Steam Mother!


Mother! is a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, and Ed Harris. A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

Other Titles
Madre!, Mãe!, Mati!, Imma!, Anyám!, Māt!, Мама!, Matka!, Ema!, ¡madre!, mother!, Deda!, Mother, Mère!, Motina!, ¡Madre!, 母親!, Anne!, マザー!, Mamã!, Μητέρα!, Majka!, Day 6
Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Horror, Mystery
Darren Aronofsky
Darren Aronofsky
Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Amidst a wild flat meadow encircled by an Edenic lush forest, a couple have cocooned themselves in a secluded mansion that was not so long ago burned to the ground, devotedly restored by the supportive wife. Within this safe environment, the once famous middle-aged poet husband is desirous of creating his magnum opus; however, he seems unable to break out of the persistent creative rut that haunts him. Then, unexpectedly, a knock at the door, the sudden arrival of a cryptic late-night visitor and his intrusive wife will stimulate the writer's stagnant imagination. Little by little, much to the perplexed wife's surprise, the more chaos he lets in their haven, the better for his punctured male ego. In the end, will this incremental mess blemish, irreparably, the couple's inviolable sanctuary?

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Hannah M. photo
Hannah M.

When a college professor is murdered, a campus investigation is launched. This investigation is headed by a single investigator, Ryan Spector (Ryan Reynolds) and his assistant, Fiona (Jessica Biel) who are not quite sure how they should proceed. A small town is reached in the investigation and we learn the identity of the killer. A statue is erected at the investigation location and a number of secrets are revealed. "Creepshow" is a film about a large number of college students who have to work together to find the killer and possibly unravel some mysteries. It is a fairly original concept that is executed very well. The film does not present a story that is at all original or very well written, it is simply a set of many elements that are quite interesting. This does not mean that the film is great or that it is perfect. There are a few flaws with the film. The film is too much focused on the "creepshow" concept and is not as interesting as it should have been. The ending was a bit disappointing and that could have been a good thing, as there were a number of major mysteries and some good ideas were not resolved. However, I do believe that the film's focus on the "creepshow" aspect and the almost over-the-top action scenes helped keep the film from being boring. A good film that is quite original, and it is certainly a film worth watching.

Donna Lewis photo
Donna Lewis

I'm a huge fan of 'The Blair Witch Project', 'Rosemary's Baby', and 'The Shining', and I am sure they're not all that bad, but I don't think 'Firestarter' is among the best of those 'classic' slashers. And I didn't think this movie was any good either. What's that supposed to mean? I can't tell you why it's not up there with the others. I'm just glad I saw it, though. It was good, it was scary, and it had some interesting things going on. In short, I recommend this movie. It's not my favorite movie of the year, but I can say that I'm glad I saw it. I don't think the others are a total waste of time, but they don't have much going for them. So if you're looking for a good slasher movie, this is one of the better ones to get.

Philip photo

I am a fan of cult and haunted cinema. I have seen many movies with some in my collection and I've never been so interested in the audience I was with. This movie had a very good plot and it wasn't that predictable. It made me think, and even scared me. I'm glad I saw it. Even after it was over, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The film has a very good sense of realism, although there were times when I wanted to see things a little bit better. In that sense, it was very realistic, and that is a very good thing. I would give this movie a 10/10.

Arthur S. photo
Arthur S.

Halle Berry is the center of the movie, her performance is one of the most captivating and terrifying performances of recent years. As she's chased by the police, a mysterious stranger she didn't know shows up and offers her help. The stranger seems harmless, but what she's capable of is far beyond the realm of anything you can imagine. This is a very well made movie, with the most disturbing imagery in a long time. It's definitely a thought provoking movie. I wouldn't say it's a horror movie, but more a psychological thriller. The writing is brilliant, and the characters are believable. The acting is superb, especially from the leads. It's hard to rate this movie because there are a few things that are a bit weak. The sound design is a little bit annoying, and the ending is a little disappointing. Overall, a very well made movie that leaves a very strong impression. It's definitely a must watch!

Randy S. photo
Randy S.

I have seen this movie at least 20 times and still find it interesting. It's a movie about a family and their kids and how they deal with their problems. The movie is about how an extremely disturbed person is made aware of how he has messed up his life and how he's going to be taken care of. The people who think the movie is stupid have no idea what the movie is about. The people who think the movie is bad must have seen the wrong movie. I've seen it on my own and have seen it again and again. This movie is a real masterpiece. If you have ever been in a bad relationship or feel the need to have one and think it's over then this movie is for you. If you have a great love for movies and love to see the world and people from all over the world from a different perspective, then watch this movie.

Jean Vargas photo
Jean Vargas

This is probably the most terrifying film I've seen in my life. It left me crying the whole time, and I was shaking. In one scene a man is electrocuted. You'll feel like you're about to die, and there's no reason to stop watching. Some of the shots are really effective, and you can see the actors acting in the film. I also liked the music, and the scene in the car is awesome. I liked it a lot. This is a must see. Also, I want to say thank you for the young actors, and especially Amanda Seyfried. She really made me believe in the movie. The whole film is perfect. This is my favorite horror movie.

David Lee photo
David Lee

After having watched the movie for the second time, I have to say that the movie is a very powerful piece of work. The first time I watched it, I was shocked and astonished to see what is actually happening to the main character. The only thing that kept me from giving this movie a 10 was the fact that I was so confused and not able to understand the entire movie. However, I decided to watch it again. I knew the entire movie before I watched it and the way I saw it, I could tell what was going to happen from the very beginning. The way the plot unfolds is very intelligent and not like any other thriller movie. The ending of the movie has to be the most disturbing part. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is in the mood for a movie to get out of the house. Everyone who has watched the movie will not regret watching it. It is the best horror movie I have ever seen. This is the best movie ever.

