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The Bad Kids

The Bad Kids is a movie starring Vonda Viland, Julia Alexander, and Laura Ambrosius. A group of teachers at a Mojave Desert high school take an unconventional approach to improve the lives of their struggling students.

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1 hours 41 minutes
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Louis Pepe, Keith Fulton
Vonda Viland, Robert Bartz, Julia Alexander, Laura Ambrosius
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A group of teachers at a Mojave Desert high school take an unconventional approach to improve the lives of their struggling students.

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Stephanie Oliver photo
Stephanie Oliver

I am a regular movie watcher and this was by far one of the most entertaining documentaries I have ever seen. This is not just a movie, it is a journey through the life of a family. This movie has a real feel of being in the life of the family. It really shows you the whole story and it makes you feel like you are right there with the family. It also makes you understand the family better and make you feel like you are part of it. I have never seen anything like this before. I also really enjoyed the acting by the entire family. There are some really talented people in this family and the entire family. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about what goes on in the family and how it affects their life.

Kelly C. photo
Kelly C.

I'm not sure what to make of this documentary, but it's a great one. It's well done, with a great story and great interviews. There's no commentary, it's just the interviews. I'm not sure how to categorize it. It's an "undercover" documentary, but it's also a "behind the scenes" documentary. It's an interesting look at a great film. The bad kids are interesting, and the interview with the director was very interesting. I think the film is interesting and worth watching. It's not a documentary, but it's worth watching. It's well made and well produced, and it's well done. I liked it a lot.

Karen Scott photo
Karen Scott

A documentary on the making of The Passion of the Christ, and how it was received by the audience. The documentary is divided into 4 parts, and each part follows the events of one day in the life of the film crew. The first part focuses on the movie's production, and how it was made. The second part is the opening and closing ceremonies of the film, and the cast and crew. The third part is the movie itself, and the director's commentary. The fourth part is the audience reaction, and the reactions of the director and the actors. The film is a masterpiece, and I would recommend it to anyone. I also would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it, and to anyone who has seen it, but is looking for an explanation on what it is all about.

Doris F. photo
Doris F.

No doubt, there are real monsters and psychopaths in this world, but how much more does the media have to do to bring attention to them? All this is set against the backdrop of the horror genre that the media is obsessed with. The Bad Kids are the embodiment of all that is wrong with the current generation of teens, who are either empty-headed or sociopathic. And it's almost a certainty that this is true. The acting is not too shabby, but some of the characters were not convincing, such as the "gang leader" and the "girlfriend". The camera work was effective, but could have been better. The "creepy" music videos used to be effective, but in this case, they worked against the story. The plot was pretty decent, but was pretty predictable. If you have kids, you may want to pass this one up. And the end. There are three, but I'm not gonna tell you which one.

Teresa E. photo
Teresa E.

The film has many interesting subjects and yet it feels to me that there is too much emphasis on one or two, and not enough on others. While some of the films I have watched seem to be about a specific issue, this film focuses on the darker side of life, especially in the UK. It is certainly a positive film, but I think it is too heavy on the discussion. I thought the film could have been better if it had been a bit more casual, less focused, and more about the characters and their personalities. I know this is not a film that you will want to make the effort to watch, but it is definitely worth watching.

Lori B. photo
Lori B.

You don't really think you know who's bad and who's good, do you? But when you are a kid and watching this movie, you know who's bad and who's good, and even in a strange way, you know what's going to happen. Then, at some point, you realize that this is all based on the same movie you saw as a kid. Well, there are different movies based on the same movie, which are so different. And if you are like me and you grew up with this one, then you will feel the same way. This is one of those movies that you can say to yourself, "Wow, that was a different movie, but the movie I saw as a kid is still the same." So, this is the movie that defined the experience of growing up in a small town, especially growing up in a small town with low expectations. And it's not a movie that I would recommend to anyone. The acting is great, but it's all fake. It's a fake movie, and it's really funny, though.

Jeffrey F. photo
Jeffrey F.

The best thing about this film is the interviews with the various people who made this film. The most interesting thing about this is the huge amount of personal drama and private information that went into the film. I had the privilege of seeing this at the Dayton Film Festival and was amazed by the diversity of people involved in the making of this film. A documentary that focuses on the work of a single person is going to be a great experience for a lot of people. This film is a great example of how the diversity of people involved in this film has a major effect on the overall experience. People who want to learn more about a documentary will be excited about this. They will learn that you can have all the footage and interviews from every angle and still have the documentary feel. The biggest negative of this documentary is the length. There are some very powerful moments in the film that are very difficult to review. The length is a good thing but it also limits the impact that this film has. If you are a fan of the documentary genre then you will be very excited about this film.

Brandon Olson photo
Brandon Olson

This documentary is not a tribute to the Hills' artistic efforts. It is a glimpse into the culture of the American West. The Hills' were not the only ones to rediscover the frontier. There were plenty of artists who also rediscovered this new frontier, and many of them were not so thrilled by the changing times. This is not a film about the Hills' "art". It is a personal view into a community's dark, complex history. Many of the people interviewed were still living in the area when the film was shot, and I never saw them again. When I did see them, I always found that they were uncomfortable talking about their past. The most interesting aspect of this documentary is that it is not about the Hills' music, which is remarkable considering how much of it is shrouded in mystery. The music is rather central to the story, but I found it to be mostly a boring documentary. The film is actually made up of a series of interviews and scenes. I have to admit that the music was very interesting, and some of the scenes were very well shot. However, the interviews themselves were not particularly interesting. I found myself watching these scenes more as a means to inform me of the Hills' "art", rather than as a means of simply listening to the music. The music was also very boring. The songs played in this film are almost exclusively Mountain and Western, and I didn't find them to be particularly interesting. I did, however, find the interviewees to be very interesting. The musician Harry James, for instance, was very interesting. He is one of the most important folk musicians of the 20th century, and I find his style fascinating. Unfortunately, the music is almost non-existent in this documentary. The interviews with Michael Badalamenti and Joe Cocker are interesting, but they are very brief. As for the interviews with the musician Paul Simon, he is a much more interesting person, and I found him to be a very fascinating man. I think this documentary is probably more interesting for someone who is not familiar with the history of the Hills' music than for someone who is. The documentary does a good job of presenting this period in history, but I think it is difficult to tell a history lesson without showing some of the music. If you are interested in the Hills' music, you can find plenty of information on the web. I have found that the best sources are the book "The Cactus" by William Meyers

Dorothy photo

One of the biggest problems with the film is that it's made for television and it's all about the kids. I didn't mind this, as I was glad to have seen it, but it also seems to be more of a study in the lives of a small group of kids than a documentary. The problem is that the kids are given so little to do that it's hard to care about them. The first hour of the film is mainly about the kids, and the next hour is mostly about their parents. It's not a bad film, but it's not a great one either. The kids are funny, but their characters are so wooden and uninteresting that they're hard to care about. The parents are, well, pretty annoying, and their stories are all about how they had to go to therapy or whatever. The film is also too long, and the ending is really disappointing. Overall, it's a decent little film, but it's just not that great.

