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Time to Choose

Time to Choose is a movie starring Oscar Isaac, Peter Agnefjall, and Tasso Azevedo. Documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson turns his lens to address worldwide climate change challenges and solutions.

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Czas wyboru, Afgørelsens time
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1 hours 40 minutes
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Charles Ferguson
Chad Beck, Charles Ferguson
Oscar Isaac, Neal Barnard, Tasso Azevedo, Peter Agnefjall
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Academy Award®-Winning documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson (Inside Job, No End in Sight) turns his lens to address worldwide climate change challenges and solutions in his new film TIME TO CHOOSE. Featuring narration by award-winning actor Oscar Isaac, TIME TO CHOOSE leaves audiences understanding not only what is wrong, but what can to be done to fix this global threat. Ferguson explores the comprehensive scope of the climate change crisis and examines the power of solutions already available. Through interviews with world-renowned entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and brave individuals living on the front lines of climate change, Ferguson takes an In-depth look at the remarkable people working to save our planet.

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Joe photo

This movie is very well done. It is not a documentary but a movie about a true story. The movie shows the tragic events in the life of two people. The movie is not about the two people but about the stories they tell about themselves and the people they knew. This is a very good movie. I recommend it.

Patricia Stone photo
Patricia Stone

It was nice to see a film about a topic that is not often discussed. I found it very interesting to see the film as a whole and to understand what it is trying to get across. The film was not trying to preach, but rather it was trying to show the viewer the differences between the beliefs of the two sides. I found it to be a very interesting film. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the topic of religion and politics. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject of religion and politics.

Rachel photo

I loved this movie. I thought the documentary was great and I loved the way the documentary was told. I thought the cinematography was amazing. The way the camera was set up to show the entire world was just amazing. I think it was a great documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Laura J. photo
Laura J.

The documentary follows the journey of a woman, Janet Lain, who travels from Ireland to the USA to be with her husband, John, who is dying of cancer. John is a self-made man who is the owner of a restaurant in Ireland. His wife, Janet, has always been attracted to the idea of becoming a woman, and the idea of being a woman in the US, where John has a business. She is not happy with the idea of going to the States, and she has always been a little concerned that John would not be able to take care of her, and that she would be alone. She is now in her late twenties, and she is a little worried about the possibility that she might not be able to handle the new idea of becoming a woman in America. Janet tells her story in a very gentle way, and in a very real way. She is very open about her feelings about being a woman, and she does not hesitate to express them. The only way she can express her feelings is by writing a letter to the editor of the New York Times, and she has done it so many times that she has lost count. The film is very moving, and I felt so much for Janet, because she is so brave. She is a very brave person, and she is the only person who has decided to go to the US, and she has chosen the right person to be with. I am sure that the person she has chosen will be very happy with the choice. This documentary is not just about Janet, it is about a woman who is going to the US, and it is about a woman who has chosen to be a woman. This is a very important documentary, and it is a great documentary. It is very well done, and I hope that other people will watch it and decide to go to the USA, because it is a very important decision to make.

Christine photo

When I saw this movie I was a little skeptical as to how it would go, but I was blown away. I have been a fan of the Beatles since I was a child, and have always loved the music. I would have never known the true meaning of the song "I'm going to take you away" if it hadn't been for this movie. I have never seen a documentary like this before, and I am looking forward to seeing more of these wonderful people. The best part of this movie is that it is not preachy or overly political. It is more about the Beatles and the music they created. It is not a documentary that tells you how wonderful the Beatles are, but it is a film that shows you the music and shows you the story behind the music. I am looking forward to the next one. It is a wonderful movie and I can't wait for the next one. I hope that it will be as good as this one.

Jack H. photo
Jack H.

This is a great documentary on the topic of abortion. It is also very informative and the camera work is superb. The film is very well produced and very well edited. It is a must see for anyone who is pro-life. I highly recommend it.

Ann R. photo
Ann R.

I have never been a huge fan of J.C. Penney, but I have to say that this documentary is a wonderful example of what an organization should be. The management team is well-spoken, and they have a clear vision for the future of the company. They know what they want to accomplish and they don't just say "this is what we want to do", they actually work towards it. I love this movie, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ruth photo

This is an incredibly well-done film. It's not a documentary, but it's not a documentary without a story. The story is told in a very straightforward way, with a lot of information about what's going on in the world. I think that's the key. I have to say, I really enjoyed the movie. I think it was very well done, and I really appreciated the film-making style. I really liked the way it was filmed. The cinematography was amazing. The way it was shot was really amazing. The music was also really good. I think it was a very well done film, and I really recommend it to people who like documentaries. It's very well done, and I think it's a very good film. I give it a 9/10.

