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Kedi is a movie starring Yaman Barlas, Sari, and Arzu Göl. A profile of an ancient city and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat.

Other Titles
猫が教えてくれたこと, Kattfilmen, Kedi (Gatos de Estambul), Kedi: Au royaume des chats, Kedi - sekretne zycie kotów, Kedi: Isztambul macskái, Nine Lives: Cats in Istanbul, Stambulo kates, Istanbulin kissat, Kedi - La città dei gatti, Cat, Kedi - Von Katzen und Menschen, Pisici, Kedi: des chats et des hommes, Gatos, Kedi: Von Katzen und Menschen
Running Time
1 hours 19 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Ceyda Torun
Yaman Barlas, Arzu Göl, Kemal Suncu, Sari
USA, Turkey
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Undeniably, the cat is picturesque Istanbul's soul. Even from the Ottoman era, countless kinds of cats began living in the city, and later on, when the first sewers were built and giant rats made their appearance, not a single house was without a mighty cat. Nowadays, cats are practically everywhere, and thousands of independent strays colour the ancient city not only with their diverse personalities and quirks but also with their elegant feminine posture and their distinct traits while strolling indolently Istanbul's dense and bustling neighbourhoods. Obviously, a love for cats is a special kind of love, as some believe that the resourceful and autonomous companions can absorb the negative energy, giving off only good vibes, while others think that cats are aware of God's existence instead of dogs. Who knows? Either way, cats are never ungrateful, we, humans, just need to form a special shared language, because from cats with a strong-willed character to those delicate and jealous ones, and from tough fish thieves to aristocratic and carefree vagabonds, one thing is for certain: the felines of Istanbul are without a doubt a cultural symbol.

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Anthony photo

I really loved the way this film was shot. I can't say that about any other documentary that I have seen. I think that the camera is really important, and it gives you a different perspective on the situation that you see. The film is so short that you really don't get to know any of the people in the film. I was surprised to see that the film was made in the United States. It was filmed in Jamaica, but I think that it shows the true diversity of the people in Jamaica. The film is about the struggle of the country's president and how he was making decisions that would affect the people, and the way that he was able to influence the country. I think that the film is very important for people who want to know about what's going on in the country. If you are interested in this topic, then I recommend watching the film. It is very good and gives you an idea of the situation in Jamaica. I also recommend that you read the book by the same name by Michael Stratton. It is about the president of Jamaica and the story of his life. It is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know about what's going on in the country.

Grace Perkins photo
Grace Perkins

I like Kedi. It's a fascinating documentary, about the impact of global warming on people around the world, and how people react to it. It's a compelling and entertaining film. It's well-filmed, with interesting interviews and visual images. I've heard some criticism that Kedi is biased, and that the documentary is "biased" towards the science of global warming, but I don't see this. The film is about the effects of global warming, and it's presented as fact. The documentary is simply telling a story. It's about a story, not a fact. I think this is a good balance, and I think it works. Kedi is worth seeing, but it is definitely not the best documentary you could watch. There are a few bits of misinformation in the documentary, but it's very difficult to tell where the inaccuracies come from, because the film is so focused on the effects of global warming, and how people react to it. Overall, Kedi is a good documentary, and worth seeing.

Douglas Bell photo
Douglas Bell

As a documentary filmmaker, I've always thought of documentaries as making you think about things. But here we see an entirely different type of thinking. I'd like to think that a documentary should be about a person or event and not about the filmmaker. That is, if it's about a person, then it should be about them, not about the filmmaker. It's also very important that the documentary is very important. And this documentary is about the narrator. He has no background or background in the subject. It is the only person we see in the movie, and they say it's important that we know him. But if we knew him, we wouldn't care about the subject. It's very important that you have a background in the subject to understand the filmmaker. Otherwise you will be misled by a documentary, but it's very important to know who the filmmaker is. And this documentary is very important, because the narrator is saying a lot of things that you don't want to hear. This is the reason why the documentary is a mess. The filmmaker says: "If you have an experience that you can't get back, then it's OK to say that you didn't have an experience". But this isn't true. People can say that they didn't have an experience. The only thing is that the experience is the thing that is important. The experience is a part of the documentary. I find it very interesting that the filmmaker doesn't want to get any footage, but he is in a way sharing his experiences with the audience. If he doesn't want to share them, then he should not be a filmmaker. I have to admit that I'm not a great filmmaker. I can't do a documentary well. But I have to admit that I was really impressed with this documentary. It's very interesting, and I would recommend it.

