Steam Ji-geum-eun-mat-go-geu-ddae-neun-teul-li-da


Ji-geum-eun-mat-go-geu-ddae-neun-teul-li-da is a movie starring Jae-yeong Jeong, Min-hee Kim, and Yuh-Jung Youn. A married film director falls for a young painter - twice.

Other Titles
Certo Agora, Errado Antes, Ahora bien, antes mal, Ahora sí, antes no, Teraz dobrze, wtedy źle, Un jour avec, un jour sans, Acum da, atunci nu, Right Now, Wrong Then, 正しい日 間違えた日, Einmal fremd, einmal vertraut, Sítio Certo, História Errada, Right now, wrong then, Doğru Zaman
Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sang-soo Hong
Sang-soo Hong
Min-hee Kim, Yuh-Jung Youn, Ju-bong Gi, Jae-yeong Jeong
South Korea
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Quite by accident, a film director arrives in town a day early. With time to kill before his lecture the next day, he stops by a restored, old palace and meets a fledgling artist. She's never seen any of his films, but knows he's famous. They talk. And together, they go to her workshop to look at her paintings, have Sushi and Soju. More conversation follows, and drinks, and then an awkward get-together with friends where all sorts of secrets are revealed. All the while, they may or may not be falling for each other. Then, quite unexpectedly, we begin again, but now things appear somewhat different.

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Kelly T. photo
Kelly T.

Won't forget it. No need to say more about this film. The cinematography is incredible, as the theme is very close to my heart. It will touch your heart. This film is the most beautiful and deep movie ever made. I have never seen such a great story, and I don't know what it is about Korean cinema that keeps inspiring me, because I have seen such movies in my life. There are not many movies that can compare to this one, and I can say this because I have seen many films that can't compare to this one, but this is one of them. No movie that can be compared to this one. This movie is truly unique, it is just one of the most beautiful movies ever made. One of the best movies ever made. A+

Scott photo

Watched this movie in a screening at a local art college in Seoul. I was initially a bit skeptical, but the storytelling was so powerful, the acting so amazing and the score so beautiful, I couldn't look away. I felt moved. I don't want to give away too much of the story. This movie is about a guy named Seung-hee, played by Jang Hye-yeon, who goes to a New York City art gallery and is the most important person in his group of friends, and the youngest member of his class. He is a complex character, and his actions are either desperate, but necessary or outright villainous. The movie ends on a more hopeful note, but the story is complex, and the director has done an incredible job. The photography is stunning. This movie is a gem.

Jessica photo

Movies are one of the most expressive forms of expression in the world. It is a form that has the ability to communicate ideas, emotions, and philosophies to the viewers in a powerful way. Of course, the films that make it to the top are the ones that have a different style and a different style of expression. This is because movies are such a powerful form of expression and it is not easy to make them. And that's the best part about movies. You cannot make a great movie if you have no style and you have to think on your feet to make it. Movies such as Spirited Away have a style that I have not seen in a while and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is something that will take your breath away. As for the style of expression, it is different from most people's opinions. The film's style is like that of a fairy tale, but with different words. But for a child, it will be the same. If you are interested in this movie, I recommend watching it in Korean or Japanese and I would say you should see it in Japanese as well. If you have not seen this movie, go watch it in Japanese. But that is only if you are interested in Japanese culture and it is one of the most beautiful cultures that we have ever seen.

Madison Powell photo
Madison Powell

This is the story of a woman who is a fraud for the rest of her life, and is rewarded for it by her husband. I am sure the director/writer had a lot of difficulties when trying to get the funding for this movie. I have to admit I have not watched a Korean movie in quite some time, and I had never heard of this movie before. I had heard of Korean gangster movies, but this one caught my attention. The plot is a little different, but still very interesting. This movie was shot in the middle of the night and I was able to see it through the light of the moon. I was very impressed with the quality of the film, the cinematography and the direction. The acting in this movie was superb, and the fact that this movie had no actors in the lead role made it even more impressive. This is a movie you will definitely want to watch again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in film, and I strongly recommend you to see this movie, but make sure to bring your cell phone with you, so you can listen to the audio tracks on the radio.

