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Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon is a movie starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and Oakes Fegley. The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who happens to be a dragon.

Other Titles
Pete ve Ejderhası, Il drago invisibile, Mój przyjaciel smok, Elliott, a sárkány, Elliot, der Drache, Pīts un pūķis, Peter et Elliott le dragon, Pito drakonas, ピートと秘密の友達, Pitov zmaj: čarobno prijateljstvo, Pete in njegov zmaj, Meu Amigo, O Dragão, Piito To Himitsu No Tomodachi, Peter en de Draak, Kha'veri ha'drakon Elliott, Peter y el dragón, Mi amigo el dragón, Pete si dragonul, A Lenda do Dragão, Ο Πιτ και ο δράκος του, 尋龍傳說, Mi amigo el Dragón, Pete và Nguoi Ban Rông, Pete ja lohikäärme Elliott, Peter og dragen, Peter och draken Elliott, Pete i zmaj, Pete és a sárkány, Minu sõber lohe
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Family, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
David Lowery
Toby Halbrooks, Seton I. Miller, Malcolm Marmorstein, S.S. Field, David Lowery
Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Oona Laurence, Oakes Fegley
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who happens to be a dragon.

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Aaron D. photo
Aaron D.

Disney have lost it. Their new style of animation has made the movies so bland and boring, with all the special effects and monsters all over the place. The whole concept of being "in the time machine" has been done to death and is starting to annoy. The other major flaw is that all the characters are way too childish, and they are constantly screaming at each other. This makes the movie look stupid and awkward. The only saving grace is that the story is good, and the animation is pretty. The story is about Pete, who has been working in a mine for the past 30 years, and is now being visited by a time traveller who wants to save the world from a giant monster. The movie is a bit of a mess, but it is not bad, it is just boring. I found myself bored more than anything else, and had to fast forward a lot, so that I didn't get bored of the stupid dialogue, and the characters that are just annoying and silly. 7/10

Zachary O. photo
Zachary O.

I've seen a lot of movies that are considered "chick flicks" but "Peter Pan" is one of them. I don't know how it is, but it just seems to be another thing that the studio made out of a Disney movie. But it's not really. I really enjoyed this movie. It's not just a film for kids, but for adults too. It's a very enjoyable movie. There is a lot of symbolism in this movie and it was really great. The story was really interesting, the acting was really good, and the whole thing was a really enjoyable movie. I'm really glad that Disney made this movie. It was a great movie. I definitely recommend this movie to all of you.

Paul photo

I am going to start by saying that I have not seen any Disney film in the last 10 years, and while this is not one of their best films, it is one of their better ones. I had expected a different movie, and I got it. It was just what I was hoping for. It had the right amount of action, and the right amount of emotion. I didn't see this coming. The animation was really good, and the characters looked great. The plot was good, and not predictable. It was interesting. It was funny. I enjoyed it. I think it is a good family film. It is definitely better than the first movie. I think they should have used this film as the base for a sequel.

Gloria E. photo
Gloria E.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a fan of Disney and of Peter Pan, which makes me more inclined to like this film. That said, I can't believe that some people are so negative about this movie. I mean, Disney and Peter Pan have been around for over 150 years, and this is a really fun and interesting movie, with great visuals and a well written script. It is based on a classic story, but in my opinion, it is still a bit too old for modern audiences. Some of the things that are "out of date" are the flying, the magic, the romance, the music, and the dragons. However, if you are not a Disney fan, or if you don't like modern Disney movies, then this film is definitely worth watching. It is certainly a good movie to watch with a young child, and it is also a great movie to watch with your friends. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Nicole H. photo
Nicole H.

This movie is one of my all time favorites. The only thing that really made me change my opinion about it was when I saw the trailer. I was like "oh this is gonna be great." I was really excited to see this film and now that I've seen it I can say that the trailer was spot on. I thought it was really funny and I think it was also pretty good in a good way. The film really does not get a lot of attention. It's basically a kids movie but that's not what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be all about the dragon and it wasn't. It was basically about the story of a boy named Pete who is afraid of the dragon. He is also a dragon slayer. The story is really funny and the kids who are watching the movie seem to really like it. I think that it is also a good movie for children and adults to see together. I think that kids will really enjoy it and adults will like it. The film has a great story and the story is really funny. I think it's a good movie. 7/10

Donald Reid photo
Donald Reid

I love these movies, even though I've seen them all before. It's always a challenge trying to see something new in a movie. I am a bit sad that Pete's Dragon didn't receive the attention it deserved, but it is a good movie that is worth watching. In a similar vein, I love Kung Fu Panda. It's a great movie that is worth watching. I know that there are a lot of haters for this movie, but I think that they are just being childish. The story of Pete's Dragon is a bit of a downer, but it is still a good movie that I really like.

Howard photo

I just saw this film yesterday and I had a lot of fun. It was good, clean and really exciting. My daughter and I laughed out loud. I can't wait to see it again and see where it goes from here. This is a must see for kids and adults. It is just plain fun. We loved it.