Eugene Stephens photo
Eugene Stephens

I am a big fan of these people, and have followed their work since I first heard of them. I am also a big fan of the subject of the film, so I felt compelled to watch it. This is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the issue of choice. The people interviewed are intelligent and articulate, and their ideas are so refreshingly different from the mainstream. I loved the film and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the topic of choice. It is not a perfect film, but it is very good. I would give it a 9/10, but the filmmakers did not show the whole story of their lives, so I would have given it a 10/10. But I am sure that many people will not understand the film and its message, so I would recommend that you watch it, and that you don't take it too seriously. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Alice photo

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth about the exploitation of women in the film industry. It shows the horrors of exploitation that go on behind the scenes in Hollywood, and how it affects the women who work in the industry. The film is informative, but also very emotional. It is difficult to watch, but the viewer must be willing to face the truth. The documentary is very well-done, and you will learn a lot about the people who work in the film industry. The movie is well-made, and the subjects are well-known actors and actresses. It is well-made and well-edited, and is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth about the exploitation of women in the film industry.

Vincent G. photo
Vincent G.

This is a truly amazing documentary. I have been a fan of Dr. Anthony Watts for many years. He is an excellent source of information about alternative energy, and his opinion is always reliable. This film is a wonderful tribute to his work. This is a great documentary for those who are interested in alternative energy, and it is very informative. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who has an interest in alternative energy. It is a great film to watch if you are a fan of alternative energy, or you are just interested in alternative energy. I am very pleased to say that this documentary was nominated for an Oscar, and I hope that it will be recognized for the work that it does. I hope that the Academy will give it the recognition it deserves. I am very happy to say that this documentary was nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar, and I hope that it will win the Oscar.

Thomas photo

It is hard to find an actor who has the range of John Cusack and he is in this film. The director, Mark Boal, has created a film that is both entertaining and informative. I have seen this film twice and it is still fresh in my mind. I can't say it is a perfect film. There are a few things that are not explained in the film. But it is a film that I would recommend to anyone. I would like to see this film again. It is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the American Civil War.

Jerry Griffin photo
Jerry Griffin

I was very pleased to see this movie, and I was even more pleased to see that it was not one of those that was trying to be funny or dramatic. It was very straightforward, and yet so powerful. I felt that it was very well done. I hope that it will be widely shown to all who want to see a movie about the world. It is a great story that shows that there are many people who want to change the world, and that they are not alone. I have also read the book, and the movie is very similar to that. I think that the movie is very realistic, and it shows that people are not like they think. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie, and I hope that it will be widely shown to all who want to see a movie about the world.

Crystal Freeman photo
Crystal Freeman

This is a wonderful movie. It's an incredibly interesting look at the lives of black and white children in America during the 1950's. The focus of the film is on the children themselves, but there are so many stories and a good amount of history that the film is not just a documentary about the children, but about the social changes that occurred. I found the movie to be very insightful, and even though I know a lot about the subject, I was able to really get into it. The movie is not just about children, but about the changing nature of American society and the effects it has had on the children. This is a must see movie.

Emily Wilson photo
Emily Wilson

I don't know why I liked this film so much. I'd only seen it once when I was about 12, and I didn't like it much. I found it rather boring, and I hated the camera work. I think it was more an attempt to do a documentary than a drama. I guess it was supposed to be a documentary, but I just didn't like it. This film is based on the real life story of a young mother, and her kids. I don't know if they were supposed to be funny, but they were. And they weren't. It seemed like they were just trying to get a laugh. I have never liked Ellen Page's acting, but I found her in this film to be decent. I don't know how to explain this. I'd recommend this film only if you are a fan of the mother. If you are not a fan of her, then I wouldn't recommend this film. I would have liked to have seen more of the children. If you are looking for a documentary, then I would have liked to see more of the children. This film doesn't do anything to really make me think about the problems in the country.

John Patel photo
John Patel

I can honestly say that I liked this movie a lot. It was interesting to watch how a lot of different and unique things that can be made can be turned into a wonderful movie. This is a great start to an interesting series. I really liked the idea of the town in question and the way it was filmed. I liked how it was shot in the beginning as well as the way that it was shot in the end. The movie was really nice and it really had a great message to it. I thought it was really well made and a great start to a great series.

Jean photo

I feel the best way to approach this documentary is to think of it as a film for both adults and children. The video plays out like a typical doco on an issue, but is very much like an animated film that focuses on its subject. The characters, such as Wendy, and her mom are two different characters that don't fit neatly into the movie structure. The movie does a good job of showing the difficulties that Wendy's mom is facing as a single mom, but the film also ends up showing how important it is for children to grow up in their families. Wendy's mom comes off as a nice person, but she's in constant pain from both physical and emotional abuse. I loved the acting and direction of this film. It was a great way to focus on the issues that adults and children face when growing up. The kids are really strong and the acting is great.

