Steam Saint-Saëns: Samson et Dalila

Saint-Saëns: Samson et Dalila
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Gary Halvorson
Ferdinand Lemaire
Elchin Azizov, Susan Graham, Mark Elder, Roberto Alagna
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Daniel P. photo
Daniel P.

I love this movie. I watched it 3 times. The music is wonderful and the cast is great. The two men who play Samson and Dalila are both great and so is the director. I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to get the subtitles in French, but they were translated very well. I think that this is the first movie in which I have seen the titular hero and his two accomplices. The young hero is very well played and the two actors who play Dalila and Samson are very well cast. They have that look of seriousness and strength. It's a pity that this movie is only available on VHS. I'd like to see a DVD of this film.

Jennifer photo

The film has a great music score by Djamel Safaoui, and amazing photography by Cesar Urbina. The story is extremely difficult to follow, and sometimes the scenes are very hard to follow, but this is part of the charm of this film. The film is a celebration of the female athletes, and shows how far women have come in many different fields. The cast is wonderful, and the story flows well. The only thing I didn't like was the subtitles. They were very difficult to read at times. However, if you watch it, you will be able to understand what the characters are saying. It is a great film, and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys good, and entertaining music.

Carolyn photo

I was one of those people who felt that this film was merely over the top for a moment at the end and didn't give the film a fair chance. It was that too-I mean, I found it boring. It is true that the actors have much more to do than the camera did. They did their best, but they just can't do anything to get the viewer to care. And I'm not saying that the movie was bad, I'm just saying that I don't care what you think of the acting of the actors in this movie.

Catherine B. photo
Catherine B.

This movie is a long one, the length of which is what makes it the more enjoyable. The movie does the best it can to make you feel it, but in the end it still feels rather slow and drawn out. The costumes are good, the settings are good, and the music is good. The songs are the best part of the film. They make the movie all the more enjoyable. The characters are all well done. The actor playing Samson is very good. He has a very menacing look, with a very strong voice. The actor playing Dalila is very good, and she has a very sexy voice. I would recommend this movie for the fans of musicals. It is a fun movie with some pretty good characters. The movie is quite long, and I think that that is why it is so good. All in all, I think the movie was worth the time spent. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Russell P. photo
Russell P.

Maurice Ronet's Samson et Dalila (1975) is a little bit of a tragedy. In the 1950s, it was a modest picture, but the intervening years have seen it turn into a sort of classic. You can see this film in a couple of ways. The first is that it is a delightfully clear-eyed and remarkably informed film about the French Revolution. The second is that it is a film about the genesis of cinema. That is not the way I would describe the film. It is neither a historical study nor a portrait of the revolutionary period. It is more like an exploration of the impact of cinema on the world at the turn of the century. There are a couple of fascinating moments. A man plays a roll of fool-in-a-pen, and a play is turned into a film. There is also a great way with which the French language is woven into the film. But, most of all, the film is a feast for the eyes. The cinematography is remarkable. But there is no question that the greatest part of the work is done by Emmanuelle Devos, and that is true to the spirit of the film. She gives her best here, and the rest of the cast do their best too. There is a fine scene in which she is sitting in a cinema, and a character who has just died, who is talking to her from the cinema, is struck with the idea that a picture of the man was being shown. She refuses to believe that this was not a play of her own. It is a beautiful moment in which she explains the significance of cinema to the character. She is the queen of the cinema, and that is how it should be. The film has a nice sense of place, and is, for me, one of the better films of its type. You can see that the director had some ideas about cinema as a medium, and that this is reflected in his film, but it is also an adventure. You can see the influence of this in the photography. The film is a product of its time. It was made at a time when the boundaries of the cinema were more flexible than they are today. The director, Jean-Pierre Melville, was influenced by the works of Bergman and Fellini, and it is almost impossible to imagine a film that is better than Samson et Dalila. But it is not the best film of its kind. If you want a good film about the cinema, then you should see the film that has already been mentioned, the work of Luc Besson, rather than this film.

Teresa Fox photo
Teresa Fox

With the plot line already laid out, this movie is the perfect candidate to explore how we might perceive a culture in which God is absent. It is a work of art, one which is visually and audibly beautiful. The lighting is especially effective, and the score is alluring. The story is well-written and unfolds in a way that will grab your attention and keep it there. It is my belief that the people of the time saw themselves as a people of art, and the movie depicts the rise of this culture in a way that is engaging and inspiring. My favorite scene involves the dancing of the angels. There is nothing to say about this, except that it is well-done. The acting is very good, with a very good cast. The rest of the cast does a great job, as well. A very good and worthwhile movie.

