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D'Ardennen is a movie starring Kevin Janssens, Jeroen Perceval, and Veerle Baetens. A brutal home-jacking by two brothers goes hopelessly wrong, and one of them goes to prison. Four years later, his brother tries to help him get his...

Other Titles
The Ardennes, Ardeny, Le Ardenne - Oltre i confini dell'amore, アルデンヌ, Les Ardennes, Αρδέννες, The Ardennes - Ohne jeden Ausweg, Ardennerna, Ardennene
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1 hours 36 minutes
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Robin Pront
Robin Pront, Jeroen Perceval, Jeroen Perceval
Kevin Janssens, Jan Bijvoet, Veerle Baetens, Jeroen Perceval
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A brutal home-jacking by two brothers goes hopelessly wrong, and one of them goes to prison. Four years later, his brother tries to help him get his life back on track.

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Brittany O. photo
Brittany O.

I'm going to start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of Dejavu movies. Most of them are quite poor. I'll even go as far as to say that they are generally not very good. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was pretty good. The acting was pretty good. The characters are quite interesting and the story is well-written. The story is about a young woman who is in a relationship with a man who is a police officer. One day, the man leaves her for a younger woman, who she's never met before. The story is not a very original one, but it's still a good one. I can't really say that I would recommend this movie. But I did like it.

Jean B. photo
Jean B.

This movie was good. The acting is quite good, I liked it. The characters were interesting. They do not have clear personalities, but their personalities seem to be what we would expect from their characters in the movie. This is a very nice movie, and it was worth a watch.

Kevin P. photo
Kevin P.

The story is simple enough. A young girl is kidnapped and the main reason for this is that her step-father wants to punish her for not loving him back. It turns out that her father is a professional murderer who commits a crime all of his life and that he has never really grown up. All in all a very decent film and no, it's not the typical Hollywood love story. It's not about a guy who is perfect and perfect loves a woman he has never met and gives up his happiness and career for her. No, it's about two people who meet and fall in love and then realize that they don't want to be together. And it's about how they deal with the rejection. It's a simple story, but one that will stay with you. You will remember it. I'm not gonna give anything away, but watch this movie with an open mind and you will be a much happier person. 8/10

Tammy Brewer photo
Tammy Brewer

A rather interesting film, a bit heavy on dialogue, but it is very powerful and the acting is superb. It is a great film to watch when you are feeling down or you just want to let go. I really recommend it. I really do.

Judy B. photo
Judy B.

I think that this movie has changed my life! I'm actually really pleased that I watched this movie. First of all it is very good that this movie wasn't so popular. Maybe this movie will also inspire other people to develop themselves in their own ways. This movie has given me a feeling to stand up and do my best. In my opinion this movie deserves every rating. Every rating is important. Thanks for reading this.

Teresa Garrett photo
Teresa Garrett

In a social media-obsessed world, it is sometimes difficult to have a connection with people from the previous time period. One way to do this is to watch a film that has been made using the same ideas, characters, or location. The problem with this approach is that the audience is not familiar with the events of the past and vice versa. Likenesses are completely lost in translation. The film is set in the late-1950's and sees many of the same people: some still looking for love, some still under the influence of the 1950's. However, the pair of characters is fundamentally different. The character of Salmah (Laura Gemser) and those of the American leads are visually amazing and represent the development of post-war, mid-century romantic ideals. However, they remain flawed by the fact that they are trying to find love in a new context. The film is about a female Jewish writer who travels to Paris for the opening of a film festival. She has been on a recent depression and is expecting a baby but has given up her job. It is this expectation that causes her to miss an important appointment in the city. With the help of her husband, she goes back home and stays there until the baby arrives. In the process of the birth, she meets with her boyfriend. Although they go on to have an affair, it does not make them lovers. On the contrary, they are still trying to find love. The film does not reveal the outcome but it has to be said that the ending is heart-breaking. She gives birth to a girl and, with time, the need for love is replaced with the need for understanding. The film is of course not an easy one to watch. However, I believe it to be a worthy exercise and one that I wish more people would see.

Nancy Morris photo
Nancy Morris

Just coming out of the movie theater and watching it, I could not help but notice the mixture of light and dark. Darkness of the common day, where people talk in the dark and in the light. Light of the day, where people are in the dark and in the light. That was my reaction on the first sight of the movie. This is a movie that is supposed to be dark but is a movie that makes the night feel like day. It will either shock or delight you, depending on what sort of mood you were in that day. I enjoyed it. All the actors played their roles to the hilt. I can't wait to see the DVD. A lot of people are complaining about the special effects. If you have seen a horror movie, you know what I'm talking about. As a movie, it works perfectly. The idea of what it is we are watching is interesting. It is scary and suspenseful. My friends and I were both in our teens when this movie came out. We were all shocked when it was over and it still looked good. "Soylent Green" is a story that is hard to forget. This is definitely a movie you'll want to watch more than once. I would give it an 8, but the story is too good to give it a 7.

Debra V. photo
Debra V.

