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Shot is a movie starring Noah Wyle, Sharon Leal, and Jorge Lendeborg Jr.. One bullet. Three lives. Everyone pays. On an average Los Angeles day, a couple on the verge of divorce and a bullied teenager find their lives desperately...

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1 hours 29 minutes
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Jeremy Kagan
Jeremy Kagan, Anneke Campbell, Anneke Campbell, Will Lamborn
Noah Wyle, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Sharon Leal, Xander Berkeley
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One bullet. Three lives. Everyone pays. On an average Los Angeles day, a couple on the verge of divorce and a bullied teenager find their lives desperately changed when the teen's illegal gun accidentally goes off.

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Jeremy B. photo
Jeremy B.

We are not going to recommend this film to you. Instead, we are going to explain how this film is about saving the world. It is a drama about the growth of a global community and the courage of a small community in Sierra Leone. It is a human tragedy and an international story. It is also about the end of war. The future of humanity depends on the success of this film.

Olivia Richardson photo
Olivia Richardson

The movie started off slow, but as the story continued, I got more involved with the characters. I think the camera work was really good, as I couldn't get enough of the characters. The acting was very good, and it wasn't over the top or nothing. I thought they did a good job of bringing back what I remember about the 80's. All in all, it was a great movie. I hope they do more like this, and hope to see them make a sequel. I think it was good that they had a more adult movie to be able to grow the audience. Also, the themes of our generation are not only things like drugs, but things that can get you or people involved in criminal activity. I think this movie is worth seeing, and I think it will be released in theaters in February, 2016.

Michael photo

This movie is a masterpiece, one of the best films I have seen in years. It is a powerful indictment of the Industrial Revolution and how we have turned it into a monster. It shows that a slave could have been anything, a successful business man could have been anything, a capitalist could have been anything. The film shows that it was a tragic situation. The acting is very good and the story is fascinating and engrossing. The film also reminds us how important the development of society is and how society is made up of different types of people and different ideologies. A very good film. 10/10

Madison H. photo
Madison H.

I thought this was an excellent movie. It is quite difficult to take on an audience when your main character is a non-professional, but he had a great story to tell. His movie was worth the wait and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever been into a relationship.

Katherine photo

The reason I am so interested in this film is because of the film that was released in 2009. While this film was made in 2009, this film, "Pitch Black" is based on a novel by Stephen King. Pitch Black is a fantastic and frightening movie that features the things that we've seen in many other horror films. The beginning of the film is tense and suspenseful. The movie takes you to a dark, unknown place that is one of the scariest places I have ever seen. In the beginning of the movie, you see a very odd creature that appears to have no eyes and no mouth. As you get into the movie, the creature begins to change, and you see it changes throughout the movie. The effects in this movie are excellent, as the effects are truly creepy and the effects in this film are amazing. I am going to say that the effects in this movie are truly scary, and I am going to say that this movie is a masterpiece. I give "Pitch Black" a 10 out of 10.

Jane Green photo
Jane Green

Now, I think the worst film is that that I don't remember. But still I saw this movie. The movie was really funny, but the movie was made in 90s and not in 80s. The story was made in 2000, the actors were not professionals. This is a very realistic, that everything should be done in a certain way, in order to make it interesting. The performance of Jurgen Prochnow, that could be much better, but still he is amazing. I really recommend it.

Carl O. photo
Carl O.

Just saw this movie for the first time last night. I've always been a fan of all the musicals, and this was by far the best. As a matter of fact, this is probably the only movie I've ever been that truly enjoyed. The plot was interesting and the characters were very interesting. You could almost feel their heart beating in their shoulders. I don't know what they were thinking about when they made this movie, but I think they were thinking of it the right way. I think this movie should be at least nominated for the Oscar. If not, then I'm sure I'll be buying it on DVD at some point. This movie is a must see for any movie lover, and I am sure it will become a classic in the years to come. I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it's the type of movie that will stick with you for a long time. If you haven't seen this movie, then I definitely suggest you do.

Gregory Hunt photo
Gregory Hunt

I have been a fan of Guillermo Del Toro for over a decade, and although I never would have guessed it, I am now a fan of his work. This film is a perfect example of that. I have seen it so many times I can say the story and the acting is excellent. The sets are beautiful, the sets are well thought out and the art direction is great. The actors are very good, and they really make the characters come to life. The story is believable, but it is a good story. The story is a story about two people who have grown apart and they don't know how to reconcile themselves. This is a story that shows how things can go wrong in the midst of a relationship and they are both ready to do anything to keep the peace. It's a very touching story, and there are moments in the film that I can watch over and over again. But this is a good story, and it's a good movie. I highly recommend it.

Julia N. photo
Julia N.

This is a great film that explores the darker side of human nature and shows the long lasting impact that violence has on people. It is the story of a poor man named 'Jay' (Chris Evans) who is struggling to support his family and finds his way through a series of strange events that lead him to take up a job at a nursing home. However, once at the home he finds himself in possession of a gun that he never had to take care of. With the help of a man called 'Duke' (Tommy Lee Jones), the only way he can help his family is to get the gun back. However, the events that lead to this turn out to be far more sinister than anyone expected. This is a brilliant film and one that should be shown to everyone. It is highly recommended and is definitely one to see.

