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Almost Home

Almost Home is a movie starring David Alan Basche, Kevin Breznahan, and Max Burkholder. A group of homeless teenagers in Los Angeles struggle to find themselves.

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Erik Jensen, Jessica Blank
Erik Jensen, Jessica Blank, Jessica Blank
Max Burkholder, Kevin Breznahan, Javier Chavarin, David Alan Basche
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A group of homeless teenagers in Los Angeles struggle to find themselves.

Comments about drama «Almost Home» (21)

Carol G. photo
Carol G.

I just finished watching this movie for the first time, and it was a completely new experience. It was so beautifully done, and every scene was great, including the little things. The characters were great, and they were very believable. The story was great, and I felt like I was watching a documentary. And then, it ended. I really did not want it to end. I do not know what the last scene was about, but I loved it. I hope that it will be available on DVD. It was a great movie, and I highly recommend it.

Nancy Simpson photo
Nancy Simpson

This is a very special film. I'm a little reluctant to give it a high rating, but I have to do it because it is so special. It is very rare that I watch a film and don't know what to think of it after it's over. This one does that for me. I was hooked from the beginning and I was very disappointed when it was over. It was the most original film I've seen in years. The acting was very good, especially from the young people. It was very touching and uplifting at the same time. The film was done very well, and I was surprised at how beautiful it looked. I think it is one of those films that you can watch and you will still be amazed by the photography and the acting. I can't say enough about this film. It's beautiful and touching and heartwarming and inspiring. This is a film that you can watch and it will touch you in a very special way. I really hope this film gets released and everyone will get a chance to see it. This is a great film and I hope it gets released soon.

Lisa photo

This movie was a good watch, but I think I'd have preferred it if the director had focused on the subject of a person who is so lost in the world and could really only have one goal in life - to be loved by someone. It's just not very original and does not really have a good ending. This is a great movie to watch on a rainy day.

Kelly C. photo
Kelly C.

Not a movie for everyone, but for those who like their movies dark, to those who like their movies serious and honest, this is a must-see. Though the movie is basically a comedy, it is also a real drama, and is a better movie than a lot of films in the genre. A great movie for those who like it when a movie goes to a darker place, and stays there, and stays there. The movie does it in a way that's not a typical Hollywood Hollywood film, where everything is going along at the right pace, and all is well-done. It's a movie about love, loss, acceptance, and how we choose to deal with the things that we've lost. It's a story about overcoming our fears and taking responsibility for our own life. It's a story about having a friend, or a person who helps us in our darkest moments. It's a movie that will stick with you for a long time, and will make you laugh, and cry, and realize that life is full of the opportunities that we have, and that it is up to us to make the best of them. The characters are all so good-natured and believable, and the acting is fantastic. It's definitely one of the better movies that I've seen this year, and I'm glad I went to see it, because I really did enjoy it. I'll be buying it on DVD when it comes out.

Nicole Freeman photo
Nicole Freeman

The day after his daughter's funeral, a young man meets a girl, and things become complicated. This is a movie that doesn't really have a plot. Instead it is about relationships between a father and his daughter. And it's not a happy one. There are more tears than laughs. The acting is really good, and the actors' lives are the most interesting thing about this movie. There are a lot of people who seem to think that this is a horrible movie, but I think it's a really good movie. It's definitely a movie you can watch without thinking about it, and you won't be disappointed.

Douglas Davis photo
Douglas Davis

Let's just say, I'm a big fan of Matthew McConaughey. I think he's the best actor in the business and I like his movies. He plays a guy who has lost everything, but who goes back to his old life. He doesn't want to have to move back to his old place, but he does. He's working on getting his house up and running, but he has no money to pay for all the bills. I like this movie, because I like the idea of going back to your old life. I liked that Matthew McConaughey's character isn't running from the past, he's trying to get back to it. I think that's what makes him so good. So that's why I like this movie. The ending is also good. I liked the last 10-15 minutes, because it's a happy ending. I liked that the ending showed the reality of Matthew McConaughey's character and that he's not trying to move on with his life. That's what I liked. This movie is a good one for fans of Matthew McConaughey.

