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Denial is a movie starring Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, and Timothy Spall. Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned...

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永不退讓, Déni, Neigimas, Negação, Hakhkhasha, Verleugnung, La verità negata, Negación, Άρνηση, Poricanje, Tagadás, 否定と肯定, Kłamstwo, Le procès du siècle
Running Time
1 hours 49 minutes
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Drama, Biography
Mick Jackson
Deborah Lipstadt, David Hare
Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall, Andrew Scott, Rachel Weisz
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Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.

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Jeremy Spencer photo
Jeremy Spencer

I'm not going to write a long-winded review of this movie. I think that a good movie is like a good meal. You can't just eat it and get it. You have to savor it, and I think this movie did that. I also think that if you are going to watch this movie, you have to put some thought into it. For example, when they are walking into the woods and they are all alone, what do they do? They stop at a convenience store and they buy a bunch of stuff. Now they are going to walk into the woods and they are going to walk all alone. If you are going to watch this movie, I would recommend that you put some thought into it. It's a good movie, but I think that the thought put into it is worth it. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought that it was very well done, and I think that it was worth the $9.00 I paid to see it. I also thought that the acting was good. The acting in this movie was very good, and I thought that it was worth the $9.00 I paid to see it.

Frances H. photo
Frances H.

This movie is all about a man who had his marriage and his life in shambles due to his lack of self-worth and his inability to control his feelings. He couldn't control himself and thought he was the only one who was truly in love with another person. After his wife left him, he began to live in a state of extreme paranoia. He was unable to talk to his wife, he couldn't express his feelings for his wife and had difficulty controlling his urges. When he went to see his doctor, his doctor thought that he was having an identity crisis and prescribed medication that would help him to control his urges. He felt that he had lost the control of his emotions and thus was unable to express them. He told his wife that he was going to give her the pills and she was to take them and be fine. After about two weeks, his wife went to the store and bought them. In the middle of the night, she turned on the television and saw that his wife was having an affair with another man. She went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed the pills and they left the house. The next morning, his wife woke up with a start and told her husband that she was pregnant and that he had a cold. Her husband believed his wife and said that he would take the pills that day. The next day, his wife called and said that she was fine and that he was still pregnant. His wife's lover came to his house and the man was arrested for the crime of rape. The man was convicted and his wife was left devastated. In this movie, my father is the main character. He is an alcoholic and he is responsible for the ending of my life. My dad was able to control his urges and was able to get over the pain he had suffered because of his wife's infidelity. I am very grateful for this movie and the great message it has given me. It is something I will cherish forever. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Maria photo

John Travolta and Tobey Maguire's romantic movie about a reporter who is totally mentally incapable of loving someone is outstanding. I was reminded of the movie The Sapphires about a reporter who is totally mentally incapable of loving someone, and who is also the star of a porn movie. Travolta's character is not in the least bit mentally impaired, and he is a wonderful actor. Travolta is also a wonderful director, and he captures the atmosphere of the film so well. The relationship between the reporter and his editor is also spot on. The sex scenes are not gratuitous, and the adult film industry is so far removed from the real world that they are very tastefully done. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the sex scenes were done. I don't think this movie is a movie that you watch for the story. The story is just as important as the performances. This movie is one of those rare movies that can engage your brain for a long time. My rating of this movie is 10 out of 10.

Mark photo

My brother recommended this movie to me after I watched True Detective. I was not expecting much from a movie based on the TV series, but was pleasantly surprised. While not the best movie of the year, it is definitely one of the best of 2015. The performances were perfect, and the script was perfect. The movie is not completely original, and while it may be hard to find a flaw in it, it is a good example of how to make a good movie. The direction is not as good as it could be, and some of the sets are not the best, but this is a movie that shows how to make a great movie. The acting in this movie is incredible. Kevin Costner does an amazing job as the "best cop ever", and the rest of the cast also do a good job. The whole movie is full of emotions, and while some of the movies are predictable, this is one that you can watch again and again. If you have not watched True Detective, I highly recommend that you watch this movie. It is definitely worth your time and money.

