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Nada a Perder 2

Nada a Perder 2 is a movie starring Petrônio Gontijo, Day Mesquita, and Beth Goulart. Part 2 of Edir Macedo's self-financed biopic.

Other Titles
Nada que perder 2, Nothing to Lose 2
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Biography
Alexandre Avancini
Emílio Boechat, Stephen P. Lindsey, Douglas Tavolaro, Edir Macedo
Day Mesquita, Petrônio Gontijo, Beth Goulart, Dalton Vigh
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Part 2 of Edir Macedo's self-financed biopic.

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Dennis photo

I have to admit that I was surprised to read the ratings that this movie was getting. To be honest, I hadn't seen this movie for a long time, and when I saw that this was rated 9, I was a bit shocked. I mean, who were these reviewers who rated this movie so low? I don't think that this movie deserves any less than a 7. There were so many memorable scenes that kept on returning in my mind: the special effects, the characters and the actors. And I don't think that I have ever seen a movie with so many scenes from different countries. This movie was very touching, very fun and very charming. It reminded me of the times I was in my family. This movie is a must-see for all the family.

Ronald photo

This is the second Cesar Chavez biopic I have seen. The first was Unamerican, so I expected some knowledge of the struggles and struggles of these immigrants. I didn't really get that from this movie, it was just a bunch of facts, mostly in Spain and France. This movie is about the fight of Cesar Chavez, a great fighter who just wanted to make a living and fight in the ring. He wanted to get back to his roots of fighting in Mexico. But Chavez's workers were not happy with this and eventually he was expelled from Mexico and had to go back to the US. He was arrested and charged with trying to smuggle hashish to the US. In Mexico he was attacked by the police and was shot in the leg. He was still fighting in the ring and fighting for a shot at the big fights. This movie is all about this and it shows the struggle Cesar Chavez had to face in the US. And if you like biopics this movie is also a good one to watch. Overall a good biopic but not the best.

Michael Kim photo
Michael Kim

I have watched a lot of movies and I found this one was not bad, but not that good. It was not a masterpiece, but it was a good movie. The movie had some great actors like Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn. The movie was not as good as I expected it to be, but I found it to be an okay movie to watch.

Christine Bradley photo
Christine Bradley

I enjoyed this film very much. I think that most of the reviewers are either too high on the Josef Dams and his legacy or too low on the Holocaust. I have to agree with them. My favorite scenes in this film were the last ones. The last part where Josef Dams talks about his journey to the prison and how he hid in the attic. I would have to say that it is probably the best part of the film. The other parts were just too long and not so moving. It was very interesting to see how Josef Dams went to the prison, and how he did not have the proper amount of time to deal with the pain he was feeling at the time. I think that most people will find this film interesting and informative, and I am sure that the last scenes of this film will stay with them long after the film has ended. I do think that Josef Dams deserves the best actor award. He has shown his talent and his talent has shown his talent.

Billy B. photo
Billy B.

From the man behind the brilliant Foreign Correspondents' Club and their fellow Arabian warthogs 'The Shape of Water' comes a dark, bittersweet and realistic account of the daily battles and adventures of the ex-soldier Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a clean-cut, youthful-looking man, almost a model of young adulthood, who serves as the model for the remainder of the film. He's charismatic and so good at looking tough that it's hard to find fault with him, though the movie does make him seem a bit too 'crass' for an Arab who wants to portray a culture of low class, drug addicted and opportunistic corruption and power-grabs. The movie works as a semi-autobiographical piece, making the viewer aware of Abu Dhabi's youthful life, and his fears of spending a lifetime in prison, but it doesn't allow the viewer to fully identify with Abu Dhabi. The movie focuses more on Abu Dhabi's conflicted relationship with the dark realities that often confront the young man. But the movie takes the easy path of narrating Abu Dhabi's life, and allows the viewer to like him, even though the movie never makes him seem like a real character. It's an interesting tale, but one that, with its sympathetic portrayal of the young man, seems to take a turn for the most part away from realism, and toward a more 'realistic' and sentimentalized view of young Arab men and their culture. That's understandable, though it doesn't really work for me.

Doris M. photo
Doris M.

A series of songs is translated into a story, that is about two young girls, who are the product of a refugee situation, in which the refugees are the majority. The refugee's parents were killed by the Germans, and the girl's mother, as well as the father, are prisoners of the concentration camp. The mother of the two girls, as well as the father, has made an effort to help the girl, and help her escape from the camp. The movie is very interesting, because the two girls, both are talented, and have the same feelings for one another. The girl that sings the songs, has been trying to help the girl in her quest to escape the camp. She is a person who is very interested in music, and singing. The father, as well as the mother of the girl, are very concerned with their daughter, and that makes the movie very touching. The movie is very beautiful, because the two girls, are very different, and make a lot of effort to help the other one. The music is wonderful, and the director and producer, have done an excellent job. This is a movie that is worth watching.