Elizabeth Lee photo
Elizabeth Lee

To be honest I was skeptical about this documentary, knowing it was going to be a bit of a stretch. But I decided to watch it because it was a great documentary. It really got me thinking about life, relationships, and how we choose to live them. I think the documentary really touched on the common theme of life, and how you choose to live it. There was also a great message about how sometimes, we just need to accept the fact that we have to make choices. I really enjoyed this documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone. I loved the interviewees and the way the filmmakers went about the story. I think this documentary really does a great job showing the impact of our choices on our lives.

Kevin photo

I think it's quite a good documentary, it's not just a bunch of lies, but also many truths that are not so well known about the old days. For example the use of LSD. There are plenty of documentaries that talk about the use of LSD and it's effects on the mind, but this one is different. It's not just about the LSD, but also about the people who used it. Many of them are talking about the effects it had on their life and how it changed it. Many of them also talk about the type of people they were, and also the type of people they turned out to be. And that makes for a very interesting documentary. I would have given it an 8, if it was not for the way they are shown. It's not shown as a documentary, but more like a documentary style film. The way they are shown make it hard to follow and not so interesting, especially since it's only 15 minutes long. But, I think it's a good documentary, and I recommend it.

Nancy Barnes photo
Nancy Barnes

Not many documentaries can make me think of the stuff I did in the US Army. This one did. It was like being in Vietnam and seeing that shit get done and then sitting there and thinking "what the hell was that for?" And then seeing what happens when you see that shit get done. The graphic images of the actual war were pretty cool. For those of you who want to know more about the war, this film was a good way to learn about the battle. I wish it had been longer, but the movie ended well. The soldiers were really cool, the music was cool, the combat scenes were cool, and it was so exciting. I think that if you are a Vietnam War buff, this is a good movie. The movie is very good at showing what war is really like, and how things go wrong, and how the military tries to deal with it. It doesn't get into too much detail on the history of the war, but that is what makes it so interesting. The movie is very good at showing the differences in people and how they react to the different things that go wrong in war. The most important part of this film is the soundtrack. The soundtrack has the beats from classic rock, metal, hip hop, and some other music that you will not hear on the mainstream music. If you are into music, I recommend this movie.

Andrea Smith photo
Andrea Smith

In a movie like "The Actors Studio" you can almost expect to see an actor say a line. It's rare that you can get the actor's attention to say the line that they say in the movie. This time I saw a few actors and I can tell you they were either very stiff or just saying the line without much emotion. It's like they were saying it to get a paycheck. I was looking forward to this movie and I should have seen the trailer. I thought the trailer was pretty good. The trailer is like a promo for the movie. It really shows the movie well. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I would have loved to see more of these actors. I was really looking forward to the movie. I'm disappointed in the movie.

Emma W. photo
Emma W.

The film "The War That Ended World War II" has a fascinating story, a real historical event. It's about a group of Jewish people who were persecuted during the Nazi regime, and how they dealt with it, and how they found a way to survive. It's a gripping story, with a dramatic story behind it, that is told in a very engaging way. It's not always very human, and it does have a bit of a dark tone to it, but it's well done. The acting is great, the story is well told, and the production values are very good. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys history or who is interested in the Holocaust. The narration is gripping, the acting is excellent, and the movie is well worth seeing. My rating: 7/10

Sarah Jackson photo
Sarah Jackson

The movie is good, though. It shows how some people from different countries feel and think. The idea behind this movie is to show that the human rights are not only related to the human race, but also to the individual. For instance, there are some people who feel that they are completely different from the rest of the world and it's their fault. And they are the ones who are the victims. For some, it's their fault for being born and living in a different country, or for being born in a different country. Or for being the only one born in a different country. It's a shame that there are some people who still feel that way. But, there are some who are willing to do the right thing and to help the other. I think it's a great idea to show the differences between the people, and the people who are going to help them. But, the movie is not about the human rights. It's about how people behave. The movie is good and there are some good things in it. But, it's not the movie that I would recommend to see.

Kathryn photo

A movie about a women who had to be rescued from a cave by a man. This movie is very good and i recommend it for everyone. The first part is about her, the second part is about the man who was her rescuer. The man is really good in acting and he makes you sympathize with the girl. The first part of the movie is very good and the second part is a little bit weak. You can't hate the girl and you can't dislike the rescuer. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it 7/10.

Janet L. photo
Janet L.

A multi-lingual documentary that describes the recent move of an African-American man from Detroit to Minnesota, how he survived the move, and how he now finds his place in society. Not everyone who is moving is going to make it. The documentary also explores the aftermath of the move and the effects it had on the family of the man. I liked the way the filmmaker put the focus on the man and not just the family and the relocation itself. He does not make the move a race issue or a class issue, he shows the power of the move and how it affected the family. It is a good movie and worth watching.

Walter Henry photo
Walter Henry

I am not a big fan of the documentary format. It can be very boring. I am a huge fan of the documentary format, however, this was much more interesting. The interviews were all excellent. The footage of the protests was great. And the people themselves were brilliant. The most powerful scene in the documentary was when the protesters, some of whom were still in their clothes, were asked to undress. That was very powerful and I recommend everyone to watch this. The documentary is also very entertaining. I was very impressed with the director and the people involved in the film. It was a really good movie.

