Steam Ghost Team

Ghost Team

Ghost Team is a movie starring Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, and Justin Long. A paranormal-obsessed man mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend, misfit nephew, a cable access medium and an overeager...

Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
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Thriller, Comedy
Oliver Irving
Peter Warren, Peter Warren, Oliver Irving
Melonie Diaz, Justin Long, David Krumholtz, Jon Heder
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A paranormal-obsessed man mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend, misfit nephew, a cable access medium and an overeager security guard.

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Linda Wade photo
Linda Wade

I first saw this movie when it was released in 1977, and I had no idea what it was about. But I was fascinated with it, and since then I've seen it about 20 times, and I never tire of it. This movie is truly a movie for the ages. You can't help but be impressed with the production values. The film is not overly long, and you can easily keep up with the storyline. The cast is incredible, and there are several memorable scenes. I could go on and on, but it would spoil the fun. I can't imagine anyone not liking this movie, it is one of those movies that I would recommend to anyone. I would say that if you haven't seen it, rent it and buy it, you'll enjoy it more than I did.

Andrea photo

Seth Rogen is hilarious in this movie. I like that he was the star of this movie. He was the only good part of this movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves comedy. This is a movie that you can watch over and over and you will still love it. If you love comedy this is a movie you should see.

Paul S. photo
Paul S.

When I first saw this film, I was amazed. Then I was more impressed. And then I was even more impressed. The ending is really neat, especially since the first two-thirds of the film is the slowest part of the film. But it was still great. If you like this film, you should definitely check out Rango and The Last Samurai, and watch it again. The same could be said about Cloverfield and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The same could be said about any of the sequels to the original Star Wars Trilogy. The film makers have always succeeded in telling a story that is unique, unlike all the others films that are coming out in the next year or two. The story was told in a very interesting way, with many surprises. I will not give away the story for you, because it was a really good story, and I really enjoyed it. You should definitely see this film.

Joe photo

Just go see it, you won't be disappointed. To each his own. : )

Nicole C. photo
Nicole C.

This movie has become one of my all time favorites. A lot of people complain about how a movie can only have two good guys in it, but if you look at it this way, you can't have any good guys in a movie that has so many bad guys. All the bad guys are bad in their own ways, so there's no real good guys. You just have to go with the flow. But it's not all just about having bad guys. It's about having people that are bad, but you don't like them. And this movie has a lot of characters that are very enjoyable. The plot is great, the acting is great, the special effects are great, and the characters are great. It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I'll go with the 'Ring' character. It's probably the best I've seen. There's a few things that can't be done in a movie, like a zombie. But the zombies in 'Ring' are pretty fun to watch. I recommend this movie to anybody. It's a very fun movie. And if you're in a movie mood, it's a great movie.

Dennis photo

This is a great movie and I saw it with my brother and he loved it. He was surprised that I really liked it. I think it is a very good movie. It was entertaining and not to predictable. I also liked the idea that they didn't even know the guy in the house was crazy. I think this movie is a 10 out of 10. If you like this movie, you'll like The Wedding Planner. I don't recommend it to people who are looking for a lot of action and gore, but I do recommend it to people who like a movie with a good plot and a good story.

David T. photo
David T.

This movie was soooooo funny. One of the best comedies i've ever seen. I laughed my ass off throughout the whole movie. This movie is worth seeing!

Joseph Brown photo
Joseph Brown

This is a hilarious movie that I laughed from beginning to end. I loved the film because it made me laugh in ways that I couldn't imagine. The cast was excellent, the plot was great, and the actors did a great job. The movie is about a group of people who are set up as a team, and when they get to the island, they find that the team has been taken. It is a classic film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves comedies. I thought it was an excellent film.

Madison photo

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. And it's a great movie. It's a movie that has the best acting I've ever seen. A great movie with good plot, great acting, great plot, and great actors. You should definitely see this movie.

