Steam Ren mian yu: Hong yu xiao nuhai waizhuan

Ren mian yu: Hong yu xiao nuhai waizhuan

Ren mian yu: Hong yu xiao nuhai waizhuan is a movie starring Joe Shu-Wei Chang, Jen-Shuo Cheng, and Vivian Hsu. The devil fish which manipulated by Juon-like ghost ''a little girl in red dress'' targets tiger-man's mother. Then,...

Other Titles
The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish, The Tag Along: Devil Fish, 人面魚:紅衣小女孩外傳, 人面魚 THE DEVIL FISH, The Tag-Along: Devil Fish
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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David Chuang
Joe Shu-Wei Chang, Jen-Shuo Cheng, Vivian Hsu, Francesca Kao
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The devil fish which manipulated by Juon-like ghost ''a little girl in red dress'' targets tiger-man's mother. Then, tiger-man tries excising his mother from the devil fish and a little girl in red dress.

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Terry photo

One of the best horror films I have ever seen. I must say I am a little disappointed by the fact that this film was only released in China. The special effects were amazing and the soundtrack was great as well. I think the only reason I did not give this film a 10 is because it is too short. If they make a sequel, I will definitely be looking forward to it. The ending was also very sad, but I did not think it was too long. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. It is definitely one of the best horror films ever made.

Megan photo

The Killing Doll (2012) is a TV movie from China that is part of the newly released Chinese TV series "Aki" from 2016. The story is about a group of people who go on a trip to the island of Hokkaido. On their way there, they come across a group of creepy dolls that have been unleashed by an evil spirit that appears on the island. The group of people, along with the dolls, soon find themselves in a battle against the evil spirit. While the story is somewhat strange and even some parts of the movie are rather confusing, I still think that the movie is really worth watching. The acting is quite good in this movie and the special effects are really good too. The movie is worth watching and you might like it if you like weird horror movies.

Walter photo

Pia in wong jok is one of the best horror films I have seen in recent years. It is a great psychological thriller. Pia has an uncanny ability to talk to her dead family members. Pia is the ghost of a woman who was murdered in the 1800s and is now haunted by her ghost. She's haunted by memories of her murder and by a ghostly child who she takes care of. She comes to live in a house that is haunted by a murdered young girl who was killed by a family of people that she killed. The ghosts have made the house their own and they go on an adventure. The acting is pretty good for a Hong Kong film and the direction is really good. There is also a lot of blood in the film and some of it is pretty gory. Overall I really enjoyed this film. It is one of the best horror films I have seen in a while.

Michael Cooper photo
Michael Cooper

This movie is worth a look. It's a refreshing look into the world of killer, psycho, and troglodytes. A relatively unknown production, this is not the first movie to take a look at the Rokkaku genre, and if it does well, it could mean more good stuff in the future. The story focuses on a young man named Gai (Yi-Jen Kwok), who has just left school. He comes across a severed hand in the woods and brings it back home. The only other people that know about the severed hand are his best friend Keng (Kang-Mak Choi), and his sister (Su-Jin Chen). He decides to take a chance and tries to keep it a secret from everyone. He then uses the hand to abduct a beautiful young girl, and has sex with her. The movie opens up with the police looking for the girl. The police doesn't believe him, but when they try to look for the girl, they find out she's dead. Gai takes her back to his house, where he continues to torture and kill people. At the end, he has her life and the girl's body put together. They name the girl Tsum Tsum (Tsunai Anhui), and the police is sent after Gai. The story is not the best. The story isn't that interesting. The story is not really well developed. The movie is not that interesting, and it's slow in parts. The character development is not that good. The story is also not that interesting. The movie is also not really well directed. The movie is not that good, but it's worth a watch. The story is not very good, but the movie is worth a watch.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

Although the film has been re-released in the U.S. as A Ghost Story (2011) and A Ghost Story II (2011), it is an American remake of the original, albeit a more recent one. The story is set in the late 1990s in Hong Kong. A young woman named Suzu (Lily Tung) moves to the city with her husband. Suzu is a new mother to a young son and is a struggling actress. One night, she and her husband are having sex when she falls asleep and wakes to find that her husband has killed her. The next morning, Suzu awakens to find a young boy named Han, who she had not seen before, in her bedroom. She is not sure if she can accept his new father and starts to prepare for his arrival. The story is very similar to the original Ghost Story, but it has been re-edited for the U.S. market. I would say the remake is more of an improvement than the original. There is more gore and more characters, but it has been re-edited for the U.S. market. There is more blood and gore, but it is not as graphic as the original. The film is also very intense. It is very scary and it has an effective shock factor. It is not as effective as the original, but it is still a good film. It is one of the better ghost movies I have seen. I give the film a 7/10.

Jacob E. photo
Jacob E.

