny in the film is that Charlie Brown is an alcoholic. What I liked about this film is that you had Charlie Brown's name over an advert for beer. Other than that, I found the story to be incredibly simplistic, I know you can't really expect anything more than that from a movie like this. If you are a Peanuts fan, then I recommend this movie.

Randy Cole photo
Randy Cole

I know most of you thought this movie was going to suck because it was animated. But honestly, it's not even funny. I had a great time watching this movie and I think they really did a good job with the voice acting. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I think it's pretty impressive. It's not as good as the first movie, but it's still a good cartoon.

Christina V. photo
Christina V.

This is actually a great cartoon, I don't know what people are bashing it for. I loved the movie, it was really funny. Like I said, you can watch this movie alone, it's not the best animated movie ever, but it's still pretty funny. My 2nd favorite is the Jaws trilogy, but that's only because I grew up with them, I'm not a die hard movie guy, but I love them. When I watched this movie, I had no idea what it was, I went to my video store and looked up a trailer for it, I was surprised, it was about a giant creature who looks like a little dog, and he's a bully. I thought that was cool, I didn't expect it to be that good. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it. It's really worth the watch.

Christian photo

I have never seen the series, but I can't imagine this was a bad movie. I was amused by the whole thing, and I thought the characters were well cast and the story was fun. It wasn't Oscar material, but it was okay. I liked the story, the movie, and the characters.

Eugene Rivera photo
Eugene Rivera

I saw this film in its original UK release in the 1980s and it's hard to believe that it was the last Peanuts film to be made. However, the original version does contain an astonishing amount of one-liners and clever, well-thought jokes, especially those involving both Charlie Brown and Lucy. The film works very well in its original form, even though the DVD I have has the Japanese version and the subtitles in the main cast's voices. Charlie Brown and Lucy must get their hair cut by snails, and in the background, Snoopy's dog is building a giant fireplace. The film does have some problems, however. This film is horribly filmed and not a very coherent, enjoyable movie. The big plot problems of the plot are most likely due to the number of topics covered in the film. There's a lot of tiny bits of funny material in this film and most of the jokes are very clever. The characters are rather cliche and the main characters aren't very interesting. The quality of the film is good, but the plot is very flawed and a lot of the jokes don't work at all. The films does have some great, self-referential jokes, which is great, but these make the film, rather than the film the jokes. It would have been better if the plot wasn't so bad and the jokes were more witty and clever, rather than so awkward and ridiculous. This film is much better than it looks on the surface, but if you're looking for a hilarious film, then you're probably going to be disappointed.

Frances B. photo
Frances B.

I have seen this movie twice, on the first day and the second day. I was very impressed by the children who took part in this film. Each of the children is like a real child, and every member of the family acted in a charming way. Also, I found it interesting to see the personal history of all the members of the family. They are all very rich, they have plenty of money and a very normal life. Some of them live very rich lives. I also appreciated the part of the film that portrayed the author of the Peanuts, "Charlie Brown". He is a little boy who is playing outside with a bear. Then he finds his own dog, and in fact this story is based on that incident. I really liked the fact that Charlie Brown is not his usual self, he has matured and is an adult now. I loved how the two dogs were not their usual companions, but they loved them. I found the film very entertaining. The dialogue between Charlie Brown and his dog was very charming. I also liked the characters of the film, especially the two kids. I liked the way the story was presented in the beginning, when the children were very young. I like the fact that all of the children were in a relationship, and it was very happy. I think they were very well placed in the film. I think this is the first Peanuts movie that I have seen where there was no dancing in the scenes. I think that's good for children because they are learning about love and friendship. I am not sure if I would like the length of this film. I think the film could have been longer. However, I have seen many children films that are very short and charming. I think this is a very enjoyable children's film and I recommend it for children and adults.

