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Generation Found

GENERATION FOUND is a powerful story about one community coming together to ignite a youth addiction recovery revolution in their hometown. Devastated by an epidemic of addiction, Houston faced the reality of burying and locking up its young people at an alarming rate. And so in one of the largest cities in America, visionary counselors, law school dropouts, aspiring rock musicians, retired football players, oil industry executives, and church leaders came together to build the world's largest peer-driven youth and family recovery community. Independently filmed over the course of two years, GENERATION FOUND takes an unprecedented and intimate look at how a system of treatment centers, sober high schools, alternative peer groups, and collegiate recovery programs can exist in concert to intervene early and provide a real and tested long-term alternative to the "War on Drugs." It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real-world utility for communities struggling with addiction worldwide.

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1 hours 25 minutes
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Jeff Reilly, Greg D. Williams
Jeff Reilly
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George Coleman photo
George Coleman

There is nothing that a documentary can do that a film can't do better. This documentary is a must see, because the video quality is great. It is a well shot and edited documentary. You get to hear and see the way these people see the world, and you get to see their lives. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning more about the 'right to die'.

Kathleen Harris photo
Kathleen Harris

I'm a parent of a 12 year old and I watched this film on DVD. I was absolutely stunned at how well it was done. I am so proud of this family. I'm sure this will be the basis of a documentary. They have provided so much information and taken so much time to get this out there. I would love to see it on DVD and I will be sure to buy it. My son is still crying at the end of the movie. He's 12 years old and he just loves this movie. He has a new appreciation for life and all the things that are important. I am very proud of this family. They have given me hope for our children and I want them to know that you can be proud of who you are and you don't have to be perfect. This film is definitely a must see.

Gloria Cunningham photo
Gloria Cunningham

This is one of the most comprehensive films I have seen. There is not a single scene that does not touch on something important to the public. There are over 400 actors in this film and they all are on the same page. I am not familiar with the real life history of the trials and the movie is not trying to tell the truth. It is simply a history lesson. This is a film that should be seen by anyone who cares about the human condition. It is a film that should be made into a documentary.

Pamela Jackson photo
Pamela Jackson

This documentary is truly inspirational and beautiful. The father is so passionate about his business, the mother is his complete opposite and the children are his greatest strength and pride. They have brought this into the lives of millions and they've created the industry. If you have not heard of this, please go to your nearest theater and see this. This is the beginning of the future. This is a new generation and you are the future. You have the power to make it happen. Thank you. It's time to stop telling your kids about your grandpa and his job. You are the future and it is time to start telling your kids about you. A must see.

Dylan H. photo
Dylan H.

I love this documentary. It is an inspiring and insightful look at how young people's lives are affected by their decisions. The film's narrator is a young person whose mother was killed by her boyfriend and her father became a father himself. This man and his father were close friends, but the father was a fighter, and he was a great influence in his son's life. I was touched by the father's relationship with his son, and the son's relationship with his father. I felt as if I was a part of this film. The director has done a wonderful job of capturing this relationship in his film. This film is a powerful look at the lives of young people, and the decisions they make. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great documentary that is not only educational but also emotional.

Kathryn photo

I just finished watching this documentary for the first time. It was so good I had to see it again. I really loved it. I think it's a great documentary about the history of the Holocaust. I think it shows that it was not the Jews that were the main target of the Nazi's. It was the entire German people. It also shows the horrors of the camps. I think it shows that the Allies did not win the war by killing all the Jews. They won because they were able to get the people out of the camps and they could help the people. I think it's very good. I hope more people see this documentary. I think it should be shown more often. I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries.

Christina photo

As a fan of the books, I was very excited when I heard that this movie was coming out. I wanted to see it when it was released on DVD and I finally got to see it on my local video store's shelf. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I felt that this movie was very faithful to the book, as the director was very accurate in portraying the scenes and the characters as they should have been. I also think that the acting was great, and the story line was great. I am not a big fan of the books, but I am a huge fan of the movies. This movie was very faithful to the books, and I think that they did an excellent job with the cinematography and special effects. I also think that the special effects were very good, and I loved the scenery. I think that it is very well done. This movie is a must see, especially for fans of the books. I would recommend this movie to everyone, because it is a must see, and it is one of the best movies of the year.

Brittany J. photo
Brittany J.

I had not heard of this film until recently. I am now on board. I had read a lot of negative reviews of this film but I had never really given it a second thought. I am a big fan of the show and so I am not sure if it would work for me. But it is so much more than a television movie. It is a film about the evolution of people in their social roles, their cultural values, and their social and moral development. It is an exploration of human nature in the social context of two millennia. The themes of prejudice and racism are so important in this film and are so well described. It is just a wonderful film, a celebration of all that is good in humanity. I think that the film is very well cast and the acting is very good. The story is well told and is a very emotional film. If you are a big fan of the show you will love this film. It is a very entertaining film and one that I can recommend to anyone.

Michelle V. photo
Michelle V.

I'm sure many people will disagree with this review, but for me it was a worthwhile film. First of all, it's a good documentary. It's well-made and I didn't find it to be boring at any point. It's a bit depressing though. It shows the effect that the knowledge of technology has had on the way we live. But this is a good documentary and I think it's important to show this in the right way. People who are interested in this subject will not be disappointed.

Gregory Lopez photo
Gregory Lopez

This is a wonderful documentary about the middle class. The film begins with a documentary showing the effects of the Depression and World War II, but soon we learn the stories of families who survived and had great, unexpected lives. It's great to see the thousands of letters from the upper class who have lost everything they had and come here to help others, especially if they have lost their way. I was shocked to learn that so many people here in Greece had lost everything they had and just come here for a better life. These people had hopes for their children, and the poor kids who lived here had dreams of going to the US. There are many stories here, with lots of laughter and tears. If you want to see a great documentary about the middle class, see this one. The cast is great, including a lot of great actors. It's really hard to choose who to watch, but you have to watch the first hour of the film, it's worth it.

Adam C. photo
Adam C.

A great and very different documentary. With the life stories of the people involved and the group itself, I was able to fully appreciate the courage it took to be on the road with this group. I found the last part especially interesting, the time travel aspect. It's a must see for anyone interested in photography or people who want to see the human side of this film. Definitely recommended for all.

Jason Crawford photo
Jason Crawford

The movie was very enjoyable, and had a very interesting and deep story. It took a lot of time to put it together, and some parts were rather hard to get into, but overall it was worth watching. I give it 7 out of 10.

