Steam Score: A Film Music Documentary

Score: A Film Music Documentary

Score: A Film Music Documentary is a movie starring Marco Beltrami, Jon Burlingame, and Leonard Maltin. A look at the cinematic art of the film musical score, and the artists who create them.

Other Titles
Score: Compositores de Oscar, Score - Eine Geschichte der Filmmusik, Filmmusikkens mestere, Score - elokuvamusiikin mestarit, Score - den ultimata filmmusiken, Score - muzyka filmowa, すばらしき映画音楽たち, Filmimuusika - heli põimumine pildiga, La partitura de cine
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Documentary, Music
Matt Schrader
Matt Schrader
Bill Field, Leonard Maltin, Marco Beltrami, Jon Burlingame
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

For a predominately visual medium like cinema, its musical component plays a vital role as well, especially its score. In that essential musical accompaniment, the soul of the film is expressed whether it be sweepingly majestic fanfares or delicate lyrical pieces. This documentary explores the artistic role of this special musical discipline that completes the cinematic artistic creation process and the artists who have devoted their careers to this contribution. We explore the form's history and examine the masters who defined it with their own distinctive artistic vision. In doing so, the various components of this delicate creative process are revealed as they create a musical compositional work that has inspired a popular appreciation of music in all its forms, which gave some old musical ways their own new lease on life.

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Theresa May photo
Theresa May

From the opening sequence, with "Time Machine" playing, I was ready to see this movie. It's a documentary that I would have been proud to be a part of. The story of John Lennon's experience in New York during the "War of the Worlds" event, the extraordinary acts of courage and bravery of the firefighters, and the courage and bravery of the New York City Police Department is just incredible. As a longtime fan of music and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I was impressed by the documentary. I'm not a film buff, but I had a great time watching it. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about John Lennon and to anyone who wants to know what it was like to be in the same place as John Lennon during that time. It is truly a life experience that is both very exciting and very interesting.

Jonathan Parker photo
Jonathan Parker

This is a well made documentary on a forgotten rock band that I have long admired. The band is named The Velvet Underground. The documentary features interviews with the band members, music journalist Bob Zemeckis, and other people who knew the band. The documentary is quite well done, but there are some things that I didn't quite understand. I understand that the band's drummer died in a car accident, but I didn't know what the car accident was about. I also understood that The Velvet Underground had some famous album covers in the 60s, but I didn't really know what they were about. But, overall, this is a well made documentary on a forgotten band that I will watch many times.

Ronald M. photo
Ronald M.

This is a masterpiece. The documentary was completely free and I am a film maker and I really enjoyed the material. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in documentaries. I liked that the documentary was completely free to view and I would like to know if there is a free version of this available. I would like to know if there is an easy way to download the film and watch it. I also loved the fact that the film maker was there for the entire film and I felt really connected to the story. I thought the actors were really great and I also felt that the story was told well. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes documentaries and would like to see a more "new" documentary. I think that this is a documentary that everyone should see. It is a great story and the documentary was totally free and I highly recommend it.

Sara King photo
Sara King

I liked it. Great soundtrack. Worth watching again and again.

Wayne Bishop photo
Wayne Bishop

The man who created The Bee Gees, is now getting his just desserts. This is a real look at the band and their famous music, which is as diverse as the fans themselves. It shows the fascinating lives of their fans, and the people who they have helped along the way. The film is full of amazing interviews, with plenty of information on the band. It is also very funny, and filled with a lot of great music. The film was very informative, and there are lots of great stories told. It was also a great introduction to The Bee Gees. I'm very glad I saw this movie, and I hope I get to see it again.

Eric photo

All the best music, amazing story, the best movie I've ever seen. The director is one of my favorite filmmakers and his film "Songs of a Summer" is one of my favorites too. I loved this film, so much that I bought the soundtrack. I think this is the best film of this year, I think it deserves a lot of recognition. I have to say this is probably my favorite film of all time. I think it is a masterpiece. The best film I've ever seen. I can't recommend this film enough. I think it is the best film of the year and I can't wait to see it again. The director is a great film maker and I think he has a great career ahead of him. I hope he does a lot of other films and films like this. I hope he has a very successful career and I hope he makes a lot of films. I love the film and I think it is a great film and I recommend it to everyone. I think it is the best film I've ever seen.

Sharon photo

The film starts out with a nice introduction of the film and then gets into a very nice discussion about the music, and the songs are both very good and very inspiring. Then the film gets into the actual music. The music is really good, I think the most popular song on the album is called "Deja Vu" and that song is very inspirational, especially since the main character is a cop. The film ends with a nice discussion about the film, and the music. The music is really good and inspirational. It's probably one of the best music documentaries out there.

Donald photo

When I heard about this movie, I was excited to see it. I really liked his music and the idea of doing a movie on him was really exciting to me. I also heard that he is really good at directing. This movie is pretty much all about how he directs, and he was very good at it. I would say this is his best film. There are so many things that he did that are pretty incredible. This movie is definitely a must see for all people who love music, movies, and music.

Gerald Baker photo
Gerald Baker

With a subject matter so loaded with emotion and emotion-ridden lyrics, it's easy to see how this documentary would be turned into a panned experience. So, if you can ignore that, and just have a go, I'd recommend this film for its emotional power and, more importantly, its ability to elicit a good mood. This film was shot in the style of a music documentary, but there's a good reason for that. The emotion it evokes isn't as heavy as some of the other documentaries that have tackled the subject of music in the same way, but it's still very very real. Even the ending is somewhat melancholy and personal, and the emotional punch is strong, even if it's not the rawest of punches. It's a movie that is more about the emotion than the actual music itself. I think that's a good thing. It doesn't try to shoehorn any kind of aesthetic message into it, and it doesn't try to exploit the music, or a particular genre, for its own sake. It just gets into the heads of those who are touched by music and, in doing so, gives us a very personal look into their lives. It's not just a documentary about the music, or even the music itself, but it's more about how music affects people. And it does that beautifully. There's so much raw emotion, and so much raw emotion-laden lyrics, that it's easy to see why some people might be put off by it. But I think the best way to approach it is to not think about it as a documentary about music, but to think of it as a movie about music, about life. And for that, it works very well. I really do recommend this film. And if you can put yourself in the shoes of the people who made it, and the people it's about, and listen to the emotions it evokes, I think you'll find it's a movie you can really relate to.

Tyler B. photo
Tyler B.

I was in my early 20's when I first saw the documentary 'The Celluloid Closet', and it affected me in so many ways. I have a wonderful friend who now sees this film regularly and is very grateful for the inspiration it has given her, and I see it a lot of the time. It is hard to find a copy of the film in English, but it is also difficult to find a copy in any language other than English. The DVD is available in a few languages, but there is a few bits of the film missing, and I think that is why it has not been released in English. So, I have a copy of the film, and I have now watched it a few times. I have seen it in a few languages and it has affected me in so many ways, I still have my friend's gratitude for it. I also have the film in the home of one of my best friends, and she has seen it a few times. I am glad she is very appreciative of it. I think it is very important that people see this film, because it shows how a good film can make a difference in people's lives. I think it is really important that people see this film, because it shows how a good film can make a difference in people's lives.

Jane J. photo
Jane J.

