Steam 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story is a movie starring Art Spiegelman, John Pound, and Tom Bunk. In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll. The resulting commercial product tapped into the...

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Joe Simko, Jeff Zapata
Joe Simko
James Warhola, John Pound, Tom Bunk, Art Spiegelman
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In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll. The resulting commercial product tapped into the international kid zeitgeist. That young generation felt that this product spoke to the revulsion they had for the corporate pop culture that was being fed to them.

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Diana Pearson photo
Diana Pearson

This is one of the best documentaries about the Garbage Pail Kids, ever. It was very entertaining, moving, and just plain weird. In the documentary they had to re-create the entire event, all the way back to 1977, to get the right memories of the experience. The sound quality was amazing, and it just captured the whole event perfectly. The way it was edited and what happened really captured the event perfectly. It was great to watch, and to know that all the other Pail Kids have been forgotten, and it is so hard to get the memories. I loved it, it was good, but the best part is that you get to hear from the other kids and their parents, and the memories are still there. It really made me appreciate the kids more. Great job.

Bobby Harris photo
Bobby Harris

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a horrible movie. But I'm glad I watched it. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's so bad it's good. A lot of people think the kids are bad. They're not. They're bad because they're acting. They're bad because they're trying to be bad. That's the only reason the kids are bad. They don't know any better. They're trying to be bad. It's all the same. The director is horrible, the kids are terrible, the parents are terrible, the movie is terrible, but I'm glad I watched this movie. It's not a good movie, but it's a movie. It's just a movie. I don't know what else to say about it, except to say that it's the best movie I have ever seen.

Rose Jacobs photo
Rose Jacobs

This is a very sad and sickening movie. It's not a documentary. It's a depiction of how a very sick and twisted person is able to get away with his crimes for so many years. It's a very sad movie and it's a very sad movie to see how a person like this could be around a child and not see that person for what he is, a pedophile. I hope this movie is shown to children so they can be protected by their parents. It's very scary that someone like this is able to get away with so many years and not be caught for what he is. I hope that the movie is shown to people in prison. I hope that they can see that what they did was wrong and that they should never have been in prison. I hope that the people who watch this movie will see what they did and feel that they are wrong.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

This is a remarkable documentary that, at its core, is about a family of 4 that started out as a family of 3. They grew up in a very strict and rigid household. They were taught that being poor was the ultimate sin. This is a great insight into a family that is largely forgotten today. I found it extremely interesting to watch how they interacted with one another. While it is true that the father spent a great deal of time telling the children that their parents were "better than the Bible" it is also true that they were all adults who had had their own views of what was acceptable behavior. I highly recommend this documentary.

Phillip photo

There are some in-depth documentaries you can watch about the Garbage Pail Kids. I've watched this one and the story is the same. I liked the movie because I was able to see how one of the characters ended up at a place they didn't expect and how the music of the place helped them to find their way back to their families. I've watched this one about 20 times and it has never let me down. This is one of those documentaries that you'll want to watch a second time. The characters in this film are real and you get to know them better because of their interactions. You get to see their different personalities and you can see why they ended up where they did. This movie is a must see for any Garbage Pail Kids fan. It's very entertaining and you'll be smiling throughout the whole movie.

Zachary photo

This is a great documentary about the little-known Garbage Pail Kids, and it has one of the most heartfelt and moving interviews with the children themselves. It is also a beautiful look at the people who have known the children since childhood. The director did an excellent job and kept the tension level high throughout the film. The kids themselves were amazing and I highly recommend this documentary. It's well worth a watch.

Emma photo

The world is full of garbage. No matter how much we try to stop it, there is always a growing population of trash. This is the story of a small group of trash kids from the East Village, New York, which grew up in the "Garbage Pail Kids" environment. The movie has some great interviews with these kids and the directors, who are taking us through their childhood and teen years. The stories of these kids were touching and hard to watch, and the director and producer wanted us to be part of the story, as well. One of the reasons that this movie works so well is the power of the director's story telling. I saw this film for the first time at the Portland Film Festival, and I walked out of the theater feeling inspired and inspired. This film was so well made and is a good film for anyone who has ever lived in the world of garbage, and the struggle of how we can do something to stop the growing of trash. The movie starts out with the trash kids talking about their lives and how they have been and what they do in the world. It also starts out with a bunch of garbage boys, and the rest of the boys talk about what they do, including how they relate to the girls in their lives. Then it takes us through a group of trash kids talking about their life and their struggles. The director and producer then start to take us through the lives of the trash kids. We learn that they were all orphaned, and they have grown up together. We learn that they are all very different from each other, and how they all relate to each other. We learn that they are all proud to have their clothes, and to be part of a community. We learn that they all have a passion for making music, and how they can relate to each other. We learn that all of the trash kids have a common goal in life: to help others, and to help the world. The director and producer told us stories of the different trash kids, and how they all became their different selves. This is a great film for anyone interested in this world, and is a great film for anyone who loves children and their stories.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

This film was extremely interesting. I felt like I was a kid again, and i was so proud to be a part of it. I think most people should watch this film. It is a great story of the children who were part of the garbage pail movement. I think it was very inspirational. This is not your average documentary about the garbage pail movement. It really brings you into the times and the people that were part of it. The documentary was very entertaining and exciting. I would definitely recommend this film. If you love the garbage pail movement and want to learn more about it, this is the documentary for you.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

I think this movie is really great. It's definitely better than the first one. The characters and the story are great. I really like the fact that they didn't try to cover everything in the first one. It's a lot better. I think it's a great movie to watch. It is really good. I recommend it.

Julia photo

From the very first time I saw this movie I was captivated. This movie was very well made and the content was very important. The children of the movie did a wonderful job of telling their stories. The children spoke about what it was like to live in that ghetto, to go through school, and then when they got older. The movie also spoke about the horrible life that many of the children lived. They talked about the little white girls who would be forced to do a job they hated, the dirty, crime ridden streets of New York City, and the depression that many of the children of the ghetto lived in. This movie is very important because it shows that the way the kids lived was not normal, and the people around them were not normal either. This movie should be made widely known. It will be a great help in the fight against juvenile justice and youth homelessness. I strongly recommend this movie. I hope you take the time to watch it and then come back and tell everyone you know to watch it as well.

Grace photo

I just got back from seeing this film and I am in complete agreement with many other people that this film is a masterpiece. The film has a very good flow of stories, and while there are many telling, it is never boring. The stories are all very different and so are the stories. The one with a young boy who is being bullied is really very heart wrenching. It also shows that there is still love out there for those who have been bullied. The film shows that people can still be brave and do something about it. I really loved this film. It is a must see for everyone who has ever had to be bullied.

Michelle W. photo
Michelle W.

I just found this movie on Netflix and I was thoroughly impressed. It's great. I can't believe how little I know about this movie. I had no idea about the subject matter of this movie and I think the filmmakers were very careful with the content. It is truly one of the most shocking documentaries I've ever seen. It also gives you a look into the lives of the pail kids that had nothing to do with their day to day lives. It's very interesting and quite painful at the same time. The cast is very good. The director was very creative. The movie is very realistic. I recommend it to anyone.

Bryan P. photo
Bryan P.

The film is about a group of 15-20 year olds in New York, the only two kids in the group that actually live in the world. Their name is Trash Pail Kids, and they are the kids who made the first trashcan commercial. This documentary was produced by the creator of the original trashcan commercial, and it is a very entertaining and informative film about the kids and their lives, the pressures that they are facing in life, and the struggles that they are facing as a group. This film is well-made and informative. It was made with a lot of love and effort. There is some extremely emotional moments in the film, but the film is well-made and it is well-edited. The film is worth watching. The director did a great job. The kids in the film are very talented and it is nice to see the kids taking care of themselves. The director did a very good job of showing the kids' personal struggles and struggles as a group. This film is well-made and it is worth watching.

Randy Sanchez photo
Randy Sanchez

The greatest thing about this film is that you can't understand it if you're not born in the era of the 80's. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the 80's. I think it's a great film because it gives you a look into what the 80's were like, the music, the fashion, the attitude, and the movie making. If you're not a fan of the 80's, then it probably won't be your thing. But if you're a fan, then you can appreciate this film. I give it a perfect 10.