Frances photo

I watched this movie over the weekend, and while it wasn't a very good movie, it was still an interesting and enjoyable movie. The lead actor, Shohreh Aghdashloo, has an amazing portrayal of Ali Aghdashloo, a young Iranian American woman, who is very stubborn and so very defiant. She's one of the few good female characters in this movie, and the rest of the cast did a great job. I enjoyed the movie immensely, and would definitely recommend it to others. Definitely worth a watch.

Julia photo

Having read many of the reviews I must say that the majority of them are not fair. They are in no way objective and obviously think it is better than the film. I am not going to add to them in the hope they'll change their minds. However, as a fan of Mr. Lynch and his films I find that I have been misled by these poor reviews. The film is a mixture of humour, sadness, horror and drama. The humour and the sadness are in particular based around the supposed reason for the film. I am not going to spoil it, but I must say that it is a lot of fun and very well done, as it should be. The film is certainly not in the same class as Mulholland Drive, but is also not in the same class as Twin Peaks. Mulholland Drive was a masterpiece. Twin Peaks was a middling film. However, it is one of the most enjoyable and enjoyable films of all time. Lynch has produced a masterpiece. It is definitely one of his best films and definitely one of the finest in the world. If you are a Lynch fan or if you enjoy Lynch films, watch it. If you are not a Lynch fan or if you are not a fan of Lynch films, watch it. It is well worth it and is definitely worth your time and money. So, I'm sorry to be so harsh on you all, but as a fan of Lynch and a fan of his films, I give it a 9/10

Martha Murray photo
Martha Murray

I had seen the movie only a week or two ago. I thought it was about 4.5 stars, but the first two thirds of the movie left me a bit upset. There was an unbalanced portrayal of two young boys in their relationship. While they were not dysfunctional, I felt that their love wasn't fully explored. I think the screenplay should have been more consistent with the heart-breaking events that occur in the final act. I think they did a good job of showing the separation of father and son, and the nature of their relationship. I really feel the movie could have been a lot better, but overall it was a good movie. It did show how a marriage can be torn apart, and how children can be torn apart. I would have rated it a 10 or even a 9, but I did not feel it was consistent enough with the heart-breaking events that occur. But overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Albert photo

This movie is a true representation of what happened. I have been looking for this movie for a long time. It's the best thing I have ever seen. This movie is in the top 5 movies I have ever seen. I don't know why people are saying it's a cliche movie. It is truely a true representation of what happened in the 70's. There is nothing that is not true about this movie. It is the greatest movie I have ever seen.

Joe W. photo
Joe W.

The documentary "Shattered Glass" is the first, and perhaps the only, movie about the life of one of the few survivors of the Sarin gas attack on the Bosnian town of Srebrenica. She was 17 years old and the most heavily burned by the bombs. Only seven days after the siege of the town, she escapes to a hospital in Belgrade, but her family and some others who are able to leave the hospital find her the next morning and are unable to find her anywhere. They have to rely on the rumor that she is dead. While searching for her, they learn the horrible details of what happened to her and how she and her family are trying to find her. She survives in a prison camp and has to run away and seek asylum in the country. This is a heart-wrenching movie, but it is not about the "tragedy" of the attack on Srebrenica, but about a young girl who has to live in a hopeless situation. The movie is well made, but not very well done. I understand why the movie was made because it's a very difficult subject to talk about and a difficult subject to make a movie about. This is an important movie because it shows that there are survivors from the attack on Srebrenica. Unfortunately, it shows that there are survivors from all over the world. The film is a must-see and a must-listen.

Christine Vargas photo
Christine Vargas

I didn't really care for this movie, I found it slow and slow to end. I wasn't really in any rush to see it, and to be honest I felt I wasted 90 minutes of my life. However, I'm glad I did see it. It has a very dark and dark subject matter. I don't think this movie is an action movie at all, it has a dark edge to it that is very disturbing. This movie also has a very dark subject matter to it. The problem I had with this movie is that I couldn't really connect with it, I felt like I was watching an old school action film with a different director. I think it's best for the film to focus on how bad the world is. The point of the movie is that everything sucks. We are talking about a sick society, this movie is trying to say something. I think the problem I had with the movie is that I felt like I wasted a lot of time watching it, and I felt like it had no point to it. I really didn't feel that I spent a lot of time watching it, I only felt like I was sitting down and watching it. This movie is very dark, it's a dark movie. There is very little light in this movie. There is a lot of dark scenes, but not in a good way. The movie is very disturbing, there is a lot of blood and violence, but it's not really dark and disturbing. There is also some violence that isn't very good, and I felt like it was over the top. This movie has a very dark subject matter, and it's not a good subject matter. I think it's better to watch a film that is dark, but not as dark as this movie. It's a good movie, but it's not a great movie. It's not that I think the movie is good. I think the movie is just not good.

Jeremy P. photo
Jeremy P.