Jonathan photo

As a fan of the movies of Korean cinema I cannot help but agree with all the positive comments and accolades this movie has received. I have seen this movie about 10 times and I am amazed at how much I enjoy it each time. The story is slow moving and uneventful, yet it is so entertaining that it makes you want to watch it again and again. I have not seen anything like this movie before. It is the story of two young siblings who were separated when their mother was killed in a car accident. They were taken into the care of an orphanage and a woman (Su-bi) helped them to come to terms with their feelings and get on with their lives. The two young siblings were very talented but had no friends. They began to learn to read and write but, their father was not around and they fell behind in school. The only friend they had was the person that helped them to overcome their disabilities. Su-bi was a woman who learned to love people through reading and writing. The two orphans were the same and were able to do something to improve their life. This movie is about finding a purpose and helping others. It shows the importance of education and reading and writing. It also shows the importance of social interaction and teamwork. This movie is not only for kids but for adults as well. It shows that you can learn to be independent, work well with others, and learn to develop your own life by helping others. The parents in the orphanage are very caring and kind and they give their children a sense of independence. The other child actors are also very good and have a lot of charm and charm that adds to the movie. This is a movie that everyone should see at least once in their life. It is one of the best Korean movies ever and it is a great movie that you should watch. This is the story of two young people who are struggling to overcome their disability and the good and the bad. It is an uplifting story about how you can be independent and how you can learn to be more independent. The director, Lee Chang-Dong, is an excellent director and I hope that he can continue making good movies and make more people understand that disabilities are just as important as the ability to think and speak.

George photo

I am very surprised that this movie was even nominated for best foreign language movie at the academy awards, and I don't think it deserves it. This movie is a fantastic drama that is both surprising and horrifying at the same time. It is about a young girl who is a girl with a severe case of "malingering" and it affects her constantly. When she finds out that her mother has gone off to a different country, she realizes that she can't go with her to that country, and that's what causes her to do the thing she is doing. The movie is about being strong and self-preserving, which is very important for anyone, even if you are an adult. It's about growing up, and the things that you have to do to keep your self-respect. It's about a girl who can't control her moods, and her mother who was not supportive, and it's about the beauty of motherhood, and the happiness that you can find if you have it. It's about how you deal with what you can't control, and how to manage it. It's about finding yourself, and about being proud of what you are. I recommend it to everyone.

Arthur photo

This is the first film of The Lawyer, a Korean director with a strong history of film-making. This is a beautiful and intelligent film, that tells the story of a woman who is on her way to marrying her ideal man, but she has been cheated on. She turns to the law to get her revenge, and to recover her honor. The film is beautifully shot. The acting is great, and it is interesting to see how the lead character acts in her case. The screenplay is a strong one, and tells the story in a strong and elegant way. I believe this is a film that needs to be watched more than once. The acting is excellent, and the writing is strong, and in this film the strength of the script shines out. This is a strong film that deserves a strong rating, and I am very proud to say that I enjoyed this film. It's not for everyone, but I recommend that you watch it. It is definitely worth it.

Emma Owens photo
Emma Owens

In this movie I saw the reaction of the people on seeing the American remake of The King's Man. They were quite surprised and thrilled at the same time, and they also had a very emotional reaction to seeing the film. I felt the same way. The film was made in Korea, but the feelings that the people felt were the same as the people in the U.S. and Canada. It is a beautiful film. I believe that it should be shown in film classes in schools around the world.

Cheryl F. photo
Cheryl F.