Pamela photo

I really like how this movie was made. The way the cameraman and the sound effects of the music are just perfect. The cinematography was amazing, I just love how they filmed the camera and I really love the music that the movie is composed by. The actors also deserve some credit for what they did. It was such a great experience to be a part of. I'm looking forward to see the final chapter.

Terry M. photo
Terry M.

The thing is that in my opinion the "gloss" and the "glossiness" of the film is more important than the "exposition" of it's subject matter. I love the documentary style.I feel it enhances the art of filmmaking and makes it more real, if you know what I mean. But this film is very well done.I don't have anything against it as such.But what I have to say is that I think that the film is really good. The cast is great and the directing is really good. I am a fan of both of them.I love the way "Trouble" is shot. It really makes you think about the subject matter. I really like the way they show the scene of "Arnold" and how it makes you think. The narration of the narration of the narration is great. I really like the way the narration is done. The narrator also is very good. "Trouble" is a very intense film. It makes you think. "Trouble" is an amazing movie and I think that everyone should watch it.

Scott Griffin photo
Scott Griffin

I'm not really sure what to make of this film. It's got a lot going for it, and I guess it's hard to fault it. It has an interesting premise, with a few twists, and I thought it was well done. It's got some nice performances, and a few good scenes. It's got a good story, and the acting is good. The ending is very interesting, and I think the film is a lot more than what it seems to be. It's definitely worth seeing, and I think that if you like dark, moody, drama, this is a film for you.

Jose Price photo
Jose Price

I saw this movie on the grounds of a bar. I had seen the first movie on a plane and I liked it so much I had to see this one. I could tell this movie had something going on because it was from a new director, but it had the same energy. All of the actors in the movie are excellent. I can't believe there are so many critics out there that say that this movie is nothing but a dud. I thought this movie was great. I really enjoyed it. This movie is about people and people. It is also about what goes on inside people. If you have not seen this movie, watch it. You will enjoy it. I think this movie is very important because it shows how people really are and it shows that they can change. It also shows how difficult it is to be human. It is also a movie about the dark side of humanity. It shows that it is possible to be good and that people can still change. It is also a movie about love and how it is possible to be selfish. I think this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Kimberly R. photo
Kimberly R.

In this movie, Shriver plays the famous poet F. Scott Fitzgerald. She portrays the story of his death in such a way that you can feel the loneliness and the grief that Fitzgerald felt when he wrote his best-selling novel "The Great Gatsby." Shriver gives an outstanding performance. I was truly touched by the movie. I loved it. If you have not seen it, you are missing a great movie.

Austin photo

Saw this film at the Silver Screen Film Festival in NYC, and it was really good. I've seen a couple of other films that were equally disturbing, and I am glad to have seen a film that wasn't "the type of movie you'd like" but that was a "good film". Although, I wasn't sure how the film would end, but it certainly won't leave you with a "hey that was a good film, but the ending was kind of lame", feeling. I will say that the film really reminded me of how I felt about my parents, but at the same time I can't say that I really had any "feelings" towards them. I do, however, think that they had done their best to keep their daughters in a safe environment. This film showed that, at times, a mother is still very important in the life of a child, even if they are on their own.

Lori photo

I was really looking forward to this movie. I am a big fan of the actors in the movie. I saw this movie and thought it was great. I thought the acting was great, the story was great, the dialog was great. I thought the director did a great job. I thought the ending was great. It was very realistic. I thought the movie was great. I have not seen any other movie that was as good as this one. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I have seen it a few times and I think I will buy it.

