Steam In Pursuit of Silence

In Pursuit of Silence

In Pursuit of Silence is a movie starring John Cage, Pico Iyer, and Garry Moore. A film about our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives.

Other Titles
静寂を求めて 癒やしのサイレンス, Stræben efter stilhed, W poszukiwaniu ciszy, Zeit für Stille
Running Time
1 hours 21 minutes
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Patrick Shen
Steve Orfield, Pico Iyer, Garry Moore, John Cage
Belgium, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, India, USA, Germany
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A film about our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives.

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Emma photo

I have to say that I was really impressed with this documentary. It was a very well done documentary. I really enjoyed the interviews with people who had been involved in the film. The way that the filmmakers went about documenting the process of making the film was very interesting. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who has any interest in the film. It's a very well done documentary that I would recommend to anyone. It's very interesting to hear what the people who were involved in the film had to say about it.

Laura H. photo
Laura H.

This is a very important documentary, that should be watched. The documentary is very informative about the people who have been murdered in cold blood, and the documentary is very well made. The documentary is a must see for all people who want to know what is happening in Mexico. The documentary also has some very interesting stories about the people who have been murdered, and it is a very sad story. This documentary is very informative, and it is very important to watch this documentary. I would recommend it to everyone.

Brian S. photo
Brian S.

While the film is very well made, I found it to be a bit too long. I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder to see if any of the actors were making any kind of comments. I don't mind this if it means that the film is being given the attention it deserves, but sometimes it feels like there's a lot of talking. The film is mostly about the history of the abuse of children, but there is also a bit of commentary on the current political climate. The film is very well made, but the pacing was a little off. I would have liked to have seen more of the children's stories.

Billy photo

As someone who has seen hundreds of movies, I can say that this movie was a true gem. The movie is about the activities that happen in the studios and the people who work in them. The movie was very interesting to watch and very informative. It gives you a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes and what people are thinking when they watch a movie. It was also very informative about the movies and how they are made and what goes on behind the scenes. I highly recommend this movie.

Eugene photo

The director and producer of the film "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991) is trying to make a documentary about the history of the FBI, focusing on the FBI's involvement in the FBI's assassination of J. Edgar Hoover. However, the director is not able to do it. He tries to explain the origins of the FBI, but he fails to explain why Hoover was not able to make the FBI work efficiently. He also fails to explain why the FBI did not want to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee. The documentary also shows the director's other films, which are bad. It is impossible to understand how the director managed to make such a bad documentary.

Douglas photo

I loved this documentary and thought it was well done. The story is based on the life of filmmaker Martin Scorsese and his struggle to get a documentary made about the controversial subject of the CIA's secret prison program known as the CIA "black site." The film is beautifully shot and edited. The story is told through the eyes of Martin Scorsese and his daughter, Mia. The film does a great job of telling the story of how the film was made. It's a real story and the real events are not told through the CIA or the prison program. It's told through the eyes of the people who lived through the program. I think it's a very important film and it should be seen by everyone.

Craig R. photo
Craig R.

As a filmmaker and a teacher, the movie had a strong and engaging story. I particularly enjoyed the scenes in Africa, especially the scenes in the mountains. The stories were well-told and often amusing. I loved the small details and the information that was conveyed in an easily digestible way. I've seen a lot of documentaries, but this one is definitely one of the best I've seen.

Frank Thomas photo
Frank Thomas

I had heard about this movie and had read the comments that some people had made about it, but I hadn't heard anything about it until I saw the documentary. I'm glad I watched it and I thought it was very good. I really didn't know anything about the story, and I wasn't expecting anything in particular. I thought this was an interesting story, and it's a pretty easy story to tell. I think it's a good thing that there are a lot of people who are talking about this story. There are people who have no idea of what happened and have just had a couple of beers. They have no idea that it's an entire culture, and they are just not going to listen to a story like that. The movie really helped me to understand the whole story. It really is a great movie and it's a lot better than a lot of other documentaries that are out there. I give this 9/10.

