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Magnus is a movie starring Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, and Viswanathan Anand. Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess prodigy, becomes a grandmaster at age 13 and world champion in 2013.

Other Titles
Magnus: schackgeniet, Magnus - Der Mozart des Schachs
Running Time
1 hours 18 minutes
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Benjamin Ree
Linn-Jeanethe Kyed, Benjamin Ree
Viswanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess prodigy, becomes a grandmaster at age 13 and world champion in 2013.

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Roy photo

So much goes on with the "rainbow" and "caterpillar" rainbow bridges in the South Bronx. It is a beautiful symbol of the American Dream. The creators of the bridge did an amazing job documenting the project and I'm sure they will continue this project in the future. I have the video and the DVD and I want to see the bridge rise again. It has changed my life and I want to see it continue to change the lives of the people in the South Bronx. Thank you for sharing this documentary. It has touched my heart. I wish more people would see it.

Christopher Warren photo
Christopher Warren

I was very impressed with this documentary. It was very informative and entertaining. It's a must see for all of us who have been affected by this disease. I found it to be a very realistic depiction of what it's like to be a victim of this disease. I'm so glad that this film is being made because we have so many people like Magnus who have been so affected by this disease. It's really sad that this disease is still not recognized as a priority in the United States. It's also very sad that Magnus has not received the proper care and support from the medical community. I would recommend this film to everyone who has been affected by this disease. I would also recommend that everyone watch the documentary about the heroin epidemic in New York City. It's very disturbing and disturbing to see what is happening in our city and in our country.

Jeffrey R. photo
Jeffrey R.

I have seen the film on the big screen, and I want to say that this film is the most true to life portrayal of an individual with ADD. In the beginning of the film, the family moves into a new home. Soon the family becomes overwhelmed with the ADD. My son was unable to sit still for the first several minutes. The family had to have a snack, and when they were done, they had to quickly find a place to put it. My wife and I became a part of the family and we often found ourselves doing the same. My wife had to teach her child to sit still, to count, and to walk by herself, and she had to do this for two hours each day. The family is a large family and my wife and I had to put ourselves in the family's shoes and it really made us appreciate what we had. I saw this film at the Frameline Film Festival and it was amazing how each of the family members had something to offer to the film. Many of the families had such wonderful memories of their family members, which is why I thought the film was so powerful. The film also included a few clips from the family's previous attempts to deal with ADD. I think this was very good. The acting was great. The director and producer have done a great job in showing the story and the people's struggles and triumphs in the film. This film was very realistic, and I think most families would appreciate it.

Jerry W. photo
Jerry W.

A compelling and heartfelt documentary about the Vietnam War. This film is in a league with "Hoosiers" and "My Brother the Devil". You can't take your eyes off of this film, it's captivating, engaging and, above all, convincing. The cast is wonderful, and the portrayal of each man is believable. It's just so damn hard to find a single negative thing about this film. It's hard to think that so many of us are too stupid to realize the massive impact that the war has had on us. I think it's very important that we recognize how it affects us, and even more important that we stand up for our brothers and sisters who are fighting in the same war. I think it's even more important that we come together and support them. This film is a MUST SEE!

Edward photo

If you've seen the trailer, you already know this movie is about an amazing man who worked in the Soviet Union for more than 50 years. That's why I have to mention the man behind this documentary. A man who's name is known in the United States for his ability to make documentaries about the Soviet Union. He's more than just a documentary filmmaker, he's a real hero to me. You should see this movie. You won't be disappointed.

Joyce Daniels photo
Joyce Daniels

In this documentary, Jon Krakauer delves into the question of whether our society is becoming increasingly disconnected from one another, and if so, is it necessary to fight back. He gives examples of the kinds of things we are doing to one another that are to some extent ineffective, and, of course, that we are now able to do without. But he also shows how we, as a society, are more than willing to take advantage of those times when we are most isolated, and we still feel that it is important to help each other. And that, he says, is what we need to remember and remember in the midst of our technological, financial, and ecological crises. He suggests that we need to remember that there is a war going on among us, and that we have to fight it. The film ends with a plea to us to remember that we do have the power to overcome our fears and help each other, because in the end, they are the most important thing we have to remember.