Susan photo

Being a guy, I really don't get the feeling of all the negative reviews, but for me, the reason for that is the rating of this film is much too low. It's a comedy, and it's a very funny one at that. This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I think a lot of the people who haven't seen this movie yet have missed the humor of this film. It's not one of those gory movies, but there's enough to make you laugh and smile. I also really like that the characters have a sense of humor about themselves. Some of them are the same type of person who you know in real life. Even the bad guy, the blind guy who likes to wear a "zombie" mask, the woman who is a woman, the guy who can see ghosts. it's all funny, and you can't help but smile. All in all, it's a great movie to watch and laugh at.

John Arnold photo
John Arnold

I had no idea what to expect when I started watching this movie. It had a really good plot, but I wasn't sure what to expect. It is really well made. It has great action and also some nice comedy in it. The characters are well developed and the actors were good. I have never been a fan of Johnny Depp, but he was a great actor. He has one of the best voices in the world, and he was great. He is one of the few actors that I could actually respect and believe in. I have never seen him in anything that I had ever heard of before, but he was so funny in this movie. I liked the fact that it was based on a true story. It had a great plot and it had a great ending. I really liked the ending of the movie, I mean, it was kind of sad, but it was well done. It was really well done. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. I mean, it was sad, but it didn't end the way it should have. I thought it was a good ending, but I'm not going to give away any details. Overall, I really liked this movie, and I'm really glad I watched it. It was really well made and it had a great plot. If you are looking for a great movie that has a great plot, then I recommend you watch this movie.

Howard F. photo
Howard F.

This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I have always enjoyed the things Blaxploitation movies have done to entertain me. I watched it in a theater and it was the first movie I have seen in that theater. My eyes lit up. I also think the acting is superb. The movie is fun, and fun for the whole family. It was just great. It is not going to be a classic, but it was fun and funny. And it was original. I think everyone should see this movie. I gave it a 10 out of 10.

Jesse photo

I enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it. It made me laugh, and I think a lot of people did too. It is a comedy with an original plot, and a couple of really funny moments. It is definitely a film that is not to be missed.

Henry Snyder photo
Henry Snyder

I'm very proud of this movie. It was entertaining, original, and very well done. The cast was great, the story was original and kept me interested throughout. I was surprised by the ending, which was different from the original. I think this movie is underrated. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is an entertaining movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. I really like this movie, and I hope that there will be a sequel. I really liked the plot, it was very well written. I think that this movie was a great success, and I think that people would be more likely to watch it if they watched it before they saw the original.

Nicole photo

I know it's not the first one, but i found this film so funny and so real that i just can't stop watching it. The characters are like real people. Its a classic type movie. The guy who's the bartender is so great, the gay guy that's the professor. I think he should be an actor or a comedian. I think this movie deserves a 10/10 because it's so real, it's really good, but it's a bit long and it's boring at the end.

Phillip Martinez photo
Phillip Martinez

I saw this movie for the first time a couple of days ago and I was really impressed. I thought it was a brilliant comedy. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I think it's a very funny movie and it is a true comedy that was very funny. I think the cast was amazing and the jokes were awesome. I didn't laugh as hard as I usually do, but the characters are so funny that it made me laugh even harder. I am a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg and it was so cool to see him in a movie again. I think that everyone should see this movie. It's definitely a must see. 10/10.

Daniel photo

In a different way, this movie is like a typical Aussie horror movie, but with a twist, it's a great movie, that's all. This movie has a lot of fun, and a great story line. The comedy was great, with great characters and great laughs, as well as some laughs along the way, I could watch this movie again and again. I gave it an 8 out of 10. Recommended.

Eric Gutierrez photo
Eric Gutierrez

A great spoof of the Bond movie. It's a typical spoof of the Bond movies. No dull moments. A little tongue-in-cheek in places. All in all a fun spoof.