Bobby photo

The Garbage Pail Kids story has been told many times, and it is great. This documentary explores how a family of four with a combined income of $6,000 was able to spend so much time with their three children, and how the family's cash flow was able to support the children's needs. The film features interviews with the children, their grandparents, their doctors, their lawyers, their friends, and family members. It also tells how the family's financial circumstances affected them emotionally. While the documentary covers many aspects of the family's life, it is really a family story. As I said, the documentary is great. It is not a look at how a family got to where it was, but rather how a family survived. I think it is really important to show how a family survives, because many families are like that. Some families don't survive, but their children do. I think that if more families were like this, we wouldn't have to worry about how they are surviving, because they are already surviving. The kids have learned so much from their parents, and the grandparents have been there for them. I think the film does a really good job of showing the kind of family we are. The kids are intelligent and are able to learn things from their grandparents, which is really great. There is a lot of humor in the film, and I think it is really fun to watch. I think it is great to see how a family can survive with a budget of $6,000. I think that the documentary shows the lives of these kids, and it shows how their parents and grandparents were able to make it work. I think that the documentary is really good, and I think that it is very educational for anyone who is interested in the Garbage Pail Kids story.

Brittany S. photo
Brittany S.

I saw this on a pay-per-view DVD with the description "A family film for people of all ages". I have no idea why. It was a very good documentary about the creation of the trash pail kids, and the very real problems they faced. They were not superheroes, but they did do a lot of good for the environment. I have never heard of the movie, but I am glad that I found it. It was very good, and it made me understand a little bit more about this movie that I had previously only thought about it. It made me realize that this film was not just about garbage pail kids, but also about a lot of other things that were very important to the environment, like the pollution in the air, the pollution in the water, and a lot of other things. It was a very good film. It was really touching, and it was really educational. I recommend this film to all people, and especially to children. I think that it is really important to teach them a lot of things, but also about the environment, and to remember to make the most of the environment that we have. I give this film 8 out of 10.

Lawrence Gray photo
Lawrence Gray

This is a very good documentary about the Garbage Pail Kids and their unbelievable story. It tells the story of a bunch of kids who were all set to be drafted into the military, but they were already an established group. They had all the same issues as the kids in the real world, which made it difficult for the military to recruit them. But in spite of these problems, the kids stuck together and managed to bring about a little change. They had a small fortune in the military and were able to save money by selling things from their garbage to help with the war. One of the kids in particular was so good at picking up the trash and selling it to the military that she was eventually recruited to the military. The documentary shows a lot of the kids in the real world and how they had to go through this hardship and make it through, but it also shows the kids in the movie and their struggles. The documentary is worth watching because it is very well done and the stories of the kids are incredibly inspiring.

Frances photo

It's a good documentary, but I would rather have seen it on TV. I do agree with some of the reviewers that this film could have used some re-shoots. But it's a good documentary. There are a lot of good things in this film, and I'll be looking forward to seeing it again. I also appreciate that the filmmakers don't try to present the documentary in a way that people will understand. They do a good job of telling the story of the Garbage Pail Kids, but don't try to make it sound like a documentary. The kids speak with a naturalness that I don't think they would have learned in school. Their voices are perfect, their mannerisms are perfect, and they are just as I imagined them to be. The kids are like real people, and they don't try to tell us how nice they are. They don't try to convince us that they're the most intelligent kids in the world. They're just kids. It's nice to see a documentary about kids, and not have the kids be the main focus. The kids are not the focus of the film, and there is no reason to make the film about them. The movie is about their parents, their friends, and their lives. And when the filmmakers try to portray the kids as if they are the most intelligent kids in the world, it gets confusing. I think they should have made the film about the kids. I would have loved to see the kids narrate the film, but they don't do that. And it's a shame. The kids are an amazing bunch of kids, and I think that's why they are the way they are. I hope the documentary will get better.

Patricia K. photo
Patricia K.

I'm not a fan of Garbage Pail Kids, but I've seen it a couple of times and enjoyed it. I've read the story and it's pretty funny. It's also pretty sad, I can't imagine what it must be like to grow up in a home where the father is so absent and neglectful, and your mother is a manipulative bitch. There are some funny lines in the film, especially when the kids are talking to the neighbors. I think it's great how the kids are getting into the stories and talking about it. The DVD has some funny stuff, like the Christmas card story. They also have some funny songs, like the one where they sing "I Am the Walrus" and "The Grinch." And they even have the CD with some other songs. I'm not a fan of the actors, but I really like the film. I'm not sure if it's the director's fault or the actors' fault, but I do think the film is funny. I do think it's better than most films about the Grinch, but not by much. I think it's pretty sad, and there are a lot of dark scenes, but the film is worth seeing. It's a good movie for people who love the Grinch.

Juan Jackson photo
Juan Jackson

This documentary is quite a fun watch, especially if you have kids. It covers the whole story, from the birth of the Garbage Pail Kids, to the trials of their self-destruction, to their successful run from the city of Baltimore. And it does a great job of showing the other side of the story, showing the various influences that kept them alive, and the dangers that came with that. It shows the rich and powerful, the social media, the banks, the movies, the attitudes and attitudes of the people involved, and even the many hidden aspects of the culture. The interviews with the kids themselves are funny and touching, and the main characters are all fascinating, from their early teenage years to their adult years, and all of the interviews are done in a very natural, breezy style. The stories of the kids are all fascinating, as they all have unique stories to tell, and a good deal of them are pretty funny. But the one that sticks out the most is the one about the film maker, which is quite fascinating. I found it very funny that the filmmaker came off like an angry teenager. And it was also very interesting to see how they approached the controversy surrounding the film, and how they reacted to it. I did not expect this to be a documentary about the film, but it is a fascinating documentary about a young boy who was doing something he really loved, but at the same time came off as being very self-absorbed and narcissistic, which is the exact opposite of what I expect from a filmmaker. And I did not expect to see him so angry, because he was supposed to be a teenager who was in his early 20's. So in that respect, it was also very interesting to see his story, and to see the emotions that went with it. So this is a very entertaining and interesting documentary, and I highly recommend it.

Benjamin photo

This is a very good film about a great event in the history of British film-making. The film follows the process of the making of "Garbage Pail Kids" and it is fascinating to watch how the film came about and what went wrong. The main problem with the film is that the people involved were not given much time to explain themselves. The film also had a lot of stuff that was either left out or didn't make sense. The film also should have been longer. I did not understand why the film was so long and why the characters had such a lot of screen time. I also thought that there was a lot of important stuff missing from the film. In addition, the film had a lot of "garbage" in it. It was really bad and I was left wondering if the film was even worth watching. If you want to know more about the history of British film-making, see the documentary "Garbage Pail Kids".

Samuel Dean photo
Samuel Dean

A young boy named Jaws, one of the Pail Kids, asks to be a part of a documentary about Garbage Pail Kids. When the Pail Kids meet their older brothers, they want to help them be a part of their story. The Pail Kids also have their own documentary, Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie. The Pail Kids are on the big screen at the World Trade Center Museum in NYC. The movie is also being screened at a number of other locations. This is a good movie to watch, but do not miss it.

Gerald B. photo
Gerald B.

I first saw this in 1987, and have seen it a number of times since. I still enjoy watching it, especially the scenes of the dark tunnels and the strange occurrences. And the best part of the movie is that you never know where the story is going. It's not just a "garbage pail kids" story. It's a story about the abandoned underground world of "garbage pail kids" and what happened there. The cinematography is just great and the movie is truly a visual treat. The movie is a little bit slow at times, but the characters and the weird places are so interesting and the story so compelling that you can't help but watch it over and over again. There are so many surprises along the way, I wish more movies would be like this. The first time I saw this, I didn't care much about the characters or the story, but after a second viewing I started caring about the characters and the story. It's just an amazing movie that really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Emma Martin photo
Emma Martin

I thought the film was very moving and informative. I was amazed that I was the only person to attend the screening. I was proud of my country and of the young people who were attending. It was like a mirror to see the humanity of the pail kids and their struggle to survive. The true story of how the kids were taken from their families and put into foster homes was told through a group of people who knew them. The acting was very realistic and touching. The idea that a school had to ask the parents for permission to take the kids was heartbreaking. I was touched by the kindness of strangers. It was amazing how many people were willing to help and to take in the kids in need. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has a child who is in a foster home. I thought the video was great, too.