What a lovely story, how one can see the goodness in people and the worst in others. It is a true story, and as such, it is worth seeing. The acting is excellent. Most of the cast was of course part of the original production, but there were some new faces that really impressed me. This movie has a heart-felt, heartbreaking quality, that is very rare to find in most Hollywood movies. This movie is about two people who have lost their way in life, and what happens to them when they go through some of the trappings of a dying culture. In the end, they find a new way of life, and it is a beautiful and touching story. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a moving story, and a good laugh. It is worth the price of admission.

Samantha photo

If I was to define the film in one word, it would be "perfect". One of my all time favorite films from the director of "Moulin Rouge" and the short film "Catch Me If You Can" (it is really a film about a man trying to catch the woman who just dumped him). There are no stupid moments. In fact, it was refreshing to see this Danish film about a man who is trying to catch the woman he is about to leave for another woman who he is about to marry. It is about a man who feels alone. He is lonely and lonely. He falls in love with a woman whom he has never met before. He wishes he was a man and it is his search for that which he is not and is not in this film. Everything happens for the wrong reasons. He is a widower who is about to lose his house. The woman he is about to marry is not available to him. He is about to leave his wife. He loves her but he is not ready to leave. He is not ready to accept his wife. He is in a position to be a man, but is not. He is a man trapped in a woman's body. He is trying to be the man but is not. He is trying to be the man who he is not. He is longing for what he is not and is not ready. It is a very interesting film and has a certain kind of "feel" that all good films have. I had no idea about it when I saw it. It is wonderful and has great actors. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a very interesting story. It is a beautifully shot film that is a must see. It is not boring at all. I would have to say that this is the best Danish film of all time. Not only that, but I think that this is a film that I would watch again and again.

Sara photo

I am well versed in the world of covert operations, as well as dealing with the negative aspects of espionage, and in researching film history, I know that Operation Cross Country was the one of the most secret of its type in history. Michael Herrman's "Operation Cross Country" is that rare, and rarer of things: a true, serious look at the subject matter and the context in which it was presented in the movie medium. Without revealing any details about the actual plot, Herrman exposes how the nature of the project, the context of its work, the efforts to get it approved, and the relationship between Agency and Country, ultimately leads to the ultimate outcome. As stated, this film is a serious examination of a covert operation, and its relationship to the United States Government. It is an excellent story about what was in the mind of one, and how something so outrageous ended up getting accomplished. The action, well choreographed and gripping, is riveting and is quite hard to watch at times. Like every good film, this one is full of symbolism and very subtle humor, and Herrman makes use of some of the subtle humor in a very subtle way. There is also a lot of ambiguity and mystery. In order to understand and understand Operation Cross Country, the viewer must understand and accept the plausibility of the plot. The movie does a very good job at keeping the viewer guessing throughout the movie. What is clear to the viewer is that the story is very complex and not to be taken lightly. Michael Herrman has a very good directorial style and a good eye for atmosphere, atmosphere is everything in this film. The camera is often shaky, and there are many locations which seem very dark and desolate. Some people might find this distracting and not as dramatic, but I found it very effective. The story is complex, but it makes sense and is well done. The visuals are excellent and the cast did a good job with what they had to work with. The sets were very good, with an excellent mix of old and new. The cinematography, lighting, and editing are all very good. There are many strange moments throughout the film, and some of the story was very dark, and there is no explanation of what the hell is going on. The ending of the film is not a happy ending, but more of an ambiguous ending. It is never clear what is going on, and the final scene is somewhat strange. All in all, a great film, and a must see for any movie buff.

Marilyn photo

It is one of the best Danish movies ever.It is a movie about growing up in the 70's.The movie is a mix of drama,history and romance.It shows the relationship of the couple who has a daughter and a son and the way they grow up together.The film is about growing up in a family and about love and friendship. It is a great movie and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to see a great movie.I am sure you will enjoy it.

Roy Schultz photo
Roy Schultz

Kaja Rehberg's latest movie, "I Am Not Alone" is based on a true story. The film tells the story of the girl who survived the tsunami in 2011 and now lives in Sweden. She is the only survivor and is now in a care home. The film is well directed and it tells the story in a simple way. The film has a good message, and the ending is a little bit of a letdown. However, the film is a good watch for all to see. I recommend it.

Phillip Day photo
Phillip Day

A movie about the tragedy of the Belgian Jewry during the World War II. A classic of European cinema, but also one of the best movies about the Holocaust, if not the best. A French film, and a Belgian one, but of course, they are so different, you can't really compare them. But one thing is true, that the story of the Jews in Belgium, is more than just a tragedy, because it's also a story about how a nation can change, and how society, and the people, can react to a tragedy. The character, as well as the entire movie, is shown with all its flaws and beauty, and the result is a very good movie, that deserves more than one viewing. The movie also has the most important role, in showing the rise and fall of the Jewish community in Belgium. The fact that the film was made in Belgium, in the year 1942, tells us that the Jews were being persecuted in Belgium, but also that they were being mistreated by their own people. The movie is not anti-Semitic, but anti-fascist. The Nazis are a problem for all nations, but Belgium, as the only country that is not afraid of the Nazis, is the only one that is doing something about them. The film shows that the Belgians, and Belgians, can be the most courageous nation, and that is something that is very important in a story like this one. The film is very good, but it is also very sad, because it shows the gradual demise of the Jewish community, and the people who are trying to survive it, without any help. A movie that is a masterpiece of European cinema, but also a masterpiece of the Holocaust.