Louis photo

I found the film to be very timely. A lot of people today are just a bit too worried about the fact that there is an age gap between them and their significant others. When I was young, I would always want my wife to say, "Okay honey, this is it. You have to make the big decision. We are gonna get married and get married and get married and then we will be together." So, I know people can't really think for themselves anymore. I was actually very surprised to hear the movie was made by the organization that could have been more serious about this. The acting was very good. It was a bit depressing at times, but I was more or less rooting for the characters. I can't imagine a more honest way to make a movie than that. It really is an amazing story, and I'm sure that I will get a little teary-eyed at the end. I would definitely recommend this film.

Patricia photo

I went into this film not knowing what to expect. I knew it would be a documentary about a human right in the middle east and that it was made by a Muslim. I was also very familiar with the Prophet Mohammed. I found that the film was well researched, documented and interesting. I think the filmmakers have done a good job in bringing the information to the audience. I think the film should have been shorter, but still gave the audience an overview of the Islamic calendar. As an Arab, I feel like the film has given the audience the ability to get a feel of the time in the Middle East. The most important point the film brought was that Islam is about freedom and equality. We can't just paint all Muslims as bad. The film also showed that people who are living in poverty do not necessarily hate and fear others and what religion they follow. It also showed that people who are living in poverty in the middle east were not only Muslims, but also Christians, Jews and Hindus. This was something I did not know about the Middle East. I would also like to thank the Muslim leaders that were interviewed for their insight and their knowledge. For example, Imam Mohammad Zaki Asad, the imam of the Ummah mosque in San Diego, said that the Middle East is a beautiful country. He also said that the Middle East is a very violent and unstable region. I felt that this film showed that the issues that are being raised are legitimate and should not be ignored. This film shows that if you don't want to have your family, friends or neighbors be forced to convert to Islam, it's your choice. It also shows that there is no one right answer. The film also shows that some are very good and some are very bad. The film also shows that there are people that support the Islamic calendar and that there are people that don't want it to be used. This is something that I would like to have seen in the film. As for the film itself, it was very well made and well researched. The documentary makers were very thorough and professional. I would like to say that the film was a must see for everyone. The film makers did a great job in bringing the information to the audience. I think that this film should be released to the public as soon as possible. I feel that the movie should be released to the public so that people will have an opportunity to see this film.

Amy Harper photo
Amy Harper

This documentary is about the subject of abortion. It is a bit different from other abortion films because it doesn't show people who have had abortions. This is a documentary about a woman who was pregnant with twins, and wanted to have them, and her decision to do it. She was very motivated and she knew what she was doing. It is a bit hard to get a reaction out of people when they don't know what to think. The first half is more about the mother, and the second half is about the twins. It is about her own feelings about the decision, and she has to go through the "wrong" side of the decision, but then she finds the "right" side of the decision. It's a bit depressing, and it's not really for everybody. This is not a film that makes you feel good, but it does make you think. I recommend it.

Mary J. photo
Mary J.

This is a movie that tells you a story about a boy and his life, and how he wanted to be a rock star. This is the story of a boy that is growing up in the 80's. His father is a rock star, his mom is just trying to be a good mom to him, and a real hard working single mom, and a difficult stepmom. As you can see, it is not an easy story to tell. You can feel the tension in the camera, you can feel the tension in the crowd, and it is one of those movies that tells you a story, and what you see on the screen is not what you see on the screen. But, in all honesty, this movie is not a drama. It is more of a drama than a drama. There are many things that make this movie interesting, but the most interesting part is that you can see the emotions of these characters. The problems that they face, and the emotions that they feel. You really feel their pain and their desire to be in the Rock and Roll scene. The main character's life is in ruins, and you really feel the pain of losing his father, losing his mom, and losing his childhood. But what makes the movie so amazing is that you feel a connection to these people, and you feel a connection to the people in the movie. The soundtrack is amazing, the director was able to get a great soundtrack for the movie, and the music adds to the emotion of the movie, and you feel the music when you see it. This is a great movie for everyone. A great film, with great music, great actors, great plot, and great people.

Ryan P. photo
Ryan P.

This is an excellent documentary about a very controversial topic. While I'm sure the filmmakers were trying to make a point with this film, the documentary makers are clearly biased against FGM. I can't blame them too much, I think they are doing what most people would do in a similar situation. The documentary has several flaws, most notably the fact that it is nearly three hours long and it has the feel of a TV documentary. That said, I still thought it was a great documentary. The filmmakers are very well-spoken and well-informed and this is a film that is easy to watch and really gives a good insight into a very important topic. I hope there are many more documentaries like this one, they are great for getting the point across.

Judith H. photo
Judith H.

