Steam Wonder Park

Wonder Park

Wonder Park is a movie starring Sofia Mali, Jennifer Garner, and Ken Hudson Campbell. Wonder Park tells the story of an amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

Other Titles
Parque das Maravilhas, Parcul de distractii, 神奇乐园历险记, Mucizeler Parkı, Le parc des merveilles, Ihmeiden puisto, Csodapark, Pelle shel Park, Kraina cudów, Công Viên Kỳ Diệu, Carovný Park, Amusement Park, Brīnumu parks, Stebuklu parkas, Den eventyrlige park, El parque mágico, Parque mágico, Willkommen im Wunder Park, 奇幻遊樂園, Το πάρκο των θαυμάτων, Parque Mágico, みんなあつまれ!ワンダーパーク, Drømmeparken, O Parque dos Sonhos, Le parc des Merveilles, Drömparken
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Adventure, Animation
Dylan Brown
Robert Gordon, André Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec
Ken Hudson Campbell, Sofia Mali, Jennifer Garner, Kenan Thompson
Spain, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

June, an optimistic, imaginative girl, discovers an incredible amusement park called Wonderland hidden in the woods. The park is full of fantastical rides and talking, funny animals - only the park is in disarray. June soon discovers the park came from her imagination and she's the only one who can fix it, so she bands together with the animals to save this magical place and bring back the wonder in Wonderland.

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Peter Tucker photo
Peter Tucker

I just had the opportunity to watch this movie in a theater in England and I must say it is very entertaining. I absolutely loved it and I am so glad I was able to see it. I am a HUGE fan of Disney animated movies and this one definitely blew me away. I thought the story was great, it was funny, it had a great message and it was overall a great movie. I really enjoyed it and it is definitely going to be a part of my collection. I thought the characters were well done and I loved how they used the songs from the movie in the movie. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did. I am looking forward to seeing the sequel and I hope to see more Disney movies like this in the future. I think this movie is going to be a success and I am sure it will be one of the best Disney movies ever. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did and I know I will be seeing this movie again.

Michelle Hayes photo
Michelle Hayes

This movie is the most powerful, best animated film I have ever seen. It has everything that an animation movie should have. It is great to see a movie that is not all about the animation and has characters that you care about. The characters are well developed and have a real emotional connection to you. They are real and not like the cartoon characters that you see on television. The characters are like real people, not cartoon characters. This movie is a must see for all animation fans. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of animation, or anyone who wants to see a great animated film.

Eric M. photo
Eric M.

As a long time fan of the animated film, I found this movie to be quite entertaining. However, I felt the animation quality was lacking. It was also difficult to follow what was going on at times, and the ending was rather abrupt. Nevertheless, I found the movie to be quite entertaining and I would recommend it to people who have a love for animation.

James W. photo
James W.

A lot of people have said that this movie is just stupid, and I totally disagree. This is an amazing movie, which I think is a good mix of comedy and action. I think it's one of the most underrated movies of all time, and it's one of the best animated movies ever. I think the reason why it's underrated is because it's not a family movie, it's not a romantic movie, it's not a sci-fi movie, it's not a comedy movie. It's just a movie, and I think it's great that people find the humor in this movie. It's not just for kids, it's for everyone, so I don't think it's really for kids. The thing that I liked the most about this movie is that it's so different from all the other animated movies. I think it's because this movie is all about what's inside of us, and what we think we can control, and that's why I think this is a great movie. And I think that the way that this movie is made is the best thing about it. I think it's very well-done, and the animation is great. I think that this movie is great, and I think that it's really great, so I recommend this movie to everyone. It's a great movie, and it's a good mix of comedy and action.

Harry Watson photo
Harry Watson

I have always been a fan of Pixar films and I am not ashamed to say that this is one of the best animated films I have ever seen. It is both very funny and very heart-warming and it is not at all like other Pixar films. The animation is amazing, the story is very exciting and full of unexpected turns and it is full of great voice performances. It is truly a good movie for all ages and it will have you laughing and crying. I highly recommend this movie and I am sure that you will enjoy it too. If you haven't seen this movie yet you should definitely watch it and you will definitely not be disappointed. I am very disappointed that I didn't like this movie as much as I did before but I am happy that I saw it. My rating for this movie is 10/10

