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Gotti is a movie starring John Travolta, Spencer Rocco Lofranco, and Kelly Preston. The story of crime boss John Gotti and his son.

Other Titles
Gotti: Three Generations, Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father, Gotti - Viimeinen kummisetä, Gotti - Um Verdadeiro Padrinho Americano, The Life and Death of John Gotti, ギャング・イン・ニューヨーク, Gotti: O Chefe da Máfia, Paskutinis krikstatevis: Dzonas Gotti, El jefe de la mafia: Gotti, Gotti: le parrain, Gotti - Il primo padrino
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
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Biography, Drama, Crime
Kevin Connolly
Leo Rossi, Lem Dobbs
John Travolta, Spencer Rocco Lofranco, Stacy Keach, Kelly Preston
USA, Canada
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The story of crime boss John Gotti and his son.

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Steven photo

The Coen Brothers had a good time filming this one. It's one of the better Coen films to date. It's a crime story with a family with a little more character than other Coen films. The action is great, and the acting is great. The whole family is very well played. The most impressive performance comes from Don Cheadle as the doting father. He is very likable and believable. Danny Trejo does well as the head of the family. He is very intense and menacing. The Coen brothers' writing was very strong in this one. The dialog is very clear and doesn't leave any room for ambiguity. There are a few times when the characters say something so different from what you would expect, but other than that, the writing is excellent. The musical score is also very good. It has an epic, epic feel to it. There are several different genres and genres of music throughout the movie. This is one of the best Coen films I have seen, and I think anyone will enjoy it.

Scott Diaz photo
Scott Diaz

I've been a fan of Moby Dick since I first read the novel. The movie adaptation is an adaptation of the novel, I'm a fan of the novel as well. The movie did a fine job of portraying the book and the book did a fine job of representing the movie. Moby Dick is not about morality. Moby Dick is about loss, human nature, and human interaction. The movie was excellent. Although I don't agree with the acting of Anthony Hopkins, it was pretty good. I really liked the ending. I'm disappointed that the movie wasn't better, I was expecting it to be better. My only complaint about the movie is the lack of a "Mad Hatter" character. I hope they make one.

Gary Schmidt photo
Gary Schmidt

The reason why I watched the movie was because of Robert De Niro, who played the role of Gotti. I loved him so much. After seeing the movie, I felt like I needed to watch it again, and it was only a matter of time. The movie was filled with characters and very entertaining, but I was left thinking about a few things that I didn't even notice. Let's start with some of the movie. The movie was divided into two parts. One, the story of how the mob and the Mafia tried to stop the real life mobsters, and the second part, the story of the mafia members trying to stop them. The movie began with a lot of violence, and it was really funny at times, and I really enjoyed that. The movie's second half showed some scenes, that were very disturbing. I know I mentioned this before, but I also really enjoyed the scenes of violent violence. I liked the movie very much, but I was disappointed by the ending. I also felt that it was a bit of a letdown. I'm a little bit disappointed by that, because the movie was great. The movie ended very nicely, but it could have been better. Overall, I loved the movie, and it is definitely worth watching. It is very entertaining, but not very enjoyable. I recommend it to people who are fans of the mafia genre, and I recommend it to people who are fans of Robert De Niro. It is a movie that is very entertaining, and it is definitely worth watching. It is one of the best movies of the year. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Margaret C. photo
Margaret C.

I saw this movie for the first time last year. I had forgotten about it for a long time but I happened to see the trailer and it seemed like a good movie to watch. But then I read some of the other reviews on here and I was disappointed. They said it was boring and not worth seeing. It seems like a very poor movie. It is also very violent and I know that not everyone is going to like this movie. It is a very violent movie and I am not one of those who can get easily upset by violence. But, I think that this movie could have been a little bit better and I can understand if people don't like it because of this. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it and see what you think. But, don't let me spoil it for you because it's not going to be a good movie. It's a very good movie, but not a great movie.

Theresa Little photo
Theresa Little

I was not expecting much from this movie. I had heard a lot about it, and was hoping for something with a story. But this movie was not good at all. The movie is a summary of the life of mobster Joe Pesci. The movie starts with him being kicked out of the mob, and has him trying to find a job. He also gets a job as a personal chef for two rich men, but this job only lasts a few months, and he can't keep up with them. The movie also has scenes of his daughters, a guy who works for the mob, and a young woman who is his girlfriend. There is also scenes of him with his old gang, and an introduction to his daughter. This movie also shows him in different situations, including a shootout at a diner, a fight with his daughter, and a gang initiation. This movie is a summary of his life. The movie also has scenes of the mob, which also are not very good. It also has scenes of Joe Pesci, which are very good, and some scenes of him having sex with his daughter. The movie also has a scene of his daughter, and a scene of her mother. This movie is not very good, and I have not heard of a good summary of his life.