David F. photo
David F.

We saw this film at the Seattle Film Festival in October 2015. It was a great story of a young black man with HIV who grew up in the community. It was great to see the Director talking about the importance of the youth to the community. The movie is very well done, and shows that you don't have to be in the hood to be in the community. The main character was very inspiring. I am a black man who was born and raised in the hood, and the film was very uplifting. I will definitely be purchasing this film when it comes out in the stores. I think it will be a great film to share with the youth of our community.

Joseph Martin photo
Joseph Martin

For those of you who are really curious about the American society, in the late 70's, it was not exactly a safe place for you to be. Many of the people you would associate with today could not have lived in that environment. If you were a female, you were probably not allowed to be a stripper, because you might make a mistake. Or maybe you were raped by a cop and then had to spend some time in jail. Or you could be on death row because of some horrible crime. It was a strange time for you. Not that you had much of a choice. It was a time when there were too many horrible things happening all around you. In some parts of the country, the roads were very narrow and the roads were very bumpy. The average speed was probably around 30 miles per hour. The average speed of a car was probably around 40 miles per hour. If you had a wife and kids, you could only get a few hours sleep a night. It was not a comfortable place for you. You were alone and living in a strange country. There was no easy way out of that. It was a real nightmare. Some people had a lot of luck and some people were really unlucky. The people who were really unlucky were always the ones who didn't have a choice. If you were a male, you were in the middle of all this chaos. If you were a female, you were not the only one affected by this. I think that is the first half of the movie. The second half of the movie is mainly about the people that were lucky and had a lot of luck. In this movie, the characters are really funny. The jokes are not like the ones you would expect from the movie. It's funny at times, but at other times it is really stupid. It is not a funny movie. It is just funny. The characters are really funny. The people in this movie are really funny. If you watch this movie, you will definitely get a lot of laughs. The people that play the lead role, Jack Black, is really funny. You really have to like this movie. The music is really good and it's really hard to find in the theaters. I really recommend this movie.

Margaret photo

I just came out of the theater and found myself sitting in the middle of a crowd of people with a whole group of friends. I felt like I was alone in the world. I felt like the world didn't know what to do with me. I was able to express myself in a way that no one had ever done before. I felt like I was able to speak my own mind and speak for myself. The movie ended with the most incredible feeling I've ever had in my life. It was that great of a feeling. This film should be shown in schools around the country and the world. It is so well done and has been a life changing experience for me. It is the story of an artist who was in so many situations that were extremely difficult. But she pulled through and found herself and made it through. I hope everyone sees this film and learns from it.

Willie S. photo
Willie S.

In this film, two tourists were detained at the border between Turkey and Greece. They were picked up by a police officer and sent to a prison where they are held incommunicado. The two men were charged with "suspected links to the PKK", which is a Marxist terrorist group that was founded in Turkey. The government of Turkey considers them as "guests of the PKK", so they are imprisoned without any charges. In this film, you will see the Turkish police officers telling the two men the reason why they were detained. It's important that they keep quiet and not give any details, because there are more details and details that the Turkish government won't tell you. The story behind this film is quite interesting. There is a long interview with the director who has the power to release the prisoners. The interviews are great, because you will see the Turkish police officers talking about the history of the PKK and about the organization and what it has done in the past. There are many images and memories that will stay with you. In the end, it is quite interesting to see how the men feel and what the conditions are like in prison. I liked this film very much, but I was expecting a bit more. I think this film is worth to see and to learn more about the PKK and what they do in Turkey.