Carl Ray photo
Carl Ray

This movie is very forgettable. It has no originality, and there are no special effects in it. It was made in 1981. The voice of Snoopy is the only one that stands out for me. I thought he was great. The whole world wanted to see this movie because of the stars. I like all of the other actors, and this movie is no exception. What makes this movie not quite a masterpiece is the cat going to war with "his father" to keep it from going to hell. If that was the only reason I would have given this movie a 4. But they also have to have the cats dancing around to something on stage to bring the children into the theater. But you still get the feeling that this was written for children, or a couple of children, but adults can't help but laugh at it because of the children who can't see the humor in it. The jokes are not really jokes. If the director wanted to make a comedy or a musical, that is exactly what he did.

Sharon photo

Peanuts' creator Charles Schulz is one of the best cartoonists of all time, and it's a shame that his creations have been relegated to special-effects-heavy cartoons. The Peanuts Movie is an enjoyable family film, and the addition of the returning Charlie Brown and Snoopy was a good idea. While Snoopy's "next victim" is no doubt a bit "surprise-y" for the average audience, Charlie Brown has a good role in this film, and his comical interactions with Lucy are very enjoyable. The film also brings back the animation style, which is excellent, and the soundtrack is excellent as well. While this is not a very memorable film, it is a good film for children of all ages, and it's fun for the entire family.

Roger Jordan photo
Roger Jordan

In 2010, the world was waiting for a sequel to the original Peanuts, and everyone's favorite yellow comic book children's television series is back, more animated and with a wider assortment of characters. Now it's finally here. For the first time in its nearly 75 year run, a film is being made by Linus' beloved creator, Charles M. Schulz, with a little help from his protege, director and co-producer Tim Allen. I hadn't heard of this movie before it was announced, so I went into it expecting another rehash of the original. And while it's much, much darker than its predecessor, the movie is still a triumph. The film brings back all of the beloved characters, and gets a few new ones, too. And it's full of the most memorable scenes from the original series, even including the opening. It's also one of the few films in recent memory to show the relationships of the different characters more clearly, as all of the new characters are supposed to be real people, just as the originals were. In terms of art direction, the film looks gorgeous. It looks like every single painting of Charlie Brown's home, and all of the objects that make up the scenes. It's a strange and moody look that looks as though it's a bit more old-school than the CGI based look that went on for part two. I also loved the look of the small town of WONDERLAND. The animation is wonderfully colourful, and beautifully constructed. It's not just really elaborate, it's like a town built entirely from blocks of computer-generated paper cut-outs. And it's the first of several nods to the old series' style. There's a lot more to it, but I'll keep it simple. The performances are pretty good, but nothing like the performances from the first two films. Charlie Brown (played by an unrecognizable Jim Carrey) is very believable as a man who has changed as a young boy, but who hasn't really changed much in his later years. Snoopy (a wonderful performance by Andy Richter), Linus (a spot-on portrayal by Jim Carrey), Linus' best friend, Squirrel (a hilarious portrayal by Jeff Anderson), and most of the other Peanuts characters are voiced by actors who I've grown to really like. And most of the dialogue is also given the utmost respect. Charlie Brown's older brother Linus is probably the only voice actor in the whole film that didn't get a lot of screen time, but he does an excellent job. When a character speaks, it sounds like it's coming from the character's heart. In other words, Linus' voice is full of love and affection. Snoopy's character, Linus' rival, Timmy, is almost as full of affection, and even, in some ways, fear. Even Snoopy's friend, Larry the Cat (a delightful and amusing performance by George Carlin), gets a lot of screentime. And of course, there's the usual set of colorful backgrounds, some great songs, and the classic lines. That's it for the art direction. While there's nothing new or groundbreaking about the story itself, I think the story is the main reason to see this movie. It's what it was all about. It's about learning to be Charlie Brown, finding true friends, and never letting go of the yellow suit. It's about how one day, the universe will be so full of colour, that it's like wallpaper on a computer screen. But it's also about how love and friendship can live through anything. The film is also full of good jokes. There's a lot of jokes that reference the previous films, some that are pretty lame, but mostly the jokes are good. Charlie Brown's flashback scene, and

Juan photo

I've seen this movie more than a dozen times and I'm still loving it. I love how it's filled with all the original characters. I love how the movie takes place in a day and how all the characters are so much fun. It's a great movie and I can't wait to see it again.

