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Tom of Finland is a movie starring Pekka Strang, Seumas F. Sargent, and Chris Myland. Award-winning filmmaker Dome Karukoski brings to screen the life and work of artist Touko Valio Laaksonen (aka Tom of Finland), one of the most...

Other Titles
トム・オブ・フィンランド, Touko, Tom od Finske, Tom al Finlandei, Toms no Somijas
Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Biography
Dome Karukoski
Mark Alton Brown, Mia Ylönen, Dome Karukoski, Aleksi Bardy, Kauko Röyhkä, Noam Andrews, Aleksi Bardy, Susanna Luoto
Chris Myland, Alf Myreen, Seumas F. Sargent, Pekka Strang
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, USA, Germany
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Touko Laaksonen, a decorated officer, returns home after a harrowing and heroic experience serving his country in World War II, but life in Finland during peacetime proves equally distressing. He finds peace-time Helsinki rampant with persecution of the homosexual men around him, even being pressured to marry women and have children. Touko finds refuge in his liberating art, specializing in homoerotic drawings of muscular men, free of inhibitions. His work - made famous by his signature 'Tom of Finland' - became the emblem of a generation of men and fanned the flames of a gay revolution.

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Julie photo

Rasputin in the early 1800s, and later in Russia. A nice movie about one of history's most enigmatic characters, who has been re-imagined in modern times. Not quite the stunning masterpiece that the German critic Peter Greenaway calls "Geschichte des Todes", but it is still an enjoyable and enjoyable movie. The performances are strong and the direction is solid. The film is very subtle and subtle. It's hard to tell what's going on, but the director knows what to focus on and where to focus. The whole film is a battle between two people, which I think is a very good approach to portray the period. The setting is splendid, as is the music. The acting is brilliant. Not to mention that the direction is wonderful. The scene at the end is very powerful, and the actor playing Rasputin is brilliant. The only real flaw I have with the movie is the end. I don't know what happened, and I was very disappointed. I think that there should have been a better conclusion. Overall, I liked it very much. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Patrick H. photo
Patrick H.

I watched this film on the recommendation of a friend who thought it would be entertaining. I watched it, and was thoroughly entertained. At first, I thought it was a retelling of the events of the '30s, but it was a more realistic portrayal of the events of the war. The cast was superb, the story was very engaging, and the themes were very important. It was an excellent film, and one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys war films, or wants to learn more about the German army in World War II.

Randy Harris photo
Randy Harris

The movie was really good and the story is really nice. I like the acting and it is really amazing how their characters made the people in their lives change their lives. It's really nice to see how a movie can make the viewers think and it's really easy to relate to the movie. I like how they made the story better. I liked the soundtrack and how they put a movie into the real life. I like how they made the movie a drama but it was really good. I also liked how they made the movie real but it was still interesting. The movie was really good.

Kathy photo

This is a very poignant movie about a group of friends that turns out to be somewhat different than they first seemed. They all went through a lot of problems, and still they remained friends and even had a couple of drinks. I liked how they found some of their common ground and understand each other. It is a very real movie and one that you have to see, especially if you're in college. I would like to see this movie again. I liked it very much.

Dylan Brewer photo
Dylan Brewer

It's difficult to comment on this film without talking about the film itself. Like many people, I've been anticipating this film for some time. After reading some of the reviews on this site, I was interested in seeing it, but I knew it wasn't going to be the same as I remembered from the time I saw the trailers. After watching it, however, I cannot remember the last time I've felt this way about a film. It is an extraordinary film, and in places it's extremely hard to watch. But you have to give it credit for sticking to its roots. The main character, just like in the book, is very much in his element. And it's remarkable to see this character come to life. In a way, it reminded me of a lot of my favorite movies, like Taxi Driver, Taxi, etc. I had trouble getting used to the physical look of the character, but that's the problem with many movie characters: you need to be able to get used to them. To me, the character of the young sailor, Michael St. John, felt right. He was so believable, and I was drawn to his quest. So much of the character's journey was based on his quest, and that made it all the more interesting. I couldn't stop thinking about how he would meet his end. And it's hard to find a better character to represent this quest. The way he was able to travel the world and learn the languages, without ever speaking them, was incredible. The acting was good, and the movie has a lot of beautiful scenery. I'm not sure why this film has a low rating on IMDb, but I'm glad it didn't get a bad reputation. It's a very unique film, and I hope people will be as interested in it as I was.

Kathy Cole photo
Kathy Cole

I have to say, after reading the other comments I have received, I was somewhat disappointed in this movie. I thought that it would be better than the book, and the movie did not exactly follow the book, in the same way as the book. However, I did not have high expectations for this movie, because the book is good, and I read that it was based on a book by an author I have not read. Anyway, I was disappointed in this movie, and did not like it as much as I thought I would. The story is interesting, the actors are great, and I really enjoyed the movie. The acting is the most important aspect of a movie, because it shows how well the actors are doing. The acting was really good, and it was different from the book. The two main characters are good, although I do not think that they are as good as the book portrays them. It is a good movie. I rate this movie 7/10. For more of my reviews and for more reviews, visit my blog at

Phillip photo

.almost lost the movie in its emotional weight. I had to try very hard to get through the boring parts, so I'm not gonna comment on that. I'm really hoping that there is a hidden meaning to this movie. It's all about what will happen in the end of the movie. I'm not gonna say that. Maybe you will find that out yourself. I just found myself to be very emotional during the whole movie. The story is really nice, and the ending is very nice. All the actors did a good job. I'd say that it's worth watching it, but not for you to spoil it for you. I hope that there will be a sequel to it. I know that a sequel is gonna be made in the future, so I think that's a good thing.