Anthony H. photo
Anthony H.

This is the kind of film that you'll find a lot of people complaining about. I found it very engaging, and it's one that I would recommend to others. It's a personal story of a kid who had a very difficult childhood, and the stories he tells us are almost impossible to listen to without tearing your eyes out. I found this movie very interesting and, if anything, an excellent representation of what many children go through. The film is a very informative one, and even if you don't have children, you'll still find this film very interesting. I found it very, very interesting.

Eugene photo

This film is a must see, especially if you're a Bernie Sanders supporter. It's an informative, often hilarious, and honest look at the Bernie Sanders movement and how it has influenced the lives of many people. This film is so entertaining and informative. The people interviewed are hilarious and you will love the conversations they have. The people interviewed are not just some fringe "Bernie Bros". They're very passionate about Bernie Sanders. They want him to win the Democratic nomination. They are not just a bunch of morons. The documentary is mostly focused on the campaign of Bernie Sanders. It's not a campaign or a pundit's op-ed. The documentary is about the people who are in the campaign. This documentary is not a personal attack against Bernie Sanders or any of the people who are interviewed. The people interviewed are just people who are passionate about Bernie Sanders. The documentary is mostly about what people are saying and not what they are saying. I am a Bernie supporter and I think this documentary is so important. I think people who are not Bernie supporters, or are not passionate about Bernie Sanders, should see this film. This film will make you laugh and understand why Bernie Sanders is so popular.

Ronald R. photo
Ronald R.

I have watched several documentaries and this is my favorite. It is extremely informative. If you want to know why police officers kill people, this is your documentary. My only complaint is the focus on the young people. The kids that have lived their entire lives in the ghetto have absolutely nothing to say about the way they were treated in the past. They have no experience dealing with police officers and they are not very articulate. The problems in the ghetto are not solved by kids running off. The other problem is that it only focuses on the problem of black/white violence and not the problems of other ethnic groups. The viewer is not as familiar with that problem in the same way. One of the kids said that he does not want to be the one who does nothing. That is why the documentary is so important. One of the kids had his father killed. It was the first time he had ever been confronted with police. He had to deal with the anger that he had from his father and he wanted to go on. He thought that he could handle the situation by himself. He is now in college. I have never seen a documentary about any other race or ethnic group. I thought that the other documentaries were a little biased. It was a very good documentary. I would highly recommend it.

Sandra photo

In my opinion this is an excellent documentary. The filmmakers managed to capture some of the most important aspects of the 90's culture that people might have forgotten. The "Kids Who ROCK" episode is certainly my favorite because it tells the tale of a group of high school kids who were allowed to do what they did, and the repercussions that follow. I was lucky enough to attend the performance of "Kids Who ROCK" at a private theatre, and it was the best performance of the show I have ever seen. I was very impressed with the fact that the cast and crew actually listened to what the audience was saying. They were really trying to answer the questions that the audience wanted answered, but it was obvious that they were not quite sure how to get to the answer. The movie is almost a documentary in a way, and there is a lot of "talking heads" in it, but it is still a good documentary. You really do have to take a break from the real world to understand what this documentary is really about. It's amazing how people can remember things about this era and still relate to it to this day. The most interesting thing I learned from this documentary is that the music industry was really not that big at the time that it is now. It was more about the sales than it was about the music. I would definitely recommend this documentary to any young person who is interested in music.

Deborah Snyder photo
Deborah Snyder

When I first saw the cover of this film I had never heard of it. But then I saw the trailer and I was totally blown away. It was a beautiful film. I was very impressed with the acting in this film. The film is about four teenagers in the small town of Chardon, California. The teenagers are just trying to fit in. They are trying to get into the good high school, but have been told they are not good enough. The adults in the town are a little over the top. But when you watch the film, it is clear that they have a good heart. There is one girl who doesn't want to be a good girl, and she makes a very good impression on the town. The boys are just trying to fit in. Some of them are not in school for very long. One of the boys, Ethan, is having trouble with his mother. And he and his friend, Zac, are hanging out at the local pool and one of the boys is having a sexual encounter with one of the girls there. This is a very disturbing film, but it is so much more than just a sex scene. It is a very good film. I highly recommend this film. You will be very impressed.

Steven J. photo
Steven J.

This documentary is well made, entertaining and informative, especially for a film in which the subject matter is not the most exciting. The real problem with the film is that it tries to be too dramatic and preachy. It seems to be more interested in showing an incorrect view of what's going on in the community than in showing how the police is able to deal with problems, or how a community can turn a disastrous situation into something positive. The entire film, instead, appears to be about how some community members are trying to get justice, or even taking advantage of the police. This film could have been more accurate and informative, and instead it's all about how the community is trying to have some sympathy with the police, rather than just trying to change it. I wish it would have been more about what's going on in the community, but I understand the importance of telling the audience that the police do not only have to deal with the problems in the community. In any case, the film is well made, and is worth watching.