Without a doubt, the greatest film of the decade. A powerful film from beginning to end and is more than deserving of its cult status. The story is based on a true story of three African American boys who steal from their local store and send the money back to their home country of Nigeria. Through it all, they live a humble life in the streets of Detroit as the money comes in, but at the same time, they are searching for love and true happiness. While this film is not entirely about the story itself, it is about the humanity that the boys put into their own lives and the way the movie stays true to it. My favorite part was the music of Kool & the Gang. I knew they would make a great soundtrack for the film but I never realized how amazing they would be. The songs they did put in the film are so amazing that I don't think anyone could be anything but touched by them. Also, the performances of the boys are brilliant and a perfect complement to the film. Chiron is so dominant and there is no doubt he is the star of the show. He steals the film and makes the film truly memorable. Kamau does his best to give the best performance he can with what he has to work with. The rest of the cast all do an outstanding job and make this film what it is. I hope everyone in the future remembers this movie.

Deborah photo

This movie really stuck with me after I watched it. It was a little slow at times, but it really left me thinking. The fact that this is actually the only film from the whole film crew to have been nominated for an Oscar really makes me want to see more. I think this is the first time I've ever seen a film from a Canadian director and I'm really impressed. It was great to see Mark Hamill in a different type of role. I think he should have won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The first time I saw it I thought it was so sad, and I had to watch it again a few weeks ago. It's hard to believe that it took this long to make it, and I'm so glad it finally happened. I think this film is really underrated. I think if you are a movie fan you should see it. It's a really good movie.

Carl Matthews photo
Carl Matthews

I just got this movie from Blockbuster and I was just blown away by the movie. The acting was amazing, the storyline was great, and the whole thing had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to buy the DVD!

Douglas Chapman photo
Douglas Chapman

It's a movie that should be seen. I'm the person who's no longer able to watch movies. It's like a game you never get out of. To play it you must have patience and even patience for the movie. If you like real cinema and drama with a message, you must see this movie. It's a movie that should be seen by every man in the world.

Michelle Oliver photo
Michelle Oliver

This is a great film. There is nothing I can say that hasn't been said before. Not a word in the book, that's for sure. I have seen this film 3 times already, and the fourth time I watched it I fell in love with it. I have always loved Quentin Tarantino, and this film has him at his best. The whole film has the feel of a dream, I could almost feel the characters through the dialogue. The story is very complex and when you see the end it's all too clear that you have seen a masterpiece. The actors, including John Travolta, John Travolta, and James Woods, give performances that make you think twice about not voting for this film for Oscars. The directing is magnificent, and the editing is incredible. This film is a must see, and I'm looking forward to more of Mr. Tarantino's works.

Michael F. photo
Michael F.

This is the first film of Swayze I have seen. And it was so good! The movie was very much based on real events. Swayze played his part so well. He did such a great job, even though he did not speak for a very long time. He was very good! Swayze has done very good job in this movie. And I think that this was his best performance. And I think he did really well in this movie. And I hope that Swayze will be a big star for a long time. I am sure that he will do a great job in this movie, so that I hope that this will be his last movie. The movie was really great. It was a good movie that I would recommend. And I hope that Swayze will continue to be in such a good role in the future.

Bruce M. photo
Bruce M.

The movie is so good. You have to pay attention to every scene. If you like action and action scenes, you have to watch this movie. I am sure you will like it. It is one of those movies that you will see over and over again.

Michael G. photo
Michael G.

It's an old but still relevant movie. We are able to relate with the characters. As a family we also get to see what life is really like for a family in rural Louisiana. The movie is a true and honest representation of life for people in a small town. The movie is the perfect movie to show the real life of a small town. We are able to relate with the characters and we see how hard life is for a family living in a small town. This movie is a great movie to show the life of a family. I highly recommend this movie to everyone! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD and I can't wait for it to come out on the big screen!

Tammy photo

After seeing this movie, I have a sense of how to be true to life. It touches the deepest part of me and reminds me of how I feel in times of trouble. I have watched the movie many times and it always gets better with each viewing. It's a must watch.

Andrew photo

I saw this movie yesterday and i thought it was brilliant. i have been wanting to see it for a long time. i have always been a fan of the stars of the movie, including Juliette Lewis. i know this movie is not the greatest of all time but it was great. i will always remember this movie, especially the scene with the truck. i have been watching the movie for a long time and i would like to say that i loved it.

Nicholas Olson photo
Nicholas Olson

Wow, did I never have an inkling of what this film was about. It's about an autistic person and what happens when a kid from a poor family ends up in a nice family and has a "normal" life. Of course, the movie is pretty dramatic at times, but it has it's moments, and the ending was truly heart-wrenching and very powerful. To say more would be to give it away. However, this is a really good film. I really recommend it.

Harry Rogers photo
Harry Rogers

I am not a fan of Bruce Willis, but this movie made me love him again. It is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. It is about a man who is a captain of his battalion in the Vietnam War and he decides to go AWOL and after that his life starts to go down the drain. The movie is extremely gripping and the characters are very real. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a great movie.

Eugene K. photo
Eugene K.

This movie was so good! I was really impressed and I really recommend it to everyone! This is a movie that you will have to watch again and again! I really recommend that everyone watch this movie. The characters are really great and the story is great. I really recommend this movie!

Roger photo

One of the most daring, elegant, and provocative films I've seen in a long time. I'm also pretty skeptical about 'emotionalism'. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I really loved the photography, the storytelling, and the subject matter. I even liked the acting, though I'm not sure what I'd say about it. I'll definitely be seeing it again, especially when I get the chance. It was so much more than the summary indicated. Great work. What's not to like?

Jose R. photo
Jose R.

