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The Oath

The Oath is a movie starring Ike Barinholtz, Tiffany Haddish, and Nora Dunn. In a politically divided America, a man struggles to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without destroying his family.

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ターキー・パニック, Zakletva, Lealtad
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Thriller, Comedy
Ike Barinholtz
Ike Barinholtz
Tiffany Haddish, Chris Ellis, Nora Dunn, Ike Barinholtz
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In a politically divided America, a man struggles to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without destroying his family.

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Angela photo

It's the mid-1970s, and the streets are a mess. A man named "Terry" is trying to find his identity in a world of crime and deception. After a botched robbery in a nightclub, Terry's ex-girlfriend Donna (Lynne) dumps him. When Terry returns to his hometown to find his old girlfriend still living with him, he is shocked to find that she's married and pregnant with his son. But as Donna and Terry begin to fall in love, the situation becomes more and more dangerous for both of them. "The Oath" is a weird, funny, and dark film. It's a film that would be very easy to hate, but it is so original and funny that it's impossible not to like it. Terry is a man who is never truly satisfied with the world around him. He is a quiet, introspective, and quiet man. He's constantly looking for answers, and at times, the only thing he knows is that his ex-girlfriend dumped him. It is easy to understand how he became this way. But once he finds out that Donna is married, he begins to change his ways. He starts to look for answers, and he does find them. It's a movie that is a perfect example of how a film should be. It's one of the best comedies of the 1980s. The film is a dark comedy, but it's not meant to be taken seriously. The comedy is at times very subtle and the film is definitely not for the squeamish. It's the kind of film that makes you think and make you laugh at the same time. The film is also a little bit of a love story, and the love between Terry and Donna is just as surprising as Terry's identity. The ending of the film is also very well done. The film is very unique, and while it's not for everyone, I'm glad I saw it. It's a film that is hard to find, and a great film for people who are looking for something different. This is one of the best comedies of the 1980s, and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD. * out of *

Olivia O. photo
Olivia O.

The scene when the guy leaves the house and the man stands in the doorway with a knife is funny and the best part. The guy is a professional killer, but the woman is a model. I like this movie, it is well made, has a great cast and is very original. I would recommend it to all people.

Katherine Gomez photo
Katherine Gomez

I had the privilege of seeing the premiere of "The Oath" last night in New York City. The movie is a fun mix of modern day horror and dark comedy. The movie is based on a true story. It is based on the murder of a high school teacher by a boy who used to hang out at the school. The teacher was killed because he was the reason the boy started hanging out at the school. This is a great movie that will make you laugh and make you think. The movie will make you think about the importance of education, and the importance of having the proper amount of responsibility. This is a movie that you will not want to miss. The movie was directed by Andy Tennant, who also directed the movie "The Cat in the Hat." The movie was a huge success and a good word to describe it is a "whirlwind."

Donna photo

I had read some bad reviews about this movie but I decided to go anyway. I'm glad I did. This movie is a gem. I liked the acting of the cast and the story. It's a bit predictable but you will be rewarded. The plot is very original and the way the movie develops is very well executed. I can't wait to see this again. This is a must see!

Anna photo

This is a very good movie that doesn't get much credit for being a vampire movie. For a vampire movie the vampires are not so supernatural like in other vampire movies. They don't talk about you know what. They don't show blood everywhere. They're just sitting around with a big pot of tea. When they are hungry they feed on other vampires. They do show them killing other vampires which are not real vampires. But the movie doesn't fall under the umbrella of vampire. Its good entertainment that you'll want to watch over and over again. If you like vampires, or if you like really good vampire movies then you should go out and buy this movie. I give this movie a 9. I give it a 10 out of 10

Russell S. photo
Russell S.

When I first heard of this film, I was a little concerned that it would be so boring and pointless. However, I was completely wrong. This is a movie that could have been a "show" for the Academy Awards. There are so many twists and turns that you could literally watch it over and over. It is a very smart, witty, and exciting film. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes suspense. It is also very interesting to see a film that deals with the death penalty. I would also recommend this film to anyone that likes to see a very different type of film. This is one of the best films of the year.