Martha photo

I'm not a big fan of documentaries, but this is one of the best I've seen. I've seen a lot of documentaries, but none of them have ever affected me as much as this one. I've watched it a couple of times and I'm still crying. I'm still trying to figure out why, but I know that it's because I'm a teenager and I don't like to be sad. I'm trying to figure out if I'm sad because of the film, or if I'm sad because of my own life. I feel like I've been watching the same thing for the last couple of years, and now I'm finally able to express myself. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, so I hope that others will be able to feel the same way. This is definitely a must-see for everyone. It's so important to be able to share the things you're feeling with others.

Juan Howell photo
Juan Howell

In this documentary, Dr. John Abrahams, one of the world's foremost experts in paedophilia, gives his perspective on the subject. As an advocate for justice, he comes to the defense of those who have been imprisoned for their actions. In the documentary, he describes the horrific abuse he and other pedophiles have inflicted upon their victims. It is shocking to see the results that these men and women have suffered. This film is one that must be seen. It will change the way you see the world.

Matthew Simmons photo
Matthew Simmons

Went to the premiere of this movie at the Phoenix Film Festival. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a boring movie. I was wrong. It had a lot of elements that I liked in the movie. The plot is about an elderly couple, living in an assisted living facility, who get a message from the deceased son of a prominent lawyer. His mother was the legal guardian to their son, who was mentally handicapped. This movie is about a man named Bob who does not like to see his father. This film is a very touching story about how a father has to get his son to accept the fact that he has a handicap. I thought it was very interesting to see how the movie was made. The acting was very good. This movie has a lot of strong elements that will make it into a great movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with strong elements.

Brandon Hall photo
Brandon Hall

The documentary that chronicles the rise of the punk music scene of the 1980's is a wonderful look at the lives of some of the people involved. However, it's also very hard to watch and it's certainly not a documentary you want to watch if you're looking for a movie that is entertaining. The documentary begins with a discussion about the evolution of punk music and then goes into a fairly dry discussion about the history of punk. I'm not sure if the filmmakers had an agenda or if they just didn't have one. I think the film is a great look at the culture, however, it's not very entertaining.

Philip Curtis photo
Philip Curtis

The movie is so long. It is difficult to watch it. It is a good movie but not a great one. The movie has a great message. It is not about the life of a member of the global community. The movie shows that we have the opportunity to change the world. It shows that we are not the only ones in the world. This movie should have been longer. It is a good movie but it is not a great one.

Ethan photo

This film is for the most part a documentary, but is done in a way that you are drawn in as a viewer. The film is the movie. The information is not too complicated to understand, and it is only important to understand the message. So I have to recommend this film to everyone. Just be sure you have a good understanding of history and you will understand the documentary aspect. If you don't know anything about the history of the world, then the film will leave you scratching your head at what to make of the information. If you are not familiar with the history of the world and are just a casual viewer of movies, then I recommend this film to you.

Jessica C. photo
Jessica C.

I'm not a great fan of the movie, but I did find this a good documentary on the strange and fascinating life of Bill Gates. Gates, with his famous initials, was a very successful computer-geek, and also a very successful business man. But this documentary was about the ways of the man, and he seems to be completely in control of his life. The documentary was more of a collection of facts, but they were good and showed how he lived his life and what he wanted to do with his life. It showed how he kept his ideas to himself and how his life was different from other people. The way he was able to get his ideas done is very impressive. The documentary also shows how Gates did not seem to be like the typical business man, and his very intense nature did not show up until the very end. I also found it interesting that the documentary was not very focused on Gates' personal life, but was instead a very good look at the man who became a very successful businessman. I recommend this documentary to anyone who likes computers and business and who is a fan of Gates.

Arthur C. photo
Arthur C.

The very first thing I'd like to say is, if you are someone that likes documentaries, go see this movie. It will change your life and open your mind to the truth that exists. All of this information is already in the history books, but they are never told from the perspective of the "Pseudo-history" of this country. The only way to change this, is to start researching. These are the facts. These are the real facts. Do you know how many people are affected by drugs in the US? More than 1,000,000. So why aren't they telling us this? Do you know that only 20 years ago, we were fighting about the heroin epidemic? That's not true. You can't just dismiss these facts and the movie is only an "opinion." Just because someone says this and it is not true, that doesn't make them a liar. And as for the people that think this movie is about race, it is not. It is about the truth. This is a movie that is so honest and unbiased, that you have to see it. This is an example of how a documentary should be made. Not some political fluff like so many "docu-movies" that just promote lies and make them seem more important. Just because someone doesn't like the topic, doesn't make them a liar. This is a movie about the truth. And the truth is, "It's on."

Gregory B. photo
Gregory B.

This documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is very honest about the people who make up the generation. They have stories of hardship and struggle to survive. The documentary is about the generation, and how they lived their lives, and how they found themselves. The documentary is very well done, and really captures the struggle and the power of the generation. It is a very powerful documentary that you really need to watch. It is very powerful, and should be seen by all.

Shirley Butler photo
Shirley Butler

It is a great film that will get you thinking about what you do in life, how you are shaped by your environment and your surroundings and it is a great lesson to learn. It is a must see for everyone and it is worth it. The film is based on a book by Lionel Tiger, who is a great journalist, historian, and a real life example of what a journalist does. He has had many personal experiences during his time covering the war in the early 70s. The film explores his experiences from the 1970s, and it is a journey into his life and his world. He has written a book and produced a documentary that explains his experiences in the war, and how he changed and shaped himself after his experiences. Lionel Tiger is not the only one who has made this film. The first film that I saw was Made in England, and I was very impressed with it. The first film that I saw was The Constant Gardener, which I also really enjoyed. And now, I finally have found another documentary that I have enjoyed. It is a great film and it is definitely worth it. It is a must see for everyone.

Danielle G. photo
Danielle G.

I have watched this film for the first time in a few days and was completely surprised by the quality of the film. It was very well thought out and is a film which you should definitely watch. I was very impressed with the fact that the film was so well made. It is very realistic and the film makers have taken the time to create an amazing documentary that anyone can watch and understand. The quality of the film is very good, it is a documentary and it should be viewed by everyone. This film is worth a watch and I highly recommend it. I really hope that this film will be released on DVD so that it can be more widely available. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch a good documentary. I give this film a 10/10 and I hope that everyone will watch it and enjoy it as much as I have.