Martha photo

The VHS version of this documentary was released to DVD in 2007. While the DVD version has many additional images, a few words about the human subject, the VHS audio is unintelligible, making it impossible to watch. Fortunately, the film is still available on YouTube. I'm glad to see that we are seeing a resurgence of interest in this subject. It is not that hard to get a group of amateur video camera operators together and record people. One should realize that they are not a part of an organization, they are just volunteers. In this case, the film crew was done by volunteers and it was done for free. It seems that more and more organizations are organizing volunteer work for their benefit. It's great to see these kinds of films and documentaries. I hope more people will learn from the above mentioned groups of amateur video camera operators. The film also features interviews with many of the men who participated in the documentary. One of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the film is the interview of Kevin Burke. He describes the documentary as being more about "the battle than the battle itself." He was disappointed in the result of the film. If he had had the chance to submit the same documentary to PBS he would have thought he would have won the prize. I hope more documentaries are made by the same groups. These kinds of films should be free to the public. I hope the VHS DVD is made available to all.

Wayne C. photo
Wayne C.

This movie is a powerful piece of journalism and it makes you think and make you think about what really happens in our world. The documentary focuses on the major political stories that shape our world. It brings you up to speed on the current events and the news that is getting worse by the minute. The documentary is very important and important because it gives us an insight into the way people think, what the news is really like and what the news is really being told. It's a great movie for anyone who wants to know what is really happening in our world and it also helps you understand what the world is really like.

Michael M. photo
Michael M.

This documentary is a must see. My friends and I went to the University of Arkansas and saw a lot of first hand student and faculty work on genetics and related issues. The Faculty Director (Dr. Dennis) worked with students on research. Many of the students were involved with the project in some way. Many did not want to admit their participation in the project but were forced by the university to participate. This film explains the research in depth. We are the descendants of a noble Irishman who immigrated to America. When we found out we were related to a Mutation we were thrilled. The people who were involved in the project did an excellent job in creating a video with moving music. It really is worth the trip. The filming equipment is superb, the music is beautiful and very moving. It will make you think. It is good for family viewing and an excellent way to learn more about genetics.

Joan Kelley photo
Joan Kelley

I just saw this documentary for the first time and I thought it was awesome. I like a lot of the images that are shown in this movie. For example, there is a video of a man who was shooting his food in front of people in the grocery store. The guy started shooting and all of a sudden people start running out of the store. The video ends when everyone in the store were scared, confused, and horrified, but when the guy was about to shoot again, everyone stopped him, and he was stopped. I liked the scene when the guy was shooting his food. It showed the chaos that a madman can create with a camera. Also, I liked the scenes where people were covered with the pictures of their relatives. I think that the viewer should be aware that a lot of pictures are not taken by these people, but by others. I think that the people should not be afraid of the camera and the photos are for the people to look at. When the kids get scared, they should just open their eyes and look at the camera and tell the people what is going on. That's the best way to find out what is going on. The movie is very interesting. I really recommend it to all people. I think that you should see it because it is an informative movie.

Alan Nguyen photo
Alan Nguyen

This is a very powerful documentary about a man, who has changed the lives of his neighbours, by giving them a hand to help them get through a difficult time. It is a very sad story and I think it is very important to see how people can find a way to make a difference. However, this is not a story about the political situation in Iran. It is a story about a man and his community and how the main events in the history of Iran have changed it, and how the people in that community can find a way to make a difference. The documentary is very moving, and shows that life has been given a new meaning and a new meaning is given to it by the actions of a person. It also shows how the community of the Iranian people can work together and find a way to help people. It is also a very inspiring story of how people can make a difference and how their actions can change the world around them. I have watched this documentary and I am in awe of this man and his community. It is amazing how people can make a difference. This man is a hero.

