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National Bird

National Bird is a movie starring Barack Obama and Jesselyn Radack. Drone whistleblower interviewed about borderless information gathering by the government.

Other Titles
Amerikas Drohnenkrieger, National Bird: Drone Wars, Dronekrigerne
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Sonia Kennebeck
Jesselyn Radack, Barack Obama
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Drone whistleblower interviewed about borderless information gathering by the government.

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Bobby photo

This is an excellent film that takes a look at the controversial and controversial topic of human cloning. It is a must see for anyone who has an interest in this topic. The documentary does a great job of showing the history of the controversy and how it has changed over the years. The film is very well done and I highly recommend it.

Michelle J. photo
Michelle J.

I am not sure why this film was made but the creators of this film have given us a very good reason to watch this film. I thought this film would be a typical, but entertaining, documentary about a band called The Black Keys, but it was far from that. This film was a great mix of a lot of different things that the Black Keys did in their career. For example, the film showed the hard work that the Black Keys put into their music and their fans. Also, the film showed the many people who were involved with The Black Keys. I was very impressed with this film because it was very interesting to watch. This is one of those films that you have to see to believe. I think that the Black Keys fans will be very satisfied with this film. Also, the film is very entertaining because you will be very interested in what the Black Keys do and how they do it.

Lauren photo

The movie is a good one, not one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It's the story of the bigfoot legend and the people who try to prove that he's real. It's very entertaining and it's very interesting to watch. I think it's a good movie that I would recommend to people. But I think that there are better documentaries out there. Like Bigfoot: The Legend of Sasquatch. It's a good movie, but it's a little bit different from this one. I think that this one is more interesting and it's better. It's a good movie. But the people who like the movie, don't know that they're watching the same movie.

Rose Beck photo
Rose Beck

I found this film to be a good representation of what it was like to be a young woman in the late 1940's. It shows the fact that if you were in a position of authority, you could make a difference. The film is very realistic and the characters are real. The film shows that it was a very turbulent time in America's history. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever had a close relationship with a family member or someone in their life.

Samuel photo

This film has a very nice sound track, and the cinematography is very well done. The film covers the history of the native American, and the effects of colonialism on the native people. I especially liked the music by the British, who made a great soundtrack for the film. I thought the director did a good job of portraying the documentary style of the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the history of the native Americans.

Thomas photo

As a kid I loved the story of the RSPB's annual bird count. My family was fortunate enough to go to the annual count on the first day of school in the summer of 1970. I have since seen the movie and have been able to appreciate the true beauty and majesty of the world's birds. The story of the RSPB's annual bird count is one that should be told. The film is a great example of what an informative film should be. It gives you a great story, great information, and great images. The film is beautifully made, the actors are great, and the editing is smooth. The story is powerful and well told. The characters are well developed. The actors are very good. The story is also very well told. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of birds, nature, or the outdoors. The film is a great example of how an informative movie should be made.

Harry Lopez photo
Harry Lopez

This documentary is well worth watching. It is about the plight of the world's birds and the efforts that are made to save them. It is well worth watching for the beautiful shots and the fact that the filmmakers have not used any stock footage. The narration by James Stewart is well done, and the documentary is well put together. The documentary was well put together and had a very good flow to it. The problem with the documentary was that it seemed to be a bit too long and a bit too focused on the plight of birds. The documentary is not only about the plight of birds, but it is also about the plight of the environment and the way that humans have managed to take over the world. The documentary is well put together and a great watch for those who want to learn more about the plight of birds and the ways that humans have been able to take over the world.

Melissa photo

I watched this documentary because I was familiar with the topic, and I was surprised to find that this topic is not talked about often. This documentary shows a documentary about the history of a particular bird. It is very different from the usual bird documentaries that are made. The director was able to show the history of the bird, and what happened to it, and the people who were involved in it. There were many interesting facts in this documentary, and I would recommend watching it.

Lisa Hernandez photo
Lisa Hernandez

A documentary film about the plight of the world's wildlife. The film is very well made, but that's not the whole story. The main reason I've watched it is because I'm a fan of the wildlife documentaries that I've seen. This one was also on the list, so I decided to give it a shot. I really enjoyed it. It's definitely a very interesting documentary. The main theme is the animals that are suffering. There's a lot of information on what is happening to them. The film is very informative. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves nature documentaries. It's definitely worth watching.

Larry Flores photo
Larry Flores

A bird lover's dream. This documentary was a breath of fresh air. I watched it on the night before I went on my first solo trip to Iceland. I had been looking forward to the trip for a while and was anxious to see the birds. This documentary did a fantastic job of showing the beauty of Iceland and the people who live there. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see Iceland.