Scott Hill photo
Scott Hill

This is a very good documentary about the history of the Italian sound and the Italian cinema. The documentary is very thorough and includes all the key facts about the sound of the cinema and the sound designers. The documentary is well done and it shows how the sound design was created. It also shows how the sound designers created the sound for the movie and the actors. The documentary is very informative and it does a great job at showing how the sound design was done. The documentary is very thorough and it shows the history of the sound design and the history of the Italian cinema. The documentary is very good and it is very well done. I highly recommend this documentary.

Judy photo

In this powerful and yet humorous documentary, legendary music journalist Harry Lennix goes behind the scenes of "The Sound of Music" and the production of the film in his lifetime. Along the way, he gets the inside look into the music-making process, as well as the creation of the film. We get to know the different people who worked on the film and the kinds of music they were making. We learn that they were trying to bring a sense of morality to the film, and it was the first film to be rated "R" in the US. This documentary is a must-see for music fans, and for film lovers. It's a great look at how the music industry worked during a time when the only people in it were big stars and the people who were in it. Some of the interviews are very interesting. Some are funny. Some are sad. And some are just amazing.

Olivia photo

This is a film about a nun and her battle to save her parish in the midst of the Catholic Church's efforts to cover up the horrific abuse of children by priests in the 1950's and 60's. The movie is compelling and deeply moving. I find it very difficult to watch some of the most horrific scenes in the movie without shaking. This is a powerful story that should be viewed by all. It is a very disturbing story of abuse and the courage of the nun who took on the Catholic Church to help save her parish.

Nicole K. photo
Nicole K.

The film, and the other things that come out of it, are in the form of a question and answer session, which is fine, but doesn't do the film any good. The film tries to say something about the lack of knowledge and understanding of the environment in which we live, but doesn't really go anywhere with it. The documentary film is great, but as a film, it doesn't really have much going for it.

Judith photo

I saw this documentary in New York City last night. I was impressed with it. I am not familiar with the film, but I did see the film "Citizen X" and found it to be very similar to this film. I think the only difference is the amount of money and time that was spent on the film. It seemed that this documentary was edited very well. I hope this film is shown in colleges nationwide. It is worth seeing.

Ann Fisher photo
Ann Fisher

This documentary is the best film I've seen on the subject of censorship in the movie industry, and what it did for the mind of the viewer. A documentary that not only tackles the subject of censorship in Hollywood, but it also tackles the issues of censorship in general. It's the kind of film that can only be viewed by a film student. It is very informative and leaves you thinking about the issues that you just watched. It's one of those documentaries that has a lot of hidden secrets that are very disturbing and can leave you asking yourself questions about what you just watched. The movie is very entertaining and entertaining enough to keep you interested in what's going on, but at the same time is also very graphic. The performances are very good and the direction is very good. This movie is a must see.

Terry photo

I was very impressed by this documentary. It's about the Holocaust, and how it affected the lives of those who survived it. It was very well put together. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that the documentary was filmed in German. I understand that the language barrier is something that people who are unfamiliar with the language may not be able to understand, but I think that this should be translated into English. I think that if the subtitles were in English, the audience would be able to understand what was being said. It's a very good documentary that will make you think about what you have seen, and the way that it affected the lives of the people who were affected by it.

David A. photo
David A.

I am a musician, and I have been going to the symphony since I was a child. I have been to all of the concerts in the world. I have seen many of the recordings of the symphony and the orchestra, and I am also a fan of the conductor, Antonio Sanchez-Gijon. I went to this film because I thought it would be interesting to hear how the orchestra worked, and how they were able to reproduce the music to a degree that I have never heard before. The orchestra is not only the most important part of the symphony, but also the most important part of the film. The film is divided into two parts. The first part is the recording of the concert. The second part is the performance. This is an interesting film, but not very good. The film has a few good points. It shows the professionalism of the orchestra and the conductor, and also shows how the orchestra works. But it is not a very good film. It is very good, but not very good.