When a series of natural disasters strike the US, is it too late to take the matter into our own hands? Four men are featured in this documentary that chronicles the reaction to the devastating floods in August 2004 in New Orleans. The first is a man in his sixties named Bryan O'Neil, who works as a foreman at a steel plant. He says he was asleep when the storm hit and woke up to see his house destroyed and he lost everything. He says he's proud of the way he handled the situation, and it's obvious that he has put a lot of thought into his decision to not evacuate the area. His comments are spot-on and he says he is still somewhat angry at the government for not being there to help. The next is the son of a local city councilman, Danny Boyer, who is the mayor of the city. Danny is not a particularly strong politician, but he says the people were put in a terrible position. He said the mayor was not there to protect the citizens of the city, but to make money for himself. The final man is Zach Walsh, a 31-year-old college student who is in New Orleans on a visit. He was living in a room in a motel for three months before his plane was recalled. He says the storm has changed his life forever, but he feels that he is responsible for the disaster. He feels he is a failure because he did not do his part. I am not a great fan of documentaries and think they should not be used to make political points, but this film was truly gripping. I highly recommend it.

Jeffrey M. photo
Jeffrey M.

This documentary does an excellent job of examining some of the most important issues facing the world today, as well as highlighting some of the issues that we can learn from these issues. It is very engaging, with some great footage of great events. For those who appreciate documentaries, this is a must-see.

Hannah photo

Loved this documentary. Every aspect of the film was executed brilliantly. From the events at the gates of the prison, to the footage of the prisoners and their families being reunited with their loved ones. I was glad to see the U.S. government actually give a reason for the prisoners to be detained. They could not afford to bring in the prisoners to help them in the camps and thus had to keep them in jail for 5 years or so. That is a pretty good reason to do that, if you ask me. I'm not sure if the U.S. government wanted to transfer the prisoners to the camps or just wanted to make a lot of money. Either way, they got away with it. I enjoyed watching this documentary and I think that it would be interesting to see if the American public would actually want to see the documentary.

Kathryn photo

This documentary is a must for any viewer of the film. The focus of this film is on a small group of people, most of whom lived in a two room cottage with a lake and a boat, and that's all. They had a terrible time dealing with the drought and a new sheriff who could not see that they were all about the same size. The film contains many funny scenes, but is really a must for anyone who is in a small town in America and who has seen this small village. They were very hard to be a part of because they did not have a TV, and the locals did not have Internet, so it was hard to keep up with them, and they were very unhappy about the weather. I was one of those, and my family could not stay in the town, and the town wanted us out of town because of the drought, and I think that is the reason why they have made this documentary. I think that was the best part about this documentary. I loved the humor and was very moved by this family, and I hope that they will have a wonderful life in the future.

Dennis G. photo
Dennis G.

It's hard to watch the movie and not think of one of the many wars we have fought in the world. Even though the movie is quite short, it's really well worth it to watch. The entire world is now familiar with the topic of war. It's easy to see how we've lost so much. I think it's important to get this movie out there so that people can see the scale of the destruction of the world.

Amy H. photo
Amy H.

The movie is about the rise and fall of a little company in the late 1970's. They were pioneers in the use of cine-futuristic effects and they invented a revolutionary way to film. When they went bankrupt in the 80's it was a big loss to the movie industry. I think that everyone has a responsibility to be creative and to invent new methods of storytelling. I think that those who put pressure on the movie industry have no respect for the art of movie making and they have only contempt for the people who make movies. This movie is an inspiration for those who have the dream to make movies. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

Albert C. photo
Albert C.

I have seen this film a few times and still get emotional when watching it. I can't help it, I'm an "endorser" of this film. I'm sure it will be one of those that you'll feel compelled to watch again. It's definitely a movie that you have to watch again, you'll probably never forget the whole film, you'll feel the same way when you see it again. It's not a perfect film, there are a lot of things that are too exaggerated in it and they make it seem like a documentary, but if you can overlook that, you'll really enjoy this film. I've seen many people come and go from this film, but I'm sure there's a lot of people who will love it.

Christina Scott photo
Christina Scott

I would be the first to admit that there's a lot to like about this documentary. On one hand, it's a look at the struggles of the struggling artist who's a little too busy trying to find his/her place in the world to really get too much done. On the other hand, it's a great look at the working-class world of New York City, where working-class artists have a hard time finding a place to work, and in many cases, the only job they can get is as a food-service employee. This is an interesting story, and it's not just because of the struggle. There's a lot of talk about the struggles of the artists themselves, and it's often depressing. But there's a lot of work and effort put into the film, and I enjoyed it very much. The interviews with the artists are great, and the music they have to work with is also very good. It's the kind of documentary that you can watch several times, and you'll probably have a different opinion on it each time.