What a great movie! I've never seen a documentary that was so well done and so beautifully shot. The first 30 minutes are pretty dull but as the movie progresses it gets better. The story line was original and very well done. I think that if it was a book or a movie it would have been better. The acting was great, as well as the visuals and music. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a passion for music, movie, or documentary. It was very well done, and I really hope to see more like it. Great job!

Kimberly Holland photo
Kimberly Holland

I thought this was a fantastic film, I had never heard of it before, and I was surprised at the amount of good information in the film. I loved the music, the clips, the interviews with the band, and the documentaries. I especially loved the interviews with the band, especially Paul Oakenfold, who is interviewed for half the film. Paul is one of my favorite musicians, and he is a genius, and I hope he is able to put out more music in the future, this is a great documentary, I hope to see it again, and it has been a great learning experience for me, I hope everyone can see this film and get it, it is a great documentary.

Ruth photo

I don't know where the criticism is coming from. I had no problems with the film. I had some issues with the music, but other than that I really enjoyed it. The film is a documentary that covers a lot of music history, the studio sessions for various artists, the major labels, the music videos, etc. I am not a huge fan of music videos, but this one was pretty entertaining. The whole idea of the film is to give a brief history of the music that is featured. The people that were involved with the music and the music videos. The music is the main focus. The people who were involved with the music, the people who produced the music videos, and the people that were involved in the music videos. The film is a compilation of clips of music videos from different artists that were filmed between 1982 and 2005. The music videos that are included are from the Big Apple, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, The Doors, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, U2, Santana, etc. The music is in a mix of genres, and has some hidden references that are not obvious to the average viewer. For example, during the scene where Elvis is playing with The Beatles, we see a man with a guitar, and he is playing along with The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". During the scene where he is playing with The Doors, we see the Doors song "The End of the Affair". I enjoyed the music. The music that was used was used in a few films, and I was very impressed. There are some parts that are a little overdone. There are some clips that are very cheesy, but that's to be expected. I thought the interviews were very interesting. I liked the way the interviews were presented. The main interviews were with John Lennon, The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, U2, and Santana. There were some interviews that were with Frank Zappa, The Who, and The Beatles. The interviews that were with the music videos that were shown were with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, U2, The Beatles, and Santana. The film is pretty interesting, and I recommend that you check it out. I thought it was very entertaining, and I enjoyed it. I give the film a 7/10.

Lawrence photo

It's a sad reality that all the great music of the last century has been lost in the last twenty years or so. A film critic and music critic review the music of their favorite singers and the things that make their songs great and what their fans would say if they were in their situation. It's an entertaining documentary and it does a good job of telling the story. However, there are some glaring omissions. First, we only hear about Black Sabbath, the Beatles, R.E.M., Elton John, and Brian Wilson. Of course, I'm not trying to blame the director or anyone else on that one. But it's too bad. I had a feeling that they wouldn't tell us a thing about Kurt Cobain's music. Not just that. There's no mention of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Neither are we given any information about the rise and fall of the Rolling Stones. In fact, we only get a clip from one of their concerts. Also, I'd like to see a discussion of what would it take to become a popular musician in the 1960s. Maybe a question-and-answer session would be a good way to get at that. The director says, "The music scene was pretty loose. It was, at least, chaotic." That's a good point, but what about the working class? The working class was raving about the Beatles, the Stones, and the Byrds. Yet, the first Rolling Stones song they ever heard was a disco song from Paris. What about the working class of the 1950s? And, did anyone ever tell them that they should have listened to country music? A few brief, but very poignant, passages about David Bowie would have been nice. In fact, it would have been great if they had given him a shout out at the end. The truth is, I'm glad I watched it. I want to know more about the people who made the music that was so important to me and I want to know more about those who lived to tell about it. I hope the next film will do a better job of informing us.

Emily photo

This documentary attempts to gather the essence of some of the most celebrated musical artists in the world, with the most famous being George Harrison. From both the musicians and the music, the film comes off as more of a music documentary than a documentary. As a music fan, I found the documentary to be excellent as it gave a nice background of the history and evolution of the music and the culture surrounding it. The film's timeline did not seem to go too far into the details of the subject matter, and as a fan of music I am glad to see that the film went a bit more into the culture and history. However, as a music fan, the film seemed to get caught up in the detail, and it was difficult to separate the audience from the music. As a music fan, I would love to see a much more in depth history of the music and culture surrounding it. I found the film to be interesting, but it was more than just music and I would not recommend it to other fans of music.

Randy H. photo
Randy H.

What's up with the all-star voting for the Oscars? Who are the people who voted for "This Is Spinal Tap"? And, why the heck did they vote for "Big Night"? And, why does the film have a little kid sitting on the bench? A lot of the questions are answered in this short, but it is not a documentary, it is a collection of clips of music videos and interviews with the artists, mostly done by Jeff Tweedy, who plays himself in the film. The music videos are well-done, and the interviews are good, but the film is too long. In the end, "This is Spinal Tap" is a fun movie about music videos and a well-made documentary about music videos, but it is not a documentary.

Anthony A. photo
Anthony A.

Just watched this film at the Telluride Film Festival. It is really a great documentary that really captured my attention. The director had an amazing way of talking about the music. They weren't just talking about the song but showing how the song came to be, and how the director, Justin Hurwitz, changed the way that the songs were recorded. It really is a very different and fresh approach to music documentaries. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is into music. If you like Justin Hurwitz, this film is definitely for you.

Laura L. photo
Laura L.

I remember the first time I saw this documentary. I was 18 years old. I had never seen any of the band or had any knowledge of the band before, so I had no idea what to expect. But when I watched the documentary I was blown away. The footage they had was so detailed and the sound was so good that I could hardly even tell what was going on in the footage. The sound is not the only thing that made this documentary such a good film. The subject matter is very interesting and the narration is very interesting as well. There is an interesting look into the music industry, the difficulties that young bands face, and how these bands deal with the problems. The director did an excellent job at showing how hard it is to be a rock star. This is a very interesting and entertaining documentary.

Gloria Schultz photo
Gloria Schultz

This is the first film music documentary I've seen and it was a fascinating and enlightening experience. It is based on the life and work of Paul Simon who died in 2010 at the age of 59. The film starts with the early years of his music career, the band, and then moving into the early stages of his band, The Mamas & The Papas. The film includes footage of Paul's son and daughter, his ex-wife, and his friends and colleagues in music, film, and broadcasting. It includes interviews with Paul's former band members, including Paul Simon, Quincy Jones, Elton John, and more. It also includes many clips from Paul's first live concert, which took place in 1976. This is a must see for music fans. It is worth watching even if you are not a music fan. There are many good songs included in the film, and a lot of them were used in the film. In the end, it is a film about music, and the music in this documentary is amazing.

Kyle photo

This is a documentary on the making of one of the most important albums of all time, Pink Floyd's The Wall. Director David Helfgott and his team use the latest advances in sound engineering to tell the story of how they did it. They follow the band members, tour manager, engineers, music producer, and film crew as they work to bring the album to completion. The film was made for the benefit of the band's fans, and is a rare example of a docudrama that tells a story that isn't Hollywood. The film is beautifully shot and edited, with excellent camera-work, and a wonderful score by James Newton Howard, but the film is not without its flaws. The editing is choppy, and there is a noticeable lack of continuity. The editing of the music videos is also not very good, and often seems like a single camera shot, as opposed to a mix of multiple cameras. The film also has a poor sound mix, and the music has a lot of annoying distortion. I would recommend this to fans of the band, but not to anyone who wants to learn about sound and film technology. The film is well worth watching, but if you're looking for a well-rounded docudrama about the making of one of the greatest albums of all time, I'd skip this one.