Scott Fox photo
Scott Fox

It has been ten years since Charlie Brown (Tim Allen) and Snoopy (Danny DeVito) have been apart. Instead of living in a normal household, Charlie Brown works in a department store, using all of the money he got from working at the store to buy books and magazines for the "Save the Planet" newspaper. When Snoopy goes on vacation, Charlie Brown takes his place at the store. Charlie Brown's friends are annoyed that he will not be there and want him to come back. They decide to keep him at the store. When Charlie Brown returns from vacation, his friends do not like him. All the new owners of the store want to get rid of him, and some want to make him a star. Charlie Brown decides to run for mayor. The newspapers call it the Charlie Brown campaign, and the other owners call it the "Save the Planet" campaign. The magazine covers Charlie Brown's success. Snoopy is thrilled to see Charlie Brown in the newspaper, but Charlie Brown is not thrilled to see his friends and family. He wants to be an old-timer. Everyone in the city is trying to make Charlie Brown the Mayor. The new owners of the store are starting to leave Charlie Brown alone. Charlie Brown decides to work in the store at night, because no one else is around. He likes the place, but his friends are starting to hate him. He runs for mayor, and it is not an easy run. *SPOILER ALERT* The newspapers call him a failure, and some of his friends want him to be a failure. Charlie Brown becomes a celebrity, and his friends are disappointed. Charlie Brown needs to work harder to make his friends like him, and the newspaper publishers want him to be a failure. Charlie Brown's friends need to be more like him. Charlie Brown's enemies try to stop him from being a celebrity. Snoopy's friends have to help Charlie Brown make the city "great". When Charlie Brown's friends decide to be a bad guy, they only make Charlie Brown look bad. The newspaper keeps making him look good. *END OF SPOILER ALERT* When Charlie Brown runs for Mayor, he gets the help of the paper. Charlie Brown has to defeat the newspaper. At the end of the movie, Charlie Brown is a success, and is making the world a better place. And at the end of the movie, Snoopy is the one who wins. Charlie Brown's friends all win. *END OF SPOILER ALERT* If you want to see the Peanuts Movie, I recommend you see the first movie. It is a really great movie.

Dorothy Hopkins photo
Dorothy Hopkins

This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It has a great cast, with a brilliant sense of humor. And the story is well written, clever and extremely enjoyable. And the characters are as lovable as you can get. For this reason alone, this is the best of the Charlie Brown Movie series. It was also great to see all the famous actors, including Charlie Brown's nemesis, Mr. Gladstone, played by Steve Martin. The songs are also excellent and the songs are played at the right time for the plot. I really recommend this movie, you'll laugh and smile and you will have a great time watching this movie. I give it an 8/10.

Barbara Diaz photo
Barbara Diaz

This is a decent family movie, with the usual Peanuts humor and even some of the silly antics they use to make it funny. The movie is just about 2/3 of the way through and just feels like the end is near. So if you want a movie to go to and enjoy with your kids, this is a good movie. It's not much more than that.

