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No Greater Love

No Greater Love is a movie starring Gene Delgado and Jameson Lindskog. No Greater Love explores a combat deployment through the eyes of an Army chaplain, as he and his men fight their way through a hellish tour in one of the most...

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1 hours 34 minutes
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Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts, Alan Wain
Gene Delgado, Jameson Lindskog
USA, Afghanistan
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No Greater Love explores a combat deployment through the eyes of an Army chaplain, as he and his men fight their way through a hellish tour in one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan and then as they struggle to reintegrate home.

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Melissa Rios photo
Melissa Rios

My wife and I watched this film with my son. We both felt that it was a very moving film, with great scenes of how families can be torn apart by tragedy. My son was so moved by the message of the film, he wanted to write a paper on it. I also felt the film was very realistic in its depiction of the reactions of the people who lived in the US during the terrible events of 9/11. The filmmakers did a great job of showing how emotions can be so strong and difficult to contain. It is a very moving film. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the effects of terrorism on our own families.

Theresa Adams photo
Theresa Adams

As a young man, I was a big fan of Tom Waits. I have not seen a single performance of his that I didn't like. But, after watching this documentary, I realized I was wrong. Tom Waits is a deeply troubled man, and he is not only a musician, he's also a man with a passion for his art. I first saw this documentary in the movie theater when I was in high school. It was a very intense and disturbing movie. But it was also very informative. It took me a long time to realize that most people, including myself, were making a big mistake by not understanding the true nature of Tom Waits. This documentary shows the true nature of Tom Waits, and it makes you question your own perception of him. I was not too surprised that I saw this documentary in the theater. But, seeing it on DVD made it more enjoyable and enlightening. This documentary is one of the most important documentaries I've ever seen, and I can't wait to see it again. If you are a fan of Tom Waits, or if you are just curious about his life, I highly recommend this documentary. It will make you question yourself and make you question the whole concept of music. If you don't believe me, just watch this documentary. This documentary will make you question your own perceptions of music, and I'm sure it will make you question the whole concept of music.

Jerry photo

This is an outstanding documentary about the world's greatest ice hockey player of all time, Bobby Orr. The film covers Orr's life and career as a hockey player from his humble beginnings as a child playing for the local junior team to his rise to fame as the greatest hockey player in the world. The film also covers Orr's early life with his mother, who had a difficult relationship with his father and is portrayed as a fairly judgmental, but loving woman. This is a wonderful documentary and I highly recommend it. The cinematography is also very good, particularly in the early footage of Orr playing hockey. The film also covers Orr's first tenure as a hockey coach, and his work with the world hockey championship team in the mid-1960s. This is a great documentary about one of the greatest sports figures of all time and it is well worth watching.

Deborah James photo
Deborah James

My friend and I love the film, but I still have a hard time with the ending. As a mother I would have liked to see more about the children, but as it was I am glad I watched it, because I want to know what happened to them. There were some very graphic scenes, but at the end it was not graphic at all. I am not a very good film critic, but I would say this is a good documentary and I would recommend it to others.

Dylan photo

A brief introduction to the documentary "A Few Good Men" which depicts the trials and tribulations of Major William Braddock (played by Will Smith) and Private Ryan (played by Chris Cooper). Both of these men were acquitted of any wrongdoing by a military tribunal which was presided over by Colonel Andrew D. White (played by Christopher Plummer). While some of the details of the case may be slightly questionable, this is a good film to watch for a history lesson. It is also an interesting look at how the military justice system was meant to operate. The idea of the court-martial was that it was the only way to discipline a soldier for any infraction and was given the sole authority to decide whether the soldier received a punishment. However, this practice has been criticized as being unfair to those who were not found guilty. While I disagree with this, I can understand why it may be controversial. It is a common practice in the military to punish a soldier for an infraction. I am also not sure that this practice should be used to punish a person for being homosexual. While homosexuality may be a moral issue in some cultures, this is a different subject. The military does not punish people for being homosexual, but rather for being a homosexual. I find it interesting that the filmmakers chose to go against the grain of the military and made a documentary about the trial. It was interesting to see how the military handled this case in such a way as to ensure that they were not committing a crime. The most surprising thing about the movie is the conclusion. I expected the movie to be very negative and to say that the military tried to send a message that homosexuality is a sin. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the military decided to give a different message. The movie shows that the military has an open mind about homosexuality. It is not the military's policy, but rather the policy of the courts. I am not sure that it was the best way to end the movie, but it was a good message for the military.

