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Chosen is a movie starring Luke Mably, Ana Ularu, and Tomasz Aleksander. An unassuming young lawyer leads a fight against the Nazis near the end of World War II.

Other Titles
L'Elu, La guerra di Sonson, Ο επίλεκτος, Elegidos para ser héroes, Izabran, Die Auserwählten - Helden des Widerstands, Seçilmiş
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Drama, War
Jasmin Dizdar
Gabriel De Mercur
Ana Ularu, Luke Mably, Harvey Keitel, Tomasz Aleksander
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An unassuming young lawyer leads a fight against the Nazis near the end of World War II.

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Samuel photo

When a mother loses her son and husband in a battle, her whole life is changed. From that moment on, her life becomes a nightmare. But she is not alone. As she struggles to come to terms with the loss, she also struggles to keep her sanity. And this is where the story really begins. The movie starts off very slowly, but by the end, I was surprised. The cinematography was breathtaking. The story was quite gripping and the acting was pretty good. I have not seen any other movie about this subject and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Amy photo

The film is beautifully shot and has a very good script. Unfortunately, the story was so thin that it fell apart. I have read the book and I was not disappointed. I was disappointed because of the editing. It was extremely slow and made it hard to follow. If it had been edited more carefully, I would have rated it higher. I am disappointed because it is an amazing book. I am disappointed because the director and editor did not capture the essence of the book. I know it was very difficult to translate the book into film but it was not the director's responsibility. The script was weak and I think they could have made the movie better if they had cut a few scenes that were unnecessary. I think they should have had more time to develop the characters. I think it would have been more enjoyable to see a more dramatic movie. It was not a good movie. I think the actors did an excellent job. I think the audience would have been better served if they had watched the book instead. Overall, I would recommend watching the movie, but do not read the book.

Emily Thompson photo
Emily Thompson

When I saw the trailer for this movie I thought it looked like a great movie but I was very disappointed. The trailers and posters were not very good. The movie was terrible. The acting was terrible, and the script was terrible. It was about an American soldier in Iraq who is tortured and killed. It was a very bad movie. If you are into war movies and hate this movie you will hate this movie. This movie was not very good at all. I can not say if it was the director's fault or the writers fault because it was really bad. I really wish I could get my money back because it was a horrible movie. I really recommend you not to see this movie.

Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

When I first heard about this film, I was so excited. I loved the book so much, and I wanted to see the movie! I was not disappointed. It is definitely worth seeing, and it is so good that you may want to watch it twice! It is very moving and very well acted. It is also very realistic. I loved the way the characters were drawn, the music, and the locations. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that it is very emotional. It is not like any other war movie I have ever seen. It is very realistic, and I felt so moved. This is definitely a film to watch. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Craig Jordan photo
Craig Jordan

The only reason I went to see this movie, was because of the controversy surrounding the subject matter. I believe there should be more films made about this subject. This is a film that the Academy should really think about not giving out Best Picture awards, they should really use their votes to improve their judgement of these films. I think this movie is one of the best movies to come out in years, a very talented cast. As well as a great story line and amazing cinematography. As well as a great message.

Keith photo

I read all the reviews of this movie before I went to see it, and I was quite disappointed. The story is simple, but very interesting. The story is about an orphan boy, who is adopted and raised by the Native Americans. But when the boy is older, he becomes a doctor, and after a few years he is taken back to his family. But he soon learns that the family is not what it seems, and he is forced to choose sides. He must decide whether to stay with his parents or leave them, and if he leaves, he must do it at a certain time. I did not read the book, so I do not know if it is a true story. But I think that it is a very interesting story, with a lot of great actors. In my opinion, it is the best movie of the year. It is very well done. It is not as good as "The Hunger Games" or "The Lord of the Rings", but it is a good movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Terry C. photo
Terry C.

I must admit that I am a fan of Cate Blanchett, although I have always thought her portrayal of Sophie was so un-convincing that I was never really persuaded by her in the lead. I finally saw this movie, and, as a movie, it is pretty good. I found it quite entertaining, but I found the whole story and the characters so unbelievable that I really couldn't take the whole thing seriously. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be taken in or not, but it was really a real eye-opener. The acting is quite good, although I did not find Blanchett's acting particularly convincing. I do think it's quite an impressive performance, but it is so unconvincing that I don't really know why she is considered such a great actress. Other than that, the story was pretty good, and the acting was actually quite good, although the direction was quite a bit different from what I expected. I think it was quite good, but I still found it quite boring. I think that I would not recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama or romance. It is not a bad movie, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

Mark photo

A rather detailed look at the war in Afghanistan, and the effects of the war on American life and attitudes. While many of the actions taken by the characters are questionable, it is the interactions among the group that make this film so interesting. It is not without flaws, but that is the point. The characters and situations are so real and the situations so strange that they are more believable than most war movies. The characters are all real, so the performances are believable. The problems with the film are few, the only one I have is that some of the settings and situations are just a little too realistic. In a sense the film is realistic, but not in the way you'd expect, there are a few scenes that are just too unrealistic. This is the biggest issue with the film. It is still worth seeing, and has some great acting performances.

Christina R. photo
Christina R.

Well, I have never written a review for a film, but I felt the need to make a statement for this film. I am a huge film lover and I am a fan of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I have read the books, I have seen all the films, and I have seen the series come and go. I felt that this film was a step in the right direction, but I was very disappointed in the way they finished it. It seemed like they tried to put all the emotions of the book on film and ended up with a film that felt like a kids book. The big differences in the book were not done in the film and there was a lot of story left out. I understand that they were trying to make the film a blockbuster, but this is what it should have been. The film was great and it has drawn me in so much more than the books have done, but I don't think the series is done for now. I am going to be waiting for the next film and I would love to see what they had in store for me.

Nicholas photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very well done, the story was engaging, and the acting was excellent. I thought the cinematography was beautiful and the music was wonderful. The acting was very good, especially the young girl. I think the story was very well done and the actors did a very good job. I think it is a very good movie and it is a movie I would recommend to anyone who enjoys war movies and/or historical dramas.

