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Going in Style

Going in Style is a movie starring Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, and Ann-Margret. Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank...

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Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Comedy, Crime
Zach Braff
Edward Cannon, Theodore Melfi
Ann-Margret, Alan Arkin, Matt Dillon, Michael Caine
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Toiling away for more than three decades at the drab Wechsler Steel Company, the octogenarian best friends, Joe, Albert, and Willie, see their world turn upside down, when the firm's pension fund evaporates after a soulless corporate merger. At the end of his tether, penniless, and having less than twenty days before he loses his home, Joe has a flash of insight: the inconspicuous ringleader needs to orchestrate the perfect bank heist, and steal back his pension from the very institution that's robbing them of what is rightfully theirs--Brooklyn's despicable Williamsburg Savings Bank. Now, the game is afoot. Is it too late to right the wrongs, and go out with a bang?

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Brenda photo

As a huge fan of B movies, this is a movie that I could not stop watching. The acting was great, the script was great, and the direction was great. I enjoyed it very much. My favorite scene was when Jack was going to leave the hospital to get his daughter. He was so emotional, and I was completely amazed. I recommend it to everyone, especially to teenagers.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

I don't know if it's because I'm not a fan of romantic comedies or if I just don't like the subject of the movie. But I liked it. There are a lot of problems with this movie, but the one that I think is the biggest is that the story is a bit of a cheat. It's not really a romance movie, it's more of a crime story. It's about a guy who is a detective who investigates the crimes committed by his girlfriend's family and friends. He gets involved with the case and starts to investigate. He doesn't like his job and his friends are reluctant to help him. And the movie is really more about the relationship between him and his girlfriend. And it's not a really funny movie, it's more of a drama. But the movie is very entertaining. The actors are good, the acting is good. And I think the director is very good. He knows how to make the story interesting. I don't know why I like this movie so much. It's a really funny movie. But I think it's not a very good movie. I think it's a good movie to watch if you want to see something different.

Frances photo

The characters are hilarious, the plot is fun, the laughs are frequent, and the end is just as good as the beginning. The movie has a lot of variety, but this movie is about what happens when you get a bunch of friends together, take them to a hot tub, and get a couple of drinks. If you want a great movie to watch with your friends, or just a night to relax with, then this is the movie for you.

Zachary Guzman photo
Zachary Guzman

I've always been a fan of this movie. I love the title, it's a very apt description of this film. It has some great humor and great performances. This film is not for everyone, but if you love comedies, you will love this film. It is a must see for all comedy fans. I give it an A+.

Thomas N. photo
Thomas N.

I really loved this movie, and the fact that I loved it is what makes me write this. I know that people will hate it for all the wrong reasons, and that is OK. This movie is not for everyone. It's not a film that will make you think about the meaning of life or even about religion. It is not a film that will change your life. It is a film that will make you laugh, and that's what it is about. The acting is brilliant, and the film is great, but the story itself is also brilliant. I can't believe how much I loved this film, and I cannot wait to see it again. I recommend this film to everyone. It's a really funny, and great film.

Marilyn W. photo
Marilyn W.

While the plot of this movie was kind of predictable, the characters were very likable and engaging, and the actors were also very good. The script was also quite funny and very clever, which is rare in a movie. It was also very funny at times, and at other times it was actually quite disturbing. The movie is about an ex-con who is now a TV news reporter. He is going to have a dinner with his old friend who is now a priest. He wants to go to his old home town for a while and he wants to go with his friend. The priest wants to have a dinner with his former girlfriend. So he takes his old friend to his old home town and has a dinner with his ex-girlfriend. This is a very funny movie. It is a great movie to see if you are looking for a good comedy. It is very funny. It also has a great story. It is a very entertaining movie. If you are looking for a good comedy, then this is a movie you should definitely see. I give this movie a 9/10.

Angela photo

This is a very clever film, and if you can look past the vulgarity, the plot is very clever. It's not all perfect, but it's very entertaining and quite clever. There's a very good performance from Martin Landau, who plays the main character, and an underrated performance from the great Dennis Hopper. Hopper plays a conman, and he's really funny. I think that if you're into this kind of thing, you'll enjoy this. I've never seen a film like this before. It's a good movie, but it's not for everyone. It's very clever, but there's some very bad language and nudity. I think this is a good film, but it's not for everyone.

Sara H. photo
Sara H.

It's interesting how this movie is marketed as a comedy and then it's not funny. It's very dark. I just don't understand the lack of comedy in this movie. It's supposed to be funny but it's not. It's very dark and I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or not. I don't know if it's supposed to be a comedy but it's not. It's dark and I just don't know what the point was. I really enjoyed the movie and it was a very interesting story and I really liked the ending. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of horror or a horror fan. If you like the movie then I would recommend you to watch it and then you can decide for yourself.

Jeremy B. photo
Jeremy B.

In the year of our Lord, 1999, I was very happy when I first heard about this film. I was very intrigued by the cast and the concept of this film, and I decided to rent it and see what I could do. I was a bit disappointed by the ending. However, it was still very funny. It was a good film to rent. It's an entertaining movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Dorothy M. photo
Dorothy M.

I can't really remember what I thought of this movie. It was pretty funny, though I thought the characters were a bit cliched and the plot was a bit underdeveloped. But that's why I like it. It was one of those movies that is all about the characters. The movie revolves around a couple of black friends, played by Terrence Howard and Edward Norton. The movie shows how they got to be friends with each other, and how they deal with their pasts. In the end, the movie shows how they are both trying to be better people and just get on with their lives. There's a lot of slapstick humor in the movie, and it's very funny. The movie is definitely worth watching. There are a lot of funny moments in the movie. I definitely recommend it. But it isn't the funniest movie I've ever seen. It's definitely not the funniest movie I've ever seen, but it's definitely the funniest movie I've seen in a while. It's a good movie, but it's not the best.

