Steam The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem is a movie starring Maisa Abd Elhadi, Mohammad Eid, and Kamel El Basha. The affaire of a married Palestinian man and a married Israeli woman in Jerusalem takes a dangerous political dimension when...

Other Titles
O Caso de Sarah e Saleem, Os Relatórios sobre Sarah e Saleem, サラとサリームに関する報告書, Απαγορευμένες συναντήσεις, Sarah és Salim viszonya, Sarah & Saleem - Là dove nulla è possibile, El Affaire de Sarah y Saleem, El affaire de Sarah y Saleem, Der Fall Sarah & Saleem, Los informes sobre Sarah y Saleem
Running Time
2 hours 7 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
War, Drama, Romance, Crime, Mystery
Muayad Alayan
Rami Musa Alayan
Mohammad Eid, Kamel El Basha, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Ishai Golan
Palestine, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The affaire of a married Palestinian man and a married Israeli woman in Jerusalem takes a dangerous political dimension when they are spotted in the wrong place at the wrong time, leaving them to deal with more than their broken marriages.

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Jose O. photo
Jose O.

I first saw this film in the 1980s and I never forgot it. I was a kid, and I had to watch this film over and over. It was like a piece of my childhood. It was an incredible movie. I have always been a fan of the movie, and I am now in my thirties and I still remember the movie. It is a film that is so haunting and it is still a great movie to watch. I love this film and I am going to watch it over and over again. I am a big fan of the film, and I am going to buy this movie and watch it over and over again. I would love to have the movie in my collection and I would love to have it on DVD. I would love to watch this film over and over again.

Judith S. photo
Judith S.

I read the reviews on this film and I had a feeling that the movie was going to be the boring "American history from the 19th century" with a great message for the masses. After watching it, I have to say that it was a well written and well acted movie. It shows how the French government has suffered and still suffers today. The war for independence was still ongoing for another 100 years and the true story is a very important one. The movie tells the story of Sarah and Saleem who both had a different view on the war. Sarah was one of the most famous and rich women in France and Saleem was a military man and was also a lawyer and a man of the people. The movie shows how the two of them experienced the war and what happened to them. I also really liked how the movie showed the attitude of the French government towards the war and how their actions were wrong. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and I think it's very interesting and a very good film.

Patrick photo

BASHIR is an English-language film directed by Siddique. It stars Syed Bashir, a journalist, who discovers that a Jewish woman has been kept in a secret underground prison. The prison is run by the notorious Moro terrorist leader, who is himself a prisoner, and the woman is his wife, who was recently released from prison. She is now in hiding. Bashir is hired by the U.S. government to help in their investigation. But he is convinced by his friend, the German reporter, Ralf Ulrich, that the woman is a traitor. He is determined to find her and bring her to justice. The film was received in the U.S. with mixed reviews. Some people have complained that the film was too long and not realistic enough. It seems that the film is very realistic. It is not a film for people who like a fast-paced, action-packed action film. The film is a drama, and is worth watching. The performances are great. No one is as good as Denzel Washington, but everyone else is good as well. The film is also a brilliant analysis of the conditions that existed in the pre-World War II era. It's a very interesting film. The plot is very complex. The movie is divided into three acts. The first act is a series of scenes of Bashir investigating the woman's past. The second act is a series of scenes of the German journalist trying to find the woman, and then Bashir goes back to the first act, where he is trying to find the woman again. The third act is the first act from Bashir's perspective. The third act is the time when Bashir finds out that the woman is actually the traitor. The film is very interesting, very entertaining, very thought-provoking, and a very interesting film. It is hard to believe that this is the same actor who was in the movie, "Children of Men", which is a very good movie, but was also very similar to this movie. So, I recommend this movie to everyone. You will not be disappointed. The actors are great, and the direction is very good. This is a must-see film. 9/10

Theresa Edwards photo
Theresa Edwards

This is a well done movie with good acting and directing. It is very interesting and I recommend it. I think that it is a must see. I thought it was very well done.

Donald Ramirez photo
Donald Ramirez

I am a huge fan of the 60s and 70s, so I'm not really surprised that I liked this movie. I mean, you would think a lot of people would have been into this stuff. However, I was surprised that most people that liked this movie didn't get that it was about the couple Sarah and Saleem. The movie follows Sarah as she starts a new job in the newspaper business and her relationship with her soon-to-be-husband. However, a new report on Sarah and Saleem is about how the couple has been having an affair and that the couple is having a strained relationship. The two characters are both extremely complex and very much alike. The movie is funny at times, but there are also many more serious moments that are just as good. The ending of the movie is just perfect, as it leaves you with a feeling of happiness and happiness itself. The movie is great, but I would like to see it more.

Judith P. photo
Judith P.

