Steam Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan

Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan

Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan is a movie starring Peter Martins and Wendy Whelan. Documentary on the great American Ballerina Wendy Whelan

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Adam Schlesinger, Linda Saffire
Wendy Whelan, Peter Martins
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Documentary on the great American Ballerina Wendy Whelan

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Thomas J. photo
Thomas J.

This documentary on Wendy Whelan is a must-see for anyone who has any interest in the story of her life and her art. Whelan is one of the most fascinating and fascinatingly talented women I have ever come across. Her work is truly exceptional, and her life is an inspirational one. Her story is truly inspiring. I find it so sad that the world is unaware of her incredible life and talent. Wendy is a truly remarkable human being and she is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and amazing women I have ever come across.

Janice G. photo
Janice G.

I really enjoyed this documentary and found it to be a very insightful look at one of the world's oldest religions. As a devout Christian I was pleased to see that there were no Christian actors in this movie. If there were, the film would have been much more effective. The only negative I found was that it seemed to take a little too long to show the details of the Bible story. There is one part of the story that is repeated over and over again. As a result I did not understand all of it until I saw this film. The story of Jesus was told in the original language of the Bible, as it was written, not in the movie language as the directors of the film would have you believe. The Bible is a richly written and beautiful book. I look forward to seeing the director's next movie.

Sean Lynch photo
Sean Lynch

If you're a woman, chances are you've heard some of Wendy Whelan's stories. If not, there are a few great ones about her. The movie that was never made is "Stuffed", which was a comedy that focused on Whelan's most famous story. It's a weird movie that deals with a very realistic relationship, where Whelan is one of the main characters. If you like Whelan, you should check this out.

Johnny Stone photo
Johnny Stone

I was a little hesitant about watching this documentary, as I didn't want to be too biased. I thought it would be more about the dog and its death than it was. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This documentary was very informative and enlightening. It really helped to show me how important dogs are to the world. I was very impressed with the amount of information the dog's owners had to give. It was very important to me that the documentary didn't focus too much on the dog, and that's what I really liked. The dog's owners also showed how they treated their dog. It was very touching. I liked the way the owners interacted with the dog, especially how they interacted with him when they were getting ready to take him to the vet. It was also very touching to see how the dog's owner took care of him. I also enjoyed the way the documentary showed the dog's owner and how the dog was treated when he was in the shelter. This is a must see documentary. The information that was provided was very important and interesting. I really enjoyed this documentary and thought that it was very informative.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

I was excited to see this documentary when it came out. It's funny, it's funny, it's funny. I'm also surprised at the amount of people who say they didn't like it, saying they were too young to be interested in or not understanding the meaning of the film. This movie is not only an educational piece but an emotional one. This documentary is a great way to introduce children to the movie and to show the film for what it is. It shows a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and even a baby elephant, and gives a better understanding of the many different types of animals we see in nature. One of the most amazing things about the documentary is that it shows the difference between what we see in nature and what we see in our own minds. It shows that what we see isn't always what we think it is. It shows how people can be deceived into thinking something is a different animal or different species, or that it is dangerous. In my opinion, this documentary is an excellent way to teach children about animals and how they are different from us. It can also teach children to love and accept different animals. It also shows us that animals have feelings, like you or I. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about animals and the different kinds of animals.

Eugene Burton photo
Eugene Burton

This is a film about a very strange creature, the Loach who lives in the lochs of Scotland, and is in the process of being transferred to the lochs of Cornwall. The lochs are very similar to the lochs of Scotland. This film is a must see for people who like films about strange things.

Frank Alvarez photo
Frank Alvarez

It is wonderful to see that Wendy Whelan has chosen to use her real name, not her maiden name. Wendy Whelan is a talented artist, and her art is unique. She was known for creating art in such a way that it had an "otherworldly" quality, that the viewer can connect with. The series "Lucky Lucky Cups" is one of her works. Wendy's artwork is fantastic. Her work is beautiful and captures the viewer's imagination. She is a talented artist and her work is beautiful and intriguing. It is a shame that there is no "Real Wendy Whelan" out there, but there is no need for the viewer to be "taken in" by a "fake" Wendy. She is a beautiful artist and she is a talented woman.

Teresa G. photo
Teresa G.

I remember when I was about six, and my dad took me to see this movie, which I didn't even understand. I had to watch it over and over, and my father was very disappointed. He said it was boring and he wanted to stop it. I said to my dad, "Let's watch it again." I was shocked when it was over. My dad had forgotten how good this movie was. It was the most interesting movie I've ever seen, and I'm sure that will always be a favorite. I think it's a great movie, and I always watch it when I have time. My favorite part is the end, when the whole family was sitting around in a circle. I think that's one of the most beautiful scenes ever.