Gary photo

A very thought provoking and well made documentary, by the masterful director of the award winning "The Thin Red Line", Eric Rohmer. This movie is made on a shoestring budget, and that is what makes it so effective. The perspective of one man's personal journey into a war zone, and the challenges he is faced with, is amazing. The way he gets a hold of the footage, and documents it, is very engaging. It's a movie that won't leave you with a sense of satisfaction, but will leave you thinking about what you've just seen. All of the great performances in this movie are by the top notch actors in the world. I was impressed with the way that Douglas Quaid and Tom Hanks portrayed the father and son. It's a shame that Quaid was miscast as the father, as he is such a great actor, but he was very effective. Tom Hanks was the opposite. He is absolutely perfect for the role of the father. He is such a good actor, but he was miscast as the father. His acting is so subtle and subtle, and when he is on screen you can't help but feel sorry for him. Eric Rohmer's direction is stunning, as you are sucked into the film from the very beginning. The shots of the soldiers walking in the rain, and the interactions between the soldiers are extraordinary. The documentary style of this film is also excellent, as it is very cinematic. This is a movie that I will recommend to anyone who has a passion for this subject matter. I rate it a 9/10.

Mary photo

An unlikely but nonetheless incredibly informative documentary, "Magnus" tells the story of James H. Reiley, who became a public enemy number one, if not a million dollar man, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Reiley was a New York Times reporter for many years, who reported extensively on the Japanese attacks in Pearl Harbor, then made the infamous "Fugitive" video, in which he ranted about Japanese spies and "getaways." Reiley's real-life wife, Helen Lloyd, died of cancer in 2008. Her younger brother, Ken, who also died of cancer, made a documentary called "Filthy Frank," about Frank Sinatra. While it may be considered propaganda, the film is extremely informative. Reiley's newspaper column is worth a read, and you may learn something about the real-life events of Pearl Harbor, and the war in general. I give this film an 8.5 out of 10. A little more context would have made it a 9.5.

Linda photo

This is a very good documentary that shows you some of the key people in this crucial period in the history of the Jewish people. We learn about the details of the Nazi extermination of the Jews and how this affected the lives of the Jews who had to live in Nazi-controlled territory and how it affected their children. We also hear from Jewish leaders and survivors who explain how their lives were altered by the Holocaust and how it affected their families. The director does a good job of showing how these events affected the lives of those who were affected and how they had to cope with it. The documentary is well made, and I think that this film really captures the essence of what the Holocaust was like. I recommend it highly.

Stephanie Soto photo
Stephanie Soto

I have seen this film many times over the years, and I am not sure how I've missed it until I found out that there was a soundtrack. So I thought I'd check it out and see what I had missed out on. The film itself is a great look at a time when many people thought that getting married and having children was the best thing for a person. A time when people just seemed to be in love with one another, and it seemed to matter little if they had two kids or not. If you think that this sounds like a pretty unrealistic tale, you'll probably like the film. If you're a feminist, you may also like it. In many ways this is a story about the power of one woman to make a difference. She is strong, smart, beautiful, and finally, she does what's right for the women who could not. The film is incredibly inspiring, and the whole way the film shows you the world through the eyes of the wives is a bit surreal at first. It is interesting to note that the only couple that is shown actually have children, and that they are shown as being about the same age as their husbands. They have to find a way to be together, and that is the message of the film. Overall, the film is a good look at the changing nature of society and the power of women.

Amy photo

It's amazing what can be done with a simple idea. This documentary was amazing, from the beginning to the end. I was struck by how much information was in there and the fact that this was really a visual document. I wish more films were like this one.