Charles photo

This film is really what the music business should have been. It had the power to get some of the most famous and respected artists to sign on, it has a gritty feel to it, and it delivers in every aspect. I found myself strangely drawn to the story, it was in a strange way so different from anything I've ever seen before, and it was so touching, it made me want to cry. I was quite surprised, it was surprising that the director managed to pull it off. It is an amazing feeling that you can't see when you watch this film. I honestly can't say enough about it, and it will stay with me long after the film is over. This is definitely one of my favorite films of all time. Go and see it now. And yes, this is a perfect example of why people don't read reviews when they go to see a movie.

Jordan M. photo
Jordan M.

I'm a big fan of the film and have been for years. I watched it again today and really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see the movie has been doing so well. It was a tough time for us in the 90's. We were losing our minds over the horror that was out there in the world. I have to give credit to the actors, directors and the cinematographer for this film. I'm sure that they will receive some Oscar nomination for their work. The movie was beautifully shot. The location in the film was beautiful. The story was brilliant. The costumes were also wonderful. There was a special treat for me that I don't usually see in movies, that I will mention to my friends. It's called the "chest bag scene." This scene is when the body is pulled out of the water, and it is a beautiful scene to watch. I thought it was absolutely perfect. It's a shame that most of the movie is not in English, but it's not too bad. It's funny to see the words being spoken in the movie. The actors are great and the characters were very well written. It's definitely a good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Maria M. photo
Maria M.

This film was definitely my favorite of the three I've seen, but it definitely is my favorite in the series. It's so much fun. This is the best of the three movies I've seen. The ending was definitely great. It had a good twist to it, and was great. The film does have a good story to it, but it's just a fun film. It's very similar to the film "Darkness Falls" with the plot, and it's not like the other two films in the series that are a little more serious. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is really one of the best films of all time. "The Shining" is the second best film in the series. This film is definitely better than the first two. "Halloween" is one of the best horror films ever made. I recommend this film to all fans of the series, and it's definitely one of the best horror films ever made.

Andrea West photo
Andrea West

It's been three years since David Lynch released Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. I haven't seen Fire Walk, but I have heard that it's a great movie. I've been looking for a movie to watch lately and I finally saw it. I had read some reviews and they were really good, but I had to go see it myself. I loved the movie, it's one of my favorite movies and I thought it was really good. David Lynch was not directing the movie, but I am. I thought this movie was really good, but I liked it even more than Twin Peaks. I think David Lynch made this movie more creepy and scary and the story was good. I think this movie is really good and I hope that you watch it and you will like it as much as I did. The story was really good and I think David Lynch did a really good job directing it. It's one of my favorite movies and I think you will like it. I'm really impressed by this movie and I hope you will see it as well. David Lynch is a great director and I hope that you will like this movie.

Joyce King photo
Joyce King

Don't be misled by the low IMDb rating. I was one of the few people who enjoyed it very much. I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure many will too. The direction is brilliant, the script is really interesting, and the performances are very well done. There is so much humor, and so much tension. There is not a single boring moment. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers, because this movie is truly unique. Don't be surprised if you see this movie at the theater. This movie deserves to be seen, and it deserves to be seen by more people.

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

When the movie opened, I got very excited because I loved this movie! So, when I went to the movie I had many questions about the movie, what was the ending, how the movie was going to be? Then the movie started, I was very surprised, the movie was so good, I was very surprised! I was excited for the next movie, and it was amazing! You can't wait for the next movie!

Christina photo

I am a fan of the genre. I have a particular affinity for the ghost story. I think that a ghost story should be made to be creepy and bizarre, rather than be just a standard supernatural thriller. The best ones are the ones that have great actors and great stories. This film has both. The script is fantastic and the acting is great. The way the story is told is actually quite innovative. It really makes you feel you are there. You are not only watching the ghost story, but you are experiencing the ghost story. I would also like to mention that the music is very good and the sound effects are very good. The music is very calming and fits the atmosphere. I also liked the character of the director. He has a certain style that is very different from the usual horror movie directors. I also liked the actors, especially the two leads. The production design was also great. I think this film has a very unique feel to it. There are some very nice effects. I think that the characters of the main character are very interesting. They are very real and you really feel sorry for them. The ghost story itself was very interesting, and I think that it would be a good movie to watch at night with a good sound system. It would be a good choice for a date movie or a good night out. The ending is also interesting and I think that it is a great ending to a story. Overall, I think this is a great film. I recommend it highly.

Wayne W. photo
Wayne W.

This is an underrated film. It deserves more than's a dark and intelligent movie with great characters. The ending was the most surprising and unsettling and yet I had never heard of this movie until I saw this review. It's not a horror movie but more of a psychological thriller about the friendship of two brothers who is killing people around them. It is very creative. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Bruce Jones photo
Bruce Jones

I really enjoyed this film and was quite surprised. When I first heard the name of this film, I thought it sounded rather odd. The story itself is pretty simple, but the film is told in a way that keeps the viewer interested from beginning to end. The film is not really about the young children who are in this case severely ill. It's about the father and his children. The father is a religious man who keeps the children in a tight-knit community and keeps the other adults at arm's length. But the children are a lot more than just what you'd expect. They are doing things they normally wouldn't be allowed to do. I thought the performances were very good, even though some of them were rather weak. I thought the director, Joe Swanberg, did a very good job. I hope there is a sequel to this film, because I'd love to see where they go next. I'll probably be checking out a little bit more of Swanberg's work. Overall, this is a well made film and is worth watching.