Betty photo

this is not a documentary, it is a documentary. all the interviews are from when the garbage pail kids were in school. and they are like 10 years old. this is one of the best documentary ever. i wish i had some of those days when i was a kid and i can feel what these kids are feeling. I will never forget when i was in the library and i heard a loud noise and i ran to the windows and saw the trash bag drop. the boys i was watching it with were crying and crying. it was a very moving scene. this is why i love this movie. when i first saw it i just thought "wow what a documentary, who made this?" and i was wrong. the boy i was watching it with told me that it was so real. they made this in 2002, it's in 2006. the whole time i was watching it i didn't want it to end. it kept going. i don't know how they made it in 2006 but it is awesome. and they still do it now. this is a must see. i recommend it to anyone who wants to know about what they are going through. and if you ever feel like you are a kid again, watch it. i will never forget this one. this is one of the best documentaries i have ever seen.

Scott G. photo
Scott G.

this documentary is not for everyone, and it might make you a little mad. however it is an awesome film that provides a great insight into the Garbage Pail Kids. the movie covers the birth of the group from the start, and how it became such a big deal. and how it took a toll on everyone involved. the movie also contains many clips from the band's concerts and shows, and it gives you the true feel for the band. i also loved how the documentary was able to follow the band from start to finish, as it only had the band to begin with. the interviewees were all very interesting and well-spoken. the footage of the band, including their gigs and shows, was shot extremely well. the documentary has a very interesting and entertaining tone to it, and it is very well-done. i do not recommend the movie for people who are easily angered, or just who do not like rock and roll music, but it is an awesome film and it definitely is worth watching.

Tiffany photo

I was saddened by the news of the passing of Garbage Pail Kids on July 11, 2005. The film was one of the most interesting documentaries I've seen in the past decade. It didn't have a happy ending. It was just as sad as it was funny. I think there was a lot of humor in it. I also think it was a sad but good film. I'm glad it has been getting good reviews. I wish it had a big release because I think it would be a big hit.

Hannah photo

The first time I watched this film was about ten years ago. I liked the fact that they didn't blame anyone for their problems and that the problem was solely in their own mind. I thought the way the kids were interacting was very sweet and loving. My daughter, the oldest, loved that there was no room for judgments or big names in the cast. I think the director was doing a good job of showing the sadness and loneliness of the kids in the end. My other daughter who was 7 at the time, loved it. The movie is funny, sad and true. The songs are great too. I'm glad I found it and will probably watch it again when it comes on TV.

Debra Stephens photo
Debra Stephens

I saw this film last week at the Ann Arbor film festival. It was pretty much the same as the original documentary, except this one is quite long and has a lot of talking. I would have liked a little more character development. Some of the material was a bit difficult to follow, but there were some things that were interesting, like how the filthiest thing in the whole movie is in the bathroom. I thought the acting was pretty good, and I would have liked to have seen a little more about the people who did the documentaries. The main idea of this documentary was that a lot of people are making films about garbage. I'm a garbage guy and this documentary really made me realize that there are people out there who are very interested in seeing the earth go waste and that it's their job to do so. I don't know if this documentary would be appropriate for the kids, but if you do plan on watching it, it might be a good idea to wear a diaper and a hat to keep the smell out of your mouth. I was shocked at the amount of vomit I was exposed to, and the amount of vomit I'm now seeing in the theater. There are a lot of people who are interested in seeing garbage go waste, and this documentary really makes you understand why. I really hope that more documentaries like this come out and tell the world what garbage is really like.

Peter photo

The so-called "garbage pail kids" documentary "A Perfect Day For Garbage" is a major disappointment. A project of the 90s "Garbage Festival" and "Garbage Wars" initiative, the documentary lacks several key features. First of all, the documentary doesn't depict the "garbage pail kids" as people. The documentary doesn't give their history, their struggles, their ideals, their friendships, their families. Instead, it shows their "perfect day". The documentary contains not one single interview with any of them. This, despite the fact that most of them have been interviewed many times, and their stories are really inspiring. I cannot understand why a documentary about the "garbage pail kids" needs to be very superficial and totally lacking in background information about them. This is especially the case when they are so controversial and really controversial. There are hundreds of books and documentaries about the "garbage pail kids", so it's not surprising that this documentary would not do it justice. Finally, the documentary lacks direction and balance. It's full of interviews with "garbage pail kids", but it never shows their story. This is a very disturbing fact, and the documentary does not need to show their stories, but it just should focus on the core of the "garbage pail kids". This is something the documentary could have been doing, but they chose not to do it. The only thing I can recommend to the "Garbage Pail Kids" fans is the music, which is really really good. A great job by Garbage and a real shame that the music is missing from the documentary. For anyone who hasn't seen this documentary, I strongly recommend that you watch it. It is an absolute must-see. I gave it a 9/10.

Rebecca photo

This is a must see for any fans of the Garbage Pail Kids! I just want to add that this documentary is almost totally non-biased. It's just a bunch of kids talking about the past, present, and future of the Pail Kids, and sharing their memories. It's interesting to see the story of the band's development and how they eventually formed the band they are now. This documentary is full of beautiful music and interesting facts. You will enjoy it, and you will learn some cool things about the Pail Kids!

Nathan photo

A bit of a downer as I can't really recommend this to anyone. But I'm glad I went. I've been a fan of Garbage Pail Kids since I was 10 years old. I've always liked the music and I think the music is very well put together. The film is sort of a compilation of "Garbage Pail Kids" songs recorded in the late 70s/early 80s, but the songs are so good that it's hard to tell what era it's from. It also seems like the director got all of the music from the radio stations that were playing the Garbage Pail Kids. The soundtrack was also very good. Some of the songs were really catchy and others were just OK. It's great to hear the older songs that made the band famous. The film is a bit long, but it's well worth it.

Eugene M. photo
Eugene M.

The movie is a great thing to watch. I don't know how they got a PG rating but they sure did! This is the best movie ever. I saw it at a college when it came out. I am glad that they made this movie. I hope to see it again. I would love to see this movie again. It is so great. I love it!

Joshua Gonzales photo
Joshua Gonzales

I had the privilege of seeing this documentary at the Toronto Film Festival. It was amazing. The crew really delved into the subjects of the pail kids. There were no soft-focus shots, and the emphasis was more on the hard-edged subject of the film. I thought the cast was brilliant. I really felt for each character, and really thought that their lives were worth following. It was really sad, and inspiring. The documentary was well-balanced. The director was very effective at balancing the subjects. There were scenes that made me feel uplifted, and some scenes that made me feel like I was in a bad movie. It was a nice balance. I think the director should do more documentaries.

Henry photo

This is a really good documentary about the origins of the garbage pail kids. There are a lot of clips of interviews with people who knew the kids and some who didn't. It's mostly of the kids themselves, and they talk about their childhood and their lives. There's lots of footage of the kids during their various transitions into adulthood. I particularly liked the footage of the kids' father and mother, who had to give up their old job to take care of the kids. The kids themselves talk about their childhood and their life in the pail. This is definitely a must-see.