Ryan Moore photo
Ryan Moore

A number of years ago, I was involved in a secret service project to produce a biopic of President John F. Kennedy, and the process involved a number of veterans who were engaged in the project. I was asked to be an associate producer for the film and when I was selected, it was a given that I would be asked to provide the script and to perform the additional script editing. I have always enjoyed movies about the Kennedy assassination and have always been able to think of the subject matter in my mind as entertaining, but I have always been reluctant to write a script myself. Now that I am in the process of doing this film, I am able to do so without feeling guilty about this. The entire film is based on interviews with a number of individuals who were involved in the project and I find that this is the best way of bringing the story to the screen. This is the story of a great man who became a tragic figure and as a result, the story is fascinating. In this story, JFK does not fit the "hero" profile that has been presented to us in the past and the movie is able to make the most of that in the interest of making the film as entertaining as possible. I am going to tell you that the movie is very well done and the editing and script are well done. I enjoyed this film and I have no hesitation in saying that I think that this film should be shown on television in the coming years.

Theresa photo

Magnus is a documentary about a man who goes around the world and writes a book about his life. The book, "The Secret Life of M. Butterfly", tells the story of his life. You can see clips from the book. The movie follows his life from his first year of the book to his last year. He does not tell much of the story to the people he meets. The movie does not cover much about the book itself. There is a lot of information about the book, but nothing that would really give you a good idea about the book itself. The book is well written and tells the story of a man named M. Butterfly. There is a lot of information about the book, but nothing really useful. It is hard to say whether or not the book is better than the movie. I think it depends on how much you like the book. I would not recommend this documentary for anyone who does not like the book.

Jeffrey Elliott photo
Jeffrey Elliott

This is a must-see documentary that is in the same league as a true crime documentary. It may not be the easiest subject to get a hold of, but the result is a gripping film that I will be watching again and again. I was very surprised that the producers did not make this movie into a full length feature film. The film does a very good job of getting inside the minds of the people involved. The film is done in a way that makes it a compelling experience. The producers did not hide the fact that the documentary was made by a group of volunteers, and I think that really adds to the power of the film. The film is very informative, but not too in depth, which is a good thing. The film has a good balance of facts and fiction. I recommend this film to anyone interested in the subject of UFOs, and will be interested in the results of this film.

Martha Arnold photo
Martha Arnold

You can be anything you want to be. The problem with many of the other reviews I read is that it's a lot more interesting than the movie. This is the story of a gay man who's life has been so disrupted by the family he lives with, and he's convinced that there's nothing there for him but death. He seeks a cure by seeing an astrologer, but there's a catch: he has to die within a year. The astrologer is a powerful wizard who has a great deal of magic power. In the end, he believes that Magnus has a small chance of survival. The movie, in its entirety, is a great look at what it's like to be gay in the New England region, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It's mostly one man's perspective, but it's full of character. Magnus is a wonderful example of the so-called "gay renaissance" - not all gay men are lost, but a lot of them are. One of the most important things to note is that Magnus is not a gay man per se, but a gay man who's trying to change his life. He's not trying to be gay, he's trying to change who he is. The film does a great job of making the viewer aware that the life of a gay man in the United States is not very common. There are a lot of gay men in New England, but it's also a very different life. The film did a great job of showing how difficult it was to live in the Boston area, and how hard it was to come out. It's a very well-made movie, even if it does occasionally drift off into a taut analysis of life in the New England area. The movie is a lot better than most of the reviews I've read. In particular, it's one of the best made movies I've seen in a long time. 10/10

Philip photo

Magnus is an outstanding documentary, and a masterpiece in its own right. Not to be missed. One of the best documentaries ever, with outstanding cinematography and outstanding performances from everyone involved. The "de-humanization" of lions, and the stories of a lot of great American hunters and how their lives and decisions directly impacted lions, should be mandatory viewing. I am a fan of animals, but I am not a hunter. This film tells the stories of hundreds of hunters from all walks of life. Their experiences and their choices. If you are like me, and if you are a hunter, you will appreciate this film. If you have a friend who has an animal of interest, you can watch this movie and connect with them. The film is beautifully shot and edited, and the music is so powerful. I don't think I've ever heard such powerful music for a documentary. I hope this film gets the recognition it deserves, and gets people talking about this issue. If you have not seen this movie, see it now!

