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Bill Nye: Science Guy

Bill Nye: Science Guy is a movie starring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Ann Druyan. A famous television personality struggles to restore science to its rightful place in a world hostile to evidence and reason.

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The Bill Nye Film
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David Alvarado, Jason Sussberg
Ann Druyan, Bill Nye, Heather Berlin, Neil deGrasse Tyson
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A famous television personality struggles to restore science to its rightful place in a world hostile to evidence and reason.

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Randy photo

The most amazing part of this documentary is that it is happening. And that you are watching this unfold right in front of you. The Internet and the power of the internet is undeniable. The education that is available is only beginning to surface. The ideas that are being explored are amazing. I have never been a believer in global warming. I have never been a believer in evolution. But I have been a believer in the power of the internet. And I believe in the power of education. And this documentary has brought me closer to discovering this. It has put me closer to learning about what is happening. It has put me closer to learning about the people and the ideas that are being discussed. This documentary is just amazing. Thank you for putting it together. Thank you for making it. Thank you for bringing it to the world. Thank you for taking time to do this. This is a tremendous documentary. It is amazing and it is wonderful and it is just unbelievable. Thank you.

Vincent P. photo
Vincent P.

This is a good documentary, with the courage of truth that I was expecting after watching the movie. For many years I have heard that Nye's love for science is real, but the truth is that he is a decent man, who doesn't hide from the truth about his friends and colleagues. This movie exposes the lack of public trust of science in the US, and gives an honest and factual view of the environment that is, and is the most important, the greatest danger we face.

Emma W. photo
Emma W.

For the record, I am a Calvin Klein fan, and have been for almost 50 years, I have a copy of the Pink Ladies. I'm a fan of his show. For me, it's an absolute necessity to see the documentary. It's not one of those things that's great in itself, but it's still great, because it makes you think. This movie gives you a little peek into the world of free enterprise, and how it can, and does, work. It has some negative things, but that's because it's not perfect. It's not meant to be. It's more about the world we live in, the world of business, and how it works. It's a little funny at times, but I don't think it's meant to be funny. If you want to learn more about free enterprise, and how it works, I recommend watching this documentary.

Kathleen Edwards photo
Kathleen Edwards

This documentary is fantastic, it is a true representation of the science of science and what science has to offer the world. The film highlights the strength and the importance of science to society. I am amazed how much science is ignored and how society is affected by it. I do not understand why this film is so under appreciated, it is extremely well done and beautifully presented. I think it deserves to be at least nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

Wayne photo

I read the reviews here on the IMDb and decided to go to see this movie, because I am a huge science guy. I really felt bad about giving this movie such low ratings because there were a lot of people that really loved this movie. I was really hoping for some kind of memorable, uplifting, or motivating message to this movie, and it was not. It was just plain dumb. I do not know why people really wanted to see this movie, because it is not worth it. If you are in the mood to see some really stupid and stupid movie, go see it. I really hated this movie and I hope I can get my money back. I gave this movie a 10/10.

James photo

I saw this movie about a year ago, and I am glad I went to see it. I thought the movie was very entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went to the theater expecting to hear "and". I was surprised to find out that it actually was a very good movie, as it made me think about evolution and that is something I truly enjoy. I think that is a movie that I can recommend to anyone who is interested in the subject of evolution, and I thought that I would be in for a good laugh. I think it was very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh. It is a movie that I will enjoy watching over and over again.

Deborah F. photo
Deborah F.

Science Guy was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so I couldn't resist a chance to catch up with the guy. I had a bit of an issue with the movie, because I felt it was over-hyped, and only rated 6.7 at IMDb. Since it wasn't rated high on its own, I had a little more skepticism. Nevertheless, I went into this movie with a fair amount of skepticism, which worked out in the end. First of all, the movie was not called 'Science Guy'. It was simply named 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Climate Change'. These movies are related in a very, very basic, and non-specific way. When I came out of the theater, I actually said to myself, "I can see where this movie is aimed." There were a few snags, but I was definitely rewarded with a good one. The movie is very informative, and extremely well done. It is always fun to see the guy behind the movie who is actually a scientist himself. He basically did a good job, and the audience I was with was very impressed with his performance. As a skeptic myself, I did find a few things a little ridiculous, such as global warming's supposed connection with weather, but overall, it was a very good movie. My only complaints were that it was a bit long, and the conclusion was a little lacking. Overall, I gave this movie an 8.5/10.

