Steam Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake is a movie starring Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, and Topher Grace. Sam, a disenchanted young man, finds a mysterious woman swimming in his apartment's pool one night. The next morning, she disappears. Sam...

Other Titles
Tajemnice Silver Lake, El misterio de Silver Lake, Ta'alouma be'Silver Lake, Tajna srebrnog jezera, Lo que esconde Silver Lake, アンダー・ザ・シルバーレイク, O Mistério de Silver Lake, Το μυστικό της ασημένιας λίμνης, Sous le Silver Lake, Kaliforniai rémálom, Under The Silver Lake, Skrivena poruka
Running Time
2 hours 19 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery
David Robert Mitchell
David Robert Mitchell
Riley Keough, Callie Hernandez, Andrew Garfield, Topher Grace
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Sam (Andrew Garfield) is a disenchanted 33-year-old who discovers a mysterious woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), frolicking in his apartment's swimming pool. When she vanishes, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal and conspiracy in the City of Angels.

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Peter Griffin photo
Peter Griffin

I was a little hesitant about this movie because of the hype and the horror and I ended up loving it! This movie is extremely suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The twist in the movie is great and I will admit that I have no idea how it ends but I sure as hell hope it ends as good as it does. The acting in this movie was great. Overall I thought this movie was good and worth the money! It is not what people have been saying it is not a true true story but it is still a great story! The actors and actresses who played in this movie are good actors, and they did a great job!

Jesse S. photo
Jesse S.

This film starts out a bit like "The Final Countdown" but then shifts gears and becomes a fantastic thriller. This is a story about a widower named Gene (Clint Eastwood) and his young daughter Tiffany (Ashley Judd) who live in a very rich family. One day, while taking a walk, they come across a man's body and immediately turn around to look at him. He was apparently killed by a hit-and-run driver. While trying to get the body back to the family, they find out that the driver was a married couple, who also happened to be a Vietnam War veteran. Now, in order to hide the fact that he was a war veteran, Gene must have a series of bad things happen to him, all while he is trying to keep his daughter safe. This is an excellent film because it shows the life of a middle-class family, that is very strange and filled with a lot of problems. The situation of the widower who seems to be a guy who has no worries in the world, until he discovers that he is the victim of a hit-and-run. The father, who has to find his daughter safe, and keep the family from seeing their home, is not easy to live with. The mystery is excellent, because it seems like he is only one step away from being the killer. The ending was fantastic. It is a great film that is very suspenseful and unpredictable. It is also a story about a father trying to keep his family safe and also keeping his daughter safe. This is an excellent film.

Victoria photo

I thought it was great to see a British movie with a different genre to something the British have made so much of in the past. The story was fascinating and thought-provoking and the actors did a superb job. It was a good suspenseful movie with action and even though it had a few holes in it, it was still captivating. The direction was great, the sound effects were good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I also thought the cast and crew did a really good job. I would definitely watch it again and will definitely be seeing it again.

Adam photo

This film is an enjoyable thriller with some great cinematography and fine performances. My favorite actor was Josh Hartnett who played the wisecracking Andy. I enjoyed watching him interact with his fellow LAPD detectives and seeing his progression as a detective. The other actors I liked included Billy Burke, Dominic West, and Michael Stuhlbarg. Everyone did a very good job with their character. I thought this film had a good plot and good twists, but the twist is not as good as the one in the James Bond films. Overall I enjoyed this film and it was an enjoyable film.

Thomas photo

Went to see this in the cinema, and was shocked by the violence and gore involved in it. However I was drawn in by the characters and how the story unfolded. The dialogue was very realistic and real and the characters themselves were all likable and believable. I think this film will appeal to most viewers because the plot is so well thought out. The relationship between the characters is really believable. The ending is a little cliche but I thought it was fine. This is a great film with an excellent script and the way it is shown is quite realistic. The score is also very good and very appropriate to the subject matter. This is a film I think every family should see. It is a film I think you will all enjoy and enjoy the journey it takes you on. Definitely worth seeing!

Christopher S. photo
Christopher S.

I like The L Word, and knew that I was going to watch a movie that was much more darker than that. I was not disappointed. It's a great movie, with a lot of action. It has a lot of interesting characters and a lot of emotions. The movie has a lot of symbolism that makes it really interesting. I think it's great that this movie was inspired by a true story. It's a really good movie. I recommend this movie.