Debra photo

If I had to summarize this movie in one sentence, I would say "a few hours of boredom is more important than a lifetime of boredom." "The Kid" is an unbelievable story. It is not only a story about a child's obsession with a video game. It is also a story about the American Dream. It is a story about our societal importance of entertainment. It is a story about what we value in a culture and what is missing in our society. It is also a story about our responsibility as a people to not only have a good life, but a good life in a culture that devalues this value. I highly recommend that anyone who sees this movie should have the courage to let go of their personal desires and to put them aside and just live a life of grace and compassion. It is a great lesson to learn that there are things in life that we can never begrudgingly take from a culture or people that have ignored them or failed to value them. I have never seen a movie that shows the real horror of youth and what happens when we let go of this fear. It is amazing to see how a young man who had never experienced a life without television could be the only one who had the courage to confront the corrupt behavior of a culture that says that life is not worth living. There are so many great quotes throughout the movie that should be on the lips of every American, but if we could only make a movie like this one, the real message of this movie would be that "you can't control the world" - and this is an important lesson. Please watch this movie and learn about the real fear and dangers that we face in this world. It is time to wake up and learn about this. You can't control the world, but you can control your own decisions and actions. You can't control what the world will say about you, but you can control what you do in your own lives. The world will do what is best for you. It will punish you for things that you don't have control over. This is a great movie, but it is also a lesson. I will be going back to see it again.

Barbara Gray photo
Barbara Gray

The film is informative, humorous, and thoughtful. For me, the most important thing is to get away from the mindless consumerism that is overwhelming the mainstream media today. However, this film has a lot to say about how we really need to live. The idea of the people of this generation as the main actors is refreshing, and it's great to see that there is more to life than just work and money. For the average viewer who just wants to be entertained, there is an easy to follow message. It's also important to mention that this movie doesn't focus on the 'drama' that is so popular in Hollywood today. If you don't mind the idea of the new media being ignored and/or manipulated, you'll probably like this movie. However, if you are looking for a deeper message or an insight into what is really going on in the world, you might not be so lucky. Perhaps this is because we all have so many other important issues to take care of. It's a good thing to see how the world can be in a way that the film does not make into a 'real' world.

Roger White photo
Roger White

This is the movie that created my passion for the subject of nature and what it does to our planet. If you've never seen this, you're missing out on something truly powerful. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who has the desire to know more about the connection between the sky and the earth and why this is. It's not your usual TV movie. This is a powerful, heart wrenching film. If you're interested in the way the earth is changing due to climate change, this is the movie to watch. The only thing I would have done differently was to skip the movie's plot. It was a great movie and I was so surprised at what it was showing me. I was like "wow". There are so many great things in the movie, it would have been difficult to pick out the ones that I thought were most powerful. But it does make you think, even if you don't think. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has a desire to know more about what's happening to the earth.

Philip photo

I am a New York filmmaker and "Generation Found" is one of the most important documentaries ever made about youth culture in the United States. It is a very well-made film, with the right balance of interviews, street scenes and characters. It shows what a lot of us already know about the origins of hip-hop music, but it is also about the history of the gangs and the culture of the street. This is a very intelligent film. It does not try to present a 'Hip-Hop Manifesto' but it does try to explain the origin of the music and the story behind it. I have to give it a 10. This is a very important film and the director should be praised.

Heather Kennedy photo
Heather Kennedy

Before you watch this movie I'd like to say that I was expecting a watered down Disney-Marvel movie, but I got much more than I expected. I'll give it that. This movie will make you feel like you are a part of it. If you're a Marvel fan or a fan of the DC movie universe you will love this movie, if not you'll probably hate it. You'll also get to see a great cast of actors, and you'll hear from them directly. Watch it, and I can promise you'll have a blast. I give it 10/10

Katherine C. photo
Katherine C.

At the time of this writing, the movie is still not available for rental in Canada, but I just got done watching it for the second time and I am happy to report that it is still an excellent film. I'm not familiar with "La Troupe", but this movie is an excellent portrait of the backstabbing and ruthless machinations that must have been common practice at the time. The movie also gives a fair amount of insight into the motives of those who perpetrated the atrocities and the consequences of their actions. At the same time, it is an entertaining film and the story is exciting and interesting. It also demonstrates that corruption could come from just about anyone, regardless of their social position.

Jack Riley photo
Jack Riley

I think this is the best documentary I have ever seen. I don't know if this documentary is true, but I believe that it is. This documentary is an eye-opener and shows the truth of what is happening to our environment. I hope that everyone in the world will watch this film and decide to take action. I think that people should do everything they can to help the environment. I think that everyone should watch this film and take action. The film is very well done, but I would like to add one more thing. I think that there should be a re-release of this film on DVD. It would be great to have this film on DVD and in order to make the film more accessible to people it should be re-released. I believe that this film should be re-released because it is an eye-opener. The film is very well done and it should be re-released.

Donald P. photo
Donald P.

I am only 20 years old and I'm a huge fan of Prince. So I'm not surprised by this documentary, I can understand why people like to have their pictures taken of them. In a way, this documentary is about Prince and his fans, but it's not only about his fans. Prince is, like everyone, a genius. He has created a world of music that is evergreen, and he has helped create a world that is still alive. I think the best way to describe Prince is to think of him as a god, or a godlike figure. He has created a legacy, and the reason why he is so successful is because he has been able to create a magic that can touch everyone. He is someone that people have a connection to, and he is someone that has done his best to help the people around him. People that have a connection to him will love this documentary, but those that don't will probably not like it because it's not about Prince. People who are fans of Prince, will love this documentary because they will understand that the only way to understand Prince is to be a fan. I think that this documentary is well-done, and it does a good job of showing Prince's connection to the people who love him and his connection to the people who are fans. I think it's a very interesting documentary, and I think it's very important to understand Prince.

Louis photo

I remember seeing the movie, seeing the trailers and then sitting down to watch it, I was expecting it to be a horror movie, or a sci-fi movie, but it was so much more. It was a dreamlike world, full of life and beauty, that you can only find in movies. I couldn't help but to write a review, so everyone can see it. This movie is a must see!