Anna photo

As a little girl growing up in Los Angeles, 11 year old Francesca Nicole gave the world one of the most beautiful documentaries about garbage pail kids. Now, over 30 years later, this documentary has become an integral part of Francesca's and her family's lives. Even her now grown daughter, 6 year old Amber, is very influenced by this documentary. It was amazing to see how these kids lived their lives and to have this documentary was one of the most important events in Francesca's life. As Francesca says "This is a very important documentary to the people who grow up in this sort of environment." She gave us a glimpse into what garbage pail kids live with every day. We were treated to Francesca's mother telling her about the food she was forced to eat and the feelings she felt when she was being picky. That part of the film was really heartbreaking and has stuck with me forever. The first thing we learn about Francesca and her father is how much he loves his daughter and treats her the same. He's not some doormat. He's really kind and he's not stupid enough to eat garbage and try to sell it in school. His dad does not have drugs in his home. Francesca tells us how much of a big influence her dad was. He's not some spoiled brat. He is a caring and nurturing father who has not ever treated his daughter badly. Francesca is shown in the beginning of the film trying to find her way. She is not the first person who comes to her father and ask him about his childhood. The first one is someone who was abandoned at birth and is now living with her sister. Francesca does not judge her because she can relate. She gives a nice answer when she hears his story. He also tells her how she was picked on at school because of her dark skin. He wasn't abusive and she didn't feel bullied. He says to her "I can understand that. Sometimes you think it's bad and you don't want to talk about it but this is what happens to these kids and they can't talk about it." Francesca understands. "This is what happens to these kids and they can't talk about it." In addition to this interview we get a lot of interview footage from Francesca's childhood. The film uses a lot of kids from Francesca's hometown in Southern California. We get to see how the people around them treated the kids and how they raised them. One thing I like about this documentary is that we get to see the city of Los Angeles. It's very refreshing to see what is really like living in Los Angeles. We see so many things that are left out in the other documentary. I would say that this is the most detailed documentary about garbage pail kids we have seen. It gives a glimpse into the life of these kids. We learn so much about the different emotions they experienced growing up and how they became who they are today. It is a beautiful film. It's not only about Francesca and her father, but it is also a special documentary about the environment that these kids grew up in. I highly recommend this documentary.

Marilyn Olson photo
Marilyn Olson

I haven't seen this film in years, and I can't wait to see it again, as I remember very well the one episode. To me it was a powerful, profound, and entertaining film. Not because of the shocking revelations, but because it moved me. I can remember sitting in my living room watching the documentary, and I could feel the pain in my own body. The only thing that is a bit depressing about it is that it is not available on DVD. That might be a problem for those of you who are fascinated with the idea that you might have known someone like this, but that it is forgotten and that nobody remembers it. That is one of the subjects that the documentary is all about. I would suggest that anyone who has not seen this film watch it, just to see what these kids must have gone through. What could have been forgotten or buried.

Doris photo

The documentary is very nice. It is filled with interviews with the main actors and directors. The dialogue is straight from the heart and is very sincere. I think the main weakness is the lack of explanatory commentary on why they chose to make this documentary. The statements they make don't really justify why they made the documentary. For example, the man says that he made the documentary to help other "garbage pail kids". The documentary shows some historical facts about the garbage pail kids and their upbringing. So, there is no justification for that. The man tells about how he came to make the documentary. He did it to help other "garbage pail kids". But, what about the parents of the garbage pail kids? They say they never had a bad day at school or the principal ever seemed to try to help them? I feel like that may have been the case but then again, I don't know and I don't know why they would say that. Overall, I really enjoyed this documentary. It had many facts about the garbage pail kids that most people already knew about. The way the documentary is presented is very interesting and makes me wish there was a lot more of this kind of documentary.

Phillip V. photo
Phillip V.

I'm not a big fan of the Garbage Pail Kids, but I like the idea of the film. The premise of the film is that these kids are living in a landfill and the world would be a much better place if they were just thrown out. The director interviews some of the kids, one of which explains that he was never meant to live his life as a garbage boy, that he just wanted to be a garbage boy. The movie's theme is very interesting and I think it's important to the film. I think that's what makes this movie so interesting. If you are a kid who has seen this film, you probably won't get it. It's not that the movie is bad, it's just that it's not something that most kids will get. I think that's why it's so popular. It's very touching and I think it's worth watching, especially if you are a kid. It has a lot of information that I'm sure will be interesting to some people.

Crystal K. photo
Crystal K.

This is a great documentary about how the garbage pail kids became a part of history, and how they lived and worked through the years. We see them growing up, and the film features lots of family photos, old TV commercials, interviews with various people who were around, and even a bit of footage from a movie they made. A few of them talk about their childhood and why they were there. They also tell about their schooling, and how their teachers and parents were with them. At the end of the film, they are interviewed again, and they talk about what they want to do in their lives. All of them are doing great things, and they are all going to college. I think this is a must-see for anyone who loves trash.

Alice O. photo
Alice O.

I found this movie very interesting, even though it was somewhat about garbage pail kids. This movie focuses on a different sort of trash kids and makes a point that all trash kids have to go through. I believe that it's very hard for the garbage pail kids to grow up and reach adulthood. They live in the dirt and have to deal with things like drugs and their parents. They don't get any help and it's very hard for them to get out of the life that they live. The director did a great job showing this. It's a very sad story. I think it's a must see for everyone that has a passion for garbage pail kids. It shows what it is to live in the world of trash kids. This movie shows what garbage pail kids really are. It shows the struggles and difficulties that they have. This movie is really important.

Richard photo

I loved this movie. I've seen it three times, and I plan to see it again in the next couple of weeks. I've watched this movie with people I know and know how they react to it. I've seen this movie with my two young children. It's a good story about a true story. I can't wait for the DVD. I hope it's not a small budget movie. There's a lot of things that need to be done. I am thankful for the way this story is told. If you watch it, make sure you enjoy it.

Timothy L. photo
Timothy L.

I didn't really know what to expect from this film. I had heard it was one of the most depressing films of all time. What I actually got was a well told, realistic story of two youngsters from Queens who were raised on the streets of New York, learning to survive and eventually grow up and become adults. The parents of the two boys (both of whom are deceased) were so perfect that you really couldn't help but love them. And the direction was excellent. I had never seen the original music video until I saw this film. I thought it was amazing and I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson's music. The director also made me realize how powerful and raw the music of Michael Jackson is. He really captured the essence of the music that is so incredible and inspiring. I loved the video and how it gave me a great feeling of what the video was about. I felt the film had a really good balance of emotion and humor. I felt the majority of the film was very well told and the main story was told very well. I was really impressed with how well the film was told. I think this film deserves a lot of credit for telling a story that really needed to be told and it is a very interesting story to tell. I really enjoyed the characters and the emotions they went through. They all had very realistic and human feelings and it showed the reality of the street life. I thought it was very realistic. I also really enjoyed how the film was very realistic and showed the reality of the life these two kids were living. I really loved how the film portrayed them not only as kids but also as adults and how they were really living normal lives, going to school, going to school, and playing baseball. I was really moved by the story and the way it was told. The story was told in a very realistic and honest way. The characters really showed the reality of what they were going through. I think this film really hit home for me because it really showed the reality of what these kids had to deal with. It really got me thinking about how much I had been through and how much more I have to go through. I'm still dealing with it every day and I know it will be the same for my kids. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a heart. It really gets to the heart of what it's like to be in that situation and how the emotions you have to live with. I really liked the film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Roy Woods photo
Roy Woods

After 9 years of trash children I find myself not wanting to go there anymore. You can never fully appreciate the impact that these kids had on my life. Each one's story is different but they all share the same unspoken fear. The people that make a child believe in something even if it's a negative thing, it's also responsible for their generation. If they do not leave the world a better place, I am willing to bet a parent won't be around for long. These kids are truly scarred. No, not mentally, but emotionally. The impact is so well known that no one is really sure what to do about it. At some point people take it into their own hands, the result of which was actually shocking. It's no secret that these kids are never going to be normal and they are very well suited for what they do. The result of this type of treatment is no surprise, when it's not very noticeable anymore. But their story is so well known, and there are so many people willing to help them and their families, it is no wonder these kids are never going to be normal again. A lot of the kids have formed close relationships with adults, such as their fathers. In some cases it works very well, in others it does not. Even though there is some reason to believe that there is some connection, it still remains a mystery. As of now, most of the boys have been released from the institutions. Some of them seem to be happy with the world, while others are still waiting for their families to pay attention. This is one of those documentaries that I would watch again and again. I will not give it away, but some of the stories that were told made me rethink things I had been thinking about. For those who may not have had these experiences, I think you would enjoy this film. I would strongly suggest that you see it. It's important for everyone.

Joe photo

I have never watched a documentary on garbage pail kids before but this one was really good. The director talked about what the kids went through and their lives. They were just amazing. They all played their roles very well. I recommend this documentary to all trashpail kids.