Jason Bishop photo
Jason Bishop

I found the film to be somewhat informative, but somewhat lacking in the explanation of the various theories, facts, and figures that are covered. In the end, I think this film is more informative and perhaps more interesting to a more general audience than to the viewers who are familiar with the more controversial aspects of the story. The filmmakers did a good job of capturing the feeling of a very odd and unique story, but not in the way I expected. They did a good job of creating the feeling of a documentary, but the reality is that it's a film with a lot of truth to it. I did enjoy the way they presented the various theories and facts, but I would have liked to see more of the documentary style of narration and more of the "behind-the-scenes" footage. I really think that this film should have been more like a documentary. The people who were interviewed were very informative and interesting, but the film seemed a little short. There were a lot of "off-camera" moments that could have been used to more impact the film and its message. I would recommend this film to people who are interested in UFOs and UFOlogy, but also to people who are interested in the history of UFOs and the UFOlogy. The film is a good documentary and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in UFOs and UFOlogy.

Emma P. photo
Emma P.

From the looks of this movie, it appears to be a drama about a group of people who are all of different race, and the conflict that leads to their unification and new lives. But to be fair, it's more of a movie about how to live and how to live well than a movie about the struggles of people. It's more about what happens when people aren't just divided by race, but instead by nationality and creed. The movie does a good job of showing how different cultures can co-exist peacefully in a society, and how the different races can unite in harmony. But as I said, I don't think it's a very interesting movie, or even a very good one. The movie has a slow pace, the pacing is a little uneven, and the movie is more or less told in a manner that you have to pay attention to the dialog. The movie also doesn't do a good job of explaining what the purpose of the "Joint" is. But it does have some good points. For example, the movie shows how the Japanese and the Koreans have different cultures, and how the Japanese keep their culture as a secret from the Korean people, which in turn causes the Korean people to feel that there is something wrong with their culture. It also shows how the Japanese are discriminated against by the Koreans. The movie also shows how the Japanese live and behave like the Japanese, and how they are held back by the Koreans. And in the end, it shows how the Japanese have created a joint community. But I don't think it's a very good movie. It's a good movie, but not a very good movie.

Sara R. photo
Sara R.

This is a very nice film with an excellent performance by its star and even better performance by the writer. This film shows a great man who made a difference in the world and he is a legend in this film. This is a very important film that is worth seeing.

Shirley photo

A documentary about the strange relationship between an actor and a character in a British television series. As the story unfolds, we see how the relationship develops from a mutual respect, to a passion, to a strange, almost pathological attraction, to a friendship, and finally to a love. The film is very much in the style of documentary, but not a typical documentary. It is both serious and amusing, and never quite settles into a single tone. In fact, it is almost a satire, a commentary on the British television industry. It is not a particularly heavy film, but it is not light either. It is also very moving. The film is very well made. I think that it is a film that should be watched by everyone, and that is not because of the content, but because of the quality of the film itself.

Doris T. photo
Doris T.

This is the story of a street kid in the Bronx who is fascinated with the macabre and wants to write a play. But there is a bigger problem: he is too shy to tell his mother about his secret. He needs her to understand what a shame it is to have such a close relationship with his father. When his mother finally goes to the theatre, she finds that her son has written a play that is "stupid, cruel, and pointless". In a sense, this is a film about the worst of New York society, and the lives of people who have to live with the worst of it, like drug dealers, pimps, and pimps who just happen to be drug dealers. But the most interesting aspect of this film is that the filmmaker is not interested in showing the problem. Instead, he shows the people who are living with it. It is a very interesting study of the different ways that people deal with the issue of sex with children. It is the story of one family, with two kids, who are drug addicts, and one of them is a self-loathing gay. These two people are the main characters, and the film is a study of their lives. I think this is one of the best documentaries I have seen. I recommend it.