Philip photo

I love the documentary. The film is great. It is nice to see an all-star lineup of scientists and scientists who are involved with the study of the earth and our environment. It is interesting to see their perspective, in contrast to the non-scientific, fanatical scientists who are often associated with this field. I especially liked the documentary's portrayal of Stephen Hawking. I also appreciated the discussion of how scientists can use their work to change the world for the better, without spending too much time on "philosophical" questions. The film itself is both educational and entertaining. I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of their political leanings.

Helen photo

This is a wonderful, well-made documentary that was produced by James Randi and the "Exposing Mysteries" YouTube channel. It includes interviews with many of the people that will be interviewed. This includes David & Alice Kreitzman, Greta Van Susteren, Bikini Kill, and the great Ms. Conan O'Brien. There are interviews from some of the great anti-GMO activists. This is one of the most informative documentaries I have seen, and I highly recommend it.

Paul photo

The movie talks about a recent finding by scientists in Hawaii that there is a high level of particulate matter in the air. It was found in the lead up to the 2010 Asian typhoon. The scientists theorize that the pollution comes from fossil fuel burning. Some of the researchers say this research is more evidence of man making the world a worse place. They say that the difference between humans and animals is that the animals have to breathe and need oxygen. But the humans don't, they just breathe, and don't need to eat or drink, and the government is too busy to do anything about it. In other words, they are starving the planet to death. The government is concerned about this and is trying to solve it with "renewable" energy sources. This movie is a great show to show how much we have changed and the effect it has on our environment. And I will never forget that it was named after James Randi. So watch this movie, and learn more about how the government is not caring about the environment. They are only concerned about what their paymasters want to see. Watch this movie, and you will learn why.

Jennifer P. photo
Jennifer P.

We all know that science and reality are two different things, and that isn't to say that 'discovery' is the same as 'truth' and 'discovery' is the same as 'science'. In a sense, all science is just a series of theories, experiments, observations, theories, and the new laws and theories that are being tested. So, to say that it all just boils down to 'understanding' the law of gravity would be more like saying that all science is about pushing ideas out of your head as quickly as possible. I guess one could argue that this could explain how a non-scientist like me found the movie quite intriguing. The movie is filled with lots of visuals, data, diagrams, diagrams. It has all sorts of data, all kinds of diagrams, and lots of information, too. It also does not explain everything in terms of physics. It does not try to. It just makes a point. The movie is about reality. It's about understanding something. And it's about taking an opportunity to be creative and questioning the current beliefs of society. Which is why the movie is one of my favourite documentaries.

Jessica photo

Truly remarkable film. A must see for everyone, with references to a variety of topics. The importance of faith, God, science, and what we are not taught to believe. Although there are some references to evolution, it's not at all about that. It is about how we are taught to believe and it is a challenge to what we are taught. It is about a man who is not religious, and he is not against religion, but he does not believe in it. He wants to open the door to discussion about religion and he's not anti-religion, but he does not believe in theists and atheists either. He is not a conspiracy theorist, but he is not a conspiracy theorist either. I liked the film and highly recommend it to anyone.

Cynthia photo

I first heard of the film "Science Guy" when I was about 10 years old, which means I was probably 10 to 20 years away from ever hearing of it. Even at that, I recognized the cast, director, and all the marketing that went with it. I remember being entranced by it. To this day, I can still recall the amazing title and the great ideas it presented. These days, I try to make an effort to watch anything that comes to my attention, but the chances of me seeing it again are minimal. In this regard, it is almost a blessing in disguise. I recently saw it again, and re-watched some of the older interviews that were included. I found the original version a little better than the 2003 re-edited version, but didn't feel it really made up for the differences. However, I really loved the 2003 version. It is my favorite version of the film. The original is so polished, so compelling. It has the perfect timing, the perfect angles, and the perfect feelings. It's the best of all versions of the film, but there are some things that really separate it from its source material. The original version has the potential to be even better than the 2003 version, but they were, in my opinion, not there yet. It would have been nice if the 2003 version had been stronger and stronger, but it still holds up very well. I still find it one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Robert photo

The premise of this movie was too good to not talk about it. It was a great movie to see and is great to share with people who have never seen it. The acting was great, it was a real documentary style of film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a science person. I was fortunate enough to be able to see this movie in a local theater, it was a great experience and definitely worth seeing!