Jack S. photo
Jack S.

It's an odd film that should be appreciated. The cinematography, the sets, the editing, the character design, the set design.everything is so perfectly placed and executed that it makes the viewer think about the world in which we live. I liked the ending a lot. I liked the way that the movie gives a message to the viewer. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I recommend this film.

Samuel J. photo
Samuel J.

I'm not going to go too deep into the details of this movie, because everyone who has seen this film has probably seen it before. It's an excellent documentary, however, about the war in Iraq, and the mismanagement of the Iraqi people, the culture of Saddam Hussein, and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I highly recommend it, especially for those who are just getting out of high school or college, and it is probably the best documentary on Iraq ever made. The film is in a great amount of depth, but also really accurate and accurate. I recommend seeing it.

Jordan Rose photo
Jordan Rose

This film is a MUST see for anyone that has been on a hunger strike for the last 3 years. I truly believe that this film was made to teach people the meaning of personal dignity, dignity, and dignity. I'm so happy that people are learning to see the connection between the personal and the political. I'm also so happy that the filmmakers were able to get a group of people in the same area to make this film. I can't wait for more films to come out of that group. I can't wait to see the next one. I hope people are able to see this film and start to make connections. It's such an important movie for everyone to see. I'm looking forward to seeing it again soon!

Vincent G. photo
Vincent G.

A superb movie by one of the best documentary film makers, Jerry Lewis. He didn't spend much money and found his stuff on the cheap. He made a documentary, for which he got no money, and he got excellent results. This movie is a must-see for anyone interested in international politics, military action, and things like that. It's well-made, it's funny, it's gripping, and it's the kind of movie that will stay with you. If you haven't seen it yet, you've got to see it. It's one of those documentaries that will change your view on the world. And if you like Jerry Lewis, you'll like this movie.

Ryan Garcia photo
Ryan Garcia

Magnus is the third film on the Road to hell trilogy, and in my opinion, the best of the three. The first two films were good but not great films, but this one is great. The director, Hans Zimmer, does a fantastic job of using music, camera angles and composition to tell the story in a really interesting and entertaining way. Also, the acting is great, especially by Jodie Foster. One thing that really impressed me in this film is how they used music to tell the story. I have a lot of respect for Hans Zimmer, but this film uses music that is very well done. Also, I really liked the story, it was very interesting and the characters were well developed and very interesting. The acting is great, the directing is great and I really enjoyed watching this film. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries or just an interesting film about religion. 10/10.

Tiffany photo

I had heard from the forums that Magnus was really bad, and when I finally saw it, I was shocked. This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating, I truly hated it. Even the people who reviewed this movie on IMDb thought it was terrible. You can just tell by the reviews that they are either using a paid product or using an editor with a little knowledge of the medium. I am not going to comment on the technical aspect of the movie, as I don't want to give anything away. Suffice to say that this movie is not as good as the first one. It just doesn't work on any level. I have no idea how this movie could be worse than the first one. Maybe a joke? But as far as I'm concerned, it's a film. It's supposed to be stupid. And if you want a good movie, watch "The Matrix", "Shawshank Redemption" and "Memento" and forget about this garbage. No movie is bad because it's stupid, and this movie is no exception.

Christine Nguyen photo
Christine Nguyen

This is a truly unique documentary. The people behind it all have an amazing sense of humor, and they are all open and honest about their personal life experiences. This documentary is well-crafted, but it doesn't talk down to anyone. It's not judgemental or judgmentalistic. It's about what's important to them, and it's honest about them. It gives you the chance to see the human side of the situation, but it's not preachy. You can easily follow along with the story, and you don't need to know anything about the subject matter in order to get caught up in the story. If you like documentaries that talk about life's highs and lows, or just human beings in general, then this is definitely for you. If you are looking for a "big" documentary that tells you how much life sucks and what is important in life, this isn't it.

