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Hatuna MeNiyar is a movie starring Moran Rosenblatt, Assi Levy, and Roy Assaf. Hagit, a young woman with mild mental deficiency, works in a toilet-paper factory. She lives with her mother Sarah, a divorcée who gave up her life for...

Other Titles
Poupée de mariage, Gelin Bebeği, Wedding Doll, Svadobná bábika
Running Time
1 hours 22 minutes
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Nitzan Giladi
Nitzan Giladi
Roy Assaf, Moran Rosenblatt, Assi Levy, Mili Avital
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Hagit, a young woman with mild mental deficiency, works in a toilet-paper factory. She lives with her mother Sarah, a divorcée who gave up her life for her daughter. Hagit strives for independence and Sarah is torn between her desire to protect her, and her own will to live. When a relationship develops between her and the son of the factory owner, Hagit hides it from her mother. The announcement of the closing of the factory shakes Hagit and Sarah's life and jeopardizes Hagit's love story.

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Nancy Lynch photo
Nancy Lynch

Aniruddha Thapa has achieved what I've heard of as a talented and talented director. He has given us an A+. This movie is an artistic masterpiece in my opinion. It's a brilliant piece of cinema and Aniruddha Thapa has made it. The last scene of the movie is almost a perfect piece of art. The background score is top notch and I've noticed that the movie has an uncanny sound to it. This movie has been praised and has been given a lot of praises. However, I don't agree with those people. Aniruddha Thapa has done a great job. However, I have not seen any other movies in the past two years from him. He should have worked on the story a lot and not spend so much time on the background music. The actors have done a great job. Aniruddha Thapa has made a movie. I don't think there will be any other director in the future who will give such a brilliant and artistic movie as this one. This movie is a masterpiece and Aniruddha Thapa has done an amazing job.

Scott W. photo
Scott W.

The movie is a true masterpiece and must be seen by anyone who can appreciate good acting, scripts and the intense drama. The story is so interesting and extremely important and for those who want to have a good time I highly recommend this movie.

Ruth B. photo
Ruth B.

Shankar Kapoor is a one of a kind actor, which is the reason why you should see this movie. This is a personal story of this actor which is presented in a spectacular manner. The story is about a former boss of Kapoor, who became the bad guy when he got a lot of money. He found the family of the deceased maid of Kapoor and forced her to marry Kapoor's son. This movie is made in a way which is both fun and emotional. You can feel both from the beginning till the end. It is such a good movie. When the movie ends you will remember it as the best movie you have ever seen. A must watch for everyone. Even people who are not into Hindi movies will like it.

Charles Ray photo
Charles Ray

First I want to say that I'm not a 'gangster fan'. I've never seen any gangster movies, and I'm not too fond of them either. But this movie was so great that I had to see it. The plot was simple, but it was very effective and unique. I liked the way that the movie revealed the underlying themes of the story, such as the feelings of injustice, and the desire to find the truth, regardless of how many side issues are involved. The acting was very well done and the movie kept you focused on the story and the characters. This is a movie that will have you glued to the screen until the very end, and I certainly hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Julie B. photo
Julie B.

Totally brilliant movie! I love this movie. I love the songs of the movie. It's absolutely unbelievable! I loved the way it's all about a guy who was sold into slavery. The first time I saw it, I cried so hard, I couldn't take it. When I saw it again the next day, it was even more incredible. The character of Mayuri was so real. The performance of the actors was really great. The movie is about a guy who has lost everything. He lost everything, his job, his home, his wife. Everything that he had. He tried everything to make sure that he didn't lose his life. And he was successful. But he still could not free himself. But this movie is about how he comes back and his fight for freedom. The story is awesome. I also love the songs of this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you to watch it. You will love it. This movie is definitely worth to watch.

Virginia photo

I was so thrilled to watch this movie. The only thing that disappointed me was that I felt it would have been more interesting if the father and son were separated. I don't know why it was left out, but it was so funny when they were talking to each other. I am a gay man and this movie really got me thinking. I was a little apprehensive about going to a movie about gay men but I really felt that it was an amazing movie. I felt that there was not a lot of sentimentality in it. The scenes were like this family at its most innocent. You really felt that you were in the same place that the characters were. I was laughing so hard at the ending. I can't believe it was written that way, it was so funny. I didn't feel the same way about it at all. I can't wait to see this movie again. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good family movie. I loved it!

Brian R. photo
Brian R.

I was really interested in the movie because of the title, Me Niyar, which is the title of the movie. So I went to watch it. But I could not take my eyes off of the movie. The movie had everything that one should expect from a movie. It was a story that could have been told a lot better. There were many plot holes in the movie and many things were not clear. But the movie was an art film. The story was interesting and it showed the life of a farmer. And the concept of an outcast was really interesting. The movie also had a message about what you are willing to do to achieve something. And I liked the message. The movie ended well, but I would not recommend it to people who do not want to take their eyes off of the screen. I think that it is a movie that would be liked by all people who are interested in art films. But I would not say that it is a masterpiece or a masterpiece film. I do not think that it was a masterpiece. The movie was good and I recommend it to people who want to see art films.

Jessica M. photo
Jessica M.

I loved this movie, it was so entertaining. I'm not sure what more I can say about it, except it was totally amazing, and I'm not the type of person who goes to a movie just to watch the guy die, and that's why I can say this is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and also the best movie I've seen in my life. The story, the characters, the acting. I don't know what else to say. I was totally amazed. I'm very thankful for watching this movie, because it's been a long time since I've seen a movie that I could sit down and watch, and be completely engrossed. I'm glad that I saw it, and I'm glad I watched it. I was a bit skeptical about going to the theater to watch it, because I've never been to a movie before, and I've always been on the fence about movies, but I'm glad I went, and I'm glad I watched it. I don't think I could ever go to a movie again, I'm glad I saw it. I give it a 10, because it's one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anybody who wants to see a good movie, and be entertained.

Kevin photo

I read the description of the movie in IMDb and I was not disappointed. No one should miss the opportunity of watching this movie. The main actors were amazing. My favorite scenes were during the story and the discussion about how to get rid of the animals and how to survive. The soundtrack was absolutely amazing. The movie had some funny parts, but I felt so good when the animals ran and chased the man and the old man. I watched the movie with my friend who did not like it at all, but I watched it with her and she liked it very much. This is the kind of movie which people from all over the world can watch together. I highly recommend it.

Kelly D. photo
Kelly D.