Ryan Myers photo
Ryan Myers

If you're just tuning in to watch a documentary that is worth watching.I highly recommend you check it out. The film is a must watch for anyone who cares about the impact of the kids. It is extremely well done. The directors were very well supported by the parents and family members. I would be very pleased if this film had a wide release.It is very important for people to know the truth about the abuse that is going on in their lives. People need to be educated on what the facts are on this issue. As a parent and as a citizen, it is important to get the facts about what is going on with the current legislative branch of government. This is a very important film to watch. I would suggest that you go to the movie website and sign up to get information on the current and future actions of the House and Senate as well as the executive branch. You can sign up here: This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed in the media and that will help people understand the real issues and we need to educate the public on what is going on. Do not wait for the movie to tell you everything that is going on. Get informed and understand what is going on. I would say this movie is very well done. I think it should have received a lot more publicity than it did. You should check it out.

Jesse N. photo
Jesse N.

I enjoyed this film and will definitely see it again. It was a good time in my life and I look forward to seeing it again!

Carl B. photo
Carl B.

This film is excellent because it makes the concept of the 'Generation Found' look appealing. It does a great job of showing the differences between people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and showing the problems that arise when they are not 'welcomed' by the community. It also shows the problems that arise when people are pushed to the margins of society and the problems that occur when they are discriminated against. The film is extremely well-made. The editing and the photography are perfect, and the acting is superb. It is hard to believe that this film was made by a person from outside of the United States, as the English are very well-represented in the film. I'm not sure that I would recommend this film to someone who does not have an interest in ethnic and socio-economic issues, but it is a very important film for anyone who wants to know about the 'Generation Found' or does not know much about it. There are some scenes that are very graphic, but they are necessary to show the different ways in which people react to each other in different circumstances.

John F. photo
John F.

I thought the movie was very entertaining. As a teenager I was always interested in children's TV, and I think this film certainly delivers that. It is not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is a very good one. The story is centered on a group of children in Brooklyn, New York. They are very different in their character, from being introverted, shy and introvert. Each one of the children, who have different characteristics and different personalities, becomes aware of how they should behave and react to situations. As a teenager, I watched this movie with my brother and my sister. When they first watched it I was quite disappointed. But after we watched it together a few times, I discovered that we enjoyed watching this movie very much. It is a movie about emotions and how kids learn to be more self aware and sensitive. As a teenager I also had to be more self aware and to learn how to behave with others. I learned a lot. It is a very realistic movie, I think everyone can relate to some part of the movie. We all experience things in our lives that we don't like, but we can relate to the movie as well. It is a great movie for all ages. The characters are very well chosen, I would have to say the actors all did a great job. This movie definitely would not have been the same as me if I was not a teenager. I was able to relate to all the characters and they all had their own personality. I would definitely recommend this movie to all who are teenagers. I would recommend that everyone watch this movie. I would also recommend that parents or guardians of any age should watch this movie. I think that they would be able to relate to the movie as well. I hope you all will enjoy this movie as much as I did. I think that this movie would be very well received by teenagers, adults and parents.

Barbara photo

Well, first I'm not a fan of this film. I'm not sure if it's because of the subject matter or the director but I can't really relate to the film. I've read some of the reviews and they seem to be negative. I didn't read them and I don't know why people are saying the film is a masterpiece. I thought it was pretty well made, though not always very interesting. The actors did a good job, but the director did a terrible job. I thought the music was pretty good. I liked the cinematography. I think it's a little slow paced, and I don't think that's the film's fault. I think the story was good, and the idea behind it is good, but the director did a terrible job. I don't think this film is a masterpiece. It's a decent film, but I think it's one of the better ones to come out of the 90s.

Steven photo

I was never a huge fan of the music video format. I found it a very formulaic and predictable form of production. But I was very interested in seeing the behind the scenes documentary on the making of the music video. The documentary was pretty informative and really helped me understand what went into the creation of this film. The interviewees, both musicians and others involved in the video, gave good and interesting stories about how they made the video, the challenges they faced and their opinions about the video. The interviews were mostly really interesting and made it easy to understand the whole process of how the video was made. I would highly recommend this documentary for people who are looking for a great overview of the process of making a music video. I was very impressed with the quality of the film. It was well put together and looked like it was filmed really well. It's not a perfect documentary, but it is a good one, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to learn more about the process of making a music video. The interviewees were really interesting and gave a good overview of the process.

Peter photo

I'm sure that this documentary has been discussed on other sites and in various podcasts, but for some reason I missed it until I got a copy of the DVD. I was able to watch it at a friend's house and it was well worth the time. I can't believe how long it took to make, and that it is one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen. The director, Doug's wife, and the other family members were also very engaging and very interesting. I recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about the trials and tribulations of the Black family in America. If you want to see a documentary about a group of brothers, try watching the 'I Am Sam' documentary. It's much more personal and it's also very interesting. If you want to know more about the political and social issues of our time, check out 'Lets Talk About the War' by Michael Moore. It's one of the most well-done documentaries I've ever seen, and it is also very interesting. You can also find a documentary on the social issues of the '60s on YouTube, but it's not as entertaining. Finally, if you're a fan of the music of Elvis Presley, check out the documentary 'Elvis: The Life and Music of a King' by Paul M. Orndorff.

Brenda photo

A wonderful documentary about the history of the World War II. It gives a very close look to the lives of the many people who fought and died in that war. There is also a lot of information about the war itself. The documentary is very moving and inspiring. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the war.

Doris photo

When the 6 year old son of one of the camp directors was killed, the survivors were interviewed by a CNN reporter. They were able to speak directly to the camera and the reporter was able to relate the full story. I can't say that I am an expert on survival tactics, but this film certainly was one that I enjoyed watching. I had never heard of the camps in my childhood, but now I know they existed and that they were a horrible waste of time. I was also surprised to see that many people around the world that did not know about this particular horror actually thought that the Vietnam War was a good thing. In fact, I have never seen any anti-war demonstrations in the US, but the message that this film sent to the world is that this war is bad. I can't say that I agree with this message, but I can say that it is something that everyone should know. I believe that this film should be required viewing for all high school students, and I think that it will also be a big hit for older people who have no experience of war, as well as for people who are veterans.

Howard photo

A great documentary, it's interesting to see how the history of the 1970s and 80s was perceived by the general public, and also how the American people reacted to the changes. I feel like a lot of the people that watched the film were surprised, so I feel like this documentary is a good tool to explain how the public reacted to these changes. It's also interesting to see how these changes affected the film industry, and what it took to change it. I really think it's a great documentary, but it's also a bit difficult to understand at times. It's definitely worth watching, especially if you're a fan of the music industry.