Helen Moreno photo
Helen Moreno

I don't know what the people on here are saying. This is a movie about the most memorable and important period in our history, and it's not about the war. The best part of the movie is the soundtrack, and the fact that this movie is so rare that it's only available on VHS, DVD and on the BBC. The film is amazing, but it doesn't fit on a Blu-ray disc. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the movie, but it just didn't have the experience I'd hoped for. But the movie is so good, and it's so easy to watch. And the only thing that I didn't like about the movie is that it's so popular that it gets covered up. In a few years the entire world will be watching this movie and it will be covered up. The people that love the movie will be the ones that are covering it up. It's like a cover up. I also have to mention the performance of the actors. All the actors are really good. They're not famous actors. The people that know who the actors are know who they are. This movie has no stars. This is a movie that's really about a family, and it's really about a war. And that's why it's really good. And the people who love the movie will be the ones covering it up. This is a really good movie. 7/10

Ashley Ryan photo
Ashley Ryan

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie. However, the trailer made me really excited. The trailer is a bit misleading though, as it describes this film as "a dark comedy", when in reality the film was more like a comedy with a lot of sad moments. I think the trailer is mostly good, however it has a few mistakes. The best thing about the trailer is that it covers all the main characters so the trailer is helpful. I thought there were actually very few people in the film, but in fact there were quite a few people in the film. For instance, there are several people in the film that had small parts in the trailer, but they are all in the film. I think if you are like me and you really didn't know anything about the film, you could skip watching the trailer, since it is telling you a lot about the film. I think this film is actually an interesting dark comedy, so watch it if you like dark comedies.

Lori photo

I had the opportunity to see the 2nd and final film of this trilogy at the 2012 International Film Festival in Venice, Italy. I found the story a bit too slow, but there was an interesting look at some of the more controversial aspects of the conflict. The acting is solid and the film gives us a great look into the people involved and their lives. The only criticism I have is that the 3rd film is a bit too long and it just drags on for too long. But, the story is so compelling that it doesn't matter. The ending is pretty solid and the movie has a very strong message that the government could not ignore.

Samuel photo

OK, some of you may have heard of "Bollywood Sumeru" and maybe seen a trailer for it.I was recently in Bollywood and I must say that it is another Japanese movie that you may have seen before. The story is pretty much the same as what I have already said about it. Yet it is good to see another "Thriller" from Japan. I also liked it because of the plot and for the most part it was pretty original. There are several parts that you will have to think about for the rest of your life. To make a long story short, it is not your usual "Thriller". Also it was not very bad as I have already said, it was very entertaining and I would watch it again. My rating is 7/10

Johnny photo

This movie is one of my favorite movies because it's moving movie, so it was great to see it on the big screen. What I liked about this movie is that it has the same big man moment of the former Boyer's movies. There are those moments in this movie that I found very beautiful. I like that there is a lot of dialogue between the kids and the parents and it is very interesting. I like that a lot because it shows the love that they have for each other. When they have this conversation with each other about how they feel, they are the greatest examples for that, showing how great of a relationship they have and how much love they have for each other. It's not to change the fact that they don't have kids, it's because they never really have kids. They are never married, but this movie is very close to the experience of having a child. I think that they are the greatest example for how you should act. I think the parents were great examples for what it is to be a father and what a father should be. I think they have great examples to show the children, showing how great the relationships are with the kids and also show what a father should be. I think that this is one of those movies that you should watch, I think it's great. It's very good and it's a very good movie.

Bobby Larson photo
Bobby Larson

A beautiful, intimate, emotionally powerful film about the survivors of the Rwanda genocide. This movie and most of the others are made for the general public and are sold for a lot of money, therefore the movie makers can do what they want with it. It is all personal, but it is also about human nature, love and death. I can say that the movie is probably too long, because there are a lot of things that don't really fit together, but when the story goes in the direction it wants to go, it is very touching and profound. It's interesting that the movie starts with a very personal statement about the genocide, and the survivor, Jean-Marie Coeurdeau, played by Jeff Bridges, is very convincing. At the same time, it is not a story about the genocide, but about the survivor who finds out that he's a child killer, so he wants to kill himself in order to protect his son. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is feeling sad, anxious, depressed, angry, or lonely, and wants to see a movie that makes you feel that way. It doesn't show all the destruction that the Rwandan genocide did to the Rwandan people, but it shows the effect of the genocide on the survivors and on the survivors' families. You should not go to see this movie if you're squeamish.