Christopher photo

Picking topics from the world of science and answering all their questions. Think of this as a way to learn about the World of Science. If you want a deeper understanding of science and want to know more about all of its disciplines and life forms then you will enjoy this film. What is best about this film is the fact that it is the easiest way to learn about the world of science. There is no effort needed to sit down and listen to the film and watch the interview clips from all the major personalities of the field. It's the answers to all of the questions that make this so easy to understand. For example, if you want to learn more about a disease that is considered a very important part of the human experience and whose cause you may never understand why this disease exists. It's easy to see the reasons why it exists and if you want to learn more about it you have everything you need to know. When it comes to the fundamental questions that most of us are curious about, it's a bit more complicated. We want to understand why some of the world's great and historic discoveries are so important. We want to know why people think so highly of a discovery because it changed the world. It's a bit more complex to understand, and most of us just want to understand the why. If you want to get some answers to the questions that people ask then this is a film you will enjoy watching. I think the biggest question that everyone can ask themselves is "Why is the world so big and complicated?" And the answer is there in the film. It's the answers to all of the questions that I had and that most of us want to know more about. The answers to these questions are extremely interesting, and it's a film that should be watched.

Sean E. photo
Sean E.

The comments on this film are beyond ridicules! What a bunch of losers who fail to grasp the world they live in! I suppose that's what made me laugh so much at the comments. These so called scientists fail to understand that one cannot simply dismiss their work as totally inconclusive. They take it to a level of interpretation that simply isn't acceptable to most scientific people. There is no such thing as being a scientist and being a writer of reviews. They are two different professions. They are completely different professions. To say that this movie is "less than spectacular" is completely illogical. It is a very good movie that should be seen by everyone. I would recommend this movie to everyone of any age. If you don't like it, then why do you like it? I can only imagine that some of these reviews are written by people who have never watched a movie before. In fact I would say this movie is more likely to be watched by people who have never watched a movie before. Even so, I think it is very important to see this movie. It's not just a movie about science, it is about the human spirit. You don't have to be a scientist to understand that this movie is about the nature of life itself. It is about the nature of the Universe. I give it a 10/10. This is the only review I've ever written on IMDb and it is simply to warn people of the danger of their reviews. It is very important to know what you are writing about before you write it, otherwise it will be irrelevant.

Danielle M. photo
Danielle M.

After reading reviews for this documentary that I cannot imagine anyone liking it, I thought to myself, "if that's the case, I'd rather watch a documentary about ISIS than this boring piece of garbage." I can see that some people found this documentary quite enjoyable, and while I'm sure there are some viewers that found this documentary quite enjoyable, I personally didn't enjoy this documentary at all. However, I've found that a lot of people are either so anti-science, or they believe that things that are wrong with the world must be scientifically correct. I'm not saying that I'm anti-science, I'm just saying that a lot of people seem to have an unfounded belief in that they should be able to disprove any sort of truth. While many of the things that are wrong with the world are not really wrong, for example, science is in fact changing the definition of many things, such as the theory of evolution. Also, for me, this documentary was just boring. There were a lot of good points made in the documentary that made me appreciate the overall message, but it just wasn't enough to make me really appreciate the documentary. In my opinion, this documentary would've been better if it had not been the documentary.

Theresa Riley photo
Theresa Riley

It's not often that a movie features both a gifted scientist and a caring father and it was refreshing to see such a movie. This movie will certainly blow your mind. The first half is filled with facts and common sense. The second half is also filled with facts and common sense. The narration is simply outstanding and the sound quality is superb. I just hope that more documentaries are made such as this. You will not be disappointed if you are a believer of evolution.

Amy Ruiz photo
Amy Ruiz

I was surprised at the quality of the movie. It was really well thought out and the talking parts were fairly good. I liked the fact that there was a diversity of opinions represented in the community and I liked the way they presented the issues. The movie did a good job in conveying the fact that many of these people are doing what they do because they feel their life would be better if they were not doing it. This movie is excellent because it really helps us understand the community of these people and how they have been victimized by the powerful corporations that want to dictate the laws in our lives. Overall I found it a decent documentary and thought it would be better than average.