Jose Bailey photo
Jose Bailey

This documentary is a one-man show from Stephen Hawking. I am an avid follower of his work. I'm a bit biased, but I have watched his other films, and this is his best work. He is a highly intelligent, brilliant, and somewhat eccentric person. The reason he is so smart is that he has a very different form of intelligence. It's not the ordinary intelligence you would find in people who are very smart. Rather, it is the intelligence that comes from being able to think things through. So if you don't like him, don't watch the film. But if you do, you will be entertained, and it's a good watch. He goes over a lot of his research and work. He talks about his work, his life, and his interest in science. You get a lot of ideas from it. It is worth watching, even if you don't like him. The best part of the film is his interview with Hawking and his wife, Jane. It is great to hear the views of a scientist who has a strong, intelligent mind. The entire thing is great, and it is worth watching. If you want to learn more about him, see the BBC's "The Last Lecture" with Hawking. It is a great documentary about his work and his work in general.

Crystal photo

I was looking for an insider's look into the creative process of a rock band, the human story behind the music and the music itself. I don't want to give too much away. But I do want to say that I was very impressed by the work that the band and their manager did to make a documentary that was funny, but honest. I'm glad to see the band come together again and make it to the top of the charts. I hope they don't get all the bad press that they are getting. As much as I liked the band, I don't think they will ever get to the level of fame and fortune that they are now. And I don't think the band will ever get the respect and recognition that they deserve. All that said, I still think that this documentary will be an interesting watch for anyone interested in the music business, the human story behind the music, or just the history of rock and roll.

Catherine photo

This is an interesting documentary, as it explores the issue of abortion, and it does so by examining the pro-life movement, the anti-abortion movement, and the pro-choice movement. It focuses mainly on the pro-life movement, because the pro-choice movement is often criticized for having little to no evidence for their arguments, or at least the evidence that is presented is weak, and almost always skewed. The documentary is largely about the pro-life movement. The documentary is extremely well done, and the interviews are insightful. It is well paced and the images are beautifully composed. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about abortion, or about the pro-choice movement. The people interviewed are extremely articulate, and they make the most of their time. This is a very well done documentary, and it is highly recommended.

Charles O. photo
Charles O.

As someone who has been a "scholar" of the Mormon Church, I felt that this documentary provided an interesting insight into the history of Mormonism. The film covers the changes made in the Church as well as the initial political and social pressure the Church faced during the time that Joseph Smith was imprisoned. It also covers the rise and fall of Brigham Young and his leadership as well as the beginning of the "Protestant" era. The film covers the first "prophet" Joseph Smith and the way that he was forced to convert to Christianity. The documentary also covers the "Mormon" rise to power in Utah and Utah's legal battles with the government. The documentary covers the various battles between Mormons and the government. The documentary also covers the different ways the Church was able to get around the laws of Utah, specifically the laws regarding polygamy and the practice of plural marriage. The documentary is fairly detailed and thorough in its discussion of the church's history and the current history of the Church. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has a personal interest in the history of Mormonism. It provides a good history of the church and the history of the Church. I would recommend it to those who are interested in the Mormon Church and its history.

Gloria Chen photo
Gloria Chen

This movie is not meant to be a documentary. It is intended to be a brief look at a specific experience. The movie is a compilation of interviews and views from those who were there. It is a great opportunity to meet and talk to people who were there. I was happy to learn that this was a private screening and not a public screening like many other documentaries that have been made. The movie was very informative and enlightening. It was fun to watch as a whole. It was not boring, but it was a little bit of a slog to get through. I hope to see more documentaries made like this one.

Samantha M. photo
Samantha M.

In the 90s, film critic Edward Zwick and co-writer James Ivory created a genre of pseudo-documentary on the nature of the media, particularly the news industry. "In the Bush Years," a 2010 film that tells the stories of those affected by the current presidency, is another, albeit fictional, follow-up to this genre. The first half of the film follows the work of investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, who in 2003 covered the Bush administration in his blog "Washington Whispers." During the first half, Johnston and other journalists from the news industry tell their stories about the evils of the Bush administration, from the Patriot Act to the war in Iraq. The second half of the film follows the work of investigative journalist Laura Poitras, who worked as an aide to the first lady in the White House, and is now a filmmaker. She interviews many people who are involved in the news industry, from journalists to producers, and they talk about the experiences that they had during the Bush administration. The film has a fascinating subject matter, but the characters are presented in a way that makes it difficult to care about any of them. The stories are not compelling, and the viewer is not given enough information to make an informed decision about the pros and cons of the various stories. If you want to learn more about the Bush administration, this is a good place to start. But, if you're looking for a film that will tell the stories of the people affected by the Bush administration, "In the Bush Years" is not a good choice. Grade: B

