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Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation is a movie starring Odessa Young, Abra, and Suki Waterhouse. After a malicious data hack exposes the secrets of the perpetually American town of Salem, chaos descents and four girls must fight to survive, while...

Other Titles
Gyilkos nemzedék, Suikastçı Topluluğu, País da Violência, Nación salvaje, Nación asesina, アサシネーション・ネーション, Nation destruction
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Crime, Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Sam Levinson
Sam Levinson
Abra, Hari Nef, Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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After a malicious data hack exposes the secrets of the perpetually American town of Salem, chaos descents and four girls must fight to survive, while coping with the hack themselves.

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Elizabeth Alvarado photo
Elizabeth Alvarado

This movie is hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost couldn't breath. It's just so good! I don't get why so many people hated it. It's not like anything else. It's not like any other movie I've seen. It's pure 90's schlock. The character are so stupid that you can't even believe they're human. It's a pleasure to see an original movie like this one. The last line is so perfect that I don't know how they made it. I really wish I could give this movie a 10. If I could, I would.

Jacob photo

Any film with a lot of kills or blood is a film worth seeing. This one, however, had a good script and good cast. This movie had the action, the story, and good acting. It was not to obvious that this film was made by a group of out of state actors. The story did not follow the movie. The film was not to obvious that the story was not meant to follow the movie. The movie is a little short, and could have been longer. However, the ending was good. I would recommend this film to anyone looking for a good movie with action, a good story, and good acting.

Steven White photo
Steven White

The only thing I can say is that I have seen this film three times now and I'm still not sure what it is. It's not for the faint hearted, but the plot is very cool, the acting is great, and there's even a lot of nudity and gore. I have to admit I thought this movie was going to be really bad, but I was wrong. This film has one of the best endings I have ever seen, and it is the most disturbing. If you like super-violence and nudity, then this is your movie. It has been compared to Predator, but the acting is better. I highly recommend you see this film, but don't be fooled, there's no action in this movie. If you want a really cool and intense movie with action, you should definitely see The Bourne Identity. But The Assassination Nation is just as good, if not better.

Mildred Hudson photo
Mildred Hudson

Is this movie a masterpiece or just a good movie? I like the style of this movie and the characters and the humor. I don't know how many people hate it but I just like it and I like how it looks and the dialogue. I would say it is a classic and probably one of the best movies of the year and I will be looking forward to see the sequel.

Gary Watkins photo
Gary Watkins

Do you want to be a mobster? Do you want to take out the bad guys? Do you want to save your girlfriend's ass? Do you want to take on the Mafia? Then this movie is for you! After spending your night celebrating, you wake up in a strange hotel with no memory of the night before. A young man is there, and you know that the guy has been missing for the last three days. He will be your final boss and you will go through a series of events to get the guy back, from simple to complex. I liked this movie a lot, but it's not the best in the series, the best is "Assassin's Creed".

Maria photo

The humor in this film is highly exaggerated and exaggerated. I think that if you are a fan of the comic book as well as the tv show you'll enjoy this film. This movie is very violent and gory. In my opinion it's like the worst of both worlds. The bad parts of this movie are not really that much but there are parts of this movie that are very disturbing. The biggest complaint that I have about this film is the fact that the movie has the biggest annoying character in the film. I think that this character was annoying because he is a character that you want to punch in the face. This character is also the worst of all the bad guys in this film. This character was a mixture of everyone's favorite characters from the comic book and the tv show. The movie is very violent and gory. I think that this is a good movie to watch if you like either of the shows. I rate this film 7 out of 10.

Carl photo

This is a good movie with a good cast. Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Craig are great actors and they do a great job. They are convincing, like they really are. This is also a good movie for people who like to be entertained. It's not a great movie, but it's good.

Bruce photo

I remember when I first heard about a remake of the hit film that put Sean Connery and Nicole Kidman on the map. Of course I was skeptical, as I was already skeptical of any new Connery film. I had heard that if the movie was a remake, and it was a remake of The Spy Who Loved Me, I would definitely be skeptical. However, The Spy Who Loved Me had the great John Simm, who would later go on to do such films as The Patriot and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, among others. I gave it a shot. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but it had a few issues. First, the main problem was that I just didn't like the ending. It didn't seem to fit the rest of the film very well. The other issue I had was that the film wasn't very deep. I don't think that it was supposed to be, but it wasn't anything deep either. There were several jokes that didn't fit with the rest of the film, and it felt like the movie was just trying to have some fun. But the main problem was that the ending was not very fun. The plot seemed to have too many things in it. This made it feel like there was something missing. Overall, I thought this film was pretty good. I enjoyed the movie and I think it's a great addition to the genre. I would recommend watching it.