Ronald V. photo
Ronald V.

I'm not sure if this film has really received much notice by most scientists, who probably just really like the old Cretaceous Science Guy who talked about evolution, but if not, it should. I was a big fan of Cretaceous Science Guy when I was growing up, as the man I watched movies with. This is an excellent movie, and I really enjoyed it. It's filled with fascinating anecdotes, and the stories that they tell are interesting, and I think all the science videos should have that kind of storytelling. What really surprised me was the structure of the film, as they started with a sort of summary of the basics of science, and then showed a film about the people who had a field in science, and then continued to the more interesting parts of the film, which was all about Cretaceous Science Guy. It's a very thorough presentation of the subject, and I think it does a very good job at that. The filmmakers do a great job of telling the story of how Cretaceous Science Guy got to this point, and they show a variety of sides of the man. He was an advocate, he was an honest scientist, he was a journalist, he was a provocateur. He was also one of the biggest stars of his time. It was good to see that he was truly an entertainer, and that he never stopped working to get more attention for himself and his films. I think it was great to see that he didn't always believe in the evidence he presented, but he always pushed for more evidence and better arguments for the cause of science. One of the other things that really impressed me was that they put together a very interesting and colorful cast of people who were involved in the creation of the dinosaurs. We get an overview of some of the more famous scientists involved in the creation of the dinosaurs, but not a lot of background information about them. I also think that they should have mentioned that Cretaceous Science Guy was a scientist and had been a professor for quite a long time. He actually had quite a solid research background, and I think that was very important for making this movie. Overall, it's an excellent film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a science enthusiast. They also have a great new documentary about paleontology that I haven't seen that well done, so it's a really good watch if you haven't already seen that. I would like to see it, but unfortunately I haven't seen it yet. 7/10

Aaron Day photo
Aaron Day

In my opinion, there is no one more qualified to comment on the science in this movie. What it shows is all done scientifically and does not mince words. So if you are expecting a silly movie, this is not it. However, if you have any level of interest in science, you should check this out. I'm giving it 7 because the movie is entertaining enough and the message is clear. Not that I think it is an evil message, it is merely the reality of the way the world works.

Patricia F. photo
Patricia F.

I saw this movie in a theater and was very impressed with the courage and tenacity that the filmmakers had to try to reach people who might not want to hear the message of the movie. If you are not an atheist or even if you are atheist but just have a "good-faith" belief in a God, this movie will push you to the sidelines of your beliefs and replace them with new ones. The movie is aimed at a non-Christian audience, but it is also a religious movie. If you are religious and your main focus is the "God" vs. "scientism" battle, this movie is not for you. But if you are open to a more "common-sense" view of the world, I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised. I am a Christian, but I do not consider myself an atheist. I just think the way some atheists view the world is rather arrogant and is a little bit out of control. I think a better approach would be to listen to someone who has actually seen things and been able to understand what these people see. I hope the movie will encourage people to think for themselves and not just blindly believe what they hear on the news. I thought the movie was great and highly recommended.

Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

For me this film had many faults. While the film was pretty clear in its message, it still had some flaws. For example, the fact that the earth is billions of years old was never explained in any way. It was never even said that the earth is billions of years old. Even a simple question like that might have led to the correct answer, but it never was. This is something that really would have been very important for the viewer to know. The first thing that bothered me was that the only actual explanation was that the sun has been on earth for about 400 years. At that time, the earth was not very old and most of the solar energy that it took to keep it warm had already been absorbed by the earth. While this may have been a valid explanation, it was not an interesting one. If the earth was millions of years old, it would have taken much longer for the sun to absorb the energy that was being absorbed by the earth. Also, we do not need to see a tree growing for three million years to produce a tree that produces fruit in the future. All that we really need is a tree growing in a few hundred years. To me, this was just one more issue with the film. My final problem was with the lighting in the film. The production staff should have used natural lighting to portray the process of evolution. Natural lighting is not only more natural, it is more beautiful and gives the viewer an improved view of the evolution of life. Natural lighting is also one of the best ways of expressing evolution as well as the science of evolution. The lighting in the film was simply not natural. My final problem was that it was far too "science" and too "Christian" at the same time. My personal preference is that the word "evolution" be removed from the title of the film. That way the viewer would be more apt to believe that what the film was saying was true. The word "evolution" simply used to cover all of evolution would have been sufficient for this film to be a success. Instead, the word "evolution" was used too much to cover all of evolution. This decision was not good for the science and the Christian message of the film. I believe that the title of the film should be "Why I Am An Evolutionist."