Donna Hicks photo
Donna Hicks

I recently saw the documentary Garbage Pail Kids, directed by the group, Garbage Pail Kids. It is a really interesting movie and I was very impressed by it. Some of the stuff in the documentary is even funny and it really made me laugh. Some of the things that they did was so clever, but I did laugh at the documentary. It is a funny movie and a really cool documentary. For me, it was a lot more interesting than the upcoming Donnie Darko, which I did not like. The story of this film is pretty good. I was really amazed and had a good laugh. I really liked the documentary. This is the first documentary I ever watched in my life and I am very happy that I saw it. I recommend that everyone should see this movie. It is a very interesting movie and I think everybody should watch it. I am giving this movie a nine out of ten.

Zachary Lee photo
Zachary Lee

The Garbage Pail Kids Story is a documentary that tells the story of six children, all from different parts of the US, from the time that they were born until they were 13 years old. The children and their families talk about what they know about the various diseases that have been passed down from generation to generation. What I really liked about this documentary is that it clearly shows that it is the family that is at fault. The problem that these kids had was not something that any one could be responsible for. The parents were not that great of parents, but that is to be expected. What is surprising to me about the documentary is that it really doesn't mention anything about the children's parents. It shows the families in a way that they are not at fault, but rather just are the result of a family that was different than their family. I really liked this documentary because it shows the problems that families have when their child is sick and needs treatment. There is no blaming, no shame, and no argument. This is why I think that this documentary is so important. It shows that when families are different than each other, something should be done about it. It shows the issues that families have, and the hard and hard decisions that are made. I think that there is not one person that is responsible for what happens to these children, and that is why this documentary is so important.

Sarah Collins photo
Sarah Collins

In the 80's, The Garbage Pail Kids Story is a big-budget film that turned out to be one of the most successful independent films of the decade. It was nominated for several awards including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The Garbage Pail Kids Story is a love story about three young kids, Damon (Joe Pantoliano), Edward (Jack Black) and Kevin (Tom Atkins), who are sent to the New York trash dump after the father of the family is killed by a dumpster. They live with their uncle (Arthur) who is a trash collector and not so loving towards his younger children. When the family discovers a park and a restroom in a private property they quickly run to the dumpster but when they find out the father of the family has died they are locked in the garbage dumpster and need to survive the night in the trash. This is a great movie because it portrays the garbage dumpsters in a very realistic way and is one of the few movies where I feel the kids never see the food they have eaten and their surroundings. I would also like to say that the acting of the kids in this movie is really amazing. This movie makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it makes you cheer. It is a real heart-wrenching movie and it is a movie that will make you feel. See it now!

Phillip photo

There's no need to waste your time here. Its not worth it. It's slow, boring, the very predictable from the beginning. And the creators of this movie are experts in their field.

Terry Reyes photo
Terry Reyes

I am surprised that this is not rated as highly as it should be. It's been a long time since I have seen this movie. As with most documentaries and even television, it is not easy to watch. However, it's very important to see the documentary and you have to be open minded. The movie does go into detail about the making of the movie and how it took nine years for the movie to make it to theaters. I am not the only one to have problems with this movie. I was very disappointed with the film. There were only three things that I liked about the movie. The people that were interviewed are genuine people who cared about the movie and wanted to do the best they could with what they had. The movie was not a political statement and it was not like this was an anti-war movie. It was about the true story of children being taken away from their parents and sent to a landfill. Although the people in the movie are very naive and are definitely suffering from this because of how people are being taken advantage of and treated in the United States. I have to admit that this movie was very important in my opinion. The movie does an excellent job of showing the true story of the children. The director does an excellent job of not showing the children as people and people who are in pain. They show the children as people who are suffering from a terrible situation that the United States has brought on. It is truly heart-wrenching. I have nothing negative to say about the movie. This is not a propaganda movie. The kids were there for good reasons and they were not there for bad reasons. I feel like this movie does a great job of showing the children and their hardships. I hope people will give this movie a chance and watch it. There is much more to this movie than what the director gives us credit for. A great movie that everyone should see. 8/10

Catherine Burke photo
Catherine Burke

You will be laughing, you will be crying, you will be emotionally affected by this documentary. We do not want to see this kind of garbage again. Yes, there are exceptions, but for the most part, we do not want to see it ever again. I'm not saying this is a perfect documentary, but it's the truth. I'm going to try to explain it as best I can. These kids were just one day old when this incident happened. After that incident, they were placed in a dumpster. They were taken from their parents and placed in a garbage pail for their entire life. During this time, they had no opportunity to develop or learn anything, even though they were under strict supervision. They were continuously made fun of and ridiculed. This movie shows what it's like to grow up in the trash. When I first saw the movie, I thought that it was very sad and heartbreaking to watch. When I went to see it again, I thought it was also very sad. After that, I decided to watch it again and I actually cried. It really brought home the sadness of what happens to these children. When the documentary ends, you are left feeling sad. After that, you feel extremely happy and I don't mean just for this movie. It also gives a lot of information about other kids that have similar situations. One of the things that I love about this documentary is that it teaches you that you have to think of yourself and not just look to society for help. The most important thing I want to mention is that you must do what you want to do for yourself. In this case, that means not trying to put yourself in a position that is impossible. In this case, you need to be a positive person and try to do what you want to do. If you want to become a good person, then this is the best way. In this case, I think that the only way for you to do that is to be a positive person and do something for yourself.

Tammy photo

I didn't know what to expect going into this documentary. I thought the idea was interesting but the execution was terrible. It's not that it's a bad documentary but it was terrible. It was so obvious that the producers were trying to make a hit documentary, they tried to keep the focus on the kids while the actual garbage kids were left out. It made it difficult to get into the actual history of the garbage kids. It's kind of sad that they were once famous but now it's almost impossible to remember them. It's also hard to remember the actual garbage kids, as they don't seem like that big of a deal. I'm not saying that the garbage kids were the worst kids of all time but they were still pretty bad. It was like they were making a documentary about some other people and it was never the garbage kids. It's kind of sad that this documentary was made but it was just so bad. If you want to watch a documentary about garbage kids go watch the documentary called Trash Boys, the movie is far more interesting.

Marilyn O. photo
Marilyn O.

This is the story of the garbage pail kids, how their life is changed for the worse when their parents die and they are thrown out of their house, and how they survive in a cold and dark environment. This documentary is incredibly good, the interviews with the kids are very nice, the kids are very brave and open about their childhood experiences, and they talk about how they have to deal with the conditions they live in, and the environment they live in. The documentary also shows how the kids were in such a poor and cold environment, and the conditions they are living in, and how they try to survive, and what the kids do in order to survive. Also, the documentary is very funny, because they have to say "We're still alive, we're still alive", and it's really funny. I really recommend this documentary to people who want to see how the garbage pail kids became such a strong, brave, and great group of people. It's really good and very inspiring. A must see for any fan of the garbage pail kids. 8/10

Amy Gibson photo
Amy Gibson

I'm a fan of Garbage Pail Kids and have always wanted to see the film. I've always been curious to find out what the story is about. I found this documentary on Youtube and was very interested. It's a very interesting story and you get to see a lot of interesting people. I recommend this documentary to anyone interested in Garbage Pail Kids.

Roger photo

I saw this at the Washington DC film festival last week, and I have to say I had so much fun. The kids and their families were so excited to have their story told. There was such a commitment to the story that it seemed that everyone was able to step out of their own bubble and tell the story. A highlight was the answer session where we got to hear from the entire town about how they felt about the movie. The film was quite low budget and I would have liked to see more of the children's school back story, but I think that will be included in a future DVD release. Overall, this is a must see. I highly recommend it. Even if you don't have kids, this is a great film for everyone to see. It has a very positive message and I hope that the film gets a big theatrical release so that people can experience the world of the Pail Kids for themselves. A real plus is the diversity in the film and the fact that the story was told in an open, honest, and positive way. I highly recommend this film and I hope you will watch it as well.

Bryan photo

If you have been living on a diet of the Disney-Movies for the past decade, this movie will show you the true meaning of childhood! This movie is worth watching more than once!