Madison Riley photo
Madison Riley

It's the 90s, and Death Wish is back for another try. This time, Michael Caine is playing the same part, but instead of vigilante, he's a cop. And he's also a drug addict. This time around, he's going to hunt down the ex-cop who killed his wife and sister, and kill him along with a police captain. Then he's going to do the same to the rest of the cops, but in order to do that, he's going to have to kill a few of his own. He gets it all set up, with a mission to be played by the vice squad of the city, which is sort of the last group that has any respect for law and order. So, they're going to try to figure out who this guy is, but it's going to take some digging to find out what's really going on. Then, he'll go out and get people, kill them, and then set up a plan that leads to the execution of a criminal that the vice squad isn't really sure about. It's a movie that's got a lot of dumb parts, but it's not the dumbest movie I've seen. It's also a movie that's a lot of fun, because it's just really damn good fun. It's got a lot of great action scenes, but I love the car chase that the main character gets into with some of the bad guys in the bar. That's one of the most ridiculous chase scenes I've ever seen. The last scene that I really liked, it had the main character going around killing some people, because the guy that the main character wants to be, is going to be going to a serial killer museum that's on display, so he can kill the guy, but he's going to need to come up with a plan that will accomplish that. I liked it, but it's not really the best movie I've ever seen. But I did really enjoy it, because it was really good. It had a great cast, it had good action, it had a lot of laughs, and it was kind of a goofy movie. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it's really a fun movie. It's a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's really really good.

Bruce W. photo
Bruce W.

Two con artists (Bruce Willis and Jessica Biel) and a cop (Joely Richardson) must team up to stop a terrorist (Dolph Lundgren) who is planning a terrorist attack. The characters are all likable, the action is well done, and the movie manages to be funny without resorting to profanity. However, I would recommend this movie only to action movie fans who love the genre. It's a good film, but not a great one.

Adam photo

There's a few ways of saying it: I'm a fan of Sean Connery and Michael Caine, two of the finest actors around. But I've found myself disliking them for various reasons. In Connery's case, he's been guilty of stilted delivery, excessive self-pity, and occasional slip-ups in performance. And I've never been very impressed with Caine's performance. I've seen him as a pantomime villain, an over-the-top villain, a soft-hearted and misunderstood lovable villain, and a villain who can't seem to do anything wrong. But lately, he's been coming up short in acting. I believe he's been responsible for the declining quality of both his movies and his television appearances. "Assassination Nation" is a good change of pace. It's entertaining, quirky, and just downright fun. There's an enjoyable scene in which a cast of stereotypical characters is assigned to a vengeful hit-man (Ian McShane). It's funny, but it's also worth noting that the cast included a bunch of actors you've never heard of or seen before. (I can't tell you their names, but you're going to be very surprised at the cast list.) Also, I found the action to be more predictable than "The Three Musketeers" or "The Spy Who Loved Me". The first film was a lot more exciting and action-packed, and the second film had less action. But "Assassination Nation" is better paced, and it's more exciting. I was almost in tears when the police station is destroyed, and the final action sequence is quite incredible. It's a film that the whole family can enjoy, and I hope they will be encouraged by this film. (I've seen it on the Sci-Fi Channel as well as on cable, and I've been unable to get it to play on DVD.)

Cynthia photo

After the appalling attempt at "World's End" that was "Deadly Woman" (for the uninitiated, see my review on the DVD) director Chris Menges makes "Assassination Nation" - a far more interesting film that also has some fairly decent stunts. I think this movie is probably the best of the Tarantino trilogy - it's not as spectacular as "Death Proof", but it's more of a movie that manages to keep you interested, and that's about it. However, it's not a perfect movie. A few characters are awful, but I can't remember one bad performance. At the end of the movie, I was kind of disappointed - I felt like they tried too hard to make it a serious thriller - but they did it well, and the atmosphere is great. Overall, a good movie.

Lori G. photo
Lori G.

I have a problem with the rating for this film. To begin with, I am not a fan of "rappers". I think it's just a gimmick. I've never understood the need for them to be in every film. I just don't think they are good actors. My problem with the movie is that it was too mainstream. It's not that you would find this film and know it wasn't a true story, you would just think that it was normal life of a rapper. But the part of the movie where is portrayed the most as a rapper and how he "gets" the drugs he takes, it was that they portrayed it in such a way that you would think that it was not a real story, it was just a rapper getting what he wanted. I don't understand why people would rate it so low. I think it is definitely an OK film but it just doesn't have the heart. I would recommend it to fans of the rappers.

Howard photo

Another Wes Craven movie, this time in the form of the popular TV series, "Dawson's Creek". This time it's a science fiction story, in which a group of people of different nationalities are forced to stay in a place on the moon that is almost uninhabitable. They all have some sort of genetic abnormality that makes them into superhumans, which lead to them fighting to survive the harsh environment. I must say that I was quite surprised by the amount of gore in this movie. It was really nice to see the regular human body parts that we all knew and loved in "The Walking Dead". This movie has a good amount of suspense, and I really liked it. It was a very entertaining movie, I must say that I really like it.

Wayne O. photo
Wayne O.

Even though the movie is a bit dated, the movie is still watchable. The premise is pretty good. A gang of two really bad thugs terrorize a small town in order to get the money they stole from a store. The gang also kill the woman who was murdered by the thugs, and it's up to a young couple who were forced to leave town to try and find the money. All in all, the movie is worth a watch, and is just a bit slow at times, but it's not a bad movie at all. If you want to see an average comedy, this is a good movie to watch.