Jose Alexander photo
Jose Alexander

The book and movie were both quite good, but I had to say that the movie was much better. It had more action, it was a bit more emotional and more realistic. It had a lot of action and I liked the fight between Hardy and Gormley. I thought the ending was very good too. All in all, a good movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Christian Reynolds photo
Christian Reynolds

I just want to say that I was very impressed with this film. I had never heard of the previous two films, but they were of the same quality, and I thought I would give this one a try. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the film. I think that the director took too many liberties with the original story. I know that this is not the fault of the writer, but more on the director. Also, the ending was somewhat of a letdown. I thought the film had a lot of potential, but it seemed to be lacking in the last act. The film was also a little predictable, and I think that the actors should have been given more to do in the last act of the film. However, this film is definitely worth a watch. I thought that the acting was great. I thought that the director had done a great job with the film. I am glad that I decided to give this film a chance.

Rebecca Matthews photo
Rebecca Matthews

I thought that this movie was hilarious. I loved the way the film was shot and the actors. I thought the jokes were hilarious. The cast was amazing and so was the script. I thought the jokes were the best part of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie.

Brittany B. photo
Brittany B.

This is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. A great ending, very clever script and very good acting. It is a great movie for the whole family. You will laugh a lot and the ending is just great.

Jean photo

A review for this movie has been made in the past but I would like to add one more thing. I am not sure if it has already been stated or not but in the movie, there was a joke about the fact that the movie was made in '81 and the year of the movie was 1983. To me, that is a valid reason to make a movie about a movie. I was also not expecting a movie about a movie. I was not expecting the movie to be about a movie. I thought it would be about a movie but it was about a movie. As a movie it was good. The acting was good. The story was good. It was entertaining. It was a good movie. I would rate it a 9 or a 10.

Madison photo

This is a great "feel good" movie. The premise is great, and the plot has some great twists. The acting is great, and there is plenty of comedy to make it entertaining. I like this movie a lot. It is a great date movie, or even a "hang out" movie. This is a great movie for someone who is looking for a fun "feel good" movie.

Adam Ward photo
Adam Ward

This movie is an excellent adaptation of a comic book. If you like a good laugh then you will like this movie. A good story line and great actors make this movie a winner. The actors have done a fantastic job. When I first saw this movie I was amazed at the movie. The first part of the movie was very slow, but then the action and special effects started to kick in. All the actors did a great job and it was very interesting to watch this movie. The story is very funny and exciting. The movie had great special effects. The movie also had a great plot. It was good to see a movie that has a story that was like a comic book and a good acting and great special effects. I really liked the movie. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. I highly recommend this movie to people who like a good laugh and have an open mind.

Kathleen photo

The ultimate comedy in my opinion. It has so many funny scenes and that's what makes it so enjoyable. It has a very great plot and it never gets boring. It has a lot of funny and original scenes and that's what makes it so enjoyable. It is a great comedy that I recommend to all.

Jerry photo

The gangster films of the early '70's and the gangster films of the late '70's have always had a romantic feel to them, and this film from director Richard Fleischer, that was directed by Donald Margulies, is no exception. The film stars actor J.D. Salinger (who had a great deal of success in the film industry) as a British gangster named Earl Robinson, who is also a very talented actor. He was just a kid when he made this film, but when he saw it, he was really blown away. It was a classic film in the early '70's. There is a lot of humor in the film, especially with the scenes with Salinger and the gangsters. I especially enjoyed this film because I had a lot of respect for J.D. Salinger. He was the youngest actor to receive an Oscar nomination in that time period. Richard Fleischer, the director, did a great job directing this film, and the film is a very entertaining and enjoyable film. The film has many great comedic scenes, and I really loved the music score for this film. It is very effective. The film is a great film for fans of the genre, and I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the genre. 8/10

Jennifer photo

I had read the reviews before watching the movie and I was surprised by how good this movie turned out. It was not the most original idea, but it was a nice movie to watch. It had a good balance between comedy and drama. It was not a typical rom-com, it had more of a drama side to it. I think that the cast was great and the actors did a great job. I hope to see a sequel to this movie. This movie has everything you could want from a rom-com, action, drama, and comedy. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Zachary Turner photo
Zachary Turner

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but it was really good. I watched it and enjoyed it. It was full of fun and actually I laughed a lot. It's full of action and some really funny stuff too. It's also full of real comedy and makes you think about the times you have or have had. You won't get bored watching this. This movie is a great date movie and I really recommend it.

