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Brother Nature

Brother Nature is a movie starring Taran Killam, Gillian Jacobs, and Bobby Moynihan. Roger, a straight-laced go-getter hopes to propose to his dream girl during a weekend getaway at her family's lake house. Little does he know, his...

Other Titles
Mi Cuñado es un Peligro, Menyasszony apró szépséghibával, Irmão Natureza, Niesforny szwagier, Cognati per caso
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Osmany Rodriguez, Matt Villines
Taran Killam, Cameron Fay, Mikey Day
Gillian Jacobs, Taran Killam, Sarah Burns, Bobby Moynihan
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Roger (Taran Killam), a strait-laced politician has big plans to propose to his dream girl (Gillian Jacobs) at her family's lake house. But everything goes awry when he meets his potential brother-in-law Todd (Bobby Moynihan): a full-time camp counselor with a heart of gold and a wild sense of fun, pining to be Roger's best friend, and ultimately catapulting him into a series of unfortunate events. As Roger tries to take a stand amidst outrageous fishing excursions, propulsive water jetpacks and American history-themed musicals, he realizes that being a part of a new family may be more difficult than he'd thought.

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Janet Young photo
Janet Young

It's been a while since I've seen a movie that makes me laugh out loud. You know, that way I can enjoy it while I am out and about, not while I am at work or with my kids. That's what I have done with this movie. It has been a while since I saw this movie and I still laugh. I love the cast and the way they put together the film. I'm glad it is on DVD, because I know people will be able to get a chance to see this movie again. I can't wait to get a chance to watch this again.

Jeremy photo

This film may be hard to find, but if you do, do not hesitate to check it out. The cast is wonderful, the script is very good and the cinematography is incredible. I loved the interactions between the characters. The story is extremely well written and the characters are well defined. The movie is a masterpiece, and the only thing I would like to add is the music is amazing, very fitting. I recommend this film to anyone who likes black comedies, or simply loves a good movie.

Timothy Greene photo
Timothy Greene

I've seen a lot of movies with similar plots and themes in the past. This movie is unique. It deals with themes like "wildness", "homelessness" and "alienation" with some very interesting and unexpected scenes. This is definitely one to watch.

Adam Fox photo
Adam Fox

At the beginning of the movie it tells us that we're going to see a story of an american girl living in that part of china. the story is about the recent changes in the government and how their inroads is affecting her and her family. This movie is very funny. If you want to laugh out loud, this is not the movie for you. But if you are a bit scared to laugh out loud, then you will love this movie. The cast in this movie is really funny and the movie is very cute. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Christine photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Detroit Film Festival. This is a film that is at the same time a heartwarming comedy and a heart-wrenching tragedy. The film is told through the eyes of an overweight mother (played by Elaine May) whose son is diagnosed with a brain tumour. The film follows her battle to save her son from a life of fear and pain. The film is filled with great performances from the cast. For instance, the scene with the father and son was so real, I felt like I was really there. The performance of Max Thieriot was also very strong. I really felt that I was a part of this family's journey. I have never felt like this about a film before. I was able to connect with the film and the characters. The film was also a lesson in personal growth for the cast. Overall, this film was wonderful and I recommend it to anyone.

Brittany photo

I saw this movie on HBO late at night in the late 70's. I was 16 and I remember it so well. I have this tape that I love to watch over and over. I have been interested in this movie since then and I finally have the opportunity to see it. I think the actors are fantastic, and the plot is funny and creepy. I have to say that I don't think that this movie is one of my favorites, but I do think that it is one of the best movies of all time. This is not to say that I think that it is any good, but I do think that it is a really good movie. I also like the music in this movie. I have the original soundtrack that is on VHS. I will buy it when it comes out. I think that I would love to see this movie again. I think that it would be a great way to spend my time. I really enjoyed this movie, but I would not say that I loved it as much as I did when I was 16. I think that it was a good movie, but I think that I would still watch it over and over again.

Frances Robertson photo
Frances Robertson

I have to say I was not expecting much from this movie when I saw the trailer. I have never seen the first "Twilight Zone" episode "The Year of the Dragon", but I can't imagine it would be anything other than a weird movie. I was wrong. I was blown away by this movie. It was so good, and it was a lot more interesting than I had imagined it would be. I could have cared less what anyone else thought of it. I saw it at the Met Gala. It was like a major rock star performance. There were all these celebrities, and I mean all, who were really there. People who were actually there. It was the most important thing I have ever seen. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10. If I had to put it in order, I would give it first "Star Wars", then "Big Daddy", then "Darkness Falls". I've never been a fan of either "The Twilight Zone" or "The Twilight Saga", but I think they're both worth seeing, so I think I'll try to find a way to watch them more often. But, if I'm wrong, please let me know. I was very impressed.

Joshua photo

A nice movie from start to finish. It is funny, serious and sad all at the same time. This film has a clever twist at the end that will have you on the edge of your seat and ready to buy popcorn. A wonderful movie and one of my favorite comedies of all time. Although the movie was released in 1994, it still holds up. It still does a good job of keeping a suspense in the viewer throughout. It is a great film to watch with friends. The actors in this movie all do an outstanding job. I highly recommend this movie.

Patricia photo

I'd seen this movie in the theater when it was in theaters and I'd like to see it again. It was a great little movie. It was a little slow in the beginning and the acting wasn't that great but it was still entertaining. If you like quirky and quirky movies then I'd recommend it. I loved the soundtrack, it was great. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. I can't wait to see it again.

Henry photo

I really loved this movie. The scenery is great, the music is great, the acting is great, and the story is great. I have never seen a movie where the story is as good as the plot. This is not a movie where you have to pay attention to the plot. You just have to see it. The story is well done. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Lauren Banks photo
Lauren Banks

I saw this movie with my boyfriend and my sister. We both really liked it. I thought it was great. I don't think the story was too original. The characters were pretty funny. The actors were well-cast. It wasn't a movie I would watch again, but I would recommend it to anyone. I think this movie is just for fans of comedies, people who are into that kind of movie.