In Korea, the idea of a Korean film being called a "Classic" is a first for a foreigner, and it shows how much the Koreans really appreciate and cherish this sort of film. This film is a movie, and like the other Korean films in this movie club, this one is not a film made by a group of people who has seen the most Hollywood films. It is a film made by a group of people who have seen the best Korean films, and who will continue to see the best Korean films. In other words, it is a film made by the people who have seen the best films, and it shows what they have seen in the best Korean films. What the film is about is the stories told in the Korean films. These stories are simply fantastic, not very often you see them. I would even go as far as to say that these stories are the best in the world. If I were to say the same about a Hollywood film, I would be giving a really bad review. There are too many things that can go wrong with a Hollywood film, and I am a fan of Hollywood films, but I cannot say the same about Korean films. These films are simply breathtaking. This is the first Korean film I have seen in a long time, and I was impressed. I have seen all kinds of movies, but I have never seen a film like this before. I think it is one of the best films of all time, and I hope it will be in the top 25 films of all time. I would like to thank the Korean film club for this excellent movie.

Scott Henry photo
Scott Henry

The other reviewers seem to be ignoring the major plot holes and missing points that the film has in its favor. I found the plot almost impossible to follow at times and have to take the time to see it again. I think I could tell what was going on but it was very hard to say for sure. A lot of people like to say "what do you mean you don't understand?" but I guess it's like the most important thing to understand, but in this case you need to look deeper than just that. The movie does take a while to get started. You don't get to know the main characters very well until the final two minutes, and then you see the rest of the story unfold. But the movie does an excellent job of showing the complete evolution of their relationship. The scene where he learns about his father and his mother, and the scene where he finally sees his father and her death, are great. The scene when he realizes that he's in love with the first girl he's ever seen is also really great. The actors have such great chemistry together that I couldn't stop crying every time they were on screen together. They actually have the perfect chemistry, even though they're not playing the main characters. It's actually the scene where they find out that their mother has cancer, and the scene when they finally find out their father has died, that is what really makes the movie and really sets the scene for the rest of the film. The film also has a great story. The first half of the movie is really good, and the second half is the most interesting part. I have to say that I'm really surprised that it didn't win an Oscar for best film. But that's my opinion, and I'm sure that some people have different opinions. I do recommend this movie. If you like Asian films, this is definitely one you should watch.

Dennis Price photo
Dennis Price

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a film that can be viewed by anyone, but it is one that will resonate with those who have lost someone close to them. It is a film that should not be missed.

Donald Riley photo
Donald Riley

The best Korean movie ever, since 'Run Lola Run'. The best film ever made in Korea. That is something I would not have expected to see. What a masterful job this director did. The acting was superb. The story was wonderful, with a lot of twists and turns. And the special effects were outstanding. The scenes were beautifully shot. The music was very touching, and the characters were really engaging. And the ending was extremely beautiful. I can't wait to see this one again.

Donald Gilbert photo
Donald Gilbert

A tour-de-force from the directing team behind the Oscar-winning "Ringu" - "Memories of Murder" is not only a work of genius, but a rare instance of superb storytelling. A slow-burn drama about a murder mystery and its aftermath, "Memories of Murder" is a "living film", meaning that it doesn't just serve as an explanation for a murder mystery, but it also goes deeper and deeper into the psychological aspects of the killer. It may not be easy to follow, but it's a visual tour-de-force that takes your breath away. Shot in black and white, this dark, atmospheric thriller boasts an awesome soundtrack and mesmerizing camera-work. It's one of the best film to come out of South Korea in a long time. The ending is jaw-dropping, and you will be glued to your seat. Highly recommended.

Timothy photo

I would like to know who said this film is the best Korean film ever made. I was told this was one of the best films ever made. I have seen many films of this type, and this is the first to be nominated for the best film at the Oscar's. I think the film is a masterpiece. I am so glad I am not Korean. The film is filled with a very realistic view of the Korean culture. I have seen many movies of this type, and this is the first one to be nominated for the Oscar. The film is filled with realism and heart. The film portrays the Korean people's love and respect for the nation and the people of Korea. I think the film is excellent. I am sure I will be watching this film many times in the future.

Carol photo

This film is not for everyone. The story of the characters and their relationship is very strong, and is very hard to watch. It is a film that has you on the edge of your seat and thinking about it. I strongly recommend it. I rate it 9 out of 10.

Carolyn W. photo
Carolyn W.

