Steam Tanna


Tanna is a movie starring Mungau Dain, Marie Wawa, and Marceline Rofit. Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's...

Other Titles
Taboo, タンナ, 塔納島之戀, Tanna - Eine verbotene Liebe
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Romance, Adventure
Bentley Dean, Martin Butler
John Collee, Bentley Dean, Martin Butler
Marceline Rofit, Charlie Kahla, Mungau Dain, Marie Wawa
Australia, Vanuatu
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's loyalty, a forbidden love affair and the pact between the old ways and the new.

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Larry Little photo
Larry Little

It's a great movie. It's very real and very touching. A great movie about life. I recommend everyone to watch it.

Matthew Guerrero photo
Matthew Guerrero

Dame Julia seems to be the one who has it in her to be a great actress. There is no one else in the movie who even comes close to her level. The others are either too big or too small for her. However, she has so much style, and all she needs is a little change of expression to get that right. I really liked this movie. I think it is a classic. I have seen it many times, and every time I watch it, I find something new that I never thought of before. Dame Julia is such a great actress. Her performance in this movie is so amazing, that it seems to me that she was chosen just for that performance. I do not see the other actors as much, but if I did, it would not be a good movie. The other actors are great, but they are not as great as Dame Julia is. The movie is so great, that I feel like I would like to see it many times, just to see the way that Dame Julia is so able to portray different emotions and play different characters.

Roger photo

This is a very interesting movie, but one that has to be watched in a very serious way. The problem with this movie is that it is highly distorted in order to fit into the story of R2-D2 and C3PO, with the appearance of a good-looking young woman. If you like the story of the original Star Wars Trilogy, then you will definitely like this movie. The story is very good and it is interesting to see how R2-D2 and C3PO and Yoda developed from their childhood to adulthood. But for those who are not familiar with the original Star Wars, I suggest that they see the original Star Wars before they watch this movie. I really enjoyed this movie, and I hope it will become a classic in the future.

Dennis photo

The storyline is quite good, and the acting is excellent. I'm glad I saw it. I've just recently watched a lot of Marley Brinx's movies. I do like a lot of hers, but this one I just really liked. It has a pretty nice pace, the visuals are great, and the songs are quite good. The acting is really good, and it really adds to the film. Marley Brinx has a great voice and her acting is great too. I have just watched it again on DVD, and it's better than I remember. I do recommend it, though I've just watched it on my own, and I have to admit, it's a bit difficult to remember what I liked about it. The one thing I didn't like about it was the fact that Marley's acting was pretty bad. She's not really very good at all. The story is good, and it's a good film. I just recommend it.

David R. photo
David R.

This movie is a great film for anyone who is looking for something that is about love, life and freedom.The story and the dialogues are beautifully written,and the way they tell it is very beautiful.I think this movie is amazing and deserves a higher rating.The actors were wonderful,the best.I think that this movie is very well directed and that the director did a great job.This movie should have won many awards.I'm sure that the directors won Oscars.The movie is really good and deserves a lot of praise.

Henry photo

This movie was in my book long before it was in the top 250. It has some very strange aspects of the human psyche. The main thing that struck me about it is that you never know who is the killer. For me, the killer was Adele's stepfather. I mean, he was a strange guy. He's a big alcoholic, he drinks and sleeps around a lot, he has a very strange wife who always calls him and he ignores her. Then he has a daughter and a son that is really cute. One day, he has a one night stand with Adele's mother and it is one of the weirdest things you've ever seen. Adele and her mother are alone in the car, they talk a little, they have a little talk and then, all of a sudden, a shot of her mother's blood is all over her body. I found this all really fascinating. I was really excited to watch this movie, I never thought I would see this in the top 250. It was a weird movie, I really liked it and I thought it was really good.

Phillip R. photo
Phillip R.