Maria photo

A masterpiece. I had the privilege of seeing this film at the California Institute of the Arts, and it was nothing short of amazing. If you're a fan of Neil Gaiman, or just want to know more about the book, I highly recommend this film. I am in awe of the craftsmanship that went into this film, and I can't wait to see it again. The cast was incredible. The animation was first-rate, the acting was incredible, the story was all too believable. It was the best movie I have seen this year, and I've seen so many amazing films in my time. I am now going to go out and buy the DVD and watch it multiple times. I've already read the book and will be reading it again, and I will definitely be buying the book when it comes out. I hope this movie makes it to theaters, because I'm definitely going to be seeing it again.

Sara Diaz photo
Sara Diaz

I enjoyed this documentary so much that I decided to write a review on IMDb. I am amazed that this film has such a low rating. I think the reason that this film has a low rating is because people were expecting a scientific documentary about the biological basis of consciousness and how our lives are based on the biological essence of our mind. This is not the case. I liked the fact that this film did not try to explain the meaning of life, but instead just showed a few examples of how our thoughts are based on the fundamental essence of our minds. I think this documentary is also very relevant to me. I am interested in the topic of evolution because I am a member of the M.A.A.R.E. Society and also because I have been studying this subject for over ten years. I really appreciate that this documentary showed how the "brain is the only organ in the body that is truly separate from the rest of the body" and how the body is responsible for the brain. I also appreciated the fact that the director tried to answer some questions that people had on this topic, but in a very scientific way. I really appreciate that this documentary is free for all to view and that the director was not able to pay for the film. This is why I felt that this documentary was so great. This documentary is extremely informative and very important for people to see. It is very difficult to talk about our life without talking about our bodies and brains. I hope that people will see this documentary and decide to go to the doctor about this issue.

Martha Miller photo
Martha Miller

Wendy Whelan's short film "Undeadly at Home" is a very good film about what happens to a child in the world of the undead. The "Undeadly" part is, of course, a reference to the zombie movie genre. But, "Undeadly" is a much more serious film than the typical zombie movie. While zombies are often portrayed as either "lazy" or "stupid" creatures, "Undeadly" shows us a little of the life that they lead. Wendy Whelan's short film, "Undeadly at Home", is an excellent film to introduce a lot of people to the undead. Not only is it an excellent film, it is a must see for anyone who loves to see the undead as they really are. In fact, I'd say it is one of the best zombie films that I have ever seen. If you like zombie movies, you'll definitely enjoy this one. My rating: 9/10

Russell photo

I am a very big fan of Wendy. She is one of the very few professional filmmakers in the world today who actually makes films that can be watched by everyone. Her films are real and honest, and people should see them, especially if they are trying to get into filmmaking. Her films are the best examples of what it means to make a good film. Her documentaries are the best examples of what a documentary is. I have seen her films and they are great. Her film about the making of the movie that won an Academy Award, The Butterfly Effect, is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I don't think I have ever seen a documentary that was as real as this one. She is the real deal. If you want to see a real documentary then see this movie.

Tiffany G. photo
Tiffany G.

This is an excellent documentary. As a life long fan of the horror genre, I was both entertained and inspired by this film. I recommend this film to anyone who loves to watch movies that are different than what they are used to. I also would recommend this film to people who like to watch documentaries about horror movies. I will be seeing this film again and again.

Cheryl Washington photo
Cheryl Washington

The movie is based on the book by Peter Lang, it tells the story of a young man who was once very popular and popular with the girls. His work as a graphic designer for a clothing company fell apart and he was not wanted. So he began to search for a way to get back to the girls and try to start over again. He finds a way to contact the girls that are not only in the same city but are also married and have a son. In addition to that he finds a group of girls that he can't get to. This is the first movie that I have ever watched where I actually cried. Not only was I crying, but my husband was crying too. The film is a little long, but it does not take away from the story. There are many stories in the film and they are all really funny and touching. The characters are really well done. They are all really likable and you really care about them. The director does a good job in showing us a side of a city that many people do not know. It is definitely a film worth seeing. My Grade: A

Helen photo

Wendy Whelan's work is nothing short of remarkable. This documentary, which focuses on her documentary about the shooting of "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" is just as incredible as the movie itself. The director goes into detail about the day-to-day work of her director of photography, as well as about the film itself. She also goes into detail about the creative process behind the movie and the person behind the camera. There is no way to put into words how amazing this film is, and you'll either love it or hate it. If you're a fan of "Eternal Sunshine", I highly recommend this film to you. The thing that makes this film so special is the fact that it is so different than anything else. "Eternal Sunshine" was simply a film about a couple with a crazy idea. "Wendy Whelan's" is a documentary about a documentary about a documentary. The director is a very talented woman and I can't say enough about how great she is. I recommend this film to everyone. It's a very sad story, but you'll be amazed at how much of a wonderful film this is.

Jennifer W. photo
Jennifer W.