Wayne Ward photo
Wayne Ward

For any film-lover, this is a must see! Not that I had much of a problem with it, but when I saw it on TV I was impressed. Not all documentaries are great, but this one has a great story and I loved how it put together the events of the decade in a very entertaining way. It is also very informative, and takes you on a real trip into the culture of crime and what the effects of that can have on the rest of your life. For those who have a strong interest in drug and crime, this documentary is great for you! I had a friend who was a junkie and had no idea what it was like to have a drug habit. This documentary explained the drug lifestyle in a very clear way. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see how the drug lifestyle has a real impact on the rest of your life. Also, if you are interested in the history of drugs, I would recommend this documentary! I hope this review has helped you to see this movie. If you have any questions about the movie, please feel free to contact me, or comment on it. I would love to hear from you.

Helen photo

Here's the scoop: I've never heard of this documentary before, but it was really good. It made me think of all the things that I've heard about the last 50 years of rock music, and how it's changed over time. Some of it is pretty funny, and some of it is kinda depressing. I think I can't really say anything bad about it because I don't want to ruin anything. If you're a fan of music or have ever been in a band, or you just want to know what it was like to be a rock band, this is a great documentary.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

If you are going to watch this film, watch the opening sequence. It's one of the best introductions to this movie. Then, you'll find out what the movie is all about. If you have any desire to see the film, you should go ahead and watch it. It's interesting and entertaining. I thought that the idea of putting together some of the footage that the kids were videotaping was actually good and, perhaps, a good way to promote awareness of a very serious problem. I thought the cast was great. I thought the writing was fantastic. I think that some of the problems that the children were having were not of their own making. I felt that the adults should have been more involved in helping the children and the parents, if they had any, should have been more involved in helping their kids. If you have not seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and watch it. You may not like it, but you may not hate it either.

Charles photo

I am really glad that I saw this documentary. It has a lot of hidden facts about the world of drugs. If you have never used drugs before, you should definitely watch this movie! Most people have never seen the inside of a drug dealer, which I think is pretty cool. I think the inside of the drug dealers really shows the reality of the drug business. You will learn about the experiences that these kids go through. I think they do a really good job with this documentary. The biggest issue I have with this documentary is that it is a little too long. I think they should have cut a bit of the documentary. The only part I would have liked to see is the inside of a drug dealer. The same goes for the scenes of the dealers. They are really important parts of the documentary, and they are a little too long. If you are going to watch this movie, watch it on a Sunday evening, when the lights are turned on. It will definitely make you a better person. I am really glad that they did not make this documentary on the set of The Wire. I think it would have been a really interesting documentary on that show, and I think that the documentary would have been a little bit better. I think it is a good documentary for all people that do not do drugs or want to do drugs.

Brian Wallace photo
Brian Wallace

The movie has a great focus on the economic crisis and how the jobs in the post-industrial city of Detroit are being shipped out to other parts of the country. While the director is obviously concerned with the working class, I think he was also interested in making a historical statement about the crisis. I don't know how accurate the director's points are, but it is a great documentary. It may not be the best documentary on the crisis, but it is a good one and I'm glad I saw it. It has a great message. The bad guys are the ones who are trying to sell the auto industry, and the good guys are the workers in the car plants. For that reason, the movie works as a critique of the crisis. The movie has great images, great graphics, and great interviews. It's not something I would watch over and over again, but it is a good documentary and worth watching.

Charles Warren photo
Charles Warren

Following the film, i got a chance to watch the DVD. This is a film with a very different concept than i was expecting, which i was not expecting to watch. The film was very fast paced, so it was difficult to keep up with everything, but if you are expecting a realistic documentary on the children, this is not the movie for you. The film is very much like a documentary, which is good for when you are just finishing watching a film and you want to go and see a real documentary, but do not want to waste your time with a documentary. I would recommend this film to anyone who has never seen a documentary before, because it is a great idea to make a documentary on a children's film, and for this reason alone i think this film is great. It is very realistic and very important to see this. This is not a documentary about the children, but a documentary about the children's lives. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to see a documentary, and wants to see a different documentary than usual. This is a great film to watch, because it is so real, and the characters are very engaging, you really can relate to them. It is not a film you can watch every day, but if you like documentaries, this is one you should watch.

Martha photo

The lives of four young boys, all high school drop outs, who live in a group house in San Francisco. The films style is documentary style, but it is a surprisingly good style. While it is not a brilliant documentary, the film does a good job of showing the inner workings of these boys and how they view life. The boys are all exceptionally likable, the boys seem to have a genuine affection for one another. The film is not only informative, but it also has some great performances, especially from Jesse Eisenberg. The film is a little rough around the edges, the acting is sometimes awkward, the film is mostly a little too long, and the narration can get a little repetitive. The film is also really low budget, which can be a good thing, since the boys all seemed to have had some pretty rough lives. However, the film is still a really good documentary and will be a good addition to any student film collection.

Amber G. photo
Amber G.

I was expecting this film to be about child abuse and the families involved. I was surprised that the film was actually about the boy who was kidnapped. The boy is very articulate and well spoken. The girl who was kidnapped was a completely different person to the one that was at the time of the kidnapping. The fact that the man who was the kidnapper was a former child star was also a little unexpected. However, the fact that the man's past was revealed was very interesting. I also liked that they had the people who were associated with the child star named. Overall, I think the film was a great insight into the life of a family in a small town. It also gives you a look at how the media portrays a child kidnapping. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject of child abuse. The film did a great job of showing the families side of the story and that it was not just about the boy who was kidnapped.

Kenneth photo

The problem with this documentary is that it simply doesn't want to tell you anything. If it had been 30 minutes longer, it would have been a much more interesting documentary. You're given little information that you're not already aware of. The problem with the documentary is that it's too focused on the negative. The purpose of a documentary is to tell you something, so this documentary was very much focused on the negatives of the economy, the economy itself, the real meaning of unemployment, the effect of this recession on the country, and more. There was absolutely no focus on the positives of this economy, or the people in it. I'm not saying that the documentary isn't important, because it's very important, but it shouldn't have been so heavy on the negatives. The main problem with this documentary is that it should have been an hour longer, and more in depth. It's a documentary, not a news story. People should have been told about the positive aspects of this recession, and people should have been told about the negative aspects of the recession, but that's just not the case. The documentary is very good, but I would have loved to have had more about the economic realities, the economic meaning of unemployment, the effects of this recession on the country, and more. There was some great stuff in there, but it's very light on the positives.