Judy Lopez photo
Judy Lopez

I had the good fortune to see the screening of this film at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to the Q & A after the film. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I have never seen any of the other films by the filmmakers and I'm sure that I never will. But I was intrigued by the message that was sent by the director and screenwriter. It was an interesting insight into the young American soldier and his family in the Second World War. The young man that had been killed in the first war was haunted by the pain that his death had caused. The story of his young daughter, played by Meagan Good, who was in love with a German soldier and was also sent to help her, was also very moving. As the film progressed I became more and more interested in the characters. It was very interesting to see the conflict between the father and the mother as the father was trying to provide for his daughter and to protect her from the Nazis. But the war was also coming to a close and the story was moving. This film was very thought provoking and well-made. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who would like to see a film about the Second World War that doesn't glorify war. I also recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the American experience in WWII. 8/10

Kelly photo

As the famous war poet John Keats noted, if a man wishes to be chosen as a king, he must be prepared to be their servant. If he is to be chosen as a soldier, he must be ready to fight and die for his country. This is not a movie about heroism, but of the degradation of the human spirit under war conditions, where the glory of victory is sacrificed for the glory of the wounded and the dying. In the film, Fievel is a traumatized war veteran who lives in a secluded country house with his wife and child. He works for a war contractor, whom he dislikes but does his best for. One day, he gets a phone call from the wounded Marine he worked with. His name is Fievel. He's an ex-marine who fought in the Vietnam War and lost his right arm. Fievel is a good soldier, but not a very good one. He's smart, talented, and has the best right arm on earth. He wants to return to his wife and child, but war is never easy. One day, he gets the chance to go back to Vietnam. He finds out he has the right arm, and is sent off to a remote army outpost. Once there, he is told to go out and find the wounded Marine and return him to the marines to be the hero of the war. But Fievel is not ready to go back to the battlefield. In fact, he says he wants to return home to find his wife and child. But he wants to be the hero. This is a painful story. It has an interesting message about the dangers of war and the sacrifice of patriotism. It's hard to find something positive in it. But it's also a dark, tragic story of the tragedy of war. The performances are good, the cinematography and the directing are good, but the acting by Fievel is the highlight of this film. I've never seen a war film with this kind of depth and talent.

Craig photo

Pleasantly made and entertaining movie, but the ending is not what it seems. I liked the fact that the movie kept to the real historical events but the ending just didn't make sense. I also enjoyed the book and how the characters acted. It is definitely a good movie for people who like WW2 movies.

Hannah B. photo
Hannah B.

This is one of those movies that has a few things that makes it worth watching. This movie is the best portrayal of the Holocaust ever. It shows the magnitude of what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. They didn't just take them, they killed them. It shows the real fear that people had. They didn't know what would happen to them. They didn't know if they would get help, if they would be able to go home. It shows the Germans doing their best to keep the Jews in line, but the Jews doing their best to get out. It shows the lack of leadership of the SS, and the ways in which they were able to do it. The movie has great action, but it also has a great message. It shows the horrible things that people did to the Jews. It shows the Nazi's, and how they were able to do it. I think that the movie is very interesting. It shows the reality of the Holocaust, and it shows the true horrors of the Holocaust.

Catherine photo

If you have seen the trailer for this movie and liked it, then I can recommend it to you. It is not as good as the trailer portrays, but I would still recommend it to anyone who likes a good drama or war movie. I think this movie is different from the other war movies I have seen because it focuses more on the character of these two characters, and not the military or the soldiers. I thought it was very realistic in how they portrayed how these soldiers felt, and their emotions. I think they captured the feelings they felt better than any other movie I have seen. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good war movie, and to anyone who likes drama. It is very entertaining, and I thought it was very well done.

Aaron Washington photo
Aaron Washington

The plot has been done before, but this one is much more interesting. This is a film about a man who has a family and his work. This film is very interesting, it tells the story of a man who does not want to be a slave, but he is forced to be one. I did not understand the point of the film at first, but it is a very good film. I do not know if the director intended to make a documentary or a historical film. It is very interesting to watch, but it is not the best film of the year. But it is a very good film, but not the best. I would give it an 8.5/10

Catherine photo

I have to agree with the first comment. This film is not about war. This film is about the harsh reality of war. The violence and death of the WWI soldiers is what is shown. There is no "War is hell" we see in this film. This film is about courage, and survival. There is no death, no heroism, but only this very real but terrifying reality of war. It is about the amazing human experience of war. If you want to be moved, then go and see this film. Otherwise, stay away. One of the reasons why I was so interested in this film is because it is shown in a way that is not directed toward a war audience. The reason I chose to see this film was because of a friend who was in the military. This film would be very difficult to watch for someone who has not been there. I'm sorry I didn't understand the film more, but I understand that people are different. I feel like I can watch this film again and again because it is so amazing and powerful. I have to agree with another comment that it was a bit slow at times. I think the plot is a bit too complicated for someone who has not been to WWI. However, I am so glad I went and saw it, because it was the best film I have seen this year. I want to thank everyone involved in this film. I truly enjoyed it. I am proud of everyone involved in this film. I am excited for my next film and look forward to it.

Edward K. photo
Edward K.

Now that I have seen this movie, I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. This movie is very very good. It is a true story and the acting is good. The plot is well written and very well directed. It is a true story about a group of US soldiers who went to Afghanistan in order to fight the Russians. The scene where they try to assassinate the President is pretty good. This movie is very well done and I recommend everyone to see it.

Helen Ramos photo
Helen Ramos

I am a huge fan of war movies. I like the constant reminding of the good old days. I think the message that has been given through the movie is so important, but the message is so "seen" that you won't think about it. This movie makes you think. You really think about the good old days and you think of how much it was worth to fight. I was left with so much after seeing this movie. I am not sure how much it is worth to pay to see this movie, but it was worth it. I think this movie could be a great movie, but it is not. I think this movie could be a great movie. I have never seen such a great movie about World War II. The movie is not about the war, it is about the emotions. It is about the real people, the characters and how they lived their lives. The movie is great, but I think it could have been better.

Steven photo

I don't know about you, but I loved this movie. I don't really like war movies, but this one is the best I've ever seen. The characters were well thought out, and the story was simple enough that you don't even need to think about the story until you see the movie. And I'm not a big fan of being told the ending of a movie, but this one did it right. The ending was really good. I really hope they make a sequel. I'm not going to tell you the ending because that would spoil the movie, but I think it would be good to see what happens in the next movie.

Brenda Martinez photo
Brenda Martinez

One of the most touching films I have ever seen. I can see how the characters could be seen as a stereotype but the film has enough depth to see how wrong they are. I will not tell you more than that but this film is very real and very moving. If you have not seen it yet, go and see it.

Edward R. photo
Edward R.

The story of young girls who have to fight for their life and the two brothers who are fighting to save them, is a powerful one and for some it's a story of moral values. The most important message of the film is that it's important to have values and to fight for them. The girls are very strong and have very good intelligence and they are not weak in any way. They have very good skills. It's a good lesson for everyone to learn, not just children. I believe that it's very important for everyone to see this movie and understand the message.