It's a shame that after watching the film I went out of the theatre and could not even remember what the movie was about. I was totally engaged from the beginning and absolutely riveted throughout. Brilliant, heart-wrenching, profound, and utterly heart-wrenching. I would recommend it to everyone. If you are reading this and haven't seen it yet, please do. It's worth your while.

Katherine Medina photo
Katherine Medina

A personal favorite. Unlike many, I was able to watch this movie without a "subplot". It's a beautiful, well-written story about the struggles of living in a world with little hope. I was totally riveted to the film from start to finish. It was visually stunning, the performances were superb and the themes of the film were poignant. I was not surprised to see my favorite actor (played by Rajesh Koothrappali) getting the Oscar. He deserves it for his masterful acting. The direction was done perfectly, with plenty of close-ups and moments of slow motion that give the film a powerful energy. It's not the most brilliant movie, but it's really a must-see. Bravo to the director, cast and everyone involved.

Charles Jacobs photo
Charles Jacobs

This movie is an intense experience. The story is the story of one woman who decides to leave her husband and to go live in a new country. Her husband is in the Indian Army and she is a woman who doesn't have any money. The movie is about the story of two women in this movie. One is a single mother, and the other is a young woman who is trying to survive and be independent. This is a story about survival of a family. The story is very interesting and keeps you riveted. The story is set in India. You can also expect a touch of melodrama in the movie. I felt that it was a very good movie. There is a reason to see this movie. If you are a fan of Abhijat Ali and you liked that movie, then you will definitely like this movie. This is one of the best Indian movies I have seen. It is the story of two women in a village in India. They are struggling to survive. They are trying to do something to help their families. They are trying to find a better life for their family. This is an emotional movie. This is one of the best movies I have seen.

Sara Fuller photo
Sara Fuller

A veteran of Hindi cinema in the early 1980s, Prakash Jha has made his mark in the '90s by helping to bring forth a new wave of heroes who have paved the way for various genre heroes, and even legends. Aghori Nair, of course, is among the most well-known and prolific heroes in Hindi cinema and his films often come with multiple subtitles (in English and Hindi), making them inaccessible for some. With MeNiyar, though, the subtitles are a plus, and the film is also unique in its own way. Whereas Hindi cinema has traditionally been known for its hero films, the genre of independent film has recently started to include some films that have heroes whose lives are intertwined with those of their films, whether in terms of social activism, or merely for entertainment. MeNiyar is such a film. The story of the film is that of Anushka Sharma, a young, fiercely independent, self-styled bahu (shahid) who wants to join the saffron party, but is forced to join it by her mother. When she refuses, the mother uses her in order to get the family money and in return, she agrees to adopt her daughter. The daughter, MeNiyar, has no memory of her mother and her adopted mother seems to have been a mother of sorts to her. Both the mother and daughter seem to have been raised by a Buddhist monastery and their adopted mother works as a nun. Anushka, however, is unable to go back to her native village due to the nanny. This is where the story takes a unique turn. For one thing, the nanny has chosen to adopt the girl. Anushka's mother then sets her up in a convent with a nun in order to raise her as a Buddhist nun. This is a journey of self-discovery for both Anushka and the nanny. There are many moments in which the film is very explicit about these issues. For example, when the nanny uses the word 'Tumna' (often used to describe the non-Buddhist teachings) in reference to MeNiyar, and the word is clearly used as the title of the film. In addition to this, there is an oft-seen scene where MeNiyar eats 'mutton' and later her mother appears to be having a 'Buddhist conversion'. A third aspect of the film is its cast. Though the main actor is in the title role, the character of MeNiyar is played by Prakash Jha, a veteran actor who has appeared in several

Jason photo

Well, this is just a terrible movie. In fact it is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. It's as if they are trying to make it so serious that it is actually boring and bad. It's just bad. There is no humor, there is no story. It just is boring, nothing. This is not a movie. It's a waste of time. I am really sorry that they did this to me. This is a stupid movie.

Kimberly photo

Being an Indian, i am not really a big fan of Gangster movies. So i decided to watch this movie in a cinema, and i was blown away. The way the film has been shot is beyond words. The film is a perfect blend of film, poetry, music, and a story of the struggles of a small town in the late 70's, when the drug trade was booming in India. The music is brilliant. i mean the whole movie is nothing but street music. The soundtrack is to die for. It gives an ambiance to the movie. I had heard the music of Ravi Shankar, and found the music and background very well. I love the story and the story of the film is just to die for. The ending of the film is one of the best I have ever seen. The cinematography of the film is simply amazing. The cinematography is what you would expect from a superstar like Akshay Kumar. The background score also fits the film perfectly. The music was amazing and the background score was as well. The film is a must watch for all. The last 20 minutes of the film is the best part of the film. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. It is a must watch film, especially for people from other countries. Great job to Akshay Kumar for taking on a big task and delivering a masterpiece.

Russell photo

The story is very well crafted. The characters are great. The acting is excellent. The settings and sequences are superb. The direction is exceptional. The photography is breathtaking. The story has a deep, meaningful message and feels real. The setting of the village of Nahay is stunning. The attention to detail in the sets and costumes is brilliant. The screenplay is superb. The direction, the screenplay, the cinematography, and the music are all perfect. It has an amazing message and is a perfect film for anyone who loves a good story. My vote is 10/10.

Diana photo

As expected from director Jaipur, this is a stunning film with stunning cinematography and great performances. The film begins in a dramatic manner, then goes back and forth through time, all the while keeping the audience entertained. The film begins with a character (Dr. Shekhar) recounting his story, then shows how the story of his sister and her husband ended. The story is told as if it were real, and there are also scenes of people in the town who have watched the movie in their own time. The style of the film is very entertaining, even the first half is engaging. There are many character dynamics, especially in the beginning and ending. The film is very emotionally engaging, and you can really feel the impact of the character's grief. The direction of Jaipur is great. The editing is good, and the camera-work is very good. The score is very good, as is the sound, except the music used at the end. The photography and photography are very well done. The editing is very good, and the music is well placed and appropriate. Overall, this is a good film. It is a different take on the wedding genre, and the actors and actresses are all excellent.

Deborah F. photo
Deborah F.

A really powerful film, well written, well acted and directed by Ravi Kumar (another great actor). I never really expected anything from this movie but it is well done, I recommend it to anyone who likes to see a nice social commentary on the poverty and on human nature.

Nicholas S. photo
Nicholas S.