Rose May photo
Rose May

Well, it was a great film. I really liked it. I think that it is a film that all people can enjoy. The way the story is told is unique and has a great script. The music score is also very good. I think that this film is a great inspiration for everyone, because you can learn a lot about yourself in the process of making this film. I was very surprised by the film. I can understand why some people dislike it, because there are a lot of things that aren't told, but it is a very important film. I think that it is a great film and I am really proud of myself for having made this film.

Ralph photo

It is impossible to make a movie about such an important subject as the Holocaust and not leave you with a sense of responsibility and empathy. Every time you hear a conversation about the Holocaust or the Shoah, you have to ask yourself what this topic means to you personally and to your family and friends. "La Vie Boheme" is a film about this issue and it makes you ask yourself if you are doing good or bad, what you are doing to help or what you are doing to stop it. When you watch this movie, you are thinking "what would I do to help?" and "what would I do to stop it?" What would you do? What would you do to stop it? If you are feeling uncomfortable with the subject matter, the film might not make sense to you, so just go in and see it for yourself. My wife and I both felt very moved by this film, but most of all we felt inspired to change the world.

Alan H. photo
Alan H.

Efter Jelena Rantz makes a strong, restrained debut as an American young woman living in Finland. Like most people her age, her youth is gone. She's 30 now. She hasn't been able to get her life together. She's married, has a baby, lives in the country, and is depressed. When she meets Jonny, a handsome young man, she has no qualms about sleeping with him. We don't see the passion that drives her. But she's not the type of woman to sleep with anyone who is older than her, and we don't see her face on the outside, as much as we see her emotions on the inside. That said, she is attractive, and when she is alone, she is fine. Rantz is very good. I liked her a lot. She plays a young woman, who has lost her youth. She doesn't seem to be living in the real world, and she doesn't know what it is to be a young adult. She's just a girl who wants to be happy, and has an identity crisis. I don't like that she's only interested in men. But she's very good. This is a very good movie. I think this film shows the conflicts young people face, and it's very well done. I liked it a lot.

Lauren Delgado photo
Lauren Delgado

This is a movie I was compelled to see after seeing the documentary on the Finnish version of the Olympics, What Do You Do, You Win. It was fascinating to see the inner workings of the organization and how some members seem to be quite happy with their treatment. It was also interesting to see how there are people who are all-too-eager to complain about their treatment. However, one thing that struck me was the seeming enmity between the coach and his players. It is true that the coach doesn't like to admit that he has a problem with the players, but he is still a player and he is obviously trying to teach them how to play well. While I do not know the men in this story, I think that it was probably not entirely fair of the coaches to withhold information that was vital to their success. But, this may be because they did not want to give the players a voice, and, thus, would have been better off keeping the players' true feelings to themselves. And, there is the word of mouth about the program, and the need for a positive image of the program to increase attendance and make people want to come back. These are all reasons that would have made the coaches aware of the problems with the program. This is a great story of an organization trying to make a difference in a difficult situation. It's worth seeing.

Rebecca Warren photo
Rebecca Warren

I can't believe that people gave this movie such a low rating. This is not an action-packed action movie, nor is it a drama. It's a wonderful character-study about a man who wants to succeed and be the best, yet is stuck at a time when it's his own fault that he's not. That's what made this movie so much better than what most other films of this genre are. A good story that's made of a series of facts that make sense, along with great acting and direction.

Diana L. photo
Diana L.

I really liked the film because it was done in the tradition of true detective stories. Unfortunately, the story could have been better done with a little more background, such as where were the prostitutes? What was going on with the King and why was he so desperate for money? This was done in a good way, but there were also many holes in the story. Some of the details did not make sense, and it seemed like the film makers took the story and ran with it, as if they were giving the script to a kid. I think they needed more realism to make the film real, and I think they could have cut out some of the parts they did in the end and made it much more complete and less predictable. Overall, a good movie for the Netflix generation.

Denise M. photo
Denise M.

I have to say that I am not much into the Oscars, but that didn't stop me from watching this movie. It's an amazing story and it's well made. It will definitely be a movie I'll look at a few years from now. I'm not sure how well it will be remembered, but it's a great movie. Even though the actors aren't the best, they do a good job, especially Eva Green. The music is also a good help to the movie. This is a very good movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Joyce S. photo
Joyce S.

This film is a love letter to Finnish people. The film tries to show that all the struggle in Finland is due to two people. A war in the history of Finland and the parents who put their children in the army. The film starts with the war in WWI. And this is the reason why the war ended so quickly. The two main characters are Branko, the husband, and his son, who is really sad. We are told that he had to fight in WWI and his wife, is still living in Finland. The main character does not want to go to war in Finland. The story is told in flashback. The main character does not want to fight in WWI, but his son tells him that he wants to fight in the war. After the war, Branko decides to join the army, he gets a rank. The story is not about war and violence. It is about life and the different situations the family finds themselves in.

Cheryl S. photo
Cheryl S.

I don't know where to start. I saw this film for the first time at the old Kalev's Memorial theatre in Chicago, and it was the first time that I had seen it since I left the theater in 1979. I didn't know much about it, I just knew that it was about a gay man from Finland who was the inspiration for one of my all time favorite films of all time, "The Colors of the Wind". I am gay myself, so that did nothing to lessen the emotional impact of the film. In fact, I felt that this film could only have been made better and more realistic by an actor who had been with a man for a number of years. I am just now starting to read more about this film and I have to say that it is just as beautiful as the film it is based on. "The Wedding Singer" was the start of an extraordinary career, and this film is a reminder of what it was like to grow up in a small town with a single parent and a father who was too busy to spend time with you. The soundtrack is gorgeous. The film is an emotional roller coaster. The story is well told, and the characters are drawn just right. There is something for everyone to enjoy. My father in law was very moved and was laughing out loud the whole time. He is one of my favorite movie actors. This movie is a must see. If you are a gay man and you have ever been in a small town, this movie is a must see. It is a great story that could only have been made better by the leading actor.