Jesse G. photo
Jesse G.

When the first person I heard of playing Hans was Timothy Olyphant, I was sure he would have to be a bad actor to pull off the part. He was good in the "I'm the Man" movies, and he did play the part very well. Unfortunately, this movie was not as good as the other two, and was a little more depressing than the other two. I have to say that, for me, Hans Landa is one of the most overrated actors in Hollywood, and his performance was the worst out of all the three. I did enjoy his "Death Wish" films, but this movie wasn't anywhere near as good as any of them. The plot is interesting, and it was nice to see how it was turned out, but it was not the greatest movie I have ever seen. It was just a fun movie to watch, and I give it a 7 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to people who like to watch movies and want to see how they are turned out.

Virginia M. photo
Virginia M.

I think it is just a masterpiece of acting. I saw this movie in 3D and I was totally amazed. It's very difficult to find this movie. I think it should be released in the USA! It has a very good story, great acting and it is a must see. I love the way they have done the colors, I think it is really brilliant. I think I am going to watch this movie again in a few days.

Laura D. photo
Laura D.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive before watching this film. I am a huge fan of cult-chick movies. After all, this is a well known fact. But it is hard not to be drawn into the film. This movie is a real "Aerogeddon" with a lot of heart and soul. I had a really good time and I can't wait to buy it on DVD. You can't go wrong with this film. Although it's not the best movie of the year, it is one of the best cult-chick movies of the year. It is a little scary, but I loved the people and the chemistry between the guys. I can't wait to buy this movie on DVD. See it, love it, and buy it.

Brandon Mills photo
Brandon Mills

This is the best film ever made. It's a classic and one of the best comedies ever made. I loved it from beginning to end. It's funny, romantic, dramatic, dramatic, dramatic. I couldn't help but laugh at all the little lines and the way they were placed in the script. It is probably the best comedy ever made and it's a great film.

Ronald Cook photo
Ronald Cook

My friends and I, with our girlfriends, went to see this movie with very little expectations. We were thoroughly entertained and it kept us laughing all the way to the end. We have been looking for the DVD since last week and we finally found it. The acting was very good, especially with the lead, John Cusack, and the supporting cast were excellent. My girlfriend had read some of the negative reviews and knew that the movie was supposed to be a comedy, but it was not. If you like movies with a good plot and a laugh, you will like this movie. We plan to see it again, and again, and again. We will be buying the DVD and will buy the DVD's of the other movies as well. If you don't like movies with a good plot and a laugh, you won't like this movie. We all plan to buy the DVD and we will buy the DVD's of the other movies as well.

Rachel photo

I like it very much! A good movie and very funny. Especially if you are not a fan of porno movies. I think it is good for guys and girls too. No nudity and no sex in this movie. I just love this movie!

Olivia Gutierrez photo
Olivia Gutierrez

A thriller that is completely unique, and completely entertaining. The movie is very entertaining, the characters are all well acted, and the story is pretty original. The characters of the movie are all so different, and yet very similar. The movie starts with a man being chased by a bunch of masked robbers, and ends with a man being chased by a gang of thugs. In the end, the movie is just so well put together, and the storyline is very interesting. It is very fun to watch, and the story is very interesting. The only thing that bothered me about the movie is that the main characters are so different, it was hard to figure out who was who. The movie is very fun to watch, and it is very unique. The only reason I give it an 8/10 is because of the characters, they were all very well acted, and the story was very original. The only reason I give it a 9/10 is because it is very entertaining, and the movie is very unique.