Pamela Williams photo
Pamela Williams

The Bad Kids is a documentary about the bad and violent ways in which children are treated by their parents. The parents of these children are often white, upper middle class, Protestant, and therefore very accepting of their own children's violent and antisocial behavior. But, despite the best intentions of these parents, these children are just too destructive. Most of them have substance abuse problems and they can't control their impulses. They are placed in foster care and end up in the hands of people who don't know what to do with them. When they are placed in the care of other people, they get into more and more trouble. The documentary follows these kids for several years and it shows how they progress in their lives. There is no one who is immune from the evils of these kids. One of the children is a girl who is violent, sexually active, and has been in foster care for years. Her mom is such a loving and responsible person, that she has decided to get involved in the fight to help these kids. There is a man who has been abused his whole life, and he is the father of the girl who was abused. He is a wonderful father, who has given a lot of time and energy to the fight. He says he wants to be a teacher, but he will never be able to be a good father. This is one of the things that makes this documentary so interesting. This is a real documentary and I wish I had seen it in the theaters. It is very powerful and it should be seen by anyone who has a heart.

Beverly A. photo
Beverly A.

A classic, and a must see documentary on the rise and fall of Michael Jackson. You will love this movie if you like to see what Michael's life was like before his fateful addiction to drugs. It will make you think about your own life, and what you are living. If you are a fan of the legendary singer then I recommend this movie to you. It is a must see for anyone who is looking for information on the last time you saw Michael Jackson. It is definitely a must see.

Emma W. photo
Emma W.

The documentary of a teenager who was caught up in the drug trade of his age is a well done piece that clearly points out the issues of how drugs are being made and sold. It shows the age of the youth involved in the drugs trade and their views about the drug trade and the difficulties they face in dealing with the drug laws and the negative impact it has on their lives. This documentary is definitely worth watching and makes for a great reminder that drugs are a problem and that it will get worse.

Carl Andrews photo
Carl Andrews

I found this film very entertaining and thought provoking. It takes you through the history of the kids that have been in the Hollywood film industry. It's interesting to see how some of these kids have matured and what their lives have been like. One of the things that struck me was how much of a whirlwind life these kids have had to deal with. In a lot of cases, it's hard to find time to take care of yourself and there are times when you can't get out of bed and you have to go to work. The film also shows the turmoil that many of these kids are dealing with. Many of them are in jail and the film shows how that affects their life. The film also shows the highs and lows of some of the actors and their families. The film shows how they have dealt with the issues and how they deal with them. Overall, it was a very entertaining film that I would recommend to anyone.

Linda Gonzalez photo
Linda Gonzalez

This is an extremely insightful documentary on the decline of the rock band Nirvana. The filmmakers used various interviews with the band members and their friends, and of course many clips from the movie "Smells Like Teen Spirit". They did a great job of capturing the essence of the band, their ethos, and their music. The subjects of the interviews were also very entertaining and interesting. I especially enjoyed hearing from the musician Chris Cornell, who is a friend of Kurt Cobain's and the band's manager. He has been one of the most consistent and positive people in the band's history, and this film shows the truth behind the legendary musician's suicide. The subjects interviewed are generally very well-informed about the band and the media coverage they received. The directors and producers did a great job of telling their story. I thought it was a very well-done documentary, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves rock music.

Anna Gibson photo
Anna Gibson

When I was a kid, the only movie I wanted to see was 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. I watched it a few times and it was good. I had a few friends in college who went with me to see it and I was really disappointed that they didn't like it. I only liked 'My Best Friend's Wedding' because it was like a little slice of life and it wasn't made up. I went to see 'My Sister's Keeper' and it wasn't made up either, but it was a far better movie. I guess this is the kind of movie that should have been made and made out. My friend and I talked about this movie for years and finally watched it and I agree with the majority of people that this movie should have been made. The last scene in the movie was a little strange but I think that was just the director's opinion. I think it was a great movie but it didn't need to have a happy ending to be a great movie. I also think that there should have been more scenes showing the growing up process and being a teenager. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it was the best movie I've seen of all time.

Ashley H. photo
Ashley H.

What a remarkable, brilliant, and unique film this is. I don't know how this film is not on the IMDb top 250, the sheer magnitude of this film is astounding. It is not a documentary, it is not an expose, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is not an hour long interview with the subject, it is a documentary about a subject. The story is told from the point of view of the subjects, from their point of view. This is a story about the characters, and it is told in a non-judgmental manner. It is very difficult to get through this film, it is that powerful. It is absolutely fantastic, and I recommend it highly. 9/10

Thomas Patel photo
Thomas Patel

The greatest movie of all time? Maybe not, but it's certainly one of the most entertaining. The docu-drama "The Bad Kids" follows a group of seven kids who play and sell drugs in New York City. They are all pretty much completely different people, but the two kids who I was most impressed with were the brother and sister. The brother and sister are the polar opposite of each other. The brother is a totally likable kid, a smart kid who can make even the most difficult situation seem easy. The sister, however, is more of a snob. She is the type of person who is looking for a life of privilege, who wants to become famous, and has no interest in anything else. The film does a good job of showing the contrast between the two, but the real story is how the brother and sister developed their own bond and friendship. There's a certain sense of family that comes through in the film, but the real strength of the film is the bond that the brothers and sisters have developed. I also really enjoyed the way the director used real footage from the day to day life of the group, which I believe was one of the best things he did. The last thing I would say about the film is that it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The first hour is really intense, and the last hour is also intense. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the original "Bad Kids" series, and I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries.

Billy Schmidt photo
Billy Schmidt

This movie is about a group of teenagers in an urban neighborhood who are being forced to leave by a corrupt school official. The boys are mostly raised by their grandmother, and their grandfather is an alcoholic. One of the boys (a white boy, and a black girl) is an over-weight drunk who won't stop throwing up. They are so ashamed of their behavior that they don't want anyone to know they are here. The boys have some friends who are gay, and they show their pride in their gay friends. When they are forced to leave, they find out the truth about their homes, and they are more angry at their own families than they are at the school official. This is one of the best movies about this issue, and it is about the more sensitive subject of homosexuality in a very real, and disturbing way. I highly recommend this movie.