Bryan photo

The movie had some great scenes of bravery and fighting. The acting was fantastic, The music was great, and the way that the battles were shown in was extremely impressive. This movie is perfect for both men and women. This movie is not for children as it may be too graphic. One thing I did not like was the inaccuracy with the soldiers hair. It was close to being purple. In the book, the hair on the soldiers was black, and they were all well groomed. The music was beautiful and kept my heart racing.

Emma Owens photo
Emma Owens

I'm not going to say that this is a great film, because it's not. I'm going to say that it's one of the better films I've seen in a while, and one that I'll be watching again soon. For me, that means that I'd like to see more from the director, which I'm sure will be the case for many people. The film is very realistic, but it doesn't pretend to be a documentary. That means that there are no jingoistic moments in it, or gung-ho actors (like you see in Hollywood films). It's a beautiful, moving film, and you should definitely see it.

Nathan photo

This is a film that, though maybe a bit sad, is very touching. I would not compare this film to Saving Private Ryan, or even Braveheart, but the message and story that it carries is very, very powerful. It's a film that tells the story of the brutality that life in the world of war can inflict on its people and it's impact on the individual. I think this film is very important, and I really hope that more films are made about the Holocaust. The struggle, the horror, the suffering, and the hope that it brought about were not just the items that most of us would care about, but they were part of who we are as a human being. We need to remember that we, like everyone else, are human.

Marie A. photo
Marie A.

Set in the Southern United States during the Vietnam War, "Three Days of War" tells the story of Army Private Stephen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a young American soldier who is wounded in Vietnam and sent home in a body bag. Stephen is a quiet, introspective individual who simply wants to get home. Yet his life in South Carolina isn't quite what he expected. His seemingly insignificant role in a mysterious incident brings him to the attention of others in the town, who take him in and set him up with a small job helping the elderly. After a year, Stephen is transferred to a small, dangerous outpost in Cambodia. Stephen finds out that he can keep an unknown item (a survival kit) from a militant group that is planning to attack an oil pipeline. Stephen learns that the group is being led by his old friend, Martin (Seth Rogen), who is now a member of the group. When Stephen returns home to the United States, he's a changed man. He doesn't really want to be there, but he knows that his life has changed, and he's not really in control of it anymore. In a post-9/11 world, when conflicts like the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War are seen as more important than ever, we can't help but to look to war movies to convey the news. "Three Days of War" is a film that focuses on what war does to a person, whether you're a soldier or just a civilian. The movie is about a man's life, and what it does to him. Although it is a prequel, "Three Days of War" doesn't quite live up to the hype that has surrounded it. It's not exactly a film you'd want to watch more than once, and at times it feels a bit rushed. Nevertheless, "Three Days of War" is an important film that should be watched, especially if you're interested in war movies.

Matthew photo

I saw this movie as it was coming out on video and thought it was worth a look. I am glad I did. The acting is first rate, the story is gripping, and the film captures the essence of the Vietnam War and the struggle for freedom. I think that it is the best film about the Vietnam War I have ever seen. I'm not really sure what other reviewers are thinking, but it seems to me that a lot of the criticism is coming from people who have never actually seen the movie. If you have never seen the movie, then you might not like it as much as I did. If you have seen the movie, then you will probably be satisfied with it. There are many important and powerful scenes in the film, but I would not recommend the film to anyone who has not seen the movie. I also think that some people were too harsh on the movie. I think that it is worth seeing. I just don't think that it is a great film. If you are a pacifist, you will probably be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I would say that this is a movie that is worth seeing. 8/10

Ashley Anderson photo
Ashley Anderson

A nice story about the Nazis' plan to eliminate the Jewish population of Poland. The best thing is that the filmmakers are not trying to be too politically correct. The movie is a bit slow at the beginning, but it gets interesting and interesting at the end. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see different perspectives on the Holocaust.

Laura photo

War films have often been the source of contention in my generation. I had never really understood the concept until I saw The Hurt Locker. I was captivated by the first hour and then the film lost me. After that, I'd see something else with the same kind of emotional impact. This is a great film, for those that can put it in the context of the Holocaust. Its a film that can inspire you. The acting is excellent and the story is powerful. Its really hard to put the plot into words, but trust me when I say that it is not a linear story. The main character seems like a normal guy that goes to war. He is in a race against time to save his brother and, just as he is about to get to him, the other German soldiers come up to him and threaten to kill him. He begins to run. All of a sudden he is surrounded by Germans who are coming for him. His brother is held by a unit that wants to kill him, but a group of his friends try to help him. The plot is basically about a war film that isn't linear. It is about one man, and his journey. It is also about the Holocaust, but the way that it is told is different. It's a great film and I recommend it. The performances are excellent and the direction is great. The direction works well and I recommend that anyone that can understand the Holocaust should see this film. Overall Rating: 8.5

Samantha photo

Tom Hanks is a professional footballer who manages to leave his boyhood after an injury. The money he has now is not enough to buy a house, or to be able to pay his debts. But then he falls in love with a woman. Soon she leaves him too, but then he starts to think about all of his past and hopes he will be able to go back. This is a film that really gets you thinking, and wondering what it would be like to live in those situations. I don't think I've ever felt so lost, or for that matter, and Hanks does an amazing job of portraying his loss. A film that doesn't play the same with an audience than a child. This is a wonderful film and I would love to see more films about families, but I don't know if this will be a hit with American audiences.

Patricia V. photo
Patricia V.

In this film, we see the attempt to heal wounds and to give new meaning to life. This is a good film about the meaning of life and the need to live a meaningful life. It is one of the most meaningful films I have ever seen. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Lisa Fisher photo
Lisa Fisher

I'm not going to be the one to say this is the best film ever made. I just love it. The scenes were amazing. Great cinematography. Very well done. I mean how many war movies have we seen. All war movies have the same problems. The action scenes are okay. You have to see it to believe it. But the story is much better than many war movies. I think that's what really counts. If the story was the same, then I wouldn't watch it. I liked this movie because of the story. I don't want to give away any spoilers so I will just say that it's a great movie. One of the best I've ever seen. The action scenes were really cool. The cinematography was amazing. It was very well shot. I think the cast did a good job. I really enjoyed the acting and the way the actors were portrayed. I didn't expect much out of the actors. But I was surprised. I think that's what really makes the movie. I think that it was well written. And the ending was great. I think that the movie is good, but I think that it's not the best. I think that it's worth seeing. I think that it's a good movie.