Brandon Murphy photo
Brandon Murphy

Yvette (Amber Heard) is a shy, bitter, and sarcastic former star who used to be a friend to some famous people, but has fallen on hard times. One day, her ex-boyfriend turns up, and when he tries to sell her the lost of $300,000.00, she comes up with a story about how she lost the money, and how it was stolen by her ex-boyfriend. She tries to get a witness, but it becomes complicated when she doesn't get a proper witness. After some kind of second chance, she meets up with Jules (Laurence Fishburne), a quiet and kind individual who acts as a sounding board for her past and hopes she can help her find a lost wallet. She begins to search for the stolen money, with the help of the witness. As she pursues the missing money, she comes into contact with former friends and colleagues, including Dieter Dengler, who is now an actress and famous with the support of the new law on immigrants (which caused a rift with Yvette). Together, they try to find the lost wallet. As the story develops, Yvette begins to realize she is not alone in her search for the missing money. Much like her past, she ends up losing the money that she worked so hard for. Although there are certain highs and lows, there is a sense of determination, teamwork, and innocence. The film was good. The characters were real and the actors did a good job. I found the story was entertaining, but it also was touching. It was nice to see the actress who played Yvette, a family person, and how she was a strong woman and not just a hard worker. There were a few jokes that could have been better, but the film was still enjoyable. I recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of Amber Heard or Amber Heard and her Bollywood films.

Diana Hansen photo
Diana Hansen

This movie is a great example of how to tell a story with your pictures. The pictures are the only thing that is powerful about this movie. That is why this movie is not as great as A Walk to Remember, but still a great movie and well worth the watch. I liked A Walk to Remember, but it didn't have the same impact that this movie does. The story is not as strong as that of this movie. However the pictures are the strongest thing in this movie. The first image in the movie will stand out in your mind. That's the first thing that I noticed about this movie. The last image you will see is the last thing you will see. The other thing that I think makes this movie great is the strength of the characters. The characters are what make this movie good. They are the only things that keep you watching the movie. I thought that the acting was good. Matthew McConaughey and Lily Tomlin have great chemistry on screen. In addition to that, it was nice to see Bill Murray as an adult in the movie. He was hilarious. This movie had great characters and great acting. The story is a little slow for some people. It is probably because they don't want to see a lot of action. I thought that the movie did a good job of not putting in too much action. I don't know if this movie could be re-released because it is one of the few movies that can hold your attention for a couple hours. My rating for this movie is 7 out of 10.

Catherine Hicks photo
Catherine Hicks

After the successful release of Nada a Perder, the director Guido Sarducci has returned with this follow-up. As is the case with all Nada a Perder sequels, the film is nearly over-time with pacing problems. That said, while the film is over-time, the performances are excellent. For the first time, Nada a Perder is actually involving. I'm not sure why it felt so hard to take the film seriously because it is simply entertaining. As I said, the film is over-time, but I enjoyed the characters. The director does a good job directing his cast. As I've said before, the film has its flaws, but the story is well-written and the performances are good. If you have time, I recommend it. It is a must-see.

Thomas R. photo
Thomas R.

The title itself hints to the film's theme, but there is a surprising twist. The film's a warts-and-all style story that deals with family and the breakdown of a relationship with the father, who was fired from his job when his wife (Shirley MacLaine) found out about the affair. She left the family to go live with her lover, toiling away at a McDonald's restaurant. The two men have been separated for so long, and have never really been together, that they have become distant. The father, played by Ryan Gosling, is an absent and distant father. And when he finally gets back together with his wife, she had left him and is too depressed to do anything. The two lovers meet one day, and realize how much they miss each other. Eventually, they get married. What does happen next? What becomes of the father's young daughter? And what about the woman who has been left in the background? It was a pretty good film, with some beautiful scenery and some exciting scenes, including one long battle sequence that seemed a bit off the way, and others with some back and forth. The actors all did a good job, especially the mother and daughter, but the dialogue was kind of ho-hum. I liked the opening, but the rest of the film was not nearly as exciting.

Mark photo

The title may sound like a bad joke but you can't really blame the movie makers. I saw the film because of the very well done concept of a story in which a common man comes across a tragic event which impacts on his entire life. The story may not be perfect but it was really gripping to see a life changing event from the point of view of the common man. The movie is about a guy called Amol Palekar who is a mail carrier and a member of a self help group in Mumbai. When his daughter and her friend are kidnapped and he ends up going to Mumbai to find them, he encounters many obstacles in his way. He meets many strange people who end up influencing his life. The movie is well directed and the movie is full of emotions and emotions well handled. The movie is about an ordinary guy who finds a mother's love when he comes across a tragedy. I don't think this movie is a drama and it is a very funny and tragic movie that was really well made. It is a must watch for all.