Juan photo

A lot of films are made about these kids, but I don't think the kids deserve the attention they get. The guys in the film don't deserve to have their film played for them, because their film isn't good. The film does not reflect what they went through. So, they have their own perspective, and that's their right. However, I think it's really important that they are recognized for their bravery. They really have a point to make, and I think it's important that they are recognized for their bravery. There are a lot of great movies about the Columbine shooting, but none of them reflect what they went through. I really hope that more documentaries like this one, will be made. There is a lot of information that is needed for those who don't know anything about Columbine, because the information they're getting from the media is just wrong. I hope they get recognized for their bravery, and I hope they get some good recognition for what they went through, because there is a lot of information that needs to be learned. This film does a good job of telling people about what happened, but it does not say anything about what the real Columbine is, so people can make up their own opinions.

Carolyn Reynolds photo
Carolyn Reynolds

The Boy Who Cried Wolf was really one of the most memorable documentaries I've seen. It was absolutely hilarious and it made me want to see the movie the same way it did the first time I saw it. If you have the chance to see it, do it. You will not regret it.

Joshua Douglas photo
Joshua Douglas

The director, Mike C. Ross, has a good eye for conveying the human drama in a way that keeps you invested. The actors are all credible and have a voice that is worthy of being heard. The images are beautiful, and I think that the scene in the basement was a little bit of a surprise. The 'audience' is the most important part of this film. The scenes are shot in a way that makes you feel like you are there. The 'audience' knows that this is a story of people with a lot of passion. The audience is on the edge of their seat, and that's what you want to see. I'm going to see this film again, and I think I will be in for a treat.

Crystal photo

This is a documentary about a group of children who are brought up by their alcoholic father and who are now living on their own. They have no one to turn to and they live in a large, filthy abandoned building. They do not have a steady job, are not allowed to go to school and they are told by their mother to stay away from the outside world. When one of the kids, Billy, decides to leave his father and go to school, the other children are furious. Billy is a bright, popular boy who is beloved by his peers. They do not want him to be any different from them. Billy is not happy about his father being absent and he is determined to leave the house. When he finally leaves the house, he finds that he has become friends with another boy who has been abandoned by his mother. This boy is the son of an alcoholic and he has been in and out of the hospital for several years. The other boy, Jeff, is the son of a drug addict. The two boys meet each other and become friends. Jeff and Billy become the "Bad Kids" of the film. The film is extremely depressing and sad. I found it very hard to watch. It is hard to watch a group of people who are so close to each other but they are completely out of touch with one another. They have no one to turn to. I was especially surprised to find out that Jeff and Billy had been abandoned by their mothers. I was also surprised to learn that the father of the children was not allowed to see them because he was an alcoholic. I found this disturbing because the father was the one who was supposed to be caring for the children. The film is very depressing. The film is not for the faint of heart. I found this film very depressing and I would not recommend it to anyone. I would not recommend this film to anyone.

Gregory photo

When you take away everything that's being said about our "safety" and "security", you find that this movie is essentially a rant against the recent wave of terrorist attacks. In that sense, it's a pretty good movie. As is the "fan" group that it targets. All in all, this movie is a great documentary, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about this subject. All the things that this movie gives you are real, and I can't imagine any other filmmaker who would have made this movie as good as this one. But, if you're a big fan of the subjects covered, you won't find much to dislike about this movie. But, if you're a big fan of the people who are profiled, you won't find anything you didn't already know. It's the same thing with those "White House terrorists" and "Jewish conspiracy" type groups. This is a great documentary, and one that you should definitely watch.

Ethan photo

Director, Marcus Nispel, has created a very intelligent, thoughtful, well crafted documentary that is perfect for anyone who is thinking about the importance of going to college and is currently considering whether or not to do so. The film tells the story of three high school seniors who are a little bit out of their league. They have no idea what they are getting into, they don't even know the classes they are taking and they're not even sure what they want to major in. In the beginning, the two boys meet up with their family and they decide to go for the "B" School. This is because the school is the cheapest and the best. The boys learn from a very good teacher and learn how to overcome their limitations. However, when they are back home, they realize that they are all quite unprepared for college. They don't know how to deal with the stress of their studies, their lack of a good grasp on the English language, and the social life they have to go through. Marcus Nispel really shows us the struggle and the ups and downs that these high school students go through and the importance of college. I really enjoyed this film and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about college or just wants to know what college is like. The film is very well done and the story is really interesting. The actors in the film really shine and they bring you into the lives of the characters. Marcus Nispel has created a great film and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Steven photo

I was a child and a fan of the 80's rock and roll scene. I was also a huge fan of the Toronto-based band the Dead Can Dance. My first exposure to the band was when I was about 12 years old, but I have been a fan ever since. I grew up with the Dead Can Dance story, which has never really left me. I'm a fan of these guys since I was a kid, and I've been a fan of this documentary ever since I watched it in the cinema. I feel like I know a lot of people who worked on this film. It is very heartfelt, and that is what I think makes it so powerful. The Bad Kids: Rockers of the 80's are young rock and roll fans who had an unconventional upbringing, and that has affected them. The documentary talks about the fact that some of them became hard-core fans, but that there was also a side of them who were not so hard-core, and that they had a way of "choosing" the music they liked. I think that the whole "choosing" side is very important to the documentary. The Bad Kids: Rockers of the 80's is a fantastic documentary that I think everyone should watch. It's a must-watch for everyone. 9/10

Kevin Schmidt photo
Kevin Schmidt

Barry Scheck's documentary "Bad Kids: The Inside Story of a Teen Rager" takes you on a roller-coaster ride from a fictional town in Pennsylvania, to the streets of Los Angeles, to the streets of Philadelphia. One of the most important and successful documentary films ever produced, it's a great look at one of the most troubled youth groups in the country. This film is quite fascinating, as it's based on real events that happened, but it's also a very personal look at one of the most troubled youth groups in the country. The film looks at the personal and professional problems that lead to the formation of the group, but also shows the joy of the group members. The documentary is about how the members became involved with drugs, alcohol, and other forms of mental illness, but it's also about how they became more friends, and how they became more successful in life. The film features interviews from the members of the group, as well as from some of the other kids they helped out of school. The film is fascinating to watch, and I highly recommend it.