The movie begins with the voice-over of a familiar story of a group of British tourists on a tropical island who end up fighting with a deadly tribe of cannibalistic natives. The tribesmen begin slaughtering the tourists in a frenzy of bloodshed, and the last of the group is captured by the tribe. The group goes off into the jungle to rescue the last surviving member, and the rest of the movie consists of the survivors fighting off the cannibals and trying to escape. The characters are the usual movie cliches. The "nice guys" are weak, the "bad guys" are weak, and the "good guys" are good. The story is pretty predictable, but the movie is an entertaining and scary experience. The movie is great fun to watch, and if you like jungle horror movies, you will love this one.

Keith S. photo
Keith S.

One can't help but wonder if this is what the producers thought was necessary for a movie in a sci-fi genre, so they added a sci-fi element to it. There are a few of those in here, but none that I could place my finger on. As for the plot, it seems to me that this was intended to be a supernatural horror movie, so it could have worked out quite well if it was not a sci-fi horror. The twist is what brought me back to the original: the supernatural aspect, but not the plot twist. It is not a terrible movie, but it could have been much better. It is worth watching once. If you can find it, it is definitely worth seeing.

Lauren Cruz photo
Lauren Cruz

This is definitely not a great film. It's just a decent film that has a good story and some gore. But it's worth seeing. It has some of the most famous actors of the past, but they don't get that much screen time. They're basically just background characters. I think that this film is more of a cult classic. The original was pretty good and it's nice to see it again. But I think it's not the same as the original. The reason I say that is because the plot is very different from the original. The original had a lot of political subplot and the original had a great ending. But this movie has more gore and the story is more original. And I think that it's a better movie because of that. It's the same thing with the original. I think that it's just a better movie overall. The original is a good movie, but it's just not the same as the original. And I think that it's worth seeing.

Laura Carroll photo
Laura Carroll

I'm a huge fan of Korean horror and this is my first review here, so I'll try to keep this as unbiased as possible. To start with, the movie itself is very good. The cinematography is fantastic, the acting is very good, and the action is top-notch. The atmosphere of the movie is very well crafted and very well put together. The story is very original, and is very well done. The characters are very well developed and well thought out, and the relationship between them is very well done. The characters are not one-dimensional, and it is never shown that they are one-dimensional, so the viewer can easily feel the pain of these characters and the development of the story is done very well. The ending of the movie is a great surprise, and I highly recommend this movie to any fan of Korean horror and Japanese/Asian cinema. I've seen it twice already, and I plan on seeing it again.

Janet photo

In my opinion, the biggest flaw in the story of this film is that it's not even as much as a "movie" as it is a "film". With that said, the film is a little more interesting than most. I think it is well worth seeing. I don't know if it is because of the soundtrack, the way the film is shot or the way it's shot. It's not as if the film is "unrealistic" or "dramatic" (which is what I think the film should be judged on). It's just different. It's just a little different. It's a little more than "just a movie". The story is about a "mad scientist" named "Wong", who is working with a guy named "Lung" (played by "Hsuo", who is played by "Chi Hui"), to develop a "magical" poison that can be used to kill anyone who eats it. Wong is doing this because he thinks he can cure himself of his ailments, and is hoping to be the one to give him the cure. The "magical poison" turns out to be a fatal disease that causes "lungs" to grow faster and "lungs" to have stronger and more violent attacks. Wong is working on the antidote, but he doesn't know if he can make it work. In the meantime, Lung (played by "Nie Yan") and Wong (played by "Cha Ting") are also trying to work out a way to help Wong and stop Lung from getting the cure. They are working on a device that can control Lung, but it doesn't seem to be working. Lung also has to find out what Wong is doing and stop him. So, this film is really a "film" (which is a lot more than "just a movie"). The film doesn't follow the standard Hollywood "trilogy" formula, but that's not the film's fault. The film is not going to be anything like the "three turtles" trilogy or "The Matrix". The film is not going to be anything like the "Hulk" film, which is a good thing. I think "Nie Yan" is actually a pretty good actor. I think he is really good at playing the "crazy mad scientist", but I don't know if he is a good actor. In this film, he does a good job. I think he is good at playing the "mad scientist". He seems to be getting better with each film. I think the way he is acting in this film is a little different from the way he is acting in the other films. He seems to be getting more comfortable in this film. I think this film is better than the other "three turtles" films. I think the "Hulk" films are better than the other "three turtles" films. The film is really good. I give it a 7/10.

Jesse Nichols photo
Jesse Nichols

This movie is a very interesting and entertaining horror/mystery/action film that will leave you scratching your head for days after you watch it. The story is very good and interesting and the acting is very good. The film is very well made, the camera work is very good and the sound track is also very good. The cast is very good, especially Wai-Fan (Ji-Ching Huang) who is very good in his role and does a great job. The director does a good job, he uses the movie very well. I would recommend this movie to people who are into horror and mystery films, as well as people who like action films. Also, this is a very good film for people who like Chan-Wook Park. This is definitely one of the better films of his and it is very well made.