One of the best movies in the last decade. The story is amazing, the action is at the right level and the music is truly inspired. For a movie that's based on a book, it doesn't bore you. This movie is as simple as it can be. It's an inspirational story of a man and a girl's journey to find love. It tells a very real story, as the story of such people is not that common. They are not rich, but they are honest, kind and loving. These qualities are very rare. The dialogues are written well, the story is well structured and the acting is very convincing. I'm sure, if you have seen this movie, you'll remember what you've seen in this movie and you'll probably cry when you see it.

Beverly Stephens photo
Beverly Stephens

What a great movie. We had an amazing experience. The movie had good performances from all the cast. A must watch.

Jordan Cook photo
Jordan Cook

I am very surprised that there are so few reviews of this movie in IMDb. IMDb should put the reviews in IMDb. Do not miss this film. It is a very interesting, well written movie with very good direction, acting and script.The director must have some credit for the movie.It is a simple story, but you need to think a lot about it to understand the story. And the movie has good performances and direction.The director must have been very successful in his previous movies. I enjoyed the film very much and will recommend it to others. I give it an 8/10.

Martha Chapman photo
Martha Chapman

The characters in this movie are perfect. They are so real and so genuine. You really believe in what they are doing and feel for them. This movie is about some young girls who are trying to make their way in the big city. Their mother is too worried about the kid to be with her and spends all of her time with the boy she has a crush on. This is what the movie is about. Their mom has been trying to help them but is still getting frustrated because she thinks that the girl is too selfish and doesn't want to be with her. Her son is getting more and more distant from her and she wants her to see her daughter and get back in touch with her. So, this movie is about them trying to overcome their problems and all the emotions that they feel. This movie is definitely a must see for any Indian who wants to see a good family movie. I think this is a movie that will definitely make you laugh and cry. It is a movie that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it.

Emily Crawford photo
Emily Crawford

This is a visually pleasing movie. I mean, is there any other kind of movie that can get you into a state of visual happiness? I liked the movies of the late Shah Rukh Khan (except for a few), he does his job with the right words. I like this one, his style of acting and the subtle ways he expresses himself is always a treat. But, at the end of the day, I like a film that tells a story, not just the story of the main character. This one was both a story about his mother, and a story about the religious world in India. I thought the movie did an excellent job with the story, it was not a gimmick, but a real story, with great narration. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy this film, as they have been telling me about it since it came out. Overall, I liked the film, I will be looking forward to the next one.

Bobby G. photo
Bobby G.

Just a small note, it is said that the film is like a contemporary Disney flick. If you have never seen Disney's "Frozen" or "Beauty and the Beast" then it is still a wonder. This is a rare experience in a movie. What it is is a tale of two girls in an India boarding school. The father of the school (Mohanlal) is a doctor and the mother is not a very good person, a human rights activist, who needs money. One day, a baby girl is born. She's named Pahil and she will become a lesbian. Pahil was born in India. The doctor is trying to make her comfortable but she becomes a lesbian and therefore gets the idea that she is a homosexual. She wants to make friends but can't do it without a male. So the doctors decide to give her a homosexual orientation. So she goes to a clinic. There, the doctor explains that they will cut off her hands and put a penis in her vagina. She will never have any sex. So the doctor says it's the best thing to do. Pahil is a very shy and scared person. But she accepts the operation. The doctor is aware that she is going to be rejected by society. So she sends her to the back of the queue. At the hospital, she sees her best friend who is a girl and a lesbian. So she goes to the reception to ask for help. Her friend is quite blunt. She tells her that she is gay. So she tries to justify her being a lesbian by saying that she is a lesbian. But her friend is angry and gets on her nerves. Pahil can't understand what is going on. Then, the doctor announces that the operation is ready. So she leaves the hospital and goes to a town in Gujarat to seek help. There, she meets some gay friends. There, she is told that she has to go back to India. There, she meets a girl who has her own problems. There, she falls in love with a girl who lives in a bar and who is in love with another girl. So, they become best friends. So, they travel to Bombay to see Pahil and get her the surgery. So, she wants to get rid of her hands and then the idea of being a lesbian is introduced. The director tries to be as modern as possible. He talks about modern ideas of sex and love and everything. But he does not make it so. It is not very modern. But the acting is good. The director has done a good job with the story. He has made it so realistic. He has made a good effort in keeping the audience interested. I have never seen such a movie. It is an experience to watch.

Sara photo

The movie is divided into two different parts, the first half is about a boy named MeNiyar who's in search of a rich family of his own, the second half is the only part that's really related to the main plot. What does the two parts have in common is that the main characters are two different people. But, what really makes this film is its portrayal of a small town in India. The first half of the movie focuses on the struggles of the village and the relations between the families. The second half of the movie focuses on the tragedy that the family has suffered after the death of the father. The only thing that's really relevant to the plot is the song performed by Biju. Biju and Shruti are very memorable. Biju is a star in his own right. He has just come back from a European tour and was in Mumbai during the shoot of this movie. The movie is directed by Sunil A. Dutta. Dutta is the director of popular Hindi movie "Jodhaa Akbar". "Nasqaab Mian Kiran" is an inspiring movie for all youth. Its is a story that shows how people from different backgrounds can overcome problems together. It also shows how a simple way of life can make a difference. The movie will definitely make you remember this simple but vital life that the common people have to live in. I really recommend you to watch this movie.

Amber photo

This is my first review. I saw this movie the other day. This movie is extremely emotional and it has its deep message. I thought the movie is so beautiful, very inspiring and so real. I think everyone should see this movie.

Doris Boyd photo
Doris Boyd

This is one of the most Indian movies of all times, it has so much to offer. Not to mention, it's also one of the best performances by Shah Rukh Khan. Every actor did an excellent job, I mean this is the first time I've seen Shah Rukh Khan do a role that suits him, so, you would have to see it to believe it. And no, it's not for the weak of heart, but for the children who can relate to the storyline. And the dance sequence is great, even the beautiful scenes between Hanuman and Hanuman's son are amazing, and the girl in the song, who sings the song at the beginning of the movie is really cute, she is the cutest girl in the movie. And last but not least, this is one of the best Hindi movies of all time. I don't know where to start, this movie is just amazing. Definitely one of the best Indian movies, a must watch for all those who love good movies. There is also a lot of action in this movie, so don't miss it.

Walter C. photo
Walter C.