Virginia Hunter photo
Virginia Hunter

The TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" has a cult following that is unmatched in the world. Their characters include the menacing, gory monster, the foul-mouthed mad scientist, the vulgar "Brick" (later named "Spinal Tap" and his friend "dinosaur"), the geeky jock, the nerdy, geeky girl, the conservative, religious nut, the slimy freak and of course, the most iconic, most outrageous character, the dorky, annoying main character. They are usually loud, brash, and provocative. The set of the "MST3K" is based around a computer which allows them to use certain items on the screen. For example, they can put "food" and "prevent" in a row and it will make a sound. Other items include "cannibals" (an insect with two eyes) and "rocks" (a rock that someone has carved into a shape). The set of the TV show is very large, the actors are average, and the plot is almost non-existent. But if you are into "MST3K" you will probably love this documentary. The documentary is a fictional account of the show's creation. Each episode is about a month long, starting from the first one. Each of the first episode is about a movie of a certain genre. In the "Sci-Fi channel episode", they describe how a movie was made and the order in which they were made. There are also other "Sci-Fi Channel episodes" which are sort of ads for the show. This documentary covers some of the most important episodes and features very little about the other episodes. One of the most interesting segments is a segment called "The Battle of the Bands". It is not really a movie, but instead a brief, non-descript discussion of the previous episode and how it came to be. The story is sort of a parody of a rock-and-roll movie. They also parody the "MST3K" slogan. "You'll Never Look at a Robot the same Way Again" is also one of the most funny segments of the documentary. There are a lot of clips from the movie, so I recommend that you watch the movie before you watch the movie.

Amanda Baker photo
Amanda Baker

First off I have to say that I do not agree with the general sentiment expressed by some in this comment section regarding the use of profanity in this film. If a person feels that there is a need to use foul language, then I suppose they have no morals and they are a hypocrite. I am not a big fan of "turds" but I can say that it was "lighter" than the profanity used in other films. But I will say that the movie was very much enjoyable and thought provoking. Many people have complained about the sex scenes, but I found them to be very well done. I have not seen the original version, but I doubt that I would enjoy this version any less. In summary, this is a good film and you can tell that the director has put a lot of thought into the film.

Randy Harvey photo
Randy Harvey

I just saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. The film had a very engaging narrative. It felt more like a documentary, and it had a very interesting and fresh style. The cinematography was also excellent. It was definitely a pleasure to watch the film. It was also very clear that there was a lot of information to be gained from this film. There are many facts that were covered, and I think that's a good thing. This is a film that I think everyone should see. It's definitely a must-see!

Nancy Wood photo
Nancy Wood

The subject of voting for the "Ultimate Film of the Year" has been around for a long time, and it has been the subject of an endless number of films, from the Razzie Awards to the Academy Awards, with plenty of false starts and false winners. That said, it's been more than a decade since the first nominees for this title have been announced, and this film is the newest contender for Best Documentary, which should at least be exciting enough to make you watch it. This is a documentary about the practice of choosing the best film of the year. It focuses on the "bundling" of the best films of the year to a studio, and how that's a controversial topic in the industry, which is especially relevant when it comes to today's big studios. From indie films to big studio films, the debate over which films are the best is still very much alive, and it is clear that the studios are trying to use that to their advantage. The filmmakers take a different angle than most other documentaries on the topic, and it is this that makes it so interesting. The story is told by the film's director, Julia Ormond, who was also its editor. We learn that there's no right or wrong answer, as the studios are letting the vote decide. What the voters do is actually very much like picking a movie, and the choice that voters make to "bundle" the best films to a studio is really quite fascinating. If you're not a fan of this kind of documentary, you might not be into it. But for those who are, this is an important film about the voting process, and how it's not always about the films themselves, but the people behind them. I think the film is incredibly well-made, and it certainly makes for an interesting watch. The most interesting aspect of the film is that it makes you feel like you're in the studio, in a very personal way. It's not just a matter of "I love the films they're bundling", it's a matter of how the people behind these films feel. I think it's fascinating how they do this, how they're trying to convince themselves of how good the films are, how they feel when they vote, and it's just a fascinating process that I think is really important to examine. The only downside to the film is that it is almost too long, but it's still quite well-made. It's hard to talk about the film without talking about the cast, and I'll admit that I didn't find that to be that much of a problem, as they are the best part of the film. Ben Stiller was great as the executive producer, and I can definitely see why he was chosen for this role, as he's been involved in many projects in his life that he's really good at. I think he's a very engaging actor, and I loved the way he worked with Ormond to create a great interview. However, I did think that Chris Cooper was a little bit underused, and his role was just a little bit too small. He did do a good job, but I think he would've been more involved with the film if he was in the same film as the other actors. The only other person who I felt could've been in the same film with the other actors was John Turturro, but he did do a good job as well. Overall, I think this is a very interesting film that's definitely worth watching. It's hard to find a fault with it, and it is very well-made. I would definitely recommend it.

