Steam Liam: As It Was

Liam: As It Was

Liam: As It Was is a movie starring Liam Gallagher, David Adcock, and Paul Arthurs. Rockumentary following British singer, Liam Gallagher, as he attempts to make a solo comeback.

Other Titles
Liam Gallagher: Tak bylo, リアム・ギャラガー アズ・イット・ワズ, Liam Gallagher: As It Was
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Music, Documentary
Charlie Lightening, Gavin Fitzgerald
David Adcock, Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Gene Gallagher
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Rockumentary following British singer, Liam Gallagher, as he attempts to make a solo comeback.

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Steven H. photo
Steven H.

I saw this film as part of the 20th anniversary of British metal band Judas Priest. The film was shot in 1995. I have a bit of a story to tell, I was very young when the band started. They had a lot of followers and a lot of heavy metal fans, but not many metal fans. They were touring, and one night they were playing in a city park. They were the only band in the park, and they started to play and I was sitting there. I was very young, and I have never been in a metal concert before. I was just a teenager, but I was just mesmerized. The band was playing and the audience started to dance. I was so mesmerized I had to get up and leave the theatre. This film was made for me. I know the music and I know the history. I really like this film and I think it's very well made. It's very inspiring and it makes me feel like I should get out and play my guitar again.

Keith Cole photo
Keith Cole

First of all, I just want to say how much I enjoyed this movie. I've been a music fan my entire life, and I never knew what to expect, but I'm glad that I went to see this movie. The way that it was portrayed, the fact that the director made it so easy for the people who did not know much about music to understand what it is, I thought was wonderful. And the way that he was able to portray what it was like to go to the musicals was awesome. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of music. I think everyone who watches it should be able to enjoy it as much as I did.

Deborah Thomas photo
Deborah Thomas

This is a truly remarkable film. A true masterpiece. A must watch. The film is also about the life of a legendary band from the 70's. The film is a real treat to watch, from start to finish. It is a true journey, from an excellent and gripping screenplay, to great music and good story telling. In fact, the whole film is really great. Great production, good performances, great music and the music is the one and only reason to watch this film. The film is about the lives of the band members of the band Led Zeppelin. The film tells the story of the band members, who were all teenagers when they started the band. It is about how they got into the band, how they became famous and how their story ended. It is about their rise and their downfall. The film is great, and it's a must watch. If you love music, you will love this film. It is one of the best musical films ever made.

Emily D. photo
Emily D.

Just watched this documentary for the first time. As It Was is a great example of what the music industry is about. It is very factual and explains everything in a simple yet powerful way. I'm not a fan of rock music, but this documentary was actually pretty entertaining and I was actually surprised to see the amount of good bands featured in this documentary. The music is a little dated now, but I don't think that matters. This documentary is extremely informative and not only for music fans, but anyone who loves the music industry. This is a must see for anyone who loves music.

Jason Cook photo
Jason Cook

I really enjoyed this documentary. I had a couple of people tell me that they thought it was too long and that it was all about the group's time on the road, but I think they really missed the point. The point of the film was to show how Liam's love of music and the music scene had shaped his life, and how it had changed him. Not just because of his love of the music, but also because he had to overcome all the obstacles in his life to make his music. Not just his life, but the life of the people he was making music with. And I really enjoyed the way he did that. The movie really did a great job at showing how Liam went through a lot of different things, but it did not really show how his life had been altered or what it would have been like had he not had his music. It also didn't show his struggles with his relationship, or his feelings towards his father. But, I think that they did a really good job of showing the how his love of music had shaped his life. And that's really what this documentary is all about.

Rebecca K. photo
Rebecca K.

There's a beautiful set of videos here. It is more about the history of drumming, specifically of American drums, than it is about the history of punk. The historical video that came out with Efrim Menuck (who, let's face it, is probably the least popular drummer of all time) is also very interesting. The music videos are also nice, but it is almost impossible to tell what's going on in the videos, which means that they're mostly pointless, although I like that they are very random. The videos are mixed with narration, and it's nice to see all the different clips in the different bands, but it is a little confusing. It is interesting to see how a lot of the clips and the songs of various bands were done. Some of the footage is actually well-done and will be really interesting to hear, but many of the clips are just horrible, and it doesn't help that they are done by different people. I think that the majority of the clips and the songs will be boring to the point of being unlistenable. All in all, a decent compilation, but still nothing special.

Diana D. photo
Diana D.

For those who are unable to view movies for free on video or VOD. Watch this movie! It is a "must see" movie. Some of the comments that were posted before me on this site are from people who have had the experience of seeing this film. Some were given a free ticket to see it and never returned. I can only assume that they just don't want to be disturbed. If you are like me and see movies for free and/or don't want to see them then this movie is for you! There is a lot of amazing footage that I am sure will not be seen by anyone else. There are some scenes that I thought were out of context or completely unrelated to the story of this film. It's a great film to see and I'm sure you will enjoy it. It's not "like watching the thing that made me want to become a musician" as one reviewer wrote. I will be seeing this film again in the future. I feel that it is definitely worth the money to see it. My advice to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, don't let the marketing people ruin your experience. They are only doing it to try to get people to pay to see the movie.