Matthew photo

I never wanted to see this documentary, but I was forced to see it because of a friend's and family. I love Roddy Piper and have been a huge fan of his for years. I saw this documentary about 2 weeks ago and I'm now quite impressed with it. Roddy is really funny and entertaining in this documentary. I can't say much without revealing some of the subjects of the film. However, the story is all true, I didn't find any faults. I would love to see it again, but it's a rare treat for me to see it again.

Vincent photo

This is a fantastic documentary. No wonder it's been named as one of the top 10 documentaries of all time. It's a great tribute to all the people and scientists who have worked for the good of humankind. It's a true tribute to scientists like Dr. Howard Hughes and Dr. Fred Hoyle. It's a true tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Martin Luther King. I recommend this documentary to anyone. If you haven't seen it, do it! I guarantee you will enjoy this film.

Matthew Perez photo
Matthew Perez

I loved this movie. I love nature and watching natural things that do not involve chemical companies, politicians or scientists. I was able to understand the thoughts of these two scientists who had so much knowledge but did not understand the way nature was. I was a bit taken aback by the way they used their information to give their ideas about what was wrong with the world. I also thought that Bill Nye was the best of all three scientists, being the one who was the most understanding. He gave an honest look into the information that they had. The other two scientists were not as understanding as Bill Nye. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the dangers of chemicals and GMOs.

Jose Silva photo
Jose Silva

This is a great documentary on how Nye the scientist addresses our most pressing problems of the day. He explains that if you want to do something that is right, that makes you feel good, and that makes people feel good, it's up to you. There is no wrong or right, in fact you don't have to be an atheist or a believer in any religion to be able to do this. It's just about being honest with yourself. It's not about "suppressing" something that you believe in or if you feel so strongly about something that you would want to "blink" (or say out loud). It's simply a matter of being honest with yourself, having some basic science, and being a good person, being nice to people, and listening to other people, and trying to help everyone, no matter what religious background you are from. And that's the great thing about it. Just the facts, simple as that. You can read this, or maybe it's already on your brain, but it's there for you to see. And just by taking the time to think about it, or asking yourself questions, it will help you, not hurt you. I'm a huge fan of Nye's work, and I thought this was a great movie to watch. It's one of those documentaries that you watch, and say to yourself, "I wonder if I could do that?" If you are looking for a scientific debate, then it won't do you any good to watch this. The only "debate" you will see is on what people want you to believe or not believe, and you can't find out what Nye believes based on this documentary. It's not going to take you away from what you believe to be true. Just watch it, and learn a little bit. Do it with an open mind. Maybe that's what you need.

Dennis Walker photo
Dennis Walker

I am usually not a great fan of science fiction. I like to have some sort of understanding of the concepts and problems presented in the film. I found the film very interesting. I do not believe that science fiction is a waste of time, but when it comes to looking at a world that we know very little about, the stakes are always a little higher. My first thought after watching the film was "I don't believe this film is fiction". The storyline was intriguing, and the final twist, unexpected and thought provoking. I really like how you can be "I didn't believe this film was fiction" and still enjoy the story. I have seen many other films of the same genre that have had similar ending. The first time I saw this film, I was in awe. It is one of the few films I have ever left with me thinking "Wow". I would not recommend this film to anyone, unless they have read the book. I have watched many science fiction films that I have not liked. I have seen movies that have been dull, and I have seen films that have been powerful. This is one of those films that made me laugh and have a good time. It is a good way to see a different perspective on the world.