Susan photo

I first read the book in a very young age and it was a very big part of my life. However, I never got around to watching the movie and the last time I did, I was asleep. When I woke up, I didn't remember that much of the book, nor did I recall the huge impact the book had on my life. I watched the movie as a matter of curiosity, and also for the soundtrack. I liked the movie, but I don't really see how the movie is comparable to the book. I don't think the movie captures the essence of the book. The story is about a man who tries to stay in his own world while his soul tries to escape into the world of another. This is an interesting premise, but the movie itself doesn't focus on that very much. There are a few parts that could have been cut out, but the movie is still an interesting and entertaining film. As for the music, I actually really like the music, and the orchestra is very well done. The background music is very impressive too. I would highly recommend the movie to anyone who has never seen the book and is looking for a good movie to watch. It is one of those films that people will enjoy seeing, especially with a movie soundtrack that has very interesting songs. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest that you do.

Karen photo

This film is both beautiful and somewhat disturbing. As I understand, the reason this movie is so well-received is the way it was shot. It is very dark. Some of the scenes are especially creepy. My mother (a self-professed horror film fanatic) and I were so intrigued by the darkly-lit scenes that we left the theatre feeling very uncomfortable and disturbed. The film also contains scenes that are very violent. The main characters were not especially likable. The scenes of Samson and Dalila's relationship were just too intense for anyone to take the story seriously. The main characters were more similar to the King and Queen of the Fairies in "Fantasia 2000", and some of the scenes involving the main characters are reminiscent of classic fairy tales. I think that this movie is a great example of the Italian cinema of the 70's and the 80's. The camera work is great and the music is very creepy. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of horror or just an interested movie watcher. The acting is good. This movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you are a horror fan, I definitely recommend this film. I highly recommend that everyone who loves movies check this film out.

Andrea May photo
Andrea May

The story of a modern man, who is a hero in the ancient world, and who goes to a place where the gods are. As you can imagine, there is some violence and sexual content in the movie. The movie itself is quite good and makes you think. The movie is also about the life of a modern man in the 19th century, where the morals are different from what we have today. For those of you who enjoy romantic movies, I suggest you to watch this one. You will be very satisfied.

Mildred M. photo
Mildred M.

Sommeralous, beautiful and worth the trip. "Mercy" is a film that's both funny and scary. It's a big-budget Hollywood movie and it's all about sex. It's a "feel good" film that's as good as it is disgusting. It's a film that's full of suspense and suspense is the best part of the film. The direction is wonderful. The photography is wonderful. The music is wonderful. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone but I would like to say that it is an absolute must see. The music will stay in your head for days. And of course the characters are amazing. The characters are funny and sweet and they do what they want to do. They are not a bunch of idiots but they are certainly not heroes. The actors do a great job and they are very likable. I think that it is a film that is worth seeing and it is a very well-done film. It's a film that is worth seeing and it is a film that is very good. It is very good and it is very good.

Timothy Collins photo
Timothy Collins

This is the kind of movie I like. If it weren't for the title and the music, I wouldn't have bothered to see it. The story is simple. A young man named Samson (Louis de Funes) is kidnapped by a bunch of old men who decide to teach him how to fight. He soon learns that it is not a good idea to fight as a boy, and that fighting in the nude is not a good idea either. He is rescued by a woman named Dalila (Diane von Furstenberg) who teaches him how to fight. The movie is a little slow at times, but it is still a good movie. I would definitely recommend it. You won't be bored, and you will enjoy the music.

Carol photo

I have watched this movie so many times, and I still love it. I first saw it in a theater when I was in junior high school. It's such a great movie, with a lot of drama, a lot of comedy, and a lot of love. It's not as good as L'Etranger, but it is still a good movie. The cast is very good, the movie is great, and I highly recommend this movie. I have watched it many times and I still love it. I like all the actors, and all the actresses are very beautiful. I think it's the best film of the year, and it's the best movie of all time.

Catherine G. photo
Catherine G.

It's almost impossible to find a perfect film these days. Even if there is a film with a particular genre, it doesn't have to be great, only "good" to be a great film. One thing I do know, is that if you want to have a great film, you need to find the right composer. This film is not a typical art-house film, not a typical movie. It's a film with an important message. If you have a real good message, you are the one who has to make the film. All the actors are really good, but it is the music of Philippe Lalais who has an amazing impact on this film. It's not only for the action, but also for the story. It is a very sad movie, but it is a good story. It is a great work of art and it is a very interesting film. I have to say that I was very surprised by this film. It has a great message, but it is not a typical film. I would recommend it to anyone, because it is very original and very special. 7 out of 10

Carl Howell photo
Carl Howell

This is a brilliant movie, and I don't understand how people can rate this so low. I've been to Cannes once, and had the opportunity to see this movie there. And I still do not understand why it is such a poor movie at Cannes. It's an incredible movie. And also a wonderful performance from Gerard Depardieu as Samson. I have always admired Gerard's acting, but this is the best I've ever seen him. He is the best I've seen him, in his career. I'm a huge fan of Gerard Depardieu, and I like his work, but this is his best work. And in my opinion, it's an amazing movie. I don't understand why people are so negative about it. This is an amazing movie. If you liked "Salo", then this is definitely one of the best movies in your library. This is the movie that made Gerard Depardieu famous. I love it!

