Steam Officer Downe

Officer Downe

Officer Downe is a movie starring Kim Coates, Tyler Ross, and Meadow Williams. Based on the graphic novel, a police officer who can't be stopped by death returns to the streets time and time again to fight crime.

Other Titles
Officer Downe - Le justicier, アンデッド刑事(デカ) 野獣捜査線, Oficial Downe
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi
Shawn Crahan
Joe Casey, Chris Burnham, Joe Casey
Meadow Williams, Alison Lohman, Tyler Ross, Kim Coates
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Based on the graphic novel, a police officer who can't be stopped by death returns to the streets time and time again to fight crime.

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Tiffany photo

The main thing that I liked about this movie was the fact that it was a new movie. A lot of movies today are like that, there's a lot of CGI and special effects, but the movies themselves are pretty boring. This one is different. It's a movie about robots, and it is a good movie. Sure there are some holes in the plot, but that doesn't make it bad. It's the kind of movie where you can just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Betty photo

This film is a great tribute to the original TV series. It has an incredible cast, which includes Will Smith, Channing Tatum, Jason Statham, and many more. This is a very fun film that really does live up to the original series. It is very similar to the original series, but it does it a lot better. It is very entertaining, but not as good as the original series. It is a great film, and a good one to watch with the original series. This is a film to watch with your family, but it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12. It is a fun film that has a lot of action, great characters, and a great cast. This is a great film, and I recommend this to all the fans of the original series.

Maria photo

It's a shame that they didn't do it sooner. I enjoyed the first two Spiderman movies and the third one. I was looking forward to the fourth but it just doesn't live up to the first two. Spiderman 5 was excellent but this one is weak. I love the idea of a Spiderman that's genetically altered but this movie just didn't know what to do with the character. Not only that but they changed his origin and just made him less heroic. Overall this movie is good but they could have done better.

Edward T. photo
Edward T.

I was surprised that this movie wasn't more successful than I expected. I was expecting a "simple" Sci-fi movie, but this movie was more complex than that. It has some great action scenes, some funny scenes, and some romance. It also has a great story. I think the plot is about an astronaut, and his daughter who is kidnapped. So, the main character is a police officer. The daughter is a space station scientist who's looking for her father. The action scenes are great, and the story is good. The acting is okay, but the lead character, Kevin Spacey, is good. I liked the fact that he's so likable, and it made me really like the movie. I also like that the movie was written well. It wasn't corny, and the romance between the lead character and the daughter was good. I think that the movie would have been better if the daughter had more screen time. But, I liked the acting, the plot, and the action. I really liked it.

Richard S. photo
Richard S.

After a failed attempt to get an asylum-seeker to return to his country of origin, a desperate man makes a desperate plan to get his daughter back. This is the first movie of the British gangster genre I have seen. I thought it was alright, but not as good as the gangster movies I have seen. The movie is basically a sequel to "Crocodile Dundee 2", which was a much better movie in my opinion. It is not as good as the first one, but it is okay. I thought the movie was about an hour and a half too long, but I am glad I didn't pay full price for it. I like the characters in the movie, and they did a good job. The one thing I really didn't like about the movie was the fact that it was a rip-off of the "The Matrix", but that is just me. Overall, I would give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

This is a really good movie, it has a great story, good acting and cool special effects. The story is about an insane man who comes to earth and tries to kill everyone in the entire world. He goes around killing people in various cities. He is in love with an alien girl and tries to seduce her and is in love with her. He has this android made by his son and it helps him a lot. He is also a very smart guy and the whole movie is based on his intelligence. The acting is pretty good and the special effects are really cool. I recommend this movie for everyone and I think that everyone should see this movie. It is really funny and it is really cool and I think that everyone should see this movie.

Janet P. photo
Janet P.

This movie had a lot of potential but it just isn't executed. The story is the most basic. The story is about a group of friends and their search for a guy who was a military operative who turned to drug dealing and ended up killing his friends. The main characters are the friends and the main character is the main character. It's not the best of the genre but the story is so good. The actors are all great. The actors play their characters to the best of their abilities. The best part of the movie is the story. The actors are really good and the story is very good. There is a lot of action in the movie. The movie is not action heavy but the story makes up for it. I think the movie was a little slow in some parts but it doesn't matter. The story is a very good one and I recommend this movie to anyone. The movie is a lot better than the movie that was made by the same director. The movie is a good one.

Christine L. photo
Christine L.

I had a lot of expectations for this movie and I am very happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. The movie is very well written and it's very funny. The story is also very interesting and entertaining. I'm a big fan of the sci-fi genre, and this is one of my favorite sci-fi movies. I also liked the fact that the movie doesn't have the typical sci-fi/action movie cliches. There's a lot of depth to the story, which I enjoyed. The acting is also very good, especially the actors that played the main characters. This movie is very funny and very entertaining, so it's a must watch for anyone who loves sci-fi and comedy. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, I definitely recommend this movie. If you are looking for a great movie, then I recommend you to watch this movie.

