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The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow is a movie starring Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff, and Nick Offerman. The film tells futurist, architect, and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller's incredible story through two teens hoping to get laid, become punk...

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ハウス・オブ・トゥモロー, Yarının Evi
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Peter Livolsi
Peter Livolsi, Peter Bognanni
Nick Offerman, Ellen Burstyn, Alex Wolff, Asa Butterfield
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The film tells futurist, architect, and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller's incredible story through two teens hoping to get laid, become punk gods, and survive high school.

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Phillip G. photo
Phillip G.

When I saw the previews, I thought it would be like a mediocre TV show, but it was a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie.

Joseph Fields photo
Joseph Fields

This is a movie that I watched several times, and I still haven't figured out all the jokes, but I'm sure it's pretty funny. The movie is based on a children's book by Mark Twain. I read it when I was little and loved it, and then I read it again when I was in college. The movie is about a family that moves to a new house and soon starts having problems. One of the problems is the house is haunted. The story is very simple, and I think the main character, Kip, is a very good actor. It's not a very serious movie, but it's funny. I also liked the characters and the acting. The plot is very predictable, but it's a good plot. I think it's a great movie. I give it a B+.

Richard photo

I was expecting a "House of Cards" type movie, and I was really disappointed. The only thing I enjoyed about this movie was the performance of the actor playing the "Flowers". He was just perfect in this role. The story itself was predictable. I don't know if the director wanted to show a "slice of life" movie or if he wanted to show how this man (the "Flowers") changed his life, but it was not a very interesting story. I found it a little bit slow. The actors themselves seemed to have more lines in this movie than they did in "The House of Cards". I don't know what was the director's intention, but I hope that he was going for a dramatic movie. The "Flowers" looked like a normal guy in this movie, and I found that very boring. He wasn't a typical drug dealer, and I think that the director was trying to show how the "Flowers" got his drugs, but I didn't like this part of the movie. The movie was better than I expected. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Ashley Hall photo
Ashley Hall

The House of Tomorrow is an interesting movie that is the closest to a true account of the truth. It is the story of a high school teacher who moves to a small town to teach high school students and is gradually involved in the life of the town. At first, the teacher is very successful and receives high praise from the students. The teacher becomes aware of a mysterious woman in the town and her feelings for the teacher. The teacher finds out that the woman is a member of a cult and is trying to control the students. She gets the power to cause a lot of problems for the teacher. The teacher is a good teacher and tries to get the truth out of the woman. The story is very good and it is not boring at all. The characters are very well developed and the actors did a very good job. The movie is really funny. The movie is about the teacher's life and the life of the town. It is very good. I give it a 7/10.

Karen Ortiz photo
Karen Ortiz

The House of Tomorrow is the second film by director Bob Clark and star Dick Van Dyke. It is also the first film with the writer, Bob Clark. The film is based on the novel by David Lowery. The story is about a young man named Mike (played by Dick Van Dyke) who has a horrible childhood and doesn't know why. Mike is living in the basement of his mother's house, but he is not lonely because he has a roommate named William (played by Dick Van Dyke's real life son, Paul Van Dyke) who is extremely noisy and difficult to live with. Mike's mother takes him to see a movie on TV and the movie is The House of Tomorrow. The movie is about a man who has lived in the basement of his mother's house for forty years and has never come out of the basement. The movie shows Mike's mother as a alcoholic and violent. After watching the movie, Mike starts to fall in love with his roommate William. Mike is in love with William and doesn't know why he fell in love with him. However, he falls in love with William's girlfriend Ellen (played by Charlize Theron). The movie is very touching and touching at the same time. It is very entertaining and has a great soundtrack. The film is a good movie, and I highly recommend it.

Pamela photo

If you are looking for a comedy with a lot of laughs then you might like this movie. I think the movie is a little too long, and I think it would have been better if it had been longer. I don't think the movie is perfect, but I think it is a good movie to watch if you are looking for a laugh.

Tammy photo

I'm a fan of many of the actors in this film. But I was really excited to see that John Travolta and Al Pacino were in it. It was such a great combination. I was really surprised that Pacino was actually cast as a Jewish con man. The film starts out as a black comedy, but it slowly gets darker and more serious. It was really cool to see the whole film from the point of view of a Jewish con man. I really loved the relationship between Pacino and the Jewish woman who was helping him out. I loved the way they had the Jewish girl make fun of the Jewish man who was the black man's best friend. I also loved how the Jewish woman put her own best friend's family in her own personal attack. The best part was when Pacino's friend says that he was really glad to have his friend back. That was so touching. I also liked the ending of the film. It was very sad. I don't know if I should be surprised or sad. I have never felt sad in a film. I think the film is a classic. The best part was when Pacino was on the plane, and they were all on the plane together. That was really funny. I was really surprised that I liked this film as much as I did. It is definitely worth seeing. I think I will see it again, and I hope that they make a sequel.

