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Ma Loute

Ma Loute is a movie starring Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast. Infamous inspectors Machin and...

Other Titles
Mistério na Costa Chanel, Die Feine Gesellschaft, Die feine Gesellschaft, Οικογένεια Βαν Πέτεγκεμ, Martwe wody, Mirni zaliv, A sors kegyeltjei... meg a többiek, La alta sociedad, Mysteriet ved Slack Bay, Mysteriet i Slack Bay, Ma loute, Slack Bay, La bahía, Seklieji vandenys
Running Time
2 hours 2 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Comedy
Bruno Dumont
Bruno Dumont, Bruno Dumont
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jean-Luc Vincent, Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche
Germany, France, Belgium
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast. Infamous inspectors Machin and Malfoy soon gather that the epicenter of these mysterious disappearances must be Slack Bay, a unique site where the Slack river and the sea join only at high tide. There lives a small community of fishermen and other oyster farmers. Among them evolves a curious family, the Bréfort, renowned ferrymen of the Slack Bay, lead by the father nick-named "The Eternal", who rules as best as he can on his prankster bunch of sons, especially the impetuous Ma Loute, aged 18. Towering high above the bay stands the Van Peteghems' mansion. Every summer, this bourgeois family - all degenerate and decadent from inbreeding - stagnates in the villa, not without mingling during their leisure hours of walking, sailing or bathing, with the ordinary local people, Ma Loute and the other Bréforts. Over the course of five days, as starts a peculiar love story between Ma Loute and the young and mischievous Billie Van Peteghem, confusion and mystification will descend on both families, shaking their convictions, foundations and way of life.

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Kyle G. photo
Kyle G.

In the movie "L'Amour de Bessarabia", the "Belle Epoque" is mentioned a few times. It's the period of French history that we know, but it's not that familiar to us. The first episode of the movie is set in the seventeenth century. The film is about the relationship between the daughter of a great king and the little princess of the castle of Bessarabia. The king is a very bad person and his daughter is also very poor. She has to work hard to make her way in life. But when she falls in love with the young prince of the castle, she is able to escape from her difficult situation and becomes very popular in the town. She even gets married and has a son, but she is still very poor and unhappy. She tries to find a way out of her situation and to find happiness, but she is also unable to find a solution. This is one of the films that I can't decide if I like or not. The first episode is really good, but the second part is really terrible. I didn't really like it, but the third episode is much better. The characters are much more interesting and I like them much more. The scenery is beautiful and the movie has a good rhythm. This is a great movie, but it's not that good.

Johnny photo

This is a very funny movie with a very good cast. This movie is very well made. The movie is a comedy of sorts, but is not a comedy. The movie is very well written, with a great script. The movie is very funny, and I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good comedy.

Frank M. photo
Frank M.

I'm not the biggest fan of French cinema, but this film was so funny that I had to see it. The acting was great, the story was good, and the humor was great. I think this is a film that people who are not French will enjoy. The only thing I didn't like was the language of the movie. I think the movie is very good and I would recommend it to everyone.

Eugene photo

I was surprised to see this film because I am a big fan of JK Simmons and he has been in a few really bad movies. But this is his best film. The film is about a preacher who travels to a small town in the middle of nowhere to preach about the Lord. He soon finds out that this small town is being invaded by Satan and his minions. He must save the town from the demons and save his wife and daughter. This movie is good for the teens and older. It is not for kids. But it is worth seeing if you are a fan of JK Simmons.

Andrew Hunt photo
Andrew Hunt

I can't believe that so many people are bashing this movie. It's a cute little story, with a nice cast, and the acting is superb. The movie has a very funny and sweet tone, and it's a nice way to spend an hour and a half. I really liked the movie, and I hope that people will enjoy it as much as I did. I don't think it will win any Oscars, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Daniel Turner photo
Daniel Turner

A dark, poignant story. and an excellent job by all the actors involved. The two young actors who play the main characters are exceptional. The film does not have an easy, conventional ending, but the fact that it ended in such a way made the film resonate with me and made me really think about it. The acting and story line were outstanding. I was moved to tears at the end. It was truly a great film. I highly recommend it.

Thomas photo

Love the soundtrack, but this film is a bit too complicated to digest. The first half is like a twilight zone episode with absurdities. The second half is simply amazing! Why did it take a decade for "de l'escalier" to be released?

Jacob Larson photo
Jacob Larson

This is a nice little film, with a good cast. The story is about a man who finds out he has an evil twin, and tries to get revenge. The story is interesting and the acting is good. It's funny, and there are some really funny scenes, and some really funny deaths. I also really liked the way the story is told, it's not really a long movie, but it's a good movie. The cast are really good, and there is good chemistry between all the actors. The film is definitely worth seeing, it's not a typical horror movie, it's a nice little movie, with a good plot and good acting.

Juan Bell photo
Juan Bell

I'm a big fan of this movie. It is a very clever movie, that makes you think and have a great time. I highly recommend this movie to all of you. I have to say that the actors are great, the script is very clever and it is full of twists and turns. The plot is very clever and keeps you guessing until the end. This movie is a must see. It is a must see for all movie lovers. I give it 8 out of 10.