Lisa C. photo
Lisa C.

This is a documentary that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the origins of the human race. It tells the story of how humans first evolved, and how that evolution has led to our current situation. It is the story of how the human race came to be, and how it has evolved since the beginning. The story is told in an extremely well-done way. It is not only a human story, but also a story about the evolution of all life on Earth. The movie is very well done, and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. It is the kind of documentary that is very informative and will keep you thinking about what you just watched. It is not just a documentary about the origins of the human race, but also a story about the evolution of all life on Earth. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, because it is a great documentary, and it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Frank photo

I saw this documentary at a film festival in Reykjavik and it is a fascinating documentary, that I am glad to have seen. It tells the story of two friends from the same Icelandic university who met while working in the same hospital. The two men eventually became friends and they met one night in a bar. After the bar's owner told them about the film he had been working on, they went to see the film together. The film was then shown to the rest of the audience and everyone in the audience was stunned by the story of two men, who have changed their life and have become friends with each other. I have never been to a university where so many people are strangers to each other, and this film tells you what it is like to be a stranger in that environment. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to see a good documentary about the world of education and education in general.

Hannah M. photo
Hannah M.

As I am a very active member of the Generation X, I have enjoyed this film on so many levels. The main reason is because it captures the generation's attitude toward the 1970's and 1980's. It's great to see how many people are appreciating the good times that were, while also taking a nostalgic look at the things that made that time special. The film also gets into the culture that was at the time. How different people's ideas about sex, race and culture changed over the decades. This film also shows that many people believed in the group that they were with. They didn't believe in a man who was a racist, or a woman who was sexist. They believed in the people they were with. It's great to see that many people were able to unite and accept each other. Some people saw the movie as a nostalgic look at the decade that they grew up in, and others saw it as a depiction of the culture that was coming into the 70's. I, as a Generation X member, thought it was great to see that this film made an effort to show both sides. It's great to see that these people who were around in the 70's, and those who were born later in the 80's, were able to realize that they are in the same boat. The generation was coming together, and many of the problems that came with it were solved. Overall, I thought that this was a great film. It captures the good times and the bad times of the Generation X, and it captures the culture that was the 70's. I was also very happy to see how much respect people had for the people of the generation. It's a great film that I would recommend to all the fans of the generation. It's a good film that I would recommend to everyone. I was glad to see that people were able to get behind the movie and see it for what it was. I hope that this film is as successful as the movies that were produced for the 80's and 90's.

Andrew Reynolds photo
Andrew Reynolds

While I disagree with the views expressed in this film, I must admit that I did enjoy it. There were some really great insights into the minds of the people who were interviewed, and they brought the film to life. The interviews were done with the ability to provide context to the experiences and reactions of the interviewees. I thought the method of filming the interviews was great, and it really made you feel like you were there. The main criticism I have of the film is that it does not show enough of the actual interviews. It is important to understand the purpose of the interviews. It helps you understand what is being said and how it is being said. It also allows you to connect with the interviewees and how they feel about what they are saying. I also felt that some of the video clips were distracting. I know the purpose of video clips is to tell a story, but sometimes they can be distracting. The interviews are very interesting, but if they had been shown more, I think the film would have been better.

Mark C. photo
Mark C.

The film is a series of short stories, each one a little bit longer than the last. The stories are narrated by the man himself, making each one a bit more meaningful than the last. They all deal with the same basic themes: the difficulties of life, the misfortunes of life, and the miracles that occur in life. But it's the man himself that makes them all so special. The man himself is a highly respected journalist who has had a long career in the news business. His wife died and he has to look after their child. He still believes that it's his job to tell the story, but he has found that the news business is becoming more and more difficult and difficult to do. He is especially sad about the death of his son, and he has become a recluse and a recluse with his wife. So, the stories are his way of trying to reconnect with his son. The man is a truly interesting person and he really makes you feel like you are inside his world. The interviews with him are also very interesting. I especially liked the interview with the filmmaker, who seems to be a rather old man. He talks about his work, his life and his work and how his career was affected by his son's death. All in all, I really recommend this film. It's a very interesting film and I think it's very good.

Lawrence photo

I thought that the concept of the documentary was very intriguing. I have always been a great fan of hip-hop and music, and this documentary gave me a chance to understand why this music is so popular. I thought that the film was very well done, and I recommend that everyone should watch it. I also thought that the content of the documentary was very unique, and interesting. There are many examples of music from different generations in the hip-hop genre that are used to give the film a unique touch. I am very pleased with this film and will definitely be buying it when it comes out. This film is very entertaining and I hope that you will enjoy it.

Stephanie W. photo
Stephanie W.

For the first time in over 25 years, a documentary about the truth of the Holocaust is available on the Internet. I just finished watching it and it is one of the most enlightening documentaries I've ever seen. The facts are undeniable, the testimonies are horrific and heartbreaking, and the documentary is all the more moving for it. "Mengele Was There" is a must see for everyone. This is a documentary that you need to see, not only for the facts, but for the sheer beauty of the photography. The cinematography is amazing, and is the film's sole saving grace. It really makes you feel like you are in the concentration camp. It's truly an emotional documentary that will stay with you for a very long time. I really enjoyed this film and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn more about the truth of the Holocaust. This film is a must see.

Dennis Myers photo
Dennis Myers

This is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It makes you understand what the government is doing to the world. The film has many amazing facts that make you think about what the government is doing to the world. The documentary is very educational and entertaining. I highly recommend this film to everyone who has ever had a conversation about the current political system in the United States.

Terry D. photo
Terry D.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing this movie when it came out. I was surprised that it was really good. I've been looking for it for a while and finally found it. I didn't realize how great it was until I saw it again. I saw it on the Sci-Fi channel and I thought it was good. I had to buy it. I was very surprised. I've seen it twice and I've seen it on TV several times. It is great. I've seen it with my parents and we both love it. I thought the acting was great. It was nice to see the actors we had in the movie. I thought the special effects were great. I love the movie. I think it's a great movie. I think you should see it if you haven't. I really enjoyed it. It's a really good movie.

Joshua F. photo
Joshua F.