I'm going to be brief because it is my opinion, but I feel that it's better to let the reviewers of the movie know what they're talking about. I had the chance to see this movie in a cinema in Austria and it was fantastic. The acting was very realistic and believable. I think it was probably the most realistic movie ever made. The cinematography was amazing. The characters were portrayed very well and the music score was amazing. I especially liked the soundtrack. It was really good and the soundtrack was kind of like a sound track to the movie. If you are a film lover, you should definitely check it out. It is very good and well worth the time. It is probably my favorite movie ever. It was so well-done that I felt that it could not be better. It is like a great and well-made art-house film. I recommend it to everyone. My rating: 9/10

Alice photo

I feel the same way about this movie as I did about "Salo" (and I was fortunate enough to see it the day it was released). I can see why the movie was received so badly, and the critical response to it, to be that way, but it is a movie that I'm glad to have seen, and I think it's one of the best I've seen. I believe that there are many movies that are different, but this movie is definitely different. I don't know what everyone was expecting from the movie. It seemed like a young man was taken out of his comfort zone and had to deal with the real world. I think the fact that the girl had no money, had a new car, a new house, and nothing to lose at all gave him a lot of hope. I think it was this theme that made the movie even more believable, more real. I think the movie was realistic, and I think the main message of the movie is to have hope, and to realize that there are a lot of good things in life, that will help you in the long run. In this movie, the main message of the movie was love. I think it was important that the main character realized this, and the movie did a very good job of showing how important this was. I think I learned a lot about human emotions, and the human condition. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a movie that is emotional, but it isn't too emotional, just a good story. I have watched it five times and I have not gotten tired of it.

Johnny Cruz photo
Johnny Cruz

I went to see this film with an open mind, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. As with many of these films, it does not take long for the story to unfold, but the film never holds back. I was a bit disappointed that the love story between the main characters was not the focus of the film, but the love story is not the focus of the film. As with most films these days, this film would be more appropriate for an older audience. It's a beautiful film that will resonate with the young, and the older generation.

Jose May photo
Jose May

If you don't know the story, just take the time to look at the other movies this film is based on. This movie is definitely worth watching. Not just the main character (which is not easy since he is a very young man) but also the other characters. The story is about a group of little girls. They want to stay in the woods. They feel they have no home in their town. They also feel they are left out by society. Their father wants to send them to a big city, but the little ones don't want to leave their town and still feel there is something there for them. As the story goes on, the little ones find a home in the woods and learn to fend for themselves. The parents who send the girls to the city also learn to use the forest and become more self-sufficient. The movie is about growing up, about growing up in a big city, about growing up in the woods and living the life you are going to have to live. The cast is terrific, and you feel you are right there with the little girls. You can't help but feel you are one of them. If you haven't seen this movie, then you should definitely see it. It's definitely a must see.

Raymond F. photo
Raymond F.

This movie had been in my mind for a while and finally had the courage to watch it, it was just a good movie. I liked the style of the movie, the details were great. The actress was a little shy at first but when she did speak, she was superb. I think this movie was made for a very young audience, but it would be great for older ones. I was very surprised to see that the main female character did not wear a long skirt to get topless. This is one of the few movies I have seen where the nudity was not obvious. I think the movie is very adult and it was done very tastefully. It is the kind of movie that I would watch again.

Megan photo

The premise of this film is "Jodie Foster meets Thelma and Louise". Jodie Foster is a beautiful, extremely talented woman who is extremely talented in the arts. But she is also extremely talented in the arts. Unfortunately, in an attempt to appeal to the majority, she thinks she is a genius. This is a shame because the film could have been so much more. A chance meeting between the two leads would have been a great story. The story is told through flashbacks, and for the most part the flashbacks are telling the same story. However, Jodie Foster manages to get the story out of her head and tell it to the audience in a way that is beautiful, graceful, and powerful. The performance of both the leads is beautiful and you can really feel their love for each other and their passion for the art. I would not have ever thought that Jodie Foster would be so in love with the art form, but she is and I would not be surprised if she and her husband are reading the work of these artists every day. I can not recommend this film highly enough.

Austin photo

I liked this movie so much, it was like I got everything I wanted in one movie. I am a 19 year old male and the first time I watched this movie I was so angry at the way it was directed. I was angry because they used so much time trying to "put the plot in the movie" which just isn't true. I was also angry because there were a lot of times I could see how they are getting used in the movie and I couldn't understand why they made them into characters that you hated. In the end, it made me mad because of how they made me feel and that made me angry. That's all I can say about it.

Lisa D. photo
Lisa D.

You'll love this film if you like one of the classic Disney films, but it's better than most modern films. It's got a lot of magical realism. Don't expect any swords, monsters or happy endings. This is a beautiful, innocent tale of a father who has lost his daughter, and a boy who comes to her rescue. The scenery is beautiful, the cast is perfect, the story is not too complex and the whole thing is told very well. The animation is very nice, and is the most realistic I've ever seen. The director does a good job in giving it a lot of depth. You can see the little details that help the story and keep it going, like the bird in the boat, or the girl who is beautiful and reminds you of your own mother. The whole thing is beautifully animated and keeps you interested, but not too fascinated with the story. The last thing I want to add is that the music is very good. It's not that amazing, but it's very fitting for the movie. Overall, this is a beautiful film, and you won't regret watching it.