Walter Estrada photo
Walter Estrada

I saw this movie about 4 months ago, and I was really impressed. The movie is about a man who is running for president. I have to admit that the story is very good and it is very well acted. The characters are real and real. I like the way they relate to each other, how they are stuck in the same place and how they find something in their past to find a new way to move forward. This is an extremely well made movie, with a very interesting story. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics.

Larry photo

I have been to some pretty bad movies in my life, but this one is one of the best. The cinematography is extraordinary. I think the director and the actors have really put their hearts into this movie. To top it off the actors are also superb. I guess I can say that it is more than just a movie and a drama, but rather an experience. It is about love and life. The dialogue is great, the music and the photography and atmosphere is outstanding. I don't know why everyone is so critical of this movie. If you are looking for some real movies I can recommend, you shouldn't have any issues with this movie. I have rated this movie 8 out of 10 because the acting is amazing, the cinematography is excellent, and the dialogues are great. I could go on and on about how great the movie is, but I guess the writer of this movie should get a lot of credit.

Stephanie Stanley photo
Stephanie Stanley

This documentary is based on a book, from the same name. So it is not a documentary. It is, however, a tale of an interviewee (cameo) in a criminal case. I had the pleasure to know the man who co-produced the film, and I know he's a good man. I was curious to find out about him. So I read the book and it looked interesting. It's a fascinating story. It's hard to tell how much of the book is fact and how much is fiction. However, it is based on the book, so I have to agree that it was very interesting and informative. The narrative, however, is almost non-existent. There is no narration and no back-story. Some of the interviews are too brief. There is no narration. In fact, I got the impression that the narrator was someone I had never heard of. I saw him very briefly. I heard him again in a later interview, and he's someone I hadn't heard of. I know he's a very nice man, and I think he's a good man, and I hope that this film would help him. It is only told from the perspective of a non-citizen. I think they could have used more footage with interviews with an actual Canadian citizen. I don't understand how a non-citizen could be interviewed in such detail, but perhaps that's because I don't know Canadian people very well. As it is, I'm still really curious about the interviewees. If the book was a little shorter, I could have told more about them. I didn't like the narrator because he didn't say much in the interviews, but it's probably a good thing that the interviewees are not narrating. I wish they would have taken more footage with them. It might have made this film much more interesting. The film is good, but I think it's probably not a great documentary. That's not a bad thing. But if you are going to watch the documentary, I think you should watch the book. The book is much more interesting and interesting to hear the stories.

Crystal Ruiz photo
Crystal Ruiz

I am not from Finland, but this movie is most definitely one of the best I've seen since very long time. I am sure I am not the only one who was moved by the mood and details. It's also a sensitive movie about how things have changed for children, who are growing up and who are under pressure to fit into society's expectations. The ending of the movie was the biggest surprise, showing how an older kid can deal with the changes of a young adult, especially when they are in their teens. It's a film that shows how even a very small change can change a person.

Laura photo

I have watched several movies with this director and this one is on my list for the next time. It is a story about a teenage boy who has no friends, can only deal with his sister (the same) who is sleeping around. So he ends up in the arms of the girl he is sleeping with. The relationship between the two characters is great, which brings out the feeling of loneliness. The acting is also very good, so is the cinematography. And the colors are appropriate. The movie is almost as a play, so I think that the director did an excellent job with the script, giving it a sense of realness. The direction is very good as well, creating a realistic feeling. It is a very important film, I would not recommend this one to the wrong audience. In all cases, this film is an interesting experience, worth of it.

Amanda C. photo
Amanda C.

Tere was the best movie I have seen in a long time, I just saw it at a film festival in Germany and I don't want to spoil it for you guys. But I do want to tell you the story: When I saw the movie I felt at a point in my life when I had made a lot of mistakes, and I saw the movie as a place to finally say goodbye to my past and it has touched me with a really emotional touch. A part of me wanted to kill all the people in the movie but I realized that that is not the point of the movie. The point of the movie is about the past and how people make the mistakes they do in the past. If you think this movie is about a really slow and painful story that you have to watch for 1h 20mins I would say no, because it is not. The story and the tension is created very easily in the first 20mins of the movie but after that it really gets really intense and the story will keep you guessing until the end. You don't want to see the movie because of all the deaths you could just put in the movie, because that would be too much. But you have to see it because you have to feel something about the whole movie. If you feel that and you want to watch it again I would highly recommend you to do that, because you will feel that again after the second time. It is a very intense and very emotional movie and this is why I would definitely recommend it.