Marilyn photo

I saw this movie on IFC and was amazed. I remember reading that the movie was shot in Finland, and that the movie was based on a true story. I was not expecting to be so moved and moved by this movie. It was amazing. I could not take my eyes off the screen. This is not a movie for kids. There is not a lot of violence or gore, but it still kept me on the edge of my seat. This is not a movie for a casual viewer. I think this movie is important, because it is the story of an actual person, and shows us the real thing. This is a movie that you can watch over and over, and never get tired of it. I can not recommend this movie enough. It has the right ingredients to make you cry, and to make you want to live life a little bit more.

Cynthia photo

What is the point of this film? And why does every actor in it have a brilliant voice?

Anna Mitchell photo
Anna Mitchell

I'm a sucker for great films. This one is no exception. It is directed by David Mackenzie (and I've seen this guy's work). It's a remarkable film. I was very impressed with the camera work, but the story was just as interesting. A unique, emotional tale. It is certainly a work of art. But you must be able to stand to watch it to fully appreciate it. The ending is a bit sad but I could accept that. There are so many things that are in the film that you can relate to. But there is also a message. And it is something that can be a very positive message.

Grace photo

This is an old movie from our era. An old fashion Finnish history that has a really bad performance by all the actors, and the most important part of the movie is not about the history. It is about the life of a man, who falls in love with a young woman. That is the movie about them. The acting of the main actors are really good, but in a very poor way. They do not feel any real emotions. The movie has a lot of different emotions in it, but nothing that makes us cry. The movie was an interesting film, but the production was so bad that it ruined it. The director is so bad that I would give it a 9 out of 10, but in reality, it is a good movie. But if you want to see an excellent movie, watch The Brothers Grimm or Lord of the Rings.

Dennis photo

I know it sounds like a oxymoron but it was so well made and so beautifully acted. I just sat in my car and had to take a break just to watch it and take a breather from the road and the winter. What a powerful story. Loved it.

Elizabeth Hanson photo
Elizabeth Hanson

There is nothing in this movie to dislike or criticize. It's an honest, great story told from a real person's perspective. I was on the edge of my seat. This is a very important movie to have seen, and I highly recommend it.

Joan photo

This film is a must see for any Canadian, or anyone who has ever been to Finland. This film is an excellent portrayal of the typical Finnish approach to life. It's an excellent contrast to the West, which is predominantly American, and the home countries of the characters. It's also an excellent study of how society in the North is run, and how the one who runs it is not necessarily the best, but more of the best. It's a great example of how to run a great film, and a fantastic job by the director.

Larry Chavez photo
Larry Chavez

I really enjoyed this film. I have seen many films by the director Michael Nyman, and this is one of his most enjoyable films. It's very well done, very well photographed, and the acting was superb. He used a few colors that I've never seen in his films, and that is why I like them so much. There was very little violence, and I don't see why people were complaining. It was a very good movie, and I would recommend it to everyone. I liked the characters, and how they were portrayed. If you like a film with a great story, then this is the film for you.

Jeffrey Jensen photo
Jeffrey Jensen

You're watching "Klopark", the early 90's Finnish "historical" movie starring the only female actress in the world, Harri Nissinen. But, that's just the beginning of this movie, it's also a surreal-fiction that is about a very real woman. She was known as "The Mistress of the House" and, by her own admission, she never liked to be taken seriously. In the course of this movie, she is portrayed as a very intelligent woman who really is the only reason for the existence of the entire country. She really is the reason for all that we see in the movie. And, in my opinion, she is one of the best and most beautiful actresses of all time.

Kathleen Brooks photo
Kathleen Brooks

The story of her life, her conviction, her situation in prison, the trial and the final verdict. The film is a must for everyone. It is a must for all Americans.

Crystal Carpenter photo
Crystal Carpenter

I just came home from seeing this film at a free screening in Montreal, and I am not sure what to say. I was expecting a short film that would be entertaining, but in fact it was a very long and very very slow movie. I do not know what the director was trying to get across, but the viewer never got to know him or his characters. There were moments where I could have cared less about what was going on, and for the most part, I felt no connection to the characters or their predicament. The acting was also pretty terrible, and I cannot even say what the purpose of the shots were. The lighting was great, but I could not tell what the shots were trying to achieve, and when it came to the end, I was not even sure what the point of it all was. What I found to be the worst part of this film, is that I felt like I was watching something that I had not seen before. I have seen movies that I would say were good, and I have seen movies that I would say were bad, but I could not say that about this movie. I can see why this film was able to be nominated for best foreign film, but I do not think it should have been given the award. If you are a movie fan, and you are looking for something to watch, then this film is not for you. If you are not a movie fan, and you are looking for a film to watch, then this is not a movie you want to waste your time on. It is very slow, and the last 15 minutes is the best part of the film. So in conclusion, I would say that this is a movie that will not appeal to the average movie fan, but for the movie fans that are looking for a slow movie that will entertain them, then this is your movie.

Louis Bailey photo
Louis Bailey

A fine performance by Tom Hanks, great portrayal of the son, wonderful music and great cinematography. A highly recommended movie. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but I will say that the only thing that I didn't like about it was that it was somewhat long. That said, I loved it. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the ending was a little far fetched. So all in all, an excellent movie.