Eugene W. photo
Eugene W.

In Pursuit of Silence is a documentary on the life of the late Leonard Cohen, a Jewish composer and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, who died in 1995. He was an active member of the Jewish community in New York City, and was also a fan of the Grateful Dead. He was also a committed atheist, and an advocate of civil rights for homosexuals. Cohen was also an activist for the environment, and a proponent of environmental justice. This film is an in-depth look at his life and career, and the people he influenced. The film starts out with interviews with Cohen's family and friends, and then moves into his early years, and his early music. The film also features music and performances by the Dead and other musicians, and interviews with Cohen's fellow musicians and fans. The film is not without its flaws. The film is somewhat slow at times, and the documentary format can be difficult to follow at times. The film also does not really cover his life at all, other than a brief mention of his time in prison, and his death. Also, some of the interviews with Cohen's friends and family members are very depressing and not very informative. Still, it is a very interesting look at Cohen's life and work. This is a must-see for anyone interested in Cohen, and anyone interested in the music of the Grateful Dead.

Danielle photo

This movie was a spectacular tribute to the spirit of the greatest actor of all time, Michael Keaton. I have seen this movie many times and it is a brilliant tribute to a legend. I have been a fan of Michael Keaton's since I first saw him in his first movie when I was in the 5th grade. His work in movies like "Death Proof", "The Mask", "American Psycho", and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" has made me a fan of the greatest actor of all time. This movie is a tribute to his most iconic role, the Mask. If you want to see a masterfully crafted tribute to his iconic role, watch this movie. You won't be disappointed.

Cynthia photo

I found this film to be really powerful. I didn't really know what to expect going in but the end result was very surprising. I feel very comfortable with what I have seen, and I also feel very honored by the opportunity to share this with others. This film is very in depth and really explores the effect the past can have on people. People should think about this film and maybe we can change the past. It's not a typical documentary, it doesn't have a lot of the usual camera movement and I think that is the best thing about it. You feel like you are actually there in the film and you really feel like you are watching people who are really affected by the past. They are also really telling the truth. The film is very visual and it is very intriguing. It really helps you understand the film better. The way they edit it is great and it really helps to keep you engaged. The filming was also very great. I really feel like I was in the film and the editing really helped me understand the film better. There were some parts where I felt like I was watching the film in the past but it didn't really make sense, but I am glad that I was able to understand the film better and it helped me understand the film better. Overall, this film is really powerful and I really recommend it.

Philip Miller photo
Philip Miller

The dialogue between the two leaders was the best I've ever heard. In the middle of a fight, and suddenly one of them says something like "I'm gonna turn the camera on you." It was simply incredible. I've never seen anything like that in a movie. I've seen all kinds of discussions about human rights and genocide. This movie was the most uplifting thing I've ever seen. I was actually on the edge of my seat, as I walked out of the theater. This movie is a must see. Don't miss it!

Linda photo

I watched this movie on cable and I am glad I did. It is an excellent documentary on the AIDS epidemic that has impacted this generation and has been going on for many years. A lot of people have a hard time understanding the fact that a virus could be transmitted like this in the early 80's. People who don't have AIDS are at the greatest risk and yet they still have a chance of passing on the virus to others. One of the things that I felt was important was the fact that the movie made it clear that they were only interested in the fact that this was not a gay thing. People who are gay were the most likely to get the virus. I also found it interesting that the actors in the movie were all gay men. I felt it was important to have a diverse group of actors who had different experiences and experiences in the same community to be able to tell the story. I felt that they told the story about AIDS in a way that was easy to understand and interesting to watch. I also found it interesting that they showed many of the same things that were going on in the news at the time. This was a very important film and I recommend it to everyone.