Joe Garrett photo
Joe Garrett

At first, I wasn't sure if this documentary was going to be as good as the film, "Making the Film". But when I saw the trailers, it was clear that this film would be more "traditional". It was even more obvious that the film would be about the trouble that was going on in Canada, and the true truth about the subject matter. The film itself is incredibly well-made, and it is very enjoyable. However, the film does not give you a clear picture of what is happening in Canada, because it does not give you the interviews with the people who were involved with the making of the film. I'm also not a Canadian myself, so I do not really understand how the Canadian film industry (and in Canada specifically, the Canadian film industry) is so successful. I would have liked to have seen more interviews with some of the Canadian film makers who are doing this documentary, as well as the people who were involved in the making of the film, but it was a little disappointing. If you are looking for a film to watch that does not have a lot of "documentary" or "bio-doc" footage, this is a good one to watch. However, if you are a film-goer who does not care about the history of the Canadian film industry, then you probably won't enjoy this film. As far as the documentary itself, it is well-made, and it is very entertaining. But if you are looking for a film that has something to say about the Canadian film industry, I would definitely recommend "Making the Film".

Matthew J. photo
Matthew J.

Every year, children die in schools due to lack of knowledge. They lack the right tools, the right materials, or the right time. This documentary is the story of a year that could have been a great year for this family. Instead, the entire family is pushed to the edge of a cliff. They can no longer stand the burden of having to tell their story. This is the story of how one family was left to suffer, and the suffering they went through. It's a story about the greatest gift of all, that is the human spirit.

Samantha Carter photo
Samantha Carter

A documentary focusing on the life of David Berman, a gay man living in Los Angeles. Berman is part of a group of homosexual men and their families in the film who describe their experiences and their struggles. I have seen the film twice, and it was a worthwhile experience. I was not so thrilled by the documentary about how gay men felt about Berman. The reason I like it is because it shows that this group of men were also having struggles of their own. Berman is the center of the documentary, and I would not call him a hero, although he is the star of the film. It is his struggles with life, his relationship with his mother, and his struggle with his sexuality that ultimately lead to his death. The film is very moving and is a great testament to how important it is for gay men to come out, even if they are out to their family members. The film was shot in 1986 and is very moving. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to understand why gay men do not always come out, or to anyone who wants to understand gay men and their lives.

Ralph M. photo
Ralph M.

What was once a Hollywood party with some real stars, has now become a movie set to the top of the charts. Before I watch this movie I usually go to a theater that is always closed and it is now a show to the tops. The "summer" movie experience is back and better than ever. The movie I watched was the latest of the summer movies to make it big and its the same movie I always watch the most. The year is 2001 and the movie was a hit and made it to the top 250. The movie is called "Before Sunrise" and its about two best friends on the way to get married. What happens when they meet up with the man of their dreams and how it changes their lives. This movie is amazing and really makes you want to know more about the characters and what happens to them and you as the viewer. The movie also has a great message about how important it is to make a connection and how the two friends make a connection and love each other. It also gives the viewer a sense of the ups and downs of a relationship and how those who end up with the person they want to end up with is just as important as who they choose. The movie is fantastic and it really makes you feel like you are in a dream. This is a must see movie and if you love movies you have to see it. I have seen this movie at least a dozen times and it is still going strong. I have watched it on DVD and I am sure I will be watching it again in a few years. If you are like me and you want to see a movie that is a great experience, I highly recommend this movie. If you want to see a movie with a message, this is the movie to see.

Jacob Curtis photo
Jacob Curtis

Some great interviews with the film makers, directors and actors. This documentary explores the history of a variety of African American movies, including many early period films and dramas that were popular in the 50's and 60's. Some are short and some are long. This documentary is also rich with archival footage and footage from the film festival it was shown at. The interviews are just as interesting as the films they are discussing. Most are with the filmmaker or someone associated with the film. The film makers often discuss their love for their films and how they have influenced the films they are working on now. The interviews are very well done. I particularly enjoyed the director and producer of "My Lai" talking about the impact the movie had on their life and how they felt about it. Very inspiring.

Joseph R. photo
Joseph R.

Even though I'm a strong feminist, I don't think I would say that it is a good idea to make movies on that subject. If a movie like this is made, people will start to think that women are better than men, and that men can't be good, or can't do good things. Then the movie will only work on a very superficial level. However, I have to say that this movie is very good. I didn't really think that this movie would be a good idea to make, but it turned out to be. In this movie, you don't know what the purpose of the movie is. I thought it would be to show how women are the better, and men are the worse, but I was wrong. The movie is showing that a man can do anything that a woman can do, and vice-versa. Women are considered more intelligent, and men are considered more cunning. Therefore, men can make mistakes, and that women can't make mistakes. A man has the right to take a woman to a restaurant, and she doesn't have the right to refuse to eat with a man. A woman can use her natural instincts to avoid being raped, and that a man can't do that. Men can be good parents, and women can be bad parents. This movie also teaches that a man is considered a superior being, and that a woman is a weaker being, and that a woman is only there to be used. I think that this movie is very good, and it is very good to talk about such a subject, because if it weren't, it would have been completely pointless. My advice: watch this movie.