Jesse F. photo
Jesse F.

First of all, I must say that I am not the biggest fan of this French television movie, as I found it to be rather boring and I thought it was not that good. However, I had a friend who told me that this movie was so awesome that it was one of the best movies she had ever seen. So I thought I would give it a try, and boy am I glad that I did. This movie is about a French family that moves to America, and their two daughters. The two girls are the cutest in the world. Then the family is shocked to find that the father, Jean-Jacques (Jacques Cluzet), is not so young anymore. The two girls go crazy, and they start their own little cult, who must watch some strange tapes and do strange things. This cult is called the Black Barons. The girls are obsessed with cults, and they must protect the cult from the people who want to destroy it. They have all kinds of new tricks, like causing friends to walk in circles and sing songs and play games. What a cult! The Black Barons are not very nice, but I love their humor, especially the girl who is called Barbie. She plays on the telephone, and she makes fun of the dumb people. There are also things that she does to annoy people. This is a cute movie. I would recommend it to people who like cult movies, but I would not recommend it to people who are too squeamish. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Brandon Hamilton photo
Brandon Hamilton

The feeling I got was that I was watching a bad movie. If you've seen any of the other French movies I've reviewed in this series, you will feel the same. This movie is as bad as I thought it would be. The plot is very simplistic, and the editing is sometimes so quick and jerky that you don't notice it. The movie also goes on and on, trying to be funny. It fails at the first, and then fails at the second, and then fails at the third. The movie is full of "double entendre" jokes, or in the case of the German character, "f*" jokes. This movie is full of fart jokes, and I think the director did not get the message he was trying to send. Instead of giving us more than just a pretty face and some brawny muscles, he gave us more than that, and we got more than that. I have a friend who is a nurse, and she has an epiphany near the end of the movie. I think she did it for me, but I don't know what it was. I gave this movie an 8 out of 10.

Tiffany Keller photo
Tiffany Keller

It's not the best of the genre, but it's still good. I saw it on the screen and it didn't hurt the movie at all. The main character is pretty easy to like. He's a typical guy, who gets in trouble with the law. But you can still like him. He's a simple man who doesn't want to hurt anyone, but is willing to help anyone. There is one thing I didn't like about the movie, and that's the ending. It's just like one of those movies where you know the ending, but you can't say what it is. I hope this review will help you to watch the movie.

Jessica Lopez photo
Jessica Lopez

I was very surprised to see this movie not on my top 5 movies of all time. I had to think about it for a while and eventually it was. This movie was a very enjoyable movie and I recommend it to everyone. The plot was very good and it was very enjoyable. The actors did an excellent job. The movie was fun to watch and you will be laughing out loud. It is very different from the normal movies that you see. I am very happy to see that a movie like this is coming out and I hope more movies like this will come out. I think this movie is a great example of what movies can be like and I think it will be a hit with people. I think people will enjoy this movie and it will be a hit.

Jack Henry photo
Jack Henry

The story of the "Slumber Party Massacre" is simple and straight forward, yet it has a great number of ideas. A bunch of friends go to a mansion to celebrate a birthday. After a few nights, the party becomes a nightmare. People are being brutally murdered, and a secret is revealed. As a horror movie, the movie does not have any "haunted house" atmosphere. The story is a little bit more complex than that. The movie is just good, and the characters are great. The acting is good. The movie is very well made. The movie has a great atmosphere, and the music is great. The movie is not bad, but it is not good either. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Ryan S. photo
Ryan S.

The Blob is a pretty cool character that is rather memorable, as well as some pretty cool special effects. Also, it is a pretty good movie, I really like it. It is definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of the original. 8/10

Stephen photo

This is a fun movie, I do recommend that you see it and I have to say that it's not the first movie that I have seen where you can see a scene and then after that it shows you a different scene from that one. This is a great movie and I loved it and enjoyed it.

Raymond photo

This is a movie which is set in the future, but which is set in the 70's. A group of people who live in the city are put under the supervision of a "sheriff" and his sidekick. They are to "go away" for a few days to see their families, and go back when they are all back. The sheriff is the best man for the job, but is obsessed with his work, and the sidekick is the sort of man who thinks he's better than anyone else, and never lets himself relax. The sheriff's wife, who washes dishes in the kitchen, and looks down on the other ladies, has a mysterious death, and is suspected of it. The sheriffs wife's husband is the best in the world, and everyone will try to get him back. This movie is a little bit different than most of the other movies in the genre. The whole time, you are trying to figure out who is who and what is what. The movies always have a "good guy" and a "bad guy". This movie is a little bit different. You don't know who is who, and the story is set in the 70's. The acting is pretty good. I have seen the movie twice, and I plan to buy it when it comes out on DVD. This is a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone. If you have any interest in the genre, I highly recommend this movie.

Shirley D. photo
Shirley D.

I thought this was a really funny movie. I was entertained throughout the whole movie. The jokes were well placed and well executed. The acting was not bad at all. I thought the whole cast was really funny. The only thing I would say is that the movie was a little bit too long. I think that if they cut out the last 10 minutes of the movie, it would have been better. But I still thought it was a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Johnny photo

The first time I saw this film, I thought it was a silly, silly film, but I enjoyed it so much I watched it again the next day and it was just as good. The film is very silly, and has a lot of humor, but it's a good comedy. I thought the actors were great, and the story was good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the original French film.