Edward photo

I don't know why but this movie has something to say and it is the point of view of a single man. The movie is about a man who has fallen in love with a woman who is not his wife. The movie is about the pain of separation and the journey of trying to recover the love. The film is made with a simplicity and elegance. I think that this movie is a must watch for all lovers of cinema and for lovers of romantic stories. I liked this movie very much and recommend it to all who want to see a good story. The acting is very good and the story is touching and real.

Helen photo

This is a movie that probably would have gotten a lot of attention if not for the fact that it is about the nature of forgiveness. There are no miracles here, and this movie would have been a lot better if it didn't show the miracles at all. This movie is about two men who are close to each other but have different personalities and outlooks on life. One of the men is known for being a successful business man and the other is known for being a very religious man. One night the business man is leaving his wife and his son and they both decide to go for a walk in the woods and they get lost. The business man never gives up and doesn't believe he has lost them. He goes back for the second time and finds them. He starts to take things that he never had the first time and makes a better life for himself and his family. He makes a promise to his wife and son that he will never leave them and never give up. The business man keeps his promise and keeps his promise to his wife and son. The business man leaves his wife and son and they are never heard from again. This movie is about forgiving one another. It is about making a promise to one another and not breaking that promise. This movie is about breaking a promise to one another and having a better life for one another. This movie is about forgiving one another and not breaking a promise.

Cynthia Chavez photo
Cynthia Chavez

This movie was superb. The actors were phenomenal and the story was absolutely amazing. I went in not knowing what to expect, but I came out completely blown away. I was also happy to see a strong female lead. The other characters were just as interesting and you were invested in the movie from the very beginning. The music in the movie was perfect and gave the mood of the movie a touch of melancholy. The ending was incredible and left you thinking about it for days. I highly recommend this movie and will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. If you like movies like The Postman, The Blair Witch Project, or The Social Network, you will enjoy this movie. This movie had me at the edge of my seat for the entire two hours of it. Go see it now!

Martha photo

Meryl Streep plays a young wife who is being held captive in an air-conditioned closet. She is desperate for her husband to come home. Streep has done many wonderful movies, but this one is really special. It is not only the greatest movie that I have ever seen, but it is one of the best movies ever made. It has humor, tragedy, and lots of love. I can't say enough good things about this film. The acting is great, but it is Streep's performance that really makes it for me. She is wonderful. I can't recommend this film enough.

Christopher C. photo
Christopher C.

As a teenage girl in the late 1950s, Katherine (Julianne Moore) has little experience with men, especially in a "boy's club" of the neighborhood. She has a short relationship with a boyfriend, but is sexually intrigued by the boys in her neighborhood. She has an older sister, played by Jena Malone, who is more interested in football than her sister. The two sisters become friends and Katherine becomes increasingly fascinated by the boys. She begins to learn more about them and becomes more interested in them as well. But she is a virgin. Katherine is now more of a sexual and feminist creature than a young girl who is starting to grow up. She is now more of a feminist than a sexual woman. The film is told through a series of flashbacks, each with a different focus. There are some very poignant scenes. I found it to be a very good film. It was very moving. But the feminist aspects were very important, but there were scenes that were offensive. It was not really a feminist film. But it was an interesting film. It was not an awful film, but it was a good film. I recommend it. It's good. It's worth watching. It is worth a viewing.

Daniel photo

In a long line of movies about teenagers, there's nothing I have seen so moving as In a Home. The movie is beautifully made. It shows the desperate and beautiful lives of these kids. The actors are outstanding and give the movie a powerful touch. The music is touching and well suited to the story. The atmosphere of the movie is perfect. Every detail is perfect. The movie is very sad and poignant. I felt as if I was watching a family. I'm not sure if it's a realistic representation of life, but it is still a very powerful movie. It made me feel the pain of these kids and their families. The movie is wonderful, it's a must see. The performances are wonderful, the movie is brilliant. I can't believe it took me so long to see this movie. I was waiting for this movie for a long time. This is definitely a movie I will buy and own. Highly recommended.