The characters are the real stars of this film. The movie is directed with a lack of judgment and a sense of lack of style. It feels that the director is in the throes of a fainting spell and that he cannot find a right moment to bring out the best in his film. The movie is unapologetically low budget, but its main character is a real force to be reckoned with. The two main characters are played by the two main actors of the movie - Sumita Anand and Vardhan Chandra. Sumita Anand is the star and Vardhan Chandra is the villain. The two leads have delivered a real punch. The movie is also very well done. The camera work, the soundtrack and the editing are top notch. The story is not at all unique and there is no depth in it. The story is about two main characters and the story is told from their point of view. The story is not that good and the story is not very compelling. The story is rushed and not very interesting. The actors do an okay job but the stories they have told are not worth of listening to. The movie does not have any comedy, action or horror. It is a fairly slow and uninteresting film. The movie is not very original. It is very low budget and not very well made. It lacks the style of Bollywood and is too low budget. I would have enjoyed the movie much more if the director had made the movie much more ambitious. The director could have chosen to show more of the story, more of the characters and more of the performance. I would have loved to see a film that is more focused and full of more of the plot. I would have liked to see a film that is more involving and has more of a compelling story. The two main actors are great in the movie. They do a great job. But the two leads could have done much more. The film is not bad. It is not the best film in the world. But it is a solid film that deserves a watch.

Helen W. photo
Helen W.

I watched this film with the expectation of a much better movie, but it was just like the worst of the worst. I do not recommend this film for those who are looking for good entertainment. Some of the performances were good, but all of the actors were wooden. I could not believe that they could be acting in the same film that they have been in before. The story was good, but it was a lot of cliches that made it boring. I would recommend this film to people who are in the same age range as the characters, and have seen a lot of films. But the story did not have any significance to the film.

Beverly photo

I had the privilege to see this movie in India with my fiance and family. After the first 30 minutes, my fiance and I were at a loss for words, but after the film ended, we were on the edge of our seats for the rest of the movie. You could see how much everyone was affected by this film. This is a powerful and disturbing film. I am in awe of the courage and perseverance of this family. We all saw this family come together and then fight for their rights. We never knew there were people like this in our world. We are shocked that anyone could actually live in such a harsh environment. I would love to know how they are doing. I hope they are not afraid to speak out for justice and equality for all. This is a beautiful film.

Dennis G. photo
Dennis G.

I am from India and I don't like to watch Indian movies. But this movie was a breath of fresh air. It was different from any Indian movie I've seen. I loved the songs, especially the first one, 'Din Mein Hai'. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters. The movie is about love, loss, and relationships. I felt like I was in a different time and place, when I watched it. I also loved the way that the characters interacted with each other. It was so natural. The best part was when they started dancing. I hope that more Indian movies like this will be made. I would love to see it in the theaters, but I think that the movie will only be able to be seen by a very small audience. I hope that they will make more movies like this one. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a different movie. I would give it a 8 out of 10. I think that you should see it, and you will not be disappointed.

Amanda photo

this movie is a breath of fresh air. it is a perfect piece of a non formulaic movie.the story is well presented in a fresh way.the movie has kept its tag line to convey the story.I guess this tag line has stayed with it for long.the characters are well portrayed. the movie has nicely incorporated on its storyline.the background score is nice and the color grading is very nice.the movie is very good.i gave it 8/10.i am really impressed with it.

Johnny photo

I saw the trailer for the movie and got interested in it. I had read that it was a comedy. I am not sure if the trailer is misleading but I thought it was funny. The story is about a simple person, a shop owner, named Ishan, who decides to make a film for a living. But when he decides to give away all his cash, he starts to get depressed. But he finds a stranger, a very nice guy named Anand, and with the help of a video camera he makes a documentary about his life. The story itself is interesting, the director should be praised for making such a movie. I am sure this will become a hit in the India. The acting is great. The story is interesting, the actors have done a great job. The only problem I had with this movie is that it seems to be very slow. I don't know if the movie was too slow for some of the audience or not but it was slow for me. But, the movie was worth watching. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie and has a good time. This movie is not to be missed. I think this is a must watch.

Sarah H. photo
Sarah H.

This movie, while of its genre, is clearly not a dramatic epic. Its aim is to be a comedy, and succeeds well. Though some of the comedy moments and acting of many characters are a bit cheesy, the overall concept is solid. I thought the whole movie could have been a little shorter. Though I think this movie could have been better, the overall concept is decent. But the actual movie does not have a lot of story and its main focus is on comedy. It also leaves the pacing off, as it jumps back and forth from one scene to another. But it is still worth a watch.

Gregory L. photo
Gregory L.

I have been listening to the Hindi Version of 'Paap Me Nawab' ever since it was first aired on the original channel of the same name, in the late 1980s. One thing that I never understood was the similarity between the names of the two characters. This film, while not matching the Hindi version, is much better than the original Hindi version. There is a lot of back story in the film, and there is some artistic merit in it. However, as a drama, it is pretty much a failure. There are a couple of scenes that work very well, like the funeral and the relationship between the two main characters, but I have to say that the acting in the rest of the film is pretty much atrocious. In fact, this film is a double tragedy. On the one hand, we have a film that has a lot of potential. On the other hand, we have a film that is not as good as it could be. In the end, it is not even a bad film. It is a fine film, but it has no redeeming qualities that would make it worth watching. I am not the best judge of this, but I have to say that I think that the people who are most likely to like this film are the ones who are fans of the Hindi version. Otherwise, you might as well not watch this movie.

Cynthia photo

In terms of cinema, the way Nayanthara Silankanayaka (Kanakkumathi) delivered her scenes is akin to Terence Malick's (Requiem for a Dream) achievement in the form of "The Tree of Life". A strong story is told with cinematic techniques that produce the best visual effects for a long time. The opening scene is a real work of art and continues to be the best till the last scene. But then, the other sequences are for the lesser ones. It is a mixed bag of "Makeshift", "Postcard", "Made in the Philippines", "Delicious", "Smooth Street", "Comic", "Rainbow", "Big One", "Kiss of Love", "Bowl", "Twist" and "Touch of Fire". The films does not get the best ratings as some other reviewers have mentioned. I have rated it a seven. It is not only a good thriller, but also has the capacity to make you laugh or cry.

Melissa photo

A happy ending for the helpless, for the lonely. The downtrodden need a better ending than this one. One of the sad things is how a bunch of youth, out of nowhere, can cause an entire nation to be fed up. The movie is very much in the vein of other movies like Idi Amin, Kim Il-sung, Mao Zedong, etc. and so on. One might argue that it is an attempt at such a movie. For me, it is very much of a classic. I don't mind when movies like that are made but, when the production is done right, it does matter. Overall, a pretty good movie, but not for everyone. It is a nice movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon. You don't have to pay much attention and you can stop at any time. Enjoy it.