Betty photo

I must admit I haven't seen the original, and as such, my review is going to be a bit biased. The original didn't exactly have a well thought out message, but it was a very well made film that moved the story forward. Although this version has its fair share of preachy and preachy preaching, it is still a very good movie. I don't know what the new poster says about the message of this film, but it is certainly not a film that would be appropriate for younger children. This film is a satire of the environmental movement, a film that should be watched by those who can appreciate a little black comedy. It is a fun film that anyone can watch without feeling like they are being forced to by the message. This film is a little subversive, but it is done in such a funny and well thought out manner, that it is impossible to criticize it for being wrong. It is actually rather funny how the script writers never mention the current environmental movement, and only use a reference to a recent event. Instead, the film is about the environment, and even if it doesn't have the correct message, it still has the appropriate comedy to keep the viewer entertained. Overall, this film is a funny, but just as importantly, very thoughtful film that is worth watching. It is definitely worth watching, and is definitely worth a second viewing. A sequel to this film is inevitable, and one can only hope that the current environmental movement is one that people will be able to appreciate, and not just be forced to watch a parody of it. 7.7/10

Peter Gray photo
Peter Gray

This is a documentary I wish I had never seen. It's about one of my favorite topics, science and science education. It is hilarious and informative. I will never look at my science class the same way again. I never had a doubt about evolution. I never doubted the theory of gravity. I never had a doubt about gravity. I have now. It is so frustrating to learn that some people are using this information to discredit the existence of evolution. The most shocking thing is that this is the exact same point that "Bill Nye the Science Guy" makes! It's just unfortunate that this information is being used to undermine the existence of evolution.

Cynthia photo

I have to admit I haven't watched a documentary in quite some time. What i mean is that this movie has set the standard for movies on PBS. The documentary is not too long and it really touches the audience, it's got a really good perspective on what is happening in the world today. When I watched it I didn't really care about what was going to happen and that's the way I like documentaries. I really liked it because it is so open and the views from the different sides of the question are clear. The science of climate change is a tough subject and there are many voices for both sides and there is a big difference in opinion between scientists and environmentalists. The reason I like this documentary so much is that it was not just some voices against something and a scientist saying something. The documentary is not so scientific, it really shows the arguments from the different sides. I really think that this is an amazing and well made documentary and I hope that more documentaries like it are coming out of PBS.

Bryan photo

Nye talks about how the Internet has changed things for him, and how he has watched people create "the magic", and how he believes that change is inevitable, and just like that, he talks about how he feels that he has had a change in his life. I must say that I liked this one, but I am not really impressed by Nye's talk, I think he was a little over-dramatic at times, and I felt like he was just doing this because he felt that he had to, but I'm not sure he was really trying to make this movie interesting. Nye is one of the people who is most famous for being the first guy to say it's OK to lie if you're lying about something. In this movie he says that he has watched people create the "magic" and thinks that it's about time that change happens and he does not think that it's going to happen any time soon. It seems to me that Nye is saying that he's changed as a person, and he has changed his life, but I don't think he believes that his lifestyle has changed, and I do not really think that he wants change. I think that he's just watching movies, and he is not really thinking about anything else. This film is supposed to be a "comedy" film, but it is very dull, and it does not really do anything for me, and I'm not really sure what I feel I got out of it. I would probably enjoy it if I didn't know that it was made by Nye.

Aaron L. photo
Aaron L.

I have just come from seeing the special event entitled "Science Guy", hosted by the great Phil Plait. And the opening remarks by the Science Guy is an interesting glimpse into the everyday life of a self-professed science geek. Phil is as fresh and opinionated as they come, and his opening remarks are filled with delightful, intelligent humor and ideas. The topics discussed in the film were interesting and seemed to be relevant to the audience. My suggestion is that if you are into any of the subjects mentioned, this is an excellent documentary that you should watch. The only downside to this documentary is the length of it. It is 2 hours, but for me, it felt like a really long hour and a half. The time went by really quickly. Overall, I thought this was an interesting documentary that is worth watching.

Daniel Hall photo
Daniel Hall

I enjoyed the film, I like that there are some interesting scientists who present scientific problems to the public, for example Paul Nurse who told his scientific story of his attempt to cross Antarctica with a sled and he did it in 50 hours. There are lots of famous people who talk about the various problems facing their profession. Some of them are honest and non-biased while some are trying to save their reputation. Many of them go on about the problems facing their field while others are more embarrassed by them. While all the scientists in the film are trying to provide a balanced view they all have something different in mind. Some of them are on the same side as Nye and are happy to be promoting his view while others are just concerned about their own image and some are just trying to save their own lives. Some of them are trying to convince others of their point of view while some are just presenting their own views. The atmosphere of the film is rather low-key with a few claps and lots of happy faces but if you like documentaries you will enjoy this one.