I saw this movie for the first time just about a year ago. It was a highly personal movie for me and I am deeply thankful to have it in my collection. I felt that this movie would be a powerful and moving one and that is what I experienced. This movie is about a girl and a boy who are close friends and have been together for years. They start dating but there is a time when their relationships are tested by life changing events. The movie focuses on their relationship and how they deal with the changes that come with it. It is a movie about friendship and the real consequences that can be the result of that friendship. It is a movie that can be watched a few times over and you will remember it as one that you can relate to. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a powerful and moving movie.

Lauren Little photo
Lauren Little

I just came back from seeing the documentary, "No One Left Behind" on HBO. The movie is an outstanding example of how important it is to conduct research before any public announcement, and how important it is to receive input from as many sources as possible in order to develop a coherent and accurate story. This documentary provides information about how some of the people who are affected by the tragedy in Iraq are coping with their loss. The documentary is also informative about how some of the servicemen and women who lost their lives in Iraq may have found healing by finding meaning in their deaths. As a military man myself, I can tell you that I have no doubt that in order to gain closure, it is essential to experience the whole range of emotions as well as find meaning in death. The movie was an excellent example of how research can enhance awareness and help us to find answers to some of the questions that were raised by the film.

Janet Alexander photo
Janet Alexander

No doubt, this is one of the most psychologically interesting movies I have ever seen. The first half hour is a little slow, but it still manages to be quite intense. The characters all have great depth. I was amazed at the amount of characters, and the amount of detail the director devoted to them. The acting is very good, the cinematography is great, and the soundtrack is exceptional. I think this is the best movie I have seen all year, and if I could, I would give it 10 stars. I would suggest you see it at least once. I really enjoyed it.

Jack C. photo
Jack C.

One of the best movies i have ever seen. John Hurt was brilliant. The story was very interesting, and the actors portrayed it beautifully. Great movie.

Jack B. photo
Jack B.

As a great love story unfolds, you have to really feel the characters feelings. The actors were amazing and the story moved me. When the real story unfolds, the emotions rise up and rise. It is almost as if you are part of the movie and you see it unfold as you watch the characters grow. This is the film of choice for film lovers of all ages. A true gem. Well done to all who made this film.

Crystal photo

This movie is just wonderful. Not a single bit of gore, no rape scene. Just a wonderful story of a young boy's journey to find his mother in a land of fantasy. The actors are just magnificent and so are the colors. The magic is just that great. You will see in your head for weeks after you watch this movie. Now i'm ready to rent this movie. From now on, I'll have to watch every movie the director makes. In my opinion, this movie is one of the best I've ever seen.

Helen L. photo
Helen L.

I don't understand why so many people are giving this movie such bad reviews. It was actually a very touching movie, I cried twice and was in tears several times. It really makes you think about your life and you need to know that it doesn't have to end the way it does. It just has to end. I was really touched by the whole movie and I think that it is a must see movie. I can't wait to see it again. It is great.

Jeffrey Tucker photo
Jeffrey Tucker

I saw this movie at the theater and I was very impressed with this movie. I think that the movie was very well done and it did not overdo the scenes, although there were scenes that seemed to be more dramatic. I thought that the acting in the movie was very good and it was very easy to understand what was going on. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch.

Mildred photo

An underrated film that is very well acted and well told. The main characters are very interesting and you actually care about them. The love story is beautifully shot and you really feel for the characters. I'm a huge fan of Welsh folk music and this film really makes me feel like a part of their life. A fantastic film that deserves a better place.

Albert photo

I really liked this movie! It was great to see Mark Ruffalo in this movie, especially since he has done a lot of darker roles. He is the guy who started out in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and he always plays the evil guy. I think he really plays the part here. It was great to see Ray Liotta and Anthony Mackie back as well. The story was very interesting, but not much of a thriller, which was good because there wasn't much action to see. The movie was very slow and the pacing was a little slow, but it is not a bad thing. The only thing that I thought was a little off was the way it showed some of the key characters were dead and it didn't show their bodies, which was kind of unnecessary, but then again it didn't really take up much screen time. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was that it was very sad and a little bit cheesy at times, but overall, this is a great movie to see! You'll enjoy it!

Cheryl Johnston photo
Cheryl Johnston

I absolutely loved this movie. The themes are relevant and both well explored. The characters were well developed, the story was complex and always exciting. The film's tone was dark but always optimistic. The way the actors portrayed their characters was superb. I could not fault the acting. It was wonderful. It was made possible by the screenplay. It was a joy to watch the performances unfold and it was very inspiring to see such a wonderful movie being made.

Patricia A. photo
Patricia A.

I was at the movie showing at a film festival in NYC a few months back. I was blown away by the film. It's a real shame that so many people were shocked by this movie. They got it exactly right. What makes this movie so special is the way it portrays a father's anguish at the loss of his child. It's the best thing I've ever seen in a movie. The way it manages to be subtle in its approach is astounding. The performance by Liam Neeson is extraordinary. I really believe that it's his best work to date. The way he handles his character, you almost feel sorry for him. The whole movie was incredibly moving. It really made me feel something and understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Stephen photo

In a year in which most movies have suffered from a lack of originality, 'Lethal Weapon' has succeeded in creating a story that is unique and thought-provoking, yet thoroughly entertaining. The action sequences are well-choreographed, and it is just as thrilling to watch as it is to watch the movie. However, one of the most interesting aspects of the movie is its message. The movie is one of those rare instances where the movie is so innovative, so original, so memorable, and so well-acted that it's hard not to compare it to a previous movie that was released in the same year. It's the type of movie that you'll go to the theater to see. 'Lethal Weapon' is an excellent movie, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Donald photo

This movie was a great movie, I thought it was very well done. The movie itself was very well done, it was very well written and it had a very good story line. I liked the ending better than the beginning, the beginning was a little too dramatic and the ending was more like a drama. I liked the way they tied it up in the end, it was very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I would give it an A. I think everyone should see this movie, it is a great movie.