Jennifer photo

I can't say I'm a big fan of John Carpenter's work but I am a fan of his music, especially the music of the 70's. This movie is one of his best works and one of my favorites. The movie deals with the phenomenon of supermodels and what a nightmare they are. I liked this movie because it shows how much a model's life is devoted to them and how they're mind is totally devoted to them. I've never seen a movie with a very good story, I can't understand how the story ended but it was a good ending and it showed how long it took to build that supermodel's mind and what they had to go through. I liked how the characters and the movie was in a way like a spy-thriller and I liked how they wanted to get that supermodel to know something about a person or something but the main character (the supermodel) didn't know anything about them. I think that's what the whole movie was about. The movie ends when he's not supposed to, but they only told the story in a way that it can be explained, it was not very mysterious like it could have been but it still was a very good ending. The movie was a great movie and I hope that John Carpenter makes a sequel and he still plays a big role in it. The movie I loved was this one but I think this is one of his better movies. I recommend that you watch this movie and I hope that this movie gets a good sequel.

Richard Nelson photo
Richard Nelson

I have to admit, I was sceptical about this movie. I've read reviews saying it was a bad movie, that it was not a good movie, and I was skeptical. After all, I'm a huge horror movie fan, so I'm not usually one to be overly critical. So when I sat down to watch this movie, I was completely blown away. Horror movies are generally not my favourite type of movies, but this movie was everything I expected and more. It was brilliant. It was scary. It was suspenseful. It was thought provoking. I actually thought about it the whole time I watched it. I think that this movie is really under appreciated. You don't really need to know a lot of the details of the plot to fully understand this movie. It is simple, yet it has so much to offer. It's not a story that you need to learn in one sitting, but a movie that is going to make you think about what you've just seen and how it relates to the things you've ever seen before. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie, and who is looking for a really good scare.

Melissa Dixon photo
Melissa Dixon

I have just come back from watching the new version of The Devil Wears Prada (2009) and this movie was my favorite of the movies I've seen for the past few years. I loved the story. The acting was top notch. I thought the story was very unique and suspenseful. The "twist" ending was also very unique. The action and music was really amazing. I thought the main characters had great chemistry and I think everyone enjoyed this movie. I also liked the music and the special effects were pretty good. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Mildred photo

When I first heard about this movie I thought it would be horrible, it was bad and I thought it would be a waste of time, but I have to say I was completely wrong. I felt something strange watching it. The story was incredible, but the scene in which the four girls are all held at the same time is something that I never see on screen in my life. They all were captivating and in this one scene alone, they're better than the ones in the other three movies combined. I loved this movie. 10/10

Brian Lewis photo
Brian Lewis

What is horror, if it does not frighten you and gives you goosebumps? This is what the movie is about: it is scary, it is surreal, it is mysterious and it has a very strong moral. The movie is about a mother who has lost her children and is trying to find a way to cope with that. It is about a woman who is losing her memory, but who knows that her son is still alive. It is about a man who has lost his memory, but who knows that his wife is still alive. It is about a priest who is trying to cure the woman and his mother, by using the tools of the occult. The movie is about grief, about loss, about madness and about life itself. It is about a supernatural horror movie that succeeds in everything it sets out to do. The plot is simple: a mother goes to a asylum because of her loss, her husband dies and she becomes a mother herself, she gets angry, she loses her memory, she is mad and she feels as if the world is wrong. But this is not the movie's only meaning: it is about the fact that all the characters in this movie have lost something that we could call a child. The movie is very clear about that: we know how she lost her son, we know how her husband died. The movie is not just about the loss of a child, but about a loss of a mother. We see how the mother does not remember anything about her son, we see how she feels, we see how she tries to cope with the loss of her child. The movie is not a horror movie. It is not a "haunting" movie, although it is full of a lot of "haunted" images, even though it is not really a "horror" movie. It is about grief, about loss, about madness and about life itself. I recommend it to everyone.

Sara R. photo
Sara R.

If you are one of the few people who liked "The Usual Suspects", you will love "Stalked by a Stranger". It is well acted and the story is good. However, the whole film is about the way people are affected by their childhood experiences and how they try to cope with it. The main character is being forced to live with a past that has no depth. In many ways he is doing this because his father killed his mother. As his mother is dead he cannot cope with his fear of death and tries to do things to alleviate it. So he starts out as a young teen, who is not afraid of death, but becomes a young adult who starts having nightmares. The main character learns to cope with his fear and his feelings. He is actually being forced to cope with his fears, but he does so successfully. He learns that if he can cope with the past he can cope with the future. He develops a sense of responsibility that he has never had. The two leads do a good job at building and keeping the tension. The kids are all great actors and the film is well written. It is a great film to watch on a slow night with your girlfriend or mother. You can watch it with a glass of wine and be able to enjoy it without having to go through the motions.

Nancy photo

It was the first one that I saw. I was a little worried because I was thinking it would be another mediocre slasher movie. But I was pleasantly surprised. There were some scary parts and a really good twist at the end. The script was pretty good. The music, which has also been nominated for a few Oscars, is really good. This is definitely a movie that I will watch over and over again.

Sarah E. photo
Sarah E.

Mama's Little Girl is a perfectly entertaining movie. It's suspenseful, and filled with surprises. It's not your typical horror movie, because it is quite a bit more thought provoking than most other films in the genre. The story is quite interesting and it was interesting to see a movie where you didn't know what would happen, but you still knew the story. All the actors did a great job in this film. A group of actors who are all known for their acting skills in the horror genre did a great job, and really brought this film to life. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers, or horror movies in general. It's not your typical horror movie, but you still want to know what will happen next.