Bryan Thomas photo
Bryan Thomas

I liked it. It's got a good cast, good camera work, good story, good sound effects, good actors, it's all good. If you like action movies you'll like it. If you like the heros of the movie, you'll like it. If you like a good story, you'll like it. I like it a lot.

Jennifer Rivera photo
Jennifer Rivera

I don't usually make commentaries on movies, but I just had to make one. This is one of the best action movies of all time. Definitely my top movie of all time. All the actors are good, the story is just amazing, I mean the action is just amazing. Now that I have watched this movie, I can't even sleep. The great thing is the original soundtracks. It makes the movie even more perfect. You should watch this movie, don't miss it.

Julie photo

A very fast paced action/comedy with the audience being the one that actually makes a lot of fun of this movie. A very good cast, a good plot and excellent direction from the director. The movie is not perfect but it's still really good. The dialogue is usually very funny and so is the overall action. This movie is not for the faint of heart as it's very intense and very very bloody. So if you're not used to that kind of action/comedy then this is not the movie for you. I enjoyed it very much and I hope that it's not the last action/comedy I enjoy. It's great for people that are into that kind of genre.

Edward photo

I have recently discovered a lot of things about the future of films with the arrival of this film. I think it's an accurate portrayal of what is happening with the future of filmmaking. The first thing I had to realize about this film was the production values. The camera work was great and the only thing I think they missed was some background music. It was a good film, so I will recommend it for anyone who likes action and comedy. You can't go wrong with this movie.

Hannah Matthews photo
Hannah Matthews

The movie is pretty much a reboot of "The Wicker Man" with an added element of a younger version of Jamie Lee Curtis. However, the script isn't as strong as it could be, and the plot is quite lacking in the last third of the film. Still, it's a decent movie with good special effects. 7/10

Willie photo

Sitting in a darkened theater in front of a bright screen, watching this movie with my girlfriend, we both found ourselves laughing at the same time. The movie is based on a comic book, with a few new elements thrown in for the sake of plot, and the result is a pretty decent movie. With the exception of some very annoying musical montages, there is nothing wrong with this movie. It's not a great movie, nor a terrible one, but it's not bad. The acting is pretty good, but the characters are just as you would expect, with a few exceptions. The movie is just as good as the comic book, with some good action scenes and some funny jokes. This is not a movie to see with your girlfriend, but it is not to be missed by any serious moviegoer.

Brittany Bell photo
Brittany Bell

Hilarious! This movie is so much fun. I love the underwater scenes! I can't wait for the sequel. That's when it gets silly. Of course it's going to be goofy, but when the whole thing starts to get real, the scenes are fun. I love the film. It's so funny, and even some of the actions are funny. It's a movie that makes me want to be a cop and wear the uniform. It's totally fun!

Mary Reid photo
Mary Reid

This film is not for everyone. It's a very dark movie about war and a few bad guys. A German plumber named Thomas Downe (Liev Schreiber) gets trapped in the middle of the city of Berlin, and the rest of the film is about him trying to escape from the Nazis. He's a pretty badass hero, and he also has a partner named Tyrol (Gary Oldman) and a girlfriend named Anna (Emma Thompson). He has to hide out in a tunnel system, and he also has to track down the kidnapped Nazi's before they start plotting to kill his people. But the Nazis get very inventive with their bombs, and the movie is a cat and mouse game with him and the Nazis. I have to say, this movie is very funny and makes me wanna watch it again. You also have to love the special effects, because it's a combination of everything from the war, from exploding buildings, to a truck smashing through a wall. I would highly recommend this movie to any of the fans of the genre. I think everyone who likes action movies should watch this film. It's a great film, and it's a very funny one too.

Jonathan photo

This is one of the best movies of the year, if not the best. It's not a movie you watch over and over again. I have seen it about 20 times and still laugh every time. The plot is simple, but the characters are just so funny. The acting is good, but not Oscar worthy. It's a good movie to watch with your friends. I recommend it to everyone. 9/10

Carolyn photo

I watched the movie with my girlfriend and she liked it a lot, but i thought it was pretty bad. But the scenes i thought was pretty good was the prison, because it was set up very well and had some great dialogues. i loved the death scenes, i don't know how many times they cut them out, but it was a little bit of a problem for me, but i didn't think it was a big problem. i liked the scene where they got down on the floor from a block of ice, because it was one of the best scenes in the movie. i think the actors did a good job, because i think the director did a good job, it had a good pace and it had a great idea. i was a little bit disappointed with the ending though, because it made the movie seem like a rip off of War of the Worlds, and i really wanted to see it turn into a sequel. I mean it had a good idea, but it was really short and the director could have extended it a little bit more. because of this i didn't think it was a good ending, but it was good, and i liked the ending. Overall i thought it was a really good movie, but it was a rip off of War of the Worlds, so if you liked War of the Worlds, i recommend you watching it. If you didn't like it, then i recommend you to read the book "Another Earth" so you can understand how the movie should have ended.