This is the first Korean movie I've seen that I can remember. I went to see it at the cinema when it first came out, and I loved it. When I first saw it, I had mixed feelings. I felt that it was very well acted, but also very slow. I can only remember a scene with a teddy bear being chased by a tiger in the forest, which I thought was really cool. I also remember how hard the acting was, because it was so subtle, and you really couldn't tell whether someone was acting or not. I am a person who enjoys slow-paced, quiet dramas, and I think this movie was pretty much perfect for that. The characters were also really interesting, and you could feel their thoughts and feelings throughout the film. I also liked how the movie kept you guessing about who was who and what was going on, and I really liked the "oh my god" moment when the protagonist was told that she was a virgin. It was really emotional, and it was something that I could relate to. I don't really think that this movie is a true masterpiece. It's pretty slow at times, and I didn't really feel the characters' emotions the way I had hoped. I think that the characters are probably better acted, but the movie isn't really my type of movie. It was just interesting enough to keep me interested, and I would recommend it to people who want to see a good slow-paced drama.

Jordan Lawson photo
Jordan Lawson

The brilliant, and sometimes too dramatic, "A Case of Love" is a high-stakes thriller with a central theme of innocence and trust. The film follows the relationship between a lawyer (Tae-yeong Lee) and a South Korean prosecutor (Ha-jin Kim) who are trying to make a case against a serial murderer. The story revolves around how the relationship between the two develops and the ways they handle their cases. Although I'm not a fan of romantic movies, I thought the movie was gripping and captivating. It was good to see a drama with a romantic storyline with a huge twist that keeps the audience interested. The story is based on the novel "A Case of Love" by Yoon-sook Choi and the screenplay is by Yoon-young Park. I really enjoyed the script and I would definitely recommend this film to any movie-goer. The performances by Ha-jin Kim and Yoon-sook Choi are superb and they definitely deserve the praise they've been receiving.

Justin Knight photo
Justin Knight

After watching this movie I realized how much I liked it. It's a movie that requires a great deal of patience and patience is rewarded. As a rule, I like dramas that have a hard core plot. I'm not usually one for them, however, this movie has a great plot. The only part I felt was over-done was the love story. It doesn't have the same drama as a lot of dramas in Korea. You can tell that this was based on a true story. Another thing that I liked was the cinematography. It's very well done and the colours are vibrant. I love this kind of film. It's a film that will stay with you for a long time and it is a must-see. Highly recommended.

Robert Franklin photo
Robert Franklin

I was not prepared for how much this movie affected me. I have been a fan of Song Kang-ho for a long time, and have been a big fan of Jang-won (who plays a very important role in the movie) for quite some time, but I was not prepared for how much it affected me. I am a big fan of the Korean Cinema, and I have loved every single Korean film ever made, but this movie changed my life. I can honestly say that this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It changed my life in so many ways. I had never heard of this movie before, but I knew that it was good. I didn't even know that it was a Korean movie until I watched it, and I wasn't even aware that it was an American movie. I had never seen this movie, but I was blown away by the power of the story and the acting. It was amazing. The movie is set in the 70s, and all of the people in the movie are related to the Korean culture, and the movie is set in a Korean family. It is a perfect movie to get into Korean culture, and it is very interesting to learn about Korean culture. I recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of age, gender, or political affiliation. This movie will change your life.

Angela photo

This is the best Korean movie I've seen in a long time. The movie is not about the rape of a young girl, but it is about the sexual abuse of a young girl by her father. It shows that there are many ways to abuse and mistreat a child and that a father can do the same. I think the director did an excellent job of depicting the damage of sexual abuse. It shows that sexual abuse is very difficult to escape. This is the best movie I've seen in a while.