Andrew photo

If you're looking for a movie that you can watch again and again, this is a good choice. There are a lot of animated films that have had their best days and they are hard to find. For this movie, it was a good time. You can watch this movie over and over again, as long as you're not looking for anything else. It has a good plot, with many emotions, including the beautiful romance between the dragon and a human. It's also very funny, and some of the characters are very funny. This is not a perfect movie, and I can see why it's not on the top 250 list, but it is a very good movie. The music is also great, and it's definitely one of the best animated films I've seen. Recommended.

Dylan B. photo
Dylan B.

I'm not a big fan of animation movies. I've only seen a few and they weren't all that great. However, I thought Pete's Dragon was good. It was entertaining and at times funny. The story was interesting and had a good message. I liked the characters and their personalities and their roles in the story. I especially liked how the animals were portrayed. I think it was a good movie to watch with a group of kids or with friends. I think it was a good way to spend time.

Juan B. photo
Juan B.

I went to see this movie with some friends on a Tuesday night. We all loved it. The movie is just fun. You don't have to be a fan of the books to enjoy it. If you are looking for a fun movie, you will love it. I am sure everyone will enjoy this movie. We all enjoyed it. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Jesse P. photo
Jesse P.

This film was the best film I have seen since "Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". The CGI was superb, and the plot was interesting. This film is not the best, but I really liked it. I highly recommend this film to all ages.

Christine photo

I was totally captivated by this movie. It is very similar to the book, which is fine, because it does a good job of keeping the story on track, but it is a good movie to watch if you haven't read the book. And it does a good job of keeping the story on track. If you haven't read the book, I suggest you do. It is a good story, but it was made a bit better by the book. The movie has a great atmosphere, the CGI is awesome, and I really enjoyed the movie. I am glad I got to see it, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Phillip P. photo
Phillip P.

I wasn't a fan of this movie when I first saw it. I'm a huge movie fan, so I thought it was terrible. I found it was in need of a lot of revamping, and to my surprise, I liked it more than I expected. The writing is good, and the characters are quite believable. I'm a bit skeptical of the plot, though, and it's not so clear what the villains' motives are. What's the deal with the ring? What are the symbols on the king's necklace? The writing is also not so deep. The main character is trying to protect his dragon from the evils of the world, but the problem is that he has no idea what the symbol on the necklace is for. But the writing is good enough that it doesn't matter, and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. The cinematography is also good, and the special effects are amazing. The special effects are very detailed, but some of them are really cool. There are a few times when the dragon is actually flying and leaping. I don't know if it was CGI or something else, but it was cool. The music is also really good. The soundtrack is very relaxing, and it is very appropriate for the movie. The characters are also likable. The acting is good. I really like the writing, the characters are realistic, and the acting is good. The direction is good, and the special effects are very good. I thought this movie was really well-made, and I'm glad I saw it. It was very enjoyable, and it will definitely get my approval. If you like fantasy movies, I think you should see this movie. I give it an 8/10.

Austin Weber photo
Austin Weber

This is a very good film. It's funny and the animation is very good. There is some violence but it's never too graphic. I was expecting to see a lot of blood but it's not that bad. This is the first film I've seen from the family company in a long time that I really enjoyed. I would recommend this to all families. It has a good message for kids to grow up in a very nice way. The story is good and the acting is good too. I really enjoyed it. I give this film a 7 out of 10. I think it's a good movie for kids and adults.

Terry Fernandez photo
Terry Fernandez

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good family film. My kids, ages 5 and 6, loved it. My daughter, aged 3, was bored throughout and was not paying much attention. My husband, aged 57, loved it. He says it's the best family film he's ever seen. My oldest son, aged 7, and my youngest, aged 3, also enjoyed it. I was on the fence about it, so I rented it because my husband said I should see it. I was disappointed when it ended. I would not recommend this film to anyone, it is not for children. I would say give it a chance if you want to see a good family film. My youngest daughter said she liked the dragons but that she wanted more of the movie. My husband was more of a dragon fan than a family guy and did not like the movie. He said he would have preferred a few more dragons in the movie and they did not need to be so large.

Stephanie Allen photo
Stephanie Allen

In some ways, this is a good movie. The storyline is rather interesting, and the characters are interesting. The humor is fine and there is enough humor for adults and children. The monsters are fairly well done, though there is a bit of that in the film. The fight scenes are nice, although the CGI is quite rough at times. The action is nicely done, though the special effects in some of the fights are quite poor. Overall, I think it is a good movie. The characters are interesting and have some depth, the story is intriguing, and the humor is good. But the special effects are quite poor, and the fight scenes are quite good. I think the kids will like it, the adults will like it, and I think the kids will like it. It is one of the better kids movies out there, and I think it is better than the other films based on the adventures of the Tooth Fairy and Peter Pan.