Alan photo

I love this movie and am always on the lookout for more I can watch. The jokes and plots are well developed and every time I watch it I see something new. It's one of those movies that I'll be watching over and over. I give it a 10/10. If you want a comedy that's just good, this is your movie. This movie will blow you away. Enjoy!

Doris F. photo
Doris F.

I was watching this movie on cable one night and I thought it was really funny. I love the way the characters talk and act. I also like the way the director uses the background music to really make you feel like you are watching a movie. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie again. I am also really glad that they have released it on DVD because it is a really great movie to watch on a rainy day. I also love the fact that the director does not have a huge budget to make a great movie, he just goes with what he can. This movie is a really great comedy, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good laugh. I think everyone should watch this movie.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

I had seen the previews for the movie, and was expecting a typical, quintessential stoner comedy, similar to Up in Smoke and The Big Lebowski. The film delivers exactly what I expected, it's a fun film. Sure, there are some cliches and plot holes, but it's definitely a good movie.

Jessica photo

This movie is really good, good writing, good directing and just plain good action. The storyline is really good, which is the only bad part about this movie. The storyline keeps you guessing until the end and has you always guessing who the bad guys are. The special effects are really good and this movie is not your typical Sci-Fi action movie. If you have seen the other Jojo movie then you should really watch this movie because the story of this movie is really good. I rate this movie a 10/10 because of the good storyline and really good special effects.

Samantha Carroll photo
Samantha Carroll

This movie is great! I love this movie! I give it 10 stars!

Dennis photo

This movie is awesome, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this movie is "The Matrix". It has all the things that you would expect in a big budget Sci-Fi film. The visuals are beautiful, the story is well done and the actors are wonderful. The plot is really simple, you really can't tell much what the movie is about, but I won't tell you anything, because it would spoil it for you. It is just a great film. Don't forget to check out the soundtrack!

David Hernandez photo
David Hernandez

This movie is for those who enjoy a little bit of comedy and a bit of violence. Personally, I find the violence in this movie to be entertaining. I don't like the violence in some movies, like The Dead Poets Society, and I don't like the violence in this movie. This is a well executed movie, although I have heard people criticize this movie for it's story. I think that it is a good story and I enjoyed watching it. I give it a 9 out of 10. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie that is not disturbing.

Maria Rose photo
Maria Rose

This movie is really good. I really like the story and the acting is really good. The action is really good. The movie has a good message about war and the price of freedom. I give this movie 10 stars because it is really good.

Ethan A. photo
Ethan A.

Oh man. Just found this out on the "Tasty in a Can" last night. (That movie I saw with the lady in the poster and with my sister-in-law. It was pretty good.) I didn't even know it was a movie until I got back from the theater. I was so surprised. I watched it a second time and I enjoyed it more. I haven't seen it in awhile and I was thinking it would be a good one. But it was the funniest movie I've ever seen. I'm going to have to see it again. This movie is just good. And if you are like me and don't like to watch movies unless they are really good, then you'll probably hate this one. But if you don't like movies that are so good you have to sit there and watch them through to the end, then this is a movie you want to see. It's really funny. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie. Or maybe you are just looking for a good movie to watch that's funny.

Sara B. photo
Sara B.

I thought this was a very funny movie. Very well done. It was great seeing Ethan and Julia in action again. The setting was good, and the story line was good. It was a very original movie and a great family movie. I would say it's a 10 out of 10 for me. My favorite scene was the one where Ethan and Julia were making a house call. They get a call from the "Stoner" guy. They go to the house and the guy blows up the whole place. They go to the bathroom and it's so cool how they put the tag on the toilet. I would have given this movie a 10 if I could. It was great seeing Ethan and Julia together again. The acting was great. I was surprised to see they were good actors. I liked it. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for me. It was a very good family movie. I will recommend this to everyone.

Laura M. photo
Laura M.

The series is called "Saw", so I went into this with the expectation that it would be a fun series, but this is not what I got. I don't think the movie was a total loss. It was just as good as the series. The series has always had a good plot, and this one was no different. I think the series has a better cast, and this movie is no exception. The movie is very entertaining. I do think it is a good movie, but the movie is not what the series is. It is a great movie. It's also one of the better movies of the series. I give the movie a 7 out of 10, and that is what it deserves.