Jordan photo

I don't like war movies, and I'm not a great fan of Tom Cruise either, but he was great in this film. I didn't like this movie a lot, but it was a good movie to watch at least once. This film reminded me of Saving Private Ryan in a way. I don't know why I like this movie so much. The thing I liked the most about this movie was the cinematography. I don't think I ever saw a movie with such beautiful shots. It was the best I've ever seen. I have to say, this is one of the best war movies I've seen. It had a good story line, I enjoyed the dialogue, the directing, the actors, the cinematography. It was a good war movie. I'm not saying this film will be a classic, but I think it will be a good one. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Matthew R. photo
Matthew R.

I really like war films and I've watched a few already, but this is the best I've seen in a long time. It's a movie that really captures the emotion of war, the struggle, the confusion, the hope, and the pain. The battle scenes are incredibly realistic and you can feel the pain in the characters' faces. This is why I give it a 8.8/10. It's not for the squeamish, and if you are squeamish, stay away. I'm also not going to give anything away, but I will say this: This movie is about how a father and his son deal with the loss of a loved one. It is about the guilt and how it impacts one's life. If you haven't seen this film, I strongly recommend you do.

Frank photo

The story is about an American war veteran in Japan who has a part in the slaughter of innocent women and children. That's all you need to know about the plot, and it's not complicated. The story is really good. The action is good. The acting is good. The cinematography is good. I liked this movie. The cast is really good, especially the lead actor, Brad Pitt. He really made the movie. The story is good. The war scenes are good. I thought it was good. It's about war and war history, and it's about human nature. It's about how war affects people. I think this movie is a good movie. I don't want to give away any of the story, so I will just say that this movie is about war. I don't think it's bad. I liked it.

Roger Lee photo
Roger Lee

This is a nice movie, with great cinematography, great acting, and a great script. I was amazed by it, and I don't think I've seen a better film in a long time. The conflict is quite intense, and the characters are just great. If you like WW2 movies, this is a great choice.

Victoria Montgomery photo
Victoria Montgomery

I was very impressed by this movie. It wasn't too slow, nor too fast. And I could see that the director and the actors were inspired by the same political ideology. I would highly recommend to people who like movies like "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy". The actors and actresses in this movie, seemed to be in the same plane. And I think this movie is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I've also seen "Stalingrad" and "Seven Days". And I've seen "The Deer Hunter" a few years ago. But I don't want to talk about that, it's a bit too painful. The movie's message was very effective. It wasn't like "The Deer Hunter", where the main character has to survive from one place to another in the enemy army, and is basically doing the same thing for all his life. The movie's main protagonist can only survive the last place he's at, if he can save the townspeople from the bad guys. The movie's message is much more subtle than that, which is something I like a lot. "The Deer Hunter" is a movie where you don't need to see the end credits to understand everything. I really liked the way it has been filmed. It's not like you have to have an idea of the movie in order to understand what's going on. I could easily guess what was going to happen, but I still found it very hard to understand what's happening. I'm also wondering what the purpose of all the scenes was. I've seen people criticize the movie for not showing enough background on the character. And I totally understand. I mean, if you haven't seen the movie, you should think about what it's trying to tell you. But I found it very interesting how the movie managed to tell me so many things without the background, without the characters. The background for the main character, his family and the friends he knew, is a lot more interesting than for the bad guy in a very long series of photos or a few brief lines of the actor. For me, I think it's the best movie of the year. And I believe it deserves a lot of awards. If you like movies like "Stalingrad", "The Deer Hunter", or "Seven Days" or "The Deer Hunter" or "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", then you should definitely watch this movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Christine photo

This movie is definitely not for everyone, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am not a fan of war movies, or war movies that are in the vein of Saving Private Ryan or Schindlers List. I don't think these types of movies are very realistic, and that makes me wary of them. The point of this movie was to show a story about a war in which not everything is well planned out and how the characters in the movie deal with the choices they have to make, and the obstacles they encounter. I think this movie did a good job at telling a story about a war. There were many things that I found to be very well done. I was not bored, and I thought the story was great. The acting was excellent, the action was well done, and the story was great. The characters in the movie were all well played, and I found them to be interesting and interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes war movies, or war movies in general.

Ethan H. photo
Ethan H.

This movie does an excellent job of showing the brutality of war and how even good people can become so evil and even completely inhuman. It's a good movie for anyone who wants to see a good story told in a decent way. The acting was superb and the story was well-told and not over-dramatic at all. The film itself was shot beautifully and the scenery was amazing. I loved the final scene when they were back at their camp. All in all, a great movie and definitely recommended.

Philip C. photo
Philip C.

I loved this movie. The story of a family that was split into two parts by the war, this movie shows the hardship and the beauty of life. I loved the fact that there were no bad guys in this movie. I think that it was a great movie, and the actors did a great job. The scenery was really beautiful, I thought it was a really nice movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It's not like other war movies that show the battles and violence. I think that it was a great movie, and it's a must see.

Ethan Stephens photo
Ethan Stephens

In the same year, this movie was released, The Deer Hunter, also by Francis Ford Coppola. Deer Hunter was more of a psychological drama, while this movie was more of a military drama. Both of them were very good movies, but this movie in my opinion is more of a military drama. The movie was much more violent and the characters are much more human. Many people will disagree with me, but this movie is a good film. The movie is better than Star Wars, as well as better than The Dark Knight Rises. I give this movie an 8/10

Kelly A. photo
Kelly A.

I'd like to comment on this movie. I have seen this movie and I was surprised to see a decent movie here, a true good movie. OK, the movie has its faults. But the acting, the story, and the story itself are all excellent. I have to comment on the singing and the chemistry. Chris Martin and Angela Bassett, I think are the best performing actors in the world. They have a fantastic chemistry together. Every time I see them together, I can feel that it's real. I can also feel that they are in love. I don't know how much I've seen them together, but I know I have. I can't think of a better couple than these two. Angela Bassett is very special and beautiful in this movie, and she can be seen as a more than a damsel in distress. Her acting is very good, and I'm looking forward to the next one. Also I'm very interested in seeing what Christopher Walken has done since this movie. It's been a long time since I watched a movie with him in it. I just remember that he was very good. I also want to say something about this movie. This movie shows how beautiful everything is. Every little piece of every leaf, every animal, every tree, every rock, everything is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one. I also want to say something about how much I hate war movies. This is the best war movie I've seen in a while. It was not so much a war movie, but more a movie about love, war, and relationships. And it was very interesting. The reason I liked this movie so much was because of the chemistry between the two actors. If you watch this movie, you will see what I mean. Christopher Walken is a very good actor, but Angela Bassett really surprised me in this movie. She was very good, and that was another reason I liked this movie so much. I was surprised with the acting and the chemistry between the actors, and I would definitely watch this movie again. I love the cinematography in this movie, and I thought that the cinematography was also very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who is not bothered by war movies, or if you like romantic movies. This movie is for everybody. But the reason I can recommend this movie is because it shows a world of beauty and love. If you want to see a movie about war, then you will be very disappointed. You will find many negative things in this movie. But if you like romance, romance movies, and love, then this is the one for you.

