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The Lucky Man

The Lucky Man is a movie starring Jesse James, Burton Gilliam, and Mariana Paola Vicente. A young charismatic preacher and his hot Latina girlfriend travel Route 66 scamming the small churches along the way only to find that the...

Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Drama, Sci-Fi, Action
Norman Gregory McGuire
Norman Gregory McGuire
Burton Gilliam, Jesse James, Brad Hawkins, Mariana Paola Vicente
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Traveling Route 66, a charismatic preacher, Reverend Johnny Jones, and his seductively beautiful Latina girlfriend, Rebecca, find their lives spiraling out of control as they travel from small town to small town; running their scam on the churches they encounter along the mother road. He's able to convince people he has the power to heal their illnesses and solve their most dreadful life experiences. But what the couple think is their scam begs the question does he really have the power? It's a question that haunts him and only intensifies his inner demons. Scarred for life, his childhood abuse from his evil father won't soon go away. He finds temporary refuge at the bottom of each bottle of tequila and endless grams of cocaine that goes up his nose. His childhood demons will not subside, neither will his vices. In the end, his powers serve as a blessing and a curse. Hang on tight while we follow this perilous couple's journey into the abyss of miracles and tragedy.

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Gary Kelly photo
Gary Kelly

The old saying "When the odds are against you, do not quit." is something that can be applied to many different kinds of movies. That is the whole point of this movie, and it's something that every one should take into consideration. I will admit that I didn't understand everything that happened in the movie, and that is the way that movies should be. The movie is a great example of what movies should be. It tells a story that is very realistic, and it shows the good and the bad side of humanity. If you like movies that you can watch over and over again, and not get bored, then this movie is for you. This movie is the one that you can watch over and over again, and you will still have a good time. In the end, this movie is about the way we are. It tells us that we have to go through a lot of hardships and pain to make a living. That is the reason why people become heroes, and that is the reason why they become villains. It's all about luck and luck of the draw. It tells us that we need to make sure that we are in the right place at the right time. That is what this movie is about. In the end, it is a movie that is a must watch for everyone. I highly recommend it.

Carolyn D. photo
Carolyn D.

This movie is not just a sci-fi movie but a drama too. It has a story line that doesn't go in the direction you expect it to go. It is an example of how one man can do good in the world. I don't think I have ever seen a movie with a more realistic story. The acting was great. I don't think anyone could have done better than Dennis Quaid. I think he should have won an Oscar for his acting in this movie. He is truly a great actor. He could have won an Oscar for best supporting actor in this movie. This movie was very moving and inspirational. It had a good story line and was very entertaining. I thought it was a great movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi movies.

Peter photo

I am surprised that this film did not get much attention. This was a great film that was not over-exaggerated. I am a fan of the novel and especially this film. The setting and the action sequences are brilliant, and the acting is superb. I could not stop watching the movie after the first half hour. Even though I have not read the novel, I have read the book, and I still enjoyed it as much as the novel did. This is definitely a film to watch. My grade: A-

William M. photo
William M.

I never thought I would enjoy a film like this as much as I did. It's a different take on the idea of flying with a completely unknown and first time director at the helm. He wants to show us a world that looks very much like ours. A world that just can't be told without using machines and information. With the engine races and ocean life going on. We're surrounded by it all. The whole cinema seemed to be trying to hide the lack of information. And then at the end, we suddenly see the characters standing in front of the vast open sea. In the distance there's this huge ship that can be seen from a distance. And you know the rest. A world of info where nothing can be seen. And you can feel the strange absence of information in our world. I liked how they kept the opening up as an information dump to show us the discovery of the world. You get information about the city, the colours of the sea and the weird things about this world. And then we meet the lead characters who are trying to find the information. The mysterious characters could be seen as a guy who just likes to show up in movies. This is a character that's not too bad. He's like a normal guy, just trying to get out of his office, to get a drink of water and a sandwich. But he seems to have a certain charm that makes him a cool character. He's kind of our guide into this strange world. The world of information. It's strange, almost on the brink of madness, and yet also kinda touching. We can see this in the characters, in the little messages the main character sends to his father and in the face that he gets when he gets his first info. There's something about him that makes us feel something, just a touch of something new. And there's a lot of secrets in this film. One of the main characters has a sort of fever, so he doesn't really know what's going on. The one thing that really strikes me about this film is the cinematography. It's perfect. The lighting and the way they use the colours to be able to show us what's going on, but we're not aware of it. In a way, it kind of reminds me of a samurai film. The main characters are being chased by some animals, and when they start to feel the presence of the creatures, they're suddenly able to see the power of it all. The film is also filmed really well, like the landscapes, the trees, and the sun being shining on them, and how the day and night is growing and changing. It's really pleasing to watch. The only problem with the cinematography is the lack of dialogue. You can tell that the writer has some issues with what's going on, like it's almost like the main character was having a nightmare about something and can't tell what's going on. The film never explains why there are so many people in this place, and that it's actually the main character who's talking to the beasts. They could have been a bit clearer about it. But that doesn't really bother me too much. I can't really say much more about this film, because the ending is a bit of a let down. At the end, you know what's going to happen, and I could have seen more, but it just didn't seem to fit with what the film was going for. At the end, you're kind of happy that the main character is still alive and in the right place, but I also feel that the next film should have a lot more scenes of him running around or exploring. The way he was shot was pretty good, but I wish the director could have made the story and the character much clearer. This film is a visual treat and a visual experience of a whole new world that we haven't seen before.

Joan Bowman photo
Joan Bowman

I really enjoyed this movie, the characters were well developed and well made. The performances of all the actors were good. It was a nice change from the usual for a Stephen Spielberg movie. I enjoyed the movie and I was pleasantly surprised with how the director kept things moving along nicely. This was also the first movie with George Clooney as a main character. So much more is coming. The story was gripping and the characters really did seem real. It has an interesting way of developing the story and the acting was great! This movie was definitely worth my time and I would recommend it to anyone!

Steven O. photo
Steven O.