I don't know why the rating is so low. It is a good movie and the actors are great. The only thing I didn't like was the bad translation, which is not bad, but it can be easily fixed. The story is great. But it has a little problem. The end of the movie could be a little bit better, and the ending is not quite as good as I want. I hope they fix it.

Gerald O. photo
Gerald O.

I have seen the film, but I have to say, I didn't think it was all that good. The whole thing was a bit too long and sometimes I thought it was just a film of a story that didn't have anything to do with the real story. It was very long and I just didn't really care about the characters. I would have liked to have seen more of the real story. Also, the film was really hard to understand at times. I didn't understand all of the actors and they were all trying to act a bit too hard. I think the film would have been much better if they had just made it a documentary. I would give this film a 6 out of 10. I think it's worth seeing, but it isn't as good as the first one.

Helen O. photo
Helen O.

A great thriller, beautifully photographed. It is a depiction of one of the most harrowing events of history. You will leave the theater wondering how this happened and what happened to the women. It is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about the issues of World War II.

Douglas H. photo
Douglas H.

Another movie that I love. Although the plot is a bit contrived it's a good movie. I found it difficult to imagine how it could be better than this. It's a movie that will get you thinking about things you never thought about before. I'm not saying that a movie has to be a masterpiece to be a good movie, but this movie is a masterpiece. It really goes to show that you don't have to be a genius to make a good movie.

Andrew Salazar photo
Andrew Salazar

A little bit of everything, but all in all it's a great movie. I think it's very well made and well written. I recommend it to anyone who likes movies about the Middle East, but especially to anyone who likes movies about war.

Randy M. photo
Randy M.

I really liked this film. I am not a big fan of Indian cinema but I am a big fan of historical fiction films. The film is about the British Indian experience during the Indian Independence movement. It tells the story of a young British Indian who finds himself caught between the British army and the Indian independence movement. The film is beautifully shot and the acting is good. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of history and is interested in the Indian struggle. It is a very good film and one that I would recommend to anyone.

Andrew R. photo
Andrew R.

My wife and I have been talking about this film for days and finally went to see it today. We are very much impressed. We enjoyed it so much that we went back to see it again yesterday! We were not disappointed at all. We loved it so much that we bought the DVD and will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD. We saw it again on the big screen and thought it was better than the first time! The acting is very good. The cinematography is very good. The music is great. The direction is very good. The script is very good. The story is very compelling and keeps you interested for the whole hour. The ending is very good. I don't want to give away any details, but I do think that it is a very good film. If you have not seen it yet, I suggest you see it! It is definitely worth the price of a movie ticket!

Brandon M. photo
Brandon M.

The plot is too much to recount in words. This film is an amazing representation of the human condition, and how our actions impact the lives of those around us. The director uses the power of photography and music to portray the true power of the human spirit, and the tragedy of war. The characters are very well developed, and their paths are laid out very clearly. This is not a film for the faint of heart, or those that require a sense of entertainment. This film is very well acted and directed. I am very surprised to see so many negative comments on the film. My husband thought it was brilliant, and I too was moved by it. I was not at all disappointed by it, and if anything I found it much more moving than I expected. The director is a very talented man, and deserves the praise he is receiving. It is certainly not a film for those who are easily offended, or those who don't find much beauty in human nature. If you don't like war films, don't go see this one. If you don't like war movies, don't go see this one. But if you do like war movies, go see this film. You will not be disappointed.

Danielle Sanders photo
Danielle Sanders

This film is not for everyone. I'm a little upset that there were a lot of reviewers that gave this film a low rating because they didn't like the cinematography or the actors. The cinematography is what really set this film apart from the average Hollywood film. I am not a cinematographer but I do love the way the film was shot. I think the cinematography was excellent. The film has some really good actors, but that is not what makes this film a good film. This is an excellent film that I would recommend to anyone. It was excellent from start to finish and I loved it.

Jonathan G. photo
Jonathan G.

It's not that I don't like big budget Hollywood productions, it's that they tend to have so much to say and it's not always up to the highest of expectations. But the War on Terror films have always been rather difficult for me to watch. The closest I've ever come was the film Zero Dark Thirty, which I found to be a rather impressive film but that was a very long time ago. The only exception I can think of is the second film in the series, which I found to be just too depressing to watch and it's the only film I can remember that was really effective in this regard. And while I'm not sure that the second film in the series is as good as the first, it's still a worthwhile film. This film is set in a relatively small time period and it's a very interesting period. The way the characters are introduced is interesting and we are introduced to the characters as well as their families and friends. The story is interesting and the way the story is told is interesting. It's well paced and I think that the film has a good balance between drama and action. This film is very well made and it's a very good film. This is a film that is well worth watching. I give it 9/10.