Joseph Berry photo
Joseph Berry

This movie is about a dragon and a kid who go into the mountains and are taken by the dragon. The kid gets used to the dragon and the dragon takes him to a place called Dragon Mountain. The kid gets a dragon, an adventure, a new home, and a family. The dragon is a dragon. So the kid gets a dragon and a family. I am not a fan of the movie so I was not really excited about it. But I was really surprised. I really liked this movie. It was so much better than the first. The only thing I was disappointed with was that it was a little too long. But other than that it was great. I was really impressed by it and I am really looking forward to the second part.

Marilyn Welch photo
Marilyn Welch

As I stated in my other review, I did enjoy the movie more than I expected to. I don't think it was quite as good as The Secret of NIMH or the Little Mermaid, but it's still a good movie. The plot was very interesting, the characters were very lovable, the acting was very good, and it was very funny. I think that Peter Jackson did a good job directing the movie, and I think that he really had a good idea for the movie. It seemed like he put in a lot of care and detail into making it, but he did leave out some parts that would have made the movie better. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes animated movies. It's a very good movie, and it's worth the time.

Bruce S. photo
Bruce S.

I enjoyed Pete's Dragon. I don't know if it was the story, or the animation, or the children, or the entire family. I just enjoyed it. The whole movie was kind of stupid and not very important. I did not care much about any of the characters, so I guess it was okay. I really think that there is a Disneyfied version of this movie. If you are a Disney fan, you will like it. If you are a cartoon fan, you will enjoy it. I gave it a 7/10 because I enjoyed it. I just didn't like it very much.

Kyle Turner photo
Kyle Turner

This is an animated movie based on the book by Aimee Bender, with a good story and some great action scenes. The action scenes are great, some of them are a little bit unrealistic but other than that they are great. If you liked the story I believe that you will like this one. It is entertaining and has a good story. I think the 3D is not that great but I don't really care. It is a great movie. If you don't like animated movies then you might not like this one. It is definitely worth seeing and it is a good movie. 7/10

Christina Wright photo
Christina Wright

I don't understand the bad reviews here. It's an entertaining movie. It's not that it's realistic or anything like that, but I think the film's just a good story. And it's good for a kid's movie. There's action, and there's humor. And the movie is fun. It's also one of those movies that you'll enjoy even after the film is over. It's worth seeing.

Stephen photo

I have seen the trailer for this movie and it looks pretty cool, so I went to see it today. I was not disappointed. The special effects in this movie are great, and they are better than in a lot of Disney movies. The acting is great and the characters are not that bad. The plot is good, although the main characters are a bit childish, but that's probably what you would expect in a fantasy movie. The fantasy part of the movie is great. The dragon is a very good movie and the animation is really good. If you like fantasy movies, then this movie is not bad. It is not really a kids movie, but if you like fantasy movies, then this movie is not bad. It is not a bad movie at all.

Johnny C. photo
Johnny C.

I watched this movie with my parents and we all loved it. The movie is about a dragon named Pete who was brought up by a woman named Summer. The movie starts with Summer telling Pete that she wants to be with him and Pete says "No, I want to be with Summer". So Summer falls in love with Pete and they are married. The movie is about Pete and Summer and how they grow up together and grow up and get married. The movie is funny and has lots of jokes and great music. I like the fact that they don't use a lot of the old school slapstick. They make the slapstick funny, even if it's a little crass. The best part of the movie is the music. I really liked the music, especially the songs by John Williams. The movie has a great storyline and a great message. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It's a great family movie.

Dylan Dixon photo
Dylan Dixon

I think this is the best film I have seen so far this year. The story was good and the acting was excellent. I have never read the books but the story was fantastic. The animation was also very good and I really enjoyed the idea of having the characters travel across the world. The story was a bit predictable but this didn't make the film less enjoyable. I loved the fact that the characters were living in a fantasy world which was good. It was so much fun to watch the characters travel across the world. The film was also good because it was never boring and it had lots of action. The only thing I didn't like was that the characters all looked a bit alike. The fact that the main character was Chinese made it hard for me to understand him and the way he looked. However I didn't hate the film and I think it was better than the previous Lord of the Rings films. Overall this was a great film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy.

David T. photo
David T.

I thought this movie was going to be a disaster, but i think its going to be a great movie, even though it isn't based on the book. I think it will be a good movie for kids and adults. The movie is supposed to be about a dragon who is supposed to take over the world and become king. But he gets killed and they have to find a dragon to replace him. So the Dragon finds a human named Pete who was a thief. He helps him and he becomes Pete's sidekick. But they have to find a dragon to replace him. So they travel all over the world to find a dragon. The main problem is that the movie is boring. It has nothing to do with the book. And it isn't very good either. But there are a lot of good things. It has a funny and funny character named Pete and a very interesting and original story. And the dragon is so cute and pretty. And I really liked the end. It was a very good movie.

Kevin Jenkins photo
Kevin Jenkins

There was only one movie that really hit me and that was Pete's Dragon. The movie was so true to life and was so refreshing to see a movie that had a little bit of everything. The story of the movie was really nice to see. It was a story that would make anyone happy. There were very heart touching moments in the movie that everyone could relate to. The acting was really good. The actors were so believable and believable in their acting. They played their parts really well. The story was really touching and very moving. The story was really inspirational. The characters were really great and they played their parts really well. The story was really inspiring. The movie was really good and I would recommend it to anyone who has never seen a movie before.