Henry Mendoza photo
Henry Mendoza

I watched this movie as I had been looking forward to it. I was very excited for this movie since I saw a trailer of it last year and thought it looked amazing, and had been waiting for a director to get the film out. I was skeptical at first because the movie is somewhat slow at first but I was wrong. Once you get into it, you are in for a roller coaster of a ride. I am not going to give any spoilers, as there is no point. I have to tell you that this is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen and is one of my top five favorite films. The acting is superb, the characters are very interesting and their emotions are very strong. You have to watch it over and over again to understand it and I am sure it will be on your list of favorite horror movies.

Gloria Armstrong photo
Gloria Armstrong

I was excited to see this movie because it is one of the best in the genre. I'm a huge fan of the book and the movie added so much to it. It was good to see the movie was not watered down and the acting was pretty good. It really shows the horror and terror of the book. I would recommend seeing this movie if you are into the book and the movie is of a good quality.

Jason Chen photo
Jason Chen

This is a movie that I felt is very well done, but could have been a lot better. The movie was going well for the first hour and then it seemed to slow down a lot. The movie is divided into two parts and in the middle I was sort of wondering if they were going to split it into two movies. I think the first part could have been better because there were a lot of plot holes. I think the acting is not as good as it could have been, but the acting of the whole movie was good and it was pretty much all good acting. The movie is not as good as the ending, but still very good. I think the last scene is very good and the last words of the movie are very good. I think this is a good movie and a must see.

Ralph Marshall photo
Ralph Marshall

The concept of the film itself is simple enough: A woman named Janet (played by Christina Ricci) goes to a psychiatrist (played by Paul Giamatti) to find out if she's insane or if she's just a victim of her mother's (played by Julia Roberts) abuse. Janet goes to the psychiatric ward for more of an explanation, but once there, her mother begins to manipulate and emotionally abuse her. Soon after that, Janet finds out that she's actually seeing a ghost, a spectre that doesn't want to be seen. When Janet goes to the asylum to confront her mother, she meets other ghost like characters that have also gone insane due to their mother's abuse. The storyline is really engaging and it keeps the viewer invested in the film. It's a great concept that keeps you intrigued. It's also a nice twist to the movie, which is definitely a plus. This film has been compared to a lot of other films that have come out recently. While I have to agree with that, it's not like any of the other films have been terrible. This film is the perfect film to put on when you need to relax and get a good cry. Overall, this film is a great film and I would definitely recommend it to people.

Rebecca photo

Well this is an amazing movie. I had my doubts about this movie because it looked like it was made for teens, but I can't really blame them, the actors and actresses are all teenagers and are very talented. The movie is about an ad agency that's just released a new horror-movie called "The Wicker Man" and the two people who are in charge of marketing the movie are in love with it. They want to make it the biggest horror-movie of all time and they do everything they can to make it. But then, the girls at the agency find out about the creepy movie and they start to try to get the best of it and make it the biggest movie in the world. That's the story, for those who haven't seen the movie, you will have to watch it to see what I'm talking about. The cast is pretty much made of teens, I'm 21, and the characters are pretty much all teenagers, in my opinion. I am a huge horror movie fan, and I never give a movie a 10, but this one deserves a 10. The story is scary, I was scared to death for a little while, and the actors are very good at their jobs. I really recommend this movie, especially for teenagers. If you're a horror movie fan, or just a big fan of teen-stars, this movie will definitely make you happy. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Carl Mason photo
Carl Mason

Something that we don't see a lot of in movies is how emotionally draining some of them can be. This movie is no exception. The experience of going into a room full of men and women, not speaking a word, and then seeing a woman you don't know being assaulted by someone you know - this is not a new experience. It's what's known as a traumatic event. For me, the most powerful part of this movie is the performance of the two women, the one being the woman who's been raped and then sexually abused. The other woman is played by Mara Brock Akil. Her performance is absolutely fantastic, and for someone who I'm pretty sure has never been raped, it really opened my eyes to the kind of horror I'm not used to seeing in movies. Another powerful part of the movie is the way the movie shifts between the past and the present. When the flashbacks are finally over, we get a sense of the long battle in the trenches of World War 2. The actors are all great, I've never felt so emotionally involved in a movie, and the ending makes me want to tell my girlfriend to watch this movie before it's too late. I recommend this movie to people who are sick of the same old horror movies. If you watch it, you'll notice a lot of new things. 8/10.

Scott R. photo
Scott R.

I watched this movie last night and it was so fantastic. So powerful, moving and gripping. I haven't cried in a long time and I had to buy the DVD. It's definitely a must-see. I can't believe this movie didn't do better at the box office. The movie really deserves it. If you are a true horror fan, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. But if you're not, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. It's just so freaking good. And it is VERY disturbing. One of the best movies of all time.

Roger C. photo
Roger C.

This movie is all about horror. It was very scary and had great elements of suspense. The plot was very good. The acting was great. The whole atmosphere of this movie is very dark. If you're a fan of a horror movie, you should definitely watch this.

Mary Olson photo
Mary Olson

This is a very, very good horror film. The acting is excellent and the plot is actually very intriguing. The film starts out very slow, but when it picks up, it is a very engaging film. Very good. This film is a must see.

Dennis A. photo
Dennis A.

This movie was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. At times it was hard to tell if the movie was actually going to go to show what the characters wanted or what they really were, but the movie had a great deal of heart and is one of the most surprising movies I have ever seen. It was a great deal of fun. This movie could have been better if the writers could have got on the right side of some things in the movie and made some things more dramatic and more disturbing but overall the movie was better than the critics had made it seem.