Betty Beck photo
Betty Beck

This is a really fun movie. The cinematography is excellent, and the story is very well-written. I like how it goes from a mystery to a love story. And the acting is good. I think it's one of the best "drama" movies of all time. I think this is a movie you should see at least once.

Ronald V. photo
Ronald V.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard that this movie was going to be nominated for Best Picture. I thought it would be a lot of political/social commentary and I was not sure if it would be that good. But after seeing it, I was blown away. It was one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. The acting was superb, the directing was superb, the script was superb, the story was superb. It was one of those movies that made you laugh, cry, and even have a little bit of a hard on at the end. This is definitely a movie that I would recommend to anyone. If you are a fan of comedy, you will love this movie. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Brandon photo

After the experience of the "Blair Witch Project", i was interested in watching a remake of the same idea. and this is the most disappointing movie i've ever seen. i mean, the idea was good, but the execution was bad. the director has a very hard time finding the right balance between the jokes and the serious stuff. i mean, the plot was not really strong. but the jokes were so funny, that you would laugh a lot. that's the only thing that i liked. and that is the only reason i recommend this movie to anyone. you'll enjoy it a lot.

Jason photo

I thought that this was an excellent movie. The cast was great, and the plot was a good mix of comedy, drama, action and some science fiction. I really enjoyed the special effects and the chemistry between the actors. I thought that this movie had a good message to it. I thought that it was a good movie to see with your friends and family. I also thought that it was good for people who have a weak stomach.

Tyler Banks photo
Tyler Banks

Tara (Gina Gershon) is an excellent journalist, but she's not good enough to become a photographer. So she gets a job at a magazine. Her father (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a photographer, and is helping to cover the Cannes Film Festival. It's a nice change of pace, but the film is very light on its feet. The first twenty minutes are very funny, and then it gets more serious. It's very amusing, but it doesn't feel that serious. There's no plot, no action, and the first twenty minutes are not very funny. But after that it gets really funny, and is very amusing. There's also a good performance by Richard Dreyfuss. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Vincent Morrison photo
Vincent Morrison

The film is a witty, funny, and sharp satire on the Italian art world. The plot is excellent. The acting is great, especially from John Cusack. The soundtrack is amazing, with songs by the likes of Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and Prince. The movie is definitely worth seeing. The only thing I would change is that the film could have been longer, but the storyline is great. It's a good movie that's well worth seeing.

Phillip photo

If you're looking for a romantic comedy with lots of laughs, this is not the movie for you. However, if you're looking for a comedy that's good, you'll love this movie. It's not a great movie, but it's definitely a good movie. The cast is great, the story is great, the acting is great, and the acting is really good. I think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's very well-written, and the dialogue is great. The movie has a very simple plot, but it's a very interesting plot. It's one of those movies that makes you think, but it's not too complicated. It's not a movie that's too long, but it's a very good movie. The only thing I didn't like was the music. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't bad. I give this movie a 9/10. It's a very good movie, and it's definitely a great movie.

Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

If you liked The Fast And The Furious, you'll love this movie. It has a similar story to that movie, except it is more serious. But it has the same basic elements that made the Fast And The Furious so popular. I think it's worth watching. It is definitely a classic.

Nicholas G. photo
Nicholas G.

It's been a long time since I've seen a movie like this. It's a movie that you have to go out and buy, but that you can watch over and over again. It's a movie that is a must see. I'm not going to give away any of the plot, but you have to see it to believe it. I didn't know what to expect, but I got a lot more than I expected. It's a very sad movie. I think it's a must see movie for anyone that's ever been through a divorce or has had a bad breakup. It's a movie that's so realistic and so real that you can't help but feel for the characters. You have to see it to believe it.

Keith G. photo
Keith G.

I was very skeptical about this movie, but I was wrong. It was a really funny movie. I am a huge fan of the classic Westerns and the violence and sex is great. I liked the end so much, I couldn't stop laughing. I have never laughed so hard in a movie in a long time. I loved it. I'm really glad that this movie has an 8.0 rating on IMDb, it is a great movie that anyone should see. There is a lot of action in the movie and it is very well done. I highly recommend this movie. It is definitely worth the money. It is a good movie and definitely worth the time.

Linda M. photo
Linda M.

One of the most funniest films I've seen in a long time. This film is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of either John Cusack or Andy Samberg. This film will have you laughing and making fun of the same scene over and over again. One of the best comedies of the year.

Steven photo

This is a very funny movie. The chemistry between Woody and Cusack is great. I especially like the fact that they made a movie without being stupid. Woody's character was so perfect. He's just a very smart guy who is also a good guy. There's nothing to say about it. The plot is very funny and original. I recommend this movie to everyone. 10/10

Rebecca photo

I wasn't expecting this film to be so bad, but I was right. This is definitely one of those films you'll hate yourself for watching. The acting was pretty bad. The story was kind of confusing. And the characters were almost too silly. The only reason I gave it a 7 was because I did laugh at a few of the jokes. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. It's just really bad. I think you'll be bored by it.

Samuel Ortiz photo
Samuel Ortiz

I saw this film at the Dallas Film Festival and was pleasantly surprised. It is a smart comedy with a great message about the value of family. It has great acting, a nice story, and a few laughs. The cast of this film was great and I would love to see them all in other projects. I would give this film a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh and a good film.