Ashley P. photo
Ashley P.

I recently viewed this on a cable channel and was surprised at the amount of profanity and violence in the film. I found it hard to believe that this was the truth. This film is not about the kids at all. It's about a man, in a wheelchair, with a black eye, whose life is a prison. He had a troubled childhood and has an uncontrollable, violent, compulsive behavior that he can't control. He has a dog that is his only friend and does everything he can to please the dog. He has a disturbing home life with his father, who abuses his son and loves to break things in order to get what he wants. He has no friends in his neighborhood and doesn't like people around him. He has an irrational, bizarre, obsessive fear of spiders and he's a big fan of creepy crawlies. The violence he inflicts on himself is nothing compared to the violence he inflicts on others. At one point, he is having a fight with his father and a neighbor and he just drops his son off at the bus station and he gives him a little ride. It is at this point he tells the kid that he is going to the "yard" where he will get a dog and his own room. The boy says he will be back at 5pm and the guy says that's about a long time. The kid does not believe him and he does not return to his father's home. He has a crush on the woman in the bus station and when she asks him to take her to the bus station, he declines. He goes to the bus station and sits in the waiting area, waiting for his bus. He is the only one who does not know his bus is about to arrive. The bus arrives and he waits on the sidewalk, watching people leave the bus station. He is the only one to see the bus go through the tunnel and comes out the other side and sees the guy who picked him up on the sidewalk. He gets off the bus and goes home. His father comes to the house and asks what happened to his son and he says he's fine and leaves. The father goes back to the place where his son lives and takes him back to his home. The father tells the kid that he would rather have the dog than his son. He then takes the dog out of the house and takes it to a pet store where the owner asks the guy if he has any other dogs. The guy says he has a

Beverly Ford photo
Beverly Ford

When we first saw "The Bad Kids" in 2003, we were at the point of it's long-awaited DVD release. However, we found ourselves constantly disappointed with the HD quality, and felt that the DVD had been a waste of our time. But now, we finally have a new HD version, and it's a great watch, as it's the first time I have seen the film in the new format. "The Bad Kids" chronicles the friendship of two boys who live in a rundown neighborhood, living in the shadows of the world around them. At times, they are the only two people in the entire community, and their one-dimensional personalities become a burden for the adults. The adults try to hide the "bad kids" from their children, and when the kids learn their true identities, they're even more embarrassed. The movie also documents the difficulties of getting the kids out of their environment. The community is full of hatred and distrust, and the kids have nowhere to go. The adults attempt to intervene, but the kids have already taken action. The director, Udo Kier, is a great writer, and this story is a great representation of his storytelling. He explores the friendships of these two boys, and what they are willing to do to survive. I was curious to see what the film would have been like had they shot it in its original format, and how it would have turned out. As a documentary, "The Bad Kids" is a good one. It presents a documentary style, and it's all well done. The acting is amazing, the music is good, and the editing is spot on. The film does not work as a film in it's own right, but the interview footage is captivating. This documentary style is a wonderful way to showcase the life of the boys, and the world around them. "The Bad Kids" is a great film, but it's not the best documentary ever made. "A Boy and His Dog" is a close second, and it's the one that I have the greatest respect for.

Peter photo

The kids were great. I've seen them in other films, but never knew they were acting until I saw this. I really loved it. I loved the story and how they lived it. I think the documentary would be better if it was done by a real filmmaker, but I think it was great that they got the story straight. I think it was a good idea to make the kids get their own house. They're not celebrities and that's what made the story better. I also liked how they handled the death of the father. I think it was a good way to deal with the story. I think they were amazing and it was great that they got their own house. They were awesome.

Willie T. photo
Willie T.

The Bad Kids is a good documentary about a group of young people living on the streets of Manhattan. The documentary focuses on the hustlers and the pimps and it's heart-breaking to see how much money these young people have to make and how much they are willing to do for the money. It's a powerful documentary and one I recommend to all who have any interest in the world of street life. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the world of street life.

Alice P. photo
Alice P.

My advice is to watch this movie. I don't usually watch documentaries but after watching this I want to watch more. This documentary is very important for all of us who have been a victim of sexual violence. It should be watched by all. It gives a new meaning to the word 'survivor'. It is about the day to day fight against sexual violence, it shows the real human face of what happens to these women. It is very revealing. We see what goes on in the dark corners of the system. It is very disturbing. The documentary is a must watch. It tells us about the impact of sexual violence on the people it affects. It shows us the real faces of these women and the hard life they live. This documentary is very important. It should be watched by everyone.

Katherine H. photo
Katherine H.

With its bold and downright surreal style, this documentary can be enjoyed by anyone. The film has a singular purpose: to reveal the horrors of the Ghetto. From the constant humiliation to the hopelessness, the movie ends in a devastating way. And it is through the eyes of the two kids that the film really gets to the heart of the matter. The majority of the film takes place inside a safe and sanitary environment in a prison, which makes it all the more haunting. I think a similar situation would be to see it in a non-sanitary environment and to see the way in which the children would be treated in the Ghetto. It seems to me that this is a statement about the cruelty and inhumanity that was institutionalized in the Ghetto and in the ghetto. By watching the kids speak openly about their situation, you get a feel of what it must have been like to live in the Ghetto. It is a haunting documentary that will give you a glimpse of the reality of the Ghetto.

Jacob Lawrence photo
Jacob Lawrence

I enjoyed this documentary as it was engaging and had a good story line. I especially liked the way the film focused on the violent youth culture and the unspoken message that young people of color should be treated the same as white kids. The Director, Janine Jackson, interviewed former gang members, including "Mike" who was the head of the "C" Boys. The movie clearly shows that there is racism in America and shows how the gang culture is a major factor in what happens to young people of color. I think that this movie is a must see and a must see for young people of color and also for anyone who wants to know more about gangs and their culture.

Kathy photo

My husband and I watched this movie together last night, and we both thought it was pretty good. We both love history, and this movie really brought back memories of the last time we saw a movie that we really enjoyed. I liked the pacing of the movie, I think it was a little slow, but that's because it wasn't going anywhere, just sitting around and talking about things that we really didn't want to talk about. I thought the ending was great, I like how it was able to tie together the other movies and show that they really didn't all tie together, but it was still nice to know that they did. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was that it was too short, but it did tie in the other movies pretty well, so I don't think it was a huge problem. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good movie. I recommend it.