Olivia L. photo
Olivia L.

I love this movie! I have watched it on TV 3 times now and I still love it! It's funny, it's funny at times and it's sooo cute! I love the way the girls dress, the way they talk, the way they act. It's soooo cute! I love this movie!

Larry W. photo
Larry W.

I have watched this movie many times and it never gets old. I believe this is a must see for everyone.

Victoria N. photo
Victoria N.

This is a funny does have some flaws, but it is fun. It is not all serious, and the humor is more subtle than many comedies of today. The jokes are still funny, but the humor is more subtler and has a subtlety not found in many other comedies. I think the best moments are in the first half of the film. I love the fact that this movie is not just about a bunch of characters (they do a great job) but the characters themselves and how they interact with each other. It is a great movie to watch and learn about relationships, friendship, and just general life. I give this film a 8.5 out of 10.

Kimberly Watkins photo
Kimberly Watkins

I have to say that this movie is a really great example of how you can do a lot with a small budget. I have seen the movie over and over and I am still trying to figure out how they managed to get this budget and then produce this movie. They did a really good job of using real actors and actors who could actually act. I think they did a great job of getting the right people in the right roles and using them correctly. The music is great and it is funny and it makes you laugh. The cast is really good and the actors are really good. The movie is not for everyone but if you are looking for a really funny movie that you can watch over and over and you can laugh with it, then this is the movie for you. I really hope they will make a sequel because I really want to see it again.

James Meyer photo
James Meyer

This is a great comedy movie with a great cast and great writing. I have watched it a few times and I still laugh every time. The characters are great, and they all have a good chemistry. This movie has a great message about life and death, and it is very realistic. I give this movie a 7/10.

Scott B. photo
Scott B.

If you've seen the trailer and are wondering if you want to see this movie, then yes. It is, in the end, an enjoyable film with great visuals. However, if you are looking for an actual story, then you will be disappointed. I would not say that this is a bad movie, I actually quite enjoyed it. However, if you are looking for a movie with some character development and a decent story, then you should probably wait for the video or rent this movie.

Denise M. photo
Denise M.

As a huge fan of "The Naked Gun" series, I was very excited when I heard that this movie was coming out. I had heard that it was going to be a "straight-to-DVD" movie, but I was wrong. The movie is about a guy named Bill (Michael Caine), who is trying to get his wife (Vera Miles) back. He has a few problems with his ex-wife, who is now married to another guy, and has a baby with him. Then, he gets a job at the local supermarket. He meets a guy named Ray (Paul Winfield), and they hit it off. They become friends. One day, Ray goes to a party at the supermarket, and he meets Bill. He tells him that he needs to leave the supermarket and go to New York City, and Bill agrees to go with him. Ray takes Bill to New York, and they start their journey. They go to the subway, and Bill falls in love with a woman named Nikki (Nicole Kidman). They have a lot of fun, but soon, Bill realizes that he is in love with Nikki. Will Bill go back to New York City? Will Nikki be with Ray? Will Bill and Ray be together? I think this movie is a good movie for all ages. It is funny, and the acting is great. Michael Caine is great, and he has a great supporting cast. The story is good, and the acting is good. It is a good movie for all ages. My rating for this movie is 7/10.

Heather photo

To the average viewer, the movie might appear to be a laugh riot but is a very serious movie. It deals with some very dark subjects, such as incest, incest, pedophilia and incest. The ending is very strong, and is one of the best endings I have ever seen in a movie. The movie is very well made. The cinematography and the acting are excellent. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It is worth the time and money to see.

Marilyn Edwards photo
Marilyn Edwards

This movie is perfect. The actors were perfect, the soundtrack is perfect, the jokes are perfect. And the fact that I have never seen a movie with a female lead is perfect, the humor is perfect. I have to say that I enjoyed this movie more than any other I've seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Bruce photo

I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I will say this: If you want to see a film that's both entertaining and thought-provoking, watch this. It's not a typical comedy, and it's not a typical romance, but it's very entertaining. The plot is very clever and the characters are well-developed. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth seeing. I really enjoyed it.

Nicholas T. photo
Nicholas T.

I watched this movie for the first time last night, and I can say that it was one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. The first time I watched it, I just sat there in my seat, laughing hysterically, and every time I watched it the first time, it was like a roller coaster of pure comedy. The jokes were so much, and I was just laughing so hard that I couldn't stop laughing. The story line is very simple, and I would say that you don't really have to know anything about animal behavior to watch this movie. But I do, and I know that it is great to have an understanding of animal behavior. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is just looking for a funny, awesome movie to watch.

Jordan G. photo
Jordan G.

I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. It was not what I expected, but it was still enjoyable. The best thing about it is that it's not about sex and drugs and swearing, but about life, love, family, and good. It's a very interesting, and surprising film.

Catherine W. photo
Catherine W.

I love Rogen and Soderbergh's style of comedy and this film was absolutely great. It is a satire of the extreme naturalistic world of news and entertainment. The story is like an unintentional comedy and is also about the extreme desire for authenticity. The main characters are really cool and the jokes are great. I really enjoy these films and this was definitely one of the best comedies of the year. It was so funny! It also has a bit of drama and there is some humor which made me laugh. Overall I think this film was great. I would recommend it to anyone who likes comedies or who like the style of film making. If you don't like these types of films, I would not recommend it to you. I would say the best comedy films of the year were "Gone Girl", "The Heat" and "The Hateful Eight".

Juan Austin photo
Juan Austin

I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was funny, exciting, and well acted. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to have a good time.

Susan J. photo
Susan J.

This movie is about a man named Simon who lives in the middle of nowhere with his girlfriend, his brother, and his dog. Simon is the best fisherman in the village and his brother is a drunk. The dog is a lost and very annoying dog that only goes to the river to look for food. Simon's brother is a very good fisherman but he has a girlfriend who he has never met. The best thing about the movie is the comedy. The funny parts are all in the beginning. I laughed out loud at the beginning of the movie. It was so funny. The acting is pretty good and the movie is worth seeing.