Jacqueline Lawson photo
Jacqueline Lawson

A fascinating look at the life and times of a man who had an unusual way of relating to his role in society. The film delves into the passion and enthusiasm that he had for his work and his passion for the way people should act. He wanted to take the world and people out of their comfort zone. He wanted to change them. I would be hard pressed to find a better person to talk to on this topic than Michael Moore. He was a teacher himself and this documentary is really about what the students can do to make a difference in society and the world. I was glad to see this film and I hope people see it and enjoy it as much as I did. You may learn a lot of things about yourself.

Diana Torres photo
Diana Torres

This documentary will satisfy both the above-mentioned and the curious alike. The central message of the film is that we as a society need to reclaim the past, and that the spirit of love, unity, and compassion that animated the Golden Age of Western Civilization can only be recreated through the process of recreating the silent era. While the themes are universal, the film's execution is far more effective. The narration is done with such expert care and ease that one can almost forget that they are watching a documentary. The strong connections of the children to the historical figures are thoroughly compelling, even if the film is not always clear on the historical aspects of their lives. The focus is on the children, not on the adults, and the children's stories are generally richer than the adults'. The film also presents a critique of the effects of radio and television on children, and the possible dangers of being caught up in a world of technology. The documentary does not shy away from the historical inaccuracies that it tends to focus on. However, this is a film that is well worth watching.

James Y. photo
James Y.

I saw this film when it was in its original form, and I was very moved by it. The film is about the tragedy of a young girl, Abigail Breslin, who was abducted from her home in rural Pennsylvania, and was taken to a farm where she was beaten and sexually abused by a farmhand. This film is a real eye opener to the horrors that can occur in the name of religion. I was very moved by the film, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a film to get out of their minds and make them think about the things they have been told to believe.

Samantha S. photo
Samantha S.

One of the most interesting things about this documentary is that it has some very mixed reviews. The main issue is that many critics seem to be making a lot of assumptions about the people and events they describe. The film starts out with a very positive spin on the Mayan civilization, and then as the film progresses the negative reviews begin to pile up. And it's not that the people interviewed are bad or unreasonable, but rather that some of the comments seem to be taking this as a historical document rather than a film. While the Mayan civilization was certainly a civilization, the Mayan people were not really an alien race, and the people interviewed here do not appear to be either. They're people who were in that culture and interacted with that culture. This is the reason that I found the film interesting, and the reason it isn't a waste of time. I think that anyone who's interested in the Mayan culture will find this documentary fascinating. The film is worth watching simply for the interviews with the people who are historians and anthropologists.

Kenneth Fuller photo
Kenneth Fuller

This documentary was a great reminder of what goes on in the world of music and entertainment. I was shocked to see the number of people who were upset and angry about what went on. This is not a documentary about music, it is about the censorship of music and what is being done to artists and music companies. I think that the people who were upset and scared about this documentary were too emotional about what it could have been like to be in a situation like this. I think that this documentary should have been made a couple of years ago and never been released. The movie was awesome. It could have been better but it was still great. I hope that this documentary will inspire more people to stand up and fight for what is right.

Dennis Wood photo
Dennis Wood

I went to see this movie with a few expectations. Not to be too optimistic, but it turned out to be a very good movie. The main idea that made this movie work is that there are a lot of silences. If you have ever had the experience of making a silence, you will be able to understand a lot of the main points of the movie. Some might find this film boring or boring. Some might find this movie dull or boring. I like it when I have the chance to watch a movie and I like the movie even more when I find it boring or dull. If you do not like to watch a movie, you probably should not watch it. Otherwise, watch it and enjoy the movie. I think it is good to watch this movie and understand a lot of the film, especially if you like the subject of the movie.

Olivia photo

In Pursuit of Silence is an excellent documentary about the BBC's decision to edit the actual interview with the two men who gave the tapes to the BBC. The interviews were so important and emotional, and so revealing, that the BBC felt compelled to change the story. As a result, the documentary is extremely well-done, and it's a shame that they changed it. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time, and is a very important piece of work.