Beverly photo

The movie is great. I think it is great for people who like to know a bit about the history of the european movie industry. It also is good for people who like to learn a bit about the history of the movies. This movie is about how the cinema went in a turbulent time of american history. The movie shows the state of cinema in the late 70's and early 80's and how it was influenced by the radical left. It also shows how american cinema became independent of the world cinema. For those who are interested in cinema history this movie is a must see. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Judy H. photo
Judy H.

This documentary on Charles Darwin and his work is the best thing I've ever seen on the subject of evolution. There are many things to admire about it. First, it's informative and shows that Darwin was just a humanist. We can't deny that he was. But it also shows that he was a man who believed that humans were a special, noble race. A race that had a mission to carry out and that would lead to their own extinction if they failed. They showed him as a man of science. We see him doing scientific experiments and he had a strong work ethic. This was the way he lived his life. He was not some sort of a prig. He was just a man who believed in science. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn about evolution and its relation to the human race. The films is very well done and well worth the price of admission.

Julie Carter photo
Julie Carter

This film is about the war in Afghanistan. It's very hard to see from the outside because it is so awful. There are no middle grounders. You either support the war or you don't. I've been to Afghanistan three times and this film shows what it is like. Not only is the war brutal and unending, it's also incredibly depressing. There are no nice guys. I don't believe that there is a person who is not a bad person in Afghanistan. But this film is not about that. It's about the war and how it is affecting people's lives. It also gives some really good information about why the war is taking place in Afghanistan. The film is filled with beautiful images of Afghanistan. It's hard to find the film in the US. This is an incredibly important film to show. It's hard to see what's going on in Afghanistan and the war but this film gives you that information. It's extremely difficult to watch this film and not be affected by it. If you're considering going to Afghanistan, watch this film. The war in Afghanistan is so terrible, it's just horrible.

Martha photo

The film is narrated by the director himself, and is a "memoir" of the man's life. I had never heard of this man before, but I am glad I found out about him. He was a brilliant mathematician who was at the top of his game for a long time. He was one of the few mathematicians that have made major contributions to the fields of algebra, geometry and topology. He was also a great musician and had a great voice. He was the man that had a lot of influence on the field of computer science. The film is a good one, but not perfect. I was a bit disappointed that the film was not more about the man's life. The film is a good one, but the life is not as much as I would have liked. It was more about the work and how he was able to do it. I would have liked to see more about his personal life, as well as more about his work. However, the film is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the life of a mathematician.

Ronald photo

I was expecting to see a documentary of some sort, but instead I was treated to an actual documentary. It's not really a documentary, but more of an interview with people who have been involved with the movie. This is not a documentary about the movie, but rather the movie. This is not the best movie, but it is not the worst either. It's not a movie I would go out of my way to see, but I have seen some good movies. I will admit that I was a little disappointed in the ending, but I think that was due to the fact that I knew that it was going to be the end. I would recommend this to people who are into the movie, but don't expect a documentary. I would give this a 7 out of 10, but I would give it a 8 if it was not for the ending. I will be looking for this movie on DVD, but I would not go out of my way to see it.

Judy photo

The idea of a documentary about a man who is accused of killing a child is intriguing. The documentary focuses on the case of Maximus, an Italian man accused of murdering a child. The documentary also looks at his life, his family and his past. The documentary starts out with Maximus telling his story of how he got the idea for the murder. He explains that he had been a child actor, and his father had wanted him to become a movie star. Maximus then explains how he became involved in the case, and how he began to suspect that he may be guilty. The documentary then focuses on the evidence and the prosecution's case. The documentary explains how the prosecution tried to frame Maximus, and how he was acquitted. The documentary ends with Maximus saying that he feels guilty about what he did. The documentary was very interesting, but it was a little slow. The documentary was a little too long, and the documentary was a little too long. The documentary was a good documentary, but it was not the best documentary about the case.