Alexander photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. This movie touches on all the major issues we are facing with respect to the environment, and society. It has a lot of great information and clips that give a lot of insight into the situation that we are facing with respect to the environment, and also society. This movie does an amazing job of covering the information that is needed in order to be able to save the planet and we're way of life. It is well worth the watch.

Rose S. photo
Rose S.

I'm not sure where to start. When I first heard about this documentary, I thought it was going to be about why people don't understand evolution and why evolution is always seen as a bad idea. The documentary really took a hard look at the arguments, and I can honestly say it was a great work. The majority of people that saw this documentary were surprised to see it wasn't about evolution. They also knew it was going to be a critical look at evolution. It was extremely honest and very entertaining. The content was in-depth, and I think this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone that wants to learn more about evolution and why people don't like it.

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Deborah Guzman

I remember this being an extremely popular topic of conversation during our high school days, and to this day it's the topic of conversation we all talk about. And, if you have ever been to a lecture by Carl Sagan, you know that a lot of that talk went into the history of science, specifically the work of Carl Sagan and his use of facts to form his theory. And, you can tell the entire time that there's a feeling of awe that's always lingering on his face. There's no doubt that he's one of the greatest scientists of our time, but, as with most of us, he also struggled with doubt. I think this documentary is great for all those people who have never heard of him, and, if you're someone who's a little more familiar with his work, it's even more interesting to learn about his ideas. I would recommend this film to anyone who's ever heard of Carl Sagan and is interested in learning about his life and ideas. It's really great to hear about what he was and what he believed, and, to see the research he did that actually backed up his theories. I think it's a wonderful documentary, and I'd recommend it to everyone. It's very well done and it's a great way to learn about a man who I think is one of the greatest people of our time. 10/10

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This is an excellent documentary. I thought it was very well done and has a lot of information that would not have been found on any of the other channels. I thought it did a great job of covering all the bases and I thought it was very thorough and it goes into some of the questions that I have asked myself. I was skeptical at first but after the interview with Dr. Kevin Folta and the medical information that he provided I was very comfortable with his decision. I think this is one of the most important documentaries of the year. It is very informative and extremely informative.

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Frances F.

This documentary explores the time-honored ideas of the believer-the scientific creation of the universe and man's origins. Nye has to be credited with getting the word out that science is a lot more than a belief and that it is a lot more powerful than any superstition or mythology. Science is a powerful force that no one can stop or prevent. This documentary shows how these ideas have been used to do great harm. The fact is that the person who was forced to believe in God was one of the greatest deceivers of all time. In the Bible, Jesus Christ is described as having such a deep love for people that it was nearly impossible for him to lie. However, in our modern world, the religious elements of the world are so powerful and the church so powerful that it is difficult for any person to resist their power. I personally can't think of anyone that has not been influenced by the power of religion. I think it is an unfortunate fact that the world is so incredibly religious and the world is so incredibly religious. I think that this documentary is a great example of how one can learn more about the topic of evolution by reading this documentary.

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To be honest I haven't seen any of the previous Nye's works and found this one of his most enjoyable ones. Nye goes way beyond his original idea to say something about the process of how science and religion interact. He does an excellent job of showing us how our government is failing in order to get the most out of science, and how when it comes to the church and God, our freedoms are more important. It's really a fascinating look into how and why science can be abused. Nye is certainly not the only one trying to correct what is wrong with the government of our country. He doesn't have a lot of resources and is not even an engineer, so it's hard to say for sure if his statements are accurate. But if you're an atheist, this is a must see. It's a must see for any and all that have an interest in science. It's a good film and highly recommended.

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Scott A.

Wow, a movie about the silliness and stupidity of science. It is so funny to see these dumb scientists try to create and create. This is the essence of comedy. It reminds me of the movies "Is It Safe" and "Finding Nemo". I'm still trying to figure out why a scientist would not like this film. Maybe they think it is funny, or it is that they don't know the science. Maybe they didn't want to be open minded when making this film. Maybe they want to get a rise out of the audience with the dumbest jokes they can. In my opinion, if you want to see the science of the subject, don't watch this movie. If you want to see the silliness of the subject, you need to watch this movie.