Jessica E. photo
Jessica E.

I think the feeling of another guy's life will be very easy to grasp if the same situation is of yours. And this movie does it perfectly. The movie is very very true about what many people feel. The movie is short and to the point. The director has done an amazing job. You will have the feeling of what it must be like when a person is in his or her past. The camera does a very very good job of keeping this feeling. The movie is not a typical love story. It is very different. There are also some scenes that seem to be meant for the director and I think that was a good choice. I am not usually a fan of either romance or drama movies. This movie is the exception to the rule. I hope the next time it will be another amazing film.

Henry L. photo
Henry L.

The ending of this movie is something I've never seen before. The movie was extremely sad and at the same time I was very glad that the story ended. I've seen the ending a couple of times before, but I never felt like it was good. The movie is very well made and well written. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie about two people in love. I've never seen a movie that is so good and sad at the same time. The acting is great, the direction is great, and the story is very good. The only thing I would say that is wrong with this movie is that it does have some parts that are just kind of slow and I would have liked to see a bit more of that. I would recommend this movie to everyone, and I'm sure it will be in your top ten list.

Lisa photo

Being a fan of melodrama, I was looking forward to this movie. I knew that it was based on a true story, so I was not going to be disappointed. I'm pleased to say that I was not disappointed. It is a beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and surprisingly compelling movie. I highly recommend this movie. I give it a 7. It's a strong 7. I rate this film a 7.

Eugene photo

It is a sad commentary that this film is so widely regarded as the pinnacle of Dutch cinema. This is an extremely subtle, very understated, very interesting film, but is a film that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Its themes are universal, and have been addressed by the likes of American Psycho, but it is a film that requires more than one viewing to fully appreciate, and I doubt that it will be repeated in any significant way. If you have seen the film, and want to see it again, I would advise you to do so. If you don't, then I would advise you to skip this film. It is not for everyone, and it is not for those who want to be challenged. I would recommend this film to those who have seen it, and want to see it again. 7/10

Lori photo

You might expect a film like this to be 'gritty', 'real', 'dark' or 'darkly comic' but you would be wrong. The film is good, but it doesn't rely on atmosphere to make it work. Instead, the film uses the setting of the train station as the center of its plot. The main character, Patrick (Federico Luppi) lives in the station as a mechanic and his son (Josuho Vigia) lives with him, making a life for themselves in the station, being unemployed and in poverty. When Patrick is fired from his job at the station, he has no choice but to leave, taking his son with him. Patrick starts to live in a train station, in an isolated place, in a room with the graffiti "Live the dream" written on the wall. He looks for work and eventually gets one, but it is not what he was expecting. He lives in a different world, in a different time. The film is very episodic and you can not get lost in it. The cinematography and the settings, in which the film is set, are very beautiful. The film is quite atmospheric and while it is a bit slow, it is not too slow. The film is not a dark film, it is a bit of a comedy and a bit of drama. The film is not perfect and some things are not explained, but overall, it is a good film. The film is not perfect, but it is good. This is a very good film, but it is not perfect. If you like films like 'Train Station', you might enjoy the film. If you like films like 'The Idiots', you might enjoy the film. I think this is a good film, but it is not perfect.

Justin A. photo
Justin A.

The movie is a typical French-language crime drama, and the main character is a kind of graphic sex-addict, who is also a transsexual. This story could have been interesting, but it isn't, and you don't feel as if you are in a movie. I think it could have been much better. The French have an idea of what a crime drama should be, but it is very hard to capture in the movie.

Nathan R. photo
Nathan R.

Dr. Fluegel: The Story of an American Chemical (1970) is an excellent movie with superb direction and script. The story revolves around the ordeal of a family forced to flee their home to the cities of Hannover, Dresden, and Bremen by a hurricane. The story is told from the point of view of the son, who refuses to accept the fate that his parents gave him. The movie is not preachy. It has a calmness and poignancy about it that makes you understand how much the Holocaust affected the German people. It is all about the human condition. The acting is superb as are the directing and cinematography. This movie is highly recommended to anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust and to people who are interested in the military side of history.

Jacob C. photo
Jacob C.

After a big success of the previous film, "4 Monkeys" director Ron Howard returns to the issue of aging and "4 Monkeys" is a kind of "art film" about the plight of old people. It is a story about an old man (Ralph Fiennes) who has to decide whether to live on in a nursing home or live in a care home. The film is basically about him. The other main character is a man (Oscar Isaac) who is a friend of Ralph's son (Adrien Brody). The film is not a comedy or a drama but it is a kind of drama about the life of old people. There is a very dramatic scene in the film that was the most memorable for me because of the way it was filmed. The story is a bit like "The Abyss" but it is not a very good movie. I would say that the film was okay but I would not recommend it to anybody. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "3: A Care A Voice" ("4: A Care A Voice")

Gary Cruz photo
Gary Cruz

You've seen him before in a lot of movies. However, here in Denmark, it was a big surprise. He played an important role here. I knew very little about him before the movie. I know that he played in the Danish drama "Street of Love" and in the "Gunner" TV series. Now, after I watched "Crust", I had a good understanding of his work. And it was a great job by all of the actors, including the director, that made this movie really feel like a part of Denmark. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Como Estamos Auscimento" ("One Month Later")

Eugene R. photo
Eugene R.