Tiffany photo

You are not likely to see this movie again. This movie is about one man's quest to get his daughter back. But the real story is about the two people who love him most. They are the director and the actor. The director is a private investigator. He is a self-made man, and he is a man who does not take chances. He is not afraid of losing his life. The actor is a young man who is a young actor. He has been in many movies, and he has an amazing acting talent. He is very good at playing a confused, nervous, and honest man. The director does not do anything else than that. He just sits down and waits for the right moment to tell his story. The story is very emotional. The director is not afraid to show the pain of losing his wife and child. He shows the pain and the hurt of the young boy, and the pain and the pain of the old man. The director makes a very strong statement in this movie. He makes a very strong statement about the man who loves his daughter, and the man who loves his daughter. This movie is very important for everyone, because it shows how a person can be loved and be hurt, and how a person can be a true hero and not a hero. The director did a great job, and the director is very talented.

Debra M. photo
Debra M.

Michael Bolton's performance as the genius who is left behind is superb. As is the part of Arnold as the trained-up moron who wants to be loved. The script is a well-thought-out piece of work and is well worth seeing. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Sharon G. photo
Sharon G.

I'm really surprised this film is rated so low, not because of its religious content, but its effect on the viewer. The film is about a girl and her friends that are very much like the current generation in many ways. They are all hopeless, are lost, are depressed, and in some ways, have turned into sex-obsessed. The acting is great and the film is very realistic, but in some ways, I found it upsetting. The girl is a very depressed and even suicidal woman, and her friends turn out to be the same. She is looking for a way to feel normal, to feel the emotions she has been experiencing in her life, to feel something, to express her emotions. The film is very realistic and although I know this sounds like a cliche, the film has a lot of truth. This film is a must see for everyone who wants to see something very different. This is the best film I have seen in a long time.

Julie Castillo photo
Julie Castillo

I really enjoyed this film, I've seen it twice now and it's more than the other reviewers. This is a very dark and depressing film. The acting is great, the story is very moving and realistic. It is a very good film. It's not a comedy but it is a very depressing film. It is also very well acted and the direction is very good. The story is very sad and it is sad but it is also very sad. I recommend this film to anyone who wants a good film.

Teresa photo

Even though this movie is not a thriller, it is an exploration of emotions. I could watch this movie without a single line of dialog. Everything is in English, yet the movie has a foreign feeling to it. It is not at all like "The Green Mile" and "Gone With The Wind", and it's not as intense or even shocking as "Gone with the Wind" is. I cannot express how amazing this movie is. The performances of all the actors are amazing. I am also impressed with how effective the music is. I feel like the music and lyrics are able to express the feelings in the movie and somehow make them tangible. It's so mesmerizing that you would never stop and listen to it. The only thing I would have changed in this movie is the language. It is very difficult to understand a lot of the dialogs. I was so angry because the dialogs were not understandable in the same way as the English dialogue. I hope that this movie will be shown in theatres. If you haven't seen this movie, do. You will be happy you did.

Lori M. photo
Lori M.

A somewhat quirky documentary on the tragic life of a man named Roy Schieder who was shot and killed in a shooting at his home. Schieder was a successful writer who was also a successful author of books. The movie was done in a very slow, yet detailed manner that shows the reality of life in a small town, and how much it can change in a matter of a day. I was very impressed by the way the movie was done, and the way it was made. I found it very interesting and thought it was done very well. I also thought the movie was very realistic and accurate. I can see that it may not be the most pleasant or exciting thing to watch, but it was done in a very good way and I think you will find it very interesting.

Amanda photo

I am a great fan of the book and I thought this movie was very faithful to the book. The movie is a great adaptation of the book, the only thing that didn't quite work was the ending. I think the movie had the right amount of emotion to make it feel like the book. I think the film will be great for people who haven't read the book.

Jason Medina photo
Jason Medina

This film is a movie that i will watch over and over again. This movie is a must see for all people. I really loved this movie and i will watch it over and over again. This movie is great for people that like to watch a good movie with a good story. The story is about a boy who is a 14 year old boy and he is about to enter his high school. The story is really good and the actors that play the characters are really good. The story is really good and the movie is great. I really recommend this movie to people. I give this movie a 10/10

Craig Mason photo
Craig Mason

I was able to watch this movie about a year after it was released. I have been a fan of Johnny Depp for years and I have been a fan of this movie for the past few years. I recently watched it again, and it was wonderful. I saw this movie with my husband and son, and we all really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the part where Depp and Lohan play off each other. The love they have for each other is so real. I think that this movie is a classic. I highly recommend it.