Jose Spencer photo
Jose Spencer

This documentary is a must-see for anyone that is interested in the history of Scientology. It is well produced and contains many interesting details. It is not meant to be taken as factual or to be taken as a "gospel" of Scientology, rather, it is an honest attempt to tell the story of the church. The history of Scientology is not well known and is treated as a "childhood memory". It is surprising that the Church of Scientology has not done a better job of marketing this film. It is much better than many documentaries that are produced about Scientology. The documentary is well worth watching.

Eugene H. photo
Eugene H.

This is a very well done documentary. The film starts with interviews with the three surviving children and their parents. Then we move on to a detailed description of the horrors they endured. In the film, the children speak about their experiences and the testimony of their teachers. The film ends with a short interview with one of the surviving children, who was 14 at the time. She tells her story of what happened to her and her mother. This is a very well done film. It is well made and well acted. The interviews with the surviving children and their parents are very moving. I recommend this film highly.

Sean Olson photo
Sean Olson

I watched this movie after seeing the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" documentary, and I was just blown away by the journey that this man had to go through. The movie was just an incredible experience. The story is incredible. I thought the director did a great job in making the movie feel like it was from the heart. The music was amazing and the editing was also great. I think the movie really captured the essence of this journey and it was a very powerful and moving experience.

Eugene Hansen photo
Eugene Hansen

In Pursuit of Silence, I had the privilege of interviewing the two main protagonists, Father Ray in the documentary and Father Brian in the film. Both were very gracious and very friendly. The documentary shows how these two men were raised by the Catholic Church in Boston. They were both active in their local parishes. They had a life long passion for the priesthood. The documentary is very well done. It is a true story and I believe the filmmakers did an excellent job in finding out all the facts. I was very happy that I could see this story in a documentary format. It is a very important story and I believe that the public has the right to know the truth about what happened. The film is very well done. The interviews are very informative and the film is well made. I highly recommend this film. It is very well done.

Kathleen photo

This is a very well-made documentary, which is very well-made. The narration is superb, and the story is compelling and thought-provoking. The acting is good, and the film has a certain style, which is very important for a documentary. This film is definitely worth seeing.

Brittany W. photo
Brittany W.

I have just watched this movie, and it is a remarkable piece of work. I can't think of any other movie that has made me feel so deeply about the problems in our society, and it is without a doubt one of the most important movies I have ever seen. It is a must watch for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of what is going on in the world. I was stunned by how many people in the audience were in tears, and I was left speechless. The message of this movie is simple, and it is something that needs to be heard. This movie is about the problems that we face today, and it is about how we can change the world, and how we can make the world better. I can't recommend this movie enough. I will never be able to look at the world the same way again.

Ashley P. photo
Ashley P.

There is nothing in life that is so intense that it can be completely captured in a documentary. I am not a journalist, I am not a documentary maker, I am not a filmmaker. I am simply a person who has a passion for films. That is what makes my name. I have made documentaries for people and organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution. My first documentary was a two-hour film that went through the history of photography, and the development of what we now know as the film industry. The director, Kevin Macdonald, also did a second documentary about the history of photography. The second documentary was about photography, and more specifically the first generation of photographers. I made this documentary, and am proud to say that it was one of the most well-made documentaries I have ever made. It is a great example of the power of a single person's voice. I am proud to be part of this movement and I hope it inspires other people. I am not the only one that believes in this movement. I have been to the Smithsonian and have met a lot of people in the film industry. They have all told me that this movement is real, and this movement is still going on. I have also met a lot of people in the film industry who believe in this movement, and I think that this movement is still going on. I hope that other people can learn from this documentary and follow it. I hope that it inspires people and people can learn from it, as it has inspired me.

Juan B. photo
Juan B.