Gerald photo

The best part of this film is how it brings up old problems. I think the movie is very effective in raising the issue of sexism in the legal system. The characters of Jarlsberg, Bissing and others try to take care of the child, but there is still a lot of injustice to be solved. How do you know the girl has a personality and does not have the money to go to a prostitute? And if the mother has a different personality than her daughter, why does she keep pushing the girl to go to a prostitute?

Jacqueline Fuller photo
Jacqueline Fuller

This movie was well done. It is a great example of how to put a story in a different setting and get it into a three hour movie. The acting was superb, the acting was very well done. It was exciting to watch. The music was excellent, and I really liked the music in the movie. I think that the movie itself is a wonderful one. I hope that I can see it again and enjoy it as much as I did. It has a great message. I would give this movie an A+.

Lawrence H. photo
Lawrence H.

Well I think this film really touched me. When I heard it was based on true events, it seemed too good to be true. And I had heard about the many things that the characters in the film did not do. Well it was one of those films that made me feel really good. I watched it with my dad and he said it was like watching a documentary and he is so right. The film is quite poetic and sentimental. It was a bit different from what I expected. It was like a story about a girl who lived in a very small village, how her life changed when her father's love and friendship got in the way. The love that she felt for the village people was so strong that it overpowered the love she felt for her father. She had to change her behavior and the people she grew up with in order to be accepted by them. This film also showed how life was going to be different for her. She was not really accepted by her father and he was going to leave her to take a job in a big city. All she could do was stay in the village and live her life to the fullest and watch over the people in her village. This film also showed that even though people had changed in a small village, they still cared about the people in the village. I really liked how they showed how she had to change the village people's mind about her father. I would recommend this film to everyone who has a heart. 9/10

Mildred W. photo
Mildred W.

I like some of Carice van Houten's films and enjoy her wonderful voice and style. I really liked her voice in the "City of Angels" film. But I don't know if she can sing or not. She is excellent as a great singer and as an actress. I am really looking forward to "The Ape", but I'm not sure whether she can sing. But I am very surprised that she does well as an actress, she has the qualities of someone who knows how to act. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

Vincent Harper photo
Vincent Harper

Lion in the forest, Babe of the big city, Two thieves in the countryside, what do you expect? The truth is: I was totally surprised. Thank you Mr. Sunde, for making this film. The cast is perfect, the shots are exquisite. Every character is portrayed so perfectly, that you never get bored of watching them. And the performances of the actors are amazing. The mother, the daughter, the fiancee, the thief. and the tiger. And the ending! I cannot find words to describe it. I wish there was more words, because I don't think I could describe it any other way. Thank you Mr. Sunde for this extraordinary movie!

Bryan Burton photo
Bryan Burton

This movie had the power to take the audience to a place that we all know we would like to go, it made us fall in love with the characters, the atmosphere was beautiful, and the cast was great. I especially loved the way the background music was added. You could almost feel the tension from the beginning to the end of the movie. And the art direction was gorgeous. I am surprised how well it was received by critics. I think most people didn't know that this movie is a love story. It shows that love conquers all, even the things we hate. The entire story of the movie has to do with Hideo it's Takashi and the friendship he has with Takashi. Hideo loves Takashi and helps him overcome his anger issues. The friendship was such a great part of the story. The song which is sung by Takashi is my favorite part of the movie. The story of Hideo's relationship with Takashi is such a strong point. Takashi makes him realize that love is not about finding love. It is about finding yourself. It is love that conquers all. A great film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Vincent H. photo
Vincent H.

Watching Tanna I was reminded of a little scene in "Saving Private Ryan". This is what I was reminded of. The ending is a bit strange but it is a wonderful scene and the director and the whole cast should be proud of the way they handled the scene.

Catherine Patterson photo
Catherine Patterson

The first thing you notice about The King of the Hill is that it is a British film. It has all the tropes of a British film and yet it is a brilliantly told story. It also has a different pace. I watched it in one sitting and it is about 90 minutes but it is not too long. The story is a really good one. It is not a film that follows a set structure but the focus is very much on the story of the boy who is sent to the English country for a reason and his emotional journey through it. It was the first time that I felt that the film was a great character study of a boy. This is something that is very rare to find and is why the film is so good. There are many films about children but they all have a strong focus on the children. I didn't like films like Oliver Twist and The Cat in the Hat but I found this film really good and would recommend it to anyone who likes good films.