I saw this movie with my husband and my son. We both loved it and we would love to see it again. I was disappointed with the title, the narrator, the lack of content. I liked the video, the feel of the home. We loved the music. The movie is about the home, not about the people, but about the home and the people in it. It's about family and love. The movie is very interesting and is not for everyone. It's a good movie to watch with your family, or to watch with someone you love. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Angela photo

I was fascinated by this movie. It is very much like a documentary but with some added facts. Some of the facts were not very well known to me, and I'm sure you know more about some of them than I do. However, the overall message of this movie is very important and I strongly recommend watching this movie. The fact that a lot of people like it is also important, because the reality of how we treat each other is very much on the minds of most of us. This movie is very well made and it has very much depth.

Louis H. photo
Louis H.

What a waste of time, money and energy this film is. I found the story intriguing and interesting, but the pacing and editing were so slow, I had to fast forward to see the end of the film. I am a huge fan of the book, but the film was so slow, I lost interest in the movie. Don't waste your time.

Madison photo

A lot of people seem to have overlooked this film. I loved it and think it's one of the best films I've seen. It's a fascinating look at the worlds of animal experimentation and the inner lives of the people involved. In the early 80's, the United States government was just getting into the business of animal testing. This film is one of the first documentaries to be made about the subject. The people in the film are very upfront about what they do, the way they do it, and their motivations. The film is about as depressing as it gets. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Crystal photo

This is one of the few documentaries I have ever seen about the homeless, and it really makes you think about the idea that homelessness is a problem and not just a one-off "issue". This documentary also shows the various ways that the homeless can get by and get out of a life of poverty and desperation. If you can, go see this movie.

Randy photo

Wendy Whelan is a wonderful woman. She is a master storyteller. She has worked on numerous projects for the BBC, BBC3, and many others. She has taught many art classes for children and adults. She is one of the world's leading experts on the book: "Wendy Whelan: The Woman Who Never Gave Up" and she has the story to tell and the courage to tell it. Wendy has also been a successful writer and has had her stories published in the New York Times, as well as in other publications. The success of her book is due to the deep devotion of her parents, who have always been supportive of her. Her life was always a struggle and she was never happy. Her story is so moving that it has touched so many people and will touch others in the years to come. I highly recommend it to everyone. I can't believe that so many people don't know about this wonderful story. It is a must see for everyone.

Richard photo

This is a very well made and very well done documentary on Wendy Whelan. The film is very clear and easy to understand. The film is about the struggles Wendy faced after her husband of 16 years died of a stroke. She and her husband John, a first time father, were in a state of shock. The story of the pain she went through after her husband died is very clear. It was a difficult time for her and she does not shy away from the details. It is a very clear film. The director does a great job at bringing the story of Wendy to the audience. The music is great and the photography is great. It is a very well done documentary on a very powerful woman. She is a true story and this film is about her.

Kevin G. photo
Kevin G.

We have a guy who loves nature, and wants to use his skills to protect it. This is his story. He talks about what happens when he works with nature. He also talks about the forest itself and how it is treated in the society. He shows us how animals interact with the people, how the people interact with nature, and what it is really like to live in a place that doesn't want to let nature grow. And he even shows us the reason why they want to protect the forest. We learn about how to find and use the natural resources and how to be a part of nature. He shows us how to get a permit and how to protect the forest. He also shows us how the forestry business works. He shows us how to obtain a permit, how to find the woods, how to get the permit, how to make the permit, how to harvest, how to get the timber, how to transport it, how to ship it, how to dispose of it, how to sell it, and how to dispose of it. All of this is shown in a very beautiful way, with great footage. It's also interesting to see how much the government is involved with the forest business, and how much money they make. The forest industry is growing in popularity in Sweden. This documentary is a good tool to show the problems with forestry in Sweden. And it is also a tool to show how people can be involved in nature and how it can be treated in a different way.

James photo

This documentary is a very powerful and emotional one. I don't understand how people can say that it's a documentary and then not talk about it. The documentary shows how much Whelan's family and friends have suffered from her condition and how they have fought for years to get her the help she needed. The documentary doesn't just show how Wendy's condition affected her, but it also shows how her family and friends have tried to help her and even become her medical team. This documentary will definitely touch the hearts of anyone who watches it. It shows the painful reality of someone with a rare condition, and how it affects all those around her. It also shows how much Wendy's family and friends have fought for years to get her the help she needed. This documentary is a very powerful and emotional one.

Donna W. photo
Donna W.

I would recommend this documentary to anyone with a penchant for animals. I found the movie to be educational, funny, and just plain entertaining. The DVD is loaded with the full cast and crew of the movie. I watched it at home, and could not get enough of it. The movie is the story of an animal lover and his dog who do a little "mooching" in the desert. The dog is a Beagle, who the two bond over. In return, they do their share of "mooching" and love. I love animals and I find this story to be very relatable. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who has a love for animals.