Kyle photo

This is one of those movies that I feel the need to put up on IMDb so other people can see it. This movie is a real winner. It is a beautiful movie. The actors are great. The story is wonderful. The scenery is beautiful. The story line is amazing. It is a movie that you can watch over and over again. I do not understand why it has not gotten more attention. I am a little confused about why this movie is not on the Top 250 list. It is a movie that you should watch. I can't wait to see it again. If you have not seen this movie, I can't say what it is about, but I know it is worth the time. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

George Olson photo
George Olson

It's always interesting to see a film that really hit home for me. I was not expecting to see such a great film, and this film is truly something that you should see. This is the story of a man who is forced to be a part of the child pornography trade and deals with the horrors of it all. It is an incredible film, the plot is amazing and the acting is amazing. I really loved the characters, especially the two children who were portrayed so beautifully. I'm very impressed by this film, it really is a movie you should see. I don't know what more I could say about this film, but it is a must see.

Denise photo

There's not much more to say about this movie than the synopsis says. A documentary about a guy named Frank. A guy who is trying to make a movie about his life. And then he goes crazy, and you see the wild side of him. He goes to a mental hospital, and after a while, he comes out of it and starts making movies. And he's not making movies for money, he's making them for his own amusement. That's where the movie comes in. This is a very good movie. The acting is pretty good. I thought the performances were great. The directing was good as well. I'm not a big fan of the editing. It's just the first half of the movie. I thought that was the best part of the movie. I liked the movie a lot. I recommend it to anyone who likes movies about people who have a hard time. I recommend this movie to anyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Kathleen photo

After a very boring first 10 minutes, I was really looking forward to the movie and I was not disappointed. It was very much like a real life story. The movie is about a man who wants to be a pilot but is not. He meets a girl who is a pilot and the two get along very well. They have a very close relationship and start a romantic relationship. However, the guy has a problem with his memory and his girlfriend thinks he is having memory problems. In the end, the guy finds a way to get his memory back. It is a really well made movie, with a very good story. I really recommend this movie to everyone, especially those who like a really good story.

Gloria photo

Pity those who, after viewing this film, feel their patience has run out and they are now rushing out to the video store to rent "The Fog" for the twenty-first time. At this writing, it is still in print. What a waste of time! There is no such thing as "The Fog" in the real world. There is a fog - not the same thing. As a novelist, I am not even sure the film is based on a true story. There are no "newspapers" that look like those of my childhood. It is all based on memories. Those memories are memories that come to us as if they had never been, for that matter. Some memories come with the opening of a newspaper and some are more ephemeral, such as the words "She found the bread". But not all of them are bad. Some memories, however, can bring us to the threshold of death, or else the feeling that we are falling in love with someone we should never be with. When this film comes out on DVD, I'll be the first one to buy it. Don't waste your time on a "newspaper". Instead, go to a record store and rent "The Fog" by Ed Sullivan, so that you can remember the people and places that are lost to time.

Daniel M. photo
Daniel M.

I'll just cut to the chase.this movie is the greatest film of all time. Go see it! I can't imagine why people would hate it. The acting is great and the direction is so very good. the cinematography is flawless. I'm not going to go into any more details.just watch the film and see for yourself. You'll understand what I mean. Do yourself a favor and go see it. You'll never be the same.

Ashley P. photo
Ashley P.

I'm not an expert on the movie or the author, but I read the book and I thought it was really good. I just want to say that the movie was just as good as the book. It was a bit too long for me to get into it, but it was still a good movie. I think the movie will be a classic. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about love and romance. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are based on a book.

Kenneth Garza photo
Kenneth Garza

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's one of those films where you just watch it and can't stop thinking about it, it just gets better and better. Great performances, amazing writing and direction, and so well done on the set. I'm sorry to all the fans that are disappointed with the movie. It's not your typical Hollywood movie, it's about real people and real problems. I recommend everyone to see it. Go see it!

Jeffrey Smith photo
Jeffrey Smith

This movie was a great mix of action, humor, and drama. It had great acting, a great story, and great pacing. I absolutely loved this movie. I think everyone should see this movie. It is a must see!

Steven Olson photo
Steven Olson

I was raised Catholic. As a teen I became a very passionate, loyal Catholic, and have never lost my faith. I've never lost the sense of humor, the love of food, and the wonderful relationships with my friends and family. This movie and The Hunger Games bring back all that to me. The costumes are brilliant, the cinematography is incredible, and the acting is just wonderful. I found the movie a little slow at first, but once you get into the movie, it is very satisfying. I highly recommend this movie. The only down point I would make is that some of the romance wasn't developed very well. Some of the love scenes seemed forced, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The only down side I would have to make is the romance between Peter and Gwen. That part felt forced, and the way it was portrayed did not feel right. But, overall, this movie is a masterpiece. I would definitely recommend it. 10/10

Jonathan photo

DvD is a film with no other purpose than to tell the story of a soldier's memories after a devastating event, through the protagonist's memory. I've read reviews of this film which say it was a "chick flick", "another Disney fad" etc. What a complete misjudgement. This is an excellent film, well told, and with a very strong message. I've never read any reviews of this film which don't show some love for it, because this film deserves to be seen by everyone. Anyone with a passing interest in films, and anyone with a deep love for war, war movies and all things military, this is a must see. I have read that other reviewers were disappointed by the ending, but I think that it's the film itself that shows the ending, not the ending. I love the way this film ended, I don't think there's any other film where the ending is so unique and does so with such honesty. This is a wonderful film, which I believe everyone should see. I rate this film a 10/10.