Justin photo

A very short and simple film that is very well done. I saw it at the Sundance Film Festival and I was very impressed with the film. The only complaint I have about the film is that the actors are not particularly good actors, but it is a small criticism. The film was very well shot, and the cinematography was very good. It was also very well done. The acting was good, but the story is a bit weak. I think the film could have been a little bit longer and more focused on the characters. The characters were very well drawn out and were very well developed. The film could have been more focused on the characters and the story would have been better. The film also could have been better edited. Overall, a very good documentary film that is very well done. 8/10

Sarah Daniels photo
Sarah Daniels

This is a great documentary. It tells the story of the people who had to live the nightmare of the American Dream. The documentary is very informative. It shows you the lives of these people, their struggles, their hopes and their dreams. I think this is a documentary that should be shown in schools. I think that this documentary should be shown to every American. The documentary is very entertaining and entertaining is something that should be shown in every school.

Emily K. photo
Emily K.

I thought the documentary was very well done and gave a great insight into the process of the making of this film. The story is not the most interesting part of the film, but I was very impressed with the way the director used his subjects to tell his story. I especially liked the way he used the birds, especially the bird shot on the DVD. The way they were filmed and the way they were presented were very interesting and very well done. The documentaries he has done are very unique, and this one is no exception. I have to say, the man is a genius!

Matthew photo

I am a huge fan of the documentary series "The Great Bird Flu" and I was very happy to see the series get a new life on Netflix. The first thing I noticed was that the documentary was edited and very well edited, unlike the first two episodes of the series. The series did a great job of being a very personal look at the people involved with the flu. I found it very interesting to see the stories of people who were directly affected by the flu. It was also very interesting to see the different perspectives of different people. The documentary also had a very good feel to it, as it was very well shot and well edited. The editing was very good, and I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the flu and how it affected the people involved. I would also recommend this documentary to anyone who is a fan of the series, and who wants to learn more about the flu.

Andrea photo

A well-researched and insightful look at the plight of the animals in the wild. A good documentary for those who like to know what is happening to the animals. The film does not go into detail about the actual reasons for the loss of the animals. There are some great shots of the animals and some of the beautiful nature shots are fantastic. The film is based on a true story, but it does not tell the entire story. It is not a documentary about the animals, it is a documentary about the people who care for them. This is a good film to watch with the family. It is not the kind of film you want to watch when you are stressed out. You will not be disappointed.

Austin Spencer photo
Austin Spencer

I have been watching documentaries for many years and have been a fan of documentary since I was in school. I was very excited when I heard about this film and when I heard it was going to be made, I was really excited. This film is not perfect but it does show the problems that many people have in their daily lives and the things they have to work through. I really loved the documentary and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to see a different side to the human race.

Andrea photo

I'm not a "Birdie" fan, but this is a great documentary. It's a great documentary because it tells a story that is all too rare in our society. We need more films like this one. It's a must see.

Kyle photo

When I first saw the trailer for this documentary I was a bit skeptical about watching it, but I'm glad I did. This is a film about a famous, but very controversial, bird that is the symbol of the first Hawaiian state. A bird that is often associated with Hawaiian culture and identity. This documentary shows how the bird became a symbol of Hawaii's independence from the United States. The bird was named the "Hawaiian white" for its white feathers, and the bird became a symbol of the Hawaiian culture. I was expecting a documentary about the bird's life, and how it was used to represent the Hawaiian culture. I was very surprised to find that the documentary was also about the state of Hawaii's first bird, the white. The film also showed how the white became a symbol of Hawaii's independence from the United States. I found this documentary to be very informative and interesting. I was also surprised to see how the film was made, it was very well-made. I was also surprised to see how the documentary was shot, and how it was edited. It was very informative and entertaining. The documentary was very well-made, and the film was well-edited. It was very entertaining and informative. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the history of the Hawaiian independence movement. I think anyone would enjoy this documentary.

Tiffany Watson photo
Tiffany Watson

I have been a huge fan of David Attenborough's work for a long time, and after watching this documentary, I was absolutely thrilled. David takes the viewer on a journey through the world of wildlife. It is a beautiful, fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking journey, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves nature, and is willing to pay attention. I would also recommend that everyone who has seen this film also sees the film The Sea Wolf, which is a documentary about a wild cat that has a colony of over 100 in the area that is protected by the Sea Wolf Sanctuary in Wisconsin. The Sea Wolf is also a great film about nature and wildlife. I highly recommend this film for anyone who loves nature, and is willing to pay attention.

Kathleen photo

As a huge fan of this film, I have to admit that I'm not the best judge of the actual merits of this film. In the end, I really think that this film is a great movie and I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I thought that the film was really well done, I thought that the acting was very good, and I thought that the directing was very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of John Waters. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes independent films and independent films that are very different from the Hollywood films. If you are looking for a film that is an independent film, look no further. You will not be disappointed.