Maria F. photo
Maria F.

I can't say I have seen any other movie with so many characters and story line that I can't remember. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is also a classic of the 80's. But, you won't be bored by watching it. The most surprising thing is the movie is based on real facts and it is totally based on my childhood. I think that's why I like this movie so much. If you have the chance to see it, do it. But you won't regret it.

Joe photo

Once again, director Rob Cohen takes us on a fantastic adventure of an American Hero returning from the wars in Vietnam. During his absence, the Earth has been invaded by a mysterious alien race known as the Silent, which seeks to destroy the human race, thus leaving only the Silent, which are aware of the aliens and their mission. After an amazing race against the time, Captain Kyle Moore (Brad Pitt) and the crew of the USS Scorpion (Taye Diggs) are taken prisoner, and soon face the alien race. When the Scorpion is taken out of commission by the enemy, Kyle's partner is killed. Kyle is left behind, with only a few days before his replacement's call. He is left alone in the deserted town of Point Makee, only to be captured and imprisoned by the Silent. He escapes his confinement, but finds himself trapped in a huge laboratory where he is forced to fight the Silent, to be the last human alive. After a great sequence of action, the story picks up again and the characters are back on the surface of the Earth. While the characters are being held captive by the Silent, Kyle reunites with his estranged son (Sam Worthington). In the meantime, his best friend, known only as Captain, is doing all he can to bring Kyle back to life, and at the same time he finds himself helping the people of Point Makee. The film is full of wonderful stunts and an unbelievable fight sequence between Kyle and the Silent. The visual effects were very good and the action was, as always, amazing. Although I was disappointed with the ending, the film is worth seeing. It is funny and very enjoyable. I give this film 8/10.

Ann L. photo
Ann L.

I found this movie to be a little above average. It had some very interesting elements that I thought were handled well. It was a good mix of comedy and horror, and it kept my interest throughout the entire movie. The acting was great, the special effects were quite good, and it was very original. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the ending. It seemed rushed and not as good as the rest of the movie. Overall, it was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good time.

Judy photo

If you don't know who John Travolta is, he is the actor who plays the lead role in this movie, in which he plays a self-taught military scientist who becomes a secret agent when his efforts to fix a radioactive contaminant go awry. "Good Guy, Bad Guy" is just a little bit of the classic character actor's career, which I enjoyed. Travolta's performance is almost unrecognizable to me, which is a good thing because I don't really like watching movies that are too different from my normal thought process. The movie itself is great, though. The way Travolta is able to play his role of the traitor is top notch. He is able to convey a sense of betrayal, insecurity, and even a sense of paranoia that is hard to explain. The scene where he tries to find a way to defeat the alien enemy is the only good scene in the movie, but Travolta pulls it off well. "Good Guy, Bad Guy" is not a movie for everyone. I liked it enough to keep my attention for the entire length. It is an action movie, but it is not really a film that needs action to get through. The characters are interesting, the story is good, and the action is well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys action movies and would like to see John Travolta in something else besides a lot of comedy stuff.

Martha Thompson photo
Martha Thompson

I have never seen a film where a film has been made where the main character has been both played by and directed by the same person. This film is about a group of people who have to work together to defeat a horrible alien monster. The characters are all very likable. I have never seen the main character in any film I have seen. I am not familiar with any of the actors. I will not be revealing the characters names, but you can find out by looking at the credits. I found the film very entertaining. I am a fan of the TV series, and I am looking forward to seeing the film. The plot is not very deep, but it is very entertaining. I can not wait to see it again. I think that this film is definitely worth seeing. I have rated it a 7. I hope that the film makers will continue to make films where the main character is also played by the same person.

Barbara Clark photo
Barbara Clark

This movie is so funny, I'm sure I'll watch it again and again. It is a really great mix of humor, action, and drama. The characters are very well developed and the plot is very interesting. I think that this movie is better than most of the movies coming out this year. It is a good movie to watch with your friends and a great movie to watch with your girlfriend. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Joyce Jensen photo
Joyce Jensen

This is a good sci-fi action movie. It has good special effects and it is one of the better movies of the year. The acting is great especially from Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jason Statham. The movie is very action packed and has a good story line. The plot is not original but it is still interesting. The acting is very good and it is fun to watch. The movie has a good story line and it is very entertaining. The movie is very entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. This movie is a great movie.

Philip J. photo
Philip J.