Richard C. photo
Richard C.

I saw this movie with my boyfriend and we both loved it. We didn't expect the movie to be as good as it was. It is more than a film and it is much more than an action film. I loved it. You must see this movie if you are interested in historical fiction. I think it is worth seeing. I think most people will not enjoy this film. It is so different than other films. It is also the first war film that I have seen that was made for TV. I thought it was great. I think everyone should see this film.

Janice Morris photo
Janice Morris

The film depicts a German officer who, under pressure from superiors, goes to his only son and asks him to serve with him in the SS. He is later told by a military advisor that he is being transferred to a junior officer. After learning that his son is to be transferred to the officer corps, he is given the chance to send him to his own unit. This decision is met with strong opposition from his superiors. The boy is now forced to serve his time in the US Army. He is not in the military for very long and is found out to be an anti-Nazi. After he leaves the army he returns to his father and his former unit. The film is very well acted and produced, especially by writer-director Albin von Plimpton. The film shows the horrors of war and shows the mistakes made by the SS. The German officer who is not really a Nazi but who made a mistake in the way he was treated by his superiors is very well portrayed and is portrayed as a hero. The film is worth seeing for its acting and production values.

Dennis W. photo
Dennis W.

Somewhat disturbing and at times surreal, the film is set in Nazi Germany and focuses on two individuals, a Jewish artist and an African American doctor, who are trying to save a Jew from the Nazis. The film does a good job of developing the plot and setting the tone of the film. The actors are excellent in the lead roles, particularly Yancy Butler as the artist, and Michael Shannon as the doctor. This film is definitely worth seeing.

Crystal Welch photo
Crystal Welch

The film begins with a memorable scene of a great many young men making their way across a snow-covered forest to the town of Yarko, where they are to join the military. The men are met by a leader who explains that he has been in charge of the "jungle" for the past few months. His job is to keep the men in line, and keep them in line, even though they may have different opinions on the war. It seems that the junta is planning to disband the junta and start all over again. To keep the men in line, the leader instructs them to follow the leader, which is a pretty dangerous mission, as they know that the junta will not be coming back, and that they will be in for a real fight. The film is rather good, and the acting is pretty good. I like the way the movie shows the junta's attitude towards the men, and their treatment of them. I like the way the movie shows the difference between the junta and the people of Yarko. The movie is a good movie, and I think it deserves at least a 7 out of 10.

Elizabeth photo

In the summer of 1944, the 4th Infantry Division, along with the 101st Airborne Division, were trying to break the German lines near the V-E Day landing. This was a difficult time for the British forces and a fight for survival was inevitable. "Seventh Son" chronicles the events that took place during that long night. The Battle of the Bulge was a deadly, exhausting and violent time for the soldiers. The story starts in the last few hours of the battle. The British force is ambushed by the Germans. The fighting is intense and they lose all their tanks. The last two British tanks, the Centurion and Challenger, are hit by a Panzer IV tank and crash. The survivors decide to make a run for it and head to the edge of the woods. While they are running they notice a German soldier named Hans. The two men do not know that he has a sniper on his tail. He finds them and decides to take them prisoner. They are then taken to a prison camp in Germany where they are subjected to all the horrors that were thrown at them. The men do not know that there are people like the Germans that will kill them just to be the last man standing. The soldiers are told that they will be sent to a place called "The Wall". When they get there, the men discover a new secret: the Germans had built a wire fence around the village. This fence was designed to protect the German soldiers from an invasion. However, the Americans had placed a timer on the fence and the fence would be destroyed by the American forces if they did not reach the wall in time. The men decide that they must destroy the fence before the Americans arrive and put their lives on the line to do so. The drama that is taking place is told by a young actor named Nick Nolte. He plays the role of Tommy Clark who is just 17 years old and a very inexperienced soldier. Nolte plays the role of Tommy very well and his relationship with his wife is very touching. The way the two are working together to try and save their lives is very interesting to watch. I thought that the movie was very intense, tense and the events that are happening are very dramatic. I thought that the actors portrayed the characters very well and gave the viewers a sense of what was going on. The tension of the movie was very high and it had the feel of being on the front line. The movie is a good movie and I would recommend it for people who want to see a drama that is worth seeing. I give the movie an 8 out of 10.

William W. photo
William W.

I'm not really sure what the purpose of this movie was. I can't really put my finger on it. The first thing that struck me was the cinematography. It's the first time I've seen such beautiful cinematography, and it's the best part of the movie. The movie was also interesting, and I like the fact that the story is told in a way that makes it less predictable. I also liked the fact that the movie doesn't have a happy ending. It's a movie, not a fairy tale. It's an interesting movie, and I recommend it.

Kevin Robinson photo
Kevin Robinson

The biggest weakness of this film was that it seemed to be doing everything wrong. The first 30 minutes were terrible. A lot of scenes were being introduced and then then forgotten about. But then I saw the first half hour and that was when the film became interesting. I love war movies. This film was about the nature of war. It was about love. It was about how to stay alive. It was about what would happen if you were to be killed. It was about what you could do to protect yourself. The battle scenes were brilliant. But the scenes where the troops were fighting to the death. I just thought they were very painful to watch. Then the last 30 minutes of the film. All of a sudden the film was beautiful. The cinematography, the special effects, the set design, the acting, the writing, everything. The film was just perfect. The score was beautiful. It was like a music video. It was like a ballet. It was a perfect film. I am going to go see it again and I hope it is the same way.

Joan Hicks photo
Joan Hicks

This movie is a good one, but it could have been better. I've always liked Tom Hanks but I didn't think this movie would be that good, I mean I think most people would agree with me. Well I was wrong. I actually liked this movie. The story is very interesting and the acting was good. But the ending is a little bad. The main character of this movie decides to get married to a girl he met at the war and that's the end of the movie. I think the ending could have been better. I think the movie could have been better with a better ending. All in all I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It is a good movie, I don't think you will regret watching this movie.