David photo

This movie is very funny. It is a parody of some very famous movies. "A Christmas Story" and "Dante's Peak". Some of the scenes of the film are very funny, like the guy with the plaid shirt (can you say Roger Moore's butt?), the party where the gay family is invited (he tells them that he was attacked by a car) and the guy who only got killed because he was a friend of the mayor's (that was one of the funniest parts of the film). This movie is a must see for all of you who love Christmas and the four legged creatures. "The Tree Of Life" is also a great film.

Arthur photo

As a kid I always loved the Beatles, but my childhood was full of dreary and boring affairs. I saw this movie, and a friend said he had never heard of it before, but he loved it. So I went to the video store, and was totally blown away by this movie. What a wonderful movie, I never saw the reviews and was like "Wow, I didn't see that coming." It was a great movie, funny and full of the essence of the era. This is not the kind of movie you have to put down, but for my money, it was a huge hit, I could not stop watching it and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I love the movie so much, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. If you are a Beatles fan, you have to see this movie, you will not be disappointed.

Adam H. photo
Adam H.

I can only assume that this film was written by "Ace Ventura" fans. I am a fan of "Ace" films and I think that this one is a good action comedy. The cast is good and everyone does a good job. I really liked the finale. It was better than I expected. This film is definitely not for everyone, but I would recommend it. If you like Ace, you will like this film. I also saw "Hannibal" the same year and it was a very good film. I think that this film is a good comedy film.

Dylan photo

I was hoping this film would be better than I thought it would be. I was wrong. I felt like I was watching a low budget film and I really didn't get much of the story line. The film is not for everyone and the actors don't seem to have that much talent. It's just a film and you can either enjoy it or don't.

Richard Robinson photo
Richard Robinson

A couple of years ago I saw this movie in a theatre, and was not expecting much. But I was surprised to find it to be a really good movie. The movie has some really funny parts, and is a little bit sad, but that is the point. The characters are all very likable, and the movie is very entertaining. It is not the greatest movie ever, but it is worth watching, and I recommend it to anyone.

Roger F. photo
Roger F.

I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. I have seen all the movies in the trilogy. I really enjoyed this movie. It is one of the best I have seen. It is very exciting and entertaining. The acting is very good and the story is very interesting. It is a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

Cheryl photo

This movie isn't the best comedy of all time, but it has it's moments. The story is decent, and I like how it's a little different than most comedies. I like how it's based on the actual story of Noah and his family. I didn't find it too realistic, but I like the way it was written. The acting is good, and I liked the fact that they didn't show the babies in their heads. I also like how they added the need to keep the animals from killing each other, which is something I find in most movies. I recommend this movie to people who like comedies and/or nature.

John Price photo
John Price

This is the kind of movie I would have never expected to enjoy. The script is smart, and there are few long, drawn-out scenes that do nothing for the movie, except for providing an excuse to get drunk. The acting is good, and the characters are interesting and likable. The story is familiar but compelling, and I found myself caring about what happens to the characters. The cinematography is great, the editing is good, and the music is good. This movie has a nice sense of humor, and a nice sense of pacing, which keeps the movie from feeling too long. I think it's an interesting story that has been lost in translation from film to screen. It's a little on the campy side, but the characters are interesting, and the movie manages to be very watchable without being pretentious. The acting is good, and it doesn't feel like it's trying to be something that it's not.

Judy Jenkins photo
Judy Jenkins

This is a movie that will keep you laughing for quite some time. It has comedy in it. And you'll be wishing for more of it. It has a good message. And it is the kind of movie you can see over and over. And it is a movie you can make your friends watch over and over. I think that the people who made this movie are really cool. And if you like to see a movie that you can laugh at all the time, then this is for you.

Amanda photo

I had read the reviews and was excited to see this movie, and was not disappointed. It's a fun movie, and you don't have to take the "natural" side of life. You don't have to be a skeptic, and you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist. I really like the way it was shot. The scenery is beautiful, and the story is told in a way that makes it enjoyable to watch. I love how they use music and sounds to tell the story. It's a movie for those who like movies that have a lighthearted tone to it. I think it was a great choice for this year's Oscar. I think it was a great movie for the awards season.

Jeremy Weaver photo
Jeremy Weaver

I found this movie on Netflix and I was very impressed with it. I'm not a big fan of movies that are too long, but this one was very good. It was very funny and entertaining. It was a lot of fun. I liked the movie and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It was also very entertaining and I enjoyed it very much.

Aaron photo

The movie is a bit predictable, but it's still a great movie to watch with your friends. The plot is a bit stupid, but the humor is great. The movie has some pretty good action sequences, and it has a good plot. The movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you like a good laugh, then this is the movie for you. If you're a serious movie fan, then you might want to skip this one.

Joe T. photo
Joe T.

I am a big fan of the MST3K series and always have been. I thought this film was great. I was surprised that it was rated so low. It was a very dark comedy, which is not for everyone. If you don't like dark comedies, you probably won't like this film. It's a very funny film, and I laughed at some parts. I have seen many of the episodes, and this is definitely one of the better ones. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially if you are a fan of the MST3K series. I have watched this film several times and it still makes me laugh every time. I also think that it is a great film to watch with friends. I think that this film is a great way to start off the summer, and I think that anyone would enjoy this film.

Lawrence photo

I like the actors here, most of them are very versatile actors. But the funniest is Graham Chapman as the wise old man. I was just laughing like hell, that's all I have to say. Go see this movie. Do not miss it.

Matthew S. photo
Matthew S.