Beverly M. photo
Beverly M.

I recently watched the documentary As It Was: The Tribute To The Wrecking Crew Of The Space Shuttle Challenger and while I was not totally surprised to see the truth, I was very moved by the movie. The tribute is done with great precision and the footage that was used in the movie is extremely compelling and extremely moving. I was not able to feel this during the event itself because it was so moving, but the DVD contains interviews with the crew members, and the touching stories of the families and friends of the crew are very compelling. I will be looking forward to seeing the movie again and am very excited to hear more about the crew members and how they have been treated in their years of service. In the near future I plan on watching the documentary Behind The Scenes Of The Challenger Space Shuttle and I hope to be able to see what the film was made from. I hope that the crew members and the families will be able to share their stories in the future and that they will be able to see the movie as well. This movie is a true story that deserves to be told.

Ralph Munoz photo
Ralph Munoz

This documentary about the band The Rolling Stones is a must-see for any fan of music. The film starts out with the band's childhood in the 60's and 70's and then it goes back to where they are today. It has great interviews with the band members and their families and it's really informative and entertaining. The documentary does a great job of showing the struggle and struggles the band had during the 60's and 70's. The film also gives you a look at how the band has evolved over the years and shows you how many things have changed in the years since they started making music. You also get to hear from people who are actually part of the band like Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and even Phil Spector. Overall, the documentary is a great way to see what the band is really about and why they are so popular. It also gives you a great look into the band's past and how they have changed over the years. I highly recommend it.

Nathan photo

This documentary is a great overview of the history of the bands the GORILLA, BLACK, and RAINBOW. Although the documentary covers bands that were just starting out, there is plenty of detail about bands that were a few steps ahead of the pack, such as KISS and BLOODSTRING. The documentary goes in depth on each band, focusing on their most successful years, how they got started, and their biggest obstacles. It's a must see for anyone who loves music and has an interest in the history of the band. It was nominated for a Grammy, and I'm sure that many will be surprised at the quality of the movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Joseph Patterson photo
Joseph Patterson

It's been awhile since I've seen a documentary that is as raw as this one. I'm not sure what people expected when they came to this doco but it doesn't come close. It is a very emotional film about an artist who had a very difficult time getting his music to be released. It really hits you and you can't turn away. You want to cry and it's not like you can turn away. It's very sad and you can't help but want to see how his music is coming out. It's an incredible story of how a music career turned into a life without money and family and he is still struggling to release his music. If you have never seen it I suggest you do because you'll not be disappointed. It's a must see. I give it a 9 out of 10

Mary J. photo
Mary J.

Despite the presence of Johnny Depp, I really wasn't interested in seeing this documentary. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't have anything new. It was just another documentary of something like rock & roll's bad days. The acting is very good, though. I'm not a fan of Johnny Depp, but I liked him in this. The other guys in the movie were great too, though. I would've liked to see them talk about the times they got into trouble. Maybe they could've given them a few insights as to what they went through. It was funny, though. There was one interview that went well. They talked about how they could play to all the people that they wanted to play to, and all the labels and managers that they got involved with. I loved it. The music was great, too. It was a very interesting documentary.

Lawrence F. photo
Lawrence F.

This film is about the director of the documentary about the Led Zeppelin era and the effects that it had on the rest of the music industry. It is an extremely intimate look at the band members. It's a great film about a very strange period in their lives. But it's not just about the band members. It's about the artists, the business, and how they made it and lived. It's not just about the band members but the people that were involved in the making of the documentary. The documentary itself is very powerful and it's a very powerful look at the period. There are some very funny moments, but the film is really about the men. And it's about the men. But it's also about the women in the band, as well. It's a very strong film. It's really worth seeing.

Joshua Alvarez photo
Joshua Alvarez

Tearing it up with the character of Liam in his early days. The sound of your body cracking is still powerful, despite being a decade old. I've never met Liam, so maybe that speaks to his persona, but it's my feeling that this film was not really his type of film. It's still very much about the band, but it's not a typical rock doc. I don't really know where to start, but I think the film would have been better without the music. The plot was okay, the documentary about the band just seemed out of place. It could have been about the band's growing pains and some other stuff. I guess this would have been more of a personal documentary, with Liam and the band instead of the music.

Nicholas photo

This documentary takes a look at the rise and fall of legendary jazz drummer Bill Lee, who is often called the "Biggie Blowing Up" of American music. It's a fascinating and heartbreaking story. How Bill Lee's life was wasted, he didn't get the respect he deserved. What it was like to work with Bill Lee, who is now dead. How he suffered from depression and his own demons. What the story was like to have worked with Bill Lee, his band, and his family. It was a fascinating story, but the movie isn't very clear on a lot of the details, especially the last ten minutes. There's no real story telling, it's more of a band doc. Still, it was a good documentary, and I recommend it. Overall Rating: 7 out of 10.