Jessica photo

I have never been a huge fan of the Dragon and when I heard they were doing a remake, I was not so sure. However, when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was more than interested. I have to say, the film is much better than the original. The effects are better, the story is much better, and the voice acting is better. The cast is great. However, the first Dragon is great too. So, if you like Disney, you will love this movie. I give this movie a 10/10.

Cheryl Jensen photo
Cheryl Jensen

The premise of this movie is a bit hard to swallow, as it's a story about a dragon, which becomes a hero when he meets an amnesiac boy. He's adopted and raised by an uncle, who doesn't believe in the dragon's abilities. But when the dragon saves the boy's life and helps him to survive, he and the uncle must do battle. The effects are great, and the acting is excellent. The direction is excellent as well, and the music is excellent. If you're looking for a heartwarming movie, then this is not the movie for you. However, if you're looking for an epic movie, then this is the movie for you. I think this movie is a great example of what a great movie should be.

Walter M. photo
Walter M.

First of all, I loved the movie. I thought it was great, a lot of good things. I loved how they used the old story and took all the old bits and pieces of the original, and made it their own. It was interesting how they used the idea of the book to make it different from the book. They also did a good job of setting up the story and showing how the author knew the story and how he wrote it. It was fun watching this movie. I think this is one of the better animated movies I've seen. It was fun to watch, but I don't think I would say it was good. It wasn't as good as The Incredibles, but it was better than Toy Story 3 and Revenge of the Fallen. I think this movie could have done so much more. It would have been a really great movie, but it didn't make it. It was fun and you'll have a lot of fun watching it. I'm not saying I want more, but if they made it better, I'd be happy.

Russell Campbell photo
Russell Campbell

I really liked this movie. It was good for children and adults. It's a fun movie to watch. The only thing I did not like was the sound in some parts. I am not a big fan of some of the sound in some of the movies, but this one had some of the best sound in the entire film. The movie has good animation and you can tell that the actors did some extra work to make the movie a little bit better. It was fun to watch the movie. It was a good movie to watch. It is a good movie to watch.

Emma B. photo
Emma B.

I really enjoyed this movie. It's the first Disney movie I've ever seen that I actually really enjoyed. There are some parts that are funny and the girls do good with the acting. The direction is good and it's nice to see that Disney is still around when it comes to the animation. The characters are a little cliche, but there are parts where they are believable. I think that the parents should show their children how it's supposed to be. It's very entertaining and there is nothing that I didn't like. I liked the music too. I think that the music was good, and I liked that it was different. It's not something that we hear all the time. I think that it was nice to see that Disney is still around. They have good songs and the music was good. I also liked the ending and the whole story was well done. I think that it was a great movie and I hope that Disney will make more movies like this one.

Donna photo

As a young boy, I was a fan of the Disney princess movies, and have always had a love for Hans Christian Anderson's Hans, Hans, Hans. I recently got a chance to see the movie in a private screening at the new Odeon in Philadelphia, and although it is very different from the book, it still had enough of the elements that made it into my personal favourite fairy tale. The story is quite different from the book, but as a fairy tale, it worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has never seen one of the other Disney movies, or even the original Hans Christian Anderson movie. It is a nice family movie, with a great message of what fairy tales are all about. I would highly recommend that anyone who has never seen one of the other Disney movies, rent it. You won't be disappointed.

Frank photo

Like many other reviewers, I'm a fan of the books. I even own the movie. I've read the "Kingkiller Chronicles", "Rings of Fire", "The Eye of the World" and "Vampire Chronicles". I've even watched the "Cursed" movie. All of these books are great, and I love them. So I'm a little biased when it comes to the movies. But I've seen the "Hobbit" movie, and it was excellent. I actually think the movie is better than the book. It's definitely better than "Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", "Dragonslayer" and "The Chronicles of Narnia". My only complaint with the movie was that I wanted more action. I was hoping for more, and the movie didn't do it for me. I'm not a huge fan of Peter Jackson's style of film-making. His style is a little different than most, and I'm sure he's not going to win any Academy Awards for it. I'm sure he's a good director, but I think that some of the scenes were a little bit too long. I'm also not a huge fan of music. I think the music is fine, but I don't think it was very important to the movie. There wasn't really much of it. It was more like a background score, and you could tell it was there, but not really too much. The best thing about this movie, was the performances. The actors did great. I don't think they needed to be the best actors in the world, because I think it would have taken away from the movie. I also think that the real star of the movie was the dragons. The dragons were really great. I don't think they could have done a better job. I've read a couple of the books, and they were also really great. I hope they do a sequel, because I think the sequel is the best part of the movie. Overall, I really liked the movie. I also think it's a great movie, but I think that it's better than the book. I think that it's a little better than "Lord of the Rings", "Dragonslayer", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Eye of the World" and "Vampire Chronicles". 8/10

Joyce Ford photo
Joyce Ford

I enjoyed the movie so much. This movie was definitely a must see for all ages. The main character of Pete is a boy who is not like most boys. He is a good person and is just like his parents. The main character of Pete is the character who is most like him. He is smart and loves his dad very much. He also wants to be like his dad and play with him. I think that everyone should watch this movie. The only reason that this movie did not get a 10 out of 10 is because it did not have enough action scenes. The story is very good. It was a very good movie that everyone should watch.