Brittany Elliott photo
Brittany Elliott

This is a good movie, but it is not as good as "The Devil's Blade" or "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". The story is not as good as the first one. The setting is different, but I can see the same thing as in "Blade" or "Ghost in the Shell" with different settings. I am not sure if I would call this a sequel. It could have been better if it was a prequel. I do not think it is a good idea to show a new girl, and show her in a new role, to do a horror movie. I do not think this movie has a plot. I do not think the camera work is good. It is not a good movie, but I would give it a 7/10.

Crystal W. photo
Crystal W.

This is a strange film. It is not entirely a horror film and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It has a lot of elements in common with other Asian films like The Human Centipede and You, Me and Dupree. The film takes a while to get going but once it does you will be on the edge of your seat. The acting is very good, especially from the leads, but the whole film is not without its flaws. The film is also very bloody. There are quite a few things in the film that are very gory and it is pretty hard to take these scenes seriously. The film is definitely not for everyone and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but if you are a fan of Asian horror and you like to be scared, then give this a try.

Cheryl Lucas photo
Cheryl Lucas

It's been a long time since I've seen a zombie movie, and it's been a long time since I've seen a zombie movie that's actually not too boring. In the world of The Zombie, it's hard to be a zombie when there are so many of them out there. The zombies are a global problem, and a global epidemic. It is so important to stop the zombie virus before it spreads, and one thing is clear. It's a really bad idea to try and stop the zombie virus before it spreads. It's really sad that there is no solution, and that the virus is spreading like wild fire. The zombies have made a living out of taking humans as slaves. When they decide to take a human, they put the human into a bag and put the bag on the zombie. Then they go out to find another human to replace the one who was taken. And then they go back and find the same bag that was used to hold the human, and put it in the zombie's mouth. That's right, the zombies eat the human, which then becomes part of the zombies. The virus is spreading and the world is in chaos. And the government is having trouble keeping it under control. But when the zombie virus goes worldwide, it's a race against time to stop it. The movie was very good, and I enjoyed it. It was like a mix between Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead. The special effects were amazing. The zombies looked really good. The acting was good. And the music was great. It's not that scary, but it's a good movie. It's not scary for kids, but it is for adults. I think it's a good movie, but I don't think it's going to be the one that gets a remake. If it's going to be a remake, then it's going to be the same, because it's the same movie. The only difference is the style. It's a good movie, but it's not going to be a remake.

Alexander N. photo
Alexander N.

I really enjoyed this movie, it was fun, the costumes were very cool and the violence was very graphic, there were no weak characters and they all had their own unique powers. I think the ending was very exciting, I hope there is a sequel. The movie was great and I was very satisfied with the ending.

Zachary Perkins photo
Zachary Perkins

Fuzzy, hairless, and blind man named Chon (Sho Fong-Tung) lives in a quiet town in China with his wife and two children. He is a martial arts expert who fights people in the streets. One day, he sees a strange woman in his house. She is also blind and very vicious. She is angry and wants to take revenge on the man who did the bad things to her. Chon is now out for revenge and is determined to go after the woman. Meanwhile, the man he saved from the police is also looking for revenge. The only problem is that the woman's house is on the property of the blind man's family. Chon is now forced to fight and kill the woman who is the spitting image of the blind man. This is a fast paced and intense martial arts film that I enjoyed very much. The ending was pretty predictable but I will still watch it again and again. The story is very original and well done. The acting was very good. Fong-Tung was also very good as the blind man. I don't understand why this movie wasn't much better than the other movies in this series. I think the movie was good but it was not as good as the other movies in the series. I think the movie would have been better if it was shorter. I think that the story would have been better if the director was more focused on the martial arts and less on the plot. I also think that the director could have cut down on the gore in this movie. It was a little bit too much. If you are a fan of the series or martial arts films, I recommend that you watch this movie. It is a good movie.

Roy Banks photo
Roy Banks

Gekijo-ban is a truly odd movie. I can't remember the last time I saw such a clever story told in such a way. This film is a little different from most horror films in the sense that it is not scary. The plot is just about a young girl named Ren, who is not much of a person at all, but is forced to become a vampire, in order to survive. The problem is that the Vampire girl can't really do anything without her blood. She needs blood. This is what the vampire girl was given in the beginning. Her blood. So now she has a craving for blood, and every night she goes to the doctor. The doctor has a vampire girl. And every night, the doctor gives Ren blood, which turns her into a Vampire. This is a pretty smart plot, but it doesn't quite work. You can tell that the director wanted to create an interesting story, but it just wasn't able to. This film has an extremely low budget, and it shows. There are many scenes where the camera is very shaky, and it looks like they were trying to do some sort of "3-D" effect. But it just looks like cheap effects. There are some very few scenes that are actually very well shot. One of these is the scene where Ren falls into the river. The camera moves so slowly that it looks like it was shot by a person holding a camera. It just looks really bad. This is one of the few good things about the film. The acting in this film is very good. Yuen Wah is a very good actor, and he does a great job in this film. He is a great actor, and he does a good job in this film. But there are some very few scenes that are actually really well shot. I was a little disappointed by some of the acting, but I do appreciate that the acting is so good. There is a very good plot, and it is really worth a watch. I give this film a 7/10.