I don't know why the movie got such bad reviews. I have watched it a couple of times and it is still very good. I have watched it a lot of times and I still think it is very good. The movie is about a team of aliens who are looking for a rare alien life form and they are all trying to find it. They are in a very dangerous situation, because they are surrounded by the monsters of a race that is very difficult to kill. They are trying to find the alien life form and make sure it will not be destroyed. The movie is very tense and there is some really good action sequences. The story is really good and it is nice to see some alien characters from other movies. It is good that the aliens don't have any weapon and they are the only ones who can use a weapon, because if they use their own weapons it is just a game to them. There is a scene where the aliens are in a room with some aliens who are trying to kill them and they are fighting with each other. The scene is really good and it is a very good scene. The aliens are very dangerous and they don't know that they are dangerous. This is also a good thing. The movie is really good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good action movies and action movies in general.

Emma R. photo
Emma R.

Flawless script and score. I love the set design of this movie. The director of photography did an amazing job with this picture. The special effects and sets were all done really well. The cinematography was perfect and the soundtrack was amazing. All in all, this was a very good movie, a little long at times and it did get a little boring, but that's OK, because the movie was so great and so enjoyable to watch. This is definitely not a movie for kids, but I guarantee it will be a good family movie, if you're into sci-fi movies. This movie is a great movie for ages 13 and up. I recommend it to anyone that likes a sci-fi movie and doesn't mind a little boring parts. 9/10.

Peter Day photo
Peter Day

This is a great Sci-Fi film with some interesting twists and a good story that was well acted. Some of the characters were created well, as well as a rather original idea for a story. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants something that will make them think. I am a film maker and I feel that this film was well directed and the performances of the actors were excellent. I think that this film was a great success. To those who would rather see a film like Star Trek: Nemesis or Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, I suggest you read Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. It is not to be missed.

Raymond photo

When I first saw the trailer for "The Lucky Man" (it was a preview, as we were still waiting for it to be released) I was initially excited to see it, but I soon realized that the trailer gave me the wrong impression. It was just a guy in a white coat and a weird looking machine with metal claws. I was expecting the same thing as I was watching the trailer, and I was wrong. The film actually makes a lot more sense than it did before. It's full of twists and turns and makes you think a lot more than you would think. It's also a lot better than I was expecting. It's not as good as "Cabin Fever" or "The Devil's Rejects", but it's certainly better than "The Losers". I would recommend this movie to anyone. It's well-acted, the acting is better than I had expected and the story is amazing. There are so many elements that I loved about this movie. There are also so many things that I didn't like, but I still love it, so that's why I'm giving it a 9. My favorite thing about this movie is that it's not for everyone. It's very disturbing and doesn't make sense at all, but if you can look past that and enjoy it, you will probably enjoy it. It's definitely a film for people who like the genre. Overall, this movie was one of my favorites, and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes the genre. I would also like to add that there are some things I would change, like the ending, but overall it was amazing.

Danielle H. photo
Danielle H.

A first rate, evenly balanced story. Only for those who have not read the book, the movie would be very much incomplete, as the movie is more like a small chapter of the book. Most of the book is not shown in the movie, and the film also offers more plot details, and character development that might be missed. The movie is definitely worth seeing. You may want to read the book first, if you want a more complete experience. As a movie it is a bit odd, with its emphasis on action and SFX, and not so much on character and dialog. It would have been interesting to have more of a focus on the conflict of the characters, instead of the action. The ending is also a bit odd, and the characters are all heroes, who in the end choose their own side. It would have been nice to have more of a "big battle" between the humans and the aliens, with more character development, and less action. But it is still an interesting and entertaining movie. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Raymond Pierce photo
Raymond Pierce

Just watched this at the video store and was completely captivated by the story line. I'm looking forward to seeing it again! I feel that this film is a true inspirational work and will hopefully be a milestone in future work by Sergio Leone.

Alexander Hudson photo
Alexander Hudson

The first and biggest reason why I love this movie is that it is very much different to the Star Wars films. The characters are much less ruthless, and more human than those we saw in the original trilogy. I don't remember seeing the Emperor, and he is such a great character in this film, even though he's not the main villain in the film. I also have a lot of respect for the the producers of this film, who actually put some of the best acting talent in the world. I think people need to be reminded that everyone's acting is their own. At first I thought that all of the actors (except for VFX) looked a little old, but I have since realized that it was actually really bad. The characters are not always in the same spot on the screen, but they are usually at a great angle. It's so refreshing to see something like this. I was surprised that I had some issues with the "spoiler" alert. The fact that the villain had a voice was not a spoiler, and the fact that he was voiced by Lance Henriksen is not a spoiler either. I've seen several people say that they thought the story was horrible, and I must agree. However, I think this movie will do very well when it gets the notice of the general audience. It is very unique, and although it is not on par with the original trilogy, it is definitely superior to the first Star Wars movies. Also, I am getting sick of all of the rumors that say the Star Wars films are becoming homages to Star Wars. I don't think that they are, but I also don't think that they will be. I think the original films are what helped make the series what it is, and this film shows that the series was much better before the prequels and the prequels got some of the best acting talent around. I was glad that the scenes with Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, and Yoda were extended. They were a lot of fun to see. I was also glad that it wasn't just about the First Order. I really liked the scene where Darth Maul killed Anakin Skywalker's father, which was awesome. I was also happy that R2-D2 was not in the movie. I really loved his scene with Anakin. The music was great. It fit very well with the scene. The shooting, the visuals, and the music all added up to make this film very unique. It is hard to believe that it has been about two decades since the last Star Wars movie came out, and this one is one of the best I have seen. Everyone in the audience and me really enjoyed this film. I have had friends ask me to go see it, and I have had people come up to me and thank me for seeing it, so I guess it was a success. I am very happy to have been able to see this movie. I had a great time. I will definitely be going back to see it again.

Sharon F. photo
Sharon F.

What a wonderful movie. The music is fantastic. The acting is great. The storyline is very complex and the ending is very shocking. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the genre.