Peter McDonald photo
Peter McDonald

I really enjoyed this movie, and I had the feeling it was one of those movies you can just sit and watch. I think everyone should watch this movie, as it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. I really felt as though it was a movie I had to have, as I thought the story was really well written. I think the reason why it was a great movie is because it doesn't really have a bad thing about it. The characters were great and the story was really good. The acting was really good, especially the two lead actors. I really enjoyed the whole movie and it made me feel good. I really enjoyed it and it definitely wasn't boring, which I thought it was, as the movie wasn't that long. This movie is a must see, as it's definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. 10/10

Hannah Spencer photo
Hannah Spencer

I really enjoyed this film, and thought it was a great movie. It was not like a movie where you have to go to a lot of places, but just the way I pictured it. I loved the whole story, the main character, and how the plot unfolded. I thought it was a great movie, and I hope more people will see it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. 10/10.

Jack Pierce photo
Jack Pierce

I can only guess that my reactions to this film will be influenced by the fact that my experience with some of my favourite films have been influenced by this film. That said, the first time I saw this film, I was very moved by it. It was this scene in the scene of the dying girl that really drew me in. I've just seen this movie again, but it's probably because of the visuals that I've just watched again. This is a very beautiful film, and it was also the first time I've really felt that empathy towards an African-American in a film. I'm not sure how to explain this, but I'm pretty sure that when I watch this film again, I'll feel like it was the first time I've ever felt that way about a film.

Victoria R. photo
Victoria R.

This movie is a big step for Korean cinema. I have never seen a movie this deep, so emotional, so beautiful. The story is so fascinating, the movie has great acting and great directing. I am really sorry for my English. I am not Korean. I just love to watch this movie. I hope to see this movie at many other festivals. I just hope they will give a lot of support to this movie.

Patrick N. photo
Patrick N.

I just watched this movie today and it was really good! It is about an old woman who is ill and has been with the house for more than 50 years. She has a grandchild that she has never seen. She just wants to give him to the grandparents to bring to the hospital. In the hospital she meets an old woman named Lee Dae-Soo, who also has a grandchild. Lee Dae-Soo is a kind of a rich lady who she has treated in the hospital for her sickness. She treats her like a daughter and doesn't treat her like a sister. She is a very caring person, who is very kind and just wants to give her granddaughter a chance to grow up. The granddaughter is just a kid, but she likes to play with the old woman and she likes to eat the old woman's food. Lee Dae-Soo, the granddaughter, becomes a little concerned about her grand-daughter's attitude towards her grandmother. Lee Dae-Soo is a very caring person, who wants to do everything for her granddaughter and she wants to protect her. The granddaughter also has a kind of a soft side, that she has an incredible love for her grandma. When she meets a little boy named Jung-Dae, who also has a grandchild, she really does care about him and she helps him to be a little nicer to her grandmother. This movie was really good. The actress who played Lee Dae-Soo was really good. She was a very loving person who really wanted to help the granddaughter to grow up. I really liked this movie and I think that it was very good.

Tyler Porter photo
Tyler Porter

I saw this movie for the first time and the first time I saw it I had no idea what I was watching. The characters were so well drawn that I was interested in them. The movie had a really good message that I don't think I have seen before. The only thing I was disappointed in was that I wasn't allowed to see it in the cinema. The cinema was not open at the time I saw it. If I could have seen it in the cinema I would have loved it. This movie is a must see for anyone that is interested in art, or just an intelligent movie. The characters were the most interesting characters in the movie and I think that everyone should see it at least once.

Madison L. photo
Madison L.

After the movies "The Dreamers" and "My Daughters" this movie is the perfect example of the best Korean movie I have ever seen. The music is haunting, the acting is exceptional and the story is full of emotion. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a movie that makes you think, feel and think about the world in a different way. "An Inconvenient Truth" is the best movie I have seen in 2012, I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of drama, mystery or even an action movie. I think this movie is just perfect. I give it an A+

Anna photo

This movie has won my heart.It is not a typical korean movie.It is a great film. It has a special atmosphere. The story is very original. The movie is so much more than you can expect from it. This movie is a Korean movie that is truly unique and it is a movie that you can never forget. Every time i watch this movie i am moved to tears.It is a great movie that you should watch.The actors in this movie are superb.I think this movie is truly a great film.It is definitely a must watch. Watch this movie if you have not already.