Michael photo

The first trailer of this film came out and I had to watch it, since I am a big fan of Peter Jackson. I was really impressed with it. The story is one of the best in this year's movie industry, and the whole atmosphere of the forest is really inspiring. The music is great and the production is great. The way of telling the story is really good and it makes you feel really good. The characters are really good, you can feel the emotions and you can really feel what is happening to them. It was really good, and it has a lot of good ideas, like the whole dragon, the good boys, the kid who wants to be a hero and the good old man who has a problem with the dragon. The only problem is the story and the comedy is really bad in the end, but it's still really good. I also have to say that I think this movie is really great. It is a really good movie, and I would recommend it to everyone. It's a good movie, and it deserves the 4.5 rating.

Nicholas photo

I was surprised how much I liked this movie. I was so tired of the mindless, funny, trashy, and very predictable animated films that were flooding the box office in the 80s. This movie is refreshing and fun. I can't wait to buy it and watch it over and over. The story is interesting, the characters are great, and the effects are top notch. I have watched this movie more than once and will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. You will have to buy it on DVD. I can't wait to get this movie! It is the perfect film for the whole family to watch together. I highly recommend this movie. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Jose Hughes photo
Jose Hughes

What a wonderful movie! I can't stop watching it. I watched the movie twice in the theater and my friend rented it and we watched it together. I can't wait for the DVD. I have to say that the music is great. The story is great. The acting is great. I have to say that the actor who plays the child is the best ever! His acting is awesome. I've never seen an actor in the movie so amazing. The mother is awesome too. The other actors are great too. The story is really good. The story has a happy ending. And I really liked the special effects. They are very well done. I love the action and the music is really good. This movie is very, very good.

Michael P. photo
Michael P.

A faithful rendition of a Disney classic and a fun, lighthearted action movie. A great family film, and a must see for kids and adults. A very enjoyable movie to watch with the family. "Captain Jack Sparrow" is a pirate and adventure that has captured the hearts of millions of people. It is one of the best animated films of all time, and it's a true classic that every child will be able to enjoy. It's funny and a wonderful family film. The acting is good. The music is wonderful and the animation is amazing. It's a great movie for anyone to watch. It's very well done. 8/10

Kimberly photo

I saw the trailer for this film and was blown away. I have been waiting for this movie for over a year now and it is a breath of fresh air for the Disney animation franchise. A perfect story, perfect characters, and perfect animation make this film a must see. The story is great, the characters are great, and the animation is perfect. If you love animation and Disney, you'll love this film. I really can't wait for the DVD release. Disney, you have done it again.

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

Wanna watch a great fantasy movie with a good story and more action than the Disney Pixar's animated movie? This is the movie for you. I loved the story and the characters. It's a great family movie for all ages. I especially liked the kid's performance and the girl's acting. The animation is awesome, the story is great, the story is so believable and the characters are fun to watch. If you're looking for a great movie, look no further, this is it!

Teresa photo

The first film of the new millennium has become a favorite of children everywhere. It is full of colorful characters, fantastic creatures, and a plot that would have made the head of the American National Air Defense Command proud. I was looking forward to this film so much, I actually read the books, and was impressed. The movie had a very similar feel to the book, but the focus was on the relationship between the humans and the dragons. The film actually captured the tone of the book, with subtle humor and pathos that was handled very well. I loved the chemistry between the humans and the dragons, and was especially pleased to see the dragons in the movie as intelligent creatures. The acting was very good for the most part, but there were a few scenes that were very stiff. But the movie did a great job of keeping up with the story. I was very impressed with the casting of the kids, and it was nice to see a movie that really gave you a reason to care about the characters. There were some great comedic moments, and I had a great time watching this film. The most disappointing aspect of this movie was the soundtrack. The music was absolutely awful. The music in the movie was not the same as the music in the books, and it was even worse than the music in the first film. It was even worse than the music in the first film, and I found that this film took the easy way out. The soundtrack was not just bad, it was not even good. The only good thing I could say about this movie was that it was entertaining. The only reason I gave this film a rating of 8 is because of the cast, and the good acting. There are better movies out there, but this film is a good addition to the young child's library.

Patrick M. photo
Patrick M.

I have watched this movie many times and it is so true to the original movie. If you are a big fan of the original movie then go for this. I think that this is a great movie to watch when you want to have some fun.

Brian Larson photo
Brian Larson

I absolutely loved the movie. It was a great family movie with great story line. I think it was great how they did it with the boy in the movie and how the dragon flys. It was a great movie and I would recommend it for anyone that has not seen it yet.

Lori photo

My family and I went to the cinema to see this movie, as it was the only one in town, and the only one we could afford. I can't believe that my family didn't go to the cinema to see this film, because it was so funny. The movie has a lot of funny jokes, and the cast is so good that you don't really care what happens to them. But for me the best part of the movie was the music, because it made me laugh. I also thought that it was one of the best movies that I have ever seen. The thing I liked the most about this movie was the fact that it wasn't too serious, and you could laugh at almost any joke. I also like how the story was never predictable. The thing I didn't like was the fact that it had to be in 3D, and it was annoying because the other movies that were out at the same time weren't 3D. I also didn't like how it was a Disney movie, but this movie wasn't really meant for kids, it was for adults and teenagers. But I also liked that the story was so easy to understand, because it was so funny and the actors were so good. The only thing I didn't like was that it was too long, but that was a big problem for me because I like movies that are long and I also like movies that are really funny. The thing I liked the most about this movie is that I could watch it over and over again, and I think that it was one of the best movies that I have ever seen.

Paul M. photo
Paul M.

This movie is the greatest movie I have ever seen! I read a review of it saying it was about a dog, and I just want to say that that was the only thing that I could find wrong with it. This is the only movie I have ever seen that I have felt a great connection to the main character, and I can relate to him every time I watch it. There was no need for the dog to talk, or for his voice to be cut, because he had the power of a god! This movie was so awesome, I watched it over and over again! I loved it so much, I would recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!

Ruth K. photo
Ruth K.

When I first heard of the story, I wasn't sure what to think of it. I've always enjoyed Disney films, and it seemed like the story line had no direction. I've read some reviews of this film, and they seemed to be negative. But I decided to give it a chance, and I must say, it's a great movie. I've always enjoyed movies like this, and I thought this movie had an original and interesting story. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting it to be this good, but I was very surprised. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the villain was like some sort of a "stereotype". But I understand that this is Disney, and they like to make their villains like stereotypes. It made it a little bit confusing. I thought that the movie was great, and I really enjoyed the movie. The story was very exciting, and I thought that the characters were great. I especially liked the dragon. I can't wait to see this movie again, and I'm going to give it 10/10.

Marie R. photo
Marie R.

Peter Jackson has turned the life of the greatest character in Disney's history into a fairy tale. His casting of Jiminy Cricket and Cinderella as Prince and Princess is one of the most creative and impressive casting decisions ever made. When I saw it I was thinking that it was a Disney film. I have to admit that I have never been a fan of fairy tales. The story of Peter Pan and Cinderella is one of the most compelling, poignant and well thought out stories in human history. The movie tells the story of Cinderella's journey to find her prince, who turns out to be the true prince of the Kingdom of the Three Worlds. She falls in love with a Prince of the Kingdom, but it is only after she discovers the true identity of the Prince that she falls in love with him. She has to travel to the Kingdom of the Three Worlds to find him. I am not sure why this movie is not rated PG-13 but I do know that it is a movie for all ages. The special effects are fantastic and the animation is superb. The colors are bright, colorful and full of color. The music is very good and adds a nice touch to the movie. The characters are very likable and even though there are a few plot holes, it is still very entertaining. It is a great family movie. The children are entertained, the adults are entertained, and the adults are entertained. This movie has the power to change the world and change the lives of children and adults. I highly recommend this movie. The one thing I would like to say is that the movie was created by people who love the story. If you are a child or an adult who enjoys a good story, you should not be disappointed. This movie is a gem and I think all people of all ages should enjoy it. I can only hope that we see another great film about Cinderella's journey to find her prince. I can only hope that we see a great movie about the relationship between Prince and Cinderella.

Frances W. photo
Frances W.

I read a review by a reader who said that this film was bad and it made him laugh, I agree. It is not exactly a family film and it is not really a film about the oceans. However it is a film about friendship and how friendship can be a weapon against the enemies of the land. I was reminded of Braveheart when I was watching this film, and the atmosphere is amazing, I would recommend this to anyone. You will not regret seeing this film. It is a beautiful film with great acting and a great message about the dangers of friendship.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

This is a movie for all ages, but I will say that the youngest of us can relate to some of the children and the grandparents of the children in the movie. The ending is wonderful, I would love to see it again. I would give this movie an 8, because it is a movie that everyone can enjoy. I hope that all of you will go to see this movie, and maybe I can get a copy for my kids when they are older. This is a movie that you will not forget.

Willie T. photo
Willie T.

This is one of my favorite movies, along with Snow White and the Huntsman, The Lord of the Rings, Cinderella, and the whole Frozen group. I also like the fact that Disney has made a children's movie that is both entertaining and educational. If you are a parent, don't let your kids watch this movie. This movie will only spoil their childhood. This movie is the best Disney film I have ever seen. I think they have really outdone themselves.

Carl photo

I like to think I'm a little bit of a dork but I've watched this movie so many times and it's still a movie that I can't get enough of. This is a movie I could watch over and over. The acting is top notch and the special effects are pretty cool. The action is great and the story is pretty good. It has a good message and I would recommend this movie to anyone. I'm not sure if it's really a kid movie or if it's really a teen movie but I have to say it's a great movie for the whole family. If you have any kids under the age of 15 then I would say it's not a good idea to take them to this movie because you'll be upset if you leave them. I know I would have been.

Mark Crawford photo
Mark Crawford

I saw this movie about 3 years ago and it has a great story line and great actors. It is also a movie that is more suitable for children. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I think it would be good for children's book lovers. I have read many children's books and this one is a great story and I would love to read it again. This movie is for anyone who likes a good story and an enjoyable movie. I think it would be a great movie for people who like good entertainment.

Kevin P. photo
Kevin P.

This is a story that is about how people do the things they have to do to survive in the modern world. I love this movie for the reason that it shows how one can live the life they want to live, and in the process become more self-sufficient. It also shows how to live a life where one is not limited by money or anything else. The main character is Pete, a self-sufficient young man who finds his way in the world of women and the people who can help him. He can be seen as a parody of the modern world, because of his self-reliance, but also because of his ability to create magic and magical weapons. His parents die when he is very young, and he grows up to become an adult who doesn't need any help from anyone. He's one of those people who is completely self-sufficient, and this movie shows that he is more than just a hero. I can't think of any better word to describe this movie. It is a masterpiece.

Cynthia Pierce photo
Cynthia Pierce

This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. I thought it would be a typical children's movie, but it was very much different. I'm a big fan of Disney movies, and I loved this movie. It has a very good story, great animation, and it's filled with so many wonderful characters. The story is about Pete who's older brother died in the hospital, and Pete wants to become a dragon. This is a very magical story, and it is not a children's movie. It's a very good movie that I highly recommend to all. It's a wonderful story that I have never seen before, and I really hope I see it again. I would have loved to see it with my friends, so we could all see it together. My favorite part of the movie was when the dragon's baby brother showed up, and he told him about his brothers. I'm so glad that they made a movie like this. It's a very wonderful story, and I hope everyone sees it.

Hannah O. photo
Hannah O.

I watched this film after watching "The Emperor's New Groove" and "The Princess Bride", both of which are pretty awesome. This film is pretty much like the first one. Well, the story is different and somewhat better. It was nice to see how the main characters are in love, and how they love each other. The ending is also nice. The only thing that I didn't like about this film is that there is too much use of special effects. I'm not saying that the effects aren't good, but there is way to much of them. I would have loved to see how they were used, but overall it's a good film, but not as good as the first one. It's still a good movie to watch. 8/10.

Stephen photo

I saw this movie for the first time in the theater and it's a classic. I have seen it on many other movies I've been to and it's a must see. This movie is so funny and there are many wonderful scenes that I have seen in other movies. The story is so interesting, and there are so many great actors in this movie. This movie is a must see!

Douglas photo

I don't know about you guys, but I have always loved this movie. I was absolutely blown away by the original movie when I saw it when I was a child. I thought the movie was just great. The movie was well acted and well directed. It is definitely one of my all time favorite movies. I don't get why people bash the movie. It was a great movie. I loved it. I don't understand how people would think the movie is bad. It is a great movie. Pete's Dragon is a movie that I can watch over and over and over and over again. It is so awesome! I was so impressed by the film and I think the director did a great job. I think the movie is a must see for people of all ages. I give Pete's Dragon 8/10.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

I've always loved this movie. When i saw it, i didn't know anything about it. But i saw it and i loved it. There are very little characters in this movie and they are really interesting. And when you watch this movie, you will love it. My favorite scenes are when the dragon meets the real prince and he tells him about the dragon. And when the dragon sees the real prince, he looks at the dragon's neck. This scene is really touching. This is one of the most touching scenes of the movie. I'm sure that you will love it, and i really hope you do.

Eric R. photo
Eric R.

I went to see this movie with my mother, my brother, and my sister. My brother loved it. My sister loved it. My mother was so bored she only wanted to leave at the end. My brother was bored. My sister was bored. I would have walked out of the theater with a smile on my face, but we were in a really good mood. My mother is such a Disney fanatic that she didn't even notice the movie was boring. She was focused on a nearby voice-over and her daughter. I didn't notice the movie at all, but my sister did. She went back to her sister in the theatre. I went home and started to write this review, and my sister was thinking, "This is a Disney movie." I didn't want to be the one to do that. I just wanted to write this review so I can tell the world to stay away from the same exact movie I went to see. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good family movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves to laugh.

Mary G. photo
Mary G.

What could possibly go wrong? You can't do better than Puss in Boots! This movie has everything for the kids, as well as for the adults. There is a very fun scene where Puss and Pete jump off of a building and catch an arrow in their chests, which makes them completely invincible. This scene is perfect for a family movie. Plus, Puss is a very impressive creature. His ability to climb, jump, and fly makes him perfect for a hero. There are other funny moments, such as Puss learning to say "I love you", or a scene where Puss tries to escape a giant snake. The good: The kids love the movie. This movie is not a children's movie, so the kids will enjoy it. The kids love the humor and the action. The action is very entertaining. There are many funny scenes. The bad: There are no great acting scenes. The action is also very good, but some of the scenes are not very fun. The music is also very good, and is one of the best music scenes of the movie. The important things: The kids love Puss and Pete. They also love this movie. The adults love Puss and Pete. Puss and Pete is a great family movie. Recommended for kids 8 and up. 8/10

Sara photo

I really liked this film, it was very enjoyable and is one of the most charming animated films that I have ever seen. My only problem is that it was slightly too long, it was a bit overlong and the characters were not as well developed as they could have been. I just did not care about the characters as much as I did about the plot. I did not understand how they could have kept them in the cage for so long, and it was a bit too much. The graphics are pretty good, although not outstanding. I don't know if the computer generated characters are CGI or they have been used in the past. The animation is very beautiful, I also really liked the lighting. Overall, I think this is a good film, but I think it would have been better if it had been longer.

Diane Adams photo
Diane Adams

The film's plot, as with most Pixar films, is simple and straightforward. It is a great story about friendship and friendship's fight against the odds. It's also a great story about courage and friendship. As well as being a great story, this film also has some serious heart and story. It is a film about a boy, a young boy, who has a big heart, and when he meets a dragon, it's like a drug. A drug that will change his life, and his friends. The film is also very funny, but not in a bad way. The animation is really good, and the soundtrack is also really good. The voice acting is great, too. Not only do the actors deliver their voices, but they also bring life to their characters. Most of the characters are voiced by different people, and that is really great. The film also has some really funny lines, that are truly funny. One of the things that makes the film really great, is that the film is actually funny. It is really funny, and not like some cheesy Hollywood, but really funny. But the film also has some heart, too, and some really touching moments. This film is really great. If you like films like The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, or Finding Nemo, then you will love The Incredibles. It's a great film, and a really good film. 8/10

Ralph G. photo
Ralph G.

I really liked this movie. I was a little confused by some of the reviews but they do explain the movie. The main reason I liked it is because it was made for children. I think that there are many movies that are made for adults but they are not as good as this one. It was well done and the story was very entertaining. I don't think it would have been as good if it were a movie for adults but I think it is very good for children.

Keith photo

Pete's Dragon is a spectacular fantasy epic. The opening scenes are a little slow, but once the audience sees the family that Pete is heading for, everything gets faster. The pacing is a little slow at first, but as the film goes on, it gets faster and faster. This film is a visually stunning film that you will not want to miss. The special effects are phenomenal, and the action scenes are some of the best I've seen in a long time. It's also a very emotional film, which makes it even more special. The story is so amazing and the characters are very memorable. This is one of those films that you can watch over and over again, because it's so engaging and it's fun to watch. It's an amazing film, and I highly recommend it.

Thomas photo

I have seen this film about three times and each time I am blown away. It is an excellent story and the movie is full of great acting and the story itself is absolutely fantastic. The story, of course, is nothing new and even though it has been done before, this one is fresh and entertaining. And, even though the characters are a bit silly, the action sequences are breathtaking and amazing. The visual effects are incredible and the acting is excellent. The acting, even the minor characters, are superb. A lot of this film is based on stereotypes but it is done so well that you don't care and the movie does not have to fit into a stereotype, which is the case here. There is a scene in the movie where the main character's mother is about to throw a tantrum and her son is crying and the son's mom is so frustrated with him that she yells "you're a freak!" which is so funny. The way the mother throws the tantrum is so comical and perfect. I laughed out loud several times during this scene. The rest of the movie is amazing. The romance between the main character and his love interest is great and is so heartfelt and the main character and the love interest have great chemistry. The main character's relationship with the love interest is amazing. It's so perfect and shows that even though the main character's relationship with his mother is rocky, the main character is still loyal to his mother. It is such a beautiful story and I highly recommend this movie. It is a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it.

Lauren S. photo
Lauren S.

I saw this movie last night and was not disappointed. I went in with an open mind and did not expect much. What I got was a lot of heart and soul. All the actors did an amazing job and the story was just as good as the trailers made it look. I really enjoyed this movie and look forward to the sequel. If you liked the first you will love this movie.

Kyle F. photo
Kyle F.

I have not seen the original Disney film, but I really liked this film. It was a fantastic story about friendship and family. I really liked how the story was told and the characters were so well developed. I really liked the new characters in this film. They were very cool and they fit in with the new story line. I think this movie is really worth seeing. It was very touching and I think people will love it. I really enjoyed this film and I think you will too. I would give this movie a 9.5/10.

Anna Marshall photo
Anna Marshall

I loved this movie. It was funny, smart and well acted. It was a kids movie but it was also intelligent. The animation was beautiful. I liked the cast. Jeremy Piven was hilarious as Prince Charming. Giamatti and Stark are perfect for their roles. The love story between Stark and Cadence was sweet. The Lion King had a similar story, but this one was better. It also had a little bit of the twist that was in The Lion King. This is a children's movie and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a good family movie. It is a great movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone. If you have not seen it, see it now.