Alan Nichols photo
Alan Nichols

I can see why some people might think this film is not for them. But I say to those people: look at the cast. and see if they are that good, you might as well see a good film. I didn't think this film would be good, and I wasn't disappointed. I thought the acting was great, the film was a true-to-life story, and the performances were great. It's no secret that I don't like playing the piano, but the piano here is so good. It was not over-the-top. It was very accurate. I was impressed with how close the actors were to the actual events. The story wasn't too complicated, but it was still very interesting. The only part that made me think about the movie was in the end, when the pianist is trying to reach out to his mother, but she is not there. It's a little weird, but it was good. Also, it was good to see that the piano was actually really good. I can see why people might not like this movie, but if you like a good film, this is one you should see. I give it a 9/10.

Madison H. photo
Madison H.

I found this film quite moving and heartwarming and sad at the same time. This film will touch the heart of all who see it. I have seen this film more than 15 times and it still brings tears to my eyes. In this film it is not about the events but about the people who live through them. This film will leave you feeling good and can make you laugh, cry and cry again. A must see.

Sandra photo

This movie was wonderful. Great acting, great story. But, there are things that do not make sense to me. First of all, I am not into sex. And I am not even into dying, which seems to be the theme of this movie. However, I do not understand why these guys, are even alive. The love story between the main character, and the guy who's gonna die, is so completely disconnected from reality. Even the guy who's gonna die, gets a standing ovation from the audience when he dies. The main character, says that the movie is about love, and he only has one thing he wants to achieve, to have a girlfriend. But this movie is about love and death, and if he has to have a girlfriend, then he needs to die. So he's basically giving the movie away. The movie has no real point. I mean, they were living a sexless life, and he did not give up on that. So why is he still alive? Another thing I don't understand is the actor who played this guy, what happened to him? I thought he was going to die at the end of the movie, and he was just sitting in the darkness. And the next time he appears in the movie, he's in a hospital, and that's it. That's the point of the movie. That was the ending. I don't know. If this is the real world, then it must be a very fake world. But if that's what this movie is about, then it was a good movie, but there is no real point to the story.

Karen photo

This is a very interesting film about a "rock star" named Eric Clapton. His wife at the time played a very annoying and non-entertaining woman and his son was much better looking than his father and a half-wit. The son was also very ill and did not seem to be any more than an afterthought. His friend was a very kind and polite man who tried to help Eric and his family. But after Eric became famous he fell into depression and began drinking heavily. While working in a record store he tried to do the right thing and ended up losing everything. He was unable to save his family, his business, his girlfriend and even his new guitar. He finally went to jail and was sent to the family home in the country. His family came to see him. He was very badly treated and depressed. Eventually he was able to work up the courage to get on with his life. Eventually he was able to get over his problems. He returned to the music industry. He now has a successful career. This is a very well acted and directed film. Clapton is a very believable and likable character. It is not your typical Hollywood movie with the usual over-the-top melodramatic plot. It's very moving and really worth seeing.

Ann photo

I just saw this movie today and it's my first Tim Burton movie, and he is great! This is a really good film, I love the first part of the movie and this is one of the most intense movies I've seen. You won't get bored watching this. It's very good. The acting is also really good. This is probably one of the best movies of all time.

Robert R. photo
Robert R.

I'm a big fan of "Ostrov" movies, and I really liked the two hours of this film, because the cast is really outstanding. And the photography is also great. But I found this movie pretty hard to understand, and I really didn't know what the plot was. But it turned out to be a very interesting film. It tells the story of Oleg Ostrov, a KGB agent, who is working in Switzerland in the 1960s, when the Soviet Union is in the process of a purge of all its agents. After the purge, Oleg decides to try to return to Russia, and he gets caught and sent to jail in Switzerland. He then gets help from his lawyer, his mother, and his old friend. As the story goes, we see how Oleg tries to stay on track with the deportation order. But things get complicated when he gets help from his old friend, who has made a fortune in construction, and wants to use that to bribe Oleg's parole officer. Meanwhile, the director of the prison, which is run by the KGB, tries to force Oleg to go to the prison in Zurich. The main problem is that the director has a family to feed. And that is why I found the movie hard to understand. Overall, the acting of the cast is great, especially the two young stars. But there were a few parts where I didn't understand what was happening, but that doesn't mean that the film is bad. The film is very good. It tells a great story about how the Cold War was a huge struggle, and it tells a story about how people struggle in that world. The movie also has a message that is very important today. It has to do with the refugee situation. The audience should also see this film. Because it is a good movie. And I also recommend that everyone see this film. It is a very good film. I give this film a rating of 9/10. See it!

Martha photo

People who say this is a movie for kids probably don't know what they're talking about. As a teenager in America, I never got to visit Finland. However, after seeing this movie, I could see why it was such a big deal. At first, the characters are some of my favorite characters in movies. They are quite eccentric, not like the typical children's characters. However, as the movie progresses, they become much more believable. The acting is great, especially by Ryan Reynolds and especially by Robbie Kravitz. This movie is also about respecting your elders, and learning to not always act like they think you should act. Overall, it is an interesting movie that will be much appreciated by anyone.

Juan Morris photo
Juan Morris

There's something about the original film which I really enjoyed about it and I am glad I went to see this version of it, so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. There is a certain level of craft that went into this version which I don't think I've seen since the original. That being said, the acting is all solid, I felt they were very believable in their roles. But there is a little something in the film that's a little bit off, it's not a major flaw, but it does bring the film down a little bit. It's the thing that brings a little bit of what I would consider a "Easter egg" to the film. For some reason, I felt it was a little bit off and sort of distracting. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but it just wasn't that great. So I'll say that the acting is good, but I did get a little bit distracted by the voice. Overall, I would give it a solid 7/10.