Ralph photo

I think this movie was a perfect movie to see with your friends. If you have been sitting there thinking about what you should watch and how you should watch it, then this movie is for you. This movie has a great cast, great acting, great story. If you are looking for a scary movie or an interesting movie, you will not be disappointed with this movie.

Amy Salazar photo
Amy Salazar

I read a review which made mention of this movie being a horror movie. I don't think so. I think it is an extreme thriller. I saw the movie a week ago and I thought it was very good. I was surprised with how good it was. I think that the movie is also very unique. I also think that this is a movie that is for all ages. It has a lot of scenes which are not often seen in a movie. The characters in this movie are pretty interesting, and the plot is interesting. It is also very scary and interesting, at the same time. I think that if you like this kind of movies, you should definitely give this movie a chance. I give it an 8/10.

Amber N. photo
Amber N.

I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical of this film because of the trailers and I saw trailers for a film called "R.I.P.D." and that was just awful. The poster looked like it was going to be just another mindless trashy film that would do no good. I was pleasantly surprised. "The Walking Dead" was certainly not the first zombie film I've seen, but it was definitely not the worst. But it was very much the most entertaining and most suspenseful. It wasn't scary and didn't have any stupid or stupid jokes, it was just funny. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed the first 10 minutes or so of the film, but after that it got worse. The first 30 minutes were extremely slow and boring. I just got very bored and could not take it anymore. There was also no action, I mean the film wasn't in a hurry and I wasn't expecting that. There were some really stupid jokes, and they just went on and on and on. I mean, I love a good zombie movie, but not this one. After the first 30 minutes, I actually thought it was going to be worse. It was a little bit better, but not that much. And then the last 30 minutes were incredible. It was just brilliant. The plot is very simple and very original. It is an extremely dark and disturbing film, but it is the most suspenseful and thrilling. This film is not for the squeamish, but for those that are looking for a good film, this is it. The acting was fantastic, from the leading man who played the main character to the supporting roles and the villain, all the way to the minor roles. The film was also very well written and it was done very well. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good horror film. 9/10

Christian photo

I love this movie. I can't really explain it. It is a master piece. I think it is one of the most successful movies of all time. I like it better than The Shining, Fight Club, I know what you did last summer, Memento, The Godfather and A Clockwork Orange. It is in my top ten of all time. So this is why I'm saying that it is in my top 10 movies. Don't watch it with kids, because it will get you mad, and it will not be nice to them. It's a great movie. 10/10

Laura photo

I'm in disbelief when I see such low ratings. It's not a good movie, but for me, it's a must watch! I'm sure that many, if not all, of the critics who gave this movie low ratings were expecting something different, something new. This movie is not just a drama, it's also a horror film, the first one I've seen in the new millennium. I'm not a fan of horror movies (of course). I have always liked drama, but this is definitely a piece of art! It's a horror film, but the tension, the fear, and the suspense is what you would expect from a horror film. It's not only a drama. I think the movie is also a work of art, it has a lot of symbolism, both in symbolism, such as the scene where the grandmother explains the meaning of the tree and the "seed of life", or the scene when her child is in the same tree and she starts to cry, the scene where she comes to find her son, it's a metaphor for a mother's mourning, and the scene where she finds the tree and leaves it alone, it's a symbolic view of a mother's grief. The plot is also very complex. I don't know why they chose the actresses to be in this movie, because they could have chosen someone else for the roles. They could have chosen a more famous actress, and I think the movie would have been much better! I think it's a good choice to cast a more famous actress in the role of the grandmother. It makes the movie more dramatic, and you feel like you can watch the movie over and over again. I also like the way that the movie portrays the mood of the grandmother, how she's acting and her thoughts, she is very difficult to understand. I also liked the scene when she comes to her son, I think it was very poetic, as the scene went on, she starts to show that she understands him. The son thinks she's a good mother, and I also thought that the scene where she cries and goes into a trance was very beautiful. I like how she has to go through all the difficulties she's going through, and she finally ends up looking for her son. I also thought the way that the plot was structured, it was very clever and interesting. It makes you think a lot, and you think about all the problems she has to face. The part where the child is in the house and she sees the image of the tree was interesting, as you can feel the fear the child is going through. The director did a great job with this movie, and I think he did a very good job of hiding the mistakes the movie made. The movie does have some holes in it, but the director made the movie very good. I think that if it wasn't for the problems, and if the movie hadn't had the problem of the story, it would have been much better. The movie is very good, but it's also very good at other things

Benjamin Gordon photo
Benjamin Gordon

The film is very, very interesting. I haven't seen many horror films in my life, so this is my first. I thought it was an interesting film, and although it didn't have the greatest dialogue or scares, it was very suspenseful and scary. The movie was very slow at first, and I thought that there were some scenes that were too slow, but then it picks up. It was also very surreal at times. There are scenes that have you thinking about what it is you are seeing, and the way the film is shot and how it is put together, makes the movie very interesting and a lot of fun. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend that you do.

Nicholas G. photo
Nicholas G.

This film has a great cast. Cusack is very believable as the main character, and Bridget Fonda is amazing in this film as well. The director, Mimi Leder, is very much of the 80's in her style. She does a good job with the story and I recommend this film to all of my friends. It is a film that will not disappoint. I have seen it twice and it is just a great film. 10/10.

Janice G. photo
Janice G.