I went into this movie expecting to see a documentary about an intriguing subject, and the movie was a little bit more than I expected. It was a little bit more than I expected. I also went into the movie with some idea that it was going to be the "truth" about these kids, and it turns out that there was more than that. It was more about "the truth", than the "truth" about these kids. It really was an amazing movie, that you really need to see to understand what's going on. It really makes you think about the whole story. If you go into this movie thinking that the kids are just "hiding" because they want to die, you're going to be extremely disappointed. I think that the movie is a little bit too long, but it's still very effective. This is definitely the best documentary that I've seen, and it's definitely worth watching.

Brittany Fisher photo
Brittany Fisher

The book "Two Handed Sword" by Jordan Condon is still one of my favorite books. I have read it several times and it has a special place in my heart. So I was very pleased to see that a film version was made. It is a real treat to watch. It is a true story and a very well done film. It is a bit long, but it is absolutely worth the wait. If you want a good historical film, this is the one. I am a member of the ASM and the society is very strong and very involved. It is a very important film to us. My friends and I did not expect the film to be as well done as it was. I would recommend this film to anyone. A perfect film for a rainy day or for a very good night at the movies. A definite 9 out of 10. Thank you for watching.

Frank Keller photo
Frank Keller

The Beatles' life has been chronicled in a variety of books and movies, but not in such an accessible fashion. Even the concept of the Beatles being scattered and not particularly well-connected is used as an excuse for not doing more. The movie, "Music from the Beatles" (which is a series of interviews with them, with some clips of their early music and interviews from their many gigs), succeeds in making the Beatles' story into something much more engaging. It tells the story of how, at the age of seventeen, they made a break for America. They started their own band, made their first album, became successful, and then went their separate ways. It's a very good movie. It doesn't have any of the time-consuming boringness that is common in documentaries. The movie moves along at a good pace, and is very informative. It's narrated by James "White" Bulger, who is a real life Beatle, and although he is never seen, he is a very credible witness. He's not the most credible person in the world, but he is quite persuasive, and does a good job in conveying the Beatles' attitude towards life. He also does a good job in conveying their relationship to each other, which was rather complicated. His interviews are most interesting, as he gives his opinions on a number of subjects. The film is edited well, and includes some very moving and insightful moments. The movie is quite compelling, and it's quite easy to get into. It's a good movie.

Craig Kim photo
Craig Kim

I think that this documentary is an amazing tribute to the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. It's about the most important human rights leader of our time. It is extremely well put together, and it is filled with many examples of Dr. King's life and work. It's a must see for any MLK fan, or anyone who wants to know more about the man and his work.

Adam photo

This documentary is about the work of a Swedish archivist who has been investigating the "lost" manuscripts of the Bible for over 40 years. She has found a great deal of interesting information and has been able to work with the local people and their churches to make the documents available to the public. She has also made a great deal of money by selling the documents, and it has been a very successful business. This documentary is an interesting look into the work of one woman and her quest for the lost Bible manuscripts. It is also a look into the lives of people in the local churches and how they are dealing with the documents. This is a very interesting documentary and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

Steven photo

I have watched this movie 2 times now. I think it is an excellent documentary. This movie is about the history of the last great movie house in Paris. Its been demolished by the authorities and they want to sell the building to a rich family. It is a real landmark in the history of cinema. It is a place where the biggest stars of France made their first and last movies. You will not find a better documentary about this movie than this one. It is so important to see this movie, especially if you are a fan of cinema.

Julia C. photo
Julia C.

This documentary is absolutely fascinating. I'm glad I watched it. I watched it twice. I'm not a great fan of documentaries. I really wanted to like this film. The problem is, the story is just too compelling and too well-made. But I just had to watch it again. I think it's worth seeing more than once. It's very difficult to describe the story of how these guys came to be, but I think it's important to understand why they did what they did. I think that if you watch the film twice, you will understand the deeper meaning of it, and the importance of it. I think you will be able to understand why these people are so passionate about what they do. I think it's a must-see. The story of these men is very powerful. I think it's important that people understand the reasons why these guys are so passionate about their work. If you want to understand the problems of the world, or how to solve them, watch this film.