Justin Williamson photo
Justin Williamson

First off, this film is a comedy and is funny. However, I was slightly disappointed in the over-the-top over-acting of many of the cast members. I thought the guy who played the lead was the best. He's a good actor, and a very good lead. He played the part of a crazy cop very well. The other actors who played the other lead were very good too. However, I thought the guy who played the leading man did an awful job. He seemed like he just got on the set and started acting and took over the role after the director quit. He just seemed very stiff and boring. The lead guy was also very boring. I thought he was a bit too wooden in his acting. However, this is an over-the-top comedy and I was expecting more of the overacting from the leading man. Overall, I thought this was a very good film. It had a great story, and I liked the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously. I thought the lead actor did a great job. He was a great lead. I enjoyed this film very much.

Ruth photo

I like this movie. But I think that I must disagree with the other reviewers. I think this movie is better than the book. The movie is better because I am not trying to compare it to the book. I just enjoy this movie more than the book. I don't understand why the movie is not rated higher.

Gary photo

The film is a remake of a Swedish movie about a girl, Anna (Fanny Ardos) from Russia who goes to Sweden to marry her childhood sweetheart, Mathias (Steven Lisberger). However, things are complicated when Anna is raped by a migrant worker, Simar (Aditya Rehman) who later he is sent to prison. Anna, who still believes in the law, is forced to change her opinions on immigration, and in the process decides to get her husband back. The film does not have a happy ending, as Anna finds out that her husband is in fact a migrant. I really liked this movie, it is very good and original. The cast is amazing, with Fanny Ardos playing a brilliant role. It is not a documentary about the migrant problem in Sweden, but it is a story about the abuse of power in Sweden. It does not aim to talk about immigration problems, but it does say something about human rights in general.

John photo

Olivier Pagnol is a French writer who wrote books on controversial subjects like sexuality and death. His 'Olivier,' however, has never received a literary treatment. While 'Olivier Pagnol: Zabriskie Point' is an interesting concept, it is too long and confusing to be taken seriously. The film is almost entirely filmed from the perspective of the narrator, a woman who becomes pregnant and tries to protect her unborn child from the cruelty of the Gestapo. It seems like a logical choice to follow the author's life from this perspective. However, the film ends up being way too long and contains a lot of unnecessary footage, which gives the film a feeling of too much information to fit into its allotted time. There are no characters, and the women have little to do. Also, the film seems like it was filmed on a budget. In the end, the film seems too long and does not offer any more than it promises.

Thomas photo

I was very excited to see this movie. I was scared of having to share this with my family, and to watch a movie about a mentally ill man. Well, it is a true story, and the acting is superb. The director did an excellent job with this film, because the director had the power to make the story about the mentally ill man. What would you do if you had the power to make a movie about someone who has no control of their life, and is plagued with delusions? That is the question that the director is asking in this movie, and he does not go in a way that is very unnatural. The director wanted to make the story about a man who had his own delusions, and to make a movie about his life. That is the director's goal. The movie was so good that I was not even thinking about the script. The director wanted the viewer to have to think about this film and the movie, and the movie was very good. I loved the way the director made the movie, he wanted to make a movie that was about mental illness. I am not going to spoil anything for you, but if you think that this movie is a must-see, you should see this film. I give it a 10/10.

Timothy Oliver photo
Timothy Oliver

This is a real shame for this movie, as a story of extreme hardship and a very human human condition that many of us share, an "accident" of life that can happen. How did a man who had almost nothing to live for, and an extremely sick mother, survive this, I don't know. Even though the father didn't care about his wife and children, he tried his best, but was almost a failure. And this is what happens to every single human who has no control over their life. A great story of love and a tragedy of human nature, but a movie that is all about the life of a family.

William photo

I was really looking forward to this film. I'm a fan of young Hollywood actors and have had my share of films about them. So my expectations were high. I was disappointed. I expected to see a clever and gripping story, but instead I got a film about a bunch of high school kids that, though they are mostly good people, are not always able to find the right thing to do in their lives. Yes, it is true that the film is primarily about the characters' relationships and their struggles with identity. But the film doesn't work as well as it could have. The film seems to be leaning on the fact that its point of view is about the kids and their struggles, rather than about the film. The film seems to be about the characters and their struggles, not about the film. There are too many scenes in the film where it seems that the film is in a hurry to get to the point. I got the impression that the film was probably written as a 10-page play, and the film is shot in a very stylized and fast-paced manner. The style of the film didn't fit with the story. It's a film about a bunch of kids, but it's not really a film about kids. There is no real character development, no real conflicts, no real drama, just a bunch of characters running around doing the same thing over and over again. I think that the film's style would have worked better if it had been shot in a film student's hands, or if the film had been filmed in a more traditional style. Then we would have had a real film. But, since it is a student film, I don't know that it really mattered. I do have to commend the actors for their performances, because they really managed to capture the character's anguish, and pain, and frustration. But I can't help feeling that the director was probably a little too rushed in his story telling, and perhaps he was just not clear enough. At the end of the day, the film just wasn't very good.

Hannah T. photo
Hannah T.

I love this movie. The characters are interesting, the plot is really deep, the acting is wonderful, and the director did a great job. All of these are reasons why I'm giving this movie a 9 out of 10. I'm also a fan of American films, especially Steven Spielberg. I'm not a big fan of those Swedish movies that have some of the best actors and actresses. I never watched "Pippi Longstocking" or "The Scarlet Pimpernel". However, this movie is a good example of what makes American cinema so special. It's funny, it's interesting, it's real. It's a simple, perfect movie that makes you feel like you're a kid again. I'm really surprised that the majority of people have given this movie a bad review. It was really great.

Linda Harper photo
Linda Harper

the story of John of Finland is very interesting.i do not know much about the history of this country,but i am a sailor and so i have some idea of how this country is,how it was,how it is,when i saw the movie "John of Finland" i was really surprised to see how small a country it is and how poor a country it,this movie was made as a tribute to that country.and this movie is great.but the main idea is how little the people of this country can do to change this country for the,i do not want to say much about this movie,as i know a lot about this country.i do not know how John of Finland is going to affect the people of this country.but i have no problem with,this is a great movie.but if you are not from that country,you will not understand that it is a very good movie,and you might have a problem with it.