Mary photo

I got the DVD for my kids (2 & 5), I bought it because I heard they were into it. I wasn't expecting the same amount of depth that was in the specials for the show. I was expecting this movie to be cute, but it just isn't. The original strip is in this movie. It's so lame that I can't even begin to comprehend how awful this movie is. I haven't laughed that hard at the movie since I watched "The Mask" as a kid. I've watched it a dozen times now and it still has me laughing more than when I first saw it. There's nothing to hold the movie together. When you add the awful humor of the previous two movies and the new jokes that were created for this movie, you have a movie that's just pathetic. It has none of the old charm that the show had. Even when the movie is so bad it's funny, it's still not good. I've always found that the first Peanuts movie was better than the second, but I still think this movie is terrible. It has some humor, but the jokes aren't even close to the original. The characters aren't funny. When you watch this movie, you'll probably find yourself laughing at the very end. Even the old strip is better than this movie. I think the original strip is a little better. But I'm not trying to say this movie is the worst movie I've ever seen, because it isn't. The only good thing about this movie is the original strip. Even that wasn't that great. But this movie is just awful. It's like watching a movie where your mom and dad want to buy you a cell phone. I'm not a big fan of either of the Peanuts movies. I watched the first two movies because they were like a TV show for kids. But I was bored with them because they weren't funny. They weren't just okay. They weren't actually good. I liked "The Mask", but I think the "Frosty the Snowman" was the best of the movies. But this movie just isn't good at all. I would never recommend this movie to anyone. If you've seen the first two movies, you know what I'm talking about. It's so dumb, and bad. I'm not a big fan of the show, but I still like the cartoon. If you've seen the show, and you haven't seen the other movies, you know what I'm talking about. 7/10. If you haven't seen the other movies, you might like it, but I think you might not. If you like the show, go rent the other movies. If you don't like the show, maybe you should rent the other movies, but I'm not sure if you should be recommending this movie to anybody. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. I think this movie is bad.

Melissa photo

I can see that it's going to take people a long time to understand this, so I will keep it short and simple: The Peanuts Movie is a live action remake of the classic animated show, The Peanuts Movie. The Peanuts Movie tells the story of Charles "Chocolate" Snoop Dogg, a street-wise, foul-mouthed, dog of his family. Charles is a rebel against the civil rights era, and he stands for justice, truth, and peace. Charlie is a positive influence in Charlie Brown's life, and he encourages Charlie Brown's love of adventure. Charlie is a famous comic in his town, and he is a popular book author. Charlie Brown loves reading, and he is very intelligent. Charlie Brown is very courageous, and he has a strong sense of justice. Charlie Brown's sense of justice leads him to a radicalist organization, the Freedom Fries, led by the Reverend Watterson. The Freedom Fries form a union that protects the rights of all the people, but they also want to unite the town with their peaceful ideal. The Freedom Fries has a radicalistic leader named Dr. Prouty. Dr. Prouty is the most tyrannical individual in the town. He's also very intelligent, but he is very violent. A lot of conflict and tension happens between the Freedom Fries and the Reverend Watterson's group. In the end, Charlie Brown accepts his good fortune, and he and the Freedom Fries unite, and they become a real freedom group. The Peanuts Movie is a beautiful piece of work, with brilliant animation, and it is an amazing movie. I cannot wait to watch it again. Go to see it!

Jordan Flores photo
Jordan Flores

This is my favourite Peanuts movie ever, and it is the only one I have seen since I was 12. I loved it, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I really enjoyed the stars and the story of the movie, but it wasn't what I had expected it to be. I think this movie should have been a lot better than what it turned out to be, and it could have been a lot worse too. I am very excited about the next Peanuts movie. This was just as good, if not better, than the first one. The main reason for my liking this movie was the fact that there was more plot, more story and it had more drama and comedy in it. The characters were more developed, and they actually had some good jokes. They were actually believable, and I liked the fact that the characters were more animated. The first one was animated very well, but this one was the most animated. The animation is actually better than the first one. There was more action in this movie, and it wasn't just a simple race. The races actually have a lot more action, and it is more thrilling. It also had more drama, more comedy and more comedy, more drama, and more comedy. I thought the acting was good, but not great. Charlie Brown was played very well, and the characters were animated very well, so they were good. Lucy and Snoopy were great too, and I loved how the dialogue between them was the best that I've ever heard in any Peanuts movie. I liked the plot, the story, the characters, the animation, and the voice acting. I think this movie is still my favourite Peanuts movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Peanuts, or just someone who loves Charlie Brown or the Peanuts. This is my favourite Peanuts movie, and I think it will be a great movie for the next movie. 7/10

Cheryl photo

There's a lot of violence, death, and disease in this movie, but it is also a celebration of life, as seen through the eyes of Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown is suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is a disease that is hard to cure, and he is seen from the perspective of his Mom. In the beginning, he is seen in his state of anxiety and depression, then he becomes more positive, and eventually becomes his normal self. The dialogue between Charlie Brown and his parents is very emotional, and in the end, they all say their goodbyes, which is a great way to end the movie. This movie is a great way to celebrate life and express your emotions. The movie is also very inspirational to those who are suffering from this disease. The Peanuts Movie is a great family movie, but it is also for adults as well. I think that anyone who loves the Peanuts cartoons should see this movie, because it is an amazing movie, and a great way to celebrate life and let go of your worries.