Maria photo

The story is based on the life of Vincent (Ben Gazzara) a New York mobster. Vincent is the son of a mobster father, with two mothers, one of them a prostitute and the other a victim of Mafia. Vincent spends his childhood with his mother's friend, and his mother is obsessed with being rich. His father is arrested for mafia related activity. Vincent's mother passes away while Vincent is in prison, and Vincent has to live with his mother's friend. At the end of the movie Vincent (Ben Gazzara) is an adult and ready to take his life. He just wants to be a normal person, but he is going to be killed. At the end of the movie he is on the street and he sees an elderly woman and says: "I'm going to kill her". This is the beginning of the movie. The story goes from the beginning, to the end. It is a good movie and I will recommend it.

Arthur photo

Saw this movie in my French class on a Monday in October. It was a great movie that not many people know about. The story is well structured. The actors portrayed the characters with great dignity and they played them well. The script was written really well. It was obvious that the actors had some knowledge about the political side of Gotti's life. The music and the camera work were also very good. It is not a movie that I would recommend to anyone but if you liked "The Godfather" you will like this movie. For the record, this is the first movie of Cipriano. I give it a 9.5/10

Terry Morris photo
Terry Morris

This is a movie about the mafia and the struggle between them and the law enforcement and how the mafia get to control everything in New York City. This movie deals with the mafia as the public faced with the mafia in America. It is not a film about crime in America but crime in the streets of America. It is a powerful film and a must see movie. It is the story of the police corruption and corruption in the mafia. The movie has a slow pace but it is important that you watch it carefully. It shows how the mafia grows and the evil they get involved in. It also shows how powerful they are and how powerful they are. It is the story of two brothers and how they come in contact with the mafia and how they become more and more in contact with the mafia and the Mafia in the streets of New York. They make a deal with the mafia and that's when the movie starts and the good and the bad start and how it all comes to the end. The movie is not one of the best crime movies and its not a masterpiece, but it is a must see movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Timothy P. photo
Timothy P.

This is one of the few movies I have ever seen which I was so enamored with that I wanted to see the film again. I have read reviews that all seem to agree on this. The film was a failure because the book was so much better. It also seems to be a movie of two parts. I know this is just my opinion but I do think that one part of the movie could have been cut out and it still would have been a good movie. The part about the mobsters is much better written and has a lot more depth. I would have liked to have seen the story unfold a little bit more and a little bit more of the characters. The part where Luca was talking to his uncle about "the mob" was a good touch. I would have liked to have seen more of the background of the older Luca's father, or maybe the story of how he and his brother grew up in the mafia. I was very impressed with the acting. I think the actors did a good job. The cinematography was also very good. The sound was very well done. I would definitely recommend this movie. The book was so much better. I gave this movie a 7.

Jonathan photo

While not entirely new, and certainly not the best of its kind, F. Gary Gray's epic crime movie about organized crime boss Al Capone is still a superb film, and one of the best in the entire series. The cast is quite good, with Matthew McConaughey giving a terrific performance as Capone, and the best supporting performance of the film is given by Michael Wincott, who gives the best performance of his career as Wayne Allyn Root, the famous mobster. The film is definitely a very high point of the series, and is certainly one of the best in the series.

Diana photo

This is an outstanding documentary about the life of the notorious mobster, James Gandolfini. For fans of the mafia, this is a must-see.

Arthur Reynolds photo
Arthur Reynolds

The story of New York mobster John Gotti and his rise to power in the 1970's is fascinating, but also somewhat disappointing. As a crime drama, it works well. The story is compelling and follows the story of a man who was so corrupt, he took his own life before he was caught. Gotti was a hugely influential figure in the criminal world and his rise to power in the 70's was impressive. However, the acting is not quite up to the high standard the film is expected to be at. Robert De Niro is outstanding in the lead role and it is also great to see him in a film where he is not the main character. However, it is also disappointing to see Robert De Niro in a movie like this where he is not the main character. It is difficult to believe that someone as powerful as De Niro could take a turn for the worse. He is clearly a good actor and is the perfect choice for this role. That being said, the acting is not the only issue with this film. The story is also a little weak. While the film has some excellent scenes that make the story captivating, the story itself is just not as interesting as it should be. Overall, the film is a good crime drama, but unfortunately is not a good crime drama as well. It is exciting, but also a little disappointing.