I saw this movie on cable the other day. I am so glad I did. I thought this was a very interesting movie and a very different one. I thought that the story was very interesting. It had a lot of twists in it and a lot of suspense. It was definitely scary and interesting. The acting was pretty good and I thought the acting was not too good. The director did an excellent job in directing the movie. The cast did a great job in the movie. I have to admit that I enjoyed it very much and it was very entertaining. This movie is a must see if you have not seen it. The movie is worth seeing. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Richard A. photo
Richard A.

The movie is all about the everyday small moments of the life of one girl in the 1920's. How the she feels about the things that happen to her everyday. I love how the little girl found her personal demons when she needs them most. The director did an excellent job of taking a simple movie and making it a good movie with a very personal message.

Beverly M. photo
Beverly M.

While watching The Omen, it made me think of the good that we do and the bad that we don't do, and also the good that we do and the bad that we don't do. "Rita Hayworth was good at doing bad things, but that's what she was good at" is what makes this movie worth watching, and it's not just the story that I liked, it's also the acting and the dialog. The most compelling character is that of the young girl who was born without a soul, and when she is put in the box, her ghost tells her that her family, is dead, and she needs to go back to them. Her father, who is a hit-man, tells her that his family was killed, and he is going to help her, so she leaves the box and goes to the corner of the street to meet her mother and father. The "ghost" tells her that they are dead, and she tells him that they are, and her father goes into the store, and goes in to kill some of the bad guys. And she says to him "you're not my father". And he doesn't believe her. She tells him that she was born without a soul and he kills her. That's when the ghost goes back to her and she tells her the truth. That she is not her father, and she was born with a soul. I loved the ending, I was laughing like crazy, and it was so funny. "But, I'm not your father, I'm your ghost."

Catherine photo

The world is a very messed up place, and this movie will show you that. It will give you a hint of what the real world is like. And it will make you think about it, and make you sad. Most of the movie deals with the loss of a husband and wife, and their children, who have been taken away by evil forces. Although it will get scary when you realize that there are elements in this world that you can't see. Some of the actors are very good, but others just aren't very good. The ending is, I believe, very good. It shows that you can always make a difference in a dark and depressing world. My advice to you is to go watch this movie, and then go and get a life!

Mark M. photo
Mark M.

I am not a big fan of Paranormal Activity, but I am still pleased to see it's sequel, which I really didn't expect to be as good as it was. The plot was done perfectly, the fact that it was the mother's story and the daughter's story was really exciting, I can't wait to see the movie. This is not a film for everyone, but I think that most people who enjoy ghost stories or psychological thriller's will find something in this movie, the acting was very good, the atmosphere was great, the storyline was great, and there was lots of good surprises and twists. This movie really stood out for me, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a scary ghost story or psychological thriller. The ending is a great twist that I really didn't expect. I really liked it and I will definitely be looking forward to the next Paranormal Activity.

Nicole Banks photo
Nicole Banks

This film tells the story of one woman's tragic death in the first week of the summer in Hockley, England. This film is what it is supposed to be. It has an interesting and dark look at the world of horror films and it is a great way to pass a couple of hours. I thought the acting was good for the most part, especially by the young actresses. There is a very dark and edgy atmosphere to this film and I felt like I was being invaded by the characters and their fear and grief. This film is definitely worth a watch. It was exciting, scary and sometimes quite dark. The cinematography was beautiful and the score really helped the mood of the film. I really liked the ending. It is very effective and works very well. I recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of horror films and have a dark sense of humor. I also recommend this film to anyone who likes to see how good a horror film can be, especially when it comes to the story and cinematography.

Willie P. photo
Willie P.

The movie opens with a story of a high school group going to a party in the woods. One of them, then five minutes later, gets murdered. This is all that happens in the film. When we find out that there is no body, we are left in a dark place, wondering how this might be. Then we get to know a girl that is close to the killer, then we discover that there is more to this story. It also gives us more about the character of this girl, and the weird things she does. This girl has been with the killer for a long time, and she is not doing it for him. They play a game, and are to become friends, but when that is not possible, they are to play a game with each other, which turns out to be something really weird. It all ends up in the real world. I felt a little disappointed when the movie ended. It was supposed to be about the relationship between the killer and the girl, but in the end it was really about the girl, and the story that she was telling. It was a very interesting, but a little short movie.

Edward photo

I would say that this is the best movie that I have seen since the day I saw the first Desperado movie. I thought that it was a very well done movie, with a good story, and well put together. It's worth seeing. The sound is great, the acting is good, and the special effects are perfect for this type of movie. If you like movies like Desperado or The Matrix, you will love this one. I think that this is the best movie that I have seen, and I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Joyce photo

This movie is very well made. It's slow in parts, but then the film's flow picks up. The fact that the film is more about the framing story then the actual story itself (I think) is really refreshing and interesting. It definitely holds my interest as I have not seen a film that really manages to keep my interest. I would suggest this film for someone who wants to explore the perils of staring at a stranger or someone new. 8/10

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

I have been a fan of Wes Craven's films for many years now, I grew up in an era where horror movies were a staple of our television. I have seen many of his films and while some have been bad, some have been great and I've always been impressed with what he's accomplished. His original film, Scream, was a classic, one of the best horror films ever made. I can't remember how it ended and I never got to see it in theaters, I only heard about it through friends and family and it was a huge disappointment. I decided to give it a chance and I am very glad I did. It's a masterpiece and a must see for any horror fans. Wes Craven, along with Joss Whedon, created a horror masterpiece in this film and I can't wait for the second film!