I'm a HUGE fan of the original movie, but after seeing this movie I have to say I'm glad I didn't see it in the theater. I'm glad to say that the movie is really worth watching. It was not a good movie, but it was a really good movie. It really gave you a look into what was going on in the world. It gave a sense of what the world was like. This movie really made me feel like I was there. I hope that this movie will be able to reach people that were not able to see it because they were too busy watching the movie, but it was really good.

Zachary Black photo
Zachary Black

This is a very well made documentary that goes into some of the history behind the drug trade. As I watched it I felt the horror, the anger, the fear, the sadness and the loneliness that were the effects of the drug trade. You can't help but feel the pain of the people who are directly affected by the drugs and the situations they are put into. You can't help but feel the feeling of wanting to stop the drugs, but the way they are brought to the world is the only way to stop the drugs. You feel that the drugs are being used by people who are trying to hide their true identity and the drugs are being used to fill that need for society. It is an all-encompassing documentary and it is a very well made film. If you have seen this film and don't want to see it again, then you should. It's a must see.

Rose D. photo
Rose D.

It's a pleasure to see a documentary that doesn't take sides, that doesn't pretend to be objective, that doesn't want to be a parody or a critique. It's just a look at the man himself. It's not an Oscar-worthy doc, but it's definitely worth seeing for those who like this kind of film. I can't say that I saw anything I didn't like about it, but it's definitely worth watching.

Amber photo

This film is the best documentary I have seen. It's a work of art that explores the science behind childhood, and how one's parent's are really the most important influences in one's life. While this film is great, it's not the best documentary I have ever seen. The good part about this documentary is that the scientist who made this documentary was also the scientist who made the seminal documentary "The Conversation." It's the same scientist who gave us the groundbreaking study that demonstrated the link between exposure to violent media and violent behavior. This movie follows the same scientist, but he is now retired and he is focusing on a much more personal subject. It's a story about the effect that children have on their parents and how the media has changed the way we view the world. One of the main issues I had with this film was the title. While the film title is "The Generation Found," it's not really a generation. It's really more of a society of children. The movie starts out showing a young boy that is abused by his father, and then the story continues in a much more personal way. There are many clips from interviews with the parents and children in the documentary. It's fascinating to see the way they see the world. It's just a fantastic documentary that shows the effects that children have on their parents and how media is the primary influence in this. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the effects of media on the mind and how it has changed the way we view the world. 9/10

Jeffrey Marshall photo
Jeffrey Marshall

I remember when I saw this documentary, it took me by surprise. The originality of the film was incredible. The script and the research done by the film team were great. But what makes the film so interesting is the fact that this is the story of an actual country. This is the real reality of Iran. People are so different, I have no idea how they manage to get along, but I have a feeling that they are able to do so. This documentary does a great job of showing that Iranians are so different, but they are also very similar. The stereotypes are portrayed as strong stereotypes, but they are so strong that they are more than that. I was so surprised by the fact that Iran had a president that was so unlike any other. He was a revolutionary, but he had the personality of a president. I was very moved by this documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the Iranian people.

Kyle A. photo
Kyle A.

This is a must-see documentary about the destruction of the environment by the actions of the global corporations. The people interviewed are a cross section of the planet's population. The film's tone is one of an observer of the disasters. The interviewees are obviously the first line of defense in the fight against climate change. Many of the interviews have been conducted by the planet's leaders. The corporate representatives are generally concerned that they are not to be found in the film. One interviewee makes a powerful statement. He says that the planet will end in a flood, a war, and a famine. But we must do something about it. The fact that the film was filmed in India is a good sign. I have never heard of a documentary on the people of India before. It is a very impressive film, and I recommend it highly. It should be seen by all who want to know what is happening to the planet.

Jane Long photo
Jane Long

I have no doubt that the reality of war is far more devastating than what is shown in this movie. I also think that the portrayal of the human toll is almost wholly accurate. But, what I did not expect was that the filmmakers would actually use the footage from the American prisoners to add a human element to the movie. It is truly remarkable that, at the very end of the movie, the movie credits the footage from American prisoners and not from the Japanese prisoners. That was a brave decision on the part of the filmmakers, who were prepared to leave the prisoners out of the movie, but wanted to give it a human touch.

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

For a year, the ABC released a half-dozen of books and short films about the people who were the first to adopt the son of a new president. But this one gets the best treatment: interviews with all those involved in the project, as well as the original adoptee's parents, who are interviewed. The documentary was shown as part of a special film that ran at the end of the Olympics. It is a very entertaining film. A lot of the interviews are on the rare occasion that they do not sound scripted. A lot of the people interviewed talk about their reasons for wanting to adopt a new son, and some of the things they had to endure, while others talk about the joys of adopting a child. There are many things to like about this documentary, and many things to hate. But the things to love are: it is informative and very well done, and it contains a lot of interesting footage. The people interviewed, the original adoptee's parents, and the new adoptee's parents all tell their own stories. But the film is most interesting when the two groups of people speak in interviews, particularly the older adoptee's parents, who talk about their reasons for wanting to adopt a child, and their memories of the process of finding the new son. Many of the interviews are from the early years of adoption, so the documentary is going to be very educational for younger children. Some of the questions are a little bit tough for young children to answer, and the parents seem to talk a little bit about adopting as a family. This film is very well done, and worth seeing.

Julie Cole photo
Julie Cole

I've seen many documentaries over the years, and this one, written and directed by "jim" and directed by "hayden" really struck a chord with me. I wasn't sure if this documentary would be good or not, and it certainly did not disappoint. I think the directors did a great job in trying to capture the essence of this film and making it understandable. The actors were very good and the topics they were discussing were interesting. I also loved the score and how it really made the film. The music in this documentary is very important to me and this movie had a great soundtrack. My only complaint is that the documentary left out a lot of details about the cancer and how the treatments were done. It seemed like the cancer was not talked about as much as it should have been. If you are not familiar with the movie or don't want to waste your time, I recommend this documentary.

Craig photo

A very good documentary on the origins of the radical politics of anarchism. A good summary of the history of the ideas of anarchism, and how they are still relevant today. The interviews are very engaging and interesting, and the arguments presented are very solid. The documentary does a very good job of presenting the arguments in the context of the period. The documentary also manages to focus on the anarchist movement and the ideas it is trying to convey. I was very surprised to learn that the movement was actually founded in France in the mid-eighteenth century, and that it wasn't even a part of the French Revolution. The documentary is very well done. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in anarchism.