Roger W. photo
Roger W.

The problem with movie reviews is that they're just that. Reviews. You might get some cool stuff or a lot of stuff that is simply too stupid. This is the latter. This movie is the former. It was the most honest review of all time and I loved it. If you've ever been in a theater that seemed like it was full of people who were just going to be obnoxious and laughing at the same time, then you're going to like this. It's a sad, beautiful story of a guy and his friend who go to see the latest Jason Statham movie. And it is beautiful. Every single second of it is a joy. They have the same way of talking, acting, and looking that they always do. The only difference is that they talk like their in a documentary. In a way that's the point. The way it's edited is almost surreal. I can't imagine how much time it took to make this film. It's like a living breathing thing. It's like a little video diary. It's perfect for a rainy afternoon when you want to sit back and take in the sights of the city you live in. And to the people who think it's horrible, I ask you, what's wrong with it? It's a great movie and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Justin G. photo
Justin G.

The music of Pink Floyd is powerful. It's about being in the middle of the music, in the middle of the lives of the people who make the music. It's about freedom, and what we do with it. And it's about art. In this movie, we see a documentary of a musician, David Gilmour, who has dedicated his life to the music, and who has taken it very seriously. In the documentary, he goes through his work, and the problems he has had in his life. And we see a very intelligent man, and we see him really happy. He talks about his problems with his wife, his girlfriend, his boss. We see him laughing and smiling, and we see him really happy. He is very intelligent, and very thoughtful. We see him to be very creative. He is an artist. He is a musician. And he has a special talent. I like this movie. It is a very interesting movie, and a very intelligent movie. I liked it very much.

Ruth C. photo
Ruth C.

The Beatles made a film, which has been described as a "Hollywood film", in order to promote the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The film is worth seeing. The movie contains the greatest songs of the Beatles, and in particular John Lennon's song, "Here, There, And Everywhere". The film includes interviews with Beatles members, and the surviving members of the band. This is a great documentary. It has great music. It is a must see.

Vincent Alvarado photo
Vincent Alvarado

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this film very much and found the soundtrack to be one of the highlights. I found the message of the film interesting and the music to be very unique and unique to be the point. I found the ending very satisfying and I was really impressed by the way the film showed the reactions of the families of the fallen heroes, especially of the Green Berets. Although the film is a little dated and it's lack of coherence, the film does portray the tragedies that these men were exposed to so well that it's hard not to be moved by the end of the film. The film also shows the sacrifice these men made and the profound effect of these men in the lives of their families. The film is definitely worth seeing. I recommend it for fans of the award winning film.

Keith J. photo
Keith J.

The movie starts out with the words "The Documentary", that is good since this is a documentary about a musician. Then it goes to a story about how they made the movie, as they had the great idea of putting interviews with various musicians, and they have an amazing sense of rhythm. The editing of the movie is very well done, with a lot of the music playing in the background, when it was relevant, and when it was not. I recommend this movie for anyone that wants to understand music. It does not have any kind of a "message", it is just a movie, and a great one at that.

Vincent Rose photo
Vincent Rose

This is a very funny film, as well as a study of how a film score is composed, and how it is used in a film. The film is edited in an interesting way, but it is also so smart, so we're left to pick apart some of the points made, and how they are actually made, to make a great film. It's a lot like the film score of one of my favorite films of all time, "WALL·E", except that I don't think "WALL·E" had much of a score at all, and "12 Angry Men" did not have a score either. There are also some clips from the film, including "Just A Baby", "Burn The Witch" and "Carnival Of Souls". Overall, I think the film is a great study of a very common and very funny film. Some of the clips are great, and some are very funny. I think it's a great film to watch, and even better to listen to.

Ann W. photo
Ann W.

A new documentary, 'A Film Music Documentary,' has just been released. Director, Paul J. Weitz was a member of the band, Nirvana, and worked on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as a sound engineer. He's also the author of the Nirvana memoir 'Nevermind,' which was the basis for the movie. Weitz also has an extensive history in music, but not only that, he was an actual recording engineer who made some really great records. This film is pretty good. It's certainly not a complete documentary about the music industry, but it's still pretty good. The film is a little on the short side, but that doesn't take away from the quality. The acting is decent, but the film has a really interesting look at the music industry, and there are some really interesting things to think about.

Danielle Elliott photo
Danielle Elliott

As a music fan of over twenty years, I can honestly say that I have never seen such a thing before. The film uses both interviews and footage to tell the story of Bob Dylan, his career, and his influence. The music is phenomenal, the interviews are insightful, and the music is an essential part of this film. The music and interviews are really well done, and are the backbone of the film. The problem with the film is that it is too short. While the interviews are informative and the music is fantastic, the film could have used a few more minutes. The documentaries and interviews were great, but they could have used some more time. The film is a must-see for fans of Bob Dylan and Dylan fans. Fans of the music will appreciate the music and interviews and fans of the documentary will appreciate the story and the music. The film is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the music, the music, and Dylan. Fans of Bob Dylan and fans of Dylan will enjoy this film. Fans of Bob Dylan will enjoy the documentary and the music. Fans of the music will enjoy this film.

Jacob Chen photo
Jacob Chen

A BBC documentary about the world famous concert in Berlin in 2004. First of all, I have to say that it is a good documentary. Very few documentaries have the power to make me feel good about myself. But even so, I had to question what was the point of this documentary. What did it achieve? It seemed to me that it was a simple and short-sighted comment on the concert and its place in history. As a result, I couldn't connect with it. And why did I feel that the concert was just a part of the film? I understand that some people have a fascination with the concert, but if you have never seen it, you might not get the feeling of the concert. On the other hand, I didn't get the feeling that it was a documentary at all. And I didn't feel any feeling of being part of the concert either. I felt as if I was watching a TV documentary. Maybe it was because I have not been to the concert in person. Or maybe it was just that I didn't like the idea of the film. However, it's worth a look. I know that it was made by a BBC team. It's always nice to see British films about a British artist. I don't know how they came to this idea of the concert and its place in history. But I think it's a good idea. And for the fans who have never been to the concert in person, it is a good idea. I have to say that it was very difficult to be in the audience. I am not a fan of German music but I was expecting a more enthusiastic audience. This might be because of the German audience having been very friendly towards the film. I will also add that I don't like the idea of using images from the concert. I don't feel that it makes the concert seem more real. I think that a documentary about the concert is very important and I don't understand why they chose this approach. I will also say that I have no idea what the purpose of this documentary was. I can't say that I really felt the need to support this documentary. Maybe it was just a way of expressing the feeling of having watched the concert, but I felt that I had just watched a documentary about the concert. That is, until the end.