Cynthia photo

The movie is basically about the effect of the new drug, the 'ice' and the kids who are addicted to it. Some of the kids start to change their behaviour and start to take care of themselves. It also shows the reaction of the parents when their children start to go crazy and want to harm themselves. The movie shows the effect that the drug has on the kids and how it affects the adults as well. It also shows the effect that the drug has on the kids and how the parents try to deal with it. The movie is very moving and has a good message. It is not a horror movie but rather a drama and is very powerful. I would recommend it to anyone who has a love for movies and wants to see something different. I think it would be a good movie for anyone.

Sean H. photo
Sean H.

I've been a fan of Barry Rehder's films since I was in my early teens. The Bad Kids was one of his first full length films and it was released on the same day as The Game and a year later he released No Way Out. I can't think of many other films that have been able to live up to No Way Out's legacy. No Way Out is a perfect example of a film that just won't quit. It's one of those films that will make you laugh, make you cry, and will make you say "Wow!". The Bad Kids is just that, a wonderful film that everyone should see. It's a film that can be enjoyed by adults and kids, and it can be enjoyed by everyone. It's a movie that is pure cinema, it's a film that is about friendship, friendship, friendship, and friendship. No Way Out will make you laugh, make you cry, and will make you think about life. If you're looking for a great film, No Way Out is it. If you're looking for a great film that's going to make you think, No Way Out is it. I can't recommend this film highly enough.

Gerald photo

I watched this movie expecting a typical docu-drama, so I was surprised to find a lot of these facts, but it wasn't boring or boring. The docu-drama element was never overplayed and the captions were very well put. The photography was wonderful, the direction was brilliant. The director of this movie does not take any cheap shots at anyone, so the movie is not a "I-can't-believe-this-is-real-filmmaking" movie. The story is believable and it is not a matter of personal opinion on what is real or not. I've been dealing with ADHD for the past 10 years and I can honestly say, there are no 'super-smart' people who are ADHD. They do not exist, so the people who are saying the people in this docu-drama were super-smart and really smart are just being self-righteous. They don't understand what it means to be mentally challenged. There are many, many other issues that are very relevant, which are discussed here, but the point of this docu-drama is to show what we really need to see, and to get it from a doctor's perspective.

Deborah H. photo
Deborah H.

The Bad Kids is a documentary about the new generation of "bad" kids that is in school today. While I may be slightly biased (I was a high school student when this was released, and I know a lot of kids that are "bad"), I found this movie to be very well done. The film takes you through the highs and lows of the kids and their families. Some of the kids are very good, some are very bad. I think most of the kids were much worse than most of the parents in the movie, and I was shocked at how many of the parents seemed to be living in a different world from the kids. In the end, I was happy to see that the kids who were really good had to face their parents, and I was glad to see that the parents in the film didn't just do what the kids were doing. I found this movie to be very entertaining and a lot more thought-provoking than most documentaries. If you liked this film, you might also like Don't Be a Menace or The "Manic Child" Diaries.

Henry photo

As a fan of politics and business, I found this movie to be extremely informative and entertaining. I am not a political or religious person and I am definitely not religious, but this movie makes a great argument. This movie does a great job of showing the American people how religious and political beliefs have formed and are still forming, in this country. As a business man, I would say that it is a must see for any business person and any individual that is interested in business, politics and religion. I can't say enough about this movie and would recommend it to everyone!

Tiffany B. photo
Tiffany B.

I'm not a movie critic, nor am I the target audience for this film. But, I'll admit that I did get caught up in the thought of how much more powerful our society could be if we just stopped using our intellect to control our bodies. And the sense of sadness that this film left me with, is actually a result of this thought. As the title of this film implies, there are no happy endings, in fact there is a lot of depression and hopelessness. The only bright spots of the film are the acting of the children, who really show a maturity and maturity that I have never seen in children my age. It's no wonder they're the faces of tomorrow, because it's easy to see why they've become so successful in their respective fields. The problem is, their successes are just a product of the "manifestations" of their subconscious. In this case, their father is a drug dealer, the mother is a liar, the father, as well as the mother, is a very controlling person. They are not only abusing their children physically and psychologically, but also spiritually and emotionally. They have no self-esteem, no sense of identity, and they have no voice in their own minds. It is because of this, that we end up watching these kids rise to the top, where they are now. If the parents had not been such whiny, stupid, and abusive individuals, we would not have seen their success. This is because the parents use their children's vulnerability to their advantage. The movie has a very eerie, moody tone to it, which was really appealing to me. The subjects are not things we would like to see, but they are used to give us a sense of hope and positivity. It is the parents' ability to manipulate their children, that is the problem. When we can't manipulate our children, they are left to their own devices, which ultimately leads to a self-destructive situation. The only good thing about this film, is that it was able to show the true nature of abuse, without it becoming an emotional fight. A documentary like this should be able to portray the real issues, without trying to cover up the "bad" side of the story. Hopefully this will eventually be released on DVD, so that we can view this film again, in the future, and continue to see what we can do about the abuse that we all face in our lives. I have also to admit that the second time I saw this film, I found it even more powerful, because the tone and music changed. This is the only reason I rated this film a 7 instead of a 10, because it was more in line with the message of this documentary, than it

Philip photo

A young man named Mason (James Mcconaughey) is taken in by the family of an older man named George (Russell Crowe) and his daughter played by Lara Flynn Boyle. George, who has been in prison for 13 years, is released and finds that he can now act and has a voice. Mason's stepfather (Rory Cochrane) has to let him go, but he doesn't want to. Mason begins to play the role of George and he makes friends with his sister, who is also a singer. The family has a house that is really a studio where they record music. George, played by David O'Hara, meets a woman, played by the amazing Maggie Gyllenhaal, and she starts to think he is her brother. I have seen this movie twice and I would recommend this to anyone. I would also recommend that anyone who loves music should see this film. This film is a real gem.