Karen photo

The movie itself is a great comedy. I can't say I liked it as much as I loved the movie. It was actually quite good, and has a nice ending. I think it would be a good movie for kids, because it is quite lighthearted, and not as serious as other movies of this genre. The plot is actually pretty good, and I can't help but think that it would be a good movie for older kids. It has some funny parts, and the movie is quite good. The only reason I gave it a 7 out of 10 is because it is not as good as the first movie, and I would have liked it better if it had a little bit more comedy. The movie is a good movie, but I think that it could have been better.

Steven R. photo
Steven R.

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, and I am so glad I did. I love the genre of dark comedy, and I think this movie does a great job of blending it. It has it's funny moments, and some very sad moments. It is a very interesting movie to watch, and you should definitely see it!

Mildred Robinson photo
Mildred Robinson

If you like surrealistic films, this is a good one. If you don't, you might have a hard time telling the difference. The plot is rather simple. A woman with a keyhole face (the movie's title) travels to the other side of the world to get a copy of a book, but the book is lost somewhere in the desert. She goes back to her home town to find it, but is captured by a group of kidnappers. The woman's daughter, who has been kidnapped as well, is the key to unlocking the secret to the keyhole face, but she doesn't want to be found. This is a good movie. It has a good story, good actors, good scenery and it is funny. I was laughing all the way through it. The last ten minutes of the movie were a bit of a let down, but that's only because of the last ten minutes of the movie. If you are not used to this type of movie, it might be a little hard to get into it, but once you get into it, it's really good.

Judith photo

I think this film is the first French film I have seen that is so funny and funny in a disturbing way. I was laughing for a long time when I saw the poor little girl, "La Lille En L'Oise" (It's Life), dying. And it was a nice thing to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet's weird face when he made those shots of the "Hebdo" (the woman he has an affair with) in the bed (that was the most beautiful shot in the movie, but the one that I always want to see again). And the movie is funny because of its totally unbelievable way. I think we need more movies like this one, the last one I saw was a really bad movie with the same writer. And I hope that this movie will be more than enough to tell us the story of another one of those "philosophical" movies, which is very interesting but that we can't believe that we are watching. The director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is an interesting guy. I really enjoyed the movie a lot. I really liked his style and I hope that this will be his last movie. And the fact that this film was so much used in France in "thelemic" (atheist) festivals, without even a single complaint, proves that the director really knows how to make a good movie. And as I said before, this movie was really funny. It's an excellent picture that is very unique.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

The movie is about a man named Pare (Maurice Beneteau) who is the best magician in the city. His parents are very wealthy and have a great house, and they are very attentive to their daughter. But when Pare's sister asks him to perform a trick for her, he refuses. And then his sister goes to a Parisian psychic named La Place (Nicole Roudette) to help her to have the girl. And Pare is looking for help to stop the psychic from destroying his home. But he is a little bit suspicious about this girl. And this girl is beautiful and very mysterious. The movie is a little bit more complicated than the plot. But this is not a bad thing. It's a little bit more complex than the plot, but I don't mind this. The movie is very good and entertaining. It has a little bit of a mystery, but it is very entertaining. It is also very funny. And it is a little bit a musical. I think this movie is very good and entertaining.

Peter Evans photo
Peter Evans

What is the value of a movie that is not so good in comparison to others? If you know what I mean, you know that the film of the year is not going to be the much talked about masterpiece. But if you're one of those people who like to test the waters and watch something a little bit out of the box and see what you think, this film is for you. Not only is it a comedy, but it is also a really good character study of a narcissistic killer in the form of a lost 19 year old boy named Franco. I'm not going to go into a long but in-depth critique on the film, because I think that many of the things that I would say would be a bit pointless, would be actually redundant and would distract from the film. As far as character studies go, I was particularly impressed with Franco's. He has the look and voice of someone who knows that he's never going to be accepted by society. But he doesn't care about that because he has a really strong personality and is more interested in his own well being. He goes on a quest for the boy who thinks he's the one who killed his father, and of course, is the reason that Franco has to make the journey to get the killer, because he is the only one that can really get to know Franco. I'm not going to say too much about the film, because I'm not going to tell you anything you don't already know, but I will say that if you're one of those people who thinks that watching a film is important and makes you think about what you're watching, you should really give this film a shot. You'll be very glad you did.

Kathleen Kennedy photo
Kathleen Kennedy

I'm surprised that I didn't find this movie more amusing than I did. I liked it for what it was, a quirky comedy about an eccentric French girl, Luy, who is determined to see the big city. But she is also being chased by a Russian man who wants to become a journalist. The French girl is played by Isabelle Adjani, who is a lot of fun as the hyperactive and quirky Luy. The Russian is played by a young and beautiful guy named Dima who is also an attractive reporter. There are some funny scenes in the movie, but it's more of a light comedy than anything else. The movie has a few more laughs than most comedies have, but it's still pretty good.