Alexander O. photo
Alexander O.

The subject matter is hard to watch and it's hard to imagine that the film would be so well done. The story is not exactly groundbreaking, but the way the film was done was very impressive. The editing and music is great. The whole film is very interesting and the documentary style is very interesting. The acting is good. The whole film is very good, but I think the most important thing is the way the film is done. It is very interesting and it's very entertaining. I recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. 7/10

Lawrence photo

The current momentum for the human extinction of the species is breathtaking. How do we prepare ourselves for the first possible onslaught of the human plague? Are we at the point of extinction where we are all in danger of being wiped out? What are our alternatives? What can we do about it? How do we find solutions? We are in the middle of a process of severe environmental degradation that threatens our existence as a species. This documentary looks at what the effects of this crisis are not only for our species, but for our human descendants as well. The human population has exploded and this has caused the destruction of nature and our own food production. There is nothing in nature that can sustain us or replenish our stocks of food. The forests are being cleared to make room for growing cities. The desert is being lost and replaced with grasslands. The oceans are being polluted by chemical fertilizers, plastics and pesticides. We are losing so much of our own habitat that we need to alter the balance of the world's oceans and to save the ocean. Many of the species in the oceans are disappearing. Their numbers are dropping, so their populations are dwindling. The ocean is in trouble. The natural food sources that support our species are being destroyed. The human race is now at the brink of extinction. I highly recommend this film.

Eugene Walker photo
Eugene Walker

I am a 20 year old female. I am a University student at the University of Western Australia. I am one of many who have been compelled to leave their comfort zones and do something that is a commitment, but of so many other people who have been forced to do so, we are only beginning to understand what is so very serious about this problem. This film is beautifully filmed, edited and composed, and I applaud the efforts of both the filmmakers, and the actors who performed in this film, and I strongly recommend this film to anyone who wishes to see something that is visually powerful and thought provoking.

Emma photo

I will start by saying that the main reason I'm writing this review is because I'd like to add to the number of people who have come across this story. It's hard to get hold of the book. I have never heard of it, so it was with great interest that I bought the DVD. I am writing this review, and hoping that this story will get more exposure, and more people will read it, which will help spread the word about it. This story touches on many aspects of life, and how the world's problems are often overlooked. It's an amazing story that gives a perspective on the way life works, and what we can do to help the world in its decline. The photography is great, and the sound effects are excellent. I would recommend this movie to anyone. The director did a wonderful job and it shows. I am not a fan of "Funny Games" but this movie is not so bad it's funny. It's like a documentary, but it is made with the purpose of helping the viewer. This is a story that will keep you thinking. The director didn't want to show a certain side of the world, and I am sure that this movie will not only make you think but will also leave you with a better understanding of the world we live in.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

This film is a powerful testimony of the dangers that may be faced when we continue to see our own actions as the only moral, ethical and legal choice that is being made. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is concerned about the environment, about the treatment of animals, or who simply cares about people and their rights and responsibilities. I was saddened by the fact that I could not find a distributor for this film, and was shocked to learn that a national broadcaster (CBS) did not show it.

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Harold Gonzalez

This documentary is based on the article "The History of the Human Biodiversity Project" by Christopher Balding, which was a 2006 book published by the National Geographic Society. The book is a two-part one-hour documentary covering the first two years of the project. The book, which covers the next 15 years, is an even longer one. You can read the book on this website. Balding's book is more than a technical report on the project, but a broader, more personal look at the life of a person who wanted to study a phenomenon that many would consider unimportant. The book describes how the project began, the history of its scientific and technical advisors, and how the project evolved. The book is really about the research. The book is a good starting point for people who have never heard of the project, but will want to study this project's history. The book is very technical and can be confusing, but it is a good reference for anyone interested in this project. The book is also very personal. Balding did a great job of getting his voice out. He did this by interviewing many of the scientists and technical advisors. I recommend reading the book, but I think the book is more important than the movie. I give the book a 7/10 and the book a 10/10.