Doris photo

For me the main idea of the movie is to analyze the current history in the context of the present. The story is about the "disappearance" of a famous inventor in the world. The story is told by a woman who is the subject of his invention. The story is told in such a way that it becomes an open book for the audience to make their own interpretation. The viewer has the chance to have a good guess about who the real inventor was and why he disappeared. The film is important for many reasons. One of the most important is to have an open discussion about the development of technology in the world, the development of a culture and of the general way of thinking of the society. The current time in which we live can be used to make comparisons with that which was present at the time. The technology of the future is going to be in the same level as the technology of the past. As a result the audience is going to make an impression that the present can be a good analogy for the future. The film also tries to be an educational film. It is a message about what is important in life and how it is possible to get lost in the past. The lesson is not new, the same one has been used for a long time. However, the way the film presents it is different and the way that the film presents the lesson is very powerful. This is the biggest part of the film.

Albert B. photo
Albert B.

This is a very effective movie. It will leave you thinking about it for days. The special effects are not impressive, but they are effective, and I think they should be a lot better. But the story, which is really gripping and meaningful, is very touching and powerful. And this movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you want to understand the human condition, you should see it.

Kevin H. photo
Kevin H.

As a teen, I went to see "The Pianist" with my dad. I didn't think much of it at the time. The movie was good, but it wasn't something I would watch again. I'm glad to say I watched "Denial" today. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if it would be a drama or a comedy. It turned out to be both. The story is very good. It's not the most original thing I've ever seen, but it's well told and very interesting. The characters are very well done, and the actors give great performances. The music is also very good. I was very surprised to hear it in a movie that's rated PG-13. It's very loud and extremely annoying. I didn't hear it during the whole movie, but I did notice it during the ending credits. The movie is very sad. It shows the struggle of a young man to be accepted and to be accepted by his family. I didn't find the movie to be very realistic, but I didn't think it was a bad thing. The movie is very sad, and I didn't think it was a bad thing. I thought it was a good movie. I don't think it's a great movie, but it's a very good movie. It's not the greatest movie, but it's a very good movie. It's not perfect, but it's good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama and to anyone who likes movies with a good plot. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Jeffrey R. photo
Jeffrey R.

I first saw this film on TV when it first came out and I watched it again recently and to me, it was as powerful and wonderful as I remembered. Richard Gere is quite possibly one of the most magnetic actors working today, and he was absolutely terrific in this film. His role as a mental patient was absolutely chilling, and although he plays the part very well, he does not win any awards for the role, as everyone in the movie knows he is. The performances of William H. Macy and Jack Nicholson are also very good, but I will always remember Dickie Nelson as the mentally retarded kid who steals the movie. Without being sentimental about it, I would give this film a perfect 10 out of 10.

Helen G. photo
Helen G.

I was very impressed by this film. It was a very realistic portrayal of what the former Yugoslavian country was like and how it was able to survive its years of war. The film has a very good story-line and is very entertaining. The acting was very good, especially from the main character. The music and cinematography were also very good. This film was a very good and realistic portrayal of what the former Yugoslavia was like. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Gloria photo

This is my first IMDb review, and I didn't expect to like it, but the more I thought about it the more I was amazed. The story was very moving and one of the best I've ever seen. The acting was top notch and it was so intense and heartbreaking. I was so shocked by the ending. The cinematography was brilliant. There was a lot of symbolism and thought that went into the film. I had to have this movie on DVD, so I could watch it over and over again. The music was beautiful. Every scene was beautiful and memorable. I loved it! I can't wait to see it again!

Joan photo

The acting of the lead actor is excellent. It is a rare film to find an actor who has an acting talent that is so well developed that you will be able to identify with him throughout the movie. The supporting actor is excellent. In my opinion, all of them played their roles well. It's an excellent drama, with a great message to it. I highly recommend it. And it's also very interesting to see how people deal with mental illness.