Beverly photo

This is one of my favourite movies. It is the story of a troubled man, a teacher, who is forced to leave his home in Korea, in order to take care of his dying grandmother. When he comes back, he sees that there is a big difference between his real life and his dream life. He has to go back to his old life and face his past, he also has to face his wife and the people he used to know. There is a strong sense of nostalgia in this movie, but also the fact that it is very realistic and true to life. It is a very good movie, that will leave you very sad, but also very happy. This movie is very emotional, and it leaves you very emotional.

Joseph Jackson photo
Joseph Jackson

I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows about this drama movie of four people who meet for the first time in a very short time, and that's because it has a great storyline, and I just like watching it. Well, the movie is about a girl who gets married to her uncle in one year, and when she gets back to her home, she finds that her parents have divorced. After she runs away, she meets a guy, and he starts to love her, and they live together. Later, she falls in love with this guy, and he wants to marry her, but she wants to stay with her parents. After that, the movie starts to show the real life of the two people, and the story continues to show how they try to find the love, and how they try to get rid of the old ways of the society. I really recommend this movie, and I think that people who are into romantic drama movies will love it. I don't think I have to tell you that, because it is a really great movie. If you are really into that, then I recommend you to watch it. I've watched this movie 3 times now, and I think that it has a great story, and it is definitely worth to watch it.

Scott photo

I watched this film in 2009, the year of its release. I was not expecting much from it. The very first time I saw it, it was on television, and I was shocked. I did not expect that the film would actually touch me. The film is a true story about a woman, who is very special, and a lot of people are very jealous of her. It is also a very poignant film, because the man who wrote the screenplay, is a very private person. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him to make the screenplay. The story starts out as a drama, but when it gets to the end, it becomes a love story. This is a very beautiful film. It is definitely a very sad film, but at the same time it is a very beautiful film. It is also very touching, because it shows how deep a person's love for a woman is, and how much she loves her family, and how she is always looking for that special someone. It also shows the extreme power of a man, to control a woman. I personally thought that this film was extremely emotional, because it is a true story. I really like the direction the director, Mr. Ji-Geun, took the film in, and how he wrote the screenplay. He really did a wonderful job at writing the screenplay. The screenplay was very hard to write. It was very difficult to write a screenplay that will make us cry, and at the same time, make us laugh. It was very hard to do that. The director, Mr. Ji-Geun, took the most difficult task in the world. I also like how he made the film almost feel like a documentary, because there are many characters in the film, and we see them all the time, even when we are not in the film. I also like how he used actors who are famous for their dramatic roles, but also used actors who are known for their comedic roles. In the beginning of the film, we see a man and a woman, but the story then becomes a romance. This is also a very good thing in a film. Because then you see the two characters that are almost perfect, but we see the other character, who is very sensitive, and that is how he is, and he is so beautiful. The way that he expresses himself is amazing, because he is not very sensitive. He is very expressive, and it is very nice to see that, because it is very very hard to express yourself when you are sensitive. The actors in the film were all very good. They

Catherine Turner photo
Catherine Turner

I really liked this film. I first saw it when it was released and was fascinated by the complex and nuanced social and political situation it presented. I felt like the character of Janice was very realistic and did not disappoint. The cinematography and art direction were excellent and the story line was intriguing. The music by John Powell was amazing. I thought that it really added to the overall quality of the film. I think that this film is an example of a film that deserves more attention and recognition.

Beverly S. photo
Beverly S.

The most meaningful and affecting film of the year, this movie has the power to do good things in the hearts of those who see it. I was deeply touched by the loneliness and isolation of the characters in this film and how their tragedy is the same struggle that so many people are struggling with. The cinematography, the writing, and the music are all masterpieces and the acting is amazing. I loved the ending and the scene in which the main character reflects on his life. The power of this movie is that it is deeply personal. The performances were outstanding and the characters felt real and real people. This movie will stay with me for a long time to come.