Daniel J. photo
Daniel J.

If you enjoyed the old classic Charlie Brown series, this is the movie for you. The characters are more than just the same: Charlie Brown has a girlfriend, Snoopy is left for dead, Principal Skinner is being investigated and Woodstock has gone over to the gang to join. These are the characters of the classic series, these are the characters of the cartoon. How come so many people seem to dislike this movie? I think there's something wrong with the viewers. In the new animated Peanuts movie, there are many episodes which are funny but not really serious. Then there's the other Charlie Brown movies, which are funnier than the old ones. I don't see that anymore. But there are still many episodes that are more serious. When I was young I liked the old series. I watched it for years. Now I prefer the newer Peanuts movie. The new Peanuts movie gives a good result, like in the old one. But when you compare the old Peanuts to the new ones you might not like it at all. You'll think that it's a lame movie and you won't like it. That's the reason why many people don't like the new Peanuts movie. Why? Because they don't like the old one, too. You know? And the old one is much better than this one.

Amber Bennett photo
Amber Bennett

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I'm just glad I didn't pay to see this in the theatre. If I were you I would not bother to see it at all, and that's exactly what I did. But if you are a die-hard fan of the show, then I would recommend that you see it. I think this movie is about as faithful to the original series as you could get. I'm sure it would be an enjoyable experience for the new fans of the show. I would also give it an 8 out of 10. There is no need for a sequel. The series was already long enough, and this movie is just an excuse to get the actors in a bunch of stupid situations. A minor point of contention is the lack of Charlie Brown's father. I really like Fred Savage, but he was pretty much eliminated from the film. The filmmakers should have gone with the real reason why Charlie Brown was named Peanuts. This movie is about Charlie Brown, the Peanuts gang, and Snoopy. The idea of a sequel, however, just doesn't fit. My final rating is 7/10.

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

I first saw this film when I was a kid, and I had to watch it again a few years later. It's one of those movies that is memorable because it has something that no other film I have ever seen has. It's something that we know has to do with the famous cartoon, but it's so simple and clear that it doesn't need to be explained. The characters are incredible and the story is amazing. It's so true to the cartoons that it can be seen as a stand-alone movie. The first time I watched this film, I was probably about four or five years old, but I remember being on the edge of my seat, so I was young when I first watched it. I remember the song so well. This is a wonderful film that any child should watch.

Stephanie Fowler photo
Stephanie Fowler

I saw the movie on its opening day and I really liked it. There is something different about it. First of all it has a storyline which was never boring and the characters were good, unlike many other movies of its kind. But the story was the reason for this movie's success. Other reviewers have already said that the movie is based on the comic strips and they were right. But it was actually the art that gave the movie a better feel. Although the film does have a huge cast of famous actors, I think Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Linnea and the gang did a great job in their roles. It's also nice to see two new characters, the battle for a hot dog vendor and his girlfriend, and the new character, Linus, who is the only one who's roles are limited and can't be as good as the original characters. Overall, it's a cute and funny movie. I'm recommending it to everyone and recommend it to the other movie lovers like me.