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical when I first heard about this film. What exactly was the movie about? But I was surprised to find out it was about a group of people trying to save the world from the alien invasion. I was also pleasantly surprised that the film was a little bit darker than I had expected. It was good to see that they didn't try to make the film so dark that it would be boring. The acting was good, but I found that some of the characters were a little too over the top. I did not like the fact that the aliens were wearing uniforms. It made the aliens look like a bunch of soldiers. I also found that some of the action scenes were a little unrealistic. I think the special effects were good, but some of the scenes were a little too intense. The special effects were not that great, but they were still good. Overall, I was impressed with the movie. It was a little bit different than I had expected, but I was still impressed with the film. I would definitely recommend it.

Judy photo

I saw this film at the premier in the theater in town where I live. It's a very funny movie with a lot of laughs. Most of the time I laugh out loud. The most memorable part of the movie was probably the scene with the guy with the beetle mask, when the bee came out. That was just hilarious. It was actually just me and the audience laughing the whole movie. It's a great film to watch and it is very entertaining. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that there is a part when a bad guy is choking someone in the audience. That's pretty funny.

Kyle J. photo
Kyle J.

Well, I just saw this movie on a DVD rental, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I saw this movie when it was first released, and I was expecting a bad movie. But I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was really good, and the story was interesting. The acting was very good. The effects were great, and the action scenes were awesome. The story was also very good, and I think that the ending was very good. The music was great, and I think that the movie was very good. The only problem that I had with the movie was that I didn't like the ending. I was hoping for a great ending, but the ending was very good, but I don't think it was good enough. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it is a great movie. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Douglas Berry photo
Douglas Berry

I loved the original Terminator and watched it again and again, but when I got the chance to see this I was soooo glad I did. The original Terminator is brilliant, this one is even better. I loved the action, the car chase, the motorbike scene, and the good old Arnold as the Terminator. I loved the movie. It's got everything that made the original great. I'm going to see this again on Friday, and I'm going to go and see the rest of the movies, because I really want to see more films like this one.

Brenda R. photo
Brenda R.

I am so happy that I watched this movie. It was the first movie I saw in a long time. I had never heard of it before, but it had a lot of funny moments, and I really enjoyed the story. I thought the acting was great, and I really liked the direction. The whole movie was very well made, and I thought it was very funny. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy, sci-fi, action, or anything that you can't find in a normal movie. It was a great movie and I would definitely watch it again. I think it was the first movie I have ever seen that had a really good plot, and it was very entertaining. I think this movie is a must-see.

Roy M. photo
Roy M.

I'm not sure if I really like this movie, but I like the idea of it. The cast is mostly good, but the dialogue is pretty bad. But the story and action is pretty good. There are some cool things about this movie, like the way they use music to give the mood of the movie, and the way they use people's faces as the characters in the movie. The action is pretty good, and the story is good. I think the story and the action in this movie is pretty good. If you're a fan of the cop movie genre, you should definitely see this movie.

Lawrence photo

I'm not going to lie, I tried to stop watching this movie because I was getting bored with all the gratuitous sex and violence. But it was so much better than I expected. This is one of the most underrated movies of all time. It was able to maintain the gory action while keeping a storyline that is fun and different. The story kept you guessing until the very end. I'm giving this a perfect score because it's such an original movie and it didn't get the recognition it deserved. I also want to mention that Tim Roth is a great actor, and it's nice to see him in a movie where he's not trying to be the tough guy, but just acting the part. The action sequences were outstanding and kept me entertained. The characters were a great mixture of humor and hard-boiled action. And all the actors were very believable and as believable as they could be. This movie has everything that you would expect in a good movie, but it's a great story with great acting and a great ending. If you're a fan of the original movie, or just a movie lover, this one is for you.

Diane W. photo
Diane W.

I watched the trailer to "Dude, Where's My Car?", and decided to watch this movie. Being a fan of the original, I was expecting a similar flick. The movie starts out great, and you are really thrown into the film. The first half hour or so is very funny, but then the plot line gets convoluted. The movie is a great vehicle for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to show off their acting skills. I enjoyed the action and the car scenes were spectacular. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys action flicks. The acting, storyline, action, and comedy are all perfect for this movie.

Jacob R. photo
Jacob R.

I'm going to give this movie a 10 out of 10. It was my first movie and I can see why it's so popular. It's got the humor, action, and atmosphere that I love. I thought this movie had a lot of action and I wasn't disappointed. I think it was a good follow up to "Quantum of Solace".

Steven Bradley photo
Steven Bradley

One of the best action movies I've ever seen. It was also one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It was really funny and action packed. The story is pretty interesting, the acting was also pretty good. I also liked the plot, the plot was quite interesting, and I also liked the action. I didn't think the movie was that long, but I think that it was really good. I liked this movie a lot.