Judy Holland photo
Judy Holland

This is a film with one main theme. One which I would say is not really a theme in the grand scheme of things. It is a small village, which is shown to be small and poor. The village is teeming with people, who are seen to be living in "transitional" living. Where we are meant to believe they are "living in a fairy-tale world". Where they take it for granted, not questioning the existence of the Earth and of the people living in the village. Where we see the children taking the older women, of the village, for granted. These are very powerful moments, when we see that this is really not a life worth living. What a great film. This is not for the feint hearted.

Lauren Hernandez photo
Lauren Hernandez

The movie is amazing, the way the movie is made. The music is amazing. I really like how they made this movie. I really want to see this movie because it's so good. It has the feeling of a book. I'm not a person who likes English language movies, but this is a good one. I really love this movie, I want to see this movie more and more.

Christina Brewer photo
Christina Brewer

This is the best film of 2010 so far. The story was extremely good and you really got attached to the characters. The emotions and feelings that the characters were going through, made me care for them more and more. I thought it was very realistic, the way they portrayed the love between the brother and sister, their love and how it affected them and the way they were raised, was very realistic. This movie has definitely got me hooked! I also thought that the whole movie was beautifully shot. I thought that they did a great job of bringing a real-life feel to the movie. This is the type of movie that you will watch over and over again. It is such a good movie, that you will want to watch over and over again.

Aaron photo

This movie is not just about what happened, but about what is happening now. If you liked this movie, you will definitely love "Gone Girl". It is about the passion of love, and the agony of loss, and the suffering of the soul. A lot of emotions and pain can be felt by anyone who watches this movie. I hope you all love it, and maybe one day I'll be able to experience it again.

William Hoffman photo
William Hoffman

What makes this movie so great, is that it shows us that even if we are poor, we can always have a happy ending. Everything is possible. We can be creative, but it does not mean that we can give up. Everyone can be successful, even if the circumstances are not right. When you are poor, your opportunities are not unlimited. You can be successful if you work hard. I think that people who do not have the chance to make it will always want to see a movie, because it is the only thing they can do. When they see that the main character can be successful, then they also want to be a part of this. This is the best movie I have seen in my life. And the only one I have seen where the ending is so emotional. It is so perfect.

Donna D. photo
Donna D.

I feel as if I have watched the movie for the first time! The thing is that it feels as if I have watched it twice, one from a distance and then another close up. I still can't believe that I have ever watched it! It seems that I never have been able to appreciate movies of that calibre until now. I think that this movie is better than most people who have ever written comments about it. I would like to suggest that if anyone wants to review this movie I urge them to be more realistic than they were about a scene involving a corpse! You were probably expecting a sex scene involving a corpse. There is no such scene. The scene is so subtle that it is possible to actually ignore it. I have seen it hundreds of times and still find it both entertaining and a little bit frightening! It is not a "love story" but it can be considered a "romance".

Howard Hayes photo
Howard Hayes

The fact that this movie was made in the 60's is of major importance to the story of this movie. The movie tells the story of a twelve year old girl in India who is very much in love with a boy that's about ten years older. She meets this boy on the way to a boarding school and immediately falls in love with him. However, since the boy is not allowed to date until the age of sixteen, he has to wait until the age of eighteen before he can get the girl he is destined to marry. The girl is also in love with this boy's older brother who happens to be the most handsome boy on the school. In the meantime, this very beautiful girl and her older brother are living in a cave in the mountains where they teach the little girl to be the best. The woman is really shocked by the fact that she does not like her older brother, but the young girl does not mind and soon they are inseparable. The older brother also learns to be the best at anything he does, and the girl and the brother become lovers. They even try to buy their brother's younger brother a guitar so that he can be able to play in the band. The film is not very graphic in any way, except for a scene with a woman who has an operation. However, there is no sex in the film. The title refers to the fact that the boy is a lesbian, although I think most people who see this film are not going to see it that way. The best part about this film is that it makes you feel and see things that you wouldn't have expected. You are forced to think about the characters and their actions in order to make your own conclusions. The love of the boy for the girl is very human and interesting, even though you know this is the real thing. The ending is not happy, but it is not a happy ending either. I think the director wanted to show the way the world is. I think it's worth a watch because I know people who don't like this film but it's one of my favorites. It is a must see.