I have watched this movie many times, since I first saw it at the cinema, and I can't get it out of my head. It's really funny, and a lot of fun. I'm not saying that it's the best movie ever made, but it's certainly one of my favorites. The film starts off in a way that many people who have seen this movie already know, and then it takes off from there, with all sorts of things happening, and a lot of funny stuff. I found myself laughing a lot during the movie, which is more than I ever thought I would do during a movie, so I'm glad I watched it. This is definitely one of the best comedies I have ever seen. I think people who don't like comedies or just don't like watching movies like this are not doing themselves any favors. I'm not saying that this movie is not funny, but it is, and it's very funny. People should definitely give this movie a chance, it's definitely one of the best comedies ever made, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And if you have any problems with this movie, or don't like it, I would love to know what it's like, so feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to help. Cheers!

Melissa photo

I have never been a big fan of any kind of comedy, but I love this movie. It's a great movie with a great cast, a great story and great laughs. I can't wait to see this movie again! I know that if I go to see this movie, I will be laughing and smiling all the way through. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, because it's a great movie. I can't wait to see it again!

Peter photo

It was awesome! I'm a bit surprised that it's been rated so low. I saw it and it was a lot of fun. I'm going to see it again. If it's on television I'll probably buy it. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I'm going to try and get a copy of it for my friends. It's a lot of fun.

David photo

I love to watch movies like this, but for the most part I don't enjoy them very much. In fact I don't think I've ever seen a movie so fully executed. It was a real treat to see this. I had high expectations for this one, and I wasn't disappointed. The acting is superb, the plot is original and the directing is beautiful. The cast is amazing, with a great performance from Alan Arkin, and a great performance from Jim Belushi as the lead character. The story is engaging and the characters are well-developed. I thought the direction was extremely beautiful, and the costumes were gorgeous. This movie was a real treat to watch, and it will be a favorite for me. I rate it a 7/10.

Nicole Austin photo
Nicole Austin

To me, it is an OK movie with good laughs, no bad acting, and some nice scenery. It has many of the elements that I love about the genre, such as comedy, drama, and action. The story is also good, it follows a typical type of romantic comedy, but it is still enjoyable. The acting is not very good, but there is enough to make up for it. The music is also good, and it is the one part of the movie that really helps you get the most out of the movie. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic comedies, action movies, or just something to relax to.

Mildred S. photo
Mildred S.

I really like this movie. The only thing I don't like is that I like The Shining. I mean I would like to be a little like Jack Torrance. If I was Jack Torrance, I would have been a little like Jack Nicholson. I mean, it's a bit hard to be Jack Nicholson, but I'd be a little like Jack Torrance. I think that's all I have to say about that. So I like this movie a lot. It's a really good movie. It's not just a "go see it" movie. It's a movie that you have to think about. And I think that's what makes it so good.

Howard Guerrero photo
Howard Guerrero

I saw this movie with my girlfriend and my best friend. I thought it was a really funny movie and I will recommend it to everyone. The only thing I didn't like was the acting. They made a great movie but it just lacked the laughs in my opinion. I don't think it was the actors fault, they just lacked the laughs. It's a movie about losers and it made me laugh. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 8/10

Janice photo

BEST PICTURE! This is a highly underrated comedy about a scientist who finds a mysterious magical box in the desert. He has to prove it's real by making a lot of questionable scientific experiments. All his experiments lead to the strange box. The film is hilarious. People seem to enjoy it. I enjoy it. A bit of the movie is a little bit crazy. But then again I can say that about pretty much everything. I'm telling you I enjoyed this movie.

Carl Martinez photo
Carl Martinez

This is a really good film and one that is a delight to watch and it's an interesting look at how we see animals in the wild, how we relate to animals, and the effects that may have on us and on those around us. It's also interesting to see how we understand the animals that we come into contact with in the wild and how we relate to them and their world. I think the actors in this film do a great job of conveying the animal emotions that they portray, while also bringing the audience in on their own experience. All the animal characters that we see in this film do a great job of conveying the emotions that they feel, while also bringing the audience into their own experience of the animals. Even the penguins that they encounter in the film are quite intelligent and they are able to understand the human emotions that they are experiencing. I think that this film is extremely funny, with a great story, great cast, great direction, and a great, naturalistic story. The best parts of the film are the ones that are the most emotional and that convey the most feelings. I really enjoyed the film, it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed the whole experience that this film brought to me. Overall, I really liked this film and think that it's a great film.

Ralph Vargas photo
Ralph Vargas

I was disappointed with this movie. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be the typical movie that you see in the movie theaters. I was wrong. This is a movie that you would want to see again and again. I am surprised that the movie didn't get any awards. I thought it was funny and very entertaining. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of horror movies. I am very disappointed that this movie didn't get any awards. It was funny, suspenseful, and very entertaining.

Johnny Carr photo
Johnny Carr

This is one of those movies that have your head spinning at first. I don't know if it's the originality or not. It's like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". I was surprised at how much I liked it. It's not the best, but it's still pretty good. The actors are good, and the writing is a little silly at times. But this movie is really good. You will laugh, you will cry, you will have a good time. I'd say it's a 9 out of 10.

Deborah Payne photo
Deborah Payne

This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. You just have to see it for yourself! It is an incredible, great movie that is a lot of fun. I can't say enough good things about it! This is a must see movie! The characters are all very funny and the whole movie is just a great time. It's really worth it! If you haven't seen it, watch it now! You won't regret it!

Eric photo

Some of the reviews are downright moronic. I don't like the idea of a film that doesn't seem to have any serious purpose. This movie is a little like that. I'm not sure how it was intended to be, but it just felt like that. It had a decent amount of humor, but nothing I'd want to see again. I also liked the acting and the style of the film. I like how it looked and felt. The photography was quite nice. I did notice that some of the music was quite similar to "Darling" from the 90's. It felt like a film made by the same director. The acting was great, the story was okay, and the style was quite good. I'll give it a 7 out of 10, and I hope that a sequel comes out. I'm sure that it would be more entertaining.

Christian W. photo
Christian W.

I had read the reviews, and I expected a lot of dumb teenage humor. But I was surprised by the good writing, the acting, and the development of the story. I have never seen a better movie about someone's relationship to their family. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good story. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

Keith F. photo
Keith F.