Barbara photo

I had seen the trailer of this film and was so excited to see it, but then I was concerned that it would be too slow for me. I was wrong. The plot is outstanding and very believable. The actors all did a great job, and I truly felt for the characters. I don't know if there will ever be a better movie about the heroin epidemic than this. I would highly recommend it.

Amber Morris photo
Amber Morris

I didn't expect a great film with an incredible story, but this movie blew me away. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning, and the ending had me on the edge of my seat! The story, from start to finish, is amazing. You don't even have to know anything about the story to be in a full-blown euphoria, the suspense is just too good to ignore. The acting was excellent. The two leads were superb. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. The ending was shocking, I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't ready for the ending to end like that, I really don't like that kind of endings, I love them when the audience can find out the meaning of the film before the final scene. This ending is a complete surprise, and I think it should be seen by anyone who has a love for a great story, that leaves you breathless from the beginning to the end. Don't see it expecting it to be another boring cop movie, you won't be disappointed. If you are a cop fan, or even if you are not, see this film! You will not be disappointed.

Cynthia Scott photo
Cynthia Scott

Don't expect a standard crime thriller, this is a darkly comic tale of a seedy porno movie that actually does what it's supposed to, which is for the viewer to decide for themselves. It's so well written that you'll almost forget you're watching a film, and you'll be very disappointed if you think you are. For the uninitiated, it's an easy flick to follow with a plot that makes sense, but, as it says on the back of the DVD, "it may not be completely logical". The performances are good, the story is well thought out and is executed very well. Like the director, the cast do a great job with what they're given. This is a film you'll want to watch a few times to get the whole thing. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth the price of admission alone. Well worth seeing.

Emily R. photo
Emily R.

This movie is very gripping. I am a big fan of Sarah Polley and I can't wait to see her in more serious roles. The plot is easy to follow, the actors and actresses do an excellent job. This movie will be on my must see list for a long time. I recommend this movie to everyone. I don't think you need a lot of money to watch this movie. All you need to do is to pay attention. If you want a movie that will keep you thinking, then see this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10. The movie also has a wonderful soundtrack which makes the movie more enjoyable.

Betty photo

If you love a good thriller that has a good ending, then you will love this film. It is dark, depressing, and intense. The cast is great, the story is really well written, and the film keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, the movie does have a few flaws that make it less enjoyable to watch. For example, the character of Evelyn's husband is not very well developed. And the character of Joe (the main character of the film) is not very developed at all. Still, if you can get past these flaws, this film is an absolute must see.

Wayne C. photo
Wayne C.

It is a well-made film, with a lot of good acting and a great supporting cast, but it falls a little short in that it has no surprises. The pace of the film is excellent, but a little too slow in the last third. The whole movie is driven by the performances and the script is fantastic. The only thing that I found very disappointing was that all of the main characters were very clean cut, which can make a film less believable. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who likes independent films, but I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Jordan P. photo
Jordan P.

The film has a very strong beginning and some of the story lines are very deep. I think that this film is not to be missed! I had a blast and really felt that it was a great film. The acting was fantastic! Everyone did a very good job. I think that you will not be disappointed with this film. The story was very interesting and very good. I would rate this film a 10 out of 10.

Kimberly Day photo
Kimberly Day

There's no doubt that this is an excellent movie. But it is still lacking in interesting story line. Its about the lives of people, and when a life is well lived you can't blame the other person. The ending was great, but I felt that it was overshadowed by a long, long train of events. I really think that this movie is more about life, and the choices we make. I can't think of anything more interesting.

Bryan Weber photo
Bryan Weber

It is amazing to see such great action movies today. This movie is not for the weak of heart. The main character, who plays a bank robber, is an excellent actor and is a must see for all action movie fans. The action is great, and the story is excellent. This is a great movie for those who love action movies. If you want to watch a great movie with great action and a great story, then this is the movie for you. I have seen this movie on cable TV several times. This is a great movie to see with your family, friends, or anyone.

Theresa photo

I'm going to be as objective as possible in this review and have to say I don't understand why this film has such a low rating. To me, I found it to be brilliant. The plot was very strong and all the characters were believable. I feel the audience could relate to the characters in the film, because they did exactly the same things. I loved the psychological horror of the killers and how they tortured the victims. I also liked the fact that the film was actually made for children, but still had an adult movie feel to it. The performances were brilliant, especially Oscar winner Kate Bosworth. If you are looking for a film to watch and enjoy, then I suggest you give this one a watch.