Amy H. photo
Amy H.

The movie is a little slow, but the cast and the story is entertaining. I give it a 7/10.

Susan photo

A beautifully shot piece, this film comes in a season of young women and the machinations of their relationships and choices. Made in France, the movie is also loosely based on the American film "Girl With A Pearl Earring". As a film, it is at least 90% within its genre. As a painting, it is no masterpiece, but it is a very welcome work, and a nice snapshot of the French cinema. It is also a film that has a very universal message. We all have our own issues and we all want to be loved. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to be disappointed.

Brittany H. photo
Brittany H.

The story of a ghost that visits people on their birthday is one that has been done before and done better. The idea is interesting but the execution is quite poor. The cast has done a fine job in this movie. I am a fan of Alain Delon and I think he has done a great job in this film. I feel that the ghost is made more real by having him speak with an accent. I felt that there was a lot of exaggerations in the acting of some of the characters. I think that some of the things that they have said and done had to have been scripted, although they had a lot of time on their hands. Some of the things that they said and did are just so inappropriate that they should not have been in the movie. The biggest problem I had with the film was the music. It was very distracting, even though it was supposed to be used for the special effects. It is a shame that the people who put the film together couldn't put out a better movie. I give the movie a 6.5 out of 10. I think that it is worth the time to watch and I would recommend it.

Crystal photo

This movie is very silly and fun. The main character, the German Shepard, is in love with the Russian Girlfriend, and the whole movie is full of funny jokes. Some of the jokes are really stupid, but for a movie about Russian Roulette, that's not too bad. The movie is very short, and it is not very enjoyable for long periods of time. However, the movie is a lot of fun and a good way to waste some time. It's a good movie to watch if you want to laugh at a very silly and stupid movie.

Mildred Spencer photo
Mildred Spencer

A French "conversation film" with a decidedly high-brow sensibility. I watched it with some friends, all of whom were French, and it was a pleasant evening. A social satire that takes place in Paris. It's a "conversation film", of sorts, as the characters, including the women, are continually "discussing" the world of art, music, fashion, etc. The film is shot in black and white, and the images are often dark and moody. The film is not really "art" as such, but a light-hearted, social commentary on the world of fashion, art, music, and other arts. It's also a clever commentary on the French way of life, and how different people tend to react to the same things. The characters are all interesting and the film is well-acted, with a nice, witty script. I enjoyed the film, but I was still a little confused about some of the characters and their motivations. I also had a problem with the fact that some of the characters never seemed to act out the end of the film, or even the beginning of the film, but rather had to resort to verbalizing the beginning and the end of the film. I would also have liked to see more of the characters in the film, as well as more of the actual events of the film. I think that's a minor complaint, though. Overall, I think the film was a good, enjoyable, and funny social satire that I'd recommend.

Aaron photo

I was so excited to see this movie. I just love Seann William Scott as an actor. I'm so glad that he starred in this movie. I'm very proud of him for this movie. It was a great movie and it was hilarious. The movie was not like the other Seann William Scott movies. This movie wasn't as funny as "Lone Star", but it was still funny. It was a little bit too slow for my taste but the humor was good and it was funny. I like the other Seann William Scott movies but this one was the best. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Pamela photo

I was at the video store and saw this on the shelf.I didn't even know what it was about but I thought, this might be okay. When I got home I had it on VHS, and boy was I disappointed. I am a huge Alix Perez fan and I like her in all her movies.but this was definitely the one that made me start looking for other things to watch. The movie starts off good, then it kind of slows down and starts to drag. It's like the story is going to get really boring, then at the very end it picks up.but that was not the way I wanted it to end. There are also some scenes that are just awful, but those are probably my only complaints. The characters are all pretty funny and I liked them. And of course Alix Perez is in it. There is nothing that I didn't like about this movie, it just needs a little bit more work on the story and the ending, but overall I really enjoyed this movie.

Janice M. photo
Janice M.

I didn't realize until the end of the movie that I was supposed to be angry. That's because I saw the end coming a mile away. I was also very surprised to find out that the movie was actually a comedy, not a horror. I mean, it was only about two minutes long, but it was really funny. The characters were actually funny. They all had their little quirks that made you laugh. I really enjoyed this movie. It was better than I thought it would be. The only thing that really made me mad was that the main character didn't do anything right, and I was hoping that he would make it, or at least end up with the girl. But, after all, he was supposed to be an angel and a messenger of God, and I think that's the only reason I was mad. Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It was funny, and it was better than I thought it would be.

Joshua F. photo
Joshua F.

I saw this film on its international release. The production is nothing to write home about, but it's nice to see another French-Canadian produced film with a slight Canadian twist. It's not a film that will make you feel superior, but there's something enjoyable about the fact that a French-Canadian producer came up with something of a "new" story. The main character is played by H.J. Mencken, who I recognize from various TV and radio appearances, but was a great actor in his day. It was great to see him portrayed by a Canadian actor. I especially liked his portrayal of a doctor who gets caught up in a political battle that he doesn't really believe in. The movie is really about the conflict between two types of people. There's the people who want to help, and there's the people who want to help but aren't willing to do anything about it. The two are often in conflict, but are always at each other's throats. The movie is full of wonderful character actors. Some of them I'd seen before, but I thought the lead actress played her role very well. She was very good at conveying the intense anger that the character was feeling, and not giving a little bit of her heart to it. The movie is full of strong opinions, but it never really goes overboard. There are a few sequences that are a little too over-the-top, but it's mostly a film that I enjoyed very much.