John photo

First off, let me start by saying I loved this film. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good time. It was also very entertaining and had a good message about how a family can have a rough time in their lives and still make it work. This is a very simple story and the movie had some good parts, but the ending was a little too neat. I also think that this film is a little too slow at times. The last act was a little too long and boring, but overall, I really enjoyed it. I think that if you like comedy, you will like this movie. The actors were great, and the story was very entertaining. The only problem I had with this film was that it ended too neat. I think the movie could have been a little more serious, but that's just me. Overall, I think that this is a good movie. I think that it is not a bad movie and is a good time. I recommend this movie to people who like comedy and have a good time.

Janice Lane photo
Janice Lane

I am really surprised by the negative reviews here. The movie is very good and you should watch it if you like movies with some comedy and with good story. My friend and I have watched it twice and it still keeps us entertained. This is a good movie to watch with your girlfriend or your friends.

Michael Jacobs photo
Michael Jacobs

I'm not the biggest fan of Bill Murray's work but this film was really good. I think he was perfect for this role, and I liked the film a lot. I didn't think that the film was very political and didn't really care about the politics. It's not about politics, it's about the family, and that's what the movie is about. I thought that the film was really funny and I would recommend it to anyone.

Brandon G. photo
Brandon G.

There is something about movies that makes them unique, unique in the sense that it makes you think about things for days after you watch them. This movie is no exception. The House of Tomorrow is the best movie of the year, period. It is in many ways, the best movie of the decade. Yes, there are so many good movies in the genre, but none come close to this one. The House of Tomorrow is an intelligent, thought provoking, hilarious, and beautiful film. As I write this, it is the best reviewed movie on IMDb. I don't know how the movie has gotten such a good rating. It seems to be the only movie that has been rated so highly. The acting was superb, the script was sharp, the soundtrack was superb, and the whole thing was just brilliant. The acting was all top notch, and not once did I doubt anyone's acting ability. I loved all the performances. Bill Murray was as good as he always is, and there was no denying that he was just as brilliant as he was in Ghostbusters. Jennifer Connelly was excellent, as was Sam Rockwell. Paul Rudd was fantastic as usual. All the other actors were also great, but I am going to have to admit that I did not see all of them in the movie. They were very good. The direction was great, the writing was great, and the special effects were excellent. I have to say that the special effects were the best special effects I have ever seen in a movie. They were so real that I could feel the emotion that they created. I have never seen such an amazing job in my life. I do not think I will ever see anything that will live up to this one. I don't want to give away any of the story lines, but trust me, you will not be disappointed. The writing was amazing, the story was wonderful, and the acting was fantastic. If you are a fan of great movies, this is the one for you. The entire cast is just incredible. It is amazing to think that they are all so young, and yet they still do a fantastic job. I could not wait to see this movie, and I am glad that I saw it. It is a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a great movie. I can't wait to see it again.

Jacob G. photo
Jacob G.

I like this movie because it's a funny comedy and it has a nice message.The characters are really nice and the story is good.I like how the movie shows how it is to be a gay and how the gay community is trying to fit in.This is one of my favorite movies and i have it on DVD.It is a movie that people will like because it has a great message.

Ruth R. photo
Ruth R.

I love this movie.I feel so happy to have watched it.I love how it portrays the power of dreams and the struggle that parents have to go through to try to keep their children safe.It shows how people have their own dreams and goals.I love how the actors portrayed their characters. I really think that this is one of the best films of this year and i love it so much.i hope that people will watch this film.The story of the film is very touching and makes you feel that this is what's really important in life. I really love the movie and the actors and i would recommend this film to anyone.I really love this film.It's a great movie to watch and i would love to see the movie a few more times. I hope that this film will be a big success and i hope that this film will win some awards. I think that this film is really great and i hope that it will win some awards.This is one of the best films i have seen this year and i love it so much.I really love this film.I love it so much.

Evelyn photo

In this remake of the 1973 film of the same name, an older Hollywood producer/director, Frank Langella (Bill Murray) is visiting a former colleague (Peter Gallagher) at his estate in the Hamptons. He becomes overwhelmed by the old friend's unending fascination with the stories and fashions of the late 1950s, and by a youthful impulse to recreate the 1950s. It's not long before he begins to develop a plan to capture the style of that era, and to turn it into an American style film, with an upbeat storyline and plenty of entertainment. Unfortunately, the old friend's eccentricities become too much to bear, and they discover that he is in fact dying. Frank tries to negotiate a way to retain the old friend's legacy, but can't keep the old friend from his deathbed. The results are hilarious, and in some cases, heart-wrenching. The casting of Murray as Langella was perfect for the role, and his performance is truly touching. He's able to capture Langella's temper and vulnerability, and he's able to capture Langella's enthusiasm and love of movies. The supporting cast, including Kate Bosworth, Chris Klein, and a nice turn by Mary Steenburgen, add depth to the film. Unfortunately, the original film of the same name is the best film of the year, and Murray and Gallagher, and the old friend, and the story of the old friend's life and his fascinating life and career, are among the highlights of this film. It's a very good film, and it's great to see the legacy of Langella's character continue to be created.