Ruth photo

The film revolves around a little girl's struggle with her disease, the 'loose-lipped' looks of her eyes, her mother's hopeless lack of hope and faith and the unbelievable and severe behavior of the nurses. This movie is very moving, which has a pretty realistic plot. This movie is pretty intense and a bit frightening at some parts. This is a story about the girl's battle with her disease, and her desperate struggle to find the strength to survive. I give it a 9/10.

Bruce Reynolds photo
Bruce Reynolds

I've always liked Rob Roy's films. As a kid I saw The Maltese Falcon in a single theater, and it was a brilliant film. I've seen Rob Roy's other works, including Heart of Darkness and Marienbad, and they have always been very good. But now, with this film, I've seen a new film. I have never seen this movie before, but I can tell it's good. There is a lot of symbolism in the film, and some of it is very explicit. But the thing that makes this movie good is how the symbolism is used. It is never too obvious, it's not over the top. It is subtle and always meaningful. You will never see another film that has the same kind of symbolism as this one. The one thing that I like about this film is that it is very realistic. I have never seen a film where the characters are almost as believable as they are in this film. All of the actors are very good. It is a very strong film, and I recommend it. If you like films like this, you will also like the other films Rob Roy has made. He is a very good director. Go see this film!

Judy P. photo
Judy P.

I thought this movie was very good. I have read the book, and this film is a real glimpse into the dark side of life in the ghetto. It also shows the real life of the boys. I am glad they did not show the real, skin color. The violence is almost non-existent, and the boys are depicted in a very sympathetic way. The movie also shows the low standard of education in the ghetto. One of the problems with the ghetto is that there are few jobs. I wonder if the film will be showing this fact, because I have seen documentaries on the same subjects. If you haven't seen it, go and rent it.

Mark Stevens photo
Mark Stevens

It's like a train wreck. Where you don't know where you are going. It is so boring, but it is an action film. It's such a shame. Because the story has great potential. You don't know where the story is going. I'm pretty sure I was going to miss something. And it was just so stupid. It doesn't have any emotional impact. It just makes you lose interest. I'm very disappointed. The end of the film is really not what I expected. It's kind of disappointing because I like the story and everything, but the end was really not what I wanted. But the movie is great. I liked it very much. It's so beautiful and it's a must watch.

Laura Kennedy photo
Laura Kennedy

I enjoyed this movie very much. It is a movie about a guy that has his moments of happiness and moments of sorrow and some other times. It is not so hard to relate to. It is a kind of a movie that you watch and then you start to talk about it. Sometimes it is so nice that you just have to say to yourself that you enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to say that this was really so. The dialogue was great, the acting was great, the direction was great. The story is great and the movie just gets better and better and better. I recommend it to anyone that likes a movie with a lot of depth. This is a movie that will have you thinking about it the next day.

Randy C. photo
Randy C.

I was expecting a really good film and what I got was, in my opinion, a big bore. It was so boring, with no story and very little action, so much that I felt like I'd been watching a documentary, or a TV series. I couldn't help but be reminded of that horrible short film from Korgman in which he would go on a wandering and talk about a dozen things, almost an hour long. The only thing that I can say good about this film is that it doesn't insult the viewer, but the director is so full of himself he doesn't care, and he actually tries to tell a story about two men, like a documentary. But it's just not enough, because there's nothing to tell, not even if you think you know what's going on, it just doesn't work. It is supposed to be a story about two men, but it's like two hours of them talking about nothing. If they were so full of themselves, why were they all alone on a ship that's been sailing for 3 years? I could've done without that whole film.

Carl M. photo
Carl M.

An interesting documentary from an amateur journalist's point of view. I would say that it is not as much of a documentary as a non-documentary, but it is a documentary nonetheless. I can't say I am so happy that it was made, but I really liked the way the director tries to make it look like it is about a real person. I liked how the documentary makers tried to show the confusion, so to speak, that could happen if people are so affected by the war, and also the way they present the emotions of a character, not just the emotions but the inner state of the character. There are some big gaps in this documentary, for example, there is no time to show how he was wounded, he was not just shot in the leg and went to hospital, the most important thing in the movie was his relationship with his father, who was a friend of his father, and his daughter, whom he would have married, because he was very close to her, but in the end he decided to marry another woman. I know that I have seen this movie before, but I liked this version better.

Marilyn M. photo
Marilyn M.

I am a big fan of Finnish actor Stellan Skarsgard and this movie was his big debut. It was his first time to play a major role in a movie and he did a very good job. The story is told in the first few minutes of the movie. The main character is a poet who wants to meet and write a book about the most important Finnish-thing. He writes about it and after he is contacted by the people who will be the publisher, he does not have any chance to write. All of this happens in the first few minutes of the movie. The rest of the movie is about his attempt to write a book about the most important Finnish-thing. I was very impressed with this movie and think it is one of the best movies that was made in Finland in the last years. It is a very special movie for Finnish film-critics and it is one of the best movies in Finland since the new decade.

