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Batti Gul Meter Chalu

Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a movie starring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, and Divyendu Sharma. The life of three friends takes a tragic turn due to an inflated electricity bill, which leads to a courtroom drama and social awakening.

Running Time
2 hours 41 minutes
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Shree Narayan Singh
Vipul K. Rawal, Garima Wahal, Siddharth Singh
Shraddha Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Divyendu Sharma, Shahid Kapoor
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SK,Nauti and Tripathi are best friends. SK lawyer cons people Nauti a fashion designer and Tripathi runs a factory .Nauti tells SK and Tripathi that in coming days she will decide between them whom she wants to marry.SK sees Tripathi and Nauti getting closer to in jealously starts to avoid them and and also leaves the town for sometime.During the same time Tripathi's factory starts running into losses due to huge electricity bill send by power company.Tripathi is left helpless as nobody is helping him even SK backs out.Few days later while SK is returning to the town he finds that Tripathi's bike is been taken out from lake and he is assumed to be dead.SK feels guilty of not helping his friend during his bad phase and decides to put a case on the power company and give justice to his friend.

Comments about drama «Batti Gul Meter Chalu» (18)

Michael F. photo
Michael F.

When I first heard about this movie I thought it would be a typical Bollywood movie. I was wrong. This movie has been brought to you by an Indian who is a bit ahead of his time. The story is simple but effective and the performances by all the characters are incredible. The only thing that bothered me about this movie is that it doesn't really give you a lot to think about. And the plot of this movie isn't that interesting either. But the movie itself is very good and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Adam N. photo
Adam N.

A good story, a good performance, good music and great music by IK. This movie is very well made and deserves to be seen.

Johnny P. photo
Johnny P.

The movie starts with an earnest and honest dialogue between a father and son, and then goes on to show the life of the family. As a result, the audience is emotionally involved in the development of the characters. It is a deep and detailed study of the values of this family. It shows the struggles of this family and the struggles of the society. It shows how the society will judge people according to their morals, and how people are judged by their own morality. It also shows the impact of the society on the family. I feel that the movie does a good job of displaying the problems of the family. The characters in the family are shown to be very similar in many ways, and the scenes with them are shown in the same manner. The movie also has a good mixture of humor and emotion. I do not have any problem with the humor, and I don't have any problem with the emotional scenes. I also think that the ending was a good ending. I did not see the movie for the ending, but the movie did not have a bad ending. I do not think that the movie was a flop either. I think that it is a good movie, and I do not think that it was a flop. I would recommend this movie.

Frank P. photo
Frank P.

To be honest, I don't like Hindi movies. That's why I had been waiting for this movie to come out. And now that I am watching it, I must say it's a great movie. The story is very compelling. And the actors are great. This movie is very realistic. You feel it as a real life. Not a Hollywood movie, not a Bollywood movie. Definitely worth to watch.

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

The movie is a really nice story about a girl and her sister, and the relationship between the two. The story is very simple, but the movie is very well made. The acting of the two main actors is very good, and the whole movie is very touching. The movie is really funny, but it also has a lot of heart. I really liked the movie, and I really recommend you to watch it.

Eugene H. photo
Eugene H.

This movie is really entertaining.The characters are not well developed.It has one or two good performances.And there are some nice visuals.If you want to know what the world of women is like then this movie is for you.But if you want to be entertained then I suggest you watch it.The movie is not as graphic as other movies I have seen.I am not a critic of the movie.It is not that graphic and I do not think it is what some people are looking for.I also like how the movie tries to show the world as it is.I just thought it was a good movie.It does not have one bad performance.It has one or two good performances.But it does not have any bad performances.If you are looking for a movie to be entertained then this movie is for you.

Kathleen Andrews photo
Kathleen Andrews

A very rare thing in the Indian Cinema Industry, a film that is both both Indian and English. This film is a very good example of the combination of the two languages. The story is simple and yet captivating. It starts out in a very simple way with a man who is in search of a new job. He meets a girl and he becomes infatuated with her and he is very persistent in his search for a new job. The story takes a very slow pace but it is only when the characters begin to grow that the story becomes much more interesting. The film shows the journey of the man who is in search of a new job and the love he has for the girl. The two actors, Sonu Sood and Raveena Tandon are very convincing in their roles. The plot develops in a very well way and the film has a good pace. The direction is very good and the film has a very good screenplay. I highly recommend this film to all the movie lovers. It is a very good film to watch on a slow day.

Kimberly photo

The first half of Batti Gul Meter Chalu is definitely the best part. It is so beautifully shot, so beautifully acted. The music is superb, and it is like watching a true Indian cinema. The second half is not as good, but the acting in it is just as good. The cinematography is stunning and it is a must watch for anyone who has never seen a Indian film before. The story itself is not very original, but it is done so well that it is worth watching. The cast is just incredible and the supporting cast is just amazing. Every single one of them has done a great job in their roles. The only problem I have with this film is that it is too long. I would have liked to have seen more of the first half, but then again, I am used to films being longer. Overall, I would say that Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a great film and is worth watching. I would give it a 9/10.