Alan Riley photo
Alan Riley

There have been some fantastic documentaries about the jazz industry, like 'Intervention', 'When Jammin' in the Heart', 'Zabriskie Point', and 'Dead Man Walking'. The music documentaries do not get much better than this, with the exception of 'The Joy of Music' with Paul Butterfield. While this film is a masterpiece, it is not a great film, nor is it a great documentary. There are good reasons for this, one being the heavy-handed nature of some of the subjects. There is no real voice of reason or courage in these people's lives. The subject matter is depressing, and the documentary lacks the spirit that great documentaries have. However, I do feel that the subject matter is powerful, and I can't recommend this documentary enough. It is inspirational, and it is a documentary, but it is also a powerful one. I will not try to explain this documentary. It is best to watch it yourself, and learn from it, but I would also suggest you read the book on the subject, 'Born to Jam' by Alex Jackson, and it will be very helpful in understanding the message in this documentary. Overall, I would recommend this film to any jazz fan, but not for those who are looking for a documentary about jazz, or for those who are expecting a great film about jazz. This is a great documentary, and it's one of the best documentaries about jazz I have ever seen. The subjects are depressing, but they have something to tell us, and that is a powerful message. This is a great documentary, and it is one of the best documentaries about jazz I have ever seen.

Amber Barnes photo
Amber Barnes

I remember watching this on TV at the age of 11. Now it has aged well and has become one of my favourites. I still remember what was going through my mind on some occasions, especially when the music was playing. As a 16 year old I had to watch it at home, and it was just too much. I would watch it over and over again, I would keep on opening and closing the remote, hoping that something would come on. I can still hear the opening credits rolling. I have always enjoyed watching it and it has stood the test of time as one of my favourites. There is some funny scenes, but the main theme is a very strong one. I think that many people will find it very hard to watch this, but I think that everyone will enjoy it. It is very well done. There are many references to films from other genres such as films, books, TV series etc. The main theme is very strong. It has some really good acting. A lot of the material is very well researched and very well put together. I am not sure what was the last time I heard a film being made that had been made by the same person?. Many thanks to everyone involved in making this film. It was a great experience and I hope that more people will be given the chance to see it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a film lover.

Ethan photo

The documentary will be very entertaining to anyone who loves music. It's a little bit like the early newsreels of 'The Beatles', but more subtle and the voice is even better. I recommend this film to people who like to be shocked by a more personal and less staged version of the Beatles and their music.

John photo

This movie is a strong, positive, and informative look into the creative process of film music. It is a great movie about a lot of talented and creative people in the world of music and their struggles. It is one of the best movies of the year. It is a must see.

Julie Mitchell photo
Julie Mitchell

As I am a huge fan of Paul Simon, I am very pleased to see him do a film. I have never seen his concert before, but this film is very close to what I imagine. What he did with the music is amazing. It was so real that I thought it would be just like the concerts. And the film was amazing too, I loved the way that the music was used and how they used it. It was very touching. I am surprised that the film was made so quickly. The film is very well made and it was very enjoyable. I would recommend this film to anyone. I think it was a very good documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Paul Simon or music.

Olivia Brooks photo
Olivia Brooks

I liked the idea of the documentary, but the execution of the film was very disappointing. I didn't care about the characters in the film and the director didn't seem to really show any personality in his characters. This film was not funny, exciting or moving, it was just an ordinary documentary film that I would recommend to friends. I also didn't really care about the film's subject matter, and the film just seemed very disjointed. If you want to see a great documentary about a subject that was a bit too much for me, check out "Finding Freedom" or "Survival of the Dead".

Henry photo

This movie is a true story. It is based on the life of Joan Baez. She is one of the greatest songwriters in music history. She was singing a duet with George Harrison when he died in 1986. The song "Everybody's Fool" was his song that became the cover of the original. When Joan Baez died, the album was released that was made in tribute to her. The cover song was called "A Love Supreme". After this she never wrote any new songs. I thought this movie was a good one. I was surprised to hear "Funny Girl" and "Somebody To Love" which were written by her. The movie was a little boring but it did shed some light on her life. If you have never heard her music you should check it out.

Brian Weaver photo
Brian Weaver

I was pleasantly surprised to see such an extensive film on the history of British music. I didn't know that there was so much music in the world, and that British music had such a strong influence on the world music. This film shows the reasons for the British influence on music throughout the 20th century. There is also some interesting trivia that may have surprised you. I personally am a big fan of the Beatles, and I have watched this film several times, but this film is a great introduction to their music and their influence on music everywhere. I think that it is a great documentary and it is a great introduction to the music of the British people and British music in general. I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Mildred G. photo
Mildred G.

I really enjoyed this documentary, it was so well made. The photography was great, the music was amazing, and the voice over was great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that is so well made and a great story. I thought the whole family was fantastic, the whole family was great. We loved this film, and it is a great film. I'm glad this film exists, it has helped me to understand the music, the music, and how the music is really important. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes music.

Carolyn photo

I finally finished watching this DVD and I was extremely surprised. I don't know if I've ever seen a film this thorough and in depth. It's a wonderful film and it will definitely make you think. It does an amazing job of painting a very distinct picture of the pop culture of the early 80's. There's a lot of great interviews with performers and their history with the music and the music industry. It is very informative and as a documentary it is very well done. However, I think it could've been a lot more detailed, there were just so many things I didn't understand. It was like I wasn't sure if it was going to be a documentary, a rock-star-interview, a music video, a documentary or a concert footage. I know the majority of the interviews were concert footage but I can see the group was making the music videos, especially the clips were really great. I think the film had a lot of amazing behind-the-scenes footage but I couldn't quite understand the key facts of the interviews. I was lost in the interviews. In the interview section, I was sure I knew the gist of the interview but I couldn't quite understand it and it was hard to follow. I felt like I had a lot of really interesting questions but I didn't have the answers. The music videos are amazing. The interviews with the musicians were great. The interview with the band members were extremely well done. I could really see that they were extremely passionate about their music and felt a sense of joy when they performed. The interviews with the musicians seemed to flow very well and they showed a lot of emotion. All of the music video interviews were amazing. I didn't understand the trivia question on the DVD and it was hard to follow. They did an excellent job of showing the footage. The film was very well done and it really was informative. However, I felt like it could've been more extensive. It is very difficult to understand certain facts of the interviews. I think it would've been better to have a few more interviews so I could understand the finer points of what they were saying. Overall, I think this is a really great film. It is interesting and is a very detailed documentary of the music industry of the 80's. It's very well done but it could have been better. I think it was a great documentary and it is worth watching. I definitely recommend it.

Sandra P. photo
Sandra P.

I watched this movie at the Toronto Film Festival. I was blown away by the energy and the heart of this film. The cinematography was top notch and I was blown away by the photography. The best part of the film is the music. I don't know why it took so long for this to be shown in a festival. This film is one of my favorite documentaries and I encourage you to watch it.

Vincent M. photo
Vincent M.

This documentary is for those who are familiar with the music of Led Zeppelin and their music videos. It includes many clips from the band's music videos, including some that are very important to the history of rock music. It is a very nice film that covers a wide range of topics including the band's rise to fame, their relationship with their record company, their relationship with the public, their early years, their relationship with their fans, their music video productions, their relationship with the band members, their music video culture, their interaction with other bands, and their relationship with the fans. It covers a lot of important topics, but I would say it is a good documentary to watch if you are familiar with the history of the band. I think it would be great to have a more complete documentary about the band's rise to fame.