Edward Bennett photo
Edward Bennett

The ending of the movie was just horrible, too. I really like to see the movie with a score of 7 but the ending is so over the top and the plot is so clear that it's all you can say.

Karen T. photo
Karen T.

There is no other movie I've seen in the past ten years where a director has been able to truly bring the complex details of what it is to be a criminal to life. This movie does not only leave the viewer with a strong sense of the power of the mind and the consequences of the actions that a person would take if they were to see the errors of their ways. But it also leaves the viewer with the feeling that there is still hope and that there is a choice that is not completely predetermined and which the viewer is not entirely powerless to choose.

Gregory photo

Taken by the golden screen, and then asked to draw a film about them, The Borne Bros created a film that is just as devastating and disturbing as the book. The film is done in a dark but funny style, that makes it stand out. The Borne Bros have done it again, with an amazing movie and book.

Grace photo

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Its the kind of movie you see on television that makes you want to watch it again and again and again. It makes you look at movies differently than you did before. The story is set in the 80's and it was very realistic. There was nothing unrealistic about it. You see all the things in life that just didn't happen. Everything was pretty realistic. The music in this movie was excellent. I felt like I was listening to real musicians. It made me feel like I was in the music scene. All in all I loved this movie. I loved it and I know you will too. I will be buying this one when it comes out. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of movies. This one is #1.

Richard Morris photo
Richard Morris

In some ways, this is my favorite Hitchcock film, which is a shame, because I've seen a few of his other films and they are all so much better than this. Anyway, this is a very good suspense thriller that could have been so much better had it been made better. James Woods plays a psychiatrist who has been working with a serial killer. He believes that the killer is still at large, but that his missing family members have been killed by someone who may have known them. That's where this film gets interesting. If you like suspense thrillers, you'll like this film. If you're not too much into suspense thrillers, you may have trouble with this film. The acting in this film is good, though not great. That's a plus. The story is actually quite interesting and the film has a very interesting way of showing us the back story of the psychiatrist. James Woods is so great in this film, in my opinion, that he is able to act in both suspense thrillers and dramas. The first time I saw this film, I didn't really understand it at all. Now, that I've seen it a second time, I understand that it's a very good suspense thriller. There are a couple of parts that I don't understand. For example, how Woods is able to know that the family members have been killed, but the psychiatrist doesn't. The reason is that he is only trying to find out who did it, not who committed it. The other major question is why Woods believes that the serial killer is still at large. He sees a tape that he doesn't understand, so he's not really able to say for sure. Also, Woods' wife comes to work and she doesn't like Woods, so why is she still working with him? The first time I saw this film, I didn't really like it. Now, I understand that it's an excellent suspense thriller. I recommend this film to all thriller lovers.

Tammy L. photo
Tammy L.

This movie was nothing short of phenomenal. It was a fast-paced, stylish film, that really keeps you entertained from start to finish. I was able to follow the story line, and I loved every single scene. I was captivated by the story and the performances, and it was even more captivating than I thought it would be. I feel like I'm being stupid if I say I didn't like this movie, but I do. This is a very underrated movie, and I feel like it is just as good as Silence of the Lambs.

Marilyn photo

I have never been to an IMAX cinema, I have never seen a movie with a theater seat that would seat over two people. I went to see it with my girlfriend who was completely engrossed in the movie. I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. I really want to see it again and see if I can catch all of the subtle nuances that made it so memorable to me. The suspense, the story, the pace, the characters and the music are all simply stunning. I've watched it over and over and it still brings a tear to my eye. I was a bit skeptical about how it would translate well to an IMAX theater. The film does a great job of "dumbing down" the plot a bit so that it's more accessible to the IMAX audience. Overall, it's a great movie.

Brandon C. photo
Brandon C.

I am not a fan of Anne Archer. I did like her first film, "The Book of Eli" in 1998. She was a terrible actress then, and was very talented, but her first films were not worth seeing. I do like her films, and was excited to see "The Whistleblower." I'm glad I did. The story is very interesting, the acting is very good. Anne Archer has the ability to show the very subtle and real things in this film. I thought the plot was very strong. The characters, with the exception of the parents were well developed and acted. I have never seen a film that shows how terrible the world is, and the desire to change that world. The film also features a very strong and surprising ending. In conclusion, I recommend this film to everyone, it is a great film, it is very well acted, and it is interesting.