Cynthia photo

The book is a fascinating read, but the movie leaves out so much that I found really interesting. The story is a little too long and it feels like the film is just running out of time. It's a good story, but it could have been a little more in-depth. I really enjoyed the interviews with the people involved in the making of the film. I also loved the idea of filming in two different time periods. I really hope that the film is as good as the book.

Heather Munoz photo
Heather Munoz

I just got back from the film festival in Santa Cruz, CA. I was blown away by the quality of the film and the diversity of the audience. It was a great way to get the message of the film across. I went with a couple of friends and we both agreed that we would go again. This was the first film that we have seen that we felt we needed to go back to. We will be going again and will be recommending it to friends and family.

Kathryn Rios photo
Kathryn Rios

A fascinating, if occasionally disturbing, documentary that examines the problems of the juvenile justice system in the United States. It is an attempt to "see" what is happening in the justice system and why we have it. The documentary focuses on juvenile offenders, and how the justice system works in this case. It also examines the attitudes of the juvenile justice system and what it means to be a child in the justice system. There are some very disturbing images that are not shown in the movie, and some of the questions that are asked by the interviewees are quite disturbing. The film is very well done, and I enjoyed it very much.

Evelyn Beck photo
Evelyn Beck

The only reason I would recommend this documentary to anyone is to help people understand that there is a way to actually experience nature without having to make a big sacrifice or have a whole lot of time on your hands. I could never get past the "I'm making this movie" mindset. It was so ingrained in me, I could only get close to the point where I was talking about how I didn't want to be wasting my time. So the movie was good, but I felt it was really lacking the level of authenticity that is necessary to have a true documentary. There were a few parts where I had to look away from the screen, because I couldn't look at the stars on the screen. There were a few times when the camera was in a point of view that didn't even seem to be pointing at the stars, but I suppose that's part of the nature of photography. I found myself not trusting my eyes, or ears, as to whether I was seeing the stars or not. The best advice I could give to people would be to be open to new experiences and to take the time to see something new, whether it is nature or a new film. That's my recommendation. I just don't understand how people can find it hard to believe that nature could be this real.

George Kim photo
George Kim

The truth of life is a beautiful thing, it is true to life and if we have lived in this life we would be able to identify with it and feel a connection to it. We would find out how much we have lost in the journey to be able to live a life that we truly love. For me, life is much more than what I have in front of me. It is much more than what I have to put up with. I have many life goals and aspirations that I hope to achieve but most of all I want to have the ability to love someone and feel that connection with them. This film illustrates that the real struggle of our lives is how we identify with our relationships. How much are we willing to give and how much are we willing to receive. We are not in control of the relationships but we have control over our lives. The film gives an insight into what it would be like to experience a very real relationship and the things that we find attractive about that relationship. What are we willing to give and receive and what do we really get from it? The story is a great reflection of how we should think about our relationships. It is a great way to understand the differences between love and feelings and to have a real discussion about what love means.

Nicholas Grant photo
Nicholas Grant

A wonderful film that looks at some very important issues facing the birds and the people who are caring for them. Most of the footage was from a birding trip, but the director had access to some other birding trips, which added to the overall picture. I liked the way the film was made and was happy to see that the filmmakers did not have a special effects budget to draw on. The views were quite beautiful, and the writing was thorough and interesting. The cameraman/director's use of sound, color, and shadows were excellent. I was reminded of how they made the Birdmen in Braveheart. The birding footage was at times quite graphic, but it was not too much. I appreciated the discussions and arguments made by both sides, and the insight into the people who were engaged in the effort. I felt this film was very balanced and balanced perspectives were presented, with the message being heard, not only on the birds themselves, but also in relation to what is happening in the world. The film did a good job in showing the many different ways the human race can take advantage of wildlife. The ending was quite surprising, although I wasn't expecting it. Overall, I highly recommend this film.

Louis B. photo
Louis B.

This is a great movie about the history of the Allied POWs in the Pacific, and the tragedy that followed the war. I can't imagine any other movie about POWs and their treatment that would have been better than this. This movie is very informative and touching. I was surprised at the number of inaccuracies, such as the number of Japanese in the prison camp. However, I don't think that would be a problem for the general public. I believe that the movie was filmed fairly well and the acting was good. I think the film is well worth seeing.

Kevin Webb photo
Kevin Webb

The movie is very interesting and informative, the thing I like the most is that it gives an impression about the history of the park. The movie is not showing every detail about the history of the park. It is showing a small part of the history. A film like that would be impossible to do.