Paul T. photo
Paul T.

I'm going to start by saying that I have been a fan of Steven Spielberg for a long time. I also own the "Empire" and "Empire Strikes Back" DVD sets. So I went to this movie with a lot of anticipation. But when I saw the previews, I thought that it was going to be a waste of time. And when I watched it, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie does have a lot of technical elements, but it's not nearly as great as the reviews make it out to be. In fact, I think this movie would have worked better with a little bit of editing. But aside from that, the movie is very well made. The performances are excellent, the plot is entertaining, and the story is fast-paced. But there is one problem with this movie: The trailer for the movie is too misleading. The trailer makes it seem like the movie is very fast-paced and a lot of action is going on. The movie really isn't that fast-paced. The movie is actually pretty slow, and it feels like you're watching a documentary about World War II. The plot is slow, but I don't think that's what the movie is about. I think the movie is about the changing of attitudes and the changing of beliefs. And it's a story that is well told. The performances are also excellent. Michael Shannon is a fantastic actor, and he gives an excellent performance in the movie. The scene in which he says that he's not a soldier, and that he doesn't like war, is probably the most powerful scene in the movie. Also, I really enjoyed the way that the movie was filmed. It was quite interesting to see how they shot the movie. The movie looks really good, and the visuals were very impressive. Overall, this movie is a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a little bit of interest in World War II or World War II history.

Shirley M. photo
Shirley M.

I was born in 1986, and grew up in the 1980s. I have no idea how the war started, but we all knew that it was an excuse to steal and plunder. The first few times I heard about the war, I thought it was just some rag-tag collection of teenage rebels and robbers. But after the first few days, I learned that it wasn't just a bunch of drunken kids. It was the whole world. This movie reminds me of what it was like to be in the world of those who lived in the '80s. When you were young, you didn't know what was going on in the world. And the world didn't know what it was going to do. The movie has a great message, which is very important today. I don't believe that we have to go into a war that is so far removed from the reality of the world. When you hear about the Iraq war, you hear that it's all about oil. Well, it's not about oil, it's about control. It's about an empire that is not so much about making money, but about controlling the world. So when you hear that the U.S. is in a war against a country that is rich, and it's rich because of oil, it's very clear what that war is about. It's about an empire that is powerful enough to have its way with the rest of the world. That is why the movie is so powerful. And the way that it shows the world is so convincing. It's not just about Vietnam, it's about Iraq. I thought that the movie was great, because it has a message that is very powerful. The movie makes you think about the way that the world works. It reminds you of what you thought when you were a child, and the way the world works now. I recommend that you see the movie, because it's really great.

Elizabeth photo

In my opinion, this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I can't think of a better movie. The story is a great one and the actors do a great job. The film is just perfect. I also like the way the director did it. I can't tell you the last time I was so much impressed with a movie. If you want to see a great movie, see this one. I think this movie will be a classic one.

Joyce Barrett photo
Joyce Barrett

The movie depicts a lot of reality that is portrayed in the Bible. It also shows the atrocities of the Nazis and the horrors of World War II. It also shows the compassion and love that people had for the Jewish people. It shows that all people were equal in the eyes of God. It shows that there is no right or wrong, just people. This movie is a must see for all people. I give it a 10/10.

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

I saw this film at the American Film Institute's 'American Cinema: The Exhibition' in Denver. It was the first film I have seen by Danish director Kim Ki-Duk, and I was not disappointed. This is a brilliant, intense and moving film, with an excellent cast, excellent acting and the cinematography is stunning. The script is very strong, and the story is very compelling. The film is very realistic and tells the story of a young boy, with a tragic past. The film is very moving, and the story is very moving. The performances are very good, and the actors are not afraid to show their emotions. This is a very powerful film, and a must-see.

Grace W. photo
Grace W.

The movie has a very strong story line, and the acting is great. The movie is about a young girl who is captured by the Nazis in 1943. Her name is Sarah, and she is about to be sent to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. Sarah's father (played by Tom Hanks) has to fight for his daughter's release. Sarah's older sister (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the one who is the most determined to save her sister. This is a very powerful movie. It is very sad to see the movie come to an end, but the movie does not end there. It is not a happy ending, but a very sad one. The movie has a very strong message that is worth watching. The movie is also very interesting to see how people would react in this situation. The movie is very moving and well worth watching. I give it a 9/10.

Jessica Carr photo
Jessica Carr

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Toronto International Film Festival and I have to say it is one of the best films I've seen in quite some time. The characters were well-drawn, the acting was strong, and the story was so well-told and believable that I was drawn into the story and felt for the characters. It was a very realistic depiction of war and the human condition, and the fact that the characters were portrayed as human was a very powerful statement. I was very moved by this film and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject of war and the human condition.

Julia photo

I have read a lot of reviews here that say this movie was "Boring", "Stupid", "Dumb", etc. etc. I don't agree. I thought this movie was very well done. The actors did a great job. I also thought that the story was very well done. I didn't think it was a "War" movie, but more of a "World War II movie". It was a bit like Saving Private Ryan. I think the best part of this movie was the ending. I thought it was very well done. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Harold photo

A truly remarkable film about the German and Japanese experience during World War II. The film is in many ways a character study. It examines the complexities of the relationship between two men who are at opposite ends of the scale of human life. Each man has different needs, and each man has different needs. Each man has different strengths and weaknesses. The film is a wonderful insight into the human condition, and a very powerful insight into the human condition. The film is not only a study of war, but also of the human condition. This film is a masterpiece in the same way that the great films of the 20th century are, and it is a must see.

Steven K. photo
Steven K.

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Chicago Film Festival. It was a fantastic film. I was blown away. I was impressed by the direction, the acting, and the cinematography. It was very realistic and true to the time period. It was very moving. I can't wait to see the director's cut. It was an amazing experience.