This movie is funny and original. It has some amazing cameos and the action is great. The actors did a fantastic job. It is a great movie to watch and watch again. If you like comedies or action movies, then you should definitely watch this movie.

Gerald photo

This is a funny film with a very creative, and original story. It was hilarious and the characters are relatable to the real world. When I first saw this, I thought it was just a cute romantic comedy, but as I've watched it again, I realize that it's much more than that. The characters are incredibly likable, the plot was clever and it was very original. The movie is not for everyone, but it is a great movie for those who want to laugh and have a good time.

Rebecca photo

I watched the movie twice, and it was great. I had no idea it was based on a book. I was skeptical at first, but after the second viewing, I couldn't wait for the third. I know many people don't like it, but I really loved it. It was a funny, heartwarming movie. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good romantic comedy.

Maria N. photo
Maria N.

I am a sucker for a good comedy, and this movie is one of my favorite comedies of all time. The plot is pretty straight forward. A girl, a boy, and a dog find themselves trapped in a house and must figure out how to escape. The film is full of laughs and is a fun watch. It is one of those films that you can watch over and over again. The acting is great, the plot is great, and the comedy is great. This is a great movie to watch with your friends and laugh all the way through.

Dorothy Garrett photo
Dorothy Garrett

To start with I thought it was a great movie, a refreshing change from all the movies nowadays. It's about a family that is trying to cope with the loss of a parent, the father trying to find a way to cope with his grief, and the mother trying to make sure she doesn't lose the house and the kids to the father. I thought the acting was good, the family dynamic was good, and the movie was very touching. I thought it was very realistic and the plot was a lot more complex than most other movies that are based on a fairy tale. I thought it was a great movie, definitely not for all movie-goers but for those who like movies that are different.

Gloria Reid photo
Gloria Reid

I love this movie. It is the funniest movie I have ever seen. It is not a movie for the family, and I can't understand why anyone would be offended by it. It is for everyone. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I have never been so happy with a movie. If you are not offended by it, you are the most sensitive person ever.

Samantha J. photo
Samantha J.

I'm not going to say much about the movie, because the plot is so strong that it is hard to describe. I will say that it is a perfect example of a movie that is "too good to be true", because it is the worst of all the movies I have seen this year. It's a movie that is extremely well-done and well-acted. The plot is so good, the acting is so good, and the script is so well-written that I was really looking forward to seeing it. But I was extremely disappointed. I had a great time watching it, but I was disappointed. I think it is an excellent movie, and I think it is one of the best movies of the year. However, it was very disappointing. The storyline is very strong, the acting is very good, and the script is very good, but there are parts in the movie that are so weak that it is hard to get through. I will say that the movie is really worth watching, but it is not worth spending money on. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It is one of the best movies of the year, but it is not worth seeing.

Larry A. photo
Larry A.

I was very impressed with this movie, it was very good. It's a funny movie, and the characters were great. The music is great, and the actors are all very good. The characters were great, and they are all funny. I was very surprised at the way the movie was made. The director really put a lot of effort into the movie, and it was very well made. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh, and a good movie.

Robert photo

What are you waiting for? You'll be blown away by the brilliance of this film! In fact, if you're looking for a movie with some good laughs, this is your film. "What are you waiting for? You'll be blown away by the brilliance of this film!" The story is about a couple who are in love with a man named Will who is not their long lost father, and is running away from his alcoholic father who has always been his daddy. And they have to help Will to find his father, and reunite him with his mother who is still alive. So they set out on a journey to get back to Will, and do it in a kind of wild, free-spirited way, to where they get to go to Will's place, and make up for all the lost time that he had with his father. And of course, that's what makes this film so good, and so funny. It's an ode to the "wild life". And it's very fun. I really enjoyed this movie, and the storyline is so good, that I would recommend it to anyone who loves to laugh.

Scott C. photo
Scott C.

I like movie where people act like idiots, especially when the script makes them look like idiots. That's the movie this is. The movie is pretty funny, with the character of Doug Jones, and some supporting characters who like to be the star of the show. I think it is very good for a movie. I think this is a movie you should watch with friends, as it is really funny and has some great lines, that will make you laugh and you will laugh more. I really recommend this movie. The main character in this movie, Doug Jones, is very funny, he always say the right things, and he is very close with his girlfriend, Mandy Moore, and they just act like idiots to get along. There is a scene where Doug Jones says to Mandy, "I love you. and I am going to be your best friend forever." If you have seen "Monkey Shines" then you can feel the same feelings towards this movie.

Tammy photo

This is a wonderful film, in the tradition of "The Tragedy of Macbeth" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" that was more of a "white man's crime" than a "black man's crime". It is a delightful spoof of the 18th century British period drama. The production is superb, and all the actors are excellent, especially the villain, played by Adam Davies, who is an absolute delight. He is a master of the stage. But the movie is not about the villain. The villain is an unfortunate figure, with no real moral code, but an almost innocent view of life, so that he is worth rooting for. The movie is also very funny, in the sense that the ending is pretty hard to believe, and the plot has the appearance of an urban legend, but the ending is actually very close to the truth. The movie has a good cast, with a fine supporting cast as well. It's not a great movie, but it's a wonderful movie, and a wonderful spoof of an 18th century British tragedy.

Kyle Wells photo
Kyle Wells

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was just another chick flick with the usual "men will be men" and "women will be girls" type of story. However, when I watched the movie I was completely blown away by the acting and the directing. It was so original and unique that I'm sure there will be a sequel. The story is about a group of women who are all victims of a couple of the men in their lives who are out to get them for revenge. The women in the film are either very aggressive and hateful or they are very passive and do nothing. The acting was amazing. The characters were so real that you actually feel for the characters and root for them. The characters were all different from one another and yet all had the same mentality. The movie was so original and interesting that it makes you think about your own life and how you act in general. It's really hard to describe the movie but you have to watch it to see what I mean. Overall this movie was a lot of fun and is definitely a must see.