Brandon photo

The year was 1979 and the US was gripped by the thought of a nuclear holocaust. The world's nuclear weapons were hidden underground and the war with the Soviets was in full swing. In the depths of the Cold War the US military was struggling to find the perfect tool to blast their way through the Soviet defences. This movie follows a team of US Army nuclear weapons scientists trying to develop a device that can blast a hole through the Soviet Union and blast their way through the US army. In the process they discover that the Soviet Union has developed a nuclear warhead that can withstand a nuclear explosion. With this knowledge the US team set out to work to perfect their weapon. The real story here is how the US team and the Soviet Union work together to perfect their weapon. The US team are a team of experts that have worked together for years. The Soviets have a small team that have worked on the project for decades. They also have a small team of scientists that work on the project and are also experts in nuclear weapons. As the two teams work together the Americans find that the Soviet Union has developed an alternative to the original design. The original design was designed as a submarine that could go down in one piece and then land. In the Soviet design the submarine had a bomb that could be detonated underwater. This is where the real story is. The Soviets have developed a bomb that can withstand a nuclear blast. This means that the Soviet Union will be able to hold out for as long as possible. This film is a good movie to watch if you are interested in this subject matter.

Sean V. photo
Sean V.

I saw this movie the other day, and I really liked it. I really enjoyed the "small town" feel, and the characters. There was also a good amount of humor. The acting is also very good. I really recommend it. It's not as "serious" as the other films, and it's much more fun. I will admit that it doesn't have the best plot, but it is enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone. 8/10

Sean photo

I liked this film, it was funny and it was great! The acting was very good, the premise was funny and the characters were great! The main character was very funny, so was the side characters. The plot was good, the action was good and the ending was good! I liked this film and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

Gerald photo

*SPOILERS* An epic yarn of a mysterious killer, who doesn't take part in any murders. But he has an agenda. He's after a woman and her children. But he will stop at nothing to get his hands on them. But what makes the film work, is the characters. These are some of the most interesting and interesting characters I have ever seen. They are like a couple of the greatest villains you will ever see in a movie. The actor that plays one of them, is great, and has a voice that is unique and not like any other villain you have seen. These are the main characters that makes this film worth seeing. And they are very good. But the film isn't without its flaws. One is the plot. But this is not the fault of the film, but the fault of the writer, and the director. This film has a plot that is as convoluted as it is bizarre. But it's not a problem, it's just that the writers didn't know what they wanted to do. They just threw everything at the screen, and hope you didn't notice it. It is the fault of the writers, and the director. But it doesn't ruin the film, because it isn't that bad. The story is great, and the characters are all interesting. The film also has some great visuals. The first act is very interesting. The second act is amazing. The third act is more of a mystery, and the fourth act is a bit confusing. But the fifth act is a very interesting and good, and very creepy and strange film. It is a very good movie, that has a few flaws, but still a very good film. But it's not a masterpiece. It's not even good. It's just a good film. 8/10

Kyle H. photo
Kyle H.

With all the great acting I have seen, I'm not going to bother going over the rest of the film. What I will say is that I enjoyed the film, and I thought that it was very entertaining. It's a good time killer film, and I wouldn't be surprised if it does get made into a sequel. I don't think there's anything wrong with this film, it's a great little film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Beverly Scott photo
Beverly Scott

When it comes to making movies about spies, this one is the best. The plot of the movie is fun, it has a good story and good dialogue. The characters in this movie are very likable. Not only are the main characters likable, but all the supporting characters are also. All the supporting characters are likable as well. This movie is great fun for a date night or a movie night. The director of this movie is quite underrated, and has really made some good movies. This movie is really entertaining. It has a really good plot, great dialogue, and a good plot. The action in this movie is very good, and the action is good. This is a good movie to see with your friends. You will have a great time watching this movie.