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

This is one of the greatest action/comedy movies ever made. It is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it has become one of my favorites over time as well. It's funny, tense, action packed, emotional, and just very entertaining. Everything about this movie is perfect. The plot is great, and the characters are also great. In fact, all of the characters are great. It's not a perfect movie, but I really enjoyed it. The acting is also great, even though some of the performances aren't very good. They aren't bad, however. The other aspect of the movie that I like is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The characters are all funny, and all of them have their own characters and little quirks. I don't know if that's exactly what it's like to go to a movie like this, but the characters were cool and just fun. I also really liked how there were only a few main characters. The story is great, the acting is great, and the characters are all great. The plot is great. This movie is great, and I highly recommend it. I give it a very high rating, and I highly recommend you watch it.

Jesse photo

Hey, i loved this movie. I loved the fact that the villain is a man with short arms and that there is no panther. I also like how you didn't have to have all the cgi effects. I also liked that when the villain did his face change and became a more evil person, he had a scar on his face and had a long scar on his face, not in the comics. I also liked that it was in the same universe as Transformers and it was as if they were both made at the same time. If you like the whole robot-versus-human concept, then this movie is for you. Otherwise, stay away.

Victoria photo

Director John Milius is a filmmaker who is not only remembered for his horror films but also for his comedy. Before this film, he directed a number of great films including the "Stargate" trilogy, the "Friday the 13th" series and the "Jaws" movies. This is a film that we see a lot of on the Sci-Fi Channel and other TV channels, but now we are getting the first sequel to the film which is a movie you might want to see in the theater. There is a lot to like about this movie. There is a strong story and the characters are very interesting and likable. The acting is very good and the dialog is pretty good. This is a movie that fans of John Milius can enjoy. It has a lot of comedy and some horror in it as well. This is an enjoyable film that is worth seeing.

Judy T. photo
Judy T.

This is a must see movie. It was funny, original, and well made. I have to say I don't understand why some people don't like it. The film was well written, acted, and produced. I enjoyed it very much. It made me laugh, and I am a fan of action, sci-fi, and comedy. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story with some good action. I liked it. I would definitely buy this movie, and I think you will too. It is worth it. A good day to all of you.

Anthony H. photo
Anthony H.

I absolutely love this movie! The first time I saw this film, I was a little disappointed, but I now truly appreciate it. The plot is great, it has a great mix of genres. It is action, drama, sci-fi, comedy, and even horror. The acting is very good. It has a very good script and a great cast. It has the best characters I have ever seen on screen, and the villains are some of the most intense, evil, and menacing characters I have ever seen in a movie. The special effects are also very good. I think the makeup and effects are also some of the best I have ever seen. If you are looking for a great movie that has a great story, and an outstanding cast, then I highly recommend this movie. I have rated it 10 out of 10. If you enjoy action, drama, and sci-fi, then I highly recommend this movie. This is a great movie.

Christopher Holmes photo
Christopher Holmes

This movie is awesome! It's funny and great. It's not a 2h40m long fight for like 3h15m, it is a fun movie that keeps you engaged. The people that are here saying that it is bad. I mean come on! its one of the best comedy action films out there. I think everyone should watch this movie. It is a must see!

Olivia photo

After a while, you just get sick of seeing these types of movies, and you are sick of them being made. This film was not that bad. You do have to suspend a lot of reality, but I felt a lot of the movie was made to be funny, with the bad guy's hands being the worst part of it. But I still really enjoyed it. Also the fact that they are only making 3 films before the 4th was good. I also liked the fact that you had a guy who could fly, so I don't think this film was all that bad.

Virginia W. photo
Virginia W.

I went into this movie with my expectations that it would be extremely cheesy. To me it wasn't cheesy but it was just plain silly. I have to admit the title for this movie is quite appropriate. I think the only other movie with this title is Predator. I think this movie is more of a comedy than anything else. This movie had good writing and I think the acting was on point. I would give this movie a solid 10 out of 10. There was something about this movie that I could relate to. I think that this movie was funny, somewhat suspenseful, and overall just a great movie to watch. If you want to have a good time with your friends then go and rent this movie. I highly recommend it.

Lauren Brown photo
Lauren Brown

This is my favorite movie of all time. I don't know why people call it "J-Dawg". If you want to see it, go rent it and enjoy. The cast is great. And I'm a sucker for the hero's ability to look good in an old dress. They can't even find that kind of thing! I always watch this movie with a beer. A lot of times I just grab the bottle and hit play. It's such a fun movie to watch. And when it comes to the bores, you just can't beat the robot. It's sooo cool! And if you're a big fan of The Rock and have seen all his movies, you can probably see this movie and be blown away. For anyone who has never seen it, it's not too hard to watch. Just do some research on it, and you'll love it. And there's no bad acting. It's just the actors were perfect for the roles they were given. For me, the best part is just when they're out of the tower, and they're doing their robot thing and the girl hits them with a hammer and they turn into robots again. It's just great. Also, when they're back in their suits and the girl says, "I know what you did last night", that is just fantastic. My favorite line is the girl says, "I was watching the news and the news was like, something happened to the president. The president is now going to be assassinated." I'm not gonna tell you what it was, but I won't let you watch this movie without hearing it. Even if you're not a fan of the movie, you should still watch it and be blown away.