Heather photo

I thought this was a very well made film. Its a bit of a mash up of several things but I have never seen anything like it. It combines some of the things from Stephen King's works, it stars Travolta and Nicole Kidman as a young couple who have a child and are left behind to care for it while the other adults are away at work. Travolta is a magician and a very good actor, he really fits the role of a man who is being abandoned by his father and getting bullied by the other kids in his school. Kidman is a little bit older and has had children but you can see that she is a good actress and she does a great job. The film was shot in Ohio and New York but it was shot in Oklahoma. The acting was great and you really get attached to the characters. This is a movie I will be watching again. I will recommend it to anyone I know and I am already looking for more movies from the director.

Jeffrey F. photo
Jeffrey F.

This is an okay movie, nothing spectacular, but it's entertaining and the special effects are pretty good. It's also somewhat realistic (the effects used for the robots are pretty accurate, although the programming is not, the humans that are programmed aren't). The only really bad thing about this movie is the script. It was very weak and seemed to consist of little more than a few sentences thrown together. In my opinion, this is the weakest part of the movie. It's definitely not as bad as I think the plot would have been. So, the script is weak, but the special effects are very good, and the acting was pretty good. There is a lot of action and action scenes are interesting. I like how the movie ends, because it's a pretty sad ending, and it's also a good ending. I didn't like how the story went after the first battle, but it's not that bad. I didn't like how the movie didn't follow the Matrix very closely, but I understand why they did that. I gave this movie a 9/10.

Juan Mills photo
Juan Mills

If you like this movie and would like to see how it's done, see "Crash." While it's not as perfect as "Crash" (an Oscar was awarded to Spielberg for "Crash"), "Lucky" is a movie that's just as good. I believe that what makes this movie different from "Crash" is the lack of any premonitions or foreshadowing of the events. I can't wait to see it again. The movie also has a very original plot that seems to fit right in with the "Crash" setting. I was really surprised at how much I liked the movie. It seems to be a real movie, not just a "Con Air" style movie. The performances of the actors are very good, and although the movie is not for everyone, there are plenty of people that would enjoy it.

Craig photo

This film was like a family affair, a long cherished childhood memory was brought to life. I was also a little sick to see how many critics gave it bad reviews - the film was faithful to the source material, and that was just great. The fans were more than happy to have their childhood memories taken to the next level. I wish they would make films like this - a unique, impressive craftsmanship that gives these films a new meaning.

Sara photo

I have to say that this movie is not a real blockbuster, but I have seen a lot of them lately. The movie's plot, about a young man who is the son of an ancient and powerful geneticist, was pretty good. You actually feel that you are watching an old school-movie with some ancient plot and characters. I like the ending and how the young man reacts to his father's death. And it's really depressing for a young guy who loves his father very much. I didn't like the ending because I think it's too long. I think they could have shortened it. I don't know why but I don't like the ending. And the last scene between the boy and the old man. It was really good. I don't understand why the old man doesn't want to have a son. I don't understand the ending. I think I will try to find a better ending. I don't know, maybe I can't understand it. All in all, this movie is a good movie, and I recommend you to watch it. It's a good movie, and I really enjoyed watching it.

Helen Brown photo
Helen Brown

One of the best space movie. The cast of characters is really interesting and well developed. The movie itself is really captivating. The message of the movie is really a deep message, I think the message is too deep for the viewer. The message is really a lesson to all humanity. The movie is really really good. It's really really great. If you want to see a space movie, then you must see this movie. I really recommend it. Its really really good.

Kenneth Lewis photo
Kenneth Lewis

I am glad that I watched this movie, it was very good. The actors were good and the storyline was interesting. The plot was good and the action was great. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good movie. This movie is good for all ages. I give it a 10/10.

Gerald Grant photo
Gerald Grant

The Villain - Turned out to be too good to be true. While you are watching this movie, ask yourself: If a group of men wanted to destroy a world, what would they do? Would they go through the trouble of destroying a satellite, and thereby endangering the earth? And what about the resources? Would they just use their nuclear weapons to destroy a few cities, or to wipe out whole nations? If you think the answer to these questions is 'No', then you will be sadly disappointed. Just as in the film, the people of Earth are completely unaware of what is happening. I had trouble believing in this movie, I actually thought it was a comic book. The fact that it was made as a serious story with real people in it, I didn't know. But the plot twist at the end was just brilliant. The ending was not what I expected, but that's what I was hoping for. I have seen several movies, and I always look forward to the end of the movie. I am always happy when I am able to predict what will happen. This was a good movie, but I wish there was a little more of the story. The climax was fantastic, and I was surprised how the movie ended. It was like an animated movie, but it was done very well. I loved the movie, but I could have been a little more satisfied. The acting was brilliant, the story was great, but the ending was a little disappointing.

Dylan J. photo
Dylan J.

I'm a big fan of modern films. "The Man With The Iron Fists" is one of the best films ever made. It's very low budget but the actors, the action, the special effects and the story are top notch. I really enjoyed this film. In the old days, Hollywood used to make films for an audience of 8 year old children. Nowadays, films are made for adults, who are aware of the real world and don't want to see some animals fighting. That's what we have with this film, but the action is more realistic than it was when the film was made in the 1950s. I think the filmmakers of the old days would have liked it a lot more. There were more fighter planes than in the old days. The fact that this film was made in the 1960s and that most of the actors were teenagers just adds to the realism of the film. I hope that more of these films are made and that they become a cult film. If it does, it will make some people think that this is what people really want to see in movies, and that it's a very good thing. It's a very good film that could make a lot of money. I really think that it is a classic film. This film is very low budget but it's very good. The actors, the action, the story, and the special effects are all top notch.

David photo

Oh I love this movie. It is well worth watching. For this, I have only one criticism. I felt that the "Good Guys" were well-written, and at times the characters were funny. The only problem I have is that the other humans were poorly written. I can think of nothing else to complain about. And finally, I have a question. Why is this movie called "The Lucky Man"?