Bruce photo

Hollywood music directors should learn that the industry is still obsessed with glamour, good looks, and celebrity. However, there are many other factors that will get a movie made. This documentary shows the many aspects of film making. It focuses on how to use your budget to achieve the success that Hollywood has demanded of you. It shows the problems of music and the "glamorization" of the music industry. It also shows the music industry's need for new talent, and how they do not always know what to do with it. Finally, it shows that the people who make the music that the people want to hear do not always know how to make the music, and often do not know how to promote it. As a musician, I loved this film. I believe that the world of film music should be studied and learned by filmmakers and film producers. The film shows that there are many great people who make the music that the people want to hear. I believe that this film is a great starting point for people who are looking to become filmmakers or film music directors.

Aaron H. photo
Aaron H.

Music by Buddy Rich. The first half of the documentary, with "Stereotyping and Politics," is very entertaining. I found it well-paced, a lot of fun to watch, and definitely makes you wonder what the hell would make these musicians think this is a good idea for the next album. The second half, with "Dance Troubadours," has a great rhythm to it, but a very dramatic ending, and it's too long. The music from the band has a very obvious, beatless quality, and I think it's the worst piece of music I've ever heard. It's all very shallow. Also, after about 40 minutes, the film is almost over. A lot of the interviews with Buddy Rich are very strange, and I didn't really care for the story line. I don't really like the use of both his own songs and the music of Buddy Rich, but it's not really necessary, and I don't understand why the director chose to do this. It would have been better to do interviews with Buddy Rich, or even some of his peers, or some of the band members, who all have opinions about music. This documentary does try to say that Buddy Rich is not a good person, and that he's had a bad childhood. It is a depressing documentary. Also, the content is very raunchy and the documentary doesn't really show the real problems with drug abuse. A lot of people in the documentary are very big fans of the music, and it shows the type of personality that the musician possesses. But, this documentary is not really meant for you. It's really good for the music fans, but you need to be able to stand in the middle of the road, to understand the story of Buddy Rich. Also, the film has very little to say about the subject of drug abuse. It's not really my cup of tea. It's very well done, though. A lot of the documentary is focused on the music, and some of the music fans are interesting to see. But the documentary is not really about Buddy Rich. I also don't like the idea of using Buddy Rich songs to showcase the music. That would have been better, and I would have appreciated a bit more background on the songwriter. I would like to have seen more about his family. He was a very private man, and his mother was very strict. So, the documentary is not for me.

Andrew J. photo
Andrew J.

Some music documentaries are just too boring and boring to watch, however this one is not. I was very excited to see this documentary, and was very disappointed after watching it. It's just not very informative. I understand that it is a music documentary, but I was completely underwhelmed by this documentary. There is no explanation of the people who were involved in the making of this movie, and how this is the first movie of theirs. It really could have been better if they had talked about the making of this movie and told us what went into it. Maybe this would have been a good documentary, but it was just a boring documentary.

Charles McDonald photo
Charles McDonald

As the feature started, I really did feel a bit "off" about not having seen the actual piece of film I was about to see. Maybe it was because I knew I would be watching a documentary, and that many "major" music stars will appear, so that it might feel like I was missing something. Or maybe it was that I had a couple of reservations about how it would translate onto film. Regardless of my reservations, I was entertained by it. By the end of the feature, I did feel that it was a more complete documentary than I expected. I think what they chose to do, was very artistic. I think they chose a few things that were relatively well known, but I think they were chosen just to provide a better look at the artists involved. Like, for instance, when they showed clips of some of the bands' concerts, it was like "Oh, yeah, that's famous for these bands!" It was more like watching "classic" musicians perform on stage. In this sense, it was very artistic and well done. Another thing that I enjoyed was that the feature included a bit more than just highlights from some famous musicians. For instance, they did highlight the many different stages of one of the artists, which was a very artistic aspect. It was like seeing the stages of "Supertramp" (the band who performs "Welcome to the Jungle" in the movie) and how the band members lived in a summer house in Jamaica. The highlight of the feature was the fact that they did mention that most of the films they would be showing on the feature was based on interviews with the artists themselves. For instance, in the feature, they do mention that the movie "The Backstreet Boys: The Making of a Musical" features interviews with several of the artists. I enjoyed this because I feel like I had a better look at the actual music and the songs. When you are listening to the music, it's much easier to understand the lyrics. I think that they did a really good job with that aspect of the feature. As a whole, I think this was a very enjoyable feature. I think they did a good job with the songs and the performances of the artists, but it also covers a lot of the interesting aspects about the music. I think that a lot of the people who may be looking for a complete and full documentary on the music industry, would be very disappointed with this feature. However, if you enjoy the music and the stages of the artists, I think that this is a very good documentary to view. Overall: 7/10

Tiffany photo

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary, and I loved it. It was refreshing to see a documentary that was all about music, not just a re-run of "Blues For Christmas" on a weekend. I was expecting a bunch of covers of old blues songs and old blues artists, but instead they took a look at the new blues artists of today, how they came up, and how they've made their mark in the blues. This is not a documentary about the blues, it is a documentary about the new blues artists. The documentary was so fascinating that I kept thinking of how this documentary would have been better if it was about blues music, but then again, how can you tell that this documentary is about the blues, when you know that it is about a lot of other things? It was a very interesting documentary, and I recommend it to any fan of the blues.

Kelly J. photo
Kelly J.

This is a documentary about a group of American musicians from the 60s, and the music they wrote and performed. The film is very interesting, and I am interested in hearing more about this group and the music they wrote. There are some funny moments, and I hope they make a sequel. I think this is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in music.

Aaron photo

This is a very nice movie. It's very interesting to see the band's career and the times in which they were active. They have amazing songs and they are very talented musicians. They are also very interesting to see how they had to deal with the sexism and racism of the time. The movie is mostly about the music of the band. I would recommend this to anyone who likes music or who is interested in the music scene of the time. I personally like the way they show the music and the band. It is a very interesting movie that shows the interesting side of the band. I think it's a good documentary and a good movie to watch.

Kelly photo

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Tangerine Dream, their music has always been my favorite, they are an excellent band and I'm a huge fan of their songs. I went into this film wanting to be blown away, and I got it! If you are a Tangerine Dream fan, you will love it. Tangerine Dream makes a very interesting film, the story goes at a slow pace, but you won't mind. They take a very interesting and unique look into what goes on behind the scenes of making their music. The style of the film is somewhat reminiscent of Woody Allen, and some of the subjects that the band dealt with are even similar to Allen's films. They do a great job of not putting a lot of footage in, but a lot of interviews with those involved in the making of the songs. As I mentioned before, the film has a slow pace, but it has a good story to go along with it. Tangerine Dream also adds in some songs, some they will never be able to perform live, but they have songs that are fun to listen to. Overall, this film is great, but it is also very strange and I can't understand why Tangerine Dream would ever do anything to damage their music.

Henry G. photo
Henry G.

A little history lesson about my love for Tangerine Dream's work. First, I love the music in Tangerine Dream's movies. The dreamy, surreal, and ambient soundscapes. So it's with interest to see how they do it on the big screen. What struck me most about this film was the fact that Tangerine Dream's soundtracks were actually filmed, not merely composed on location. It was nice to see a movie that was shot like a movie, without actors and scenery. I'm happy to know that this was done on a large budget, and I hope that this is done more often. I am still a big fan of their music. I am a huge fan of the album "L'Arc-en-Ciel" (The Arc of Life) that they recorded, and I would like to see them play it live. I also loved the music for the movie "Wanderlust", which was filmed in Los Angeles. As for this film, it was amazing. It has the look and feel of a Tangerine Dream film. The cinematography is excellent. The editing is very smooth. The sound is very well done. The cinematography and sound are very good. The acting is good. Overall, it's a great film. It's one that I highly recommend to all of you. I am not a Tangerine Dream fan, but I have always liked their music. I am now a huge fan of their music, and I hope that they continue to make great films.