Rachel Curtis photo
Rachel Curtis

I remember growing up with this show when it was on TV. It was a big deal back then, and when I watch it now, I still see it as a big deal. It has all the elements of a great family movie. The children are really cute, the actors are good, and the story is just fun. The actors and director did a great job of bringing this show to life. A great movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

Frances photo

I loved the first Peanuts movie, because I am a fan of the comics and animated series. I love the different characters. When I saw this movie, I knew that this was going to be a great movie. I like Charlie Brown because of all the different roles he played. He was the main character for the movie. Snoopy is the voice for the other characters, mainly because he was the main character for the show. So Snoopy's voice fit perfectly for the other characters. But the thing is, this is the first movie that has a bunch of Charlie Brown's friends in it, not just Charlie Brown. There is Linus, Lucy, Michael, Judy, etc. Each one of these characters has their own role. Also, I'm not saying that they aren't all funny, but I'm saying that they are a little a good way. The characters are more realistic. So you can see them at times more realistic. You can actually feel like a part of this world, and you see Charlie Brown as a young child. This is why the movie is so great. The movie is very enjoyable. You can't help but laugh. The story is very fun and entertaining. I recommend this movie. You will enjoy the story and the characters.

Christian photo

What a great movie. Peanuts in a movie with 3 interesting stories which connect throughout. If you are a Peanuts fan this is a must see. If you are not a fan of the Peanuts series this is a must see. This is a great family film. Good special effects too.

Matthew Gray photo
Matthew Gray

It's not the best Peanuts movie, but it's one of the best. I watched it in the cinema with my children and they were really into it. I think this is the best movie for kids, but adults will enjoy it too. It's a great movie for a rainy day, or a nice night. If you're not the type of person who likes a lot of swearing and violence, you won't like it, but if you are, you'll love it. My kids loved it, my wife loved it too, and my husband loved it too. I think it's great for the whole family. There are lots of funny parts in it too. I think it's a great movie to watch with your kids. There's a lot of stuff in it, and I think that's why it's so popular. It's a very good movie to watch with your kids.

Christian M. photo
Christian M.

I was very surprised at how well this movie turned out. I was really looking forward to it. I went to the theater to see it, as my daughter was excited for it and we were going to see it together. She thought it was really funny. The movie was also a lot of fun. The actors were great. Especially Charles and Snoopy. I didn't realize that they were acting as real kids. The movie is really funny, and I thought it was really sweet. I'm a big fan of the show. I love the characters, the situations, and the story. I think it's really great.

Carolyn Flores photo
Carolyn Flores

This is the best movie that I have ever seen in my life. I've seen it over 40 times and it still makes me laugh. The plot is simple, but it's great. I think this is the best way to tell the story of how Charlie Brown became a great Peanuts comic strip character. The animation is great, especially the animated scene where Snoopy falls down the chimney and breaks his leg. I can't stop laughing every time I see it. It's so funny. The movie is just a great family film. I recommend it to everyone. It's a great movie for everyone.

Jonathan S. photo
Jonathan S.

I've been a Peanuts fan for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to have seen the whole series as a kid, and I had a few TV specials (but mostly cartoons), and the movie had to come along. I'm glad I didn't have to wait until this year for it to come out, because I had to wait a little longer to see the film. I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of the live action Peanuts movie. There's just not enough Peanuts in the movie. There's some funny moments, but they're all there. The story itself is pretty decent, and it is a fun movie. I like how they used all of the characters, but most of the time it's just Charlie Brown. The one part I didn't like was that it was kind of a film noir-ish. There was a lot of dark humor, but I think the dark humor was really lacking. It didn't help that it was dark, too. But I like the fact that it was dark, because it was supposed to be. The animation is really good. It's colorful, and has the right amount of animation. I think the characters are pretty well done, and I like that they didn't put a lot of the original characters into the movie. It's kind of interesting to see how they changed the original characters into the cartoon versions, but it doesn't really work. It's like they changed the original characters into cartoon characters. The songs are pretty good, and they fit in the movie nicely. Overall, I really liked the film. It's really fun, and I would recommend it. I thought it was a little different from the cartoon, but it was still a good movie. It's definitely not the best Peanuts movie, but it was still a good one.