Barbara Fisher photo
Barbara Fisher

This movie is a lot more than a mere romance. It is a powerful social commentary on caste system and the social injustice that the rich people suffer in India. The movie is about a young woman who is in love with a man who is not a part of the caste system. She tries to escape her caste system and is forced to marry a man who is part of the caste system. She is also forced to have a child by her husband. The movie shows the struggle of the woman to find her place in the society and how she is forced to have a child by her husband. The movie shows how the woman is forced to give up her own aspirations and dreams. It also shows how the caste system is so deep rooted that the movie is based on a true story. The movie is very powerful and shows how the caste system is not a very pleasant place to be in. The movie is a must watch for all lovers of social justice.

Eugene photo

Akshay Kumar and Om Puri are brilliant in this movie. Om Puri is at his best. He has the right touch. Akshay Kumar has a wonderful presence and he makes you feel like he is there. The chemistry between the two is great. The movie is full of comedy and the story is good. I don't think you will be disappointed. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Gerald G. photo
Gerald G.

You can get the feeling that the whole thing is a real soap opera. That is not the case. What you see is a story, which is based on real facts. The lead character has an intense obsession for one particular lady. She is not just a girl from his neighbourhood. She is the daughter of a well-known lawyer. He is looking for the woman in order to get the case that the lawyer has been working on for so long. What is really interesting is that, despite the fact that he has a big case on his hands, he does not want to let the girl go. He tries everything to get her back. He is very persistent and in the end, his persistence pays off. The movie is so interesting because it shows the conflicts of the two main characters. It shows the lengths that one can go to in order to get the girl back. There are many incidents, which make you wonder whether you would be able to do something like this. The movie is very well directed. The story is very realistic. It shows how much a woman can endure to stay with a man. The movie is very entertaining and it is very emotional. You can feel that the lead character has a very strong love for the girl. You can also feel that he is very hard-working and that he is very dedicated. He is willing to do anything for the girl. This is a very touching movie. It is a good movie to watch with a date.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

It is a good movie. The story is good and the movie has a good ending. The movie is great because it is a good representation of the people in India. It shows the realities of the people in India. This movie has a good story. The acting of the actors was good. They are the real people. They are different from the real people. The director did a good job in this movie. He made the movie realistic. The director made a good movie. It is a good movie.

Brittany Carlson photo
Brittany Carlson

A movie which I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre. The story is of a woman who is married to a rich man and is trying to get her life in order. She is suffering from depression and is not able to sleep. She is given a job as a housemaid in a house which is owned by a rich man. The housemaid starts to feel depressed and starts to think of ways to kill herself. This movie is very well made and the story is interesting. It is very difficult to watch this movie without being depressed. The music is very good and the acting is very good. It is a movie which is definitely worth watching. It is very sad but it is a good movie.

Virginia photo

It's a very simple story. The hero is a poor man, he is in a mad rush to get his wife out of the house. He is tricked by a corrupt official to get a job for him and the rest is history. The movie is a tear jerker. The movie is very realistic. The movie gives you a good feeling and it leaves you with a great feeling. The hero is played very well. You will not be able to predict what he will do. He is played by Sonakshi Sinha. She is very talented and she shows in the movie. She is a great actress and she does a great job. The movie is full of emotions. The story is not predictable. It's a real story and you will be surprised at the end. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Johnny Payne photo
Johnny Payne

I saw this movie in a cinema in Mumbai and I was very impressed with the story of this movie. It is a story about two people who try to get rid of their problems. The story is about a young couple who are not happy with their lives. They are young, but they are not happy. They are always trying to solve their problems. They try to get rid of their problems by doing illegal things. They are not satisfied with their lives. They are in a relationship with each other and they are happy. But there is something which they are not satisfied with. They are still trying to solve their problems. The movie starts with their relationship. It shows their problems and how they try to solve their problems. Then the movie shows the story of the relationship between the couple and the story of the couple. The movie is full of action and the story is full of action. The movie is full of emotions and it is full of love and the story is full of love. This movie is a must watch. It is a good movie for the whole family. I would give it a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I would recommend this movie to everybody.

Nancy photo

What a great film. This is one of the best Indian films ever. Even though the story is not very original but the way it was told is great. The performances are very good. I have seen the film twice and I was still amazed by the performances. A must watch.

Albert photo

I am a huge fan of Rakesh Mehra's films, even though I've never watched any of his films before. It's because of this that I was very skeptical about seeing this film. It was a long time since I've seen a film that made me cry so much, and the only other one that I felt this way about was "Dil Se". The first half of the film is all about the trials and tribulations of a young girl trying to live with her family and her sister's love, and the second half is the moment when she has to decide whether to have sex with the older brother or not. I don't want to give too much away, so I will just say that the film is beautifully shot, the acting is great, and the story is very moving. The two leads, Aditi Rao and Suhasini Raja, were excellent, and both of them are outstanding actresses. The two actors who played the older brother were also outstanding, and I really liked their chemistry. The film is very emotional, and I really felt the emotions of the characters. The music is also very good, and I really liked the music. The film is not for everyone, but it's a very special film for me. It's definitely one of the best films I've ever seen, and I hope you will see it as well.

Scott V. photo
Scott V.

This is a very good film that touches on the very sensitive issues that are faced by many people. It is not about the rich or the poor. It is about the hardships faced by the common people. The main character is a young man, who is trying to find a job, but he is not given a job because of his looks. The film is about how his mother tries to help him. The film also shows how the rich and poor get along in the country. It also shows the people's views on the film industry. It is a good film that is worth watching.