Kathy photo

This story begins in 1986 with the murder of a teenager who had been kidnapped and kept by a gang in the deserts of northern Mexico. The murderer is never caught, his identity is never revealed, and the families of the murdered teenager and his kidnappers make it their life's mission to expose and punish the crime. This tale is a hard-boiled western, well made but ultimately unsatisfying. The story is about a high-class murder mystery, and the characters in the story are all played by recognizable actors, which I like a lot. However, the story is basically a chase for the killer, with not much to hold your interest until that conclusion. It is all rather predictable and clichéd, even the final twist is predictable and clichéd. It is almost like an adaptation of a comic book, where the comic books for those in the US are usually loaded with irony and over-the-top speechifying, but here it is essentially that, with the murders rather mundane and the sentences always amusing in themselves. So this film is just more of the same. And there is no punchline at the end to keep it from becoming a case of a dull film with over-the-top movie-making. It is a short film, at just over one and a half hours, and a well made one at that. But it's certainly nothing that I would say is a must see, but if you are in the mood for a little bit of western action then this film is worth a look.

Kathryn A. photo
Kathryn A.

I am a big fan of Josefina Escalante. In the documentary she said that she wanted to make a documentary about her life and was offered money to do so. She accepted the offer and gave her all she had. In the documentary she tells the story of her life and her dreams. She shows us how she started working as a cook and what she had to endure at the workplace and then in the family. She tells us that her family was very poor and she was the only one that was able to feed them. The documentary is quite inspiring and it is very interesting. The subject of her family was a bit thin but the documentary was still good. There was a lot of information about her childhood. Her parents worked very hard to make sure that she would get a good education and that her family was fed. Her mother told her that the only thing that mattered in life was to be happy and that was enough. It is a nice documentary and it is good for a change. It is a great documentary to watch. I recommend it.

Tammy E. photo
Tammy E.

This is a typical Werner Herzog movie. The photography is amazing, there is no question about it. The location shots are wonderful, the shots of the Mountains are very beautiful. There are some scenes that are almost out of context. A woman is locked in a cage of some sort, a woman and her child get lost in the forest, and there is an overturned truck. It is like nothing could be more out of context for a movie like this. It would have been a more acceptable movie if the characters had not made up their mind to say, "Here we go, let's take a hike." They could have kept to the beauty of the area and not have made up their mind. It was a great movie, but I guess this is because it is not about the movie. The movie is about a girl's search for the truth and a story told by the boy. It is not the plot. That would have been too complex. It is not the movie. It is a movie about a movie. Herzog, as a filmmaker, brings it to life, the way a director does in real life. I have no idea why some people are so down on this movie, but they are so wrong. It is a movie, the subject matter is tragic. It is a movie about what people think of themselves, the difficulty of telling the truth, the will to do whatever it takes to make it to the end. It is not a movie about the truth.

Elizabeth photo

The film takes a look at the role of the Vatican, especially at the beginning of the 1500s, when popes had essentially little power and where there were only 6 popes in a 2,000-mile-wide territory. You see the new pope (the Duke of Wellington) grow up as a Roman Catholic and a rule breaker, who is not above using the courts to settle disputes. There are some beautiful moments of Medieval art, but you can't help but notice the huge similarities between the costumes in this film and the costumes in 1407: the women are wearing the long dresses of the 1407 period, and the men are wearing the long, flowing coats of the 15th century. It's a problem, because at the end, you don't know who the real Popes were and why the Holy See is still the title of the worldwide center of power for the Church. That's an interesting idea and one that is explored, but it's not explained very well. When it's done, you have to wonder what else would have been interesting in this film.

Janice Burton photo
Janice Burton

From the beginning, this movie is a dark one. It's been said that the film takes place in the '60s, and to a degree it is true. But what I loved about this movie was that it also depicts what people in the 60s would have been like if they had had a different choice. The one thing I found hard to accept is the protagonist is a black woman. For a while I thought that this was a bit unfair, but then I realized that the protagonist is a black woman in a white man's world. To me, this was an interesting choice. Another point I liked about the film was that it shows that not all people in the white world were prejudiced against blacks. If this was not the case, this movie would not have been so interesting. Overall, I enjoyed this movie very much. It is a thought-provoking film, and a good one at that. It is a very well-done film, with some interesting themes and moments. I hope that if you decide to see it, that you do it with an open mind.

Katherine Porter photo
Katherine Porter

I really enjoyed this movie, it's very much in keeping with the 80's and is a great show of how the government tried to cover up the execution of the notorious Al Capone. All the actors are great and the director captures the feel of the era, with a few surprises thrown in. There are many characters, many that are just stereotypes and the movie does a good job at showing how they were presented. I have seen the movie twice, once in the theater and once on DVD. I would recommend it to anyone, it's a great movie.