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In Searching

In Searching is a movie starring Jake Borelli, Jacob Grodnik, and Aley Underwood. When Jon returns on his first trip home from college, he inadvertently triggers events that inspire him to embark on an auspicious journey through the...

Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Adventure, Drama, Western
J.L. Topkis
J.L. Topkis, Joe Prestine, J.L. Topkis, J.L. Topkis
Evan Hall, Jake Borelli, Aley Underwood, Jacob Grodnik
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When Jon returns on his first trip home from college, he inadvertently triggers events that inspire him to embark on an auspicious journey through the night to return a lost locket.

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Linda J. photo
Linda J.

I've seen this movie a couple of times over the years, and I haven't really found it to be too much of a drag. The film might not have the best acting, but it does have a good story, and I have to say that the film is very well-made, with good performances, and pretty good music. It also seems that the actors just seem to really enjoy working together, and it shows in the way they act. They give a great, effective performance that was very entertaining to watch. They didn't try to act too much or do too much at all, and they gave me the impression that they really enjoyed the film. I was pleased with the movie overall, and I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a good, fun, and entertaining film to watch. One of my favorite scenes in the film is when the two lead actors are sitting on the beach, and one of them says to the other, "Now, now, don't get all sentimental, he's only going to kill us, we don't need all that pity now, we don't need that!"

Nathan James photo
Nathan James

For what it is, "Forrest Gump" is an excellent film. If you're looking for a bit of light entertainment, it's a pretty good way to go. I think the true mark of a great film is one that leaves you thinking and reflecting after you've seen it. Forrest Gump is such a film, but it is also an excellent character study, a lot of fun, and the deepest film of the year.

Adam Douglas photo
Adam Douglas

Movies like these take two hours to make and are considered first-class products of their time. Their immediate release proves that it's worth the wait, but it is too soon for any film to "capture" my heart. To me, that would be the end of a film trilogy (but not necessarily a trilogy), the conclusion of a movie movie and the end of an era. "Finding Dory" took the mantle of "mother" to "mother", "Leathers" the mantle of "outdoor adventure" to "Outdoor Adventure", "Treasure Planet" the mantle of "Paradise" to "Paradise", and "Jurassic World" the mantle of "historic" to "historic" and made "Her" the finale of a trilogy. "Her" is a coming of age story in all its charm and sincerity. It may be very unusual, but "Her" is done so well that it seems quite "in style", even though it is not at all "in style". To me, it's more of a character study than a film. It's not a film where action is rewarded; it is a film where action is rewarded with understanding. The last five minutes are the best of any movie I have seen in recent memory, or at least this time of year. "Her" is not only a worthy movie; it is also a worthy sequel and a very important film to support the cinema's journey of discovery. Don't miss this movie.

Thomas photo

I was quite excited to see this movie. I like the cast and they did a good job. However, the ending was a bit of a disappointment. There was no indication of what happens next. I suppose that the movie would have been better had they just left it to your imagination. The movie was not worth the $8 I spent to see it.

Susan photo

While this film may not have the same quality of course as "Forrest Gump" this film is still very interesting. This movie is one of those where the viewer may be tempted to think that "It's boring!" It is actually a very enjoyable movie and I think that if you like a film that isn't a masterpiece then "Searching" is a good movie to watch.

Jacob Riley photo
Jacob Riley

That's really all that I can say, and it might sound too soft on one of the reviewers, but I don't think that the movie itself is bad. In fact, it's pretty entertaining, and what's more, it's a pretty good western, too, as it has just as many elements of the genre as I like. It's a classic Western like Indiana Jones, where the hero has to overcome great odds to bring in the other side and get revenge. However, in this case, we have a gang of thieves who also steal from the system. The protagonist is John Wayne, a tough tough guy who doesn't have a lot of good men to support him, but that's okay because he knows how to fight. The gang is made up of a man named Henry Fonda, who is somewhat the hero, and a charming white woman named Georgie Baker, who is more of the antagonist. The villains are men like Red McCombs (Ivan Cortez), and his brother Albert (Anthony Quinn), and his 'woman' Billie (Rose McGowan). The hero has a few friends, including Edwin Hodge (Jimmy Hinson), Jack Elam (Ted Levine), Charlie Young (Logan Lerman), and a couple of outlaws like Leroy Hale (Burt Young) and Samuel Childers (Nick Begich). He also has one of the main villains, also a guy named Todd Parker (Jason London), in the area in which he travels. What's so great about this movie is the way the story is told, and the way it is acted out. What really stood out to me in the story was the story, which is quite unique in the genre. I thought it was really well done, and I really liked the actors who played the characters. If you're a fan of the genre, I strongly suggest that you watch this movie, because it's quite an enjoyable film. Although, if you're looking for something that has a little bit more action, go rent Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Teresa B. photo
Teresa B.