Andrew M. photo
Andrew M.

The documentary is a must see for the major change of view of Hollywood in the last 20 years, and also for the more recent change of view of the American Government in this country. It was very interesting, I learned a lot about the movie industry from this docu. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the movies. It's also interesting to see how Hollywood is able to keep itself in business. It's not very difficult to get money for movies anymore, but it is very difficult to get the majority of the people to like them.

Debra photo

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to add this to my "must see" collection. The movie chronicles the lives of four women whose lives intersect and cross paths in a very unique and unique way. The most fascinating thing about the film is the fact that it is based on a true story and not a fictional tale. The women in the film are not Hollywood stars, but the real life people they were. I was especially impressed with the work of Angela Saines, whose story was fascinating. She worked hard to get her story told and the film is a testament to her. The film is also unique in that it is the first documentary film to be made about the lives of four women in the United States. For me, this is a great story and film that everyone should see. I highly recommend it.

Tiffany Nguyen photo
Tiffany Nguyen

I'm going to be honest. I am not a big fan of children's film. I have seen a lot of them, and have found them to be pretty lackluster. However, I have found that this documentary was something I would like to see again. I'm not a fan of Michael Moore, but he does an excellent job of bringing the viewer into the minds of the children involved. It is almost like a documentary on the children. I thought that the acting was superb, and that there were some really good scenes that were truly touching. I highly recommend this film, especially for those who love children's films.

Eugene M. photo
Eugene M.

I thought that this movie was very well done and informative. I am not a Christian and I do not believe in the existence of God, but I do believe that if we take the time to understand the things we are taught and why, we can gain a greater understanding of the whole message. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that God has a purpose for our lives and that is to be happy. In my opinion, the best thing about this movie is that it is non-violent. I am a Christian and I do not believe in any violence, but I did not want to see this movie and not feel anything. I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for an answer to all their questions about the Bible. I am going to purchase this movie on DVD when it comes out and I will watch it over and over again. I will always have this movie in my mind, and I will always remember that I have had this movie in my head for a long time, and I will remember that I am watching a documentary and not a movie. Thank you so much for this wonderful movie, and I would like to thank you for putting it together, because it is very well done and informative.

Deborah H. photo
Deborah H.

This is a very good film. It shows how difficult it is to create a film that is true to the subject matter. It also shows how hard it is to get a movie made that is accurate to the subject matter, and it shows how hard it is to get a movie that is made. It is a very good documentary. I watched it twice and I don't think I will watch it a third time. It is very easy to watch and listen to, but it is a very long movie, so you can't watch it to the end. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a documentary, or anyone who is interested in this topic. It is a good movie. If you like documentaries, you will like this movie. It is not one of those films that you can watch once and forget. I think that it is one of those films that you will watch at least once a year or so, but I don't think you will forget it. I gave it an 8 because it was a good movie and I liked it. If you liked this film, please check out the other movies that I have reviewed.

Nathan Delgado photo
Nathan Delgado

I have a problem with the term "documentary". It implies a film that is not true, and usually gives the viewer an insight to the situation in which the film is shot. I can tell that this documentary is not true, because there is no clear evidence of the truth. There are facts that are hard to find, but the movie is not based on facts. That is why it is not a documentary, it is a statement that is based on the subject matter. The facts were not given to the viewer. This documentary is about what I call "the need". The documentary is not about the need, it is about the people who have a need to talk about what is happening in the world. I have no problem with the documentary, but I can see that there are some things that are not well written, and some things that are not well documented. I am not giving the opinion of the documentary, but of the people who made it. If you want to see a documentary about a subject that is important to you, see something else.