Jordan photo

And what a movie! I have never seen a movie that can really suck you in like this! This movie really doesn't need a narrator to tell you the story and it doesn't need to explain things or anything. Its just you and the characters and it seems like the movie is about them and not you and the characters. This movie is really like a little thriller. It's also a really funny movie, with some really funny scenes. The main character of the movie is such a badass, and it was really nice to see that. Even if you don't like the characters, you'll like the movie for the story. The plot is really good and the actors and actresses do a really good job. This movie definitely has some really good moments and it's just a really great movie! I really recommend this movie!

David Rose photo
David Rose

The movie version of The Lucky Man is an amazing movie. I read the story and saw the trailers for the movie before I saw it. I actually didn't want to see the movie, because the trailers made it look really weird. But I decided to go see it and I am glad that I did. It was awesome. I thought the story was really good and the story is timeless. This is a movie that I will watch over and over again. I definitely recommend The Lucky Man. The movie is very well put together and it was definitely worth my time and money. The story was so epic and unique. I loved it. Overall, The Lucky Man is a great movie.

Andrew P. photo
Andrew P.

I do not understand the bad reviews! This is a very good film. The acting is very good, the story is very good, the direction and editing are very good and the script is very good. This movie is a must see! There is no better way to see a movie!

Mildred S. photo
Mildred S.

I have read a few reviews for this movie and they all say the same thing - how the film is really a rip off of Matrix and stuff like that. I have to disagree. The story line is basically the same, but it has some good twists and turns. The plot itself isn't that complex, but it was kept very simple and to the point. There were no crazy things going on that made the film seem like a Sci-fi epic. I found that I enjoyed the movie more when I wasn't thinking about the big things that happened in the film. I enjoyed the movie as a comedy and action film and I didn't have a problem with it. As a Sci-fi epic film, it was well done. I would say that I think Matrix was a better film than this, but I would also say that this is a great movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Dylan photo

I must say, for a guy who mostly follows the stars and has never even heard of the title 'Lucky Man', I was very surprised that I didn't know about this movie. I got a friend to rent the movie and we sat down and watched it. I was not expecting much, but I was definitely impressed. I loved the plot and the character development. I just couldn't believe how well this movie was put together. It was very engaging, not overly dramatic, and definitely not predictable. This was a very, very well made movie. And the director did an excellent job with this. I highly recommend this movie. I feel like there are many people out there who might not know about this movie because it's not mainstream, but if you do, I highly recommend that you check this out. It is definitely worth your time.

Doris W. photo
Doris W.

I was waiting for quite a while to watch this movie. I've seen the trailer several times. I'm a fan of Sci-Fi movies and this is going to be a real treat for me. This is what I believe to be a perfect sci-fi movie. It has a good story and the special effects are really good. Even if this movie is not a blockbuster, it'll make you wish that there were more movies like this one. I give it an A+.

Julie T. photo
Julie T.

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this film. I am from the UK but have watched it several times. I think it is a brilliant film. The acting is superb, the effects and music are both excellent. There are many other reasons to watch this film. It is a very moving film. There is no storyline to speak of. It is a story about what happens when the man and his partner decide to get married. I think this film does a good job of showing the difficulties a man and his partner go through when they decide to get married. It is a very emotional film and the acting is superb. It is the story of a man and his partner's relationship and how the decisions they make affect their relationship. I strongly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.

Kenneth photo

I actually saw this movie several times as a kid and as a man who has studied astronomy and radio astronomy. It is also a film that captures the essence of what radio astronomy is really all about. This is a movie that everyone should watch. The movie is based on the book of the same name by James Gleick. Gleick did a fine job with the film, which shows what a true visionary he is. The film also shows what the science is really all about. Anyone can watch this movie and enjoy it. Anyone that wants to learn about radio astronomy is also going to enjoy this film.

Samantha Alexander photo
Samantha Alexander

I love this movie! I watch it every time I need a good jump off to and with my friends. I have seen it over 40 times! I love the big rock with the axe! But I must say i have noticed a few bad actors in this movie, but that's just me. The story is good and the director did a great job of keeping a realistic storyline that does not make you think too much. The last few minutes of this movie is definitely the most enjoyable and I hope they make more. The acting was great and the atmosphere that was created was very enjoyable. If you do not watch this movie, then you have not seen a real military operation in your life.

Kevin photo

I was not at all surprised when I watched this film as it has been re-released on DVD. This is another great Sci-Fi/Action film and is perhaps one of the best films in the genre. I love the first movie and the one that came before. I did enjoy the second movie. I just did not enjoy the third. I do not understand why the film is not better known. I would recommend that you see it, but I do not think that it is a film that you will forget quickly. I think that this film is a classic in the genre and I do not think that it should be edited and re-released, because it deserves better recognition. I also think that there should be a more mainstream film that is popular that is not just a big budget film. I think that there should be a film like this that is popular and worth watching.

Linda Carr photo
Linda Carr

In the late 20th century, while the Soviet Union was quarantining the last of its prisoners, in an attempt to cure them of their ill-effects of radiation, a young Russian psychologist escapes from the Soviet Union and travels to America to spend the summer at a trailer park. There, he meets a wealthy young couple, Ivan and Diana, who are in need of a psychologist, but Ivan's uncle dies from the radiation. Diana then hires the mysterious doctor to be a part of the family's vacation. The only way the doctor can leave the country without being detained by the Soviets is to find a way to destroy the reactor of the nuclear reactor located near the trailer park. But as Ivan does his best to keep the reactor from being destroyed, he meets a strong and formidable psychologist, played by the always-stunning Gwyneth Paltrow. So will the doctor succeed in keeping the reactor from being destroyed, or will he be able to help his uncle, and his family, in a way that he can never hope to achieve in his life?

Christine photo

I've been a fan of Robert Urich for a long time. I saw his "The Strange Demon" in 1989, and even though it was over a decade ago, I still remember it very well. The performance from Urich was spectacular. I've seen many of his movies, including the "The Lucky Man", and they are all just amazing, but "The Lucky Man" was his best, as it contains some of his best performances. It's just so good. I liked the way the film starts, with the characters, the story, the music and of course the acting. The story is simple, but the way it's told is very enjoyable. The movie is very visually pleasing. The story is very interesting, with lots of twists, but it's still a very good story. I think that Robert Urich is probably the best actor for a good reason, and he's doing an outstanding job. The other actors in the movie were excellent too. The only problem I had with the movie was the ending, which I think was kind of a poor ending. The ending had lots of twists and was kind of a mess, but I think it's still very good. The final twist was unexpected, but it's still very good. Overall, the movie is a great sci-fi movie. I recommend it to anyone. The music is very good, and it has a great visual. I give it a 9/10.

Sandra Nguyen photo
Sandra Nguyen

This film was perfect. It was a different and refreshing experience. I am not a fan of martial arts films but I really enjoyed this one. The fight scenes were awesome and very well done. It reminded me of certain old films and films of the 70's that I thought were great. It was a nice change from the constant action and stuff. It was more focused on the characters and the plot. I really liked the characters and how they were developed. I also really liked the main actor's acting. I thought his performance was superb. I don't know how it was possible to make such a great film with such a low budget but I was very impressed. This is not a film for everyone but it is a great film to watch if you are in the mood for a light-hearted film.

Pamela photo

The best line ever was "What's it gonna take to get this hero to where I want him?" It is just about the most underrated movie ever made. And what movie could be more underrated then this one. What is this movie about? It's about a man who is incapable of going out in a life or death situation because he's too scared to get involved in his life because he knows it will go horribly wrong. He's a "G.O.D." type of guy. He's never even considered using his gun in a life or death situation. But then he is in a situation where he needs to make a deal. He needs to try to find his daughter who has gone missing. All because she's gone missing. It is just a great movie. It's so well written and well directed that I was not even able to make out a single single line of dialog that was not in the movie. And it's so well acted. It's a drama and a comedy and it's just great. There's so much emotion going on in the movie and you're never really sure what's going to happen next because of the way the movie is going to end. But the ending is so epic that it will blow your mind. It's so sad but also so amazing that it will leave you so breathless and teary eyed. And it's also so exciting, you're going to get so wrapped up in the whole story. So if you're not able to see this movie you're missing out on a real "G.O.D." movie and a real "A." movie. This is what a drama is all about. This is what a movie is all about.

Maria J. photo
Maria J.

This is one of my favorite films. It's full of action, good acting, and a great story. The cast is perfect, the plot is great, and the directing is excellent. The film has a great tone and does a good job of keeping the audience entertained. The actors are all great, and the story is excellent. It is one of my favorite films of all time. If you haven't seen it, see it.

Larry Evans photo
Larry Evans

I saw the first DVD release of this film a couple of years ago and, despite it being a mess at the time, I was hooked. I've been meaning to watch the original release again for a while now. I can see that the filmmakers are not satisfied with what they've achieved, but they still manage to maintain the charm of the original. The film is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, featuring some of the best CGI I've seen in a while, and the story is compelling and engaging, with some great performances from the cast, including the lead, John Cusack. The action scenes are well-shot, and the movie is fun to watch. I'm giving it a ten for the fact that I still enjoy watching this film. I know I'm not alone in this opinion. "I'm tired of hearing about the action. It's time for us to talk about the story."

Brandon Patterson photo
Brandon Patterson

I first saw this movie in the early 1990s on a tape in a theater with my then boyfriend. It was quite a visual feast! I was a teen then and didn't have a clue that this was a science fiction movie. I thought it was really cool. I thought the story was great. It was very scary and I think that the actors really did a great job. I really liked the special effects. I was impressed by the plot and the ending. The special effects were great. I have never seen a movie that has this much special effects. I have never seen any movie that had that much special effects in it. I think that this movie was very underrated. I think that it should have gotten a better rating because it is a great movie. It is one of my favorite movies. The movie is very creepy and has a good story. I think that this is one of the best sci-fi movies that I have ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies. This movie is very scary and the special effects are very good. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Steven photo

This movie is perfect in every way. It is a science fiction movie with an adventure/adventure story. It also has a unique story and a very interesting theme. It is a movie that anyone would enjoy and everyone can relate to. The story follows the group of teenagers as they travel through the universe and encounter strange beings that are out to destroy humanity. It is a movie that anyone can enjoy and not only for science fiction fans. The special effects in this movie are excellent. I do not understand why this movie is not getting better reviews. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Raymond V. photo
Raymond V.

I first saw this movie when it was released and I was amazed. I couldn't get it out of my head for the next 10 years. I have since watched it a few times and I have never looked at a movie the same way again. It is a beautiful movie that is amazing. The story is wonderful and the cast is incredible. It is not just a sci-fi movie, it is a perfect family movie. I cannot wait for the DVD release of this movie!

Harry Woods photo
Harry Woods

I was very impressed by this movie and wish I had the choice to see it in theaters. It was so well shot, well acted and in a short time frame - it is really a great movie. From the first scene to the last it was a smooth running adventure. There was no way that I would have enjoyed it any better had I paid for it. The whole movie is really fun. A wonderful mix of action, comedy, romance and a perfect mixture of Sci-Fi and Drama. The last 10 minutes are a bit abrupt but don't really matter as the movie was totally worth it! A 5 out of 10!

Larry photo

This is one of those films that has it all: science fiction, action, drama, tragedy. This is a story of two brothers, one in the future and the other in the past, who have to work together to survive. The first film was based on a comic book, so a lot of the story would have been irrelevant. The second film is a direct sequel to the first, so you had to go back and see the comic book to get the plot. But I found the second film very entertaining, both in the plot and the action scenes. The actors are very good, the scenery is beautiful and the special effects are pretty good. I recommend this film to anyone who likes science fiction, especially science fiction with a darker side. If you liked the first film, you will enjoy this one. Grade A

Cynthia Martin photo
Cynthia Martin

A movie for you too who wants to know what's the matter with the world after all. You will find out what I did not. For the people who have seen this movie and it was not a big success, I wonder why it has not reached the public. I think it will happen, but I think people will not get what the movie is about. You will be impressed by the action and the atmosphere. A wonderful movie, with some humorous moments, and good humor, because I understand the jokes. If you don't understand the jokes, you might think it's like old Star Trek. It will be the most interesting movie to watch.

Beverly P. photo
Beverly P.

Yes, I'll admit this was a weak sequel but it had a better story than the original. Although the first film was fantastic, this one was really better. The story was more coherent and I really liked the twist towards the end which added something to the film. The effects and the overall look of the film was excellent. I liked how the film had its own tone with a different kind of ending from the original. It really brought a new feel to the story and the film also maintained its own identity. The original film was directed by Jon Turteltaub and he did a great job with his first film. He did a great job with the characterizations in the first film and he was really effective with the film. However, I think the characterizations were a bit forced in the sequel. It didn't feel like he was working well with the director in terms of the characterizations. I think Jon Turteltaub will do a great job with his second film. I am looking forward to his new project and I hope that he keeps a good sense of originality and originality will help him with his next film.

Zachary photo

This film was recommended to me by a friend and I was delighted to see it. The production values were excellent, the characters realistic and the atmosphere at times quite eerie. I won't go into too much detail, but this film was a short and sweet winner.

Marie photo

Spoilers ahead! Of course, we all knew the plot when we went into the theater, but it's still good. And it's not over done at all. The audience is the most important character in a film and they take it to the bank, and why not? They're the heroes! The film is dark and exciting and always a treat to watch. You don't have to be afraid of big names, but there's no point if you don't like them. Martin Sheen is always a pleasure to watch, and he's a joy to watch all through the film. Catherine Zeta Jones is in her element and only shines as an actress in a film like this. And I really, really liked Rosie Perez. She's a human and the only one who takes matters into her own hands. The ending was a little dorky, but not completely stupid, and everything else is above par. Can't go wrong.

Timothy photo

This is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. It's very gripping from beginning to end and the story is superb. The actors make it even better. The shots of the planet in the distance and the swarm of worms, giant insects, and animals are brilliant. The story is fast-paced, entertaining, and interesting. The ending is almost a crying scene, but it's a good way to end it. I give it 8 stars out of 10.

Victoria Daniels photo
Victoria Daniels

1st watched 2/27/2004 - 6 out of 10(Dir-Samuel K. Wurzelman): Having his own private spaceflight, Andy (Steven Strait) is at a loss, and on his birthday, he receives a book from a friend. Taking it and going to his house, he finds that he was never really meant to be the main character, since his parents and his sister saw in him. On his birthday, the book opens up to his younger self who has now become a hero and wants to protect the world from aliens. As the movie progresses, he finds himself to have a complete change of heart, and is now an important figure in the world. He faces a number of problems and they all stem from the fact that his own father saw his most important character in him. I enjoyed this film because of the incredible special effects and the great acting. I found it to be very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

As a fan of the Lenny Bruce strip, I was very excited about this movie because I'm always on the lookout for any original material. Sadly, when I got a DVD for $6 at the video store, I wasn't too thrilled with the quality of the DVD player. I bought the R1 and got the worst picture possible with the color completely shifting around from day to night. I'm a huge fan of the moviestrip, so I really wanted to be there for the 'flight of the lawyer' and 'Lucky Man' story. Lucky Man was my favorite character and he still is. I had to live in the movie, so I watched the whole film, and the thing about the people who hated the movie was that they never saw the movie. The movie is a product of 1950's America, and its a very very slow moving movie. I had to watch the whole movie and I got very disappointed. The end of the movie is good, but if you watch the whole movie you'll realize why the credits are there. Don't watch it for the straight up original story, watch it for Lenny's amazing story and the acting. Lenny really was the real life Lenny Bruce. It's one of the great movies of the 70's and one of the great movies of the 90's.

Nicholas photo

Starring Denis Lawson, L.Q. Jones and Gerry Conlon. A politician, has made a deal with an interstellar warlord, to create a super weapon, that can end the war and the events in space. A crash on earth gives an agent who specializes in mining minerals, an opportunity to go undercover as a mining contractor, in order to find out more about the super weapon. The Agent is now a man, armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons, and is an expert marksman. But as the movie continues the world of the Earth begins to change, as we go from one world to another. As they all find out, that nothing is what it seems, and that each one of us has our own fears and insecurities. Another thing that has changed is the rule of law, and who can be trusted, and who can not. This movie is really like a documentary, and I for one, really enjoyed it, and it was highly entertaining. The acting was great from the lead, this was one of my favorite movies of the year. Some of the action was like old school cop shows, but with some serious and fast cuts, and full on action. 8/10

George Walters photo
George Walters

When I first saw this movie, I was impressed. Its great! It is one of the best I have seen since The Last Starfighter. Even though I am not a big Star Wars fan, I loved this movie. The acting is good, the special effects are good, the story is good. This is a great movie for anyone that loves science fiction. This movie takes you on a different adventure, with a message, and a good feeling. If you love science fiction, you will love this movie. The only problem I have is, it is too short. It should have been at least an hour and a half. Some of the other comments on here are saying that they don't like this movie, but they loved Star Wars, and they loved it. If you loved Star Wars, you will love this movie.

Mark Simpson photo
Mark Simpson

In the final scenes we see a huge red alien that was hovering around the block of the town and it's obviously trying to get a piece of the Roswell alien. It's creepy and frightening. The movie is realistic and does not contain any cheesy acting, but it's in a way that it would not be as good without the special effects. The special effects were really good, it was awesome and creepy, the aliens were great. I liked the way the movie had a good ending, it was like you had waited long and waited for a real ending to a movie and I actually didn't know when a real ending would be coming. The film is also a must see, but you need to wait until you get the DVD to watch it. 8.5 out of 10

Ralph Matthews photo
Ralph Matthews

This is a brilliant movie with an interesting and plausible plot. Some of the tech is also believable. I thought this was very original and as far as movie goes is a strong contender for best sci-fi film of 2006. Having read about the alien planet, I was expecting it to be just plain lame. I was wrong. It was well thought out and was very believable. A perfect sci-fi movie.