Nathan photo

It is a good film. It has a good plot, and the characters are well played. But it is not for children. It is too dark for kids under the age of 10. It is not for people with low intelligence or who have an attention deficit disorder. I have been watching the cartoons on TV all my life, and I am amazed that it was able to make me this angry, and have this effect on me. I have never been more angry about a movie before. It is not a movie that is good for kids. It is not for anyone. It is just a movie for me, and I think it was a very good movie. I like the idea of the story, but I don't like the movie itself. It's not a movie I will watch again. I will probably watch it again at night and be more angry. I am not too sure about the fact that I think that it is good for children.

Diane P. photo
Diane P.

This movie was great. I saw it in the theater and I was so surprised at how great it was. The movie is about Charlie Brown, a very unpopular boy, who's beloved teacher Mr. Green (Jack Black) decides to try to change him, so that he will be the perfect student in class, but he won't be the last boy. This movie has everything you would want in a family movie, which includes, friendship, love, the sun, and of course, Peanut Butter. The movie is very funny, even though you may not like the jokes. The only thing I didn't like was that the movie was so short. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I give it an 8/10. A very enjoyable family movie.

Gerald photo

I can't believe how well this movie is done. I feel like I've been in a completely different time-space, like I've been watching this movie for a long time and I haven't grown tired of it yet. The ending was what really drove me crazy. What is the point of having that sad and boring scene that ends in a short-cut? What does it matter if Charlie Brown finds the Christmas spirit and the adults stay true to themselves, all the other kids are evil? The scene with Mrs. Krabappel's kidnapping was really good, too. It was like watching a roller-coaster scene where everyone was a little mad and thinking they were getting away with it. It was hilarious, and I just loved how the kids ended up in the forest with nothing but these trees. The animated sequence that had them running in a circle in front of the tree was just too funny. I just could not stop laughing. I think it was just the right message. The little parts were not very long, and the characters were still as funny as the last scene. They really did a good job, and I really hope that they make more movies like this. They are so good. They just keep getting better. They really do. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Lauren R. photo
Lauren R.

I am a fan of the Peanuts comic strip and always have been. I found this movie to be very enjoyable. I enjoyed the beginning of the film, and the ending. My favorite character is Charlie Brown. He is my favorite character. I found the plot of this movie to be entertaining. I enjoyed the scenes of the school, and the neighborhood. The colors of the place where I live are brilliant. I enjoyed the "battle" between Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I enjoyed the musical numbers. I loved the story of Charlie Brown and Mary Lou. I think Charlie Brown is the best cartoon character. I hope that everyone enjoys the movie. I give it a 9/10.

John Little photo
John Little

I have just seen the Peanuts Movie, and it is really funny. The first time I saw it, I was a little confused because it was only one minute long. But I got used to it, and I was laughing from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this movie to any young ones. It is a great family movie, and I recommend it to all ages. It is also a great family movie for kids to watch, because they have to listen to it a lot, and it is funny. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Joyce H. photo
Joyce H.

I just saw this movie in the theater and I loved it. I love how they did not have to change the original story. The characters were great and so were the jokes. The only thing that was different was the ending. But it was well worth the wait. I would recommend this movie to anyone. The only reason that I gave it a 9 instead of 10 was because the ending was a little too predictable. I just wish that they could have stayed the same.

Sara S. photo
Sara S.

When I first saw this movie I was disappointed. Like so many of the other children's movie that's been out recently, it was overly silly and at times childish. But the excitement of the first minute, the opening shot, the sweet and bright colors of the opening credits, the monster, and the never ending smile from Charlie Brown helped me forget about the other negative aspects. Once I actually got into the story, I was hooked, and the end of the movie was exciting and exciting. I could not wait for the Peanuts movie to be over, and I really wanted to see the story end. It was a very satisfying conclusion. Charlie Brown's search for perfect apple pie, Snoopy's quest for the perfect toy, and Lucy's quest for the perfect video tape was a delightful combination. I would not recommend this movie to the younger children, as it is not suitable for them. It is also not suitable for the older children, as it is not suitable for them, and it's not suitable for the kids. I would suggest this movie to the entire family. Charlie Brown and Snoopy were perfect, and the only thing that could be improved was the Monster, and maybe Snoopy's quest for the perfect video tape.