Diane M. photo
Diane M.

You may know the story of the Maysles brothers, but you may not know the story of the World War I nurse who died of syphilis. This movie does a wonderful job of recreating that experience. The production is as good as it gets for a small budget movie. I am not sure if the cast could have done a better job, but I have to say I think they did very well. The writing was very good and the acting was superb. I have to say, the acting alone was not enough to carry this movie. The story was terrific and the production was fantastic. The performances are outstanding. I had never heard of this movie before, and I am glad I found it and will be seeing it again. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the opportunity to write this review. Thank you for the great movie.

Joan photo

In a time of overcrowded theatres and reruns, and during a period when films are rehashed and rehashed until they are almost unrecognizable, it is great to see a film that is different, that is fresh and that gives us something new. House of Tomorrow is an absolutely refreshing take on the zombie movie. While the zombie genre has been a disappointment in recent years, House of Tomorrow does not take anything from the genre but improves upon it. The cinematography is quite beautiful, with great outdoor shots and some nice indoor shots as well. The acting is superb, especially considering it is a low budget film. While the script may be a bit weak, the acting is enough to hold your attention. There is nothing too original in the script, but it does manage to create a decent film. The story may seem simple at first, but once you get into the story, you will find a great way to enjoy the film. There are some great lines, some of which are used to great effect. The direction is quite nice and the score is a great addition. The pacing is excellent, the score compliments the film perfectly, and the cinematography is beautiful and quite realistic. Overall, this film is a great take on the zombie genre. It is a great blend of an entertaining film with a touching story. The movie will appeal to many different people, but I personally thought it was a great movie, that should not be missed.

Matthew Patel photo
Matthew Patel

I've been a fan of Mel Brooks' movies for a long time. His movie "Saturday Night Live" is one of my favorite TV shows ever. His movies have always had a sense of humor and a good storyline. This movie is one of his best ever, with great characters, great laughs, and a very clever ending. I know I sound like a Mel Brooks fan. And I am, but this movie was so good, I don't understand why he hasn't won the Oscar for best director. The cast is superb, and the characters are great. What's funny about this movie is how the characters change from scene to scene. Each scene is a different character. I love this movie. I know it's a movie you can't miss.

George Collins photo
George Collins

Hilarious film about an obsessive person, but the very genius that makes the movie is the way it is shot and the music. This is not an action or comedy film. This is about the problems of an obsessive person, and it is amazing how they get away with it so easily. The acting is very good, the story is awesome, and the music is great. I highly recommend it.

Gerald photo

I love this movie, it's about a man who does not know who he is and his relationship with his kids. This is very realistic. This movie has amazing performances and I really feel bad for Danny. I think that this is an outstanding movie. I really hope that this movie is nominated for many awards. This is an excellent movie, don't miss it.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

This movie is one of the best of the year. It was better than The Lord of the Rings trilogy and probably the best movie I've seen in a long time. The storyline is actually much more entertaining than the book, and it's so well written. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has never seen a movie before. It's a good movie for anyone, regardless of their age, whether you are a fan of the book or not. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Emma Vargas photo
Emma Vargas

I must admit that I had no idea what to expect from this movie when I decided to watch it. I found myself sucked in by the warm and inviting atmosphere of the film. The acting was very good, and the humor was brilliant. The director managed to portray the film as a realistic character study of a young man's search for love and a woman's search for him. He captured the typical emotions that are required to exist in a romantic relationship. Although I thought the movie was great, I can't help but feel that it was a little too romantic for my tastes. I felt that the relationship between the two main characters was a little too much like what I would expect from a romantic comedy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie that will make you laugh, and to those who like a movie that will make you think. In the end, this movie is a must-see for anyone who has ever thought about getting in touch with their inner emotions.

Ann photo

The movie is soooooo well made and there is no point in reviewing it. Go see it. It is really really good. It is so very worth it. Its great to see a movie like this that is actually about love, so touching, so sweet and just so full of love. The cast is great and I would really recommend seeing it. It is great to see another movie that doesn't take itself so seriously. This movie is great! The songs are amazing and the scenes are just amazing. It is just one of those movies that really makes you feel good about your life. It is such a great movie. If you don't go see it, don't tell me what to watch. You really should go see it. Its a great movie.

Harold Green photo
Harold Green

It's an extremely heart warming movie, it has a great cast, it has a great story, it has a great message, it is so awesome, a movie to watch and it will have you laughing, crying, and thinking. I cannot wait to see it again! The character are good, the character development are good, and the movie is good! I just love it! I'm a huge fan of Mimi Rogers, and I think this movie was great! This is a must see!