Stephanie photo

It's impossible to find any movie about Korean people that doesn't portray the people as ruthless and shallow. I found this movie to be quite entertaining and even though I was already aware of Korean dramas, I still enjoyed this movie. I think that the people are portrayed as a typical Korean people but that's not a bad thing. I think the movie would be a good movie for people who are interested in Korean drama. Even though I didn't think the movie was that good, it was still entertaining and I thought the director did a good job. I also recommend that people watch this movie if they're interested in Korean dramas.

Nathan Boyd photo
Nathan Boyd

This film is a true Korean crime drama that is sure to make the subject of female incarceration in modern Korea one of the most controversial issues that will be debated and discussed for decades to come. My first experience of watching this film was through the English language version on the DVD that I bought from the internet and that was more than enough to hold my interest. I really didn't know much about the film except that it was a Korean movie. However, after watching the English version, I realized that this film was a true Korean movie, and the film gave me a new perspective on how things really are in the country. The acting of the film is really good. I really enjoyed watching the two leading characters, Kim and Kyung-ho, who are really good actors and really bring the film to life. However, what really makes this film stand out is the director's unique, and at times, very different, approach to film-making. The film takes on a very different approach to film-making than many other Korean movies. The film is very much in the style of a documentary, but that style is different from many other Korean movies. This is a great film that is very well made, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Korean films and crime dramas. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Susan Andrews photo
Susan Andrews

I love this film. It is an artistic masterpiece. To me, it was the best movie of the year. It was not just about Lee Soon-sil. It was about Lee Soon-sil's film, The Handmaiden. The story was brilliant, and the photography was breathtaking. I highly recommend it. To me, this is one of the greatest films of the 2000's.

Peter G. photo
Peter G.

I just saw this film in Hollywood last week. I don't think it's possible to capture the complex emotions this film evokes in one word. Even if you don't know Korean history, you'll know the feeling this film evokes. It's an indescribable film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This film doesn't take a position on what happened at the end. The truth is that no one can know for sure what happened. This is one of those films that you can watch and be emotionally stirred by. It's an absolute must-see. If you haven't seen it, watch it immediately.

Jean T. photo
Jean T.

I found this movie very disturbing. But this is a good thing, because, as you can tell, I have to be so critical when watching a movie. I am not really a fan of Chinese movies, but I did like this one. The acting was really good. The story was very unique and original. I don't understand how this movie is rated 5.8. It's really sad. It's not like that. The story is really not about sex or violence, it's more about human emotions and the way people can relate to one another. I really think this movie deserves a higher rating, because it's not just a movie. It's a good story, and it's not just about a bunch of sex or violence, it's about how to deal with each other and deal with your emotions. I don't understand why people don't like this movie, it's really touching and very deep.

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William Munoz

I have watched this film a number of times. I found it both fascinating and sad. The main character is a young man who has been sexually abused as a child, but then finds that his heart is not really in it. He feels that he can't change and wants to return to the simple life he had in his childhood. As he watches the film, I noticed that he doesn't know that this life he once had, was one that he had chosen, so that he could have grown up to be someone else. When the film ended I couldn't help but feel that the film was an allegory for those who want to try and change their situation. I think this film shows us that it is not possible to be what you want to be, and that when you have done something that is wrong, you can't help but feel that it was wrong.

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Ryan H.

This is one of the best Korean movie i have ever seen. It's about a woman who loses her husband in a car accident and then meets a man she likes, who offers to marry her, but she is confused and doesn't want to go with him. They travel together to America, but they end up meeting each other again and the story continues. The story is so beautiful and you don't know what's happening, you just want to know what's going to happen. The whole movie is full of twists and it will keep you guessing, and the story is so interesting that it will keep you engaged. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good drama. I have seen it 4 times already and i want to see it again.

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Jessica M.

.the film has a great and emotional story about the Korean War. It is a pity that the film has not been released in the West. I was extremely disappointed that the film had not been released in the West. I hope that this film will be released soon. I would really like to see it again and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a wonderful story about the Korean War and Korean refugees. I am sure that the movie will be good for everyone who wants to learn about the Korean War.