Donna photo

I went to see this film at the cinema when it came out in the UK. I was really excited, as I've been a big fan of the franchise since the first film. The film starts with a young man waking up in the middle of the night, and having trouble to get up. He gets a call from a stranger, and when he gets to his doorstep he discovers that he's in the middle of the middle of nowhere, and in fact in a remote cabin with his friends. The two main characters of the film are played by T.J. Miller and Will Patton. Both of them are great in the film, but the supporting cast also do a good job in their roles. This film is very much like the first one, and in fact I can't remember the first film being this good. The script is excellent, with some clever humour and dark comedy thrown in to keep the story going. It's also great to see some of the characters from the first film in the film. This film is also very entertaining, and it's also very different from the first film. It's a very original film, and a very good one. I recommend this film to everyone who loves a good comedy. 9/10

Catherine D. photo
Catherine D.

Great movie.This movie has given me a lot of hope and hope to see more of good movies in the future.

Paul Contreras photo
Paul Contreras

I am a huge fan of Orson Welles. His most memorable moments are a)he does a fantastic job of creating the world of radio via B'way Club and B'way Theater, and b)he gives us the best movie of the year that was silent. The Orson Welles' Most Famous White House Speech is this film. And while the film was not as famous as the one I saw, it was by far the best speech ever. It has a lot to do with the script, that when the script was written it was made more political by the fact that welles was there to make it more political. The film was not given the same ratings it deserved. It was critically acclaimed, and won the best picture Oscar. This is the best speech that has ever been put on film. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It will change your perspective on life and filmmaking. All I can say to my friends is thank you for making this film and making a great masterpiece, and thank you for the film. You deserve a great movie.

Bobby Harvey photo
Bobby Harvey

So far, this has been my favorite movie of the year. I am shocked at the reviews of this movie. It was an amazing movie. I thought that it was going to be bad, but it was great. I also liked how the story was so good and it was interesting to watch. I will say that the actors did a great job. I think that the people who were criticising this movie were just criticising the movie. They didn't even like the movie. It is a really good movie, if you are not expecting anything else. I think that it is a great movie. I recommend it to everyone. 9/10

Samuel photo

I had no expectations. I had to see the movie not because it was good or bad. I had to see the movie to believe it was a good movie. I'm happy I got my money's worth. The jokes are great and the acting was better than what you usually see in this kind of movie. I'm also happy they didn't take the car "exotic" and instead have it as a "Common man" car. I'm hoping to see more movies from these writers. And if they're able to do a sequel, I'm sure it will be a lot better. :)

Cheryl photo

It is very rare that a film gets the opportunity to do that. This film did just that. It gave us a first hand account of what a woman must endure on a daily basis. I think the movie was very effective in portraying the extreme fear and stress that a woman must go through to maintain her own dignity and to maintain her personal honor. This film has a very dark and disturbing side to it, but it is not the focus of the film. It is the film's humor and beauty. I was very impressed with the way this film was shot. It was very artistic and I was very impressed with the actors. I was especially impressed with the way they portrayed the characters. It is a very good movie, and it should be seen by everyone.

Gloria photo

What would you do if you were told you had a two-year-old child with Down syndrome, who could use the bathroom only if you provided food and other necessities? Would you go ahead and take it? Or would you give it up? This movie is not a horror film, but a light-hearted comedy about a family that gives up on their baby and goes on a road trip to find him. This movie is well-acted and the comedy in the movie is very light-hearted and light-hearted. The characters are very well-developed and the whole family comes off very well. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone.

Nancy photo

After seeing the trailer for this movie, I was sure it would be a waste of my time. But, as I watched it, I was surprised at how great this movie was. I don't know why, but I was completely enthralled by the movie. The movie is a comedy, and it is funny, especially during the flashback scenes. The movie is very easy to watch, and it has some serious elements, like the fight between the main characters. The movie is a must see, and it's definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year.