Melissa P. photo
Melissa P.

Peanuts: The Movie is a great movie that is a classic for the ages. It's a great family movie and is a great way to spend your time. It is the perfect movie for the whole family to watch. It has great animation and the story is very interesting. The movie is a great way to spend your time and the kids will love it. It is a great movie to watch with your kids and their parents. I highly recommend it to all of you. It is a great movie for the whole family to watch.

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Matthew Lewis

When we first saw this movie, we really didn't know what to think. We thought it was just a normal family-friendly cartoon, but as we talked to people, they would ask us what our favorite character was. When we finally got to the theater, we were right. We all really liked the movie. It's funny, it's heartwarming, and it's a great film for kids to watch together. So how can you not like it? What did I say? I loved this movie. It's really funny, heartwarming, and one of my favorite things in the world. I loved that I had to explain this to my little cousin (and her cousin's husband, and her husband's parents) who had only seen the movie as a children's movie. It's so funny, and the characters really work. I really liked the idea that Charlie Brown thought his parents' mother (played by Linus Caldwell) was the best mother ever. It was really cute. My favorite character was probably Snoopy, though. He's my favorite. He was just so cool, and he was my favorite. I think the characters work well together, and we all love them, so it's a great movie to watch. I hope this review helped, and please leave your comments if you liked it. It really helps!

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Crystal K.

I was very impressed with the animation of this movie. The story is very funny and the characters are very interesting. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I think that you will too. The story is very interesting and it's very cute. I hope that you will enjoy watching this movie. I'm sure that you will be very entertained.

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Peanuts is a classic that has been around for decades, and yet, I can't help but be surprised when I see a film that doesn't follow the same formula. I mean, how many times can we have seen Charlie Brown's journey to a higher plane? It's been done before, but the story is still fresh and engaging. The characters are still hilarious, and the story is still fun. I'm a huge fan of this movie, and I have to say that I'm glad that I saw it. The movie is incredibly funny and entertaining, and it's a great way to spend an afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing the Peanuts Movie 2!

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Randy G.

I saw this movie in a small theater in late 2006. I loved it. The music, the characters, the scenery, the story, and the message were all perfect. I love the way they portrayed the life of Charlie Brown. I think it was the best movie I have ever seen. It is a great family movie, and I recommend it to everyone. If you have not seen this movie, see it. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

George Taylor photo
George Taylor

This is not really a Peanuts movie per se, more of a spoof on other animated movies like Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. However, this movie is a lot more watchable than the first two because of the acting. Charlie Brown and his gang are still the highlight of the movie. Fred is very funny in this one. They make fun of almost everything. It is a great movie for children to watch. For example, they make fun of the time line of the cartoon and it makes you realize that the time line is so big that you are actually in the movie. The dialogue is great, especially from Charlie Brown. The jokes are good but not too clever. Some of the jokes are really good but others are just okay. The plot is alright and the characters are funny. In short, the plot is good but the characters are a bit bad. Still, this is a good movie for children to watch.

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Terry S.

I saw this film last night, it was the first time I saw the Peanuts movies and I thought they were really good. I'm glad I saw it because I can't wait to see the others!

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Victoria D.

The Peanuts Movie is a very funny movie that I think most adults will enjoy. I don't think the film is perfect, but it's not bad. The characters are all great, the plot is funny and the jokes are great. I'm surprised that it is rated so low, but I guess it's because it's not a very popular movie. I think it's a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great story and good comedy.

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Maria G.

I went into this movie expecting a lot of things, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to see a kid's movie, but was surprised to find a movie that is as well-written as it is entertaining. It's also well-acted, and the jokes are funny, although some are a bit too quick-witted for my taste. The characters are all well-drawn, and there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to make their own "plot" for the movie. The characters are not what you might expect, but they are very well-written, and they have a lot of depth. The dialogue is great, and the jokes are funny, even if they are a bit over-the-top at times. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a family-friendly movie. It is a good movie for the whole family. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.