Andrea Weber photo
Andrea Weber

I've seen the first version of this film. It is the most well-written and acted film I've seen. But I was shocked to see how well the version that came out this year, "Romeo Must Die", is. This movie really explores the character of Adam in an original way. Adam is a man who is not even aware of the evil he is capable of doing. His actions are completely senseless and he seems like the most innocent person on earth. I was really touched by the way his character was portrayed and I was afraid that this movie would be too dark for young people. I've seen this movie in the theaters and I've never been able to take my eyes off of the screen. If you like movies with intense emotions, you should see this movie. If you like movies that explore the complexities of human nature, you should see this movie. I'm glad that Adam was able to find out the truth. There are only a few movies that I can say I've seen that make me cry. "The Matrix" and "The Godfather" are two of them. If you have any interest in the subject of evil, I strongly suggest that you see this movie.

Daniel photo

After reading the book, I was a bit disappointed. I expected to see more of the dark, disturbing details that were left out of the book. However, the movie was not as bad as I had expected. I thought the movie was accurate to the book. I thought the acting was good, and the movie was not overly long. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not read the book.

Larry Young photo
Larry Young

The story of a young man who is left at a psychiatric hospital in a coma, and the people who are trying to help him. The acting is great, the movie is very good and very interesting, and it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. This movie is worth a watch, and I hope you will like it. Enjoy!

Frank Robinson photo
Frank Robinson

I have only watched this film after it was on late night TV and it is now in my DVD collection. It is truly remarkable how such a delicate subject can have such powerful emotions attached to it. How much it meant to these two people. Their lives changed forever. For the record I know the families of both of the victims. This film really hits home for me. I know from the trailer that a lot of people did not get it. They did not really understand what it is about the movie and I am glad that the trailer doesn't really contain too much info. I would highly recommend this film. You will feel it. This movie really captures the emotions of what it is like to be young and growing up. The special effects were breathtaking. It really showed us that an explosion can change everything. It truly shows how far we have come from the days when it was very scary. The plot was great. It showed how two people were trying to find their way in life and how important this life is. The background music was also a huge factor. It was a great soundtrack to the film. The special effects were superb and the acting was great. This film was truly amazing. I really hope you will watch this film. It will change your life. It is a real must see.

Patrick W. photo
Patrick W.

I thought this movie was really good. I really enjoyed it. It's about a man who was falsely accused of a murder, and his defense lawyer tries to prove his innocence. The movie is very well made, and the performances are very good. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think it's worth watching.

Ashley C. photo
Ashley C.

This is the most under-rated movie I've ever seen. I was actually quite shocked to see how good it was. I've never been a fan of either Kevin Spacey or Michelle Pfeiffer, and I can't say I blame them. Both of them are very good actors, but they do tend to fall a little short of their potential. The problem is that they're so good that they're always in danger of losing the audience. I think they could have made a great movie if they were just given more time and better scripts. However, they did make a very good movie, and I think they deserve their success. I was very impressed with their performances, and it's not only because of the acting. The script is very good, and I'm glad they did not try to do a Hollywood-style romance. There are some funny scenes, but they're not as funny as in American Beauty. I think the best part of this movie is the ending. I'm glad they didn't follow the usual Hollywood ending. I think the whole thing is about the way the characters behave, and how they react to each other. It's not just about a love story. It's about the whole relationship, and how they feel about each other. It's about the people they become, and how they get to know each other. This is very important in a movie, and I think they did a great job with it. I think it's the best movie of the year, and I hope they can make a lot more movies like this one.