Gerald G. photo
Gerald G.

I've never done a music documentary before, and my wife and I both thought the film was a good one. I would have liked to see some more back story on the bands. We saw performances by different bands from different countries, with different styles and sound. It was a great resource for musicians who are new to the festival circuit. As a festival promoter myself, I really loved the fact that you could just turn on the music and have it work for you. You could get completely absorbed in the music and not have to worry about creating a great sound or having a great setlist. It was great to see bands from various countries who are only doing one festival, and how they are able to combine the different styles and sounds of each country and create something that works for them.

Harry Hernandez photo
Harry Hernandez

I was really disappointed that this was not an award winning film, as it is on the AFI website. I am happy to see that it is getting an award. I agree with the critics, the film is very well made, it is a great example of what a documentary should be, the soundtrack is amazing, I was very impressed with the film. The critics need to put more money into the Oscars, they are a joke, they should be more careful. I also have to say that I think the way the critics use words like "truly" and "impressive" is really wrong. The movie was amazing, the music was awesome, it was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It was the best documentary of the year, I will see it again, I am so disappointed that it is not an Oscar winner, I hope it wins some awards. It is definitely worth watching.

Emily Harper photo
Emily Harper

I think the idea behind this film is a good one, which is why I didn't have a problem with the documentary itself. However, as a film and not as a documentary I found the film to be rather boring. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of the music. It's kind of weird seeing an actual album cover for the majority of the film. And then, the music gets stuck in your head for weeks. So it's all good. The documentary itself is good. It's definitely a really interesting look at the making of the film, and I really liked the fact that the director actually tells you what his film was about, and then goes into detail about the history behind it. The songs are great, and there's lots of good music. But the film isn't very interesting, and the songs seem to go over my head a lot of the time. So I'm not really a fan of this documentary. 6/10

Sarah photo

This is a great documentary that shows the evolution of the music in New Orleans, as well as the history of the styles and the people that made the music. It also shows how much the musicians and the music industry worked together, as well as the influence of the people who made the music. The music has changed so much over the years, it is amazing that this documentary is able to show it all. The music has changed so much from the 1950's, to the 1980's, and it still is very much the same. The people who are making the music are still the same people. It is a wonderful documentary that shows the music history and the history of the music in New Orleans, and the history of the people who make the music. It is definitely worth watching, and it is definitely worth listening to. It is a great documentary that is worth watching.

Ruth photo

i have been following this documentary for over a year now and i still am. it is a very well made documentary with great technical aspects, especially the photography. it is also interesting to hear from the people who made the film, who talk about how they wanted to do it, and their feelings about it. the story of the film is just amazing, and is a very personal story, as well as a movie that everyone can relate to. i love this documentary and will recommend it to everyone. it is a documentary that is worth watching.

Theresa photo

This movie is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about the music of the 60's. It is a very comprehensive look at what the 60's was about. The music that was played, the people who made the music, and the music that is still being played today. It has some great footage of the actual concerts. The narration by Bob Dylan himself is very interesting, as well. It is very well made and does a great job at telling the story. You will find yourself taking notes as you listen to it. There are a lot of interviews and videos from musicians who are still performing. This is a must-see for anyone interested in music. It's a must-see for anyone who is a fan of Bob Dylan.

Marie W. photo
Marie W.

What's the greatest film music score you've ever heard? In the past decade, some of the best are from Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Madonna, Metallica and of course, Metallica! In this hour long documentary, I picked some of the most recognizable (and I'm speaking as a fan) songs from their discography, and went through them, and they all sound very good! I really like this kind of music documentaries, so I'm a fan. I know this film isn't perfect, but it's worth a watch. You don't have to be a fan of Metallica or Led Zeppelin to like this film. This is just for Metallica fans, and if you don't like their music, then you probably won't like this film. You'll like this film more if you know Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Madonna and their discography, otherwise, you won't like this film. If you like Led Zeppelin, you'll enjoy this film. If you don't like their music, you probably won't like this film. But it's worth a watch!

Cynthia W. photo
Cynthia W.

The movie contains only music from some of the best bands of the 80's. Every song is either written or performed by one of the artists in the movie. There is also a lot of interviews with the artists. The music is amazing and it helps to show that the music of the 80's was very good. The music is very good and catchy. The song 'Mr. Tambourine Man' by Public Enemy is amazing. It is also very catchy. If you love music then you should watch this film. I suggest that everyone that has not seen this film should. The music is excellent and the music will have you smiling. This is one of the best music documentaries that I have seen. I would give it a 10/10. The music is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

Jennifer Smith photo
Jennifer Smith

The film consists of interviews with a lot of legendary composers, with a good mix of musicians (some old, some young). It's interesting to learn about the things they say about the work they did, and it's always interesting to hear the famous composer say some stuff about their work (even if it's a little exaggerated). There are some good audio commentaries, some of which are given by musicians themselves, but most of them are from people who knew the composer, so this feature is a little bit redundant. Also, some of the comments are not very flattering, with a lot of people saying things like "I didn't really like his work, but I got a lot out of his music". So, I'd say that this is a good idea for an album of a composer's work, and it's good to hear his opinions, but I don't think this is a good introduction for anyone to his music.

Brittany Moore photo
Brittany Moore

With only three years of full-length film experience, Bill Conti (in his native Italy) produces and directs a wonderfully clear and concise documentary that provides a wealth of information and insight about a seminal artist, as well as his work on the soundtrack to many an "80's" movie. The film is a one-man show and many of the subjects are so understated and unique, I had a hard time believing they were related. The subject matter is extremely well researched and speaks to many different aspects of the individual's life and the art that the man himself created, in addition to his personal and professional life. What is most interesting to me is that the documentary is based on actual interviews with those who have worked with and know the man. Each of the subjects gives a wonderfully intimate and revealing account of their lives with the man. It's a very nice document of how a man in his 30's, who was an absolute genius at everything he did, has shaped a lot of music. All the subjects interviewed, as well as the others interviewed in the film, are amazingly gifted musicians, and the subject matter is also fascinating to look at. I was especially impressed with the fact that all of the subjects were willing to speak freely about their life with the man. While the film may not be the most well-rounded documentary out there, it does a great job at presenting an incredible amount of information on a subject that is so complicated and intriguing. Highly recommended.

Jacqueline photo

This is a very good documentary. The people involved are definitely passionate about their music. They are clearly a great band. However, I think a bit more context would have been appreciated. I think they could have looked at the history of the band and it would have shown the music in it's scope. I also think the music was done well but I would have liked to see more history of the band. The people I interviewed were great, and I highly recommend it, but I feel like they could have given more context to the band. I feel that they could have gotten into the history of the band, and show the history in its scope. This is something that I really liked about this documentary, and I felt it would have been important to show more. It just felt like it was lacking. I didn't really understand the music, and I think it would have been better to show the history in its scope and then maybe explain it. I think it's good but I would have liked to see more history of the band.