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Kenneth B.

I watched this film on TV recently. It was an interesting insight into the life of a man who became famous after his wife was killed in a plane crash. He has a very passionate interest in the art of flying and has made a documentary about his adventures. The film is very well made and the actors are very good. The only thing I didn't like about it was the ending. It seemed to be a little bit rushed and I didn't think it was necessary. I thought the story was a little bit too short and the ending didn't really fit with the rest of the film.

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As an avid fan of the horror genre, I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I have read some of the other reviews and some of the comments and thought it was a very good film. I would like to add that this film is not for all audiences. I have not read the book so I cannot comment on that. I do know that the film was made for a very small budget and the result is very well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys horror movies.

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A highly informative documentary on the life of Jean-Luc Ponty. This is a wonderful interview by the man himself, who spoke about his life in a very personal way, and in an often humorous way. You can feel the man's passion for his work, and he is incredibly humble. It is a fascinating and wonderful interview, and I highly recommend it. I think it is a great way to understand Jean-Luc Ponty, and his work.

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I am a big fan of "Magnus" from the 70's. I remember watching this movie when I was a child and being mesmerized by the beauty and the magic of this film. I have watched it several times since then and always have a deep appreciation for it. I have watched the movie with my husband and he has always loved it. He has never seen it in the theater. We recently purchased it and we are very happy that we did. We thought it was a great movie for a family. It is not a movie that we can show to our children and we do not want to. We have read the book and thought it was great. We have watched it many times and still enjoy it. It is a very unique movie and it is well worth seeing. We are glad that we bought it and we hope that you will enjoy it as well.

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This documentary follows the life of Magnus Hirschfeld, who was the first person to discover that sunlight can be used to turn on the sun. Hirschfeld was an important figure in the history of science. He was a pioneer in the field of photovoltaics and helped to develop the world's first practical solar power system. In the film, we learn about his personal life, his family life, and his career. The film is well-done and informative, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in solar energy. Also, it is a good film to watch when you are feeling a little down, because you may be reminded of how great life can be. You will also learn about the importance of being true to yourself, and not to conform to what others think. Overall, this film is a good watch, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in solar energy.

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I am a fan of the TV series, and I thought that the movie was a great way to show the story. I was very pleased with the way that the movie was shot, and the story was told in a very entertaining way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the TV series, or a fan of the movie.

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Rose S.

This documentary does a superb job of focusing on the early days of the old baseball league in New York. The camera shows the professional players doing things like shooting pool and eating at the pool hall. The only way to understand this era of baseball is to get involved with the players and to get a feel for what life was like for them. The film does a fine job of showing the efforts of many people who worked to make the game of baseball better. The players all talk about how they have to work hard just to make a living. The film shows the new players who joined the league in the 1940's. The new players are depicted as being good at the game and being talented. The film shows the early days of the league and the money the players received from the league. The players are also portrayed as being very competitive, and are shown as playing on a level playing field. There are some scenes that are not very flattering to the players, but overall this is an excellent documentary that will be a favorite of any baseball fan.

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Debra K.

I think the greatest strengths of this documentary are its authenticity and its realism. It's the sort of documentary that a lot of people will recognize as being very good, even though they don't know a great deal about Magnus. It's also not like a documentary about every tiny detail about Magnus's life. It's more like a comprehensive biography, rather than a chronicle. It's a film that you will recognize as being very good. Not the greatest documentary, but a good one. I can't say anything bad about it. It's very well-done. It's the kind of documentary you can watch over and over again and never get bored with it. I would recommend it to everyone.