Ethan Hicks photo
Ethan Hicks

I have to say that I was rather disappointed with this movie. It had everything that I have come to expect from a movie from the Netherlands, and nothing more. As an example, it was not very funny, and when it tried to be, it was too hard to keep up. On the other hand, it had a nice mix of scenes, and some of them were really good. In the end, it was still not very original. There was no reason to watch it, because the story was pretty bad, and the humor was not that strong. That is why I gave it a rather low rating. Maybe I have to say that one more time, because I really want to give it a perfect score. I just don't see why you should watch this movie, because it is not very good. 8/10

Shirley photo

A bit of a mess, but a really fun one. A group of friends decide to take a road trip to New York to visit their friend, but get a little more than they bargained for. I like the fact that the characters are so different. They're all different and it's fun to see them all interact. The cast is very well chosen and they all have their own personalities. This is a fun film that's easy to watch. There's a good mix of comedy and drama and it's all very entertaining. The plot is quite simple, but it's a good one. There are some great moments, such as the first scene where the guys are waiting for their friend's birthday party. It's a very funny scene. The second scene is also very funny. The last scene is also very funny. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend it to any fan of the genre. I give it an 8/10.

Bobby photo

When you read the synopsis you probably want to see this film with your loved one. You want to see something that makes you laugh at how ridiculous the premise is. It just might work. I was worried about this movie because I didn't like the premise that much. This movie is actually quite good. It's not Oscar worthy but it's not terrible either. The character of Elle is not that appealing and the plot has been done before. But this film actually has a lot of laugh out loud moments. It's the audience participation of the movie that makes it work. It makes you feel like you're a part of it. There are many films that are crowd sourced that are enjoyable but they are not as good as the first time. This film is enjoyable for the viewer because it is a crowd sourced film. They are just asking a question and then going on with their own plot. The acting is pretty good. I thought that Don Cheadle did a good job with the character he had. My favorite was a little boy who is a beautiful young girl. He was so adorable and I just wished he was the same age as me. The relationship that Don Cheadle had with the little boy was so great and showed that he cared for the boy. The two of them really work well together. There are a few things that could have been done better but it's not a terrible film. It's a lot of fun and it's a crowd sourced film. It works and it's good.

Peter photo

After a horrible year for the cast, this film brought the entire cast back together to save a small city. The plot is nothing special and isn't that good either but is still an interesting watch. The whole film is made up of a party scene and some scenes with a woman that is part of the cast. The whole film is made up of a character who will eventually find out what is really going on. Its pretty predictable but its definitely worth a watch. Overall, its a decent film and definitely worth a watch. This is a very young cast, a good look at a city that seems to have been lost.

Marilyn photo

This is not the best movie ever made, but it is far from the worst. This is one of those movies you don't really want to see once you are in the theater. It has a good story, some great music and it is just so darn cute. Some people complain about the story, but I think it is more of a downer. For a movie that is supposed to be a comedy, I think it is quite the opposite. Sure, it is a funny movie, but it is a downer. I give it a 8, because it is one of those movies you should see one time at a time. And it's really good at that.

Edward P. photo
Edward P.

I liked this movie, and I liked the way it was shot. The movie was not too long and the actors were good. I did not like the music in this movie but I did not notice it. The ending was not bad, it was kind of sad, but it was a good ending. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a good movie. It is a good movie for a rainy day, and a good movie for a family night.

Joan Ruiz photo
Joan Ruiz

My wife and I saw this film for the first time about 3 months ago and enjoyed it immensely. I've been a fan of Melissa Joan Hart since the 90's and have watched her on many occasions. I had seen a number of Melissa Joan Hart movies and have always enjoyed her acting. This movie was a must-see for me. I've never seen Melissa Joan Hart's "other" movies so I was a little apprehensive about how this movie would turn out. Melissa Joan Hart and her co-stars did an excellent job with the script and the script was a big part of the movie. I thought the plot was great. The movie was an enjoyable ride with some very funny scenes. I think the most funny scene was when Melissa Joan Hart was making out with two guys. It was hilarious. I also thought that the movie had a good message about how to get a job and I really liked the fact that it was a good message for the kids to hear. I think that this movie is a great choice for the family and it's a great family movie. I really hope that Melissa Joan Hart will be back with another movie and I hope that she will continue to act and produce movies. I've always been a fan of hers and this movie was a great choice for me. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. The movie was great and I loved it.

Margaret O. photo
Margaret O.

This is a really nice movie. I really like the look of the movie and the story is really interesting. I like the character of Maria, the girl who falls in love with a strange guy and he's really a stranger. The main characters are really funny and their actions are really funny. The story is very good and the end is really good. The movie is about a girl who falls in love with a strange guy and he's really a stranger and she doesn't know why. The girl falls in love with him and she starts to think about the strange guy, but he's really a stranger. But the girl's mother tries to convince her to stay with the strange guy and she has to decide. The movie is really good and it is really funny.