John M. photo
John M.

This movie is exactly what you would expect to see. It is at the same time disturbing and hilarious. I can't decide if it is really based on a real event or not. It's in the same category as 'The Last Seduction' or 'The Kite Runner'. The movie never really says what happened, so you have to read up on it yourself. The acting is also excellent. I can't remember a single actor who didn't pull a nice performance. It was really a nice surprise to see no names or actors who I recognize. All in all, this movie was the best I have seen for a long time. I really recommend it.

Craig G. photo
Craig G.

We have all seen this movie. We can all relate to these characters, and with this movie we can now truly understand the trilogy. "Lucky" becomes "The Legend of the Galactic Heroes", and "The Legend of the Galactic Heroes" becomes "Lucky Man".and so on. A truly fantastic movie. I can't believe it hasn't received more acclaim and support from the general public. All I can say is go and watch this movie, but if you haven't yet, I strongly recommend you do. The acting is superb, and the effects, photography, music, and screenplay are simply amazing. Overall, this is one of the greatest movies ever made, and one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a classic for generations to come.

Jacob Santos photo
Jacob Santos

When this movie first came out, I had no idea who the movie was based on, so when I went to see it, I didn't know anything about it. I thought it was going to be a generic super soldier movie but I was wrong, it was so much more. It was the first movie in a long time that made me think, "Wow, that was really cool!" I think that any super soldier movie that you see will always be pretty generic. I think that this movie did something different with the super soldier genre and made it more exciting. All I can say is that it was the best super soldier movie I have ever seen! I have seen it so many times and I am still surprised at the quality of it. When I first saw it I was really shocked at how good it was, it was just as good as Die Hard 3 and 4. I think that this movie is going to be remembered for the whole world!

Craig photo

This is the best Sci-fi film I have seen in a very long time. There are many elements of the film which give it that special touch to it. It is directed very well, and looks great. It also shows that science fiction can have a very dark side, which I was surprised to see. It shows that there are different ways of dealing with an issue, which is what makes it so good. I loved the story, the way it was told, and the way it was executed. It was even more interesting than a lot of other science fiction films I have seen recently. It was also extremely original, which I also loved. I did not get the impression that it was a rip-off, or similar to any other science fiction films. Overall, I thought it was an amazing film, and I would recommend this to anyone who likes Sci-fi.

Danielle Bell photo
Danielle Bell

Breathless thriller from American filmmaker Shane Carruth. The central character is his obese nanny (Juliette Lewis) and the movie is her story. This is a rather typical sci-fi action movie with a few spooky moments. The acting is fine, and the story is interesting enough. But, it is the visuals which make it shine. The movie's special effects are top notch, with the flying horse and the giant sphere coming to mind. The music is also very atmospheric. I loved the ending, which is set up to be an ending which is way different from the rest. It is one of those films that you feel you know how it ends, but you still find yourself wanting more. There are a few things in the movie that are obviously a special effect, and are done a bit lazily, but they do not take away from the film. It is a really good movie, and I would definitely watch it again.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

Before watching this film, I was sceptical at best, but I was right. The film is a beautiful, touching and brilliant film, and is just as great in all other respects as the original. The film starts with a lot of promise, but doesn't really achieve anything. It is very slow at times, and the plot is not particularly well thought out, or the characters are weak. However, the effects are amazing, the acting is great, and the film has a very unique look to it. The special effects were pretty much a lot better than I expected, and the action sequences are very well done. The story of the film is great, but I wouldn't want to give anything away, so I'll just leave it at that. The acting was superb and the ending is amazing. In short, the film is great, and is a must see for any fan of Sci Fi or Sci Fi films. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Crystal Dixon photo
Crystal Dixon

It's good to see Burt Reynolds back in action, and even better to see the star from the first Blade. He's the ultimate action star, and this film is a very well made one. I like the fact that it's not entirely focused on the good guy vs the bad guy, rather it's about the team. The setting of the films is the future with all its problems, and the villains are similar to what you'd find in Blade and the like. It's a good mix of the good guy and the bad guy. The villain in this one is very much like the one in Blade 2. There are lots of awesome shots of Blade and his group, which are very cool. This film was one of the better ones when it came to Blade. Nowadays there are a lot of action films that are pretty bad. However I think this one is the best of the lot.

Madison R. photo
Madison R.

I don't think it's a big mistake to watch this movie, because it is an homage to all great movies from the last 50 years. It also is one of the first movies that got me so interested in the future; I've already seen in my private library a lot of old NASA movies. The way they made a very low budget film look great, even I have to say the special effects are amazing. I don't know if people have heard about this movie but it was named for the legendary athlete from the 70's John McKay. Maybe this movie makes you want to watch McKay's other movies. I think this is probably the best movie I've ever seen. I was inspired after watching this movie, and I wanted to see every movie he ever did. I watched Apollo 13, and the Moon Landing, and those were so influential to me. You should definitely see this movie. You won't regret it.

Marie A. photo
Marie A.

The video for this film was a lot better than I expected, but then again I had low expectations, because I thought that this film wouldn't really be worth my time. I was wrong! This is a lot more fun and interesting than the first film, and I think the two sequels are a lot better than this one. First things first: The movie doesn't have the "Hollywood ending" you'd expect from a science fiction film, the script doesn't scream "hollywood" but does offer something different from what I've seen in other science fiction movies. Second things second: There are some neat special effects, but they are all very subtle and the CGI can't make up for them. The movie is pretty quiet when it comes to action, and it is VERY slow paced, and the fight scenes are very boring. If you can tolerate a slow pace, the movie might actually be very entertaining. It's also worth noting that the plot is interesting, and the movie actually makes sense. I'm not sure if it will make sense for others, but it's a very worthwhile film, if you like to be entertained. If you're looking for a science fiction film that might be different than what I normally like, you might be better off with the first film. I'd rate this film 8 out of 10. It is much more interesting than the first film.