Terry G. photo
Terry G.

I'm not exactly sure how much it can be taken to represent how the rock bands reacted to the band's breakup. There were only a few things about the actual facts of the breakup that were so hard to believe, and that's where I think the movie failed, because I know how bands are like, and there are going to be many things that will be shocking, and a lot of people will hate it, but if it makes you feel a little sad, you're going to like it.

Andrea Murray photo
Andrea Murray

This is the most original music video ever made. This is truly a movie that you must see. It's so original and so different than anything you have ever seen before. I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was a great idea to show it. I thought that it was extremely well done. I also thought that it was a great idea to show this at the Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon. I hope that people who don't like it will still see it. If you do, you'll see that it's a great movie. It's definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen.

John Richards photo
John Richards

I liked this documentary very much. It was really well done and very interesting. The documentary takes a look at the history of the Misfits, who went on to make some very well-received albums. I think it's fair to say that the band didn't do well with the public and they were never really popular. But after all, they had a lot of good music. It was interesting to see how their music progressed from the early days to the albums of the 60's. I thought the music of the band was really good. It really reminded me of the 1960's. The songs that the band recorded in the 60's are very good. I think this documentary was really good. It's definitely worth watching.

Alexander Kelly photo
Alexander Kelly

This documentary was made in 1995 and covers the life of 'The Black Crowes' frontman, Liam Gallagher, as well as the history of the band and its connection with the late King of England, Brian May. The majority of this film is an interview with a former Gallagher associate of the band. It covers how the band went from their beginnings as a band in Dublin to a national touring act, as well as being a national institution with a huge influence on popular music, in Britain and America. The interview also covers how the band was formed and how it was marketed. This is a documentary that you should watch if you are into the band. If you are not into the band, you will be very disappointed as there are many interviews from people that were involved in the band that I do not know their names. The interviews are mostly very brief and often very superficial. The documentary also covers a lot of other topics such as how Gallagher ended up in the United States and how he was able to get into the music industry there. The documentary is very well made, with a lot of great clips and photos. The soundtrack includes several songs that are great for the film. This documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It has a great sense of history and a great story of how a band can go from an obscure act to an international sensation. This documentary is a must see for any fan of the band. Rating 7/10

Jerry Larson photo
Jerry Larson

I haven't been a big fan of Noel Gallagher since he went solo but I am a big fan of his music. His music is great, the lyrics are always funny and in general very creative. So this is an introduction to his music and what he is like on stage and in real life. The first 40 minutes of this movie were very nice and informative and for those who have never heard of Liam then the first 20 minutes are great to get a feel of his personality. The next 40 minutes I found to be very boring and pretty much filler. There were so many missed opportunities for the real story of his life and it was just like a bunch of different stories that he told over and over again. There were a few great parts of the movie that I liked but overall I found it to be very boring. So it isn't a good introduction to his music but I think it would have been better as a documentary.

Emma Gilbert photo
Emma Gilbert

I was fortunate enough to catch this on the big screen at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, and I thought it was well worth it. I was very impressed with the strong cast and technical work on display, and I enjoyed the film for what it was. The question I had was, what it was that made this film, and its many characters, so important to me? Well, the film really doesn't answer that question, though it leaves you wondering.

Wayne photo

I'm sure if you were an avid fan of Liam Gallagher, or even just a casual fan, you might enjoy this film. However, this is not the same Liam Gallagher that you might remember from the likes of The X Factor. There are a few major changes here. First off, his mother is not playing the guitar on the cover of In the Red Room. This is not a diss to her, but it seems that the cover's promotional team wasn't used to Liam's guitar playing, so their cover's cover the lyrics. Secondly, there are no scenes with his father. His father is a large part of Liam's life and it's a sad thing that his dad doesn't appear in this documentary. Liam Gallagher is the greatest drummer of all time. His father played a major part in his musical upbringing and he has been doing it for a very long time. While I would've liked to see him share more of the spotlight, he does a fantastic job of being the front man of this band. I'd also like to thank his management team and band mates for sticking by him through thick and thin. He does an excellent job of showing how he's taken on this crazy music thing without getting too over-the-top. His songwriting is as brilliant as ever, and you'll be hard pressed to find someone that can duplicate what he's done. I would say that this documentary is a little bit on the slow side, but if you're a fan of music, you'll be very pleased with what you get. I don't think I've ever seen such a diverse crowd. It's hard to tell how the young audience will react to this film. The band is in a new album, so I'm sure many will be looking forward to hearing the new material. There are a lot of comparisons to their early days, and I'm sure there will be fans of Liam Gallagher that will love this documentary. It's not for everyone, and I'm sure some will find it boring. But if you're into music, and if you've got a fondness for the Gallagher clan, you'll definitely enjoy it. It's got a good mix of interviews, concert footage and music.