Brian Dunn photo
Brian Dunn

For a while I thought this was going to be a documentary on the making of Alien 3. Well it wasn't. It was a film about the making of Alien 3. They did a good job of making the film look like a documentary. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the film was actually a good documentary. It was interesting to see that Sigourney Weaver didn't seem to be very happy with the film. She was especially angry with the way they edited out the music from the film. That, and she felt like the film was made for the wrong audience. I thought the film did a good job of explaining the origins of the Alien franchise. It also explained that the film was made for the wrong audience. If you were a fan of the Alien series, then you probably enjoyed this film. It's nice to see that a film like this was made for a different audience. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It was very informative and interesting. I give it a 7/10.

Joan photo

This is a film based on the documentary album of the legendary London-based rock band. I've read some of the other comments, and everyone seems to be comparing this to the likes of Joy Division and the Clash. That's not quite right, as the bands were two distinct eras - Joy Division's early 90's heyday, then the Clash's 90's peak, with an overlap period in between (if you can call it that). Here you can see the influence of both groups - Joy Division had much to do with the latter, the Clash on the former. The documentary provides a look back at the band, as well as some behind the scenes footage, and interviews with the band members. Each band member gives an overview of their career in brief, so if you're interested in seeing more, you can read up on the bands and see more. I would compare this film to an overview of the band's history, which gives a lot of information, but lacks the depth of a documentary. The interviews were interesting, but not quite as engaging as the actual band's history. This is the main reason I didn't rate this film any higher than a 7. It's not the best I've seen, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of the band. Still, it's a well made film. The music is still the strongest element of the film, and I was particularly impressed with the band members discussing and exploring some of their influences and musical passions. I'd recommend this to fans of the band and the band's history, and I can't wait to see the next chapter of the band's history.

Cheryl C. photo
Cheryl C.

I am the first to admit that I am a huge fan of Bowie and his music, as well as a huge Bowie fan myself. I had a bit of a hunch that this would be a great documentary, and it was! I found this film to be so entertaining and entertaining that I really don't know where to start. There was so much Bowie that I was in awe. I was very impressed with the amount of information they used in this film, it really was a great addition to the archive of music videos. They really did a great job at explaining everything Bowie was involved in, from his time as a teenager to his time as an artist. There was a lot of amazing clips that I found really interesting. It also helped to have the clips with both live and video footage, because you really can't get a good grasp on the music unless you're a fan of both. Overall, this was a great addition to the Bowie archive, and I would definitely recommend it to fans of the man. 8/10

Grace photo

This is a very well made film, though its very small scale and the characters are sketchy, it is very well made. There are some interesting subjects such as the making of Star Wars, the inspiration for Star Trek, and the film score. The film is very interesting, even though I can't really say that it is a great documentary. The acting is good, but it is very difficult to tell what is real and what is not. The music is interesting. The editing is well done. I liked the documentary so much that I would recommend it to anyone. If you like documentaries, then you will enjoy this. This is the type of documentary that you can watch with your friends, it is very entertaining.

Emma W. photo
Emma W.

I can't say that this is a documentary, though it is somewhat of an introduction to that subject. The film has interviews with a variety of artists, including The Doors, James Dean, Bon Jovi, Quincy Jones and many more. The presentation of the musicians is an important part of the film. All of the interviews are fascinating. I was surprised to hear a very good and honest interview with Quincy Jones. He seems very focused on what he is doing with the film. There are many interesting stories. There are also some very good behind the scenes shots and some nice in-depth interviews with the musicians themselves. It's a bit of a road movie, though it is not that road. The key thing is that it's a good road movie with some great music.

Jeffrey photo

This is the most amazing documentary I have ever seen! The story of three teenage girls who decided to have a girl power revolution, with the help of their favorite pop star, was an incredible story. All of the girls were so beautiful and extremely talented. I will never forget their story and how it inspired me to become a better person. I was also surprised to see that this was a documentary with a very positive message about feminism. I believe that it was very important to show the positive side of feminism. It was also very informative to see how the people behind the film are so talented. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn about feminism or who wants to see the real side of life. I also would recommend this documentary to anyone who has been involved in the music industry.

Keith A. photo
Keith A.

After seeing this movie, it is hard to say anything positive about it. The idea is cool, but the execution is. questionable. If you are a fan of music documentaries, you might like this. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed. I'm sure I'm in the minority here. But it's not a bad movie. It's just very much mediocre. If you are looking for a film to watch, go to Netflix, or catch it on HBO. That's all I can say.

Doris H. photo
Doris H.

I would like to thank John Williams for this amazing film. I am also happy that I was able to see this film on the big screen. I am grateful for John Williams and his amazing work. I am also grateful to the actors for their wonderful performances. I was also glad to see the wonderful music of John Williams. This film is the greatest film I have ever seen. I hope that all of the actors, the actors and the crew are happy. John Williams has done a great job. I hope you all are happy.

Larry Hall photo
Larry Hall

There are very few times in a documentary when a story is told, and I'm glad there were none at the end of this one. I'm a film professor at a college here in NY and this is my favorite documentary of all time. The film is long, but is worth it for the scope of the story and the firsthand perspective of the storytellers. The stories and interviews are very moving. The technical aspects of the film are amazing. The large screen and other theater seats are used to great effect. I found myself continually enthralled. I want to go see this film again. There were many highlights in this film that I would like to share. My only issue with this documentary was that I wish they had done more interviews. In the end, a well-done and engaging film.

Alice Wells photo
Alice Wells

This is a great movie about a single album and the evolution of a legendary band. It also has some great interviews with the band members. However, I think the main problem is that there is no real music in this movie. It's mostly just interviews. This is a good thing because the music in the movie is great. However, the music in the movie is a little too good. I think that this would have been a great movie if it had a little more music in it. Still, I still give it a 7 out of 10.

Randy photo

This is an engaging, if still slightly manipulative documentary about the music of John Coltrane, one of the most influential jazz musicians in American history. In the 1920's, Coltrane (a musician of the 20th century) was one of the key figures of the British Invasion in the United States, playing a key role in the development of American popular music. When he died in 1966, his music and legacy were universally celebrated, but it was his legacy as a man that caused controversy. The film's title refers to the story of his life, and the documentary is about his legacy. We hear about his early years in the South, his upbringing in a Protestant, middle class family, and his experiences as an artist, bandleader, and composer. There's also footage from his first encounter with jazz music, his marriage to the singer Mimi Rogers, and his family's tragic loss. The film's strength is that it is able to convey the complexities of Coltrane's life in an engaging way. It's also a personal story that is well-researched and well-edited. The documentary makes you feel like you know the man behind the music, and it is clear that he was a highly intelligent and well-educated man. The interviews with his bandmates, and the public interviews with his family and friends, are also very informative. The film makes you feel like you're a part of Coltrane's story, and it is a strong and persuasive documentary.

Kenneth photo

I know this film is going to be a boring film but i really enjoyed it. It's not a deep documentary on the history of Beatles but it is a good look at the history of the Beatles. If you love the Beatles you will love this film. It's not a documentary about the Beatles. The documentary is good but the movie is better. The movie is a good look at the Beatles. You can see the Beatles trying to do their thing but they didn't really fit into the group. John Lennon said that he didn't want to be a part of the Beatles. The documentary gives you a feel for the Beatles and the time that they spent in the Beatles but not a great look at the Beatles.