Dennis Chavez photo
Dennis Chavez

This is the funniest movie ever! Not one single joke is too cheesy, not one. I highly recommend it for anyone who is sick of the jokes being too cheesy. This movie is funny for the whole family. If you are in the mood for a movie to keep you laughing all night long, this is the movie for you.

Stephen Rivera photo
Stephen Rivera

I've just seen this movie at the Sundance Film Festival, and I must say that it was a great surprise. I'd heard all the bad reviews, but I actually enjoyed this movie. There are some really great scenes, and I really felt for the characters. It's not the type of movie that you can sit back and expect to laugh, but if you want to see a fun movie, I think you should go see it. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a good film.

Vincent photo

I was in love with this movie when it first came out. I was watching it in the theatre with a friend and we were both singing along with the opening scene. I thought it was the funniest movie ever. So when I was 14, I rented it from a video store. It was only a $1.50 DVD so I was a little hesitant. But I was so thrilled. I was totally addicted to it. It was just awesome. The acting was great, the writing was great, the story was great. Everything about this movie was great. I love it so much. It's a movie I watch every year or two. And I love it every time I see it. I love it so much that I have it on tape. I think that's the reason I'm getting so much hate. I'm sure there's a bunch of people out there that didn't like it because they didn't like it when it was new. But I think the people who didn't like it now that they've seen it for the first time, they just don't like it. It's still a really good movie. It's just not like anything else. I've seen it maybe 100 times and it still holds up.

Daniel photo

As a huge fan of the original film, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with this one. I liked the characters, I thought it was funny, but I was not completely satisfied. I would have liked to see more of the past story. I also think that it was a bit too easy to make jokes about the past story. It was almost like they had it all figured out, and then they just didn't want to be stuck with it. It also seemed a little bit too much like a children's movie. The humor was a little too old for the young audience, and it didn't seem like the children were laughing too much at the jokes. I am not sure why it was a children's movie, but it was a little bit too childish. There were a couple of really good jokes that were funny to me, but most of the jokes were very simple. I think that if it had been more in the spirit of the original, it might have been a really good film. However, it didn't really hit the mark for me.

Virginia Williamson photo
Virginia Williamson

I have to admit I'm a big fan of the movie, and I was a little surprised when I read that it was directed by a woman. But I didn't think it would be that good. When I first heard that it was a female-directed film, I thought, "Oh, this is gonna be a disaster." But it turned out to be a very good movie. I think it's a movie that everybody should see. It's definitely not the best film ever, but it's definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. I've never been to a concert, but I would like to go to one someday. I think it's a good idea. I've always loved "Gone With The Wind." It's a movie that everyone should see.

Christian C. photo
Christian C.

A comedy that is so full of laughs that you want to see it again. You can't even imagine a movie this good could have been made. It's the story of a rich and powerful woman who is fighting to be taken seriously. And a young woman who is trying to become her. This is a great movie for all ages, especially the kids. The actors all do a great job with their roles and the script is great. This movie is definitely a comedy classic.

Hannah P. photo
Hannah P.

The next time I get the chance to see "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" I'm going to make sure I check it out. Of course, I'm not going to see it in the theater, but I'm going to make sure I do see it on DVD. I've never seen it on TV, but I'd have to think that the DVD would be a huge deal. My boyfriend is a HUGE Bruce Willis fan, and he'll probably want to see it on DVD as well, but I'm not so sure. He's not a huge fan of the guy anyway, so if he's not into the whole gang-shooting thing I don't think he'll be into it. Still, I've got a feeling he'll be into it, and I'd be curious to see what he thinks. In any case, I was going to give this a 7, but the fact that it's a Bruce Willis film makes it a 9. The guy's just so much fun to watch, and I think that's really what makes it work. His antics and his laugh are what make it work. I'd have to say that the film is a perfect 10 for me. It's got everything. It's got a good plot, it's got some good supporting actors, and it's got Bruce Willis doing it. I'd say this is the best movie of the year, and I'd say it's the best movie of the year that I've seen.

Doris R. photo
Doris R.

If you like movies that are light-hearted and entertaining, then this is the movie for you. It's not a bad movie by any means, but it's definitely not great either. I thought it was alright, but I don't think it was a masterpiece. I think it's worth seeing once, but I wouldn't get it on DVD, either. 7/10

Katherine Cox photo
Katherine Cox

This film was not a masterpiece. It was a great film. The film takes place in the late 70's in a large western town in Arizona. The story is about a young man named Vincent (Jared Leto) who has an easy going, laid back attitude towards life. However, he has a secret he hides from his friends. When he finds out about it, he is forced to become the head of the town's police force. The town's police chief, Dan (Gary Cole) and his wife, Katherine (Elizabeth Olsen) are also forced to accept Vincent's new lifestyle. Dan, Katherine, and Vincent are forced to work together as they try to deal with their new leader. This film is a great comedy, it has great performances, and is very funny. It is also very entertaining. The movie is also very original, and is not one of those comedies that has been done many times before. This is a good film that is worth seeing. This film is a great comedy and is a great film to watch. This film is not perfect, but is still a great film.

Barbara Garrett photo
Barbara Garrett

I think this film is a perfect example of how a gangster movie should be. The first half of the film is brilliant, the second half is a little slow, but still a good watch. I loved the scene where they have the "Wooly, you're a bad-ass" scene. The gangsters are great and the comedy is hilarious. I don't think that this film is for everyone, but it is definitely a good gangster movie. My only problem with the film is that it goes too fast, the first half of the film is a bit slow, but the second half is excellent.