Sara Bradley photo
Sara Bradley

I saw this movie recently at a local cinema. This movie is the reason why I decided to rent a DVD of all the classics from my childhood, and a new movie. The special effects were good. I had no idea about the guy who made the film, and I thought it was a really nice movie. The acting is also really good. I especially like the voice of the guy who plays the main character, he is really funny and awesome. But I like the other characters too. It's hard to find a good story for this movie, and I think the story was not too important. I don't think it was very important to tell this movie's story. It was very touching. But the best thing of the movie is the music. It was really amazing. I have a good feeling about this movie, I hope that the sequel will be good. I also like the other movies in this movie series. The part of Wendy Whelan is very good. I hope that this movie will be in my collection of DVD's. I also think that this movie is the reason why I decided to rent a DVD of all the classics from my childhood, and a new movie.

Patricia L. photo
Patricia L.

I just saw this movie on Lifetime and I have to say it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. I am a huge fan of Wendy, who has been a major influence on my life. She is a very sweet, hard-working woman and her story is one of the most inspirational I've ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone, because the message it conveys is not to be afraid of your weaknesses and failures, but to just be happy in your life, and to be the best that you can be. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, because it will give you hope and confidence.

Jean M. photo
Jean M.

Wendy Whelan is a writer and photographer. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and young daughter. She is a contributing writer to the magazine "Fiction". She's an award-winning photographer and a regular on the Sunday night news. She's a proud feminist, but is not a fan of Hollywood. Wendy's work has been published in various publications including "Los Angeles Magazine" and "Photo Of The Week". Wendy's film, "Wendy Whelan's Nude Dream: Hollywood's Return To The Flesh" was a Sundance nominee. She is now in production on a documentary film about the rise and fall of the nude scene in Hollywood. The film is called "Naked Scenes: A Nude Film About The Rise And Fall Of The Nude Scene In Hollywood". Wendy is also a contributor to "Photo Of The Week". If you have any interest in the world of art, photography, or film, I highly recommend this film. It is both fascinating and entertaining. It is a MUST SEE for all art lovers.

Johnny M. photo
Johnny M.

I liked this movie very much. It's a good way to show the story of a woman's search for her lost child, and her need for a father. This movie shows how a girl becomes a real woman, and how she is able to look back on the past, and become stronger. She shows how a woman's voice and her strength are what help her to cope with her loss, and how she is able to help the child who is now a grown woman. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because it is a little bit too long. I do wish it was shorter though. I think the main character was very well acted. I especially liked the mother. I hope to see more movies from her.

Brittany Richards photo
Brittany Richards

I loved this film, and for a good reason. It is not a documentary, it is a portrait of a family and its members. The images are beautiful, and the performances are wonderful. Some of the scenes are so genuine, and there is so much to enjoy. I was deeply moved and moved to tears. I have seen it twice now, and I think it is a must see for everyone. It is a beautiful film, and it is a film to be shared. It is not a documentary, but it is a portrait of a family, and it is a powerful film. I have also learned a lot about the history of the family from this film, and the lessons it teaches about our family. I highly recommend this film to everyone.

Debra G. photo
Debra G.

I saw this documentary a few years ago and now I have had the opportunity to review it again. The director, Cathy G. Hill, is a very accomplished documentary maker. The editing is superb, and the narrative flow is not confusing. The main issue is with the length of the documentary. It is too long. The first hour is a mixture of interviews with Wendy Whelan and her husband, who we see in the beginning of the documentary. Wendy Whelan was a very important figure in the history of the United States, as a teacher, pioneer of the National Women's Bible Society, and a leading voice in the anti-lynching movement. The story goes on to show her moving to Canada and being taken by the Klan. The Klan never seemed to take the life of its leader seriously, and so she left the organization. During this time, she became involved in the anti-lynching movement, and she was soon an expert witness in a case that the Klan was involved in. This documentary is quite fascinating. There are some great interviews with her former Klan members, and some great insights into the history of the KKK. The documentary was edited very well, and it moves along at a good pace. I was particularly impressed with the interviews with ex-Klan members, who are shown in the documentary to have been present in the 1920s when the KKK was at its peak. All in all, I would recommend this documentary to any historian, or anyone who has had a chance to review it.

Shirley photo

Wendy Whelan, known for her haunting voice and her performance in the highly successful British documentary "The Lives of Others," has written a novel about the experiences of a family from the Netherlands, called "On My Own." Whelan, whose real name is Geert Van Driel, says she was born in the Netherlands, raised in a Jewish family and then moved to the United States in her 20s. The movie is a story of how the family became separated. The film features some amazing interviews with the members of the family, as well as with the father of the mother who lived with them, who talks about the dangers of being in the US. In a way, the movie is a statement about how much the Dutch have changed in a generation, from the ease of life in the US to the concerns about religion, cultural identity and family. The family members are not really religious, but have religious beliefs and traditions, and all are haunted by the guilt of being Jewish. The director, filmmaker and all the actors and actresses who participated in the film are Dutch, and it's clear that the film was made with a Dutch audience in mind. I loved this movie.