Madison photo

I'm not usually the biggest fan of cult movies, and my wife is one too. However, my wife said that she loved this movie, so I decided to give it a chance. The plot? A guy is sent to his grandfather's home to be part of a haunting, a man in the past. He meets a girl who looks like his grandmother, and she's not really that interesting. There is a woman, though, and the ghosts are of her husband and the people he was in love with. It's an interesting premise, but I think the director went overboard with the idea of this haunting being a ghost story. The plot itself is boring and unnecessary. It doesn't add anything to the movie other than giving you an idea of the story, which doesn't have to be interesting. It is kind of a slow burn, with no real plot, and a lot of people walking around the house, which can get boring after a while. There is nothing about this movie I would rate it higher than a six. It is a movie that's just not that good. I think I would recommend watching it if you're interested in the concept, but don't expect to be swept away.

Nicole photo

I just watched this movie in the movie theater for the first time and I absolutely loved it. This movie is really something. I've never seen anything like it before, it's a bit of a shock to me. I saw this movie a few weeks ago, and I already had an idea about the ending. I'm glad I didn't watch it with the knowledge of what would happen. I think I should stop talking about the ending, and just watch the movie. I was very disappointed with the ending of this movie. I thought that, if the movie was half as good as the trailer, I would've given it an 8, or even a 9. But, the movie is not half as good as the trailer. I think that, if they made a sequel, and they added an extra half hour to the movie, that they could've made a really good movie. I think that the movie was completely ruined by the trailer. I don't really understand how anyone can give this movie a negative rating. It's like a new love story, like a new boyfriend or something. It's just great. I didn't hate this movie, it's just something that you can't stop thinking about, I'm pretty sure that I'll watch it again, but it's really not worth it. It's definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Billy M. photo
Billy M.

I recently saw this movie at the Asheville Film Festival and I was really impressed with this film. It is my favorite movie from last year. It is very dark and it shows just how dark the human mind is and how the family is affected by it. It also shows how people who are close to the family try to hide the horrible things they are doing. The characters are very well done and I like the acting and story as a whole. It is one of the best movies I have seen this year and I hope to see more films like this. If you haven't seen it, rent it today and watch it! It is a great movie.

Ruth J. photo
Ruth J.

This is the kind of movie that I should have seen before it was released on video. I actually thought it looked really cool and I thought it would be really scary. Not only does it contain some great atmosphere and scares but also gives us some great performances. Overall, I do recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good scare and thinks a movie will do it.

Edward A. photo
Edward A.

i loved the movie and i wanted to watch it a second time. i thought the acting was very good and very believable. the only thing that bugged me was the ending. it felt very rushed. i think they should have left it alone. it doesn't add anything to the story. but it's a good ending. i would definitely buy it on DVD. the only reason i didn't give it a ten was because i thought the opening scene was not very good. it's a good movie. i would recommend it to anyone. it is worth a watch.

Jason F. photo
Jason F.

I really liked this movie. This movie is extremely well made. The story is great and the camera work is excellent. However, the problem with the movie is the ending. That is the one thing that could have been done so much better. The ending is disappointing. I think that the director made a mistake when he wrote the ending. It just seemed like it was unnecessary. If the director would have written the ending this way, then the movie would have been great. However, the director failed. But I must say that this is not really a major problem with the movie. The movie is good. The acting is good. The camera work is great. However, the story is poor. I think that the director should have written the ending this way, otherwise the movie would have been great. The last scene in the movie is very good, and I really liked that scene. I give this movie an 8/10.

Terry photo

I can not say enough about this film. It is so stunning that i can't think of any other film that would have made me so absorbed. This is a film that I would not hesitate to watch again. Every single frame is shot with an absolute level of attention and concentration. The cinematography is one of the best I have ever seen, it gives you the sense of the film making. I will say that the film is a little slow at first but it picks up the pace quickly. The story line is so complex and it has so many aspects. It is quite interesting to watch, especially since this is one of my all time favorite movies. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good thriller, horror, or mystery.

Richard S. photo
Richard S.

This is a film that you should see. I can see it a hundred times and it gets better every time. It has the right combination of the right themes, characters, atmosphere, and what it is trying to achieve. I think it has a good deal of what a film should have. It will challenge you to be a little more critical about the way the world works and the way it is running. I love the way it is going to represent that. It is fun and fun to watch, if you let it. It is definitely worth a watch. I am a film snob and I can't say enough about this film. It is a really good film and worth watching. I think you should definitely check it out. I really do!

Rachel Bennett photo
Rachel Bennett

I recently watched this film on TV and was very much impressed with the performances of the principal actors and especially the young boy who played the boy in the movie. The story of the boy was much more realistic and I had a better understanding of the incidents that he witnessed. I was much more interested in the characters in this movie and could really get immersed in the stories of the characters. This is definitely a film for someone who likes a film that is exciting, suspenseful, frightening, and never boring. It's a story that is much more "special".

Joe Ramirez photo
Joe Ramirez

I am usually pretty wary of new films that are made on a low budget but I liked the "Nightmare of Michael Myers" so I was not too worried. I guess it's probably just the quality of the movie that made me jump a little. The acting was great. And if you are a fan of David and Michelle Duchovny then you will love this movie. They actually did a good job with the directing and they didn't go overboard with the special effects. The special effects in this movie are great and believable. The special effects in "Nightmare of Michael Myers" are also awesome. All of the special effects are so realistic that I can't help but to see the effects in my own nightmares. The only thing that really bothered me about this movie was that it didn't have much action. It seemed like it was more about the story and the acting. The movie was a little slow in the beginning. But once the story really got started and started to get into character I really started to enjoy it. It really made me want to see it again and I'm definitely going to see it again. This movie really captured my attention and I can't wait to see it again. It's a great movie that's worth watching.