Kyle photo

When I went into the theater to see it I didn't know what to expect. I was told by my friend that it was a comedy. I didn't know what a comedy was, but I was intrigued. I guess my expectations were a little higher than what I actually got. This movie was an interesting watch. It wasn't the best movie I've seen, but it had its moments. The chemistry between the actors was very believable. I like how they were able to make the characters even more funny. I also liked the music. It fit the movie perfectly. This movie definitely made me laugh. The worst thing about the movie was the acting. It was terrible. My friend mentioned that the music was supposed to be like a joke. He was right. I was confused about why the actors were all over the place. There was a lot of talking in the movie, and they didn't really make the actors say much. It was very dull. But overall, this was a good movie to watch. It's worth the watch.

William P. photo
William P.

Hugely enjoyable from beginning to end. No doubt the ultimate Michael Winner mockumentary. This one is for the hardcore fans who want the original series, if not for the characters they did have. This movie will be for those who want to see the final 10 minutes of the series before it ended.

Nathan M. photo
Nathan M.

I thought this movie was hilarious. It had all the elements that you want in a movie. Romance, Drama, Action, and more. The cast was great and the writing was good. I loved the music in the movie. The action was good and the romance was great. I thought the ending was funny and it left a lot of room for a sequel. I am so glad that they took the time to make this movie. It was a lot of fun and I was glad they made it. I am so glad that they made it and that they made the movie for adults. I thought this was a great movie and I am looking forward to the next one. I think this is the best movie that I have seen in a long time. I think this movie is going to win a lot of awards. I think this is the best movie that I have seen in a long time and I think this movie is going to win a lot of awards.

Lisa W. photo
Lisa W.

It's no spoiler to say that it's not the kind of movie that you'd want to watch more than once, but it's a very enjoyable and funny film, with some very funny moments. There are also some strong themes of racial discrimination, sexism and homophobia, which are brought up in a very clever and funny way. It's also very well made and well acted, with a solid script and decent direction. If you're looking for a light, lighthearted comedy, this is a good choice.

Victoria G. photo
Victoria G.

I wasn't expecting much from this movie and I wasn't disappointed. It was funny and a good film. I think it was a great movie for the whole family and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a funny movie. The actors were great and the plot was great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh and see a good movie. I think that the actors did a great job and they did a great job with the script. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Juan Franklin photo
Juan Franklin

I have watched it about 5 times now and I'm still laughing. It's a good movie. Everyone in the movie does a great job. Even my grandmother and her family have been in the theater. I hope it gets released to the public so it can be seen by many more people. This movie is great!

Steven J. photo
Steven J.

I've seen this movie about 10 times and I'm still laughing. It's really the best comedy of all time, but it's not for the faint of heart. This movie is a lot of fun and the actors all do a wonderful job. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but I think you'll enjoy it. This movie is absolutely one of the funniest films ever made, but don't take my word for it. Go see it!

Jeremy photo

This movie is for those who want to laugh, and then laugh some more. This movie is about a couple that is in love and has been for many years. This movie is about the good times they have had together, the bad times, and the fun they have together. The movie has a very good story line and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The acting is great, the music is great, and the directing is great. The soundtrack is really great, and has some really great songs. The movie is a perfect 10 out of 10.

Ruth Mills photo
Ruth Mills

This movie was so funny, it made me laugh all the way through. I think that it was well written and well put together. It was entertaining from beginning to end. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like their life was over. It was a good movie, and I'm going to buy it on DVD. It's a movie I would watch over and over.

Daniel photo

Let me start out by saying that I love both Bourne and the Bourne Ultimatum. After seeing them I had to see this movie. And, well, it was better than I had hoped. If you are not a fan of these movies, don't worry, this is not for you. I will give you a brief summary of the movie. First of all, Matt Damon plays the one and only Michael Brody, a CIA operative with a heart of gold. He is a two-time Academy Award winner and a true visionary. He believes that the CIA is nothing more than a myth and that he will ultimately discover the truth about the agency. But, something is wrong. It seems that his best friend, Sean Bean, has been transferred to a different department, the National Security Agency. Apparently, the top brass of the agency, including Michael Brody, have not been following his advice. Now, he must learn to fit in and work with a different culture in order to get his assignment back. He also has a girlfriend, Janet Varney, who seems to be a woman with a heart of gold. I will admit, I loved the movie. It is much more comedic than the Bourne Trilogy. It is also more philosophical and more action oriented. It is not really a comedy, but it does have the heart of a comedy. I do believe that the only real flaw with this movie is that it is a bit too long and the movie is too long. The movie has a bit too much plot for its own good and it was hard to keep up with what was going on. The movie is also kind of predictable. But, you still have a laugh, the action is better than the first two films, and I liked the characters more. I would definitely recommend this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Catherine N. photo
Catherine N.

It's hard to believe that this film was made almost 30 years ago. If you're looking for a film that's full of crazy scenes, slapstick humor and brilliant plot twists, look no further. It's also difficult to believe that it's a comedy and not a drama. But if you're looking for a film that's fun and entertaining, this is the one to watch.