Lori photo

I have been a fan of this director since his debut, "Seven Deadly Sins". I first saw "The Purge" in a theater when it was first released. This movie is the most disturbing, yet compelling movie I have ever seen. I can't wait to see it again, and I don't think I will be disappointed. The story was very original and intriguing. It had a lot of twists and turns, but that's what makes it so interesting. The acting was superb. I especially liked the acting of the main character, the main character was very believable and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He was portrayed as a strong man, and it's very difficult to tell him he is wrong. His character was very believable and I was very impressed with his acting. The story is also very unique and you can't help but want to know what happens next. This movie is not for the faint of heart. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of psychological thrillers. It is definitely one of the best psychological thrillers I have seen in a long time. It is a great movie to watch alone or with a date, because it will keep you guessing until the very end. This movie is not for everyone, but it definitely is worth seeing. I highly recommend it.

Denise S. photo
Denise S.

This film is a must for anyone who has ever been a teenager, or even just a teenager. This film is a dark and sad film, but also very funny. I thought that the actors were excellent. The film was very dramatic and intense, but I also thought that it was funny and very funny. I think that it is a good film, but I think that there are many things that could have been better. However, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a dark and sad film, or anyone who likes a comedy.

Jack Beck photo
Jack Beck

This is a movie that needs to be seen. It is beautifully shot and the acting is brilliant. It is not a movie for everyone but for those who like this sort of thing it is an absolute must see. There are a lot of great points to this movie, the violence is not gratuitous it is just there. The music is great and it is hard to believe that such a great movie was made. The story is not predictable and there are many twists and turns to keep you entertained. The acting is superb and the writing is absolutely brilliant. The direction is breathtaking. If you haven't seen this movie then I recommend that you see it now. 10/10

Teresa photo

I think that this is one of the most powerful and well done movies that I have ever seen. It is a rare thing to see a movie that can draw you in and make you feel like you are in the movie. It is a very realistic film, and the acting is great. The script is strong and that alone makes it worth watching. It is just a great movie. I recommend this movie to everyone, and especially to teenagers, because it will make you feel that they have to do what they are doing because they have to. A movie that will stay with you for a long time.

Amy photo

I don't know how to begin to explain this film. It is one of those films you just want to be. It makes you want to take a break from your day to watch something like this. It is an emotional roller-coaster, with your emotions being well matched to the characters. I have seen some films that were advertised as being "in your face" or "aggressive" and this was NOT one of those films. If you want to be thrown into the experience, you have to have a strong will to watch the film. If you do, you will never know what is going to happen. I won't spoil it, but this film is one of those films that is truly, a great piece of art. If you want to see a film that you will be able to watch over and over again, this is the film for you. 10/10

Phillip Obrien photo
Phillip Obrien

I've watched this movie about 5 times already. I really like it. It is the first movie that I ever watched that I cried through the whole movie. It is a good movie, and it's worth watching. It has great performances from all the cast, especially Paul Walker and Robert Patrick. This movie is not only about a story of a man with a disease that affects him, but it is also about a man that is trying to come back to his old life. It is a very good movie that should be seen by anyone who wants to see a good movie. I rate this movie 9/10.

Jose Hawkins photo
Jose Hawkins

This is one of my all time favourite films. My dad has it on video. I'm not sure if it has been released in Canada yet but I'll buy it when it's on the shelf. I really enjoyed this film and I really hope they release it on DVD soon. The whole movie is really unique. The storyline is very original and the acting is top notch. The film is a bit slow in some places but I can understand why. This movie has a really great story line and really makes you think. I hope the sequel will be as good. The actor that played the father in the film is a really good actor. He is very convincing in his role. I really hope he gets more parts in movies like this.

Lisa L. photo
Lisa L.

This movie is definitely not for the weak stomach. It's a highly emotional, well thought out story of a young man's descent into madness. This movie is more than just a movie, it is a film. And with that, it is well worth watching. If you want to see an action packed, adrenaline pumping, visually stunning, no holds barred, movie that will leave you shocked and wanting more, this movie is definitely for you. The acting in this movie is fantastic, and you'll see a real life character struggle with his feelings and desires. As well, this movie was very well done, very believable and well acted. And the effects in this movie are great. The effects are excellent and make this movie stand out. The movie is not predictable. It makes you think. And you'll definitely be thinking for days after watching this movie. It's a well thought out movie that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the horror genre. The movie is realistic, and so is the story. It's definitely not a movie for the weak stomach. It's a good movie for any horror lover who is looking for a great movie with action and great effects.

Louis Wagner photo
Louis Wagner

I really enjoyed this movie. I found it to be a very interesting and intriguing story of a young girl and a man who do not have a lot in common, yet they find themselves in very different situations and at different points in their lives. I think it's a very interesting film and I enjoyed the way the story was told. The actors did a very good job, especially the young girl who was very strong and determined. I also thought that the music was very good, I was impressed with the way it fit the story. I think this is a very good movie that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see a great film.

Sarah N. photo
Sarah N.