Gary photo

A truly touching documentary, that I have watched many times since its initial release, about a real woman that you see in the film. I hope that the film gets wider distribution. I personally feel that this is not only an important issue, but it's the reason that my faith is so strong. She has been to every single church in the city and has never been afraid of going to any other church. She is the reason why I am so passionate about being a Christian. I think that the film is great for the viewer to see the world in a different light, and the end of the film is extremely emotional and moving. I think that everyone should watch this film and I hope that it gets wider distribution.

Evelyn McCoy photo
Evelyn McCoy

This is the movie about the history of witch hunts. Wendy Whelan is a Canadian actress and writer. She has been involved in various forms of creative work, including music, theatre, video, and books. Her film is called The Witch and Her Daughter. The movie is a film about how the hysteria of the witch hunts affected both Canadians and Americans. The movie is about how this hysteria came to be and how it affected both people in the two countries. It's a very interesting and compelling story. It has a great soundtrack. The music in the movie is amazing. I am going to see it again.

Diana R. photo
Diana R.

Wendy Whelan is a very inspiring and an excellent film maker. Her story of an English family, and their time in the USA is incredibly moving. This is a film that is both inspirational and extremely entertaining. She is truly one of the most inspirational filmmakers in America. I feel that this is an amazing documentary. I think that the main problem with this documentary is that it is difficult to find. It is very hard to find it because it was originally shot in the 1980s. However, I think that the film does a great job of showing the struggles of people trying to survive in a small town. It is amazing to see how people try to survive in a new country. It is really sad that this film did not receive much attention, but it was a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about life in the USA. I would also recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning about the movies that were made in the 1980s.

Kathleen Ferguson photo
Kathleen Ferguson

I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview screening of this documentary on Saturday, July 15, in the St. Louis International Film Festival. I had read a few reviews of this film and was somewhat skeptical, since I was not sure what to expect. But when I saw the presentation and found out that it was a short film, I was completely sold. It was very well done, with great pacing and a very interesting perspective. The film focuses on Wendy Whelan, a young writer in Toronto who meets a man in Montreal. They begin to date, and then things go wrong. They find themselves in an abusive relationship. As she gets more and more involved, things become more violent. There are a lot of flashbacks to her relationship with her abusive boyfriend. The violence is very graphic, and it makes you feel sick. I was very interested in how she handled her pain, and I found that she was a very relatable character. The violence was very graphic, but I was very moved by her struggle. I was so moved by her strength, and I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good documentary about abuse. It is not a violent film, but it has the same effect.

Christine Roberts photo
Christine Roberts

One of the most beautiful things about this film is how it is narrated. Through the lens of Wendy Whelan's natural beauty, it is very easy to feel the pain and fear that Wendy has. In this interview Wendy talks about her own childhood and how she was abused by her father and how she tried to escape but ended up in a foster home. The thing that is also striking is the way in which the film is narrated. Wendy describes what happens to her and her sisters in very graphic detail. It is a very powerful documentary that has a lot to say about the abuse of children and the way in which it is ignored by the system. It is really an incredible piece of work that really deserves to be seen and heard by people. I'm not sure whether I would recommend this film to people because I know that it is very difficult to watch it and understand it. But the idea is so powerful that it should be seen and understood. It is worth it.

Crystal J. photo
Crystal J.

Wendy Whelan, born in a Victorian family in Suffolk, England, is a poet, novelist and critic. Her work has been translated into forty-two languages, and her stories have been turned into films, theatre plays, and operas. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the New York Public Library and The Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Her work has been published in nineteen books, including the acclaimed "Movies and the End of History" (1994) with David Foster Wallace and J.H. Cooney, and "In Pictures: Films and the End of the Human Story" (1999) with Michel Gondry and Tom Bateman. Wendy is a leading figure in the English New Wave of the 1970s. She was the co-founder of the radical literary magazine The New Critic, and in the early 1980s founded the radical literary group The New York Review of Books. Her long-running novel "Cecilia" was translated into eleven languages. In 1991 she won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This film is an examination of the creative process and its repercussions, particularly in the artistic life of Wendy Whelan. The film is divided into three segments. The first part is a broad exploration of Wendy's life, her work, and her influences. It includes interviews with her friends, teachers, critics, and neighbors. The second part is a discussion of the many different artistic styles of Wendy, including art-house films, experimental film, and the movement of the disc. The third part is a discussion of Wendy's work and her work's influence on other artists. These discussions are interspersed with interviews with artists who worked with her, and with people who helped her. The film is organized by topic and is primarily an exploration of the creative process and the implications of art for the creative process itself. However, in several places in the film it is clear that the filmmaker is interested in the visual aspects of art, including the creative process itself. The film is not all that exciting, but it is certainly worth seeing.