Craig M. photo
Craig M.

This film is a well told story of two people, who had great talents and a great deal of courage to live their dreams. But they faced the danger of being forced into poverty and to make a living. It is a must watch for any student or anyone who wants to see what it really means to live a dream.

Emma Y. photo
Emma Y.

I enjoyed this film a lot, it was very well done, I enjoyed the way they explained the scientific and medical background to the film and the filming was great, however, the acting was a bit to stiff and over the top. It would have been much better if they had been a little bit more dramatic. I also felt that the film was a little too long, it was a bit long to get to the science, and the length was a bit much. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it.

Linda photo

An exceptionally well made documentary on the problems faced by the homeless in New York City. The film follows homeless individuals as they discuss their experiences in a variety of settings including parks, streets, bus shelters, and restaurants. There are several interviews with local and national celebrities that add to the tension in the film. This film is a powerful indictment of the problems faced by homeless individuals and the people that are supposed to be their advocates. It's a movie that should be seen by anyone concerned about the lives of the homeless in the United States.

Alice Brewer photo
Alice Brewer

My husband and I were very impressed with this film, and we would recommend it to anyone who is interested in environmental activism. This film is a glimpse into the lives of the homeless, the homeless themselves, and those who are connected to them. I would suggest that anyone who likes films on the homeless, environmental activism, or just a good film, see this film. It is a unique and powerful film, and is truly inspirational. The homeless are not to be condemned, and the homeless themselves are not to be condemned. They are just people. This film is a must see for anyone who is interested in environmental activism.

Michael photo

I am in the same boat as the many who see this film. I am a 20-something and I'm not religious, but I do see the parallels in our society today. The lack of faith is also evident in this film. While I agree with the film's message, I believe it was too preachy and too much of a "feel good" movie. It was just too preachy and not enough of a "feel good" movie. I do agree that there is a problem in the world, but I do not believe that it's the best thing to have a religion that's always preaching to people. The problem is there is a lack of faith. The problem is not a lack of faith, but a lack of faith. If you are not in the right frame of mind, then you don't believe in something and it's not worth believing in. If you are in the right frame of mind, then you believe in something and it's worth believing in. I think it's more of a belief in ourselves and our ability to grow as human beings. The message of the film is not really important. It's a good message, but it was a bit preachy and a bit too preachy for me. I would like to say it's more of a message, but it wasn't. I do think it's important, but it wasn't good enough for me. There are a lot of other messages in this film, but the one I really like is about what our society does to young people. It shows a lot of young people that they are not valued and they are not valued by society. This film is about the power of God and the power of human beings. It shows us that there are so many different ways to follow God's word. I think that's what this film is about. It's about the power of faith and how we can use it to help people in a better way. It's not really about religion, but it's a good message and it's a good message about how we can use our faith to help people in a better way.

Samuel photo

I've seen a lot of comments on this documentary and the critics of the film have been very harsh. I have to agree with them. But I have to agree with them because there are two good things about this documentary. First of all, the way it is filmed. It's great how the camera always stays still and not moving. That is so refreshing and keeps you focused on what is being shown on screen. Secondly, the characters. We get to know these characters and we find out how they were raised, how they went through school and what their parents were like. It's not just about being a kid anymore. It's about being an adult and being able to make decisions for yourself and for others. We get to learn how to be responsible, take responsibility and manage your time. We also get to learn about the different cultures and how they have influenced the people who came to America and how that influenced the way they raised their kids. This documentary is very good. It is very realistic and real. I wouldn't say it's the best documentary ever made but it's very good.

Deborah Medina photo
Deborah Medina

A great documentary that will bring people closer to their pets than they ever thought possible. The film is very well researched and I don't think it's possible to capture every dog and cat in the world in a film. It's about the people and their relationships with their pets. This documentary shows you what the people and their pets are thinking and feeling. It doesn't portray every person as a bad person, or as a bad person's dog. It's not judgmental or over the top. It's just a documentary that shows you what people and their pets are thinking, feeling, and how they are feeling and thinking about their pets.