George Rodriguez photo
George Rodriguez

I have to say I'm a little surprised by the negative reviews this film has received. I loved the movie. Sure, there were some parts where the actors were a little flat, but the main character was excellent, and the dialogue was very well written. I especially enjoyed the sexual chemistry between the two lead actors, and I would love to see it in a sequel. The music was great, the cinematography and editing was excellent, and I thought the story was engaging. I give this film 9 stars.

Wayne photo

I just watched this movie and I just loved it. It is amazing to see how many people are getting involved in these campaigns and I hope there are many more to come. To everyone that does not have time to watch all of the movies, please make time for this one, it is very important to watch this one.

James Allen photo
James Allen

It has been a long time since I have been this happy after a movie. I really enjoyed the movie. It was well acted and the cast was superb. The story had me hooked from the first few scenes. I also liked the characters of Tyrion and Joffrey. It was fun to see Tywin and Cersei get together. All in all, the movie was great and I think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It was not a movie to see with the family and I was able to sit down with my family and enjoy it as well. I am not a huge fan of the books but after I saw this movie I was able to appreciate them as well. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. It is definitely worth your time. If you are a fan of the books, go out and get the DVD right away and see the extras.

Kimberly M. photo
Kimberly M.

A very interesting film that deserves to be seen, and it is not to be missed. The story of the French woman who survives a plane crash only to find herself on the other side of the world is very moving and tells the tale of a woman who refuses to give up hope and who refuses to give up her life for a better tomorrow. Her defiance is the inspiration of the story. The way she believes that if she gives up her life, she will find a better tomorrow is inspiring. It shows a woman who would rather die than live a life that does not matter. It is a sad story, and in that sense it is a sad film. But the love and the hope she has for her child and the way she makes a new life for herself in the way she survives the plane crash and the tragedy she faces in the city is so realistic. Her resolve to survive and make her way through the worst thing that can happen to her is the source of the movie's power. The story is told in a very powerful way, and all the while you feel that you are watching a true story, and the story of this woman's life is as real as it gets. If you want to know more about the movie or its plot, please do read my review, or any review by other viewers. I'm happy that I was able to see this movie.

Ralph Morris photo
Ralph Morris

This movie is really underrated. I like it a lot. I think that it is a very good movie that you will like. But, I think that you will like it also if you are a person who loves history and is not afraid of the dark. It is a little bit scary and a little bit disturbing and it will be interesting to watch, I am sure that you will be impressed. And it will be great if you will see it on your screen, because it is a great movie. But, if you are not a person who likes to see things on the screen and the lights turned on, I think you will be very disappointed.

Kelly O. photo
Kelly O.

I must admit I really enjoyed this film. I enjoyed the storyline, the scenery, the acting and the story. It had it all. I don't think that the production was anything to write home about, as I have seen so many of the same bad productions that you could spend hours trying to tell me how terrible it was. All I can say is, it was a great movie and I will buy it on DVD when it comes out. It is one of those movies that I hope will become a cult classic and get lost in the mists of time. I'm sure I will see it a few more times, and it will always be a movie that I will watch again.

Kathy L. photo
Kathy L.

Being a fan of Peter Jackson, I felt that I had to see this film. I was disappointed that the theater had a general announcement that it was not going to show the film. So I went to the concession stand to pick up the movie. It was out on the table. I asked for the movie to be shown and was turned down. I walked to the other table, told them that I would go to the back room to pick up the movie. They looked at me as if I was crazy and said to wait outside. I was stunned. I walked back to the theater and the theater was packed. I heard the same word over and over and over. "Outrageous". I looked back at the movie and the man behind me said "outrageous". It was just the same word, the same word over and over. I was shocked. I was appalled. I couldn't believe that people would act that way. What a great film! What a great cast. What a great director. What a great story. This movie is a must see. It is an outstanding, unforgettable movie that will take you to a place that you have never been before. You will laugh and you will cry and you will be moved to tears by the characters in this film. This is not an "A" movie. It is not an "B" movie. This is not a comedy. This is not a family movie. This is not a romantic movie. This is a piece of art that you will never forget.

Angela photo

We watched this movie and in a way we really enjoyed it. We enjoyed the characters, the atmosphere, the story. It was also really funny to see the actors playing the different characters. The kids seemed to really connect with the characters in this movie. We like this movie for the same reason we liked the Young Americans. There is a very strong story and the actors who play the main characters are very good. The movie is also funny and it has a lot of romance in it. The movie ends on a very sad and sad way but it doesn't end on a happy or happy ending. I think this movie is a great movie for the young audience, especially the adults and the older audience. It is a good story for all ages, but especially for the kids. I really liked this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes drama, adventure, comedy and romance.