Gregory Wallace photo
Gregory Wallace

First of all, let me say that I am not a fan of Hindi movies. I am more of an Indian movie buff. I don't like the typical Americanized films of Bollywood, which is what I liked about this film. This is a great movie and I loved it. It is definitely not a "one-time-watch" kind of movie, but if you are in the mood for a good story, then you should watch this. I would have to say that the story is very strong and it is really hard to keep track of all the characters and their story. The cast is also excellent, with Rishi Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Sharmila Tagore all doing very good jobs. This is a very good movie, definitely worth watching. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story, strong characters, and Indian cinema.

Jonathan photo

I am a huge fan of Kajol and her films and this one is definitely her best yet. The story is simple and you could follow it from beginning to end. The film has a simple but effective script and a simple but effective director. Kajol is very convincing and the whole film is very beautiful. This is a must watch for Kajol fans and for those who like true story films.

Christina K. photo
Christina K.

The director Sajid-ul-Haq's film "MeNiyar" is a marvelous and moving film. It was made in Hindi and is a bold and original movie. "MeNiyar" is the best Hindi film of all time. The story is about the relationships between people in India and in the states of Pakistan. Sajidul Haq does a fantastic job of telling the story of two Pakistani brothers (Saba and Tarzan) living in India. Their father died when they were young, and the father of Saba, Dr. Akhtar, has no place in his life. Dr. Akhtar is a brilliant scientist who makes a contract with a British scientist Dr. Trevor Brody (James Gandolfini) and Dr. Trevor's daughter, Lisa (Shona Harvey), to create a vaccine to stop a disease that will kill millions of people. Saba is a spoiled and immature teenager who wants to be a star and a star is the right word. Saba and Tarzan go to America to meet a beautiful girl named Jess (Angelina Jolie). They fall in love and in the next few days, they are getting married. Dr. Akhtar is a selfish, arrogant, and insensitive man. He doesn't care about his family. His son is a fanatic who is against his father. His daughter is a pathological liar and wants to become a movie star. The director Sajidul Haq does a wonderful job of making this movie. He makes it very artistic and is very inspiring. The cinematography is wonderful and the music is wonderful. He uses a lot of amazing effects to create the movie. He also used the cinematography of Pakistan to make it more beautiful. The story is very well written and is very well told. The acting is amazing. James Gandolfini and Angelina Jolie are brilliant in their roles. James Gandolfini is a fantastic actor. Angelina Jolie is stunning and amazing. She is amazing in every movie she is in. I would like to say that she is a beautiful woman. The rest of the actors are great as well. I have seen "MeNiyar" many times and I am going to see it many more times. "MeNiyar" is a great film. It is a must see movie for all. "MeNiyar" is the best film of all time. I would like to thank the director Sajidul Haq for making this movie. I have seen it many times and I will watch it many more times.

Cynthia R. photo
Cynthia R.

A unique and very unique film, this film is a pure gem. The story is not an easy one to follow, but the movie is really worth it. The music is also very unique, and I am really looking forward to the soundtrack. This is a movie you can watch a few times and not get bored. I hope this is the first of many great movies to come from this director. If you haven't seen this yet, please go and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Samantha photo

Gosh, after reading the movie's plot, i must admit, i was a bit surprised that this movie was so much better than most of the films made in the past. Its a movie about an Indian (actually a Bangladeshi) who goes to the U.S. to take care of a friend of his and to find a job. He eventually falls in love with a white woman who has to go to the hospital because of an eye infection. Now here's the part where this movie starts to get better and better. The story gets more intense as the movie progresses and the plot and characters become more complex and interesting. The ending is quite controversial and the movie gives you a lot of twists and it's very hard to predict the end. The music is also one of the most beautiful and emotional soundtracks I have ever heard. I was never bored with this movie. If you are looking for a heart warming movie with a great story, go watch it.

Mark T. photo
Mark T.

For a long time, the only films that I have watched with the utmost love and devotion are the ones made by Salman Khan and it was sad to see how this movie became one of those movies. I am a big fan of Salman Khan and I will always give him a chance even if he doesn't have much screen time. So when I watched this movie, I was expecting a much better movie than what I got. It is an intense and thrilling movie and I think it is one of his best movie to date. The story revolves around Salman Khan and his journey to get his daughter married. It is a very serious movie with a lot of emotion and you will feel like you are in the same plane that Salman Khan is in. This movie is filled with drama and everything is believable. I would say it is one of the best movies made by Salman Khan and is definitely one of his best movies. It is the movie that he always wants to make and I am happy to say that it is finally one of his best movies. I highly recommend you to watch it, especially if you are a Salman Khan fan.

Brittany Vargas photo
Brittany Vargas

I would like to comment on the wonderful movie "Akkadu - The Story of Ikada", directed by Priyadarshan. It is one of the best Hindi movie ever. This movie will make you cry your eyes out and make you think twice before you kill. The movie is a continuation of the story of Ekadu. The movie has an excellent cast. The movie shows that it is not about how much money you have, but how much heart you have to give. The movie also shows that it is not enough to just be rich and famous, but also have to be a good person. Even if you are poor, and you have nothing, the movie will still make you happy. I would like to comment on the wonderful actors, especially the two leads. All the actresses, like Akash Kapoor and Abhay Deol, played their roles in a wonderful way. The young actress, who played Sada, played her role brilliantly. Even if the movie is not a hit, it will make you happy. So give this movie a try. You will not regret it. And I hope that in the future, people will understand what makes a good movie and what makes a bad one.

Joe photo

All the cast is brilliant in their respective roles, the movie is actually much better than what i had expected. It's a must watch for anyone who loves movies. If you love Tamil Cinema then you will definitely love this movie, if you are a non-Tamil or a non-Tamilized Tamilman then it's not for you, if you are a Tamil or a Tamilized Tamilman then i am sure you will love it.

Catherine Chavez photo
Catherine Chavez

A love story, one that depicts the complexities of love in a classical, yet unconventional way. The main character is a mother who is widowed by an accident, and suffers from depression. She is given the task of finding a young man to care for her son who is sick. The boy she meets, is a young man who is a friend of her son's, but is also her rival for the attentions of the boy. The conflict of the story is the boy's desires and her past, and how the two will clash. The acting is very good, the screenplay is good, the direction is good, and the movie overall is very good. 7/10

Samuel Foster photo
Samuel Foster

I have seen this movie many times. Its a romantic story of an Indian girl who is not married. She is from a rich family and her brother wants to marry her. So she takes a chance to get into an arts college. Her brother also wants to marry her. She loves her brother. The story is great. Everyone should see it. There are some movies that need a bit of adaptation. But this one, it's easy to understand. Its not the typical love story, its more of a story of the struggle of someone to keep a promise. The movie is not rated and you don't have to have a problem with the content. It has its problems but it's not that bad. The ending is great. The songs are great. Its one of those movies that you can watch many times.