Danielle D. photo
Danielle D.

This film is a beautiful rendition of the Book of Job, in a very natural and playful way. The story is set in the seventh century, but the real world is the present. The young woman, Samson, is a shepherd who is taken in by the Devil. He takes Samson and his family on a journey to the Holy Land. This journey is a metaphor for the journey of redemption. Samson and his family are made to be the new sheep in the flock. The whole story is about the transformation of the sheep into the beasts that they are, and the redemption of the sheep. The story is about the awakening of the conscience of man. I love the way that the Devil is made to look. The way that he appears as a big, very ugly monster, a monster with the head of a dog, but with eyes that look like a very thin pair of glasses. It's a fantastic film. It is very difficult to do this film properly. It's very difficult to be faithful to the original text, and to a specific time and place. This film is a wonderful tribute to the great story of Job, and to the great actors who portrayed the characters of Samson and Samson's family. It's a very poetic, beautiful, and touching film.

Jennifer Mendoza photo
Jennifer Mendoza

I was not impressed by this film. It seemed like a cheap ripoff of the 1958 film. I do agree with some of the comments that have been made about the lack of depth and emotion in the film. However, the film is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a very well-done film. In fact, I think it is a very well-made film. However, the film is more about the atmosphere than the plot. The plot is about the relationship between the lead characters, and the film is about the relationship between the lead characters. It is not necessarily the plot that is lacking in the film. However, the plot is the main reason why the film is good. If the plot is not as interesting as the film, the film would not be as good. Also, the film is not necessarily a bad film. It is not a great film, but it is a good film. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film. 7/10

Gloria H. photo
Gloria H.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before you get your knickers in a twist, I am a fan of musicals, and this movie is just an exception. I actually found the movie rather funny, and it was a nice change from all the other comedies we are inundated with these days. If you are looking for a romantic movie, or just something to watch with your girlfriends, then this is the one for you. I really enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it to anyone. *SPOILER* I really enjoyed the movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. *END OF SPOILER*

Adam photo

The film is a modernized version of the classic theme by Jean-Jacques Annaud, that is the story of a man who will lose his life in a fight with his demon, and after that he will live in a golden cage with a guard named Dalila, to live the rest of his life. The film is visually very nice and contains lots of interesting shots. The acting was good. The director chose to use natural camera-work in order to let the audience know what is happening on the screen, and not to show too much. The film is a very funny film, and it has a lot of humor. The ending is not bad, but there is no point to the film, and it is very sad. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a very good film, and if you like the classic theme by Jean-Jacques Annaud, you will like this film.

Mildred Mitchell photo
Mildred Mitchell

This is one of the few movies that has a real "feel" to it. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. The story is so much like the real life story of Samson and Dalila. I didn't think it would be good, but it is. I really love the soundtrack. I think it is one of the best films I have seen. I also love the scenery and the costumes. I also like the music in the movie. I think this is a very good movie, I really do. The movie is about Samson and Dalila. Samson is a king who has to be content with what he has. Dalila is a queen who has to be content with what she has. She does what she has to do to fulfill her duty. Samson is forced to kill someone. Dalila gets a death sentence and Samson is forced to carry it out. This is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Donna photo

This is a very powerful and moving film, with a very important message. It's a must see for all Christians. A very sad and tragic story. It's a powerful and honest film about the faith and about love. It's a very spiritual and a very beautiful film. I think it's a must see for all Christians.

Christopher King photo
Christopher King

A truly lovely film. It is a beautiful mixture of comedy, drama, romance, and adventure. The actors in this movie do a wonderful job, the sets and costumes are wonderful and the musical score is wonderful. The music is absolutely marvelous. I really love it. This is a very good movie. I would recommend this to anyone. It's a wonderful movie. I recommend it.

Albert C. photo
Albert C.

The film is about a young man named Samson who has to overcome the obstacles of his life and his family. He's just one of those 'ordinary' people who has to make a big decision on his life, and when he makes the decision to accept the help of Dalila, he's ready to do it. There is no point to tell the story of Samson and Dalila, so I won't explain much. But I will tell you that this is a very interesting movie, because it is a story of a young man who has to overcome his life, and to do so, he must make a decision. The reason that I gave it a 7 is that I didn't find the movie very interesting, but I still enjoyed it. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Salva Domestica" ("The Son of God")

Frank photo

I saw this movie when it was first released in Japan. I have to say that it was a lot of fun. There are some funny scenes, but the songs are good. The action scenes are good too. The main character, Samson, is a bit too strong and has a lot of flaws. But he is still the star. Dalila is just too young and doesn't have any special powers. There are some scenes that are just too silly. But it is still a good movie to watch.