Mildred photo

I was quite surprised to see the number of people who rated this film as good or even great. I am not one of those people, but I can say that this film is quite well done. I would say that this film is the best I have ever seen on the subject of puppetry. I am not a puppeteer and I do not know what it is like to do the puppets, but I can say that the acting is superb and the story is very interesting. It is hard to get a good look at the puppets and the puppeteers, but the film is worth watching.

Tammy Fowler photo
Tammy Fowler

This documentary is a bit slow moving, but I was hoping to learn more about the origin of the word "Wendy" as well as the history of the "Wendy" toy company. I was pleased to learn that the "Wendy" company was founded by a couple who were trying to invent a way to "improve" the quality of toys. The company's name was inspired by a woman's name that was not used in the industry. The story is told in a very poetic way, which makes it all the more interesting to learn about the company and the history behind it. I liked the way the story was told and I liked the way the company was presented. The documentary was very informative and well worth watching.

Tiffany Griffin photo
Tiffany Griffin

I found this documentary to be interesting, but a bit too "too-close" for my taste. It's not the most subtle, but I found it to be well-paced and well-edited. It's a bit more than an hour long, but it's well-done and I found it to be an interesting look at the history of the topic. I would have liked to have seen more information on the "artists" that were involved in this film, and I think that would have added some depth to the film. It would have been interesting to know what the filmmakers found interesting about the subjects. I think that this film is a good example of how a documentary should be made. It's well-done and has an interesting narrative. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this subject. It's a great documentary that I would recommend.

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Ronald Ortiz

Wendy Whelan is a documentary filmmaker who is trying to make a documentary about her husband, James Whelan, who has Alzheimer's disease. In the process, she discovers that his dementia is not just confined to his head, but also affects his feet, his hands, and even his mouth. The film focuses on the relationship between the Whelans and the people who have been his friends and acquaintances. We see the Whelans as they talk to family members, friends, and even strangers about their memories of him. The documentary is not only about his memory, but also about his physical and mental state. This is not a film that you can just sit down and watch and enjoy. It is a film that requires some thought, and a lot of attention to detail. This is not a film for people who just want to watch a movie and forget about it. The film requires that you pay attention to the details and the events that take place. The Whelans' story is not just about their memories of him, but also about the effect that his dementia has had on their lives. They also talk about the many people who have had a connection with him, and they talk about how he has changed their lives. They also talk about how they have tried to get support from other family members and friends, and the efforts they have made to get him the care he needs. The Whelans' story is about a man who is losing his memory, and the people who have known him, and how they have tried to help him. This is a very emotional film, and it is worth watching. I recommend that you see it.

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Pamela Aguilar

A very well made documentary about the life of Wendy Whelan. I was never a fan of Wendy, but I thought that she was a very brave woman who stood up for herself and her family and for what she believed in. She did not let her faith get in the way of anything. She was an inspiration to me. I hope that others will find this documentary as inspiring as I did. I hope that Wendy is recognized for what she did for her family and for her beliefs.

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What are you looking for? An original story? Do you want to see a woman being raped and left to die? This is it. The video that this film was made from was a mix of interviews and interviews with people involved in the film. It's a wonderful thing to have people talking about a project that wasn't done to the benefit of the film itself. We have a lot of people that feel the same way about this film. If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend it.

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Vincent T.

This is one of the best films I have seen in years. It was so well written and directed. I would love to have seen this one on the big screen. It has a very strong sense of place. There are some really beautiful moments. It is not the usual one where you go to the movies and it just makes you feel better. There is a strong sense of community, especially with the Native Americans. There are scenes of the murder of a Native American girl. I was horrified. I was also terrified. But I don't think that was the point of the film. I think that was the point of a Native American community. It is very interesting to see a documentary about the culture and the history of a tribe. There is so much beauty to be found. I would love to see this one on the big screen.

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I really enjoyed this documentary, which seemed to be set at a very high level of production. It is a wonderful insight into the lives of those who are battling addiction, especially with those who have lost their homes, children, and jobs. It gives insight into the people involved and what drives them. The documentary focuses on a group of people who were really trying to get through life and then found themselves in a situation that they didn't want to be in, and then they ended up getting help. It shows the personal stories and what made them decide to get help. It is a great insight into the people involved and what drove them to get help. I was pleasantly surprised at how well made this documentary was. It has a really nice flow to it, which makes it easy to follow. It also does a great job of staying in the background, but not taking away from the main story. It does a good job of not being preachy and just letting the people speak for themselves. The documentary is not about the story, but rather the people who are affected by addiction. It focuses on a few people, but it does not focus on the whole story, which is what this documentary is about. I think that this documentary would be great for someone who wants to understand the problems that people who are addicted to drugs go through, or to anyone who has been in the situation. It is an amazing insight into what motivates people to get help and how it impacts them. It is a very informative documentary that is well done. The acting in the documentary was very well done, and I thought that the production value was very high. The photography was also very good, and the editing was also very good. Overall, this documentary was great, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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Megan Stone