Julia photo

The story is based on a true story of the Maritza Lopez, a young woman who was kidnapped and raped by the leaders of the drug trade in the states of Mexico. She was raped, and then her heart was cut out. A group of kidnappers kidnapped her, and they were holding her heart in a bag. She was given to them as a trophy, and they were going to sell it on the black market. The film was directed by James Mangold, and it is about a kidnapping of a young woman in a small town in Texas, but it has some similarities with the Maritza Lopez story. In both stories, a young woman is kidnapped by drug traffickers and they are holding her heart in a bag, and they want to sell it on the black market. They both have similar storylines, and the same kind of problems they face when they try to get the heart back. It is a very good film, and it is a very interesting story. The performances are very good, and it is very realistic. I think that it is a very good film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film.

John Medina photo
John Medina

While the movie was not particularly good, I enjoyed it. I found it to be a laugh out loud funny movie. I don't think I laughed once during the movie. I think the movie was enjoyable and enjoyable for me. The cast was good and I thought the story was interesting. I thought it was a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a movie to see.

Christian photo

The general idea of this movie is not original, but what it does is extremely funny. The plot is straight-forward and easy to follow, but the jokes are funny. I would rate this movie around a 7, because I found myself laughing constantly, especially during the "comedy" scenes. I think most people would enjoy this movie, but not as much as I did. If you like comedy, you'll probably like this movie.

Karen Stanley photo
Karen Stanley

I first saw this movie on HBO. I think that it was as good as any movie of the period. It was never to be mistaken for something else. It was entertaining and interesting. Good for a rainy day. I don't remember the first time I saw it, but it wasn't that bad. I did watch it many times and it wasn't that bad. The first time I watched it was on the first week of October. It was on the right channel. It's a movie that I like to watch again and again.

Phillip Watkins photo
Phillip Watkins

The idea of the film is simple. You see a bunch of people, who are all in the same situation, but all have different outlooks on life. The movie has its humorous moments, but you can tell that the director wanted to make it more serious. It has a good pace, but the first half of the movie is not very entertaining. Then, it starts to get better, and you can see that the director was trying to do something different. I think that it is the right way to do a comedy, because it is not an easy job to make a good comedy. The characters are funny, but you cannot stop laughing at the funny moments, and the director made this film at a good pace. I recommend it to people who like comedy.

Jessica photo

This is a fun and cute film about a young woman who is on the run from her abusive husband, who has plans to get her pregnant by taking a very old bottle of wine. We see a beautiful girl living with her family in the middle of nowhere, where they have a small flat and a backyard. She has an older man, but she is a very young woman. The only thing that she has in her life is a bottle of wine. She has to keep her father from finding out, or he will kill her. Then, she meets a beautiful but very mysterious man, who has a very large property in the middle of nowhere. The two of them make a deal that she will take care of his daughter, and he will marry her. However, there are many twists and turns. If you like melodramas, you will enjoy this movie. I really liked the story and the characters, the actors are great. My favourite part of the movie was when she was pregnant, and the people kept showing up at the house, but she just kept moving and moving and moving. She had no idea what was going on, but she just kept going and going. I laughed my ass off, and I would recommend this movie to everyone, especially the teenage girl. It is a great movie for all ages.

Christine Hayes photo
Christine Hayes

I have not been able to get this movie out of my head. I have seen it about a dozen times. And I am still in awe of the amazing chemistry between all the characters. It is so hard to believe that these actors are such young people. It seems as if they are in their mid 20s. I am not familiar with any of the other actors, but they all seem to be so well-rounded and realistic. I have seen them on TV and they are all so good at their jobs, but they do it so well. This movie is a definite must-see for anyone who loves movies and is a fan of the entire cast.

Jordan Gilbert photo
Jordan Gilbert

I love this movie. It's funny, romantic, sexy, and great. I think it's one of my favorite movies. My favorite characters are the "Bridget Jones" characters, and the "Lara Croft" characters. They're both very interesting and have a lot of depth to them. The music is great. I also love the dance moves of the "Lara Croft" characters. My favorite part of the movie is the ending, because it's so emotional and sad. It's also a good movie to show to kids. It's a good movie for all ages. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good movie. 10/10

Julia F. photo
Julia F.

This movie was a pleasant surprise. It was funny and never made me cringe. I recommend this film to all fans of low-brow comedy. It has a great message, and I am glad that it was filmed in Canada.

Kathryn Foster photo
Kathryn Foster

This is a movie for kids, but the adult world will have a blast with it. The jokes are quick and funny, the acting is great, and the characters are very original. The biggest thing is that it's just a really fun movie that has no meaning. It's just a silly movie with a great story. If you're a kid or an adult, you will love this movie. If you're a parent, you will love it. If you're a fan of either of the main actors, you will love it. This is a movie that will make you laugh your head off.

Crystal K. photo
Crystal K.

This film is a real treasure. It is a great story about a father and son who meet for the first time. A father's love for his son and a son's love for his father. Great characters and a great story. The love that is expressed between father and son and their relationship with their father is beautiful and touching. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to see it. You will never forget it.

Brenda Ward photo
Brenda Ward

What a great film! It was a real treat to see a movie that was not based on a comic book. I had read the book, and I thought the film was great, but I was very surprised to find out that it was not based on a comic book. I don't know if they were scared off by the controversy, or the film just wasn't what they had in mind. It's a good film, but don't read the reviews. They are all negative.

Nathan photo

The fact that I've seen this movie is just a good reason to see it. The only bad thing about this movie is the plot. It's predictable. But it's pretty cool to see it happen. The acting is pretty good. The cast of characters are all very memorable. Even though the movie is very predictable, the actors do a pretty good job of getting the audience to care about the characters. The whole movie was very entertaining. There's some very funny moments and the story makes you feel as if you've been to some weird weird party. The movie itself is very well written. I'm not a huge fan of this genre of movies, but I enjoyed this one. If you're a big fan of really random movies, then this is a movie you should definitely see. It's a great way to kill a couple hours and is probably a film that you can put in your DVD collection.

Scott photo

Ceres Lake has more of an ensemble cast than in "Fools Rush In". The key players all do a pretty good job of keeping the viewer engaged. Michael York and Rebecca Hall as the two estranged brothers are certainly funny. Hall's moll is good, too. There are a few jokes that are a bit predictable, but generally the humor here works pretty well. I'm not a fan of Rachael Harris, but she still plays the bitchy mom pretty well. As a self-absorbed art critic, I thought the movie could have used more of that, but I could have forgiven it for that because it's basically a comedy. The movie is not supposed to be an art film or a critique of contemporary art, so the audience is in on the joke. It's not a bad movie, and I enjoyed it. My only problem was that it had too much of a European feel to it. There's no one else I recognized who was in the movie. You have a lot of people from Europe, like Russia and France, but it doesn't feel like you're in Paris or London. You're in Paris or London or somewhere. The cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Walken, and Barry Corbin. They're all in the movie, but you can't really see them. I don't know if that's because the script didn't have enough material, or because I'm too busy trying to keep track of all the people who are in the movie. The movie does have some good humor. I would recommend it. It's fun to watch. I think it's not as good as it could be, but it's a good movie, not great, and I enjoyed it.

Judy photo

This movie was the best I've ever seen. It was hilarious and was great for a light hearted movie. I have a friend who was going to see this with me and she said it was the best movie she has ever seen and she is going to see it again. I really hope that she does because I think she's the type of person who can't get enough of good movies. I think that if this movie was rated R it would be a big hit and I think it deserves that. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that wants a good laugh.

Elizabeth McDonald photo
Elizabeth McDonald

I think it was an okay movie. I don't know if it was supposed to be funny or not, but it was definitely entertaining. I guess it was supposed to be a gangster movie, but I think it was more of a comedy. I think the movie was mostly about the gangster and the girls, but the movie was pretty entertaining. I give it a B.

Christopher photo

This movie is one of my favourites. The story, the acting, the songs and everything about it is just great. This movie has everything and so much more. It has everything that makes a movie a must watch. It has a story, great actors and actors, great songs, great music and of course the comedy. This is one of the best movies ever made. The only thing that I really didn't like about this movie is the ending. It is pretty bad. I don't really understand why they decided to end the movie with the music. It was a good thing. The ending was just stupid. All in all, this is one of the best movies ever made.

Teresa G. photo
Teresa G.

I think this movie is a really good example of what the 90s was all about. I thought the comedy was just as funny as it was in any other film of that time period. I enjoyed the movie more because I like the movie more then the other films I have seen. I think the story was a little cheesy, but the comedy was so good I don't see what the problem was. I also enjoyed the scenery in the film. The movie was about a woman who lived with her mother. She is about to get married to a man who never married. Her mother is going to do all sorts of things to make sure that her daughter doesn't get married. I think that this is a really good movie. It is about living your dreams.I think it was a good film. It was funny and had great special effects. I thought the acting was great. I think this is a really good movie.

Kyle photo

The movie is not a comedy. It's a thriller with some humor thrown in. The characters are likable. The plot is predictable, but not so bad. The acting is good, although it's hard to believe that all the actors are familiar with each other. The movie isn't perfect, but it's worth seeing.

Kenneth photo

This was another movie from the British Invasion that I saw and did not hate it. In a way, it reminded me of more sophisticated British movies. There was an element of romance and comedy in it that I liked. The music was good, and the story was about 3 of a kind. I did not like the ending, but it had a nice twist that I will remember forever. I gave this a 7 out of 10.

Joyce Taylor photo
Joyce Taylor

A gang of the biggest butchered dogs in NYC attempt to rob the banks. Here's the best part, when one of them comes up with a plan, no one believes him. The director of the movie is David Mamet. His last movie, Gangs of New York, was an easy hit, but I have to say I was really disappointed by it. It wasn't funny or entertaining, it was just boring. His next movie, which I'll call One Hour Photo, was a major improvement. He's not as good as Mamet, but I still think it's a good film. One Hour Photo tells the story of a photo studio that's in decline and runs a dirty secret, photo theft. The guy who's leading the operation is a guy named Ian Kerner, who's been obsessed with stealing photos ever since he was a kid. That's probably the best part of the movie. He's the guy who was responsible for the funniest scene in the movie. When he's in the closet he's stealing a picture of a black man. He pulls out a photo of a white man and keeps saying, "I'm not racist. I just love white people." He keeps on going until he gets caught. He's not really in the closet. He's just in the bathroom, which is now locked. He goes back to his apartment, then he goes back to the bathroom and starts looking at his photo collection. Finally he finds one of a black man. He starts rubbing it against his skin, saying, "I know it's wrong, but I love it." He removes the photo from his collection and says, "It's not a good picture, but it's nice." Ian Kerner makes a fool out of himself, but he's the main character. The other characters are not as funny, but they're still good. There are some big laughs. I loved the story of the guy who finds a note in his pants pocket and gets it out and the janitor who takes it and runs around with it and thinks it's hilarious. I really liked the scene where Kerner and two cops, one of whom is a German and the other a Jew, are at a concert. The German guy says, "You guys don't like black people? That's fine. What do you guys like? Polish people? Hungarians? That's fine too." Then Kerner says, "You think we're all the same?" And they all say, "Yes." I think this movie is better than Mamet's last movie. One Hour Photo is a little bit more serious, but it's still a good movie. I give One Hour Photo an A.

Douglas R. photo
Douglas R.

This movie is one of the best I've seen in a long time. It is a great comedy, and a good one at that. The acting is great, the story is good, and the comedy is great. It has some parts that are hard to watch, but it's worth it. If you like this movie, check out "It's Complicated."

Bryan S. photo
Bryan S.

My friends told me to see this movie because they all really liked it. I wasn't expecting much, but I was very surprised. The acting is pretty good and the story line was entertaining. The movie is about a gang of gay guys in NYC. One of the guys is the leader. His life is a mess, he is struggling with his marriage and his sex life. He goes to a gay club to find the kind of man he is meant to be. The main character of the movie is a gay man named Pete. He has always been one of my favorites. His manliness and love for women and women. He's still in love with his wife, but he doesn't feel like he can be with her anymore. He becomes a closeted gay man. He comes out of the closet to find the kind of man he's meant to be. The movie is very funny. It's very well written. I think that it's very original. It has a lot of great moments. The camera work is amazing. It's also very different from what you normally see in a movie. There's a lot of action and it has some real dramatic moments. There's a lot of things that are really different from most movies. It's very different from most movies. I don't think that it's a gay movie. I think that it's a movie that everybody should see. If you like romance movies, it's a good movie. It has lots of romance and action. I think that it's very good.

Brenda A. photo
Brenda A.

I have to admit I watched this film quite a while ago, as I had heard good things about it, but when I saw it, it left me cold. It was about a middle-aged lady, played by Diane Lane, who becomes involved in the gangster life, and ends up murdering several people. I suppose this film was more of a love story, and she was kind of confused, but it was boring to me, and it lacked the fun and excitement I was expecting. The movie was well directed and edited, but it was just too over-done. The story was not very engaging, and it left me cold. I can see why the director and producers thought the film was interesting. But, it was a shame to have wasted my time watching this film. It wasn't a great film, and I wish I had seen it a couple of years ago. It's certainly not one I would want to own.

Susan photo

This is a funny, yet heartbreaking, dark comedy. Dustin Hoffman and Matt Damon star in the film as two unsuccessful New York City detectives, one of whom is getting a divorce. To make matters worse, his estranged wife is dying and the younger, less than appealing wife, who is being treated for depression, is in the hospital. Things get a bit out of hand, and the two have to try and solve the murder and are suddenly in for a reality check. This film is full of one liners, some that are funny, some that are serious. It is a good film to watch with your friends, it may make you laugh, but I doubt if you will get a good laugh out of it.

Lauren photo

The problem with movies such as "Sex And The City" is that they offer so much that we want to know more, and it would be hard to do so if there were no talky sex scenes or awkward social situations. "Sex And The City" fails in these respects because it is so sweet, and at times it seems that the characters are talking about sex for hours and hours and even days without saying a word. This means that the movie has to take on too much of a serious tone, and this would have been better for it if the characters were more talky. Still, the movie is very well made, and if you love it, it is a definite must-see.

Willie photo

There is no other film like this. A movie that takes you from the coldest of nights to the warmest of days, and back again. A film that you can be with a loved one and not feel so alone. A film that will touch you. I think everyone should see this film, it is the most beautiful film I have ever seen, a film that makes you feel like you are back in the days of the cinema, the film that makes you feel that you are a part of something, something that is worth dying for. It is a film that will make you feel proud of yourself and proud of the people in your life.

Adam W. photo
Adam W.

I don't know if this movie is going to be liked by all the people that just don't understand what the hell is going on in the movie. For me, it's very good. The plot is really good and the acting is also good. But what makes this movie so good is that it's actually a comedy. This movie is a really good movie for people who like movies like. Orgies. And for the people who don't like movies like that, don't watch it. It's not like that. And if you like to watch movies that is based on the comic book, this is one of the best ones. I'm very happy to see that the movie gets good reviews, because it deserves it. I recommend that you watch this movie. It's really good. And if you are not a fan of movies based on the comic book, then don't watch it. I know you'll love it. This movie is so good that I think I'll watch it again. I give it a 10/10.

Benjamin photo

I've seen this film twice and it still makes me laugh. It's funny to see the famous faces in this movie. Like John Candy, Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro, Jay Leno, etc. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of comedy or just a fan of movies. It's a great movie. It's funny, it's entertaining and it's an original movie. I have a lot of fun watching it. This is one of my favorites.

Bryan photo

This movie was a very cool movie to watch. It has some really funny scenes, but it also has some really sad scenes. This movie is definitely not for everyone. It is a movie that makes you laugh and make you cry. If you don't like it, don't watch it. But if you do like it, I recommend you to watch it again. I think that is what is happening to me. This is a movie that will definitely make you laugh and make you cry.

Jerry photo

I am a big fan of the crime series and this movie was very entertaining. The movie is set in Chicago and features several very memorable and very funny scenes. The movie follows the classic crime story lines with a few new twists. I found the movie to be very entertaining and entertaining in the same way a good B movie should be. I thought that the movie was very entertaining and funny and I would recommend this movie to anyone. I thought the cast of this movie was very good and very funny. I think that this movie was very good and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Ronald photo

This is definitely a low budget, low key comedy. It's actually a lot of fun. The acting is decent, the plot is solid, and it's the humor that keeps it from getting bogged down. The funniest part of this movie is probably the scene where the bomb explodes. It's not really a movie that needs a lot of explanation. There's really nothing too special here. Just a fun little romp that I could do without a sequel.

Ronald Holland photo
Ronald Holland

This movie was so good that I'm giving it a 7/10. It was funny, entertaining, and a lot of fun. I was surprised by the ending. I don't think that it was necessary, but I thought that it was very good. The characters were interesting and they all had great chemistry. They all seemed like they were having a good time. I didn't think that the movie was long, but it was very short. It was great. If you liked this movie, you should also check out I Am Sam. It's a much better movie.

Robert Ruiz photo
Robert Ruiz

This is a hilarious movie, that keeps you laughing the whole way through. This movie is set in a small town in the southern U.S. with a small, white, middle class family. The family is constantly being threatened by the neighbor's, who are black. There is also the occasional murder that is committed by the neighborhood gang members. The family is also dealing with a lot of problems, especially the son. The movie is full of jokes and some real funny moments. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh at a movie. The movie is also full of profanity and some violence. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh.

Virginia Burton photo
Virginia Burton

I am a fan of the original film, and I did not want to see this film. I had no idea what the movie was about until I saw it in the theater. I have to say that it was well done. It was a well written and well directed film. It was a little slow in the beginning, but once the story began, it was really good. I would recommend this film to people who like the original film. The acting was good, and the film was a good watch. I do not understand why it did not get a higher rating. It was really good.

Christian Fisher photo
Christian Fisher

I was disappointed by some of the reviews of this movie. It was so far out of my genre that I was not interested. I have seen several of the actors and actresses in other films and I knew that they would have some funny lines in here. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people seemed to be enjoying it. I didn't realize that it was this good until I saw the trivia on the website. People were walking out of the theater about an hour in. This movie is not for everyone. If you have any expectations or dislike this genre, do not see this movie. It will not be a masterpiece like "The Devil's Rejects" but it was funny. I would like to see a sequel. I would not pay to see this movie but I would pay to see the trivia on the website.

Donald Kim photo
Donald Kim

I've never seen this film before and thought I would be surprised by how bad it was. But, I was wrong. This film is a great example of how poorly thought out the acting and dialog were. Although the film was made in 1990, it is still highly entertaining and entertaining because of the great acting and dialogue. My Rating: 6.5/10.

Angela photo

I'm not sure where to start with this. The entire film is utterly implausible and feels like it was improvised. Yes, it does have a few moments of charm. It's not so bad that you feel bad for the actors (the majority of whom I've never heard of, let alone seen) and not so bad that you are tempted to give the movie a bad rating. But for some reason I just don't get. The plot is absurd and the story is ridiculous. I don't understand how anyone could go through the process of filming this film and then sit and watch it again. The ending makes no sense and the plot just doesn't go anywhere. It's like someone had the idea that this was a really bad "couch" movie and they tried to do the next worst "couch" movie ever. The acting is worse. Nothing is ever really funny in this film and the "couch" jokes fall flat and are just that bad. The only good thing about this movie is that it is entertaining and all the characters are basically braindead. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but I wouldn't mind renting it if I was in a hurry and I had nothing else to watch. Just don't do it!

Betty Jimenez photo
Betty Jimenez

Watching this film was a big disappointment to me. I really wanted to like it. I mean, really, really wanted to like it. But it was just so boring. I was bored in the middle of the film. And there was so much plot to work through. That just was too much. The cast was great, but I don't think they had any real chemistry. So all in all, a disappointing film. I would have been much more entertained with a film like The Graduate, or even Seven. 6/10

Gary G. photo
Gary G.

They really just left you hanging. This movie should be in the top 250. It's definitely the most underrated movie ever! Don't listen to the naysayers! If you're a fan of the TV show, it's worth the $8. It's a perfect cast, and it's a wild ride!

Ethan Carpenter photo
Ethan Carpenter

Paul "Poppies" McKenzie (Nick Swardson) and Della (Julie Dawn Cole) are a poor married couple with a child. They have to take their son from the private school he has been attending in order to support themselves. However, when the school board realizes that the school has gone to private hands, the board decides to privatize the school. The company that wants to take over the school sends a tour guide, Carmine (John Glover) to ensure the board approves the sale. However, the tour guide is killed by a rocket launcher, and he is replaced by a poor excuse for a head boy named Max (William Shatner). Max soon discovers that his father was a close friend of the former school principal, and he is determined to expose the hypocrisy of the board and save the school. What the movie lacks is much of the usual comedy elements. While the plot is well thought out, the jokes fall flat. When I first saw this movie, I laughed the entire time, but I think this movie is much better at being a dramatic drama. It is much more realistic than a lot of the other comedies I have seen. Some scenes are funny, but other scenes are not. For example, the scene where Max is playing football with some boys and a giant baseball bat comes to mind. In that scene, Max and his friends are trying to take the giant bat down the field, but they fail, and then, as Max tells them to play ball, one of the boys is dead. There is a lot of other aspects to this movie that could have been done better, but this movie is a very well made film. The movie is based on a book, and I do not think it would have been a bad idea to give the movie a much better ending. Overall, this movie is very good, but not great. However, I do think the comedy is much better in this movie. If you like romantic comedies, then this movie is definitely for you. If you like dramatic films, then this movie is not for you. For me, it was a good movie. The acting is great. Both Nick Swardson and William Shatner are very funny. This is one of those movies that can be watched over and over again. I can say the same for "Ghostbusters". However, "Ghostbusters" was much better, but I will still recommend this movie to anyone that likes comedies. If you like this movie, then you should definitely check out "Poppies" as well.