I saw this film recently and i must say i have to admit that it was a very entertaining film. The cinematography is spectacular and the actors all have excellent acting. The plot and film structure are very strong and the final result is a very satisfying experience. If you are looking for a movie that has some real acting and a good plot then this is it. If you are looking for a movie with great cinematography and a good plot then you are better off not seeing it. I enjoyed this film very much and I will definitely be looking for more films by this director. My Rating: 7/10

Crystal Pearson photo
Crystal Pearson

This is a movie that I enjoyed very much and I think it is worth a look if you are a western fan. It is a very well made movie that is very interesting and really captures the heart of the western genre. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Dennis Halliday and the story is really good. The acting is really good and I think that it is a very enjoyable movie. The movie is set in the 1800's and is about two brothers in search of their father. After their father is killed, they go on a journey to find their father's wife. This movie has a very good story and it does a good job in capturing the heart of the western genre. The movie is really well made and the costumes are really good. I really liked the story and the acting is good. The only problem I had with the movie is the script. I would like to see a better script. There were some parts where it was just really rushed. I think that the film could have been really good but it just did not flow well. The movie is really worth a look if you are a western fan.

Julia Banks photo
Julia Banks

A beautiful land of legend and romance, a poor and desperate people, and a hero who walks his way out of his demons. But a tragedy cuts away the hero, and his whole world. I had this movie on DVD, but somehow I was able to get hold of it at a video store. What a strange thing. I'm an Indian, and I'm going to be honest. I was looking for something like that. But I was surprised to see it was even worth a rental. That's because of the acting. The acting by the actors is excellent, and this movie is actually quite touching. I really liked this movie and I'm really glad I rented it. The story itself is a little confusing, but I think that's the point. I would recommend this movie to anyone, whether they are an Indian or not. This is definitely a movie you will be glad you got the chance to see, and I'm really looking forward to see more of Richard Harris in other movies!

Ronald M. photo
Ronald M.

I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival in October 2000 and it was pretty good. It was not the best movie ever made but it was a pretty good movie overall. The story is about two men, a white man and a black man who have a natural rivalry. The movie is interesting to see the two men grow up and learn from each other. The movie is set in the early 1900s and the story is set in the 1930s. The plot is about a young black man, Tom McCall who is recruited by a white man to become a soldier in the Civil War. The plot is very simple but the movie is worth seeing. The acting is pretty good. The movie is not an Oscar winner, but it is worth seeing.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

If you like westerns, this is for you. It was an excellent Western (not quite as good as the John Wayne version, but it was close). The movie is quite low-budget, but that's OK. I wouldn't really recommend it for the average viewer, but I've always been a big fan of westerns and have enjoyed watching many of them. This one was well worth the watch. If you're a fan of these kinds of movies, you'll probably like this one as well.

Judith Lewis photo
Judith Lewis

I will try to be as fair as possible, but I cannot. I don't know why, but I found this movie to be very slow. It was very very slow, even though there were some things that were very moving and I was really looking forward to the ending. I did not like the "drinking" bit at the beginning of the movie, but I found the ending to be very moving, too. In Searching was a very moving movie. I give it a 7 out of 10. I don't recommend this movie to anyone. This movie is slow. If you are a fan of Clint Eastwood, I think you will enjoy this movie. I don't know if he was acting or not, but he was. I would recommend this movie to anyone. However, I don't think this movie deserves a 10 out of 10.

Jose Richards photo
Jose Richards

I have seen this movie once and remember it was quite enjoyable, but the dialogue was wooden and the characters are too generic for a western film. Still it is an enjoyable western film and one that can be watched again and again.

Dylan Mills photo
Dylan Mills

This movie is about a young guy who goes out to find his father. One day he meets a Indian guy who tells him about his missing father, and then goes with him. They meet a Native American woman, who tells them about her Indian friend who has been missing for 10 years. The two Indian boys look for the missing man but find a more savage man. That is when the hunt is on for the missing man. This movie is good, but not great. The story is good, but the pacing could have been better. The acting was not good, but I do not know how to call it. The movie would have been much better if it had a shorter length. This is one of those movies that I would recommend to anyone, but it does not do much for me. It is good, but not great.

Carolyn Schultz photo
Carolyn Schultz

This was the first of a series of westerns that would change the western genre forever. It is an enjoyable movie, but not what I expected. I am a big fan of westerns and have many movies in my collection. I do not want to give away the story, but I will say that it has a few problems. First of all, the acting was not very good. Some of the characters seemed too old for the era. They also spoke in a very stiff, flat and monotone way. I also did not like the lack of emotion in many of the characters. There were a few scenes where you could see the actors were trying to hide their embarrassment. I think that this is what prevented the movie from being more than a bit average. The movie is just not for me. I think that most people would enjoy it more if they were looking for a movie that had a lot of action. If you are looking for a western that is a little more of a drama, then this is the movie for you.

Richard photo

The movie was really good, and interesting. I think that the plot is a little weak, because they used the Indian legends instead of the real legend. The picture quality is really good, but that can not be said about many other movies. But the movie is really good and really good. I think that the actors did a really good job. I don't think that they should have played the Indian character. But I think that the director did a good job and that the director made the movie to be real and dramatic. It was really good, because I thought that the movie was really good.