Steven photo

This is a good documentary about the urban jungle of Rio de Janeiro and the people who live there. It takes a different angle on the conflict in the favelas and is very informative. The people interviewed are mostly from favela and street children and all are mostly honest, caring, and funny. They are not a representation of the entire favela community and there are no statements made on the favela's ethics or 'rules'. They are simply a group of people and a culture and they are simply normal. The camera is in the favela, not the city itself. There is no doubt that the favela is a very scary place. The kids are the most vulnerable and will go through a lot of pain and abuse. The people in the favela are actually all around the same age. Some are older, some younger, some with mental problems, some with drug problems, some not, and some who have no problems whatsoever. The favela is a small community and the problem is that there is not a community to meet. The majority of people in the favela are poor and it is just a small town with some fancy restaurants. The kids are not the 'white people' or the 'rich people'. They are not the 'elite' of the favela and they are not just there to sell. They are just normal people. They are the ones who run the favela, the ones who work the food, the ones who are the ones who live on the streets, and the ones who are the ones who are supposed to clean it up. I am surprised that people did not think of this before and the director is very honest and does not give anything away to the audience. I have seen many documentaries about the favela and many are better than this one. This one is actually pretty good.

Mildred photo

The focus of this documentary is on the main topic of India's relations with the UK. But what it does is expose the sinister side of Indian politicians. The movie reveals how the politicians of the NDA government (led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee) abused the Indian Constitution and did not want to give their views to the people. They thought that they were above the law. They have made lots of laws that are bad for the people and for the country. They have abused the Indian Constitution and have destroyed the law and order in the country. The movie shows how the politicians have kept their promises to the people. In the movie they showed the fake laws that they had brought into the country. They showed the problems with the law and order in the country. They also showed the real laws that the NDA government had brought into the country. The movie was very good and was very well done. The only problem with this movie is that the people did not understand the issues raised in the movie. They did not understand the issues and therefore the movie was not very informative. The movie also did not show the real issues of the people. The main issue of the movie was about the crimes committed by the NDA government. I think that the movie did not do it very well because of the lack of knowledge on the people. However, the movie was still good. I would rate the movie 7 out of 10.

Jennifer photo

A fascinating documentary on the work of the real-life and film-noir jazz pianist, Benny Goodman. Benny Goodman was a very talented jazz pianist who went into a coma in 1971, at the age of 36. He has been in a coma ever since. He is now in a virtual vegetative state. It is estimated that he lost 40 pounds during his coma, and his health has declined over the years. The documentary shows the history of Goodman's life, from his humble beginnings as a piano student in the early 1900's to his comeback in the 1930's, and finally his death in 1971. The film is also informative about his health and his condition. It is a fascinating look at a man who never had a great deal of money, but who had a talent for playing music that transcended all genres of music. Goodman is described as a visionary, and his music is also very interesting to listen to. Goodman is a unique character, and the film makes an interesting documentary. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating man.

Nicole Wagner photo
Nicole Wagner

It's funny that the story of a young boy who is deaf and blind and not able to read or write is so popular in Hollywood. If I were a Hollywood star, I would have had a few more lines in this movie. However, it's one of those movies that you want to see again and again. I loved this movie. It is very funny, especially the ending.

Dylan Estrada photo
Dylan Estrada

A well-executed documentary on the lives of a group of people in an impoverished area of Karachi, Pakistan. The filmmakers approach this subject from a variety of perspectives, from an expert on the region to an ordinary Pakistani who has never heard of the "lands." There are many personal stories and observations of how the people of the area interact with one another, with the environment, and with the world. The film includes interviews with local citizens, the local government, and with those who live in the area. The film also includes some of the residents of the area, and those who work in the area. The film is well-made, informative, and entertaining. It is a must-see for anyone interested in Pakistan, or anyone who is interested in the problems of Pakistan. It is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the environment.