Randy H. photo
Randy H.

Tanna is a very unique film. The story is about a woman who was a respected doctor in a village in Uttar Pradesh, but was forced to marry a common man in order to have a son. The story is told from the perspective of a girl who is obsessed with a local peasant and tries to marry him off to a young man. This is done through a series of flashbacks and the film plays out as a sort of light romantic comedy. The performances are outstanding and the themes of the film are truly fascinating. One thing that strikes me is the subtle brilliance of the cinematography. The cinematography is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's amazing and I cannot wait to see the film again. Overall, this is an incredibly beautiful film that I think should be seen by people across the world.

Mary Evans photo
Mary Evans

Like the little girl in "The Sound of Music", Anne Hathaway's voice is so expressive it makes you want to reach into the orchestra and hold her hand. The way she behaves around her younger sister is always so curious and caring, and yet she is very courageous. I felt that all the characters were relatable, but with a uniqueness that was captivating. The movie had a great ending that was unique, with a surprising twist and a twist that was unexpected. This movie is definitely a must see!

Timothy McDonald photo
Timothy McDonald

I really enjoyed the film, It was fun, and some of the dialog was great. I think this movie could have been a little shorter, but I think the acting was great. I thought it was really a great family movie. The actors did a great job, and it was very touching and nice. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has seen it and enjoyed it.

Tammy Martin photo
Tammy Martin

As we watched this movie we could feel the passion and the love that came from the characters in this movie. The cinematography and the story is wonderful. I enjoyed the fact that the movie did not talk about the things that we hear a lot in movies. The movie also shows the beauty and the hardship that the people have to face in their daily lives. The characters in the movie did an amazing job in making the audience feel like they were the ones in the movie. It was very heart-felt that everyone had their own story to tell. There are many great moments in the movie that show the beauty and the hardship of people who struggle everyday. We all know that not everyone will be successful. But we all know that there is a time when we are going to have to do something hard in order to make something more out of our life. Everyone has to do the things that they have to do in order to make something of their life. The movie shows us a different side of the human life that we can never see from the movies. The movie also shows the very human side of a lot of people and their struggles. In the end, we all need to learn to love and appreciate the things that we have and we all need to understand what they have in their lives. I would love to see more movies like this.

William Thomas photo
William Thomas

I am a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. I have watched him in everything from Pirates of the Caribbean and Wolverine to this film. I really can't find one bad thing to say about this film. It is so beautifully shot and the characters are so well drawn. It was also very powerful and the story of Tanna was so touching. I think it is one of my favourite films of all time. If you haven't seen it and haven't read the book, I highly recommend you do. I have been a fan of the series since the first book came out and I am a huge fan of all of the actors. I think Hugh Jackman does a great job as the whole Tanna character. I hope they do a sequel and I hope we get a black female Wolverine!

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Amy Marshall

I loved this movie so much. It is one of my favorite films of all time. This movie is well made and incredibly entertaining. The movie is based on a novel and was filmed entirely in Ghana. It is like a story of a young boy named Bonsai (Bukai) who is adopted and raised in a boarding school. One day, his parents are murdered and his younger brother, Haji (Shabir), is taken to a boarding school. When Haji's older brother, Saqib, is arrested for murder, Haji finds out that he has been adopted and is sent to an orphanage. It seems that he will grow up to be a man and be called to take charge of the orphanage. He becomes a fierce warrior and sets out to become a man. After some difficult days of living in the orphanage, he is able to help the orphanage to avenge the murder of his parents. This movie is very rich in its story and is definitely worth watching. It is amazing and brilliant in its action and what is just so beautiful about this movie is the film's setting and it is the most beautiful. It is a movie that is very realistic and has a deep meaning. The director did an amazing job and the screenplay is amazing and amazing. It is the most successful movie of the year and a really good movie. The movie is directed by my favorite director, Michel Gondry, and it is a very creative and well-made movie. The music is very good and has a nice soundtrack. The acting is good. All the actors are very good and they all did a great job. The only actor that is not good is Bob Hoskins. He is very bad in the movie. This movie is very successful. I can't say much more without giving away the story. But the movie is so wonderful and so good that it is worth seeing it. 10/10