Marie Reynolds photo
Marie Reynolds

I thought this was a very funny film. Although I really don't understand it the way the guys do, I found it very enjoyable. The guys all did a really good job in keeping this thing going, especially Noodles. But I think that it is totally worth it to see this movie. It was great to watch it. The guys were great in the film and I think the guys did a great job. I also think this is one of the funniest movies ever. It was very funny and the guys were great in it. It was not one of the best movies I've ever seen, but it was really funny. And I have to say that it is a very funny film.

Emma B. photo
Emma B.

If you like being shocked at the stupidity of the media, this movie is for you. This movie is a spoof on the media, which is just like a spoof on the media. In fact, all the movie spoofs are just as stupid as this one. It's just a shame that most of the people who have rated this movie low have just not seen this movie. Some people who have seen this movie have rated it a "10" and some of them have rated it a "9". I have seen the "9" rating and I think it is way too low. It is definitely one of the best movies ever made. I think the movie was very well written, the cast was excellent and the actors really got into their characters. If you are a fan of spoofs, then you will like this movie. If you like your movies very smart, then this movie is for you. I think this movie is very funny and it is definitely worth watching. If you like this movie, then you will like other movies that I have rated a "10" as well.

Jose R. photo
Jose R.

I liked this movie a lot. I think it's because I'm a teenager who likes the weird, weird and the strange. I think it's because I like "adult" movies and because I like music that's not "real" music. The soundtrack is pretty much "Album" music, which is a lot of fun. I also like the character "Ernie," who is the best thing in the whole movie. I really liked his character. I also liked the whole story and the way the plot was set up. The way the whole movie was set up was very clever and the way the whole movie was structured made me think. I thought the whole movie was very good and I think it's one of the best movies of the year. I think you should definitely watch it.

Michael Foster photo
Michael Foster

I had never heard of this film before seeing it at the movies, and the next time I saw it at the movies, I was hooked. It is very original, with a very unique and original plot, and is very well acted. There is an excellent sense of humor and of course, the cast, including two new comers, is very good. This film is a great example of what I think a great film should be. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good comedy or just a good story. I highly recommend it.

Joan photo

I had no idea what to expect with this movie, I had never heard of it or seen it anywhere. I am glad that I went in to see it, it turned out to be very good. I was very impressed with the acting, the jokes, the characters. I think this movie could have been better. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Bobby photo

Of course, anyone who is looking for a good time should see this movie. Anyone who doesn't want to spend money on a movie that is going to be all boring and not entertaining. It is one of those movies that's not as bad as it is funny. I could watch this movie over and over again and still find something to laugh at. No, there are no really bad scenes. It's just not very enjoyable. But it's not bad. And that's what I like about it. Like I said, it's not really that good but there are scenes that make me laugh.

Bryan Estrada photo
Bryan Estrada

An acting performance was pretty good. Only the character "Papapoo" could be considered a strong one. That's because his actions are just so unbelievable. It's one of those situations where it's hard to believe that he can do that much in the same time. So all those other characters are just doing what they have to do to keep this guy alive. It's not that you should get angry at Papapoo, it's that he was doing the right thing in the end. You can't do something like that, if you're a veterinarian. It's a pretty interesting and quite funny story.

Joshua P. photo
Joshua P.

I'm a big fan of The Simpsons, and I was really looking forward to watching this movie, but I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters. I've read the reviews and it seems like people are just mad that it's not on TV. I thought it was a really good movie, and it's a lot better than The Simpsons Movie. It's a little bit different, and you have to have some knowledge of the characters to really enjoy it. I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters, but I can't wait to see it on DVD.

Helen E. photo
Helen E.

I watched this movie with my friend and we both found this movie very entertaining. The script was very entertaining. I find the acting was good as well. My only criticism is the ending. I understand that they don't have much money, but the end was very disappointing. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Carolyn photo

It's funny to see how a movie can be so different from the original. This movie is definitely an original and it has an outstanding cast. I am not surprised this movie is getting a lot of hate. The movie is extremely predictable. It is not like the original where you are having to guess what is going to happen next. The movie is just so original and that makes it funny. The cast is amazing and the plot is good. The only part that is really bad is that the movie is almost three hours long. I know that most people would want to see this movie for three hours and it would be amazing. I also don't like that some of the characters in the movie are meant to be comedic. The movie is still funny and I think that the cast is incredible. This is a very funny movie.

Kathryn Kelley photo
Kathryn Kelley

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it was a little dated, but after I watched it, I realized it wasn't too bad. The premise is pretty stupid, but I thought the jokes were funny. There were some parts that were really stupid, but overall it was a really good movie. It's also nice to see Ben Stiller back on the big screen again, and that's always a good thing.

Brittany M. photo
Brittany M.

It's not that I don't like the movie. It's just that I can't seem to figure out why it's so loved. It's a good movie, but the script leaves something to be desired. But there are some things I can remember about this movie that are good: 1. It is so very predictable. I knew the ending, and was disappointed. 2. There are some great acting performances by the leads, but that's about it. 3. There is a lot of nudity, but it isn't graphic. I don't think I would go to the theater to see this movie if it were rated R. The only reason I'd see it is if I was really looking for a good comedy. 7 out of 10

Arthur C. photo
Arthur C.

This movie was a big surprise for me. I didn't expect to like it. The first time I watched it, I thought it was a bunch of cheesy "silly" jokes and it was just not funny. But I really liked it. It is about a guy who is out of work and tries to make it as a carpenter. He meets a woman who is also out of work and she is really into cars. They get to know each other and they start a relationship. This is a movie that has it all. It has a good story, a great cast, and a great script. It has a lot of funny scenes, but also a lot of touching moments. It is a very sweet story that is worth watching. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Austin H. photo
Austin H.

This film is definitely worth watching. It is a good example of the Hollywood tradition of spoofing the science fiction genre. The film revolves around a group of scientists who are all played by real scientists, and they all try to work on an idea, which involves merging human and animal minds. The idea is not particularly original, but the movie manages to create an amusing and entertaining plot. The movie is quite successful at building up the characters, and making you laugh. I would say the acting is pretty good for an indie film, and the film definitely gets better as it goes on. The story is a little far-fetched, and some of the scenes are a little confusing, but the overall effect is worth the time to watch it.