Adam photo

This is a great documentary, and a must-see for anyone who has ever studied the history of the Middle East. The movie covers the history of the first Arab-Israeli war, the Palestinian uprising, the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the Arab Spring. It also covers the war in Afghanistan and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It's a must see for anyone who has ever studied the history of the Middle East.

Denise Jones photo
Denise Jones

I'm a big fan of the BBC's series of "Generation X" documentaries, and the movie that spawned from them is just as good. I feel like this movie could have used a bit more, but for a movie that is based on a series of television episodes, it's a great watch. It really does seem like a real documentary, and it just goes to show that when you have a lot of money and resources behind you, and you have a lot of people behind you, it can be a great movie. I would have liked to have seen more footage from the series, but for the most part, the movie is very true to the show, and it does really show the how people were affected by the series, and how they felt about it. I really do feel that this movie is a great look at the real events, and it is very entertaining. I really hope that this movie does well, because I think it is going to be a great addition to the documentary genre.

Debra photo

This documentary is really good. The thing that stands out for me is the amazing look of the whole movie. I love how it's not just a straight-up documentary about the lives of homeless people. It's a real story, with the homeless people talking about their own experiences. They are talking about how they felt, how they felt about the people around them, and what they experienced. It's really interesting to see what they say about their own lives, and how they feel about it. The way the interviews are done, I'm not sure how they do it. But they do it really well. The best part is when the interviews are done with the people who live with the homeless people. It's really interesting to see how they interact with the people around them. And the interviews are very interesting. It's a really interesting documentary.

Randy photo

I watched this movie because I like the band. I thought that it was a very good movie, and it shows a lot of the history behind the band. It was the first time I saw this, and I really liked it. I really like the story about the band, and I was really excited to see the history behind it. I think that the film is great and that it tells a good story. It has a lot of interesting things, and it was a good movie. I liked the band, and I think that it is a great band.

Stephanie May photo
Stephanie May

This is a great documentary about the great film-maker Stanley Kubrick. The film is made with great care and precision. The documentary is well-organized and very well-edited. It is a great introduction to Kubrick's career. This documentary does a great job of explaining the reasons why Kubrick's films are so famous and why his films are so important. It also gives us some insight into Kubrick's personal life and how his films are very important to him. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in Kubrick's career. It is also very interesting to see the people who worked with Kubrick and to see how Kubrick's films were made.

Carl Harper photo
Carl Harper

I am a young woman who recently graduated from college and I have an additional interest in how people's choices affect their environment and the consequences of those choices. I was particularly interested in how the choice of cars affects the environment. I found this film to be very interesting and thought provoking. The idea that the car has such a huge impact on the environment is intriguing and the effects of that impact are fairly well researched. There is also some history of the automobile and it's impact on the environment. The interviews with people in the industry were interesting. It was interesting to hear from people who had different views of the environmental impact of the car. The overall message of the film is that some people may choose to drive cars over other options and they may have a negative impact on the environment. The documentary also shows how the automobile industry is at fault for some of the problems that come with using the automobile. The documentary does not try to blame the car, but rather it is the car that is at fault. This is why the documentary is good. It is not trying to blame anyone, but rather showing the impact of the car on the environment. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the topic. It was well researched, interesting and well made.

Marie photo

This is a documentary about a man, who is the subject of a lot of controversy, for having taken the law into his own hands and killing some of his own family members in a gun-related incident. This man is known as the Granada man, and he's been a very controversial figure ever since he was arrested in the early 80's for the murder of his wife and four children. The documentary is made by the National Enquirer, and it's made up of interviews with the family members of the Granada man. The film covers many of the events that occurred in the Granada man's life, including his prison sentence, his release from prison, and the events that occurred after he was released from prison. The documentary is very interesting, and it makes you feel as if you are actually there in the family members' homes, and you get a very realistic view of the events that took place during that time. It's a very interesting documentary, and it is one that I recommend to anyone who is interested in the Granada man, or anyone who is interested in the events that took place in the man's life.

Judy Castillo photo
Judy Castillo

I really enjoyed the film and thought it was great. I thought it was very well done and I enjoyed the acting. The story was a little slow but I think that was intentional. The only thing that I thought was a little weak was the ending. I was a little disappointed because I thought it would have been more exciting. I also thought that the ending was a little weak and predictable. Overall, I thought it was a good film. I recommend it.

Martha Kennedy photo
Martha Kennedy

There's been a long history of movies dealing with the problems of urban youth. But this is a new level of movies. The movie "Generation Found" is based on a book written by the great philosopher David Graeber. It has been translated into various languages, and has become a kind of bible of the social problems of the youth. Graeber argues that the young are the victims of a system that has created a society that has given up on them. There are two types of youth in the movie: those who are exploited by the system and those who are victims. The exploitation of the youth is the main focus of the movie, but the other problems of the youth are also important. It is worth to see this movie. It shows the human condition of a society that has lost its way. The movie is an eye-opener and a moral to all who want to know what is going on in the world. It shows that there are many young people who are victims of a system that does not recognize their needs and wants. Graeber calls them the "Generation Found".

Grace Lawson photo
Grace Lawson

A documentary that chronicles the lives of a group of East German men who were just 17 or 18 when they were arrested and sent to prison camps. Many of them were already famous and had become wealthy and famous for their talent in music, literature, and even acting. This documentary is not about the young men, but the wider world of music and literature. The documentary follows the interviews with several of these young men, as well as with their family and friends. The documentary covers the years 1977 to 1990 and it shows how music and literature became a powerful force in the lives of the young men. The documentary also tells of the harsh realities of prison life, the consequences of the arrest, and the impact on the young men's lives. The documentary is very well made and the interviews are very interesting. The documentary does not just tell the story of these young men, but of their lives as well. It shows that music and literature have changed the lives of the young men and their families. They are now known as heroes of their generation and they are now the household names in their own right. In addition to the interviews, the documentary also features a documentary that goes into detail about the crimes of the former regime and how the music scene has changed over the years. The documentary does not cover everything, but it does cover many of the issues the young men faced. It does not tell the whole story, but it does tell the young men's stories. It also goes into detail about the music and literature scene and how it has changed over the years. This documentary is an excellent documentary that is well worth watching. I recommend it.