Virginia Powell photo
Virginia Powell

If you are a fan of the comic book movie, you might be a bit disappointed with this movie. But if you are looking for a comedy with a bit of romance in it, then you should check this movie out. I was a little hesitant about watching this movie due to the fact that it's based on a comic book that is not really known for it's comic book-like nature. But I was wrong. This movie was a lot better than I expected. It was funny and I was able to relate with the characters. I would recommend this movie to any fan of the comic book movie genre, but don't expect it to be as good as Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron Man. This movie does have a little bit of romance in it, but it is just an added bonus. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good laugh.

Betty photo

I thought it was a great movie. I know most of you have probably already seen it but it's worth seeing again. I do agree with a few of the comments that say it was boring but I thought it was also entertaining. I thought the characters were played very well and the ending was a great twist. I thought this was a very underrated movie. I also liked the soundtrack. It added to the movie as well as the overall feeling of it. I think you need to watch it twice to really get the full meaning of it. I also thought the ending was great. It made me laugh, I felt sad, I thought it was sad, and I thought it was funny. I think it is also important to realize that this movie is not meant to be taken seriously and it can be a very entertaining and enjoyable movie. I hope this movie gets the credit it deserves.

Nancy photo

I had never heard of this movie until a friend told me about it. I have been looking for a movie to watch for a while now, and I finally found it. I thought it was a great movie, but I don't know why it has such a low rating. I thought it was really good. It had a good plot, a good ending, and a great twist at the end. I have been wanting to see this movie for a while now, and I finally got to watch it. It was really good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy. It is a good movie for all ages. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Walter W. photo
Walter W.

I watched this movie on TV and thought it was pretty good. I thought the acting was good, but I didn't like the jokes. It was a bit of a drag to watch. It had a good story line and a good ending. I thought the characters were pretty good, but I didn't like the jokes. I think it was better than the movie "Tango and Cash". It was a good movie to watch on TV.

Albert photo

I am not a huge fan of French movies, but I was surprised how good this movie was. I think the only problem is that I have not seen many French movies. But I liked the movie very much, and I recommend it to everyone. The movie is about a group of people who are in love with each other, but one of them is cheating on her partner with another man. The group tries to find out what the problem is and what the reason for the problem is. The movie is funny, with some good jokes and a very good cast. I am not a fan of Gerard Depardieu, but he is good in this movie. He is very funny in this movie. I think this movie is a must see. It is a great movie. 8/10.

Jennifer Vargas photo
Jennifer Vargas

Quite a surprising surprise in my opinion. This is what I expected from this film: a dark comedy with a lot of playful (not childish) humour. I was expecting a lot of swearing (or even worse, some on screen violence). The film is definitely not an action film. But what I got was a fun dark comedy that was a bit of a rip off from Dogma. But it was well worth it. I think this film was made with a sense of humour. The characters were also very well played, as expected from a French film. The story was good, and the acting was good as well. I think this film is one of the best comedies of the last years. I think it is a good film to see in the theaters, and it is also a must see on DVD. It is a really good film that is worth seeing.

Olivia R. photo
Olivia R.

When you think of a movie that will make you laugh, this is the one you want to see. It is not the type of movie you watch with your girlfriend, but if you are in the mood for a laugh, this movie is for you. The movie is very funny, and the characters are well developed. The actors are very well casted, and it is nice to see the French stars playing in American movies. It is a very funny movie, and it is a good way to spend an evening. I highly recommend it.

Harry photo

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. It is definitely a movie for those who enjoy action movies. I really enjoyed the action scenes. I think it is a great movie for people who enjoy action movies. I also think it is a great movie for people who enjoy comedies. I really enjoyed the comedy in this movie. The humor was good. It was funny and a little different. I think that this movie is a little different and I think it is a good movie to watch with your family. It is a little different and I think that it is a good movie to watch with your family.

Linda P. photo
Linda P.

I was expecting this movie to be a typical romantic comedy. I was pleasantly surprised. This movie has a great message about life, love, and not to take life so seriously. The acting was great, and I thought the movie had a great message. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch.

Betty photo

I like the movie very much. It is a very funny movie. The jokes are good, and the jokes are not the usual kind. Some of the jokes are very funny. And the ending is very good. I think the movie is a bit too long, but it is a very funny movie.

Craig photo

This is one of those movies that you have to see at least once in order to fully appreciate it. It is an unusual movie in the sense that the characters are played by actors in their 50's, and it's a very funny movie. You may enjoy it more if you are older, as the lines and situations are quite crude. However, if you are young, you will enjoy it. If you are in the mood for a film with a good plot, interesting characters, and a nice laugh, then this movie is for you.

Willie Mendez photo
Willie Mendez

The movie is a good mix of comedy and romance, the story is different from the book but the same as the movie. The story is about a girl who travels with her boyfriend to the country of Loute. It's a small country and the whole population lives in the big city. Her boyfriend has a bad luck and she is cursed. She can't get any happiness from him. The girl goes to a city where she has to marry a prince. She will marry the prince because he is the only man she will ever love. The girl's husband has to die because the prince is sick and will die soon. The movie is about the relationship between the two. It's funny and the actors are good. The movie is not for children. The ending is a bit disappointing, but the movie is good.