Louis photo

I didn't want to write anything about this movie, because the majority of people who have seen it have hated it and therefore I didn't want to spoil anything for them. So, I'll just say that the movie isn't bad, and that is quite impressive. There are several times where I couldn't help but think that the movie should have been in Spanish and maybe dubbed. The acting in the movie is pretty good and that is really commendable considering that some of the actors did very bad acting. The movie also has some moments that make you wonder what exactly they were thinking on set. But all in all, it is definitely worth seeing. I've given it an 8 out of 10.

Dennis L. photo
Dennis L.

Hans Zimmer's "The Lucky Man" is one of those films you either love or hate. I will admit I'm in the latter group. The film is definitely one of those rare movies that I am impressed by the way it was made. I remember the intense suspense, the stellar acting and the story of the people involved. "The Lucky Man" is one of those movies you will want to see a few times as it's always engaging and works well in its own terms. The idea is cool and the special effects are astounding. Of course, the most important aspect of a movie is the story. "The Lucky Man" certainly has some interesting elements to it. It is a little hard to get into the characters, but once you get into it, you'll love it. What I liked the most about "The Lucky Man" is how he captures a style that is one of its biggest assets. It's a little dated, but I found it quite refreshing. It's a style that is more distinctive than simply being an old style film, as many other films have embraced this style. One of the main characters, Lala, is also a colorful and pretty unique character. I liked the music as well and the scenes were very effective. The story is very interesting and has some great moments. The acting is good as well, but this is one of those films that's easy to root for. The idea of the film is definitely very original. However, it doesn't hold up as well as it could have, but it's still a great film. "The Lucky Man" is an action-adventure film that will keep you entertained. Even though it doesn't have much more to it than a good story, this is still an enjoyable film. It has great atmosphere and it has some very original characters. In conclusion, I would recommend this film to fans of the genre. It's a film that's much different than what most would expect and it's definitely worth a watch. Rated PG-13: Violence, Language and Brief Nudity.

Cheryl P. photo
Cheryl P.

I would say that this film is a real winner. It's a shame it didn't make a larger percentage in the box office as it should have. John Lithgow is a great actor and really gets in the groove as the lead. The supporting cast is wonderful. Christian Slater is a great bit of fun as the villain. Jack Palance is excellent as usual and really makes you sympathize with his character. The whole cast is very good. Every character is likable and entertaining. The ending is particularly gripping and it's great to see how good a production such as this can be made. To me this is a winner. To anyone who would say this is boring or should have been made in a more mainstream way, do not watch it. It's a real work of art and worth your money.

Gregory photo

In the middle of a 10 minute budget, a movie must be "good" and "perfect". Of course, I didn't expect to be totally amazed, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable movie. I was surprised at the lead performance of Joseph Gordon Levitt, he was perfect. The script was good, the pace and the pace of the movie was perfect, the character development was perfect. The story line was realistic. This movie is an original in many ways. You will get a lot of knowledge from this movie, if you watch it before you read a book, it will be interesting for you.

Amanda photo

It's a refreshing change of pace for the SFX flicks that Hollywood is releasing these days. This flick is a small, tight-knit, emotional tale that never puts you down for what your eyes are seeing. If you watch the movie as a pure action movie, the ending (and it is one) makes you ask yourself if you're still watching for a good story. You can't help but feel the happy ending after watching. It was far more believable than something that would happen in Hollywood. I'm now looking forward to other action movies, especially when it comes to the Sci-Fi/Action genre. It's easy to see how this film can lead to more sci-fi films in the future. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. It's what the big movies should be. I can't think of anything wrong with it. It was a refreshing change of pace for Hollywood to have something that actually shows emotion.

Doris photo

Beautiful to look at, with many wonderful special effects, this movie reminded me of the original Japanese Sci Fi Channel show "Tetsuo: The Iron Man", but this is not a direct sequel, its more of an upgrade to the original anime. Its hard to describe how much I enjoyed this movie, its a little slow and doesnt have the same charm of the first movie, but its still worth seeing. If you loved the original anime, then you will love this movie. it's very similar in style to the original anime with a few new twists thrown in, but is still worth watching if you're into Japanese movies like myself, its not as good as the original anime but if you like anime like this then you should definitely see this movie, its a movie I would watch again.

Louis photo

I absolutely loved this film. I was fortunate to watch the footage of it in the new Grand Central Plaza theater. I have never seen this movie before. Now that I've seen it, I really recommend it. It is a documentary-type movie. The acting is superb. I really feel that this movie should win a few Oscars. The director of this movie, Roi, has created a really great documentary-type film. He has taken the plot of the movie and turned it into an interesting story. The movie is also very interesting, it is full of interesting details. It's a movie that I would be very happy to watch again. The movie deals with the problem of dealing with post-apocalyptic world. The action is very well done. I thought that the movie was full of action. Roi has a great eye for action scenes. If I hadn't seen this movie, I would probably not have seen the movie. I would have been very bored to death. The story is well made. It's just the perfect film for you to watch with your friends. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think. It will make you think of what might happen. It is a must watch.

Steven photo

I saw this movie last night at the El Capitan theatre in San Francisco. This was a good movie. There was a very interesting atmosphere that I found to be very good. The first 45 minutes or so was a little slow for me but once the action started I really enjoyed it. The actors did a great job on this film. I believe that everyone should see this film. It was a very original idea with a good cast. Don't let the rating fool you, it's a good movie.

Crystal photo

Well, first of all I watched this movie alone in the evening because I felt like sleeping in my beds but this movie has been rated the worst of this year by IMDb. I don't understand why. It has great acting and a good plot and the animation is not bad either, not as bad as the original but still not the best. If you watch this movie with the sound turned off, you won't get a sense of the surroundings. But you should watch it to enjoy some very good action scenes and very good CGI, which are a perfect complement to each other. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Lucky"