Lawrence Roberts photo
Lawrence Roberts

The Wachowski brothers do a masterful job of keeping the viewer interested in what they are showing. This is the best documentary I've seen in a while. The emotional strength and depth of the subjects is so well thought out that you have to feel as if you know these people to understand them. You want to know what drives these people. I couldn't help but wonder if the people that go to prison are really what they are being accused of. There is a lot of interesting information to be had. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the world of prison politics and the realities of life behind bars.

Ronald photo

Not a big fan of the music of Blur, but I thought the documentary was very informative and entertaining. I also loved the way the music was used as a medium to tell the story of the band. I can't say much about the performances, as there are only two people who have any knowledge of the band, but I do think that the one in the band at the time, Damon Albarn, was superb. He really embodied the whole band, and he played some great songs on his instrument, and I also thought he was very funny. I was also impressed with the use of archival footage, and the fact that the band never seemed to be a one man band. I also loved the documentary about the band, but I didn't think it was as good as the film about Blur, because it was more focused on the band, and not on the Blur archives. I did like the part where they interviewed some of the band members, and the band members were really great and interesting. I think the documentary would have been better if it had a more focused focus on the archive, as I felt that was a lot more interesting. Overall, a great documentary, and I definitely recommend it.

Elizabeth Moreno photo
Elizabeth Moreno

We have been fighting for a month to get the video of this documentary to be released. It is my hope that it will be seen by a lot of people and that it will become a powerful statement. This film is one of the most important documents I have ever seen. It should be viewed by people who want to see how the government is destroying the world. The people who produce this film, many of them have a background in ecology and know that what they are doing is wrong. I am also concerned about the kind of people that will be drawn to the films. We know that the U.S. government is about to invade and use the greatest mass of oil in the world to run the nation and there is going to be a lot of money to be made. The U.S. government is not going to stop. We are facing a third world war that is going to happen. I want to encourage people to see this film. It is a very powerful documentary. We should all be concerned about what is happening in the world.

Vincent Kelley photo
Vincent Kelley

In a very short time, this documentary got the attention of the entire world. It is a must see for every single person who has had to deal with cancer. The movie does a very good job of explaining the side of the disease and the people involved. I think it was the most interesting thing that I have ever seen about cancer. It made me feel so angry about what I saw happening to those children and the families that supported them. I think that it is a very good movie that should be shown in schools and at least on the Internet. It is very important to get the message out that cancer is a disease that needs to be treated, and that you should not give up on the fight.

Virginia photo

I first became aware of the film "Generation Found" when my father said it was his favorite film of all time. My first reaction was "why?" I don't think I really understood what the film was about until I saw it again about two years ago. I was really taken aback by the message the film was trying to send and the way it was presented. I was even more shocked by how it was presented. I was surprised by how much I felt the film really told me. The film is a story about the growth of the German people and the struggle they faced in the early years of World War 2. It was a very personal film for me. It was made by a German-Canadian filmmaker who was born and raised in Montreal and then moved to the United States. The film is a great personal story, and I was surprised how real it felt. This is an important film to me. It was made for me and for all Canadians who had a hand in making this film. I recommend this film to anyone who likes documentaries about the German people, the Germans in Canada, and the Holocaust. It is a film that I think all Canadians should see and it will be a great film to show your friends or family. This is a great film that I hope will be seen by many people.

Gary Burke photo
Gary Burke

A look into the lives of the six girls who were the inspiration for The Polar Express, as well as a look at their lives post-production. Some of the highlights are the dedication of the cast, the preparation for the filming, and the time and money they spent on this project. Also included are interviews with some of the other cast members, including Harry Dean Stanton, a child actor who was only 11 when he began to appear in films, and Jack H. O'Connell, who was only 12 when he began to play young boys in films. The Polar Express is the story of three girls, who have grown up with a father who has been a successful conductor, and a mother who is a mother who has had her children's stories told to her for years. These stories are very moving, and they are still the heart and soul of the film. The only real flaw in this film is that it does not really tell the story in its entirety. There are some other documentaries that are much more informative than this one. But, overall, this film is excellent.

Johnny H. photo
Johnny H.

A fascinating look at the lives of some of the most influential people in the world today. But the first half is also a surprisingly interesting look at the background to each person. I enjoyed watching the people who were interviewed. I think they did an amazing job at telling the stories of how they met, who they are, where they came from and how they became famous. The stories of the interviewees are interesting and surprising. And the questions are interesting and interesting. The second half is a little more depressing and depressing. It was just too depressing. I also didn't find any stories particularly funny or funny. But that's just my opinion. I think the second half of the film is also interesting. But I think the first half is more interesting. So I give it a 9 out of 10.

Adam Duncan photo
Adam Duncan

In the last decade of the twentieth century, American society has been rocked by a great deal of controversy and some strange new phenomena. The Troubled Mind:A History of American Psychosis (2017) is a very well written and very thought provoking documentary that should be viewed by everyone. This documentary is divided into two parts, the first focusing on the experiences of the American Psychiatric Association in the 1950s and 1960s and the second on the DSM-III, the first version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the guide for clinicians and the general public to understand mental disorders. I loved this documentary because it was very honest and very well produced. It is a must see for anyone interested in mental health. If you are interested in mental health, this documentary is for you.

Heather photo

The documentary is well worth seeing, and is worth the price of admission alone. It's a good attempt to convey the feeling of the generation found. It's not an accurate portrayal of this generation, but the filmmakers have done a good job of making it a character-driven and very interesting story.

Alan Hicks photo
Alan Hicks

I'm in my mid-30's and I've never really known what it felt like to be young. I guess I'd never really experienced any kind of puberty. It's almost like I was born when the fad was over. I think the film is incredibly accurate, both of the pop culture of the time and the self-perception that was so prevalent in the world. There's a scene with a young man who talks about his parents who were divorced, and his father was always going on about how much he missed his mother, and how much he missed his father. It's a very real thing. I think it's really cool to see how people reacted to the fad and the celebrities of the time. You also get to hear some of their real stories, including their own attitudes towards sex. There are really funny and even touching moments in the film. You'll be laughing out loud at some of the conversations. The film is an incredibly accurate portrayal of how the world reacted to the fad of the 60s. It also includes a lot of really funny stories about the famous celebrities who were part of the fad and the people who were just into the fad. It's a really fascinating look at how the world reacted to the fad and how the famous people tried to live a normal life. I think it's very important to look at the fad and what happened and how people reacted to it. It really shows how quickly people changed their opinions and attitudes about sex and sexuality.