Jean Sims photo
Jean Sims

A movie that is in no way intended to be a serious study of the Bible, but rather to provide the viewer with a fun, feel-good film that will make them laugh and smile. Lately I've been seeing a lot of movies that have an agenda and a message. So I decided to go out and buy a few and see if I could find something that would be fun and entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised. L'Auberge des Martyrs was a pleasant surprise. The acting is good and the story was great. I didn't know that this movie had a message, but it did. It was good for a Friday night. If you are a Christian and you are looking for a fun movie to watch, then this movie is definitely one you should check out. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Susan H. photo
Susan H.

The story of "La Loute" is simple, the film tells the story of a group of people who are trying to find a way out of their life, they are all middle aged and have been forced to move into a remote area. The group are all looking for a way out of the situation they are in, and what is going on in the area is very interesting to watch. The movie is about a group of people, and their journey to find a way out of their life, and how they cope with the situation. The film is very interesting and has a good story to it. The acting is very good, the actors all did a great job, and the direction was very good. The film is very interesting and it is a must watch.

Larry Carpenter photo
Larry Carpenter

In the film, the star of the show is the detective (played by Dany Boon), who is hired by the townspeople to investigate the disappearance of the mayor's daughter. The main plot revolves around the feud between the mayor and the townspeople. The townspeople are divided into two factions: the royal family and the French aristocrats. The royal family, led by the mayor's daughter, is in favor of keeping the town together. The aristocrats, led by the mayor's son, are in favor of removing the mayor. The film is full of slapstick and silly situations, such as the mayor's son playing the mayor's son on his guitar, and the mayor's daughter giving the royal family's daughter a present (which turns out to be a girl's panties). The film has a great soundtrack, too. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes comedy films.

Judith Walsh photo
Judith Walsh

I can't really put my finger on what the film was about, but I liked it. It was just a light hearted comedy that was entertaining and had some nice action scenes. I also enjoyed the supporting characters, which were all funny and had great lines. I also liked the whole idea of the characters being part of a group of people who have the ability to communicate with animals. I think it's a nice idea, and the film is a good way to introduce that idea. I also liked the idea of the main character being in love with his dog. The dog is a pretty good character, and I think he was a nice addition to the film. I also liked the idea of the main character being a cop. I think the idea of the cop being in love with his dog is very original and interesting. I think the film would have been a lot better if they would have made the main character a bit more of a guy, but I still think it's a good film. The film was entertaining and I enjoyed it. I don't think it's one of my favorite films, but I did like it and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light hearted comedy.

Frank photo

I saw this movie with my mom and my dad. My dad was not amused. He thought it was pretty lame. My mom thought it was hilarious. She said she enjoyed it. She said she enjoyed the fact that it was a comedy. I think it is a great movie for a girl's night out. I really enjoyed it and it is a movie that is not to be missed. I think that everyone should see this movie. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Tyler G. photo
Tyler G.

This film is about a woman who is a gardener for the government. She is taken into the room where she meets a man, and he tells her that the woman's husband died and that she will become a woman. She agrees to go to the man's home and find out what it is. The man is a magician who has to perform for the government. This film is not a masterpiece, but it is funny, and it is also a little bit scary. It is a little bit of a chick flick, but it is also a little bit of a chick flick that is actually a comedy. It is definitely not a chick flick that is going to make you want to go out and buy a copy of the film. But if you like chick flicks, then this is definitely a film that you should watch.

Adam G. photo
Adam G.

This is a story of a young girl and a bunch of other kids who are trapped in a small town. They're having trouble making a living and have no idea of what to do next. Their parents have a group of people who are willing to help them out but there is one big problem. There are no jobs in town and the town is in danger of going bankrupt. So the group decides to go to the big city and see if there is anything there. They end up meeting a girl named Claire (played by actress Marie-Josee Croze), who is from the big city. She tells them that there is a job in the big city and they can make some money and a lot of it. But she also tells them that there are people who want to kill them. I really enjoyed this movie and I really recommend it. It is not a movie that will make you laugh but it is a good movie. The cast is good and the story is very interesting. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Terry photo

I don't know how much of this movie is actually in the original French version, but the first half hour of this film is so much fun that I can't help but recommend it. The story is very clever and has a lot of funny moments, even if it is a bit predictable. The cast is also very good, with a great performance by the great Jean Rochefort. It is also a very good film, and it is very well worth watching. The French language version is also very good, with a great French cast and a very funny film. It is definitely worth watching.

Gary photo

This movie is fun and definitely a guilty pleasure for the kids. I remember seeing this when I was a kid and it made me laugh so hard that I was in tears. The characters are great and the story is great, I'd definitely recommend this movie to anybody who's young and can't wait to get a computer or see the Star Wars trilogy.

Howard V. photo
Howard V.