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A drama with a fantastic plot and a great cast, A Gentleman is one of the best dramas ever made. The plot revolves around two young men who are in love with the same woman. As they are about to marry, one of them is killed in a car accident. The other is distraught and runs away to a small town where he meets a woman who will help him. The drama is very well written. It has a good story and excellent acting. The story is about a man who is in love with a woman, but she has a secret. It's a drama that you will definitely love. If you have not seen this film yet, you definitely should!

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Mildred Simpson

This is a powerful drama. It is about a man who is charged with murder. He cannot stand the fact that he is accused of murdering his wife, who he was married to for 18 years. He does not understand that he is not guilty of the crime. He is a simple man who does not want to commit a crime, but is convinced that he is. When he is released from prison, he finds out that the verdict was not right. He goes to the police to find out why, and to seek justice for the wrongfully convicted man. When the movie is over, it's a real disappointment. It is a real shame that it is not released on DVD in Korea. The film is well made, with a wonderful story. However, it is not as powerful as it could have been. It is still worth seeing.

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This is a masterpiece. If you have a sense of cinema and have never seen a movie before, you are in for a treat. This movie will make you laugh, cry and even feel the deepest emotion. If you are a fan of dramas, or a fan of Asian cinema, you are in for a treat. The movie is great, the plot is great, the characters are great, the acting is great. The music is great, the cinematography is great. This movie is a masterpiece. I have seen this movie a dozen times and I still have not been bored by it. It's that good. If you haven't seen this movie, you are missing out on one of the best movies ever made.

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It seems to me that you can not use words to describe this movie. It is a wordless experience, just like you are watching it. As a result, it does not feel like a movie. But as a viewer, you feel like you are watching a movie. I cannot say much about the story because I did not read the book, but the movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. You just have to watch the movie.

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Emily White

I am not one to listen to reviews, but this one was very clear and I listened to it as a complete movie. My mom and I saw it together. The ending is one of the most moving endings I have ever seen in a movie. I think that the world of this film was very important for the world today. I think that it showed the desperation of the people, the world of today and the human struggle for survival. I hope that other people will also be able to see this film and will be able to see the importance of this film. I hope that others will also be able to see this film. I will be watching this film with my mom and I think that it is going to be a part of our lives for many years to come. This is a beautiful film and it is very important to me.

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Christina Soto

This film is a comedy of epic proportions, and a crime movie of the highest order. A gang of young men steal a lot of money from a bank in China, and then run away with it. The gang is led by the lanky, cool-looking Choe-Jin, a gangster with a famous gangster father. Choe-Jin and his gang set out on a journey to find the money, along with a nurse played by Jin-Soo, who is famous for her portrayals of nurses in the television series "Running Man". The gang member who stole the money is played by Ji-young, a character that is the polar opposite of Choe-Jin. Choe-Jin is charming, and he's also ruthless, and the film is not about his heroism. It's about Choe-Jin and his ruthless, sick sense of justice. The story revolves around his vendetta against the bank robbers, and the story of the nurse who was the victim of his action. The film is a masterpiece, and a very intelligent one at that. It takes a lot of sophistication to be able to make a gangster movie, but the film does it with style and style alone. The actors in the film are outstanding, and each of them deliver a great performance. The film is a great comedy, and it is a crime film. The actors are brilliant, and they act well. It is a great film, and it is an extremely intelligent film. It is a true masterpiece, and it is a crime film.

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This film is the most beautiful I've seen in a long time. It was so beautifully written and directed. I loved the acting, and I love the director. The cast is amazing. I'm really going to miss this film. I hope this film gets the Oscar it deserves. I'm really excited about the film and I hope it gets the acclaim it deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Jason L.

I just finished watching this movie, and I can say that I loved it. It is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone who has ever wanted to see a good movie. The story is about a man who is fighting for his life. He has lost his wife and his daughter. His mother and his sister are fighting to save his life. I recommend everyone to watch this movie and give it a chance.