Kevin Stone photo
Kevin Stone

A good film that is definitely worth watching and I would highly recommend it. Great story, great voice acting, and great animation. I'd like to say it's a great family film, but I think it's also a great film for kids and adults alike. I know I watched this film a few times in the past few months and I've been really enjoying it. The story is quite simple and the voice acting is pretty good. The animation is great and it's pretty amazing to watch the characters move. The animation is nice and vibrant, but not too bright, and the voice acting is quite good. There is a few heartwarming parts and some laughs as well. There are also some parts that are very dark and mean, and the movie is very violent, but that's not the only thing that is bad. The characters are very good and fun and it's a great family film that kids and adults will enjoy. I also love the soundtrack, but I'm not sure if it's as good as the film. Overall, I would highly recommend it.

Jennifer K. photo
Jennifer K.

This is an extremely well done movie. The animation and overall film quality are wonderful. There is no doubt that Pixar has done an excellent job. It's a wonder that a film like this, which has a budget of about $50 million, could be so good. The voice acting is great. The characters are developed in a way that makes them real and believable. The story and the animation are outstanding. I can't think of a single scene that I didn't like. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It's a very entertaining film. The only thing I didn't like was the characters. They seemed too much like toys to me. However, that's not to say that the characters are bad, they just aren't really developed enough. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Howard photo

I watched this movie as a kid and it was really cute. So I was excited to see it again when I was 11. And it was even more fun. I'm not a big fan of animated movies, but I really liked this one. It's a little bit like the old Disney cartoons with the magic and the story. I liked the characters and the animation was great. It's a good story with a nice twist. I think kids would like it. It's like a cartoon. It's like a movie. But it's a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes cartoons. It's a great movie.

Maria Gomez photo
Maria Gomez

This movie is one of the most unique movies I have ever seen. It is not just a movie about a park, it is about the people who work in it, and it is about friendship. The characters are all interesting and likable, and the plot is pretty well-written. The music is awesome and fits perfectly with the story, and the voice-acting is great. I have never seen a movie that was so much fun to watch, and I have seen many that are just okay. This movie is definitely a "must see". I'm surprised that it is rated so low. I love it!

Carolyn H. photo
Carolyn H.

I am really amazed at the reviews here. I think that people who give it a bad review have not seen the movie. This is a great movie for kids, and is much more suitable for the family than the similar kids' movies like "Monsters Inc" or "Shrek". The movie is full of humor, which is not a problem for kids, and has good-looking people in it. I was really surprised that I enjoyed this movie. I went to see it with my family, and we all enjoyed it. I think that if you are a kid, you will enjoy this movie, and I think that it is a great movie for the family. My children loved it, and we all agreed that it was very funny. I hope that you enjoy the movie as much as we did.

John Jensen photo
John Jensen

This is a really funny movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a good sense of humor.

Cynthia photo

This movie is a great movie for the entire family. It's a fun movie that will keep you entertained. It's one of my favorite movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Carl photo

I had watched this movie in high school, and I had loved it, so when I saw it again on cable, I decided to give it a second chance. It was a little too long, but it was still a great movie. I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys cute animated movies. It has a great story, it has great characters, and it is well acted. This is a movie that you can watch with the whole family, and it is really well written. The plot is great, and it is a great movie to watch with your family. It is a great movie for people that have a love of animated movies. This is a great movie for the whole family to watch. 10/10.

Jane Phillips photo
Jane Phillips

This is a great animated movie. It is the first movie in which I have seen the entire story from beginning to end. This is a great movie for kids and adults alike. It is a story about friendship, the strength of friendship, and the importance of family. The animation is stunning. The colors are vibrant and the animation is fantastic. The characters are charming and the voice actors are wonderful. I particularly liked the voice of Mumble. He was the best voice I have heard in a Disney movie since "Big Hero 6". The story is great. I am a huge fan of the original "The Incredibles". I had never heard of this movie until I saw it on Netflix. I am very pleased to have seen this movie. The voice actors were amazing. I have watched this movie several times and I will continue to do so. It is a great movie for kids and adults. I highly recommend it. It is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen.

Debra Hall photo
Debra Hall

This movie is a great family film. The animation is great and the story is simple but good. It has a great story and it's good to see the animation. It's a great movie to see with your kids. I really recommend this movie. It's a great family film.