Melissa photo

In an era of negative news, this documentary seems like a breath of fresh air. In fact, I felt that it was one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It was interesting to hear the voices of the people in the streets and the people who were actually impacted by the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was also interesting to hear the stories of those who were murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it's a good film to see, especially if you're a veteran, because the film is not preachy or overly political, and it doesn't try to use the tragedy of the Vietnam War as an excuse for any of the things that the filmmakers are trying to do. It's more about the war itself than the people who were affected by it.

Austin P. photo
Austin P.

I have always liked this film because of its extremely deep message and the fact that the characters are so real and are not acting. The movie is about two friends, one a young girl, who is addicted to drugs and the other is an old man, who is on the verge of death. They have their own demons and their own self-destructive habits. They are also very open to what they want. They are very much in love with each other. The movie is very sad. It shows us that it is possible to live with the addiction, and that you can be in a relationship with someone who is on the verge of death. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is struggling with their own addiction, or anyone who is interested in their own life. It is a great movie that you can watch with a friend and have a good time.

William photo

This movie is incredible. The people interviewed were all very well-informed. I would highly recommend this film to anyone interested in the topic of religious faith. I would also say that the interviews are very thorough. You get to hear the actual story of the people that were interviewed and also get to see what they were doing during the interviews. This movie is a must-see. The visuals are amazing. It is very hard to watch the movie without crying. The movie is about the religious beliefs of the people interviewed and the reasons for their beliefs. The movie is really informative and it really helps you to understand the people and the beliefs of those that were interviewed. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the topic of religion.

Richard J. photo
Richard J.

In this film, filmmaker Rebecca Schaeffer attempts to recreate the life of a young boy in a small town in the UK. In a single night, he grows up to be a young man who has a father, a mother, and a brother. At the end of the film, the boy is portrayed as a grown man who is able to walk and talk, but still retains a tenderness for his younger brother. The film is a very long, but it is incredibly rewarding and moving. This film is an important and beautiful document of a small town in the UK. It is very well made and the film is quite informative and moving.

Kelly photo

The people who know the subject of the film are really smart. And I'm really impressed. I was really surprised to see that there are people who know about the topic, so that's really cool. I don't think there are many documentaries that are really good about it. And this is one of them. It's really interesting to see what people are really thinking. And it's really nice to see that the film is really made by people. I really like it. I really recommend it.

Albert photo

This movie is about the life of a woman named Kedi who was the main woman in the community that did not participate in the marriage that was organized in her village. Her family refused to accept the fact that she was engaged to a married man and she was planning to get married to another man. Kedi tried her best to make the community accept her as a woman and marry her, but the community was not ready for such a situation. This is a true story and we don't know what happened. But there is no doubt that the girl will become an outstanding figure in Indian culture and Indian society. This movie also teaches us that a woman is not a mere piece of meat on the market. She has her own rights and she has to respect her family and friends. Kedi's life is a great example of the sacrifices a woman has to make to achieve her goals.

Stephanie S. photo
Stephanie S.

This film is very well made, is beautifully shot, and is well acted by the lead actors. It's about how a transgendered man's struggle with his sexuality and how he has come to terms with his gender and sexuality. It's a great film about the human condition. It's not perfect, but it is a very thought provoking film. It's about how we define ourselves, and it's about the struggles and joys that people experience in their transitions. It's not all good, but it is a great film. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Jane J. photo
Jane J.

At the beginning of the film, a young woman in a car is killed by a speeding truck. In the second half, the film focuses on the aftermath of the death. The first half is pretty slow, but that is the point. In the second half, the pace increases, and the story goes in a different direction. The first half was about how the family reacts, but the second half is about how they deal with it. As a result, the film is a bit different than I expected. In my opinion, the first half was good, and the second half was much more effective. The editing and the use of slow motion was also great. I highly recommend watching this film.

Theresa F. photo
Theresa F.