Jean photo

As the title suggests, "Choosing Your Favourite Favourite" and "Choosing Your Favourite Victory" are two equally powerful movies about the consequences of war and peace. These two movies are very different, both with a strong story. "Choosing Your Favourite Favourite" explores the impact of war on people and the profound effect that this can have on a nation. In this respect, it is an extremely well-made and interesting movie. "Choosing Your Favourite Favourite" follows a very different narrative. The main character, Stanley, and his father are quite clearly parallel to the main character, although they are not directly related. One major difference between the two stories is that one of the fathers, the owner of a national furniture company, dies in an accident. In this way, we are watching the effect of war on Stanley's life. We see how Stanley is denied of his father and his friends and how this leads to his new-found interest in the television and to the disappearance of his father's money. We see Stanley's rejection of his father's philosophy and of the nation and we see how his mother, an alcoholic, has made him, with her acceptance of the alcohol, a complete opposite to the father. As you watch this movie, you will be drawn in to the world of Stanley, a guy who tries to cope with the shock of losing his father. The main problem in Stanley's life is the empty shell of his father, a man who is gone. As an actor, Morgan Freeman is absolutely brilliant and his character is such a character. One of the biggest reasons to watch this movie is because it tells a story of the effects of war on people. As Stanley says in the movie, he doesn't understand why his father did not tell him about the war, as he only knows him as a child and as a child, Stanley was always concerned about the future of his father, especially since he was in the army, he remembers him saying that he always went to war to defend his country. In my opinion, this movie is very good because it tells a story of people and how war affects their lives. The movie is not about a story, the story is about people and their reaction to the terrible impact of war. "Choosing Your Favourite Favourite" is definitely not the best war movie, but it is a good movie nonetheless and a great film.

Carl Hoffman photo
Carl Hoffman

I am not going to rehash the plot details here as this is really not my field. I have always enjoyed this film, although I must admit that I was disappointed by the fact that this film focused so much on the Soviet's oppression of the Czechoslovak people. However, this was not a flaw in the film. Indeed, I found the Soviet's treatment of the Czech people to be both touching and tragic. I was also very impressed by the choice of actors to play the roles of the characters in the film. The casting was quite impressive and made the film look much more realistic. I found the scene where Mr. Petr, the main character, is asked about the reasons for the children's lack of happiness in his life to be quite moving. As far as the critics go, I agree with some of their criticisms of the film. However, I did not see anything that would make me leave the cinema feeling depressed or put off by the film. I actually found it to be very moving and moving at times. I don't see why it is generally held up as a piece of fiction, but I would say it is one of the most touching and realistic films I have ever seen. Overall, I would give this film an 8 out of 10.

Terry Martin photo
Terry Martin

I'm not too sure what to make of this film. It had all the ingredients for a great film. An interesting historical figure like Dreyfus. A real live person like Joseph Cotten. But they never put it together. Cotten plays a veteran of WW2 and that's about it. The story is about a Jewish doctor from the Bantustans who was taken prisoner by the Germans. He ends up in a concentration camp. There he meets Joseph Cotten who was in the Bantustans and gets to know Cotten's family and the people who made the camp. In the end Cotten is given a choice: Stay with his family or go back to the camp. He chooses to stay. This movie was very interesting and I recommend it. I like it because it tells a story about a real person.

Diana photo

The story of two Jews, perhaps an old married couple, who have grown apart as each tries to redeem his past. They find themselves drawn together by a threat to their faith and their lives. The story is told in a simple, direct way, and they make it seem easy. The setting and the story of the city is gorgeous, with the stunning sunset color palette. As a soldier in the IDF, I found this film very engaging and real. The story was very easy to follow, and the characters are quite real. The film is long, and the ending is not quite a happy one, but in the end it is a very real, and depressing story.

Craig photo

I am not a fan of war movies, but I loved this movie. I am a person who appreciates the bravery and sacrifice that the soldiers and sailors of the United States Navy have to endure during wartime. I also appreciate the lessons learned from the experiences of the people who have served in the Navy and the Marines. This movie shows the life of those who serve in the Navy and the Marines and shows the way in which they live and how they train. I think the best thing that can be said about this movie is that it will open your eyes and make you appreciate the sacrifices that people make for their country. I am proud to be a United States Navy Sailor.

Lauren photo

I had no expectations when I went to see this movie, and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a great movie, that deals with real life and the human condition, and shows us how hard it is to be human, and how much the "noble savage" has to overcome to become a civilized person. The acting is amazing, and the story is very realistic. The movie has a strong and interesting message, that is not only about war, but about all wars. The story is not only about a war, but about the humanity of war. I think that it's a movie that everyone should see. If you want to see a great movie, this is it. I have seen it at least a dozen times, and I can't get enough of it. Go see it!

Brandon photo

The film tells a story of the battle of Grenada, where the Grenadians (The U.S. Army) are fighting to defend their country against the forces of the Royal Canadian Navy, led by Admiral Lord Nelson (Michael Clarke Duncan). The film was made with a real war experience, in which the acting and the camera work was superb. The director used the filming of the battle scenes in a way that allows the viewer to get an understanding of what it is like to be there, as well as the lives of the people involved. The movie also portrays the real-life events in a way that shows the hard-won victories and the sad end to the war. The movie was well-made, and the cinematography, the editing, the sound, and the story all contribute to making this a film worth watching.

Michael T. photo
Michael T.

I was very impressed by this movie. It is a true story of a Holocaust survivor and the events that he went through as a child. It shows how even though it was horrible, it was also very inspiring. I highly recommend this movie. It is well acted and very well directed. I hope to see more movies like this. I give it a 10/10.

Paul Hamilton photo
Paul Hamilton

One of the best films of the year. It's truly a "must see" for everyone who has ever been in the army or has even considered joining one. It is a story of faith and hope and what you can do to make a difference in the world. The cast is outstanding, the characters are all believable and the message is very clear. It is a truly inspiring film and I can't wait to see it again.

Brenda photo

this movie was amazing, i loved it so much i cried so much. it was so emotional and i felt it all the time. i can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD, i hope they do a double feature with this movie and all the other movies that were released. i can't wait to see it again! i love the actors in this movie, and they were amazing. i have seen this movie more than 10 times, and i will see it again! i really hope they do a sequel and a movie with more of the same actors. i hope they do a movie with all of the actors from the first movie. i really love all of them! this movie was so amazing! i am so happy that i saw it, and i love it so much!

Betty M. photo
Betty M.

I am so disappointed in the review that I have read. I think that there is a big mistake in the way that the reviewer has described the movie. I did not find the movie to be a political statement, but an artistic statement. The movie is about a Holocaust survivor named Michaelson. He has a loving family and is a scholar. He has a wife and two children, one of which is in a wheelchair. He is very old and has been in this house for years. But he is not lonely. His wife is a very open person. The movie shows that there is love in the world. There is also a young man named Leopold who is looking for a woman. The movie is about the freedom that one has to choose one's love. The movie is not about a political statement. It is not about the Nazis or the Jews. It is about a man who finds his love for his wife. It is about freedom, about love, about hope. It is a very good movie, very powerful. I believe that it is one of the best movies of this year.