Louis Foster photo
Louis Foster

It is hard to believe I haven't seen the film before, but now that I have, I'm extremely glad that I haven't. I've been a huge fan of a few of the actors, but I was unfamiliar with Hannah. She was one of the most memorable actresses of the 1980s. She brought a sensitivity to her character that I hadn't seen before, and her performance in this movie is far better than anything she's ever done. And the film is absolutely brilliant, even though it seems to be a very long movie. The film is about a young woman's attempts to reconcile with her father after she's left with him, who has gone off to fight in the Vietnam War. The film is quite moving, but the best parts are the scenes with her father and her mother. The mother-daughter relationship in this movie is one of the best I've seen in film. When the mother sees her mother in the mirror, she stares at her mother for a long time. In another scene, she talks to her mother about her mother and her mother reminisces about her mother. Hannah is the embodiment of her mother's strength and vulnerability. Her father seems like a nice guy, but he does have secrets. Hannah and her mother are the best of friends. They fight, but they always look at each other and are always thinking of what they can do to make their relationship work. And they never fight, but they never can tell each other that they don't love each other. The mother and the daughter are beautiful people, and they deserve each other. The music in the film is fantastic, and really captures the mood of the movie. The only complaint I have is that the film is a bit long. The film is a very slow, and there are a few scenes that are just a bit boring. But I also understand that the film is trying to be poetic, and that's why the scenes are slightly boring. The film really goes for a "straight" story, and there are a lot of scenes that are really slow. But there are a lot of great scenes, and the film is beautifully shot. I hope the film is shown more widely. I think this film will become an important film to look at in the future. I give this film 10 out of 10 stars.

Mildred D. photo
Mildred D.

This is a movie about a woman who is fighting for her life and her son who has a brain tumor. The movie was good. I would give it a 8/10.

Richard P. photo
Richard P.

I think that this film is the best movie ever made. If you don't like movies with a plot that you can follow, you won't like this movie. I think it is a great story of two people, one with bipolar disorder and the other a normal person. The way they face the situations, and the way they face each other is very emotional. The scene that always makes me cry is when the one with bipolar disorder is told how her mother died, and the way the mom looks at her, and the way the mother treats her is also very emotional. I also like the way the mother is acting, and the way she reacts to the world. The way she responds to the world is also very emotional, as well as the way she responds to the love that her son shows to her. If you watch this movie, and you have a bipolar disorder, and you don't have a father, or a mom who you can trust, you should watch this movie. This is the best movie ever made, and you should watch this movie.

Jesse Collins photo
Jesse Collins

This film is so bad it's good! That is the only reason I am giving it a 10. Even I can't understand the meaning of the first scene. I can't say why they need to explain this scene. They must have made it up on the spot. It has nothing to do with the plot and everything to do with the money. The actress, Michelle Rodriguez, seems too nervous to be portraying a depressed character. If you want to see a good film, rent The Deer Hunter, a good film with real actors, instead of this cheap movie. I only give it a 10 because I did not see the whole thing. I saw just the first scene. After that, I lost interest and wanted it to be over. It is not worth seeing.

Bruce photo

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the film, and rightfully so. I believe that the film is more accurate in its depiction of the modern day world than any other film in the last few years. I think it's because the film's makers chose to portray a world that is far from the one we live in. The world portrayed in the film is much more realistic and truthful than the one we live in today. I have read many reviews that describe this film as a waste of time. I disagree. I believe that this film is a very good film, and I believe that it is one of the best films that I have seen in recent years. I think that it is a must see for anyone that likes a film that is more realistic than most other films. This is a film that is not for everyone, but I believe that anyone who has ever felt a sense of loss, or has ever felt that something was missing in their life should see this film. This is a film that is very realistic, and it does a great job of showing the world that we live in. I recommend this film to everyone that is looking for a great film. I believe that this is a very good film, and I think that everyone should see this film.

David photo

I watched this film last night and was quite surprised by it. It is a very interesting film about a man's journey to find out what really happened in the Vietnam war. The main character, John Cusack, is a Vietnam veteran who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and was an active duty Marine. He returns home and meets a woman, played by Rooney Mara, who was a prisoner in Vietnam. After an interesting relationship develops between the two, Cusack decides to investigate what really happened. He decides to seek out the men who were in the boat that he was in and asks them questions about the events that happened. It is a very interesting film and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever had a friend in the military and wondered about what happened. I thought the acting was very good, and the direction was good as well. I would give this film a 7 out of 10.

Melissa photo

A great movie to see. I was so impressed by the movie, I thought it was going to be a huge flop. It was actually very good. The acting was great and the story was interesting. I really liked the movie. I thought the movie was a little slow at times, but it was a good movie. I give it a 7/10.