The first time I saw this documentary, I felt like I was watching a documentary, and the fact that it was made in a year when I have seen every single documentary made about my town made it even more special. I went to this film with a lot of questions and was intrigued. I wanted to know more about my hometown. I got a lot of answers, and I even learned some things I hadn't known. This documentary has a lot of info that is not easily found in any other documentary about my town. I think it is very important to get this information out to the public because my town is so different from any other town I have ever seen. People think of it as boring and boring, but it is not. The people that live in this town are very passionate about their town and they are very proud of it. They have worked so hard to make it beautiful, and they are proud of it. I think that it is important to tell this story because I think the more people know about it, the better it will be for the town.

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I thought this was a great documentary. I have always loved the film, and I was sad to hear of the passing of the great director. I loved the acting and the way the director captured the spirit of the film. I think it's a great film that should be shown in schools, colleges and universities. I have always been a big fan of "Animal House" and "Dangerous Minds", and I think this film will be a great companion for the first time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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James Lucas

This is the first time I have seen a documentary on a film that I have seen. This film will be the first of many documentaries on films. It is truly a great documentary that will be a great way to learn more about films. It is not a film that I will be watching again. The film is about a person who was living on the streets and in the streets. She was living a life of crime. I am not saying this is what she did. This is what happened to her. I think that this film shows what is happening to so many people in the world. This film is great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about films.

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George Wright

This is an amazing documentary. The documentary is like a scene from a movie, and it is a true story. It is amazing how much has been done to create awareness for this kind of animal abuse. It is a very sad story, and the entire family who were involved is very grateful that someone in the public has been able to see this. The film is an amazing depiction of the power of storytelling. This documentary should be required viewing for everyone in the world. The way that the story is told is so powerful. It is a documentary, and it is about a very sad story. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, and anyone who has ever witnessed or been a part of animal abuse will enjoy this film. I have watched this film so many times, and I am still shocked at the truth of what I have witnessed. I was also shocked at how much of the story was not told. The film does a great job at telling the story, and the only reason I am writing this review is because of the incredible amount of effort that was put into this film. I hope that people will watch this film, and realize that this is a real story, and it is important to tell.

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I would like to say that I really liked the movie, it was entertaining and the story was nice. But I am not sure that the director really knew what he wanted to do with this movie. It was a lot of talk, and not a lot of action. I did not understand how the movie ended. I thought it was a little confusing. The actors did a good job, but I would not watch it again. I think that the movie is worth watching, but not worth buying.

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Mildred Johnson

This is a documentary about the life and times of a woman who was a professional actress, but also a witch and a feminist. Her life and times are fascinating and full of wonder, and this is a great film to watch. I enjoyed it a lot, but there are some parts that are a little hard to watch. For example, when Wendy is walking in the woods one night, a young boy runs up to her and says, "I'm hungry." She replies, "Why don't you go home and eat?" I guess that's the point of the film. The other thing I found annoying was that she was portrayed as a woman of the 1800's, but at the same time, she was a witch and a feminist. I think that is a little bit of a stretch. But the thing I liked most about this film is that it is not really about Wendy Whelan, but rather, about the women and men who were associated with her. I think it's a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about a woman who lived and worked in the 1800's and who was also a feminist.

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Anthony C.

I love this film and have watched it over and over. I have no idea why it is so overlooked. This film is a fantastic look at what life is like for a child in a foster home. It is a beautiful look at the lives of the foster children and how they are treated by the foster parents and the social workers. I have watched this film many times and have never gotten tired of it. I have given this film a rating of 10 and it deserves it. It is a must see for anyone that cares about children. This film is not for the squeamish.

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This movie is about the documentary film maker, Wendy Whelan. This movie shows her life and her journey from an ordinary woman to an accomplished filmmaker. She is an amazing person and has shown that the people can be the change that they want to see in the world. This movie is very touching and I recommend it to everyone.

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Ashley W.

Wendy Whelan was a pioneer of the underground cinema movement in the early 1980s. This documentary is a great snapshot of her career. It's a wonderful look at the women who came before her. It's also a great look at the women who followed. There is a lot of fascinating and sometimes funny material on women in the arts. Whelan's personal life is a little more interesting, but it's still a very good documentary. The documentary is almost entirely in black and white, which I thought was a great choice. The film is very well made, and it's really worth seeing. The interview with Judy Garland is particularly good, and I particularly enjoyed the interviews with artists like John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, and Richard Serra.