Steven Gardner photo
Steven Gardner

I was blown away by this movie. As I sit here writing this review, I realize that I probably have been rather harsh on this movie, and I apologize. I was very moved and very moved by this film. I think this movie really showed me a side of Finland that I hadn't seen before. I have seen plenty of documentaries about Finland, and the other side of Finland was represented in this movie, but never before was the atmosphere of a small town in the middle of the forest, a place that seems very isolated and far away, a place of simple life and quietness. This movie really helped me realize that. The story is pretty much about a family who is struggling to survive the winter of 1923, and how their lives are in complete disarray. The father is a bread maker who knows little about the outside world, and the mother is struggling to keep the family alive. The father is a bit of a joker, who also doesn't know what is going on outside the family. The son is a very popular child, and they try to raise him like a typical family. The mother is suffering from a mental condition, and she has been trying to kill herself for quite some time. The daughter has had problems with her husband for some time, and now she is having a change of heart and she is attempting to leave him and her parents. The son and daughter both try to make it through the winter, but each try to do it the best way they can, because of the mental condition and the lack of money. The father tries to get the son to work outside the family, and he doesn't want to, but his son does. The father and the mother try to keep the son and daughter in their place, and they are starting to do that. This is the movie that really got me thinking. I saw this movie for a couple of reasons. One, because I am a big fan of Tom Hanks and because I love Finnish culture. Two, because the director did a great job with the story, with the way the story was told. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, especially to people who want to know more about Finland. The story is well told, and the actors really played their roles very well. Tom Hanks and Ralf Herwig are both fantastic in their roles, and I can't wait to see what else they do in the future. This movie was really a great addition to the Finnish cinema, and it will definitely be one of my new favorites.

John photo

This is an excellent film that captures the tension and loneliness that is inherent in every one of us. It also shows how the natural world has a way of coming to life and passing on its wisdom to us. It was also interesting to see how one of the children has an obsession with the snow. It was interesting to see how they managed to get the car to drive into the snow in the first place, and how they managed to save the kids from the snow slide. I was surprised to learn that the film has a very good score. The film is worth watching, especially for children.

Kathleen Hill photo
Kathleen Hill

We get to see Johan and Peter from the beginning. We see the heartbreak of their friendship and we see the challenges that they face. We see the love of their lives and their fight to stay together. This movie is a must see for anyone. I'm sure that it would be a perfect movie for couples and friends. The actors did a great job. I know that Johan was in the film because of this film, but he was also in another movie where he was in a very different type of role. The other movie was called "Without a Trace". I would definitely recommend this film.

Craig photo

Moral of the story: always look back. There are few things more satisfying than watching a film that has an impact that is not always appreciated. This film touches on themes like corruption, family, politics and the ultimate pursuit of happiness. The characters all have motivations and suffer through tragedies that push them to their breaking point. This film is simply a must see.

Michael Thomas photo
Michael Thomas

This is the story of a war hero, a man of great courage, who has to flee from his homeland when it is invaded by Nazi Germany. His story is told in a poetic and intimate way, and his courage is shown in a very real way. We can see the conditions he had to face, and it is evident that he never loses hope, but he will always keep the possibility to return. The film shows the everyday life of the Finnish soldiers, and is also a story of how the war affected the lives of both Finland and the Soviet Union. The story is told in a beautiful way, and the characters are portrayed in a very real way. It is easy to see that the man, who is to save his people from the Nazis, is really a hero.

Mark Ray photo
Mark Ray

A friend of mine recommended this movie to me and I had to check it out. I had never heard of it before, but it seemed to have the same atmosphere as the movie Fargo. It is about a family of some sort. Their son and daughter are sick with a fatal disease. They decide to stay together as a family, even though they have to take care of their aging parents. The story is almost predictable. But I was pleasantly surprised to see what a great movie this was. It was quite touching and actually had a good message behind it. I do not think that it is a great movie, but it was a good film and I recommend it.

Jean V. photo
Jean V.

I am amazed that this film has not been nominated for an Oscar. It is a very moving and touching story about a man who was abandoned as a child and who, after a time, found his way back to his mother. It is very sad to see how hard it is to find a good home for a child. As the story progresses, it becomes clear to the viewer how hard it is to raise a child, how much this man's life was spent in loneliness, and how he tried so hard to be a good father. It is truly touching, and I would recommend this film to anyone who has felt that their life has been a struggle or that they have been a victim of abandonment. I have seen this film about three times, and I think it is the best I have seen in years.

Ralph Allen photo
Ralph Allen

In a dark and foreboding atmosphere, this movie tells the story of a man, who was jailed for a crime he didn't commit. He's now released and living with his girlfriend in a nice apartment. He takes his girlfriend out on a Saturday evening, to go to the cinema to see "A Man for All Seasons". The film begins with a real life story. Then the story is told from the perspective of a prisoner. The movie is very short, and it seems that it was made for TV. It could be the reason for the lack of character development. The main character is very good, and the supporting characters are not bad. The main character is very strong. In conclusion, it is a very good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is into Scandinavian movies.

Diana Barnett photo
Diana Barnett

This is a great film that shows the troubles that artists go through and how difficult it is to make a living. It is a bit long, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Jack photo

I enjoyed this movie. It was so beautiful and sad. I watched it in IMAX 3D, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very well acted, and the story was very well written. It was a very good movie to watch.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

This is a very good movie. A must see!

Jason Peters photo
Jason Peters

I didn't expect much from this film, but was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The cinematography was great, the acting was superb and the story was both inspiring and uplifting. In fact, I will be watching this movie again and again and again. It is definitely worth the time and money spent to watch it.

Harry Wagner photo
Harry Wagner

This is a beautiful film about a woman who was called "Anna" by the press in 1947, when she was accused of being a Nazi spy. Her story and her deeds are fascinating. I wish more films had this kind of story. I thought she was very brave in standing up for herself, and for all the other women who did not have the same freedom and dignity that she had.

Aaron M. photo
Aaron M.

A beautiful film, with great performances by all concerned. It is a very human story of a boy who finds himself at the edge of society, and how it affects him. The film is a tragedy and a triumph. I find it very rewarding to see actors who have so many diverse qualities and abilities in this type of role, and then to see them play out this role. If you have not seen this film, you should be watching it, and especially if you are a Finn.