Gloria D. photo
Gloria D.

Its not very difficult to understand why this movie was labeled as 'underrated' as the critics (most of them were English speaking) mostly condemned it. Not one to take anything on face value, I went in expecting to be bored to tears and to be dissapointed in my opinion. However, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this film. The characters were intriguing and well-developed. I particularly liked the relationship between Gulpilil and Mita, and thought that the interaction between them was quite charming. I think that the story is indeed intriguing. The actor portraying Gulpilil was well-cast and he delivered a good performance, but he's not a one-hit wonder. The story is well-written and developed. It's a story that is easy to understand and make you think about. However, the film is not a perfect film. It's not a masterpiece, nor is it an especially strong film. The script is somewhat predictable and it takes too long to get to the good parts. The beginning of the film is quite slow, and the film moves a little bit too slowly. The action sequences are often well-executed, but it's a bit hard to follow. The film is well-directed, but I felt that the camerawork could have been a bit sharper. Overall, this is a very nice film to watch, but I can't really say that it is a 'great' film. I give it a 7/10.

Rebecca Contreras photo
Rebecca Contreras

The characters are simple and believable. They are not sophisticated or artificial. The focus of the movie is not on the plot, but on the emotions and the characters. This is a movie about an ordinary family, and about the relationships between family members. I was impressed with the way the director manages to present the characters and the story without taking into account the fact that the audience does not know what is happening in the movie. And I was impressed with the way the director showed the character development of the characters without being distracted by the plot. I especially liked the use of short scenes in the movie, which add to the authenticity of the movie. I was happy to find out that the director was not afraid to use stock footage. He did not make the movie like a documentary, he made it like a movie. And he used stock footage to tell the story of a small village. This is a movie that is worth watching. I hope more movies like this will come out. The director managed to tell the story of a small village with the ease of a long-shot. And I liked the way he showed the village life, without it being a documentary.

Jordan Jordan photo
Jordan Jordan

A sweet little movie about love, sex and finding yourself in a town you've always wanted to go to. I felt the same emotion as I felt in "Moulin Rouge" - totally immersed in the characters and story. It has a beautiful, simple look that will appeal to anyone of all ages. The acting is first rate, the score is perfect, the songs are always spot-on, and I was glad to see it in both 2-D and 3-D. A definite recommended film.

Denise Patterson photo
Denise Patterson

Saw this on DVD in Ireland, it was on TV in Germany, but it wasn't on TV in the US. So I had to find a local store to buy it. And I found it there, I've only seen this movie once before, but I have a feeling I will watch it again. It is by far a must see movie, and I would give it a 9.5/10.

Andrew Coleman photo
Andrew Coleman

This is not a normal Hindi film, this is a completely different film. A film that has heart and humour that you may not find in a typical Hindi film. This is a film that you should watch and learn from.

Christine photo

A movie which is almost a parody of Indian cinema. An excellent movie with great performances by the entire cast. A must watch for all the people who loves to watch movies. As a viewer you cannot escape from the fact that this movie was shot in a cheap house and in a cheap room. The entire film is shot with a bare light, a shaky camera, acting which is simply awful and bad scripts. Its a pity that some of the actors had to make such a bad movie. This movie has the potential to become a great movie and one of the best movies of 2015. As a viewer you cannot avoid to watch the great performances by Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor and Boman Irani. A must watch.

Kelly photo

This movie is not a classic, as much as it is an excellent movie. It is different in all the ways that this kind of movie is supposed to be different. The movie has the beauty of a college girl from Mumbai trying to survive a course in a small town. Her story is unique and one of the best I have ever seen. The movie gives the audience some sense of distance from the main character and shows the uniqueness of India in its culture and their customs. The movie shows that we are all born with a particular culture and we need to adapt to it, sometimes, or be left behind. The movie shows the loss of innocence and the need to adapt to the culture and live within it. The movie shows how people adapt to this new culture, it shows how people are changed by the culture and the society. The movie has great acting and a great message that is sure to make you think. It has a little bit of a bad taste in the movie, but that is a good thing. Overall, this is a good movie to watch, and it will stay in your memory. It shows that a movie can have a great message even without all the cursing and violence.

Tammy Barnett photo
Tammy Barnett

Even if a story is not based on any real person, its always best to base a movie around the main character, in this case the elder Mr. Jayaprakash, The film has everything a good movie needs, it is drama, comedy, action, romance, and of course the story. Not only a good movie, it is one of the best Tamil movies ever. Though the story is based on a real person, it still maintains its full of uniqueness, it has amazing music and a story which is completely unbelievable and unbelievable. You can just ignore the fact that this is a movie based on a real person and you would enjoy the movie for the pure and simple entertainment. A masterpiece from the man who is more famous for his love story. Great movie, a masterpiece from a legend.

Jean G. photo
Jean G.

Saw this at the Sydney Film Festival, it's a good film, worth seeing, and the music is superb. It is very realistic, and is one of the few movies I have seen that has been able to capture the way the Indian youth in Australia and Australia-in-Asia look at life. It is also very interesting to see how the young generation in India, including the youth, view the war in Iraq. The film is very well made, the cinematography is excellent, the editing is great, and the story is engaging. It is a very well made film, and very well acted. The music is great. It is not a film to be missed. It is worth seeing, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a very good film, and I am sure that the young Indian youth will love it.

Harry Morales photo
Harry Morales

The movie revolves around 3 friends, Mohnish, Raja and Ajay (a brilliant performance by Ajay). Their quest to find their love lives results in each one making life hard and leaving them alone with nothing to live for. After their search, we have a bizarre sequence which has to be seen to be believed. The movie is quite interesting but the first half is quite long and the second half is just too boring. The first half is so boring and the second half is just too boring. There are a few hilarious moments, but the ending is a bit too predictable. But in the end, the movie was a fun experience and an entertaining one.

Emma P. photo
Emma P.