Aaron Wilson photo
Aaron Wilson

This is a fun little sci-fi action comedy that just manages to be a little deeper and more realistic than the usual action films. It's about a team of cops being on the case of a crime where a bunch of children are kidnapped and then there are human mutants trying to get their hands on the hostages. Things get pretty crazy when the main character (Patrick Stewart) goes off on a wild chase that ends up with a plane crash. That's where he meets the quirky kid (Rufus Sewell) who is the best friend of one of the kidnappers. That kid is the son of the kidnap gang leader (Jamie Lee Curtis) and his father wants him dead because he's running a big drug operation. In the meantime, the bad guys are trying to get the hostages back and both sides want the other one dead. Patrick Stewart is great as the usually serious Captain Downe, a nice little twist is that he's the lead scientist on the mission that could potentially save the hostages. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as the rogue villain who wants the human children (her brother, the bad guy, and the girl) killed for his own personal gain. This is one of those films where you just sit back and enjoy the action sequences as well as the comedy and the action sequence. The cinematography is great and the special effects are great as well. This is the kind of film that keeps you entertained and takes you into a whole new world.

Emily Rios photo
Emily Rios

I was disappointed in the number of negative reviews of this film. Sure, there's not much action or fun in this movie. But it's a funny film and the characters are endearing. I won't deny that the script is a bit weak, but the dialog is well-written and the characters come to life. The story, on the other hand, is essentially nonsensical. Not one of the characters lives or dies. I didn't buy the movie, I guess because of the poor script. However, the performances are first-rate, and the action is just about as good as you'd expect from an action movie. I give this film 8 out of 10 stars, though I'd have to give it a 9 for not being a complete waste of time.

Kelly J. photo
Kelly J.

I liked the story and the premise but the ending was very unsatisfactory. The biggest problem is that this movie had a good concept but the execution was just poor. It's a very good idea to end a movie with a very good idea but not enough execution. So, the ending is unsatisfactory, but overall it was a good movie. I liked it but it's not a movie I would see again.

Brenda photo

I enjoyed this film, it had the right amount of humour, action and special effects. I would recommend it to anyone who likes their movies to be funny, exciting and well-made. I think it is a good film to watch on a rainy afternoon with the family.

Emily photo

It's a mixed bag. The cast is good, the premise is fun, and the plot is solid. The movie is really good, but sometimes it's hard to tell which is which. The plot is not fully developed, and it doesn't follow through on the original premise. The action is fun, but sometimes it's not clear if it's part of the plot, or if it's just random. The acting is good, and there are some funny lines. There are also some funny cameos, and some good visual effects. There are some generic action scenes, and some cheesy horror scenes, but overall, the movie is a solid 7/10.

Timothy Wallace photo
Timothy Wallace

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen this movie, and it is definitely one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It was probably one of the first movies I ever saw that had a perfect plot, and the whole movie just works. I've never been a fan of Kevin Smith's movies, and I was looking forward to seeing this one. I was very pleased with this one. It has a perfect plot, and Kevin Smith is in top form. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh. This is definitely one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Kimberly J. photo
Kimberly J.

I've seen a lot of movies, but this is the first movie I've seen with a plot that really hooked me. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a fun ride with a twist. The movie's plot is sort of a cross between The Terminator and Alien. It's not a very well-written story, but it's a nice change of pace. I like that it isn't boring. I like the fact that the characters are likable. The actors are good. It's not perfect. There are a few cliches, but that's understandable. The movie also had the potential to be good, but the ending was rushed. The ending felt rushed. The movie's best scene was the end, and it was rushed. It would have been better if the movie had a longer runtime. I think the movie is a 7.5 out of 10. I give it a 7 out of 10. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Kelly Smith photo
Kelly Smith

I love this movie. The first time I saw it I was like "what the hell is this?" but I was so into it that I didn't even notice it was over. I liked it then and I like it now. The acting was great, the plot was great, and the action was great. The only thing I didn't like was the main character's accent. I didn't mind it at all, but it didn't help the movie. The movie was great, but the accent wasn't great. I know I'm not the only one who hated it. I can't believe people can hate a movie just because of a bad accent. If you don't like it, that's your problem, but I think it was a great movie. If you like it, then you should like it. I can't wait to see it again. I hope you like it too. I gave it a 9 out of 10.