When I saw this film, I thought, "this is a very good film." It's very well shot, the photography is very well done, and the acting is very good. But there are a lot of things that aren't explained in the film, and that's really disappointing. I really wanted to know more about the characters, and about the situation in the film. In the end, the film is good, but I just didn't really like it.

Nathan photo

The story is pretty good. It's hard to tell what exactly is going on. There are some very powerful scenes in the film, but it's hard to tell what's going on. There are some cliches in the film, which is one of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. I guess if you are a lover of the genre, you may enjoy this film. But I didn't find it as good as I thought it would be. It's certainly worth a look.

Scott H. photo
Scott H.

this film had some of the best aspects of the book that I've read. (no spoilers, just good advice, so don't expect to see anything). It's extremely funny and very well made. The film's approach to how many other reviewers here have called this film "typical of movies from Hollywood", but I call it a success. They should be more honest. I've seen many Hollywood productions that I wouldn't consider "typical" in regard to storytelling, such as A Clockwork Orange, for example, but the production values were wonderful. Like I said, the story was the one part that was slightly lacking in this film. I would have liked to see more scenes from the book, but it did have a great, fun atmosphere. It was fantastic to see the first appearance of Stellan Skarsgard. I wish he had a bigger role in the film. He had a great cast, including some people I hadn't heard of before, but I wish they could have cast a different actor for the lead. Also, I wish this film had the original ending. You wouldn't want the ending to be changed. I was also really disappointed with the ending. It seems like they had to leave it ambiguous, but the main characters weren't even finished yet, so it's not like they had to come back at the end. The ending should have been better. I liked how the movie ended, but I would have like to have seen a better ending. Overall, it was a great movie. It was exciting to see such a detailed world of the game. I was pleased with the execution of the writing, as well as the action and production values.

Douglas Washington photo
Douglas Washington

I have watched this movie for the first time last night and was very surprised by the quality of the movie. The story is good, the acting was good and the story makes you feel like you're there, it is a pity that this movie is only available in French with English subtitles. I think that the director could have done better and I think the English translation would have been much better. I would recommend this movie to all those who like romantic movies. I will give this movie 7 out of 10. PS: It is very sad that this movie is only available in French.

Thomas Hudson photo
Thomas Hudson

I haven't seen the French version, so I can't compare it to this version. But I can say that the film is very good, I really liked it. The cinematography and the editing is great. The acting is really good, especially the child actor. It's a very good film and I recommend it to people who are not sure whether to see this film or not. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): Not Available

Kevin Wagner photo
Kevin Wagner

This is the first movie I saw that made me feel like I was at the beginning of a long journey. I have always wanted to travel to the North Pole and be a pilot. The movie takes you on this journey of not knowing where you are going, how far you are going or how much time you have left. The movie is shot in a very interesting way. The camera follows the characters on the journey. I don't know if the director wanted to show you the great beauty of the landscape or the humanity of the people. It is not only the camera that weaves a story around the characters but also the acting. I'm not a great actor, but the actors in this movie did an outstanding job. I think this movie is great and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes a good drama.

Jesse Munoz photo
Jesse Munoz

I had to see this movie in order to judge if it was worth the time and effort. I must say, it was worth it. In a world of spoiled, self-absorbed, idiotic teenagers, this film, with its intelligent and engaging writing, makes you want to become a writer yourself. The story is a bit too easy, but the performances are exceptional, and the scenery, the music, the cinematography, and the whole setting are all great. The cast is impeccable. The main character, a mute girl, is played by an amazing, young, and extremely talented actress. The other characters are excellent, too. There is a great cast of excellent actors. The main problem with this film is that it is not very well done. The script is not very good. There are a few plot holes, especially in the beginning, but otherwise, this is a very well-made movie. Definitely worth watching.

Denise Shaw photo
Denise Shaw

This is one of the most thoughtful films I have ever seen. The main character is a silent boy, who's father has died, and his mother (the mother of the dead father) is also dead. He spends his days with his aunt, and her mother, and they live with her in a house. The film is shot in a style that would normally be reserved for documentaries, or documentary-style films about women in their late 40's. The film is very visually rich, with a wonderful soundtrack. The actors all do a very good job, and I think that they could all be in other films if the script had allowed them to. It is very difficult to write a script for a film about the death of a man's mother, because there is so much going on in her life. I have to give it a 7 out of 10 because it was a bit difficult for me to get into.

Jennifer B. photo
Jennifer B.

I have seen this movie, and I have to say, it was a great movie. There were a few moments where I was quite shocked by the fact that I had to go through a few parts with my brother when I saw it. I loved the movie, and I recommend this movie to anybody, because it is an amazing movie. It tells about a relationship that really does affect your life, and it shows you how to truly be the best person you can be. I give it an 8/10. I would like to thank everybody involved in the making of the movie, because it definitely made my day. This movie really did a great job in showing the time in my life, and what my life was like. This movie made me feel like the only reason I had to get up in the morning was because of this movie.

Anna E. photo
Anna E.

It's a shame that a movie with so many possibilities and good intentions was so overshadowed by bad actors. The characters were not believable, and the music was horrendous. I feel bad for the actors who had to go through this, but I am sure the director and producer will say, "what can I do to make up for the lack of a good script?" I have been a fan of Joel and Ethan Coen since "Fargo", but I can't imagine what they would have done if they had directed this movie.

Wayne photo

This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is very well-made, and the directing is very professional. The acting is good, and the storyline is very compelling. I loved this movie. I have never watched a movie so many times in one day. I will see it again.

Stephanie Mitchell photo
Stephanie Mitchell

The script of "D'Ardennen" has been made up of a series of short films, in which the focus is on two young, tormented, perverted and utterly disturbed adolescents. The film consists of one story (about a "monster" in the forest), the other (about a teenage girl and her boyfriend), and a third (about a teacher). The actors who play these three stories are very good, but the main reason why this film is so good is the way the film was made. The director wanted to make this film as realistic as possible, so he cast actors who are extremely attractive and powerful, and he made the scenes as realistic as possible. As a result, the performances are so convincing, that it makes you feel that you are in the same situation as the actors. I personally thought that the best thing about this film was the direction, which was also good. It was very well done, and it made the film seem more realistic. In the end, I think that "D'Ardennen" is a good film that will help you to understand a lot about a difficult topic. It's a film that you have to see, and you will probably not forget it, because it is such a good movie. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "D'Ardennen" ("Monster")

Patricia M. photo
Patricia M.

I have been a fan of this movie for a long time, and I really enjoyed it. The acting was great, the story was interesting, and the direction was very well done. I will admit, however, that I have a soft spot for movies that are set in the 19th century. The only thing that kept me from giving this movie a higher rating is that I am not a fan of the musical score. I have not listened to it since I saw the movie, but I did listen to the soundtrack on the DVD. It was a bit of a letdown, because it was not what I expected. I will say that it was the best score I have heard in a while. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It is not going to be for everyone, but I have enjoyed it so much, that I would recommend it to anyone.

Larry E. photo
Larry E.

This is a movie that has been compared to "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas". I am not sure if this is a fair comparison. It's more like "The Sopranos" or "Goodfellas". It's also a movie that is very good at showing the struggles of two young men who are trying to make it in the world. I would have rated it higher, but I didn't want to give it a low rating. I would give it a 8, but I have to admit that I didn't get the whole message. It was a good movie, but I didn't get it. If you're looking for a good movie, check out "The Sopranos".

Adam photo

I really enjoyed this film. The story is very interesting and the performances are very good. I liked the way they put the story together, and I liked the way they put the characters together. It is a very nice film to watch, and I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

Kathy Burke photo
Kathy Burke

I was expecting a film that would be a little more artful than the average thriller. I was very wrong. The film was very realistic and very realistic. It was very well made and very well acted. The story is really interesting and interesting. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews about this film. The acting is great, the direction is great, the script is great. The plot is not very original but it is interesting and the acting is very good. I liked this film a lot. I think that the film is worth watching. I think that the film is very interesting and interesting.

Jack Holmes photo
Jack Holmes

I thought this film was a bit on the slow side. I thought the acting was average. I didn't feel the characters were developed very well. I was a bit disappointed in the ending. I was hoping for more of a story line, but it just ended. I thought the camera work was very good. The acting was good, but I thought the characters were not developed very well. I felt the story line was a little bit lacking. I think the director was trying to make the film more of a character study, but I thought it didn't go as deep as I would have liked. I thought the film was good, but I didn't feel it was as good as the other movies I have seen by the director. I think he could have done a better job. I think the film would have been better with a better story line. Overall, I think it was a good film, but I would not rate it as a 10/10.

Carl Kelly photo
Carl Kelly

This film is a real feast for the eyes. The camera angles are wonderful, the music is haunting and the actors are absolutely stunning. You have to see this film to believe it. A true work of art. And this is not a criticism, it is simply a compliment to the film makers. I have not seen any other film by Lars Von Trier. The way he makes you feel and experience the world around you is so unique and so masterfully done. The main character, his wife, and his friend are all perfect examples of this. The way they are portrayed in this film is absolutely brilliant. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a love for cinema, art, and fantastic performances. It is a must see!

Jerry Day photo
Jerry Day

I watched this movie the other day and thought it was great. The acting was great, the directing was great, and the music was great. I think this movie is great because it was a movie that was based on a true story. I'm not sure if it was a true story or not, but I think it was. I really liked how the director handled the movie. He showed a lot of emotion. I think it was a great movie. I recommend it to everyone. It's a great movie to watch. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

Bruce photo

A film with a great performance from the young actor, who is great with words and even more with his eyes. He is so good that it is hard to tell if he is an actor or a director. I really liked the way he portrays the young woman, a very intelligent person, and the way he depicts the man. The main character is the only one that seems to be having a real life. He is the one who is not having a life, he is the one who is lost in the streets. I really liked the way the director used the camera and the music. It was very well used, and I think it is one of the best films of the year. I hope that this film will be a success in the cinema.

Evelyn Taylor photo
Evelyn Taylor

A small town in the south of France is in the midst of a mysterious epidemic. A number of people are dying and a mysterious man named D'Ardennen is driving around the town in his car, killing people in the process. His behavior is uncharacteristic of his character, which leads to a tense atmosphere and a lack of clarity. The film is directed by Michel Hazanavicius and it stars Emmanuelle Seigner, Lina Leandersson and Nicolas Ghesquiere. The film is a slow and sometimes boring drama about a mysterious character who seems to be on the run and a detective trying to catch him. The film is also about a kind of post-modern morality and is in some ways a critique of society. It is worth a look.

Henry Hill photo
Henry Hill

Aesthetically pleasing. Both visually and narratively. A disturbing film. Great music by Jancis Robinson. Impressive visuals. Wonderful score by Rami Salahuddin. It's not perfect, of course. But what is? It's a deeply felt story of loss, alienation and survival. The characters are human. And so are the events. Some of the scenes are too strong, but that's because of the settings. So you feel that something is missing. No subplots, no background details. Just an all-out action packed story. And in the end, you cry. Emotionally, physically, and psychologically. You feel the torment, the loss and the trauma. The film does not feel like a documentary. It feels more like a drama. And the drama is delivered in a very subtle and subtle way. I was kind of disappointed by how little explanation there was for the film. I mean, the film seems like it was made for the fans, but it was surprisingly little. I guess the director is trying to deliver a message. And you can't do that with a simple action movie. I've read the fan comments and I cannot understand them. It's too quiet and all in one piece. But it's also too long. Maybe we have to accept that this is a tale for the fans. And they will relate to the story, but not to the story itself. And it will take some time for the story to catch up. And I think the real impact of the story is how it unfolds. It's not boring at all. It's very surprising, but with all the pain and sorrow in the film, I was not expecting that. I don't have a problem with not having a lot of answers. And sometimes it can be difficult to connect with the characters. They're not so relatable. Maybe that's what I would call the 'human touch'. Even though the characters are not the stars in the story, they are very good people. So you can relate to them. And there are a few that are very memorable. It's more about the pain. The director has done a fantastic job at making the story seem personal and that's what makes it so powerful. Great job. A wonderful experience. It was a little bit too slow for me, and the pace is a little on the slow side. The photography, the visuals, the music. These are all great.

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M.

This is a film which deserves to be seen. I think the story is very good. The director is not afraid to show the real feelings of the characters. The character of the main character is very interesting. This is a film which is worth watching.

Patrick photo

In 1972, a French actress (Carole Bouquet) and her writer husband (Marcelo Laugier) visit the Tuscany countryside. The two do not like what they see. When she leaves the house, she discovers a shocking secret about her husband. Soon, she is in bed with the same man. I saw this in a theater and it was terrific. A very well-done movie. The performances are all good and the story is very believable. Laugier is a real talent. He is the best actor of this era. Bouquet does not exactly work, but she looks good. What a character, Claire Beshon, she played. She is good and her portrayal of a mid-age woman, is very believable. The movie is not always perfect, but I thought the cast and the story worked well. This is definitely a movie that I would recommend. I give this an 8/10.

Carolyn Owens photo
Carolyn Owens

I saw this movie on the Sci-Fi channel. I thought it was very good. I was actually surprised that it was rated so low. I thought the acting was very good. I would have liked to have seen more of the supporting cast. The movie is very well acted. I really liked the story. I was surprised that it was rated so low. I thought the movie was very good. I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies that have a lot of drama and action.

Elizabeth Peters photo
Elizabeth Peters

The film was well acted and well made, but it was a bit slow in the middle. It would have been much better if it had been longer, but the film was a good drama, and I liked the ending.

Frances B. photo
Frances B.

I am a 20-year-old male and I thought that this movie was amazing! It was a good read and you learn a lot about relationships. Not to mention the music was good and it is nice to see Jean Michel. He was a great actor in this movie and he is definitely talented. But I am not saying that all movie lovers need to watch this movie because there are other movies that are great and I'm not a huge fan of Jet Li. But I think this movie was great.

Wayne Jones photo
Wayne Jones

I have just watched this film in a cinema in the Netherlands. It is a very dark film. There is a lot of nudity, sex and violence. I think it is one of the best films I have seen recently. It is very hard to find a good movie these days. This is not a porn film, but a very good film. The director has created a great story, and he has made a movie which is very interesting. The acting is good. The director has made a very good movie. This is a good film.