Catherine photo

I just finished watching the movie and I was blown away by the movie. The movie is brilliant. It tells a great story and gives a true portrayal of the soldiers and how they view the world. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great movie that gives you a great story.

Gary photo

This movie is truly an inspirational movie. It tells a very realistic story. It's not just a movie, but a great lesson in life. It shows that if you choose to fight for something, it will get better for you. It shows that you can't choose to be a good person, but you can choose to be a good person. It shows that no matter what happens to you, if you have faith, you can make things better. The only reason this movie was made was because of the fact that it's based on true events. It shows that if you don't believe in something, it can't help you. I really recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Heather photo

The movie is really well done, and I found it hard to believe that such a small country would have produced such a masterpiece. The plot is a bit thin, but that's not a big problem, because it doesn't matter. The movie is about the period of the war, and the reactions of the people, and how it affected the war. It's a very important part of the movie, and it shows the war in a very good way. The movie is also about the mentality of the people, and how they reacted to the war, and how they tried to keep the peace. I believe that it is the best movie about the war I have ever seen. This movie is a must-see.

Rachel photo

A year ago I was introduced to this film by a friend who recommended it to me. I had no idea what it was about and was unsure whether it would be a good movie. I just wanted to get out of the house, and I was enjoying some very good movies on TV. So I watched it, and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I was very impressed with the acting. The actors did an excellent job, and I am looking forward to seeing them in other movies. I can't wait for the DVD to come out, because I have to buy the DVD when it comes out, and I think it is a very important movie. I have been reading the reviews and they seem to be mixed. Some people are saying that it is too slow, and some people say it is too slow. But I think that it is the right balance of the two. It is very slow, but it is very moving and I think that the best thing about it is that it is not predictable. It is very emotional and very moving. The best part of the movie is the dialogue. There are some really good dialogues, and it is very interesting. It is very interesting to watch. It is a really good movie. I really recommend it. It is very good and I hope that it gets the best rating that it can get.

Brenda K. photo
Brenda K.

I was lucky enough to see this film at the world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. I was blown away by this film. The acting is excellent, the cinematography is exceptional, the story is well thought out and told, and the cinematography and special effects are very well done. I was also impressed with the use of the city of Montreal. The city is shown in a very authentic way and is a focal point for the film. The film is told from the point of view of a child, a man, and a woman, all of whom were orphaned and taken in by a foster home. The film follows these children through their childhood and youth, and the stories are told in a very realistic way. I would recommend this film to anyone, it is a great story and it is well worth seeing.

Douglas B. photo
Douglas B.

This is the movie I wish I could have watched at a younger age. It shows a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, from different countries, and from all walks of life. It shows the reality of war, and it shows the love that is there. I can not think of any other movie that shows the love between people, and the amazing bond between the soldiers. This is a must watch for everyone, because it shows the true feelings of war and the love that people have for each other. The movie is also the reason I started to be a movie fan. The movie shows the true beauty of life and the happiness that is found in life. The movie shows the love of war and the sadness that war brings. It also shows the pain and the love that people have for each other. The movie shows the true beauty of life and the joy of life.

Harold Sullivan photo
Harold Sullivan

The best thing about this movie is how it tells the story of a young boy and his mother who are forced to go into the war to fight in the Soviet Union. It is a very realistic and realistic story. The scenes of the fighting in the front line are not in the least bit exaggerated. The acting is excellent, the camera work is beautiful, and the story is very interesting. I hope this movie gets more recognition. It is a very important movie.

Lauren S. photo
Lauren S.

My first exposure to this film was during the 1998 Oscar season when it was nominated for Best Picture. I was still a teenager and I saw it with my friends. We all really enjoyed it and it was a treat to watch a film that had such a strong message, yet also was a very entertaining movie. The story is told in a very realistic manner that shows how the war affected each of the soldiers and how they responded to it. The film is a very slow moving film that is quite difficult to watch at times because it is a very personal story about the war. But I do not think that it should be viewed as a documentary because the viewer should be able to relate to it. The actors in the film did a fantastic job. The real life events portrayed in the film were very believable. There were a few times when I thought that the actors were reading their lines, but it was the actors that were making the movie so real. I was so impressed with the acting of the actors. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes war movies.

George photo

I will give a bit of background first. I am a member of the US Military and have seen a lot of war movies. As I was watching the movie I thought that this was very accurate. I was very moved by the story line and the realism. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been in war. I think that this movie has been overlooked by some people because it does not fit in with the Hollywood style. But it is a very accurate story and should be shown to the people of the US Military Academy.

Judy photo

When you have watched this movie you will have some idea of what i'm talking about. The film depicts the great struggle of the German army in the early days of WWII. The movie shows the utter desperation of the soldiers who are going to fight a battle against a much superior force. The movie is not a documentary. It is an experience. The movie shows the feelings of the soldiers and the soldiers themselves. There are some scenes that are very powerful, some of them are quite shocking. The movie has a very powerful message. This is a movie that you will definitely enjoy watching. My vote is 10/10.

Alice photo

What can I say? I love this movie. It was a great movie. I can't believe that I never heard of this movie before. I think it's very underrated. I've never heard of the guy that made this movie, but he deserves some credit. He is the best. I recommend everyone to see this movie. It is a very touching movie. The acting is very good. I think everyone should see this movie. It is very good. I think you should watch it. I'm going to give it a 10/10.

Lori photo

This movie was truly wonderful. I have never been a fan of war movies, and I never will be. I do have a few movies in my collection that I enjoy, and this movie was one of them. It is a very powerful story, and very emotional. I have to say though, the film was not perfect. I feel that some of the dialog was unnecessary. I know the movie is supposed to be a true story, but some of the dialog could have been better written. However, I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not yet seen it. I know that I will be watching it many times in the future. I cannot wait to see what the director of this movie will do next. I am sure he will continue to make movies that will be talked about for years to come. This movie was truly great. I would give this movie a 10/10.

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Carol Mason

A tale of great importance. I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the International Film Festival in Oslo last year. It was very well received and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of attention it received. The cast, including "Sisters" director Astrid Larsson, is superb. The performances are entirely credible and the stories are always gripping and provocative. The only weak link is the script. The dialogue is wooden and has the feel of a typical Swedish soap opera. However, this is not the film's fault. The script was written by Astrid Larsson and it is true that it is a very weak script. But this does not detract from the film as a whole. The story is interesting and has an excellent cast of actors. It is a real gem and one that deserves much more attention. I recommend it highly. It is an exciting film that deserves to be seen and appreciated.