I have to say I wasn't expecting much from this movie. I was expecting to be entertained, but not to be taken seriously. I have to say that I was surprised by the quality of the movie. The movie is not for everyone, but if you like the genre of comedy then this movie is definitely for you. It is a very good movie, but not a masterpiece. If you are looking for a movie that is extremely funny then this movie is not for you. But if you like to laugh at movies and want to see a movie that is funny and has a good story then this movie is for you. I am not going to say that this movie is the best movie ever, because it is not. But if you are looking for a movie that is very funny and has a good story then this movie is for you.

Tiffany photo

I was not expecting much from this film, but it was actually really good. The plot is simple, a bunch of people are trapped in a house. The house is haunted by a demon, and the people who are trapped in the house have to save themselves. I thought the film was very original, and I enjoyed it very much. It's definitely not a film I would recommend to anyone who likes horror films, but I do recommend it to people who like films like The Haunting and The Others. If you like the other films, you'll probably like this one as well. I'm not a big fan of French films, but I think this is one of the best ones I've seen. I'm not a huge fan of the French film industry, but I think this is one of the best ones I've seen. I think this is a really good film, and I think it's worth watching. 8/10

Megan R. photo
Megan R.

I was greatly looking forward to seeing this film and am very glad I saw it. I really enjoyed it, it is a fun, energetic film with some nice surprises. I loved the two brothers, especially the one who played Justin, and they played a wonderful part. I think the plot was somewhat predictable, but I really liked the banter they had with each other. I was also looking forward to seeing more of the characters from the previous movies. I think I liked the way the movie ended, it was a nice twist on the usual Hollywood ending. I especially liked the ending, especially since it made you feel that the ending of the movie was a bit anticlimactic. I really liked the ending, it was very emotional and unexpected. Also, I was surprised by the length of the movie. I have to admit I found the movie a bit slow and boring in parts, but I could overlook that because of the great acting of the entire cast. I also liked the part where they played the two brothers off each other, it was a very interesting and engaging scene. I'm glad I saw it, I think it is one of the best films I have seen this year and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. My final rating: 8/10

Jacqueline F. photo
Jacqueline F.

This is a good movie, and I am glad I saw it. I am not a big fan of the French language, so I had no expectations about the movie. But I was impressed by the actors. It is a comedy, but it is not a comedy of bad language. It is a comedy of good language. It is a comedy of good characters. The actors are very good, and I have no doubt that they will be in more movies. The movie is very nice and the characters are very well developed. The movie has a good message, but I think it is a little bit exaggerated. I am not sure that the message is correct, but I think that the message is very important and important for people to see. It is a good movie. I recommend it to people who like French movies. I also recommend it to people who like comedy.

Betty F. photo
Betty F.

I think this movie is so good, it will be a long time before you see another movie that is as good as this one. I can't find any faults in it. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's so funny and entertaining. It has a great cast and the direction is so good, it makes you feel like you are a part of the movie. The cast is really good. I can't think of anyone who didn't like this movie. It's a movie that you can watch with your friends and they will all love it. I can't say enough good things about this movie. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I hope it will be as good as the original French movie. I know it will be. It's so good.

Emma Weber photo
Emma Weber

This movie is definitely a must see for all those who like to laugh and cry and enjoy a good comedy. I like how it is all about the relationship between the couple and the comedy aspect is very good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh and has a good time.

Donald K. photo
Donald K.

I can't believe that I actually got to see this movie, but it was a great surprise. I'm not a big fan of French movies, but I really enjoyed this one. It was very funny and you don't know what is going to happen next. It's not very scary, but I think that's the point of the movie. The movie is very clever, and it's a great movie to watch with your friends. It's a very smart movie, but it's not that original. I think it's very underrated, but I think that's the point of the movie.

Nancy M. photo
Nancy M.

The movie was good, the story was good, but the ending was bad. It was so predictable. They could have just ended it with a happy ending and they didn't. I don't know if they even had a happy ending in the first place, but it would have been better. There was no need to give away the ending. I wish they would have just ended it right there and then. It was a nice movie, but it was so predictable.

Billy photo

I saw this movie a few years ago and it was a very good movie. Now I have seen it again and it is still very good. It is a very funny movie. The storyline is very interesting. I am not going to tell you the story of the movie, but it is really funny. I am a big fan of the movie and I think it is a good movie to watch. I also like the movie because it has some good songs. I think that this is a very good movie.

Catherine Harper photo
Catherine Harper

In a way, this movie was a success. It was a great comedy, and the performances were very good. However, the story was not very compelling, and the end was rather disappointing. In a way, it was a bad movie. I think the director was trying to create a very funny movie, but the end was not really that funny. Maybe it was just a bad director, but the end did not fit the movie. Maybe the director should have tried to create a good ending. The cast did a great job, and they really gave their best. But the ending was not that good, and it did not fit the movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, because it was not very good.

Harold Graham photo
Harold Graham

I am a fan of the old black and white movies of the 1940's and 1950's. These were so much more fun to watch than the modern Hollywood movies. This is the best of those movies. I especially liked the scenes in which the family was in the theater. It was great to see the old theater and the wonderful old actors. The movie was great and I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. I recommend it to anyone who likes old movies.