Gloria photo

I have seen this movie twice already and I have to say I am impressed. I have never really had much interest in watching gangster movies. But this one just felt right. The plot is great, and the acting is great. You can tell that they are trying to be as realistic as they can but the movie is still a great watch. If you are a fan of gangster movies this is a great movie to watch.

Bruce Knight photo
Bruce Knight

I have been following this film for a while now. It is about mobsters and Mafia organizations, the birth of organized crime, and the way a certain Terence Hill family and his gang ran the New York City mafia, who were also the most feared and richest crime organization in America at the time. The plot is a bit thin and unoriginal, but the cast is great, especially Robert De Niro as Gotti. The film does a good job of showing the violence and corruption that led to the mob's downfall. I do have a few problems with the film. One is that the movie never really connects with me. It is just too long. The other problem is that the final scenes are a bit weak, and the film seems to drag on, which is a shame because there are a lot of great scenes here. But I like the way this movie is directed. It is a very impressive and well made movie, so I recommend seeing it.

Austin R. photo
Austin R.

Another great movie starring Robert De Niro. It was directed by Gus Van Sant. This was a period piece in the '70s. The music was by Neil Young. The story was told in flashback. The music was by John Williams. It is a real tear-jerker. It was a great movie and you should see it. In the end you will be left thinking about it. The character of Joe Six can be summed up as follows: 'I'm a crazy, stupid, uneducated, killer, but I'm not a bad person. I just don't want to pay for it!'

Keith photo

While some critics have called this movie, 'The most boring movie I've ever seen,' I think that's what it's supposed to be. 'The most boring movie I've ever seen' is a clever way of saying that this is not the movie to see if you're looking for anything other than entertainment. If you're looking for something with substance, you should probably watch the Bourne series or the original Star Wars trilogy. Even if you don't have a lot of interest in movies, this one is still a good movie to rent, especially since it's still in theaters.

Jennifer King photo
Jennifer King

I found this movie to be a great film. It tells the story of a gangster's life. I can't say the story is all that original. It has to be a derivative story. This is the story of a mobster who did a crime that destroyed the life of his family. The way he copes with this is very interesting. It is interesting because of the way he copes with the idea that he did something that destroyed his family. It is also interesting because of the way the movie is filmed. I have to say that this movie has great cinematography. I would recommend this movie to people who like movies that are about life. It is a very interesting film to watch.

Maria W. photo
Maria W.

This is a good film, if a little slow and drawn out in the middle, but otherwise, a good film. It was entertaining and interesting, and I liked the fact that they were trying to get the story and the story of a mobster. The whole point of this movie was to show the lives of some of the people that were involved in the crime, and that's what they were trying to do. The problem is that they're not really very interesting. It's more of a story about life of a mobster. Overall, the movie is very well done, and it's a good movie.

Gloria photo

I loved this movie. I was never a cop fan. I read the comic books, but never did I watch the TV series. I never thought of that being a good thing. I'm glad I watched this movie. I never thought I would be so moved by the events of this movie. Even after I watched it, I kept thinking about it. I think I was watching the TV show too. I am happy to see the movie is doing well in the box office. I believe it should have been nominated for Best Picture, but it was not. I think the Best Actor is Travolta. I have not seen him in a movie since the movie. He is wonderful. He was great in this movie. I do not know why he did not get nominated for his performance in this movie. I think he deserved it. I am very proud of him. I think he is becoming a better actor. He is really getting better as he ages. He is really doing a great job. I want to see him in more movies. I am sorry he did not get nominated for his performance in this movie, but I do not think he was the best. I think he was the best. I am glad I watched this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the comic books, the TV series, or the movies. I think it is worth the money to see it, especially if you like action movies.

Russell photo

I have watched this movie so many times. I have to admit it. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The cast was outstanding and it was well-scripted. The plot was entertaining and a great reminder of the 30's. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that have a strong moral. Michael C. Hall's character is an example of the drug-addicted under-class, that is portrayed to be more sympathetic than the traditional anti-hero. Hall's character was intelligent, persuasive, and a great actor. Definitely one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. My rating is 9/10.