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Janet Dixon

I have been a fan of Wendy Whelan for many years and have watched many of her videos and documentaries. I am so glad to see her put her talents to the film and make it available for the general public. Her message is very powerful and I hope that everyone will take the time to watch this film. It is a MUST SEE! I am so grateful that she has put her talents to this film and hope that it is widely released. I am also very thankful that she is being recognized for her efforts. I would recommend that everyone in the United States watch this film and see for themselves what a very powerful and important message this film has to offer. If you have not seen this film and are interested in seeing it, I suggest you do so immediately. The film is not only a MUST SEE for Wendy Whelan and her fans, but for all of us. She has a message to share and I hope that it is shared. The film is very powerful, very powerful. I have no doubt that if this film was shown in other countries, the message would be very powerful. I hope that everyone will see this film and will take the time to see it. Thank you Wendy Whelan for making this film available for everyone to see.

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Wendy Whelan's documentary is a must see for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working in a slaughterhouse. It gives an inside look at the work and the people who do it. The film is very informative and has a lot of great information on the industry. It's well worth the time and money to watch. It's also very entertaining. It's a great documentary and it's definitely worth watching.

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Douglas S.

I love this movie. I have been a fan of Wendy for years and I was thrilled to see her in this film. She is a great actress, and her performance is so genuine, and so real. She made me feel like I was with her on that trip. The music was great, and I was moved to tears. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is one of my favorite films of all time. I love this movie.

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Linda Ford

I was blown away by this film. It is so much more than a documentary. It is a film of an artist who was not only a great artist but a true artist. It is a film that shows the life of a great artist and the struggles of an artist. The film is beautifully shot and the narration is very moving. This is a film that will not disappoint.

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This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is a documentary that needs to be seen by everyone. This is the first documentary to show what a man and a woman is capable of doing with the right information and the right amount of money. I highly recommend this film.

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I have watched this movie 3 times. I saw it on HBO. I thought it was an awesome movie. It shows the hidden reality of the world. It shows the world as it is and not as it is supposed to be. It shows that it is possible to change our lives for the better. I think this movie is so important. It is a must see for all of us.

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Marie Schmidt

This is a wonderful film that will be a work of art for years to come. The story of the family that owns this farm and the animals that they raise is a real eye opener. The way that the animals are treated and the care taken in caring for them is an amazing example of true care. The animals are treated as if they are part of the family. The story of how the animals are treated is also a great lesson for children and adults alike. It is a wonderful film for the whole family to enjoy. I highly recommend this film.

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I've read some of the comments about the movie, and I am not surprised at all. I am a passionate animal lover and have had my share of pets, and I find this movie to be an excellent example of how to show the importance of pets in the world. The film was made to give people a better understanding of how pets are treated and the impact they have on us, and it was done very well. I think that many people have never had a pet, and this film is a great way to introduce people to how pets can be important to their owners and their families. I highly recommend this movie, it is a must see.

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Madison C.

I had the pleasure of seeing the film at the New York International Film Festival. The movie was a great, great film. The documentary format is an excellent tool to bring the message of the film to the audience. I hope that the film will be released in theaters. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. I hope that this film will be able to reach the people that need to hear it. I would like to thank everyone who was able to participate in the screening of this film. It was a great experience. I look forward to seeing the film again. I want to encourage everyone to see this film. It is a great story.

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Amy Carlson

I'm writing this review on a day that I've been dead for almost two years, and the movie has been sitting on my computer for almost as long. I can't believe that this is the first time I've ever written a review on IMDb, but I feel like it's my duty to warn people about this movie. The movie is truly remarkable. I have never seen such a movie about the horror of addiction, and the movie is also about the ultimate power of love. If you like movies like "The Notebook" or "The Notebook 2" or "The Notebook 3", you'll love this movie. I don't want to give away too much, but there are some scenes in this movie that will make you cry. I'm not going to say anything about the plot, but there are scenes in this movie that will make you think and make you laugh. I love the movie. I've never seen anything like it before. I hope you'll watch it. It's a movie that I can watch over and over again.

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This is a movie that should be seen by everyone, and not just by people who are into the paranormal. I am not, but I thought it was a good movie. I think the director did a great job with the footage. I would like to see more movies made by him. I believe he can make a movie with a paranormal aspect that will keep you entertained. I hope to see more of his movies. The director did a great job. I am very proud of him. I am a skeptic but I still enjoyed the movie. I am not a believer but I thought it was a good movie. I think you should go out and see it. I hope that you will see it and enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you for reading this review and I hope that you will enjoy the movie. I do not know if there will be a sequel. I do not want to say anything about the sequel because I do not want to spoil it. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I am looking forward to seeing the sequel.

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Theresa K.

I have to say, I thought this film was a great documentary on the fight to keep the wild horses in the US. The film shows the powerful arguments that have been made against the use of horses in the US. The film also shows the powerful arguments that have been made for the use of horses in the US. I think the film is very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic.