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UglyDolls is a movie starring Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and Janelle Monáe. An animated adventure in which the free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimately...

Other Titles
Uglydolls: Täydellisen epätäydelliset, Undipofik, Aguridoru, UglyDolls. Extraordinariamente feos, Pupazzi alla riscossa, Wuyi Animal Association, Yang shuai shuai qi bing, Ugly Dolls, Ružnjići, UglyDolls: Let's get Ugly, Pupazzi alla riscossa - UglyDolls, Paskudy. UglyDolls, UglyDolls: Le film, Neglītās lellītes, Uglydolls, Ugly Dolls: Extraordinariamente feos, UglyDolls - Perfekt uperfekt, UglyDolls: Extraordinary Ugly, Hội Thú Bông Ngộ Nghĩnh, UglyDolls: Extraordinariamente feos, Chou wa wa da mao xian, Chou wa wa, UglyDolls: Păpuşi în bucluc, UglyDolls: Helt operfekt, UglyDolls: Τα ασχημογλυκούλια
Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Musical, Family
Kelly Asbury
Vivian Wang, Guoqing Liu, David Horvath, Sun-min Kim, Larry Stuckey, Blaise Hemingway, Alison Peck, Erica Rivinoja, Robert Rodriguez
Janelle Monáe, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton
China, Thailand, Canada, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An animated adventure in which the free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimately discover who you truly are is what matters most.

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Michelle West photo
Michelle West

I loved this movie. It has an interesting plot, its amazing visuals, and I loved the characters, I mean, Emma is a B-Movie idol (I was looking for someone like her in a long time). I gave it 9/10 because I still didn't like all of the characters and didn't really know who the main villain was, but at least I knew who the main heroine was, which made it more exciting. I really hope there will be more movies like this in the future. I would watch this movie again.

Karen photo

I've got to say I was surprised to see this movie. It was very nice to see one animated movie that is not only for kids and not just for "family." The movie isn't about the story, it's about the characters and the characters are just as interesting as the story. The animation and soundtrack are just as good as the animation, and the soundtrack is one of the best animated movies I've seen in a long time. They did a really great job and I can't wait to see how they do with the next film! This is one of the best animated movies I've seen in a while, and I think it deserves more respect than it's getting.

Randy H. photo
Randy H.

This film is not just for children. I like the nature scenes, and it is very well animated. I also like the music and the characters. If you are looking for a fun-filled family film, this is definitely for you.

Kimberly photo

This movie is supposed to be for children under 10, but I found it much more suitable for the whole family, even kids younger than that. It is about a girl named Venus. She is the princess of a fantasy kingdom called Faerieland. She lives in a castle, the palace is decorated with flowers. There is a Fairy Godmother who is a huge fan of Venus and wishes she could be the princess of Faerieland. For some reason, she wants to be the princess of a magical world called Narnia. This is a story about a group of children who try to help her become the princess of Narnia. Along the way, they find various adventures, they battle monsters and fairies, they sing songs and even defeat the evil Prince Valtor. The film is very charming and the characters are really sweet. The story is well written and you get all of the elements you would expect from a Disney film. I also liked the music. I am a big fan of rock music and the songs were very appropriate. The sound was a little bit dark and weird, but that is the only thing I can say bad about the film. This is not a perfect film, but it is definitely a very good film. It is just a little too long, but still, the movie is wonderful. I can not wait to see it again and again. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Tyler B. photo
Tyler B.

I've seen this movie a couple of times now, and I really love it. I like how it's funny and not overly serious, which I think is an important part of a movie like this. It's funny because it's just plain stupid, but it's also true to life, because it's just a movie about getting old and getting old, and this movie is just a way to say to people that we're not like the next guy, and we're not the same as the next guy. It's a great movie. It's different, but it's kind of fun.

Kathryn Reed photo
Kathryn Reed

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the characters, the story, and the way the characters live. I have a lot of the books and all the songs are perfect for the movie. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly suggest you do. I can't say enough about this movie.

Edward Cole photo
Edward Cole

I am surprised by all the negative reviews here. This is an amazingly funny movie! I went in thinking it would be like the 'Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds' movie, but was amazed at how much more creative this film was. Yes, it's an animated movie, but it's an animated film that also has great art direction. I love how the animation is so good, especially how the characters are really colorful. The characters are the main reason I went in to see this movie. I'm not going to say anything about the characters, because they're great! I loved how they all had different personalities, and I loved how all of them could have been voiced by different actors. The voice actors for each character really fit their personalities, especially Alice. If I had to pick a favorite character, I would have to say that I think the character that everyone was talking about was 'Pinky' but I really liked how the character was voiced. I would also have to say that I really loved the voice acting for the characters, especially 'Candy' and 'Winky' and the animated voice for 'Wax'. The animation was also very beautiful and really unique. In this movie, the animation was extremely detailed and unique. The whole movie is really good. I think that anyone who liked the 'Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds' movie should definitely go and see this movie. It's good, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes animation movies!

Jennifer photo

This movie is very well done. It has some great backgrounds for the animated sequences. There is also a lot of well done animation that is worth checking out. I have watched this movie at least 100 times, and I still like it every time. I love the way that they "celebrate" bad luck. I thought that it was very well done, and this movie is one of my favorites. This movie is not for kids, but it is very good for the whole family.

Dennis photo

After discovering the Disney Pixar studio's plans to release a live-action movie based on their classic character of the same name, I was disappointed to learn that I would be the first person to view this movie. I was, however, very happy to learn that I would be the first person to enjoy this film. It's that much more of a pleasure to see a film that doesn't try to fit the mold of its "hero", a realistic depiction of the 20th Century. No, in this case it's a film that's so beautifully nostalgic. That's the case with all films based on classic characters, and this film is no exception. I can think of many films in the past couple of decades that have tried to take on "hero" roles that can never quite make it into the hearts and minds of its audience. In most cases it's because of a need to create a protagonist that is more real than a real-life version of the same character. Usually the actor who's trying to portray a fictional character in a film isn't believable enough, and the character has to be an entirely new character. While there have been many attempts at creating this, this film takes the opposite approach, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in a world filled with realistic characters. The film is based on the classic book of the same name by Disney creator Alan Silvestri, and as mentioned before, it is so wonderfully nostalgic. The film focuses on the life of Mr. Smaug, a 16-year-old boy who is sent to live with his father after his parents die in a fire. Before he knows it, Smaug has built his own world, and lives with a group of dwarves. Throughout the film, Smaug is seen as a man who has made his own kingdom, but isn't satisfied with his new home, and tries to find a way to make it more complete. He spends his time building steam engines, collecting gold, and assembling contraptions. When a strange creature named Bilbo Baggins comes to Smaug's castle, he immediately identifies him as the object of his desire. He becomes enthralled by the hobbit's adventures and visits his home. After Smaug's small encounter with Bilbo, he leaves his home to pursue Bilbo in the countryside. They eventually find their way into a dwarven mine, and spend the next four years being connected with the people who inhabit the place. This film is really a different look at classic characters, and it's a very joyful ride. Although the characters are simple, they're so much more than that. They're full of charm, humor, and charm. Characters such as Smaug, Bilbo, and Gandalf all make their characters unique, and their powers are completely believable. The characters in the film are all incredibly nostalgic. Bilbo is a wizard who's spent his entire life studying and practising magic. When he first meets Smaug, he says "he's such a normal hobbit" and Smaug looks on him as the normal hobbit. Bilbo in the film has spent his entire life working to get to know his friend Smaug, and is so eager to find out the answers he's seeking. Smaug is a character who has spent his entire life learning and perfecting his craft. He looks upon his home as a place where he has created the most perfect place he could have ever made. Smaug is such a unique character, and has such a sense of true belonging that he's able to relate to the young Bilbo. He is so proud of his home, his land, and his family, and while Bilbo may not be

Anthony P. photo
Anthony P.

If you have not seen the movie, please do not expect the same animation as the cartoon, because it is different, not the same. The story is not about the usual adventures of the girl, but more about her loneliness and the danger of the city. The most important point is that the audience will like it, because it is different, and good. The movie also has a lot of references to "The Great Mouse Detective". "The greatest detective" is a good quote for this movie. The movie is also set in a world with the most annoying music of the decade, and the animation is wonderful, because it is the first animated movie with the ability to change the scene in the same way. Finally, this is not the best animation ever, but it is certainly a great one. If you have not seen the movie, please do not expect the same animation as the cartoon, because it is different, not the same.

Madison photo

I loved the movie. It was funny, it was different, it was nice to watch a movie that had not been done before and was much better than the typical kids movie. It had an element of mystery, which is nice to see in a movie, and the animation was really good. The animation was in this movie was in the art style of Disney's "The Lion King", and I loved it. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and anyone who loves animation, should watch this movie.

Brian photo

Cute and humorous adventure of the famous acrobatic duo, "Sorceress and Spider-Girl". The two will be forever known for their acrobatic duets. Their acrobatic training and their powerful acrobatics are so impressive it is impossible to believe their skills aren't also shown in their dances. The acrobatic duo are delightful characters. This story is perfect for the younger generations because its very fun to watch and learn from. This movie is an excellent family film, and it is for all ages, especially kids.

Laura photo

The film takes place in a land called Ingersollvangen. They make cars out of the raw materials they get from the earth. They are strong enough to stand up to powerful monsters, but are weak to ordinary things. They have very weak moral systems, and all the main characters are very different. It's also a very fun film, and for anyone who likes movies with dark humour and animal humor, you'll enjoy this film. The voice acting is wonderful, and the animation is fantastic. The movie does a good job of showing what it is like to live in a world without violence and without tools, but it also shows how monsters can become strong and powerful by using their tools. The story is very fun, but the ending is a bit disappointing. It is very heartwarming and a great way to end the film.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

this movie has a very good plot,good characters,great animation,and a funny story.just what you want in a film.I recommend this film to everyone who wants a good time,and to those who want a laugh.and to people who don't mind a "dark" is a very dark film but its definitely a movie you will want to watch again and again.

Bryan photo

I really like this film. There is a lot of comedy in it, and that's what I liked. This movie isn't super special but it is a good movie to watch.

Joshua photo

I first watched this movie when it came out. I loved it then and love it now. I actually watched it three times. I'm so glad I watched it. I loved how the girls were animated and I loved how it was fun. It was a pretty good film. I'm a big fan of the original animated series. I was worried about it but it was really good. I think it's better than the original movie. I love it. The girls are so cute and the story is great. I just loved it! I hope they make a movie on this one. It would be awesome! I'm sure it will be good too. It would be cool!

Patrick E. photo
Patrick E.

A few years ago, I first saw this film in the theater and I loved it. I gave it a 10. I saw it again and I loved it again. I think that this film has been given the chance to stand on its own and it's about time. It's a wonderful movie, its such a fun and a beautiful thing. You don't have to be a Kid to enjoy it, it's appropriate for all ages. I think the way the characters are animated and the way the music fits into the scene really does help the story flow. I can see this movie lasting for a long time in the theatre.

Jennifer Silva photo
Jennifer Silva

It's surprising that this film has never been released on DVD as it is one of my favourites. I first saw this film when I was 12, but when it was finally released I was a bit confused as the cover promised a story on a character called 'Thief', but instead it was about 'Curse' and was not what I expected. In my defence, I only saw this film because my sister brought it back from the video shop when she found it. It is an awesome movie, but it does have a few shortcomings. The beginning of the film is very slow and the camera work is poor. The artwork is very bad, and sometimes I could not even understand what was being said. As well as that, the dubbing is done very poorly. There is a scene where Uma Thurman is dancing with a man and the guy is talking to her (when he is in a dance pose) and he is talking over her. It's the same type of problem as when some of the old lady is talking to a boy. I do like the animation and animation quality is great, but the sound effects are bad. Uma Thurman is a great actor, and I don't think this film will ever get released on DVD. It does seem as though the animation has been completely ignored by the industry, and it seems to have been used as a joke.

James W. photo
James W.

As usual, the movie had a good message and the animation was great. I liked how the characters changed as well as how they interacted with each other. I really enjoyed how the film was able to put a message of friendship and unity. The storyline was really touching. The movie is more about a group of friends growing up, but one of the main characters still has a strong presence to be there for his friends. I also liked how the movie showed how friendship can change even if they are at different age. The movie was really good. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Joseph photo

I really like the animation, it's very funny, though it is not really creative like Disney's like Toy Story. The story is good, you know how it is, but it's not as complicated as Toy Story. I really like this movie because it is a more mature animation, I think this is a good movie for children. If you want to see a more creative animation, like most Disney films, watch Pinnochio or a Disney classic, then you should watch this one.

Keith Ross photo
Keith Ross

The Oompa Loompas are back, this time on a whole new plane. As they did in the first movie, they've moved the cast into a new location and introduced a whole new storyline. While they're doing this, the animation has also grown and matured. The animation is still in a type of "Woo! Woo!" style, but it's more detailed and darker. This is good, as it helps draw you in and keep you interested. The voice actors also add some much needed substance to the film. In fact, it's easy to see the bond between all the actors and it's obvious that they're all very talented. The film is worth watching just to see the animation. The sound effects, character designs, and voice acting are all great. All the actors are quite different from one another, but the performers all come together to make a great movie. I haven't seen a movie quite like this in a long time. While the Oompa Loompas are still the same, they've moved into a new style, which has definitely paid off. It's still a wonderful movie, and worth watching. It's full of very wonderful moments, and it's not afraid to be silly or just for the sake of being silly. While the plot may be a little confusing at first, it's worth the watch. While I wouldn't say it's as good as the first, it's a great movie and definitely worth seeing.

Gloria B. photo
Gloria B.

I never watched this movie until yesterday. It was on HBO. I thought it looked really good. I liked the animation, the characters, the plot. I thought this was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. I thought it was really cool that the main characters were babies, and then they grew up. I really liked the fact that they really didn't need to eat. And the plot was really great. I don't think I laughed once. The only problem was that the voice acting wasn't great. I mean, this is a really good movie. I'm not going to say this movie is going to be a classic, but it is a really good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good movie.