David Hayes photo
David Hayes

This documentary is an excellent example of how to create a documentary about a subject that is not necessarily of interest to the general public. The subject is the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Church of Scientology. The film makers went to see the Vatican archives in Rome to gather information about the history of the relationship between the two organizations. They visited the Vatican archives and spoke to people involved in the organization, including the former head of the Vatican's department for the protection of minors, and the current head of the Vatican's department for the protection of minors. The film makers also interviewed former members of the Church of Scientology, including L. Ron Hubbard, his wife Mary Sue Hubbard, and other members. They also interviewed other people involved with the Church of Scientology. This is a very interesting documentary that is very informative. The documentary is very well made. The subjects are well interviewed. It is very interesting and very well done. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Church of Scientology.

Joyce photo

I'm not going to say much about the movie, because it's only a movie, but this movie made me cry. It was also very interesting. The director was very good and he showed the movie in the correct way. It is very sad, but it is also very beautiful, it makes you think about the world, and the people in it. It is so beautiful. I think this movie is worth watching. I have seen a lot of movies, but I haven't seen this one yet. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. I think this is one of the best movies of all time, it's really good.

Nicole photo

I'm so happy that they made this documentary and that they have finally made it available to all. It's so great that we can all be educated about what's going on in our government. I can't wait to see it again. I hope this documentary will inspire people to get involved in politics, and hopefully help to make a change for the better. Thank you so much to all who participated in this. It's so wonderful that everyone has a voice, and that's what we need more of.

Mary Oliver photo
Mary Oliver

The film is a compilation of interviews with people who have gone through the documentary process of the Hollywood film industry. The film is very good and very informative. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the film industry.

Deborah photo

This is a must see documentary, that will leave you speechless. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has the guts to do something that is against their own morals and what they know is right. There are many great people in this documentary that you will not want to see lose. I will definitely watch it again. I also highly recommend that everyone who is not in the military to watch it. It will give you a different perspective of what the military does, and how it really feels.

David photo

I was surprised to see that there were so many negative reviews of this documentary. I think that this documentary was very well done. It is about the life of Billy Graham and his family and the impact of his work on people. It was very informative and I was very interested in the story. I would recommend it to people who are interested in the life of Billy Graham. I think that this is a very good documentary that I would recommend to anyone.

Howard Soto photo
Howard Soto

This documentary is outstanding and it should have won an Oscar for best documentary. It is extremely well made and is very informative. The director has done an excellent job in finding the hidden problems in the school and making the film look real. It is a very well made documentary. I am so glad I found this documentary. I hope that more people will learn from it. I also have an idea for a new documentary to make about the life of former Florida Governor and Vice Presidential candidate George Bush. It is something I would like to see. I hope that more people will learn about the problems of the schools in America. I believe that the most important thing about education is to educate and to not let the people make the decisions for the students.

Dorothy A. photo
Dorothy A.

It's amazing to see how these issues are not being talked about as much as they should be. This is a documentary that needs to be seen. It's full of great information on the effects of torture on American citizens, and also the relationship between the government and the American people. It's not only about torture, but about the treatment of prisoners, the war in Iraq, and the most shocking subject, the use of secret prisons for illegal surveillance. It's a must-see. I was very impressed with how well the film was put together and it's easily one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Shirley Estrada photo
Shirley Estrada

When you get to the end of the movie you will be wondering if you really watched a movie. I was, and I think that it is a movie worth watching. There are many other good movies that are much better than this one, but I will just say that it is a movie worth watching.

Philip G. photo
Philip G.