A movie that can hit your heart and touch your soul.Just a simple film that gives you an insight about an otherwise bad aspect of life.I loved the scene when the child (Manoj Kumar) finally finds his true love.He is a very innocent boy who is under-served by his parents.A huge crisis hits when his mother gets locked up in a police station.The very fact that she was locked up is a bit shocking.She would have been tortured to death by the jail authorities.The biggest problem is that Manoj Kumar's character is quite helpless. He is almost an orphan.Even though he is a famous actor,he doesn't have a chance to be a star.His acting in the movie is great.The scene where he is hugging the life-sized doll is a superb moment.The other good moment is when he tells a story to his father about a bicycle.The fact that he is an orphan and cannot find a father is a real eye-opener for him.He was never told that his father was dead.He just learned the truth by getting the story from a friend of his.In the end,the movie shows the mother's struggle with the heart-breaking situation.The movie does not use a traditional Hindi music to tell its story.However,it tells its story through the music.The movie is well acted by all the cast members.The movie makes you think about the loneliness of an orphan.You can't expect everything to be good in your life.There are times when the best thing you can do for someone is to have their unconditional love.

Scott photo

I saw this film in a theatre in Boston, Mass. and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting something different than what I got. I'm not sure what the producers were trying to do with the film. What they achieved was to try to show us what we already know, namely, that women who are married to rich men don't have children, and vice versa. But what really irritated me is that the characters were shown as being quite selfish and are trying to live with the love of their lives, even if they can't have children. I understand that many of the women might be single because of the father or because they have a disability or because of the breakdown of a marriage, but, again, I didn't feel sympathy for them because they weren't so loving and supportive, especially the mother, who in the end was shown to be very selfish and indifferent to the father's wife. On the other hand, I do understand that the film is trying to show a different kind of love between two people, as I saw in the scene where the woman is visiting her sister in a hospital and in the following scene, where she is trying to comfort the sister in a hot air balloon and that was very touching. And this was a very positive scene, because it showed the mother's emotional support for the sister. I really liked the scene where the father (Arindam Chaudhuri) is having a conversation with the woman's sister (Sereena Okakkara), and the sister responds to him with a story about how she would like to be a writer, but she is so far from that goal that she has no idea how to achieve it. That is a very interesting and touching story. Another interesting and touching scene is when the woman is talking with her sister's husband (Madhavan), who is an entrepreneur, and he tells her that the only thing he is thinking about is the big sum of money he could get. And he is thinking about all of those who would like to have a career, but have a child and that he wants to get a scholarship for the child to go to the prestigious university in India. But he is also thinking about those who can't get a scholarship because of the language barrier and would like to get a scholarship for a baby, and he also has his own life goals that he has to achieve to make the baby. That is a very touching and touching scene. So I think that the film is trying to show us the true love between two people and the feelings of being on the verge of giving birth, but it also tries to show the hypocrisy of women and the hypocrisy of the society, and it tries to show us that this love between two people can lead to an unhappy end. That is a very well put scene and I think it was very good.

Janice Stone photo
Janice Stone

This is an amazingly good movie. It is very well filmed, well acted, and it has a great pace. It's an important film for Kerala, but unfortunately, it will be a real eyeopener for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. To start, I will say that this film does not suffer from the typical "Kerala Film" Syndrome. It's a true "Independent" film. Not the typical "Hindustan Film" Syndrome. Some parts are extremely brutal, but it doesn't matter because this is a movie. It is supposed to be a "drama". For the rest, the cinematography is wonderful, the score is great, the acting is very good. The only negative thing about this movie is that some people say that this movie is full of plot holes. That's what I think about this movie: it has plot holes, but you don't have to be a plot-hole expert to enjoy it. A few people have also compared it to "Chashma", and I would agree with that. The two movies have nothing in common, and I think that "Chashma" has more plot holes than this one. This movie is actually a very different film than Chashma. Chashma has more plot holes than this one. I think that the only thing I have to complain about about this movie is that the music is not as good as the score. The songs are very good and I think they are the only thing I can complain about. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch it.

Patricia D. photo
Patricia D.

Cabinet (1971) is a good movie. It is worth watching if you like movies with strong female characters and an excellent story. The movie is about a young woman who has a lot of trouble and wants to get married, but she gets stuck in a marriage she doesn't want to be in. She gets a break and goes to the country where she meets a tribe of women who are extremely attractive and intelligent. She is hooked on them and eventually falls in love with one of them. She's in love with the woman, but she still has a problem with her husband, who is a single man who thinks that women are for marrying and having babies. The movie is a wonderful story, and it is also very interesting. The story is full of surprises, the music is great, and the acting is great. All the actors are great, and the movie is also very romantic. I also like the movie because it shows a modern day problem. Women are mistreated, but in the end, they become happier. It is very uplifting. I think it is a movie worth watching, because it is a story worth telling.

Barbara photo

I have seen this movie twice already, and the second time I watched it I was so surprised. It was really interesting to see how the director had integrated the child's perspective to the film. It was very emotional for the viewer. And it was also a good metaphor for the mentality of the director and his audience. This movie, in my opinion, is about culture, values and identity of the Pakistani youth, with the theme of nationalism. The writer has very well portrayed the problems of a Pakistani woman, who feels her husband has betrayed her. She is totally innocent. The director has made it clear that it is a social issue, and she is an innocent victim. However, the movie has another story of Pakistani youth, which has very well depicted the pain of Pakistani women. I would like to recommend this movie to all, not just to Pakistani men. The Pakistani men and women will be deeply affected by this movie.

Sara photo

A complete twist on the traditional Hindu-Muslim war, the movie focuses on a Sikh family that is almost completely destroyed by the arrival of a Muslim refugee. The Sikh is facing severe physical and mental torture, and the suffering of his wife and children is almost unbearable. To make matters worse, he is having a terrible case of asthma and the doctors are very reluctant to admit him. However, when the local doctor notices a Muslim man's mouth on a list of sick people, he must decide whether to let him stay or not. The initial decision makes him realize that he has a responsibility to the people who are dying for him. He is also faced with the dilemma of letting the Muslim stay or letting the Sikh stay. However, he realizes that he can't do either, but rather his wife must choose. In the end, he decides to let the Sikh stay, but the film depicts his decision as a decisive one. Overall, the film is quite good. It is very violent in nature, but the violence is not gratuitous or illogical. It is simply an aspect of the war, and how the war affects the people in the surrounding. The portrayal of the Sikh's suffering is very realistic. The portrayal of the Muslim family is also very realistic. The story is the only part of the film that is not based on actual facts, so if you are not familiar with the historical war, the film will not have a dramatic effect. However, if you are, you will find it very interesting.

Aaron D. photo
Aaron D.