Terry photo

This movie is a movie that everyone should see. A classic. I don't know if it will ever be released on DVD or VHS. It is truly one of the best movies ever made. I wish it could be released on DVD as well. I can't wait to see it again.

Kathy Henry photo
Kathy Henry

I enjoyed this movie very much, but I was very disappointed that it wasn't better. It is true that it has some very funny moments and it is a nice movie to watch, but it just didn't really stand out. The story is a little confusing and the character development is very weak. It also just doesn't have the kind of momentum that other comedies have. The movie isn't trying to be anything else than a comedy, and it isn't. The movie doesn't have a great deal of emotion and it doesn't really try to be anything else than a comedy. It is a good movie to watch on a weekend afternoon when you want a quick laugh. If you like movies like The Hangover, Se7en, and Anchorman, you will like this movie. If you don't, you won't. I rate this movie 7/10.

Kathy Matthews photo
Kathy Matthews

I can't really explain how much I liked this movie. It's funny, but it has some dark undertones. I don't know if it was the music, or the actors, or the director, or the production, but I really liked it. It's a weird little movie, but it's really entertaining. The first half hour is really slow, but once the movie gets going, it starts to pick up. I think the only thing that could have made it better is if it had a different lead character, but it's not really a problem. Overall, it's a really funny movie, with some dark undertones, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Joyce Jackson photo
Joyce Jackson

In a way, this is one of the better comedy movies of the year, and it doesn't feel like a typical comedy. The script is surprisingly funny, but it's the characters that make the movie. The two leads, Janeane Garofalo and Anna Faris, are likable and funny. I also liked the female lead's relationship with the villain, who I thought was really annoying. However, there are some serious flaws in this movie, and I won't mention them all. The main problem with this movie is that the ending is a little lame. The ending isn't really the end of the world, but it's a little disappointing. I think the ending should have been more dramatic, but I don't think it's a terrible ending. Overall, this is a really good comedy, with a strong cast, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good comedy.

Victoria Martinez photo
Victoria Martinez

I'm a fan of the very small independent films that make it to the big screen, and this one is no exception. I have seen it a few times and find it entertaining and entertaining. It's not just about the quirky, but the character of Lenny. His girlfriend, played by the beautiful Kate Hudson, is the main character, but the movie does have more to it than just her. Lenny is a family man, a lawyer, and a mechanic, and they all share a particular sense of humor. They are all also very successful, and this is probably the reason that they all get together and have a really good time. Lenny and Kate have an important and funny connection, which is hinted at through their relationship and their situations. They both have different personalities and views of life, and their different attitudes and outlooks on life are reflected in their relationship. And that's the reason that makes it so funny. It's a film that is all about the humor, and the characters. It has lots of very funny and witty scenes, and the story is just as funny as the humor. It's about how life can be, and how you can change it to be the best version of it. And it has that sense of humor that makes it so fun to watch. It's not a "feel good" movie, and it doesn't preach to the audience, but I still found it to be a really good film. It's definitely not the best movie I've seen, but it's one that I'll definitely watch again.

Ashley photo

This movie is hilarious, from the opening scene where it shows a man with a long white beard and a bandana covering his face, to the dramatic ending. My girlfriend and I laughed out loud a few times. As a matter of fact, we laughed out loud so many times in the theater that we were too embarrassed to say anything. This movie has everything you could ask for in a comedy: good acting, a good script, and even a few good lines. This movie is a great date movie, or even a great date movie if you're not a virgin.

Nicholas photo

What's your take on the portrayal of the gang in this film? I've never seen any other film or TV series with gang violence, but I thought this was very good. Although I think it's the gang that makes it funny. As for the characters in this movie, I thought they were very realistic. I also thought that the film was very funny, and I think it's a movie that should be seen by anyone who has any interest in gang violence. There are many scenes that have nothing to do with gang violence, but are very humorous. This film really shows how people can change and become the person they want to be, and how people can get together and make it better.

Brandon photo

I like this movie very much. It's funny and full of plot twists and lots of action. I recommend it to everyone. Great movie. I think it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of this kind of comedy, but it's very good. I think this movie is one of the best comedies I've ever seen. I like to see a movie that is very good and funny. It is a good movie.

Heather P. photo
Heather P.

I really don't understand why people get so upset about this movie. It is not a "Watched it, got the feeling" type of movie. It is a comedy that's fun and funny. People complain about the nudity but it's not so much a big deal to me. I think that it really makes the movie more fun and it adds to the drama. I don't know why people can't accept the fact that this movie is just for fun. If you don't want to see nudity, don't watch the movie. But if you want to laugh and have a good time, go see it. In my opinion, it is one of the best movies out there. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it but I would go out of my way to see it again and again. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Brittany J. photo
Brittany J.

This film has a "go-to" director for almost every scene. There are no dull spots in this film. Not one scene is boring or too long. The actors all do a great job and the direction is very well done. When I say good, I mean good. There are many points in the movie that I found myself chuckling at and I laughed out loud a couple of times. This is no wonder it made it to Sundance. I have been a fan of Dave McClary since I saw him in the "The French Connection." He is very entertaining and his work here is a surefire classic.

Richard W. photo
Richard W.

I saw this film at the 2003 San Francisco International Film Festival and was pleasantly surprised at the humor, originality and heart. Director and actor Dennis Weaver was a standout at the festival. His film takes a look at our relationship to nature. This is a really great look at how we can be so lazy about taking care of the planet and our environment and how our own selfish actions and our own lack of concern about the environment affect everyone else. This film will touch the hearts of a lot of people who have the same issues as the main character. The jokes are well delivered and so is the message. If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it.

Janice M. photo
Janice M.

I thought the movie was good. The characters were pretty good. I liked the fact that it was a comedy and that it was a family movie. The only thing that I didn't like about it was that it was too long. The movie was definitely worth seeing.