Philip photo

I was going to watch this documentary without much interest and I am so glad that I did not waste the time. I am not a big fan of documentaries, but this one was really great. It really showed the real story of the street kids in the UK. I felt a bit sorry for the kids and it was very sad to see how they were going through their high school life. The documentary was very realistic and it showed how they could go through life without the support of their parents. It is a must see!

Emma photo

It was great to watch this movie. I have never really seen anything like it. It is all about the death penalty and how the family is affected by the family. The director, Matt Heineman, is also a friend of my father, and I hope that he will have a career in the future. It is really refreshing to see how the families of these people feel about it. I think that if we could all go back and watch this movie we would change our opinions about the death penalty. The real tragedy is that these families don't have a voice. I think that there should be a day where everyone can see this movie and know that it really happened. I think that if you go and watch it, you will be surprised and would have a different opinion about the death penalty. I think that it is important that we see this movie. If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and see it.

Walter Moore photo
Walter Moore

I liked the movie, but I didn't think it was very well done. I thought the way it was presented was misleading and not well done. If it had been presented in a more objective and unbiased way, it would have been much better. The documentary wasn't "real" enough, it was mostly "subjective." It was all the other kids and their personal stories that really made this documentary interesting. I'm not really sure what they were trying to get across but the result was a lot of opinions that were mostly against the boys and their actions. One thing that I did appreciate was that the documentary was made from a child's perspective. I think that the documentary did a good job of portraying the reality of the situation as it was. I think the children were portrayed as the heroes, and the teachers as the bad guys. It was more of a "what would happen if you did this?" type of documentary than a "how could you ever say this is what is right or wrong." type of documentary. I would recommend the documentary, but it's definitely not a movie you should see if you are easily offended.

Justin photo

With a very "realistic" approach this documentary looks at the life of the Stone Cold Steve Austin. A guy who has a lot of energy, a large ego, and a hell of a lot of sex appeal. But it's not just a bunch of people falling on the floor or saying "Oh my God! I'm going to kill him!". It's also the result of a man's life that has been "ruined" by the women of his life. Women he made a living with, and women who thought they had found him a great man. It's all very interesting and makes you think a little about how much we just take for granted. The documentary also looks at a lot of important issues that people have to deal with on a day to day basis. Like the recent coverage of our government's surveillance programs. Or the country's increased reliance on drones to keep tabs on their citizens. It also looks at the relationship between celebrity and fame. Austin himself is a celebrity, and he plays a role in making the people of his town think he's a hero. And how much of that is a result of his looks? How much of that is a result of how much he makes? It also talks about how the world has changed since Austin's childhood. He's in a different class now, he's taken on a new status and, in a way, he's been forced to grow up. What does he do? How does he cope? What does he think about his life? It's all fascinating and fascinating. He's a fascinating guy. But this is also a man who, at the end of the day, is just a guy. He just has a certain amount of money, and he's in a situation where he's going to make a lot of money. But he's not really satisfied with his life. He's never been happy. I also liked how the documentary didn't just focus on Austin's looks, but also on his personality. I mean, he's a guy who can be a little crazy, and there's a lot of things that he does in his life. But when the documentary is over, there's no question that he's a person. The interviewees in the film range from an old man to a teenager to a woman who is worried about what Austin will do in his next life. And I think that's part of the problem. People are looking at Austin the way they look at a celebrity. Austin is like a "good" celebrity. He's a guy that is accepted in his town, and he's a guy that is respected. He's just a guy. And we've created this monster that makes people think that he's not all he's cracked up to be

Theresa Austin photo
Theresa Austin

A number of the directors interviewed in this documentary are no strangers to the horror genre, with some making their mark on the genre over the years. Director David Cronenberg, for example, has a good reputation for being a filmmaker who has done great things with his filmography. Others are well known for their horror work, such as the aforementioned David Fincher, who has done some great things in the horror genre, but I have to admit that I'm not a fan of his work. This documentary is a very interesting look into the horror genre and its history, but for me the most interesting thing about it is the interviews with the people involved in the making of the film, who give their opinions on how the film turned out. It's interesting to hear the opinions of some of the directors interviewed and I think the film itself is an interesting look into the horror genre. The film is a bit slow at times, but the interviews with the people involved in the making of the film give it an interesting look.

Adam R. photo
Adam R.

I have never been a fan of this film, but it had a decent enough story and some good performances. The problem is that this movie is very slow and boring. It's not the best documentary on the subject, but it is a good one. There is a lot of interesting information and it was nice to see how different people had dealt with their own experiences. However, the film never really goes into the depth of any of the individuals, and the story does not really go into the problems of the kids, nor the parents. They only talk about the problems of the parents, and how they were trying to deal with the problems. This was not really a documentary about the kids. I think the filmmakers should have spent more time with the parents and their experiences, and more time on the kids. It's not that the parents are bad or anything, it's just that they are not the ones who are going to make the film. The kids were just kind of thrown into the story, and I think the filmmakers should have spent more time on the parents, and less time on the kids. Overall, it's a good documentary, but it's not a great one.

Patrick R. photo
Patrick R.

After watching this documentary, I was left wondering what I was doing in the US. I have been to many countries and seen many cultures, and the American way of life is not that different from the rest of the world. The documentary is not that great, but it is entertaining and well-made. It is certainly worth a look.

Peter C. photo
Peter C.

Although the movie was well-made, the narrative was not very interesting. The quality of the narration was not particularly clear. The lead actor, however, was very convincing. I recommend this movie, for its level of detail and content.

Dorothy Hunter photo
Dorothy Hunter

This is a fascinating, funny, and yet still tragic documentary about the middle-class social problems that arise when a group of friends gets together to party. They seem to be a well-meaning group of friends, and it is clear that they are just trying to have a good time, but they are also deeply troubled by the financial crises and the lack of stability that has come to their lives, both from their parents and from the friends they have lost to their own baser desires. The film seems to be making a point about the way that one can live life in the American Dream, but how much of the dream is being pulled out of the dreams of others by their own selfish desires, and how much is being stolen from the dreams of others. The film is very funny and insightful, showing that if you are happy, you are happy, and vice-versa. But also, if you are happy, you are happier. It is a very difficult and interesting documentary to watch. Definitely worth seeing.