Shirley Patel photo
Shirley Patel

I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie, but I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. I have always been a fan of Canadian movies, and this one was one of the best I've seen in a long time. The acting was great, the cinematography was amazing, and the story was absolutely gripping. I also thought that the characters were very well developed, and the story was very well-paced. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I was very impressed with how well the movie was put together.

Douglas Knight photo
Douglas Knight

This is a very good film, with a great cast. The characters are very well developed, the script is very well written, and the direction is very good. The music is good, the camera work is very good, and the cinematography is very good. It's a very well-done film, and the acting is very good. It's not an Oscar-worthy film, but it's definitely worth watching. If you're looking for a film to watch, this is it. I would recommend it.

Rose photo

This film is very interesting and very moving. It is very difficult to see the face of the main character, but the whole movie is shown in his eyes. It is the story of a young man who gets married and lives with his parents. But when he is married to a girl he has never met, he has a hard time accepting her. He gets into a bad situation and his life becomes very difficult. The end of the film is very sad. The main character is very interesting. I was very moved by the story and the acting of the main character. I really liked the way the story was told.

Julia Johnston photo
Julia Johnston

It is a shame that this film was not seen by a wider audience. The film is about the life of a Jewish family in Nazi Germany. The film is based on the memoirs of one of the children, who is now a teenager. The story is told in the same way as in the film, by the grandmother and the mother. The film is very well made, and the actors do a good job. The director is a great film maker, and this is his first film. The film is a very important part of history, and the story of the Holocaust is important to all of us.

Robert Gonzalez photo
Robert Gonzalez

I watched this film with my sister and her boyfriend. My sister and her boyfriend liked the film, and I thought it was good. I thought it was a good movie because it was very well made. The acting was very good, especially the character played by Kim Joo-hyun. I also thought the ending was good because it was very emotional. I think that this is a good movie to watch with your family.

Linda R. photo
Linda R.

I have to admit that I didn't know anything about this film before I saw it. I just watched it because it was on TV, and I'm not a huge fan of foreign films, so I figured it would be a good film to watch. However, after watching it, I have to say that I was completely blown away by it. I didn't think that it would be as good as it was, but it was. It is a very well-done film, and it has a great story. I think that the film is about a family in a small town, and their relationship to each other. I think that it's a very important part of the film, because it's what really makes this film stand out. It's not a movie that you will get bored of. It's a very well-made film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film. It's a very interesting film, and I think that it will be a very good film for people to see.

Janice Hawkins photo
Janice Hawkins

I have seen this movie three times and I still have not seen it like the first time. I can't imagine what is going on in the mind of the director. I have to say that this is one of the best movies I have seen, I have never seen a movie with such a great script. I think this is one of the most original and beautiful movie I have ever seen. It is so good and that's why I think it is not that popular. But if you want to see a movie with a great script and a great story, I recommend this movie. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Michelle photo

As a first time director, I was very impressed by this film. It is beautifully shot, the actors are excellent, and the storyline is interesting. I can't really explain why this film is so great. It is not for the faint of heart. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story and who enjoys a good movie. This film is not for the faint of heart, but for the strong of heart, I can't think of a better film. I hope to see more from Daniel Espinosa.

Eric Robinson photo
Eric Robinson

This is the first film by the French director Jacques Audiard and it's a very good one. The film is about two men, one who is a writer and the other who is a photographer. They meet, they fall in love and they meet again. This is the story of two lovers. The first half is very well written and the second half is very well acted. The photography is very good, the acting is excellent. The story is very good, very good. I think that the film is very good, I think that it is a very good film, I think that it is very good.

Kathleen photo

I am not a great fan of movies like this, but I think it's a great movie. I've seen it twice, and I'll probably see it again. The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is great, and the story is really good. The movie is about the struggle between a single father and his daughter, who has to go to school. I think that's the best part of the movie. It's a story about a father and his daughter, who struggle with their relationship. This movie has a lot of heart. It has a lot of heart. It's a great movie. I recommend it to everyone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Justin Barnett photo
Justin Barnett

I've never seen this movie in my life. I was very surprised when I saw it. The movie is not a masterpiece. It's not even a good movie. It's just an ordinary story. But it is an interesting movie. The main character is a very good actor, and he plays a very important role. The plot is very simple and straightforward. The way the story is told is very slow, but it's not boring. It's just a normal story. The music is very good. The cinematography is very good. The film is not long. It's a very very good movie. It's just a movie. But it's very very good.

Stephen photo

This is one of the best films I've ever seen. The main character, a woman who has a heart condition, is very good at hiding her condition. Her friends are very supportive of her and she gets to experience a lot of new things. I can't even begin to describe the plot. I can't even explain how well it was done. It's one of those movies you can watch over and over and never get tired of. It's a great story about a woman who has to deal with her condition, her friends and her husband, but she's also a great artist and she is able to express herself through painting. The only thing I would say is that it's a bit slow in the beginning. It's a bit slow at the beginning, but the characters really come to life in the second half. I think this is one of the best films I've ever seen and it's also one of the most underrated films.