On the surface, this is an excellent film. However, it is very difficult to get into because the movie is so small in scope. The story is about a large family who lives in a flat in Mumbai. The father is a war veteran who is a fan of the Indian sports, which is reflected in his television show. The son is a professional boxer who wants to go to America. The father, a divorced alcoholic, still lives with his mother and his step-father, who is a very mild-mannered old man. A couple of days after their son has won a fight in America, they decide to leave India for America. There is an old man living in their flat who is a big fan of the Indian boxing and his favourite sports person is a young guy who was in India on a scholarship. The son has a horrible temper and thinks he can beat anyone in the world and this is a reason why he won't return. The father then tries to get the kid to return and the mother, who is quite old, is kind of jealous. The family lives in Mumbai and there is only one radio and a TV. There is no internet and so the father and the son go to America to find an internet connection. They meet with the son's teacher who says that they can't return because they have to do their exams and they won't be able to speak English. The father doesn't agree but when they find out that the son will be in school with English as the first language, they agree. The son stays with his mother until he has finished his studies. When he returns home, he finds his mother dead and he can't understand what is happening. The father realizes that he has to go back and he is so sad and depressed that he can't talk to his son. The son is angry with the father but the father knows he has to go back to India because he has to live with his mother. This is a really great movie. The acting is very good and the screenplay is excellent. I think it's important to realize that this is a movie about a family. The son is an intelligent person but he has an attitude problem and doesn't know how to deal with his father. The father is a very big fan of boxing and is so happy when he sees his son win a fight. This is a very sad story but it's told in a very emotional way. I also like the ending because it is so real and in a way, sad. If you can watch it on TV, I think you would love it.

Alice Watkins photo
Alice Watkins

As it was already a no doubt a mess of a movie for most of the audience, the plot did not give us a lot of reason for doing so. The problem lies with the script that was poorly written. It was so bad that I wanted to scream at the screen and insult the script. It was as if they did not care about the story, and just wanted to get the movie made. It was a very unfunny movie. Most of the jokes were in very poor taste, so it was not funny at all. The actors did not have much to work with, and even when they tried their best they were not able to save the movie from its doom. I was very disappointed in the movie. I have heard that the director of this movie was very talented and capable of making a better movie. I hope he has a chance to be involved in the next one. The story was a complete mess, it made no sense at all, and if there was any good point in the movie it was in the cinematography. The cinematography was great, the entire movie was beautiful and exciting. If you are going to watch this movie, I suggest you to skip the first half, and just watch the second half. If you like happy and romantic movies, I recommend you to see this movie. If you like a movie where nothing happens, I recommend you to skip it. I only recommend this movie for the people who really want to see a good movie and not for people who are just looking for something to put their thumbs up to.

Lisa Arnold photo
Lisa Arnold

After "Me and You and Everyone We Know" last year, this film, a long awaited film from the East, should have come a lot sooner. The story is simple, the execution of it is above average. Cinematography and editing are superb. Well written, acted and directed. Yes, it's about love, which I'd say should be a hallmark of a good movie. Overall, worth a watch.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

This is a film that is both a piece of work and a complete cinematic experience. The whole movie, if viewed in one sitting, is an immersive experience. The visual and sound aspects are exquisite, and so is the whole film. It's not a dull movie, there are two big ideas at the core of the movie: a man on his deathbed, and a former lover. The first idea is explored more deeply in the film than the second. The idea of the former lover is especially well done, a beautiful narrative device. The second idea is very subtle. It's the idea that there is no middle, no more two main stories, but a whole continuous story that occurs simultaneously. As the film progresses, it is this continuous story that is the strongest point of the film. The entire film is a story that is told in a certain way, but is really telling an entirely different story. This film is about a man who experiences multiple crises, and his journey to find the end of his story is very strong and compelling. A simple reminder: we can only ever know what the film is about by looking at the overall effect that the film has on the viewer. A very very powerful film.

Lauren Parker photo
Lauren Parker

I have to say that I am a big fan of the previous films of the director, and this one is no exception. The cinematography, the music, the cast, everything is excellent. The story is very simple, but you don't know that at first. The director used to make movies like "One Day" and "The Kid", but this one is a little different, but it's a good change. I would recommend to watch it, and it will give you a good idea of what the director is about.

Ryan photo

I'm not a big fan of Hindi cinema but I really liked this movie. It's a great story about the first person experience of a young girl and how she is able to change the world. The story is well-told and the movie is also very funny. The story is very well-told. I really like the way the story is told and the way the movie is told. I also liked the way the movie was told. It's a very good movie.

Richard photo

I have watched this movie many times and still it's not a complete waste of time. I have watched it a couple of times in the last few months. I think that this movie has a good message and it's good to see a good movie about the issues that we face today. It's a must watch for everyone. I think that the director has done a good job and the acting is very good. I have seen a lot of movies and this is the first time that I have watched a movie that I really enjoyed. I think that the movie is about a man who was in prison for the last ten years and he has to go to prison again because he has a new case. I think that this movie is very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. It's a good movie and I think that it's a must watch for everyone.

Howard S. photo
Howard S.

A brilliant film. It has everything: humour, drama, romance, tragedy, and it is completely realistic. The acting is superb, the story is gripping, and the music is stunning. I'm really happy that a director like Nasser Makhmalbaf has made this movie. I would like to congratulate him on this wonderful film. It is a very good movie and I think that everyone should watch it.

Mildred photo

This is one of the best Hindi movies of the last 10 years. It's a story of a man who has lost his wife in a tragic accident and is now dealing with his grief. The story is very simple and straight forward. But it is so beautifully done. The direction and the cinematography is superb. The performances are also very good. Aamir Khan is superb as the lead character. He is so convincing in the lead role. Anushka Sharma is also very good in her role. The rest of the cast is also good. The film is very well acted. The songs are also good. It is a must watch for all Hindi fans.

Juan photo

I found the movie quite interesting, although it is not a comedy. I enjoyed the movie for the story and the characters. The acting was good. The story is based on a true story, and the movie is about the life of a village in Bangladesh. It tells the story of the life of an ordinary man who does not want to become a doctor but wants to become a cleaner. He wants to earn money to support his family. The film has a good pace and the acting is good. I liked the story and I like the characters. The story was good. I would recommend the movie to anyone who likes a good story, and also to anyone who likes a good film.

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A friend of mine recommended this film to me. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm planning to. I thought the movie was a good story, but it was a bit hard to understand at times. The movie has a very simple plot, but it's so deep that it's hard to understand at times. The movie is also very emotional, and it's very touching. The acting was great, especially the lead actor. The story was a bit different, but it was still good. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film.

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Benjamin D.

A very well-made movie. This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again. It is a movie that you can watch over and over again and still not get bored. The story is very interesting, the characters are well-developed, the acting is very good and the direction is very good. This is a movie that you should watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.