I saw this movie in Denver at a screening of "Dirty Tricks" in the history section. I found the movie very moving, because it was based on true events and the main actor was murdered at a very young age. I highly recommend this movie.

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Paul Munoz

A documentary about the most popular female martial artist of all time. It's not a documentary about her, it's a documentary about her parents, who live in a small town in Japan. They have never spoken to each other and are very isolated, which is the reason why they don't speak about their daughter. So the film is really about their relationship with their daughter. The only thing they say is that she is a good person and that they are proud of her. They also say that she is not only a good person but also a good mother. She is a very strong woman and she is very respectful to her parents. The film is about their relationship and how they came to know about their daughter. They are very grateful to the filmmaker and the director and the whole team. The film is very touching and funny and also very inspiring. It is also very moving and very inspiring. It is a very good film and it's one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Tiffany Johnston photo
Tiffany Johnston

This documentary on the making of the Oscar-winning documentary, "Silence of the Lambs" is the most revealing and interesting feature of the film. In this documentary, the director, Anthony Minghella, and the actor, Jodie Foster, discuss the making of the film and how the film came to be. The filmmakers discuss the film as if they were the directors of the movie, and they discuss the film's production in great detail. The film is set in the early 1960's, and the film was filmed in the 1940's. The film is very well done, but the film is a bit slow. I think that the documentary could have been much longer and more detailed. Also, the documentary is somewhat confusing. There are a few scenes that are hard to understand. I think that the film is a great documentary, but the documentary is not as good as the film. Overall, I think that the documentary is a great documentary, but it is not as good as the film.

Jesse Guzman photo
Jesse Guzman

The title of this documentary is "The Search for Silence", and it is about the search for the story behind the famous German film "Der Untergang" (The White Angel). As far as I can tell, this is a rather "old-fashioned" documentary, and it is not really the kind of thing you should watch when you are looking for something new. The focus of the film is on the people who made this film, and how they were trying to tell a story about a real life crime that was a real scandal back in the 1930's. There is also a lot of information about the film itself, and there is a lot of interviews with people involved in making the film, and the director himself. The whole film is a very interesting and interesting documentary, but it is not really the kind of thing you should watch if you want to learn anything new about this film. I would recommend this film to people who want to know more about the history of this film, or the people involved in it, or just want to see the film for its own sake.

Kenneth Howard photo
Kenneth Howard

After watching this movie, I was completely blown away by the magnitude of the story. After watching it, I felt like I had been through all the trials and tribulations of someone that has endured the mental abuse of having their life ruined. The story of the "S.S. Van" is so compelling, I have already started to compile the book about it. I felt the characters were so believable, I could relate to them, and they made me feel the same way that they felt. It is a powerful movie, and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for making this movie!

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This documentary is for all of the believers who have studied the subject and have had the opportunity to experience the movie with others. This film is an all-in-one study of the mystery of the resurrection and the present-day mystery. The film provides a combination of history and speculation to enable the viewer to grasp the mystery. This is not an academic piece; it is an invitation to a deeper exploration of the nature of God, the resurrection, and the implications of this discovery for the world of today. This film is a must for everyone who is ready to re-evaluate his/her belief in God and his/her relationship with the living and the dead.

Gregory Webb photo
Gregory Webb

It's been quite a while since I watched a documentary, but this one has been one of the best I have seen. The story is really moving and I would recommend it to everyone. The filmmaking is great and the editing is also great. I also really liked the music. The music is really relaxing and helps you stay focused. I really liked the photography as well. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves documentaries and people who are looking to be inspired by it.

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

This is a fantastic documentary. From the first frame of the camera, I was glued to the screen. I found myself wondering how many people could actually be silenced for such a long time without anyone ever finding out. I was so impressed by the research they did. The story is so powerful and heart wrenching. I was shocked by the fact that the deaf and hard of hearing children had the same problems. It is absolutely incredible. If this documentary inspires anyone, I will be forever grateful. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.