Samantha Holmes photo
Samantha Holmes

I saw this movie on DVD. I am a film buff and I was curious how it would compare to my personal favorite of the genre, P.O.D. (1981). I wasn't disappointed, because it was just as good. I was not, however, as impressed with the soundtrack. I found the soundtrack to be truly cliched, with just a few notable exceptions. I am sorry, but for a movie like "A Very Rottentomatoes Films" to have a soundtrack of such bad pop hits as "Klaxons," "My Sweet One," and "Whatever Happens" is not a good sign for the movie's quality. I mean, I had the same problem with "Airplane!" (1987). That movie had a very good soundtrack, but when I went to see it, I was so disappointed with the music that I couldn't even watch the movie. I liked the soundtrack on "Airplane!" better than the music on "Rottentomatoes Films." I give the film a 7 out of 10. Its worth seeing, but I am sure the same could be said for any other film like it.

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Dennis H.

A great movie about the music industry, the music industry and the music industry in general. A lot of music industry documentaries that I have seen are very technical, very easy to understand and very, very boring. This one, though, has some very entertaining music videos. If you are a music fan, you should definitely see it.

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I was really impressed by this documentary. The film is very well produced and edited. The documentary covers several topics and it is really a fantastic look at the world of punk music. You really get a feel for the underground scene of the 70's. It is really a really great film. The documentary is very entertaining and really a must see.

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Barbara Ward

As a music lover, this film had to be seen. If you're not a fan, you should not waste your time. It has music, it has the makers, it has the interviews with the band members. There is a lot to love here. But one thing is for sure, if you don't like music, you won't like this. I love the fact that it doesn't judge the band members, it's just them talking. It also has a bit of drama, but it's a bit more subtle than "music's over". It's a documentary, not a concert. But if you have an open mind, you'll love it. The interviews are the best part. They really make you want to hear what the band has to say. The soundtrack is amazing, as well. It's amazing how many bands have their songs. I had to listen to a lot of the bands songs, even if I already knew them. I'm a fan of most of the bands, and this movie is a great example of how good they are. And, there's also a lot of fun, some beautiful images, and the band's fan. It's not just about the band, but how they see themselves as artists. It's a great example of how a band, and the people who work for them, can be in the same world. I hope it gets made, and if it does, I hope you watch it.

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Sharon Reyes

The film "The RCA Victor Orchestra" is an excellent musical film, that shows the life of the famous RCA Victor Orchestra. This film was made by the folks that made "The Sopranos" in the 1980's. The film starts off with a musical score by Jon Landau and includes clips from the show. The music is good and it is quite beautiful. The film then starts off with interviews with the musicians, including some from the orchestra. There is also a segment where they are interviewed in front of a live audience. After that, the film transitions into clips of the orchestra and then it is back to the interviews. The interviews are very interesting and the music is great. The film also includes clips of famous musicians from the RCA Victor Orchestra. I highly recommend this film. It is great!

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My expectations for this documentary were pretty low. I expected to be entertained by it, not as a documentary but as a commentary on a scene or sound effect. I think the combination of the two did the best job. I enjoyed the dialog, the character research, and the personal interviews. This was not a "how to make a movie" but a documentary about a specific moment in time. It is not a documentary about the events in the film, but about the people in the film. I have never heard so many people say "I am going to make a movie." As a filmmaker, I hope to be able to make a film that does not have this many people saying that they are going to make a movie. The concept of using the music of the band to give the interviewees their voice was original and a brilliant move. I recommend this documentary for anyone who wants to learn about the life of one of the greatest bands of all time.

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Before I watched this I'd heard about it, but not been able to find it on DVD. And since I'd heard that it was an "underground" music documentary I thought it would be a great film to watch. The movie starts off with a quote from Michael Jackson saying, "This is the first time I've been in a movie that's been so good". I thought that was pretty cool. So this documentary is about how a group of people in England was able to make a music video for a song called "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in the early 90's. The song is written by one of the members, who writes the lyrics, but then had a group of people in England create the music video. It's a pretty interesting film that can be a little difficult to understand at times. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes music documentaries and maybe even to people who don't like music documentaries. The thing that really struck me about this film was the amount of detail and time that was put into the making of the video. I thought it was really cool how the film went from the beginning to the end. You get to see all of the behind the scenes work, including how they got a helicopter to be able to film the scene where the people are dancing. It's also really interesting to see how the different members of the band were able to write lyrics and sing to the music. This is a really interesting film, and if you're a fan of music documentaries you should really check it out.

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Angela Watson

I didn't see this in theaters but I am glad I did because this is an excellent documentary. This is the kind of film that I would recommend to anyone and I think anyone would enjoy this. The acting is amazing and the sound track is outstanding. The director did an excellent job of creating a film that is completely unique and unlike anything that has come out before. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I think that everyone would enjoy this film. I think this is an excellent documentary and I am glad that I saw it.

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This is one of the most wonderful music documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary is about a guy named Glenn Frey who was a major rock and roll musician. He had a real successful career and was very successful in the music business. But then he had a heart attack. And then he passed away. But that was not the end of the story. He decided to go on the road. He started a road band called The Black Crowes and that was actually his life story. The documentary is actually quite interesting. I think it is good for people who have never heard of Glenn Frey and that he had a good career. He was a successful singer and a successful musician. And I think he deserves to be recognized for this documentary. I think this documentary is quite good.

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I loved this documentary, it was so sad, and very emotional. There is one scene in particular that I thought was very touching, the way that the crew and students are trying to make their film, in a very difficult situation. I think that the director did a great job, he did a very good job capturing the feelings and emotions of the students and the whole school, and I think that it was a great documentary, I recommend it to everyone.

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Joe Patterson

That is all. Not much of a plot, but that could be the point. The music is the whole story.

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Walter Ferguson

A good film documentary. Each point of view is covered in a really nice way. Some of the points of view that were most interesting to me were: the effect the music has on the public perception of an artist, the use of artists in advertising, the use of video/sound clips in advertising, the commercialization of music, the use of music as a medium in advertising and music in the film industry, how the film industry responds to the financial boom. It was interesting to hear people's opinions on those topics. I had a few problems with the film. First of all, there are a few points that are very far fetched. There are many small details that really don't add up and seem to be out of place. Examples would be the close ups of the author and actor's face and the reason behind the interviews being done. One point in the film that seemed to be ignored was the use of the concept of montage. It is a very important tool in film and it was used very well in this film. I don't understand why a point was made about the use of montage in music videos, but I guess it's because music is a big part of it. It would have been much more interesting to hear the other opinions on that subject. The other point I had with the film was that the directors didn't explain enough what was going on. I think there could have been a lot more information on the concept of montage, but the filmmakers did a good job at explaining it. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has a passion for art. It was a very nice documentary that made me more interested in art.

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Charles Harvey

The film "Making of Cattle Exports" was released on June 10, 2005. This documentary is not made to be a collection of pictures of the actors in the film. It is a telling of how the film came together. The documentary shows clips of several clips from the film. This gives a sense of the scene as it existed. The film is a combination of interviews with the actors and with director Jon Seda. The actors are shown several times from their experiences of making the movie. The film is fascinating as it tells of the filming of the film. It is full of great footage of the film. This makes the film a great insight into the making of this film. The film does have a nice cast. The film crew includes Glenn Morshower, Stuart Latham, and a former film crew member. It is amazing how they show their dedication to this project. This is a documentary of a great movie and a great time in Hollywood history.