Lauren Adams photo
Lauren Adams

This is a great movie. Like all movies that are made by the "MV" team, I found myself watching it over and over again. I thought it was great! I agree with all the points of criticism posted by other people and also some of the points I don't agree with. This is a great movie and there are a few parts that don't make sense, but the overall movie is great! The acting is great and it's definitely a movie that you don't want to miss. Check it out and see what I'm talking about.

Bryan Day photo
Bryan Day

First, there was "The Truman Show", then there was "Empire of the Sun", then there was "The Da Vinci Code". Now, there's "The Great Race", and it's basically "The Greatest Story Ever Told", "a mother's pain, a father's murder, a dying boy's desire to be with his mother, and a great race to find him." This is basically the story of a young boy's life, and his final race to be found by his mother. I'm not sure what it's about, but I know it's about a race. It's about a young boy who was abandoned by his parents, and went to live with his grandmother, and was discovered by his grandfather who wanted to get a good story for the story book, and then there was the very beautiful story of his mother, and the great race that he was a part of. I thought the movie was really good. It's just very realistic, and the story, the actors, and everything, was so good. I thought the movie was about a young boy's life, and a race, and it was good. It was very well done. I recommend this movie to everyone, it's really good. I think it's one of the best movies of 2006. It's a good movie. And the greatest movie of 2006, I think. 9/10.

Lisa Fernandez photo
Lisa Fernandez

I love this film and it's one of my favorite films of all time. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this film. I can't even imagine why it's not rated higher. It is very emotional and very well done. I think the film would be perfect if the violence was toned down or the sex scene was cut. I was truly shocked and horrified by the sexual scenes in this film. I think it's absolutely necessary to show the violence and the other sexual themes in a film. The sex scenes are very strong and they are the ones that make this film great. The film is very raw and very interesting and a lot of what happens in this film makes me think. I think that this film is very close to my heart and I think that many people would enjoy it.

Adam photo

I have always been fascinated by this movie, the story and the development of the characters. It's a great story, the characters are amazing and the performances are just amazing. I've watched it more than 100 times and I still enjoy it. But in terms of the story, I would say it's a little bit overrated. The story is great, but it's not the best movie ever made. I give it 8 out of 10.

Janice photo

I've watched the movie a couple of times and it is great story. I believe it is a story about a real people and it was very impressive. I'm amazed that it was not made into a TV series. It was well directed and well acted by the whole team. They make you feel the history, the friendship between all the characters. I think it was the best movie I ever watched in my life. I think that it is a great movie and I wish I could be a Finn, I think that it would be great if we can find the real people. I wish there is more movie like this.

Brian M. photo
Brian M.

This is one of the few movies that can surpass the artistic expression and the creativity of Michael Winterbottom. The story of the immigrant immigrant family is the same one that I have read and talked about in a class many times. It is about the struggle of a single father to feed his family and the stress of having a new job, that had many problems in the beginning. This movie does a good job of portraying this kind of life of a migrant family. The acting is really good, I really liked the performance of the son of a immigrant immigrant. I think that all actors did a great job. The father and mother are great characters and the son is also great. The mother has an extraordinary idea of love, that is so strong. It was great to see the father really caring for his family, it was a great performance. The last scene is so sad, I really felt it. The movie is not just about this family but about the struggle of immigrants to survive. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Madison Ryan photo
Madison Ryan

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I must say this was a great film. It is a work of art in many ways, but it is also extremely moving and heart-wrenching. You are moved to tears by the struggle of a mother to care for her dying son, a scene that will haunt you. You will cry for her at the end. I love the ending, because it shows that nothing matters but the people you care about. It is a great film, and I hope to see more like it.

Zachary W. photo
Zachary W.

The first half of this film is about a family that grows up in a German concentration camp, which was bombed by the Germans in WWII. The film covers the years 1939-45 and the mother's life in Auschwitz. This film also includes a young boy, who grew up in Auschwitz. I won't go into the rest of the story, but what I will say is that this is a very good film, in my opinion, that will have you thinking about it. It is a story of what it is like to be a child, in this particular case, in a concentration camp. I would definitely recommend this film. 9/10

Robert photo

I had the opportunity to see this film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I must say it was a refreshing change from the usual "kids with guns" or "kids with problems" fare. I don't mean to sound like a PR expert, but I was impressed with the casting and directing. I think that the film is not an original piece of work. But what made it different was the ability of the two young actors to portray their roles with honesty and authenticity. Both characters, John and Tony, had such a great chemistry that you could not help but feel that you were there with them. It was great to see a film about a part of the world that is so special to us. I enjoyed the script, the direction, and the performances by the two young actors. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film about an important part of our world.

Peter photo

The film was about the big movie star, Orson Welles, who died in 1941. It was told from Orson's point of view, so he could not see his mortality. The story is a familiar one, but I found it interesting. I think this film is a must see, because it shows us how someone can be so successful, yet how he is so vulnerable to mental illness. This is not a happy story, but the film is very touching, and there is no doubt that Orson Welles was one of the best entertainers of all time.

Crystal photo

I have watched this movie since I was a teenager. I can't remember how many times I watched it but, I must say, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. What a great story about the struggle of a young man who is trying to find his identity and the struggle that goes with it. I think that it would have been interesting to explore the theme of the modern life and the "experience" of the young man. I would have loved to have seen how his life went through the years, how he was able to develop a different identity and how that identity changed over time. I was also very interested in how he came to be a "star". I think that the way he was able to develop his "experience" in the movie was very interesting. He did not have to try very hard. He was able to use his unique talents, which he had, to achieve his goals and aspirations. This movie is a very important film. I hope that you enjoy it.