Daniel Shaw photo
Daniel Shaw

This is a touching tribute to the original film, but also an education about how the world is run today. The voice of Marysia and the book are recreated to perfection. The concept of the story and the animation is outstanding. The film would have been terrible without the voice of Marysia and the book.

Patrick S. photo
Patrick S.

I was surprised that Garbage Pail Kids has been nominated for an Oscar. After all, I never thought it would be in this category. The movie is a clever and witty satire of the things we thought were evil in the '70's and how they were changing as the decade progressed. I can't wait for the DVD, so I can add it to my DVD collection.

Jacob photo

This movie made me think and it really touched me. I really appreciated that in some parts of this movie, I actually understood the characters and the pain they were in. A lot of people say that this movie is just a publicity tool, but I don't think that's true. This movie does an amazing job of telling the story of a very small town in Colorado. I never really thought much of the Garbage Pail Kids before this movie. I'm glad I watched it, because it was really awesome. It's important to remember that it's a movie and not a documentary. It's just a story that was told. I'm not going to talk about what the movie is about or anything, because I don't want to spoil anything. I just want to say that this movie really touched me, and I really don't understand how many people don't like it. It's important that you watch this movie, because you're going to get a really good idea of what this town is like, and that's what really matters. It's definitely a must-see.

Stephen Griffin photo
Stephen Griffin

If you're a fan of the Garbage Pail Kids, this is the movie for you! This movie shows the pure joy of collecting garbage to get those plastic bottles and foil and straws. If you've never seen this movie, I highly recommend it! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll just be amazed. This movie is a must-see!

Rachel M. photo
Rachel M.

Another beautifully, raw story of the Great American trash bomb. Forget the specious alliterations, or lack thereof, this is a true story, told from a child's point of view. The trash bomb, it turns out, was a great American triumph, in terms of the financial and social benefits of providing free food to poor people. How can you not feel for the kids? The parents, too. I do not know if the child who appeared in the beginning of the film actually killed himself because of the effects of the events depicted in the film, but it is true that these children are clearly at a crossroads in their lives. The adult guidance is obvious from the beginning, but the children also offer some surprising advice and experience. Watching the film makes you want to grab yourself and protect yourself. The young boys, especially, talk about their experiences as if they had been there themselves. And of course, the film is a powerful indictment of how destructive our American economic system is, and the fundamental greed that makes some of us believe that the Great Recession is just around the corner. The story of the great American trash bomb is compelling, and shows how we can change the system without resorting to violence or recriminations. The film doesn't take sides, and it doesn't over-do the self-reflection, but I think that is necessary if you are interested in the subject. If you don't want to go into the subject, that is fine, but the film does a great job of presenting the nuances, and the complexities of the subject. The film is only 83 minutes long, but it really keeps you interested. The sound track is awesome. I would have liked to have seen some work by the anti-war activists, but the film is at least making some effort to show some difference of opinion. This is a great documentary. I give it an A-.

Scott G. photo
Scott G.

This movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, it's a good documentary about the garbage pail kids, it's also a great film about a famous singer who suffered from a mental illness, it's not hard to see why he went to the hospital and died because of it, but there's some interesting stuff here, you will see that the garbage pail kids were abused by other kids, and that sometimes, they have a real hard time in school, but they never get bullied, they are just kids who have problems with the other kids, and they will have a lot of trouble because of it. That's all the things you will see in this documentary, if you are interested in this stuff, you will be thrilled, if you are interested in a documentary about Garbage Pail Kids, you will be thrilled too.

Margaret photo

The History of the Garbage Pail Kids is a truly amazing documentary. Its so well made, and the cinematography is excellent. I was excited to see this film when it was released. I was blown away. I could not believe how much the movie is an amazing story. There were so many incredible things about the film that I could not believe. The acting was superb. The voice-over was hilarious, and it was so realistic. They didn't waste a single scene. They were so informative. The film gave me so much information, but I could not believe how much it was. It is a movie to watch. I have seen the documentary so many times and still see things new every time. I am so glad I watched it. It was so good and I will watch it again. I have never been so impressed with a movie. I have to give it 10 stars. I would recommend this movie to anyone. There is no reason to not watch it. I love the film, and I cannot wait to watch the DVD. It is really amazing. The best film ever. I was blown away by how much the film is so amazing. If you have not seen the movie, I strongly suggest that you do.

Kelly W. photo
Kelly W.

This is the greatest documentary that has ever been made about the garbage pail kids. What a wonderful film, it has been lost in time. I can't believe it has been missing from the theaters for so long. This is the best documentary I have ever seen about this story. As a film, it has a timeless quality and is sure to be a classic in its own right. I can't say enough good things about this film. If you have any interest in the garbage pail kids, this is the best documentary you will ever see. It is a true must see!

Amanda D. photo
Amanda D.

Great film! It shows that when kids are raised on garbage it affects their behavior. It shows that kids that grow up on garbage take it seriously and want to change the world. It shows that the government is doing the same thing. This film shows the people that have created the garbage pail kids and the government, the big companies, and the corporations that they are all part of and how all of these companies take advantage of the environment and don't care about the consequences.

Maria A. photo
Maria A.

It's worth mentioning that this is the first documentary on the four main characters of the Garbage Pail Kids, Bill and Ted. The four kids in the documentary are not mentioned in the actual story, but it is still a fascinating experience and they have given an excellent, informative and entertaining documentary. In general, the movie is very straightforward, with no reference to any supernatural events. This makes the documentary even more interesting, because it is, unfortunately, the only documentary about the kids, and it's not a documentary about the real story, it's just a very informative story about the children. In addition to being an excellent documentary, the movie is also very funny and entertaining. It's a very entertaining movie. The only drawback is that it might be too much information, but it's still great. I recommend this documentary to anyone who loves children's stories, horror movies, documentaries about children and particularly to those who love documentaries about children's stories. One last thing: it's impossible to make a documentary about children's stories without some people making a comment about them. It's not necessary that every parent makes a comment, but it's not normal for everyone to make a comment about children's stories. In conclusion, this is an excellent documentary and I recommend it for everyone who loves children's stories.

Joshua Ford photo
Joshua Ford

There's always going to be a variety of opinions and opinions can be varied. In fact, a good majority of people I've spoken to on this website would agree with me that this documentary is among the best of its kind. I've watched it a number of times and I would not be surprised if it is still not available on DVD. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see a documentary that didn't have the narrative style of a documentary, but that would still really convey the frustration of this particular children and their parents and let them express it in the most authentic, honest and eloquent way. There's a reason why the term "garbage pail kids" was coined, but for the most part, they are still misunderstood and many adults are really not educated enough to understand their story. They are just kids, just trying to make it through the day without a caring parent to look after them. It is a tragedy to see what they endured at such a young age and how much time and money was put into the production. It really is a shameful and tragic story that anyone should be aware of. I strongly believe that anyone who loves kids should be aware of it. And in some cases, those who don't know what a good parent looks like, it really makes them blind and clueless. I cannot remember a documentary that I've ever enjoyed watching more than this one. I'd suggest you watch it again and then again and again. You might even want to buy the soundtrack and buy it as well.

Joseph S. photo
Joseph S.

I really don't know why I watched this movie. I guess I was a bit bored with the movie I was watching. It was a lot of hype about the movie but I just didn't get it. I felt like it was a very weak story and the director really didn't have much to say about it. I can't say anything good about the movie because I didn't really get the whole Garbage Pail Kids thing. The director really just wanted to show that he knew how to make a movie. He didn't really say anything about how the movie would end or how it would be made. I don't think it was a very good movie, it was just a really boring movie. It's like the director just wanted to make a movie and he didn't really know how to make a good movie. I just don't think it was a very good movie and it's not that great.