Timothy A. photo
Timothy A.

I was in the mood to watch this film and I did, and it was very good. The acting was good, the story was good, and the ending was good. I thought the ending was a bit predictable, but I still think it was good. The main thing that I liked about this film was the fact that it was a very realistic film. I liked how the film portrayed the life of a mother in the early 90's. I think it was a good movie, I think it was well made, and I think it was well acted. I think it was a good film and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a good film. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 was because I felt that it could have been better. I think it was good, but it could have been better.

Betty S. photo
Betty S.

I'm not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but the last line in the movie is, "And you're a fool for trusting a man who can't help himself." That's what this movie is really about, the difference between people and how they react to a situation. People in the movie are mostly good, but the ending is so sad, it makes me think that I might be a fool. I didn't find the movie very interesting, and it was just not my cup of tea. I think this is one of those movies that you have to watch once to really get it. It's worth the watch, but it's not a movie that I would watch again.

Aaron Barnes photo
Aaron Barnes

This film has been the most difficult film to watch for me. It is a very powerful film, but it is also very disturbing. I was very shocked by the death of the main character, it was like a scene from a horror movie. The film starts off with the main character, who is a good looking young man, and his girlfriend, who is a very beautiful young woman. He has just been released from prison and is on his way to an important meeting with his boss. He is going to be a lawyer, and wants to get married to his girlfriend. The scene is the first meeting between the two. The main character has a really hard time with this meeting. He tries to be strong for his girlfriend, but he has a hard time dealing with the fact that he is going to be married. He has to go through a lot of emotional stuff and he is not ready to do it. He is a very good looking man, but he is not ready to marry someone so beautiful. He has to put his own life in danger to get his girlfriend back. The main character was extremely emotional and I think that this is a very good thing. It is a very powerful film and I think that people should see it, because it is very disturbing. I think that it is a very good film, but I think that people should see it because it is very disturbing.

Madison Santos photo
Madison Santos

This movie is so well made. The acting is superb and the story is very true to life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a story about the Vietnam war. I think the movie is a great way to learn about the war, and the Vietnam war. I also think that this movie can be helpful to anyone who has been in the military.

David Cox photo
David Cox

If you want to see a more realistic portrayal of the fight between a "political" cult and a real person, then look no further. This movie is very well made, and has great acting. It is about one man's fight to protect his family and it's very intense and interesting. It's a true story. It's not an action movie. I can't say much more about the movie, because there isn't much to say. The only thing I will say is that it is the best movie I've seen this year.

Philip S. photo
Philip S.

I watched this movie at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and it is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Great acting from the whole cast. It's about the beginnings of Noreen and her search for her mother's identity. I saw the movie with two other people and we all laughed throughout the movie. I think the director has done a great job of capturing the life and times of the times as they were. I hope they get a wider release.

Rachel H. photo
Rachel H.

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I saw it recently on Showtime, and I was amazed. The cast is incredible. The cinematography is beautiful. The film itself is a masterpiece. The acting is great, and the whole story is filled with heart. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes good acting, and a good story. A must see.

Adam Garza photo
Adam Garza

A truly remarkable movie with a stunning performance by Timothy Spall. This is a true story that has been covered on the news many times. The pace is slow and the characters are all believable. I was never so invested in a movie. I read the book many years ago, and even though I knew what was coming, I was still interested in it. This is not a movie that just makes you laugh, but it does. Spall is a fantastic actor and this movie makes you feel the truth. You will want to go back and see it again and again. I give this a 10 out of 10.

Jeffrey photo

I have seen this film 2 times now, and I am still stunned by it. The movie is so real, that the audience can feel for the characters. I was shocked at how much I empathized with the characters. The characters were also very interesting, and you felt a sense of empathy for them, because they had no family to back them up. I think this is the most important part of the film, it makes you feel like you are in a situation, and you know what is going to happen next. It is a good, classic story, that is based on real life. I recommend this film to anyone, because it is an excellent film.