Melissa photo

I've seen this movie a couple of times and each time I was entertained. It's not that I'm a big fan of all the actors involved, but I'm a big fan of the director. I think he does a good job of keeping the film light and funny without being overly serious. I think the problem with most movies is that they are too serious. This movie is a comedy, but it is not meant to be serious. I think it's a good movie to see with friends. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good light-hearted comedy.

Gary photo

This is a very fun comedy. It has some nice laughs. The cast is good, especially from Mark Wahlberg. He's not a great actor, but he's still good. And Michael Clarke Duncan is a funny guy. The rest of the cast are pretty good too. There are some nice gags in the movie. This is a movie that you can watch with your family and not get bored. I recommend it.

Larry L. photo
Larry L.

This is one of the best comedies of the 90's. It is about two guys who meet at a family reunion. They are high school friends and both want to make it big. They meet up with a girl and they have to try to make it out of the woods to be together. The movie is great and has a great plot. The cast is great. Christopher Lloyd is the star. He is amazing and plays the role of a guy who is very shy. Anthony Perkins is the other guy who wants to be famous and gets sucked into the movie. Kevin Pollak is the other guy who wants to be with the girl. In the movie, they have a lot of great moments and the story is good. The whole cast is great and the story is good. The two guys and the girl are great together. You will enjoy this movie. It is a good comedy.

Marilyn Contreras photo
Marilyn Contreras

I really enjoyed this film, it was fun, there was some light humor in the story, and it was funny at times. The first half of the film was the best, the second half was a bit slow, but the acting and writing was great. I really liked how the movie started off, and I also really liked the ending. I was surprised at the ending, but I loved the ending. The two leads were very good in this movie, and I was surprised that both had good chemistry in this movie. The ending is definitely different from what I expected, but I was very happy with it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good comedy.

Raymond photo

I just watched this movie on cable. I was a little disappointed at first, but it grew on me. It's not the best movie I've ever seen. There are things that I'd change: I'd cut out a lot of the sex and violence. But it's not a bad movie, and I'm glad I saw it. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Michelle Hudson photo
Michelle Hudson

I recently saw a screening of this movie and I was quite impressed. It is a very funny movie, that's actually very original and quite creative. The plot is simple and doesn't really get too complicated until the last third of the film, and that's where the movie really gets into its stride. The performances in this film are very good, and the cast is really well balanced. The main character is a woman who is just trying to fit in, but ends up changing her ways after the first few lines of dialogue. The rest of the cast is made up of actors that I have not seen in other movies before. The screenplay is very well written, and the direction of the movie is very solid. The music in this film is also very good, and it is sung by a couple of very talented singers. The production value is very good, and the editing is very tight, and very effective. This movie has great acting, and a very creative script. This is definitely one of the better movies I have seen in quite some time. It's not a movie that will change your life, but it is a movie that I would definitely recommend.

Ronald M. photo
Ronald M.

I remember seeing this movie at the theater with my family back in the late '80s. It was the highlight of the summer for me. It is certainly the highlight of the "Shallow Hal" trilogy, and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies with a little humor, and a dash of intrigue. I remember it being the funniest movie I'd seen in a long time. I'll probably watch it again sometime soon. It's an interesting story, and the cast is really funny. Everyone is great in it, even Sean William Scott (who I remember as John's best friend in the original TV show). This movie is a little more serious than the first one, but I think it still works. It's definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. I've seen it a dozen times and I still love it. I'm hoping that there will be a third movie, and it would be great to see the characters of these kids from the first film. This is a great movie for families. It is a little deeper, but it still works well. I loved this movie. I highly recommend it. It's definitely one of my favorite movies. It's worth seeing again.

Brandon photo

This is one of the best films of all time. I'm not a fan of James Woods, but this movie just gets him. The cast is awesome, especially the dad, the kids, the grandparents and the dogs. There's nothing you can't enjoy in this movie. The music is great, the plot is great, the acting is great, and the ending is great. If you're a James Woods fan, I strongly suggest you see this movie. It's great, and the best movie of all time. 10/10

Douglas photo

Well, I saw this movie at the Redbox theater. I was blown away. The writing, the acting, the camera work, everything was perfect. The acting was superb and the plot was really good. The whole cast was great. I was shocked to see that I thought it was a great movie. I really enjoyed it. I think everyone should see it. The story is really good. The acting was superb. The cinematography was excellent. The movie is really good. I was really surprised at how good it was. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Robert Curtis photo
Robert Curtis

This is a great film, with a lot of heart. It shows the American dream at its best and worst, and how people can be turned against each other by circumstances, but how one can still love and care for those around them. It also shows that the best thing about a person is their ability to love, and how one can never know what love is until one has experienced it. It also shows that even though love is the greatest gift you can give to another person, it is still very much a gift that has to be earned. The only real down side to this film is that it doesn't have a strong enough message to be considered a classic. It does, however, deserve much more credit than it has received. I recommend this film to anyone, because it is a great film that is not for everyone. I do believe that the majority of people who will enjoy this film will be in the age group between the ages of 18 and 30, because it is very real, and it is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Janice G. photo
Janice G.

This is a very funny movie. It is very entertaining. I have to admit that I laughed out loud a few times during the movie. It was a very well done movie. I give it a 9 out of 10. The story is very interesting and the acting is very good. It is a very good movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedies.

Jessica Stanley photo
Jessica Stanley

What a great movie! I haven't laughed this hard in years! I have to say, this movie was definitely worth the wait. I didn't know what to expect from it, but it was so good that I was glad I went to see it! I was very impressed with the cast. I liked how they portrayed the characters, and I loved how they portrayed the whole story. The writing was great, and I loved the way they portrayed the characters. I can't wait to see what they do next! I really enjoyed the story and the way it was told. I also loved the humor, and the actors were very funny. I think they did a good job with the actors, and I think they did a great job with the script. I think it was a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone. I can't wait to see it again!