Marilyn photo

I was involved in the introduction of this DVD, when I got some very bad news. I had a pretty bad illness and was unable to help with the edit. But after finally seeing this DVD, I must say it is a truly inspiring story and the director had an opportunity to show the growing of the special effects, and how it contributed to the family atmosphere in the film. The DVD features special interviews with the lead actors, the actors who were involved with the special effects, the boys, the people who were involved in the production of the movie and their families. It also includes lots of photographs and a section of the Internet about the development of the special effects. This is a true story, but is a truly entertaining story about a group of kids who went to school with special needs, who have to go through difficulties, and how special needs helped them overcome them. I am sure that if the world had these kinds of stories, they would never be called special needs, and this DVD is one of those kind of stories. It is a true story of a family that cared for a group of special needs kids, and they have been ignored because of the adverse reaction they received from the media. This is a very real story, and I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who can handle hearing a story about special needs kids and who has a heart for the positive nature of the special needs community. I give this DVD an 8 out of 10.

Philip Powell photo
Philip Powell

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Garbage Pail Kids is that it's a film for every one of us. The film is both a look into the lives of the kids who are the Pail Kids and the lives of the other characters in the film. And for those who do not know, this is a real-life story of how kids could live in the streets of New York City. It is, at times, very disturbing, but it is a truth that must be known. This is a film about the true stories of a group of kids that went to live with their uncle and aunt in the ghetto of New York City. They are told that they were abandoned by their aunt and uncle and that they have nothing. But their lives take a turn for the worse when they are taken in by the Garbage Pail Kids, a group of kids who live in the streets of New York City and are told they have nothing. The film tells the story of a little group of kids that they had to befriend and stay by their side to get through all the nightmarish events that accompany living on the streets. The film starts with a very innocent story. Three young kids are in a bus waiting to leave the ghetto and they are told that they have no money to pay the bus fare. They go to the nearest bookstore and buy a bus ticket to a distant city where they can save some money. They travel into the city and in a matter of hours they are met by a group of kids that live in the ghetto and the Pail Kids. The Pail Kids tell them that they are not going to give them any money. They are going to teach them how to sew clothes and give them food. They have a pot to cook for them and they have a pot to wash their clothes in. It is the first time that the kids have seen anyone other than a Pail Kid. They learn to sew clothes and teach them how to take care of themselves. They learn to take care of their bodies and their knees. They learn to read and write. They learn to cook and watch TV and cook a meal for their family. The film then shows the kids having dinner with their parents. They tell their parents that they are not going to leave and they learn that their parents were not willing to take them in. But the parents were not happy and were not going to let the children stay with them. The Pail Kids then show their parents the police. They show their parents that they have nothing. They tell their parents that they have nothing. They explain to their parents that they are coming to live with them and they will be taken care of. They are shown watching a news report on the news about the kids that were sent to live in the ghetto. They hear the news and are shown news clips of what is happening in the ghetto. They see the news and hear news clips of what is happening in the ghetto. The film then shows the Pail Kids and their parents sitting at their table. They hear that there are riots going on in the ghetto and their parents are leaving. The Pail Kids leave and go to live in the ghetto with their new friends. They eat and learn and watch TV. They come home and are happy. But then they see that their

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This documentary is a very intriguing look at the evolution of a distinct subculture, which is the Garbage Pail Kids. Garbage Pail Kids, or the Pail Kids for short, were just kids who grew up on the streets of the inner city of Detroit. The Pail Kids became popular with the right crowd, being completely immature and ignorant of society. As such, they are not people with common sense, but rather like zombies who exist on a diet of processed food. However, the people who become the Pail Kids are an exceptional group of people who are driven by love of music and who love the Pail Kids, who have nothing more important to them than music and doing well. The documentary is a fascinating look at the development of the Pail Kids and how they became popular. It is interesting to see how they adapt to the world and what happens when the Pail Kids are famous. The Pail Kids had no money, no cars, no social support, and most of all, no love. Despite the fact that the Pail Kids live in a very bleak world, they manage to keep their level of spirituality up. The Pail Kids seemed to use their music and their music became a part of their lives. Through their music, the Pail Kids learn to live the good life, and the Pail Kids use the music as a platform to show the world that there is another way of being. The Pail Kids are inspired by their music and use it as a means to express their feelings. The Pail Kids believe that every song and song has its meaning. Therefore, they ask the public for help in recreating the lyrics and perform them in front of their fans. The Pail Kids believe that if they can live life to the fullest, they will not only have more energy and hope for their future, but will have more meaning in their lives. This documentary is very interesting because it shows a very dark side of life that we cannot understand from the outside world. The Pail Kids were so young, yet so immature and disorganized, that the world and the world's thought leaders looked at them as completely idiots. This documentary shows the Pail Kids as the victims of their world and is an eye opener into the dark world of the Pail Kids. It is a must-see for everyone who wants to understand how intelligent people can be. The Pail Kids are the last of the kids, and like all the other kids, they can't make it. Despite their problem, they have great hope. When they get older, they will see how their lives have gone and hopefully learn from their mistakes.

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I'm a single woman, who really loves and adores Garbage Pail Kids, the kids that I watched on TV, and the collection of books they were from. This documentary made me realize how much my life has changed, and I can't wait for the next film to come out, I would love to see a sequel to the movie that was made this year, when the first film was made. I think this documentary deserves a lot of credit, it was not just about the Garbage Pail Kids, it was about how the public is to blame for the deaths of these kids, and it gave me hope that there is a way to turn the tide. All the footage was done so beautifully, I'm sure that the camera was not 100% at all times, it was shaky, and it was super simple, but it was very clear. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, I think it is an important film, it's good for people of all ages, the way the kids told it to me, it was just incredible, I never knew that people really hated Garbage Pail Kids, when I first watched the movie, I was so disappointed, I thought that they were the bad guys, but they were so good, they were so inspiring. Thank you for making this film, I think it is an important one, and I think that the first film that is released is just fantastic, it is one of the best movies ever, so thank you for making this film, I will be buying it, and I hope you make another one, I'm hoping that you will make it the best. Thanks, you are the best, The Garbage Pail Kids

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Jane R.

I first read the Garbage Pail Kids books as a child, and this documentary was an important part of my childhood. It seemed as if my old friend, Tom Wilson, was real and alive; I had never met him until my family's graduation from high school. I recall hearing this film used in high school classrooms as a kind of anti-violence lesson. This is such a difficult subject to talk about, and this film was a helpful guide. I hope you all have enjoyed the film, and be sure to check it out. I'm surprised so few people have watched this.

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Megan Gilbert

Being born in the 80's this movie stuck out like a sore thumb. I'm sure you have heard of it. It was such a departure from what I expected. This is a movie about the kind of people who actually exist. When I first heard about this movie I thought it was going to be like one of those trashy movies I saw at video stores when I was a kid. I expected a movie where the bad guys get in and out, the good guys are ridiculed, and the audience is rewarded. But this movie actually has a heart. It shows what happens when people really care about each other and what they have to do to make it happen. This is a real film, not some piece of crap on the Discovery channel that is trying to make some money. The actors all have a lot of talent, so much so that it was hard to take them seriously. Most importantly it showed what happens when you have friends who are willing to do whatever it takes to help one another. To anyone who is thinking of doing anything to help out other people, there are people in this world who will do it for you. If you are a kid, go see it. If you are a teenager, watch it. If you are an adult, watch it. If you are a parent, watch it. It is so good. I love this movie.

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Roger Berry

One of the best documentaries on the garbage pail kids, this documentary gives the entire story behind the garbage pail kids. From their first day in elementary school to their 50th birthday party, one thing remains constant, they were trash. "I'm not kidding," said one of the kids, "The trash pail kids are trash." This documentary not only shows the kids growing up in the aftermath of WWII, but how they came to be named that, and how a man has to deal with being a part of a day that changed history. The film goes beyond the garbage pail kids and goes beyond the issue of war to a more broad story of the garbage pail kids and how they are still being recognized and looked up to today.

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Cynthia Dixon

To me, I'm going to be the one to take the brunt of this but I'm going to be the one to defend this movie. So, as I've stated, this movie is not perfect. It's pretty full of flaws and stupid decisions. But, it does provide you with a valid perspective on what the Garbage Pail Kids are supposed to be all about. If you're gonna see this, you need to remember that it is a product of the 70's. The characters don't know that there's a difference between a garbage bag and a Pail Kids. They just use the term. It was an attempt to appeal to the 80's. And, they succeeded. Now, the other side of this argument is that it is soooooo long and you just want it to end. I think the message is clear: Never trust other peoples opinions. As a person who grew up in the 80's, I really liked this movie. I just wish the story was better. Now, I'd recommend that you go watch this movie. It will be worth the two hours it takes to watch it. But, it's still just an average movie. I don't recommend it to everyone but I think it's good enough for fans of the 80's.