Amy photo

I think the main reason that people don't like this film is that they expect a few things. They expect a few laughs, a few memorable lines and a few beautiful shots of the beautiful and dangerous process of time travel. For me this was just an enjoyable film that kept me laughing all the way through. You have to give the film credit for the perfect casting - it's impossible not to look at this cast and think that this would have been one of the best and most original films of the year. The writers must be quite proud of this film for just coming up with some good dialogue - not the stuff that was in the previews. And let me just say, the characters are incredibly interesting - I can't think of a more likable and likable group of actors out there. The trouble is that most people have no imagination and they don't know what they want in a film. They expect the familiar and it's fun to see something that doesn't resemble everything else that's out there. So if you're a fan of science fiction films, you need to check out the film. If you're not a fan of science fiction films, you definitely need to check it out. It's a real treat to watch this movie and be taken by the natural and entertaining dialogue and the wonderful things that happen in the film. There's really nothing else like it on the big screen. I think it is a perfect ending to the year - a memorable film that I can't wait to see again in the future.

Juan Wong photo
Juan Wong

I would have to agree that this is a great movie. The story was compelling and I enjoyed the twists and turns. The acting was good, although I expected better from Mark Duplass. I'm actually surprised this didn't have a bigger rating from me. I'm not one to look for 'exciting' movie reviews. But I was disappointed that this was not rated higher. I thought the actors were amazing and I hope more people will discover this. I am a big fan of Idris Elba, but I'm still waiting for the next Figgis movie. He should have an Oscar for this. I'll be looking for this one over again!

Marilyn photo

It is an enjoyable and thought provoking movie with a good message. It has that surreal feel, but at the same time it makes you think and you laugh a lot. Don't go expecting to see a serious movie. It is hard to think of a more fun movie.

Sharon Hudson photo
Sharon Hudson

I was looking forward to watching the movie, but all I can say is that I was very impressed. The movie was a combination of all the things that I love about movies and is perfect for any party. The ending was a lot better than I thought it would be. The acting was also pretty good for an indie movie. I like the fact that the acting wasn't very hot. The characters were very real. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a nice movie night, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it again. I give this movie a 10 out of 10, even though it didn't have much story, it was very entertaining. I think this movie is definitely one to check out.

Bryan P. photo
Bryan P.

I just watched this movie, and I just can't get over how clever it is. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it, because you will not regret it. The acting is superb, and the story is incredibly well thought out. You can tell the writers really cared about this film and that they put in a lot of time and effort into it. It is a very well written movie, and very entertaining. You will laugh a lot, you will cry a lot, and you will be entertained. It's not a movie that you watch just because it's funny, it's a movie that you watch because it's great. And that's exactly what this movie is. It's great! I love it!

Patrick S. photo
Patrick S.

Absolutely brilliant movie. I love it. After watching this movie, you'll probably laugh, you'll probably cry, and you'll probably wish for a new life. This is a movie I watch at least once a week and am glad I watched it. I can't say much without ruining it. Also, the storyline is amazing. I wish more movies were like this. I'll say it again: A must watch.

Diana C. photo
Diana C.

I don't think any other people who has seen this movie haven't seen the commercials. I love this movie! This movie is way better than you might think! It's a great movie, the characters are very cute and the story is great! It's got a really unique concept, it has a story about someone named Owen, his sister and his brother, who are put into the same class. Owen is the leader, but his sister is sick, and when she comes out of her coma, she tells her brother Owen is in trouble. Owen is supposed to be a police officer but his sister sees him as a normal guy, so he has a dream, where he's surrounded by strange and strange creatures. He takes his sister to a hospital, where they meet the mysterious nurse. She has an idea to kidnap Owen's brother, and when she's finished with him, she takes him to her sister's hospital, where he is in a coma. Owen wakes up and in the hospital, he meets the weird nurses, who are all possessed, and they're all very dangerous, so he has to fight them off. He then meets the other nurses, who all are gone after they're left behind by their doctor, so he has to fight them off. The movie is great, because the story is good, the characters are adorable, and it's got some very good special effects, especially when the ghost creatures attack the hospital. This movie is good, I'm giving it a 10/10, because it's a good movie, and the actors are great, especially Rufus Sewell and Kristen Connolly! I'm giving this movie 10 out of 10, because it's a great movie, and it's a fun movie. I recommend this movie to anyone, I give it a 10/10, and I give it a 10/10.