Patricia Rose photo
Patricia Rose

If you like to watch a movie without thinking of a conclusion then this movie is for you. The plot is easy to follow, the actors play their roles very well. The movie has a feel of it was made on a low budget. However, that is to be expected, you can't expect a movie to be high budget. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who like Sci-Fi, Action,and also a little bit of comedy. A great movie to watch with friends.

Daniel Welch photo
Daniel Welch

I know, this movie was made back in 1984. However, I found this film a great update to the original with the aliens from outer space. What I love about this movie is the jokes that are sure to make you laugh out loud and there are many easter eggs. I know a lot of people think that this movie is only about the main character, but you will be surprised with the ending.

Sean A. photo
Sean A.

Any movie that ends with a girl knocking out an entire police force with an improvised mine is going to be really good. That's what makes this movie really great. The acting is excellent, the plot is amazing, and the plot twists are simply, original and awesome. The only negative point that I can think of is that there are a few scenes that are really intense and make the audience feel really tense. But hey, that's what makes it good. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie should get it. You will not regret it. Watch it, you won't regret it.

Sandra W. photo
Sandra W.

When this movie was first shown, it was absolutely hysterical! It was so funny, I laughed out loud! And I loved the characters! I'm so glad I saw this movie! It was so fun and I definitely recommend it!

David Williamson photo
David Williamson

This movie was really great, and I hope it gets a follow up. If you like cops and crime movies, and you don't mind super sappy romance or fart jokes, you should like this movie.

Randy photo

A ridiculous alien invasion film that is quite the oddity. If you have seen "24" then you've seen this movie. The movie is crazy in a good way. It has elements of comedy, action and drama. It has some good special effects as well. The movie has a decent story, as well. You have to be prepared to think a little. If you are the type that likes action and comedy and think "24" is stupid, then you might like this movie. For a buddy movie, you have to like the characters in this movie, but then again, you can find the characters funny. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Margaret C. photo
Margaret C.

This movie is my favorite movie from the '80s. The acting is excellent, the special effects are great and the plot is simple and effective. I'm not a huge movie critic and I've never seen such a good movie since my childhood. Go and watch this movie. Watch it once. You won't regret it.

Stephen Castro photo
Stephen Castro

If you want to see an awesome Sci-Fi movie with your friends without ever talking about it, check out this movie! It is a good movie with a great cast, the plot is well-written and the characters are very well-developed. It also has a very entertaining action scene towards the end, and is a perfect party movie to show off the awesome settings. The movie has some moments that will make you laugh out loud, and some scenes that will make you want to fight in the house to the death! This is a movie that you will love to watch again and again, and will laugh and cry while you watch it. This movie is a must-watch for everyone!

Harry H. photo
Harry H.

Yes, it's a low budget movie, but it's still very watchable. The dialog is funny, the setting is unique, and the humor is wonderful. Some of the characters are a little cliche, but that's why I think they're so funny. I know a lot of people aren't going to enjoy this movie because they think it's just another (bad) comedy, but I think that's what makes it so funny. It's not a parody movie. It's a spoof movie. It's like a parody of some kind of cult movie, but the characters are very funny and so are the jokes. It's a good movie for family, but it has its flaws. I know some people don't like it because it's so over the top. The movie was a success in Australia when it was released there. It's rated "PG" for some crude humor, language, sexual content, and violence, and has a running time of 2 hours & 33 minutes. It was released on DVD in Australia on January 1, 2004. It has a rating of "R" for sexual content. If you enjoy movies that make fun of cult movies, comedy, or just a funny comedy, then you will enjoy this movie. The people in the theater were laughing the whole time, and that's what makes it so good. I give this movie a 8/10.

Zachary W. photo
Zachary W.

I have never seen a movie in my life that I liked so much. I was never bored, and I never felt that I had wasted my time. The plot was simple and very simple. The characters were all interesting and the action was intense. I really hope to see this movie again and again. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action, sci-fi, and/or comedy. I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD. I hope that they make more movies like this one.

Diane Young photo
Diane Young

I don't usually write reviews for movies, but this one was just so good I felt the need to let everyone know about it. I have been a fan of Tim Robbins since I saw him in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and I was not disappointed with his performance. I think the movie is about a cop who is assigned to investigate a murder in a remote town. He discovers that there are ghosts and he has to find out why. I thought the movie was really funny and the humor was great. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good laugh. I thought the acting was great, the plot was great, and the humor was great. I also think this movie is a must-see for any Tim Robbins fan.

Stephen Cruz photo
Stephen Cruz

I really enjoyed this movie, it was very funny, and very original. I loved the special effects, the humor, the acting, and the story. The acting was great, and I thought the characters were very likable. I thought the story was great, I enjoyed the comedy, and the action was great. This movie was really well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I would recommend it to my friends. This is a movie you will want to see over and over again. I give this movie a 9/10.