This film is a must see for anyone who has ever been in a military unit. It is very accurate and it shows the true life of what a military unit is really like. It is also very sad to see what happens to people when they are in the military. The film does not try to glorify the military, but it shows what a military unit is really like. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in military history.

Craig O. photo
Craig O.

I'm a documentary filmmaker and have been for a few years now. I thought this film would be very interesting, but was surprised to find that it was not. It's a very good documentary, and worth watching. The documentary takes a look at how and why the conflict in South Sudan was started and the government of President Salva Kiir and his allies was able to continue the conflict for so long. The government is corrupt and there is no accountability, but that is not the case with the rebels. The rebels are much more democratic and there is no government corruption. The documentary is very well done. I also enjoyed the interviews with the actors. I thought the interviews were very good and interesting. The documentary also talks about the history of the conflict and what is happening in the region. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the conflict in South Sudan.

Marie R. photo
Marie R.

As a former marine who has been in the military for 10 years, I have a lot of insight into the training and tactics that were used during the Iraq war. I also had a lot of knowledge of the tactics used by the Taliban and other terrorist groups, and I was able to see firsthand the atrocities that were being committed on both sides of the conflict. I found this movie to be very well done, and I really enjoyed the way that it was presented. It was very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject. I hope that this movie gets the attention it deserves.

Theresa G. photo
Theresa G.

I was very impressed by this film. It was very honest, and a very well made documentary. I am not religious, but I have to admit that the film was very convincing. It was very easy to understand, and it was very clear to me that they were trying to find a way to make this film into a documentary. I liked the fact that the filmmaker was not trying to make a political statement, but just to find out about the people that they met. I was very impressed with the way they found out about these people, and I think that it was very well done. I think that they should have made it into a full length documentary, because it was very interesting to watch. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Karen Burns photo
Karen Burns

This is the most honest, accurate and revealing documentary I have ever seen. The makers of this film were so dedicated to telling the story of this woman's life and the impact it had on her and her family that they went to great lengths to include all of the family members and the friends that knew her well. In doing so, they also included the other women in the family and the people that knew her best. It was a true story that needed to be told. It was a very difficult film to make and the director and producers were extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful cast and crew to help them accomplish their goal. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the lives of these women and how they were affected by their experiences. This film is a must see.

Gregory photo

I loved this documentary, it is a great introduction to the subject matter of animal rights. The documentary was a great addition to my collection and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject of animal rights.

Brandon Hunt photo
Brandon Hunt

This film is not for everyone, but it's not meant for you either. The film's main purpose is to show the things that are wrong with the drug war in America. The film was very well done, with a very impressive camera work, and lots of excellent footage. The story is simple, but it is very well told. I really like the way the film is told, and the way it is put together. It's like a documentary. It's interesting and has a lot of emotion. I also really liked the way it was made, with great editing. I thought the music was very good, and the acting was also very good. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, and I highly recommend it.

Jason photo

I found this documentary really well made. I don't think I have ever seen a documentary that so accurately portrayed the effects of the AIDS epidemic in the late 70's and early 80's. It was interesting to see how the community reacted to this epidemic, and how some people were just too afraid to admit they were infected. I think the documentary is very informative, and I think it would be a great resource for families who are going through the same thing. I think this is a documentary that everyone should see, because it's very important. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the AIDS epidemic in the late 70's and early 80's. I also recommend that people see this documentary because it is a very important documentary. It is a documentary that shows that HIV is not the end of the world, and that it's not only a disease that can be cured. It is an important documentary because it shows that HIV is a disease that affects everyone in the world. If you are interested in learning more about HIV and the AIDS epidemic, I recommend this documentary to you.

Joshua photo

I saw this documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival and was very impressed by the content, the style and the editing. The film was very well-edited, with very good camera angles and shots, and the editing was very effective. The content of the film was fascinating and moving, and it was a very compelling documentary. I highly recommend it.