I didn't expect to like this movie, but I liked it a lot. I am a very big fan of gangster movies, especially when they are directed well and story-wise. The acting was also very good, and I could really see that it was real life. There were no ridiculous laughs or any attempt to make the movie funny. It was very realistic. I love how the movie was told, not like a typical Hollywood movie, but like a documentary. They did a very good job showing that it was a real story. The story is about a woman who worked for the police and her husband's drug dealing gang. The story was told in a very realistic way. It was not hard to understand. The plot was very good and the ending was great. I really enjoyed the movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes gangster movies or who just like a good movie.

Timothy photo

In the few minutes that I've sat through, I've only felt myself really caring about the characters. The entire experience of this film, made me care about what happens to these people. I've never seen such a beautifully executed film. The story is pure genius. I couldn't have asked for a better cast to write this script. I had never heard of this movie before, but now I'm a huge fan of Robert Redford. I'm glad he chose to make a film that is so different from any other movie he's ever been in. This is a good movie. It's very realistic and the characters are realistic. I feel that this movie is far from a typical Hollywood movie. I hope this is the start of a trend. All the actors were amazing. And a tip for the directors, I hope you make more films like this.

Justin Burton photo
Justin Burton

When i first heard of this movie i thought that it would be a boring movie with no story. But after seeing it i realized that this movie is really a story of life. It is a story about the father that loves his family, he loves his daughter and is trying to give his daughter a better life. This is the only movie that has taught me the value of love. The father is always going to make his daughter happy and always has to try and make his daughter happy. Even if he is so angry or in a situation he is not happy he will try to make his daughter happy. When he dies his daughter cries and it is like a cry of a father. The life of his daughter was never like this before, the life of his daughter was never like this before. But even if the father dies she will still be happy. But her father never died and she is still happy.

Christine V. photo
Christine V.

This is a great movie, it is my favourite movie of all time. I first saw it in my school when i was a kid and i loved it, the story is so realistic and it is so touching. It was made with such a great director and i am so glad i got to watch it. The actors did a great job, especially Oliver Platt, he is amazing. This movie is one of my all time favourites. I wish it was out on DVD. I love it so much.

Jacob photo

This movie is a must see. I love it. I saw this movie at the new york film festival. The only reason I am giving it a 9 instead of 10 is because I was so impressed with the story. I love the way they told the story, the way they pulled it together. I loved the way the characters were put together. The acting was great. I loved the way they showed the loneliness that it takes to be in the same room as someone you love. It is a really good movie, I highly recommend it. I was blown away.

Sean C. photo
Sean C.

As a Canadian, I was really disappointed with this movie. It is not at all like the way the movie was presented to me. I thought the director was going to show me how the Canadian government is really like. I thought it was going to show me how a Canadian government would be like. But no, I didn't get that at all. I think that the movie was very well made, but that is the only reason I am giving it a 9. The movie is not about Canadian politics, it is about a man who was wrongfully imprisoned, and how he deals with it. But I think that it would be more interesting to show the Canadian government in a different way, to show how it is really like. I think the director should have made the movie about the Canadian government in a different way.

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

One of the best films I've seen in a long time. This film, the first in a series, tells the story of a few people living in New York in the 1970's. The movie starts with a scene of the main character, a man named Richie (Jude Law), who is trying to make a living in the city. The movie ends with Richie's journey through the city, a city he has never been to, and ends with him coming back home to his family. The characters in this film are extremely interesting. They are all interesting in their own ways, and their stories are interesting to follow. The story is great. The characters are very well developed and have a very complex back story. The movie is very well written and the director does a great job. The acting in the film is very good, and I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film, with a great story, and great characters.

Dorothy R. photo
Dorothy R.

One of the best films I have ever seen. The film is well written, the actors are superb, and the entire cast delivers. Even the little boy who plays at the end is amazing. The cinematography is amazing and the music is awesome. It is one of the best films I have ever seen and I am looking forward to seeing more from Daniel Myrick. He is such a talented director and writer. I recommend this film to anyone. Go see it. I want to see it again.

Julia Diaz photo
Julia Diaz

First I was not expecting to watch this movie and then i came to know that it is based on true story. This is probably the most powerful movie I have seen in my life. From the very beginning to the very end it is a drama. And the best part of the movie is that its not a drama. Its a story about life, love and happiness. I can not say enough about this movie. I hope it will be a box office hit in India and worldwide. Because this movie has it all. Great acting, beautiful cinematography, amazing story. The story is about a marriage between two people. The husband is a successful businessman, and the wife is an accomplished journalist. They met through each other. They went to a wedding in a remote area of Maharashtra. But something went wrong. One of the guests accidentally committed suicide. When they got back home the wife had a heart attack and died. And the husband lost all his money and most of his family. But the daughter, who is only 8, tried to do everything for her father. But things get better after that. The story keeps you interested from the very beginning to the very end. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Ralph Graham photo
Ralph Graham

I am not usually one for documentary films, but I really enjoyed this one. I think the best parts are the slow build up to the climax, which involves the family moving into a new home and finding their roots. The film does a great job of keeping the audience in the moment and is well paced. My only complaint is that some of the conversations are a bit too talky, but this is probably due to the non-linear nature of the film. The film also feels very emotional and almost in-depth at times. This is not a film that will appeal to everyone, but if you are looking for a drama or a documentary, I think you will really enjoy it.