Karen photo

I have to agree with the other reviewer that this film is lacking in narrative flow. There are times where you are so engrossed in the movie you don't really care that it is stretched to the max. The one part I thought was particularly outstanding was when Liza gets up and starts walking around the house with her kid. I didn't know what to think and was really surprised to find myself feeling an emotional connection with this character. I never thought I would be touched by a mother's struggle, but this movie really reminded me of my own struggle with a child. All in all, I was very impressed with this movie. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great film about a mother's struggle with her child. I hope the director has many more films in the future.

Donna photo

I have just watched this film and it has been on my watch list for a few weeks. It's a good film, not perfect but good. The performances were good and the story line was compelling. The ending was unsatisfying but I will admit I was a bit disappointed. It's a good film and I would recommend it.

Victoria Roberts photo
Victoria Roberts

This movie is the story of a man and his wife. This is a very dark movie, but the story and acting are good. I recommend this movie for someone who likes to think and watch a movie. It is very good, and worth watching.

Jennifer R. photo
Jennifer R.

I wasn't expecting much from this movie and I got exactly what I expected. It's an interesting movie that I think will have a cult following. It is similar to "In the Bedroom" but it is better and more dramatic. It is a movie that you can watch and talk about the whole time. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was that it is a little too slow. It is about a young man who is divorced. He is not going to get back together with his wife because he has a drinking problem. He starts to meet new people in town and he is in love with one of them. He is not going to tell her what he is doing or how he is doing it. It is not a good movie but I thought it was good.

Marie F. photo
Marie F.

The movie "Home" is a beautifully told story of family, of love, and of growing up. A young girl moves from Florida to New York City to become a teacher. There she learns that she has a daughter who is really an adopted child. The story begins when the daughter is a teenager and discovers that her mother is ill and her father is not around to care for her. The daughter is not sure what to do, so she decides to stay with her grandmother and live with her. The grandmother, who is a single parent, is a very devoted woman who cares for her daughter and takes great care of her. The daughter is also caring for her grandmother and the two fall in love. When the daughter finds out that her father is not around, she comes to the realization that she is a free person and she is not confined by her mother's illness and the rules that her mother sets for her. The grandmother begins to love the daughter more and more. The daughter also begins to care for her grandmother, and eventually the granddaughter moves in with the grandmother. This movie has such a strong message and theme. The young girl learns to trust her mother and also learns to trust her grandmother and to open up to her grandmother. This movie has a very strong message, and it is a message that is easily understood by anyone, no matter what age or background they come from. "Home" is a great movie that is beautifully told and has a message that is easily understood by anyone.

Howard H. photo
Howard H.

I really liked this film. It is a very intimate look at a very difficult subject. I think the whole story of his family and their lives and their interactions is very interesting. I think the most interesting thing about this film is that he is being honest with himself and the viewers about his family. He has to deal with his mother's death, his wife's death and his daughter's death. He tries to get his family back together but he is constantly at odds with them. There is a lot of honesty and honesty in this film. I think this is a very powerful and important film. The music is very good. I thought the cinematography was good and the actors were good. I really enjoyed the film. I recommend this film.

Mildred photo

A story about a girl who tries to bring her life back from the dead by living with her dead father's wife. The movie is not a typical American romantic drama. It is a true story that gives us an insight into the life of the father. The acting is superb. The chemistry between Rooney and Brad is like a breath of fresh air. Rooney's performance is flawless. She gives a performance that is a rarity in Hollywood. She shows us that even a minor role can change your life and make you forget that you are on a small budget and the film industry is full of imitators. I recommend this movie to everyone who is a fan of the music or a lover of beautiful films. I know this film will be nominated for Best Documentary and Best Picture. I will give it an eight.

Victoria Ortiz photo
Victoria Ortiz

I don't understand how people can be so rude and make so much comments about this movie. I thought it was really good, funny, good acting and also touching. I recommend it to people who like good movies.

Jennifer McDonald photo
Jennifer McDonald

Not a great movie, but I had a few laughs, and found it funny. I thought the acting was pretty good, and the story was very entertaining. I was surprised by the ending, because I didn't really like the movie that much. I think that this movie is worth watching, if you like a little movie that is not very complex, or if you want to watch a movie that is a little bit different from what you usually watch.