Lawrence photo

An extremely well made movie. I would not be surprised if the viewer didn't like it after the first 5 minutes. But, I am happy to say that it is not a movie you will regret seeing. It is very suspenseful and requires your full attention. It is one of those movies that will stay with you for a while. If you haven't seen it yet, you must see it.

Gary Patterson photo
Gary Patterson

I've been a fan of Stephen King for years. I read his novel "The Shining" (when I was 15) and then I read the audiobook, which was even better than the movie. I was the one who recommended the book to the movie, and then I watched the movie and I absolutely LOVED IT! I've read several reviews, and while they were negative, they didn't ruin the film for me. For me, the movie was the best of the three, and was much more true to the book. I could relate to Jack Torrance's character so much better than I could in the book. I think that the only thing that was changed was that they didn't have a giant stickman that killed people, and then killed a giant stickman with the sword. They just killed the stickman. And when the actress playing Wendy was about to say "You killed my sister," they changed her speech. She said "The last thing I want to hear is from you, the man who killed my sister." So that's one thing they changed. And then the child that Wendy was having an affair with, she didn't have an affair with. She had an affair with a friend of hers. I think it was a little too long. I think they should have made it about 20 minutes longer. I was bored when I was watching it, and the only thing that kept me interested was Wendy and the child that Jack tormented. They were great. And they really did a great job with the make up. I thought that there was a very good performance from Danny Huston. It's very impressive. I'm not a big fan of "Jumanji" movies, but this was a good movie. It was a good movie to see on a Friday night. It's a shame that it didn't do well in the theaters, because it's a great movie. I think it would have been a great movie for people who haven't seen the movie, because it's a great movie. It was very entertaining, and I think it would be good for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

Sandra McCoy photo
Sandra McCoy

It seems to be the case with almost every horror movie that you have seen recently that the "shocking ending" was not true to the movie at all. I thought this movie was awesome. I don't think I will ever see a movie again that has a "shocking ending" like this one. I am shocked that this movie is not number 1 in IMDb's top 250. I am going to go buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. It is really underrated. I can't think of one thing that is bad about it. Just go see it and be amazed. 10/10

Stephen photo

Dulled down and with great execution from director Paul Schrader, I was not anticipating much, especially with the screenplay by his son Scott. But what a surprise! A deeply disturbing and suspenseful thriller that's even more of a visual treat than it is a literary treat. It does not pretend to be anything else. It's got depth and it's not trying to be anything else. It takes the time to build tension and suspense as opposed to quickly having the audience jump in their seats. It's beautifully shot, beautifully acted and very smart. It also leaves the audience wondering how they got there and why they are there. This is an excellent piece of work and I look forward to seeing more from Schrader.

Zachary K. photo
Zachary K.

I've been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan ever since I saw "The Sixth Sense". I think "Unbreakable" is one of his better works, "The Village" is at least a more entertaining movie. So when I heard he was making a horror movie I just had to see it. I had been skeptical at first, but I was wrong. "The Village" is easily one of his most effective films. It may not be for everyone, but for me it is a great film.

Brandon Wallace photo
Brandon Wallace

On the surface, I think this movie would be considered "clever" because of the plot. However, it is not that clever. The plot makes you think about something different but in a way that you don't have to. The plot does what it wants to do, and it is not forced. The movie is what it is and it's a good one. There are a lot of unexplained things in the plot, like why the mausoleum guards are acting like they are about to have sex with the patients, and how the most strange thing about the movie is the fact that the teddy bear is real. But to me, it was just an excuse to have a good movie. The acting in the movie was not that great and the main actors weren't that good, but that doesn't mean the movie is bad. The way the movie is, it just might work as a horror movie, it's not supposed to be great or anything like that. There are plenty of things you could criticize about the movie, but I will not do that because there are other things I have to talk about. This movie is very different from the typical horror movie. It's definitely not the type of movie you would see in the theater, but it is not the type of movie you would watch on a night when you are bored. I think this movie is a good movie. It's definitely not my favorite movie, but it is definitely my favorite movie of 2007.

Joseph W. photo
Joseph W.

I'll start with the bad stuff. I can't believe some people give this movie a 1. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you see this movie, don't be fooled by the fact that it has a PG-13 rating. You will be disappointed. I don't know how this movie could have such a bad rating. It's not a horror movie, it's not a thriller, it's not a drama. It's just a movie. And that's the good part. The movie is creepy and interesting. The story is suspenseful, the ending is suspenseful, and the acting is excellent. The characters are interesting and the acting is very believable. I think I got a lot out of this movie. I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece, but it's definitely a movie worth seeing. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

Sarah Fox photo
Sarah Fox

I'm a huge fan of the horror genre, and this movie is very close to the top of my list. Not that the characters aren't interesting, but I just feel that the movie itself would have been very hard to make good if it had been made in the first place. The story is interesting, the dialog is a bit corny, and the acting is alright. In my opinion, this movie is better than the whole genre of horror movies, and definitely better than any recent horror movie. This movie is scary, and it is dark. The characters are also interesting, and the actors do a great job with their roles. This is a movie that should definitely be in the top 25 horror movies, and it deserves that status.

Betty Jacobs photo
Betty Jacobs

One of the most entertaining horror films of the past few years. This movie takes place in a residential neighborhood of Chicago, IL. It is about a group of teenagers that attend a summer camp that leads up to a party. One of the teens dies, and his friends try to figure out why. The movie is a little on the slow side at times, and there are a few scenes where it becomes a little confusing. But overall, it was a very enjoyable and fun movie.