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Jacob Dixon

This is a very interesting look at the origins of the garbage pail kids, and the way they got their names. I've been a fan of the garbage pail kids for years, and it's fascinating to see how they got their name. The documentary is very well done and informative, and it shows the kids' early life and how they got to where they are now. The kids themselves are very engaging, and you can tell they were very much a part of the story. I think the biggest problem with the documentary is the length. It's long enough to get the point across, but not long enough to really get into the story. It's not an "epic" documentary like "The Kids in the Hall" or "The Wild" were, but it's still well worth watching.

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Terry R.

If you've never seen the Garbage Pail Kids, I strongly recommend that you check it out. Its a must see for anyone who loves trashy cinema. It isn't for the squeamish, but a film like this should be for everyone. It seems that the film doesn't have any information about the actual origins of the film, but at least we are given some inspiration. The characters in this film are real, and the characters are disgusting. As the filth spreads into the lives of the real kids, you can see that each one has been negatively affected by the filth. It is evident that each character has a different story to tell, and the story of the "best friend" is an interesting one. I believe that the best friend, Adam, is the filthiest character of all. It is sad that the real character of the film, Roo, is also the filthiest character of the film. The most of the real actors are completely non-professional, but they work incredibly well. I would also like to thank the artists of the film for not making the film as explicit as it could have been. Most of the times the use of the words "f*k", "p*s", and other vulgar words get to me, and this film is no different. This film has its share of annoying aspects, but it is still a great documentary.

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This movie is a road trip to Auschwitz. It covers the vast amount of Garbage that was dumped in Israel during the Second World War, and all the ways the Allies tried to collect it. It is a very unique documentary that covers all the angles from both sides of the fence. As we watch the documentary we realize that it is a very personal thing for the people involved, that their lives and deaths have a very strong meaning. It is amazing that people can take on a subject that they never expected to take on. It is a powerful documentary that hopefully will change the way we think about these things.

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It's been a decade since the last movie was made and it's probably safe to say that Garbage Pail Kids is the worst movie that has ever been made. I was in high school at the time, and it was a nightmare. Most people in our school went to the theaters to see this movie. And I'm not sure if the idea that movies were used to sell newspapers, or were the focus of the school papers, but whatever it was, it worked. In fact, the idea that a movie could be "made" about the school newspaper was nuts, and the rest of the movie was a huge failure. The original book was a very good read, but no one wanted to see the movie adaptation. It was released as a VHS and got a very low rating. We were then told that it was bad, so we were shocked to find that it was released on DVD. No one wanted to watch it. So in that sense, it's not a good movie. It was awful and we didn't want to watch it. I'm not really sure why, but I don't think the movie was made to sell newspapers, or to make money. It was made for fans of the book, to see how much fun they had making the movie. It's pretty clear that it was an awful movie. And the reason for it is that they messed up the story. I can understand the decision to make the movie shorter, but they messed up the story. They made the movie shorter than it was supposed to be. In the book, it's just a 2 hour movie. In the movie, it's a 3 hour movie. And if you've ever read the book, you'd be well aware of how much time is wasted on scenes that were cut. They cut the segments that were really funny, and changed the segments that weren't funny at all. It's terrible and it's something that I won't forget. It's very strange that it took this long for it to be released. It was released at the same time as the movie High Fidelity, which was released at the same time. And I think the reason is that they both have the same actors, so they both made money off of the book. They're both garbage, but I don't think it's the fault of the actors. If they had made a movie that was half as bad, I'd be happy. But they did it and it was just as bad as the other, and it's obvious that they didn't care about the story, they just made money off of the movie. Garbage Pail Kids, on the other hand, is still the worst movie that was ever made. And I'm sure that we'll never see a movie made that is as terrible as this one.

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Frank M.

This movie has really taken me on a journey of love, admiration, and education. It has touched me so deeply that I haven't stopped crying and I'm still crying. It's a remarkable story of a small American town, its people, and its kids. It's a film that will be in my collection for a long time. I've never felt so much love for a movie before. The film touches on so many themes that one can't help but think about them throughout the movie. A documentary that has a message, a film that shows the true history of America, a movie that will change your life. It is truly a magical experience. The perfect documentary. I can't recommend it enough.

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Craig P.

This is a really fun and entertaining movie about a group of six teenagers who spent all their summers in a small town in the North Carolina/South Carolina area. I found it to be a real laugh-out-loud funny film. The kids are really talented and really show the audience just how cool they are. I laughed more than I was expecting to do. So, if you like goofiness, see this film.

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Carl M.

I am a fan of the Dandy Pail Kids and find them to be my favourite group. I was lucky enough to see them live and, at that point, when I found out that the current DVD had finally been released I was rather hopeful. However, the problems I have with this film are much more minor than the ones that I had with the original and much more minor. What did bother me was the plot in the original. It felt very contrived, often boring and there was very little to make it stand out in comparison. I did enjoy seeing the footage of the original released to television and the interview clips with Doug Walker, who told me about how he always wanted to be in the Dandy Pail Kids but wasn't very good at it, before making it in the band when he was younger. But, I am glad that the second DVD came with the original soundtrack, rather than the cover. The original CD album cover was very cool, with the main dancer's hand getting more attention than it actually deserves. The music itself is good, but the original DVD does not have the original artwork in its sleeve which is very much a must have. Having said that, the original is still a classic and it's great to see it getting the recognition it deserves. If you like Dandy Pail Kids and have seen the documentary I am sure you will enjoy this film.

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First, this movie is a very well made and amazing piece of cinema, definitely worth the time to watch it. If you think of the Garbage Pail Kids as your favorite horror movies, you'll definitely love this documentary. It does a fantastic job of taking all of the things that you remember about the Garbage Pail Kids and putting them together into one nice, neat story. All the characters are really interesting, and really feel like real people. I'd recommend this documentary to anyone, just to see the experience of making this movie. It's definitely worth watching. If you're thinking about going to see this movie, definitely go and see it, you'll thank me later.

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Billy R.

I just got back from seeing this film in New York City. I was so surprised at how well the film portrayed the experiences of a group of kids growing up in a harsh and dysfunctional environment. They were very candid and honest about their lives and their experiences. It was very powerful and emotional. The film follows the story of two boys, one of whom was born in a dump and the other one who grew up in a garbage dump. This is a very sad story that shows the horrific effects of abandonment on children and the negative effects that this has on the mental health of the children. This film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the effects of childhood neglect on a child. This film is a must see for anyone who cares about the mental health of children. I strongly recommend this film for anyone who is interested in the effects of childhood neglect on a child.

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Hannah Greene

I saw this movie at the Cinema in London. I was really impressed with it. I have always loved this movie, I have watched it at least 10 times, and still love it. I saw the movie in the cinema and was very impressed with the quality of the film. It was really well put together. The acting was very good. The director did a great job with the story. I felt that the movie was very well put together. I also liked the story behind the movie. I have seen many movies that were about the garbage pail kids, but this movie was really good. It was really interesting and really got me thinking about how the kids got into that situation. It was a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Garbage Pail Kids.

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If you are looking for a "parent-friendly" movie to watch with your children, this is not it. This is a movie that your kids will not see as a child. This movie shows the story of the main characters who were "turned" into garbage, but the human who was "turned" into garbage is not the same person as the "garbage" collector. The movie is not about the collectors but rather the people who helped to collect the garbage, and the kids who grew up with this story. I can tell you this movie will have you talking for hours after you watch it. It is a must see for any parent.

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Vincent Knight

I have seen this movie more times than I can remember and it is still funny. I remember that the writers used to make fun of the movies that came out during that time, but then they would make fun of the movies that came out now. It was amazing to see the writers come back to the old movies and make fun of them, like they used to do with the garbage pail kids movies. I am a huge fan of Trash, Garbage, and Old School Movies, and this movie is a part of it. I loved the musical number that they did and I wish they would do more movies like this one.