Russell photo

i was shocked at the "fake news" from news organizations. Most of the people who wrote reviews about this film were probably influenced by the fact that its supposedly talking about Obama. Which is fine. However, if you're gonna talk about Obama, then they should at least try to present the actual facts of his administration. That's not to say that they didn't, or that it wasn't pretty scary and depressing to see what was going on in this country. The only problem I had with the film was the ending. After watching the film, I kept thinking to myself "I'm so glad this was just the beginning. Then I will be able to enjoy this film for what it was." Sadly, this film ended up being much worse than what I was expecting. I could understand if the ending was more uplifting and inspirational, but when I looked at the next film that was supposed to be in the same vein, and it was titled "Let's Make America Great Again" I thought, "well, that was an awful title." In conclusion, I am not sure if I would recommend this film, or if I should have waited for it to come out on DVD.

Henry P. photo
Henry P.

Not long ago, I read a study done on how people perceive animals. This study showed how people make judgments on animals based on what they see and what they hear. Animals are seen and heard in a very stereotyped manner. This movie shows how people in the United States do the same thing. People would classify animals in such a way as to make a picture of an animal and when it came to making a judgement, this is how they would think of an animal. You would not go into a grocery store and say "oh, I like that one.I will probably like that one." People would just categorize it as a cat or a dog or a fish. This movie also showed how people would categorize animals based on looks. This movie shows that people would look at an animal based on looks. I think that most people that watch this movie would agree that this is a good movie, because it shows how people in the United States see animals and that is what makes this movie so good. Overall, this movie is very well done and well worth watching.

Roy photo

This is a great film for anyone interested in the environment, history, and the workings of the business. While the film focuses on the oil industry and its impact on the environment, it also covers many other industries and industries that have had an impact on the environment, including the chemical industry, the plastics industry, and the steel industry. The film does an excellent job of showing the effects of these industries on the environment and human health, and it does a good job of presenting the facts. I have to agree with the other reviewer that the narration is a bit confusing. However, it does provide a good overview of the film and provides a good summary of the history of the film. The narration is also a great example of why documentaries are so popular, and why we need them to provide information on topics that are often hard to find. While I am not a fan of the narration, I think that it is done in a very effective way that makes the film seem more real. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

Benjamin photo

A rather surprising movie to see that's about birds. A documentary about the shooting of the Boston Red Sox. The film is about a bunch of Boston Red Sox fans who have been paying tribute to the Red Sox for a year. The film is great to see the footage, the reactions from the people, the history of the Red Sox, and how the fans have reacted to the film. The actors in the film are great, especially Anna Kendrick, who is fantastic. Also a great performance is by Matt Damon, who plays one of the Red Sox fans. The actors all did a good job. The documentary itself is a bit dull and the interviews are mostly uninteresting. The final thing that I really liked about the film is that it shows a lot of footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series, the baseball players, the Boston Red Sox fans, the fans that are worried that their team will not make it. The Red Sox fans have great memories of the Red Sox, especially the fans that are part of the Red Sox family. Overall, the movie is a good documentary about the Red Sox and their fans, and it's a good documentary about the Boston Red Sox.

Lori Wallace photo
Lori Wallace

This is a very good documentary about a species of bird, the red knot. It was made by a BBC documentary crew and it was a lot of work and research. I have no idea how this film got so much publicity but it is very good. The first half is a great overview of the film and the various methods they used to catch the bird. The second half is the footage of the bird being captured. This is just amazing. The footage is really good, you see the full effect of the camera when they are filming. And the bird, its stunning. I am really pleased with this film and look forward to watching it again. The DVD is really good and I think the extras would be very useful. There is a really good sound track and it is very short so you don't have to be in a hurry to get to the end of the film.

Joe photo

I saw this movie and was very pleasantly surprised. I knew this was going to be a drama, but I was not expecting it to be this well-made. It was done in a way that is very documentary-like, without being boring or slow. Some may call it too long, but it really isn't. It's just about a handful of people that knew someone who was going to die, and knew what they would be doing. It does get to the point a bit too quickly, but overall, it's very compelling. I think the people in this movie did an amazing job in the story, and the music was great. The performances are also very well done. It is a great movie to see, and I would definitely recommend it.

Melissa Schultz photo
Melissa Schultz

The discovery of a curious bird in the desert is only the beginning of this moving story of a struggling group of scientists and others who investigate a dead body found in the desert. By the time the group has finished their research and the lead scientist has been diagnosed with cancer, they must keep the animal in the desert and find a way to return it to its home. This moving story is about a group of people and how they are affected by the death of a bird. This movie is like no other. The film has such a touching story and is perfect for any family to watch. The fact that the story is based on a real event is one of the greatest parts of this movie. The documentary style of the movie is also incredible and makes you feel like you are part of the investigation. A special mention must be made of the soundtrack. This film is based on a true story, so when the soundtrack is used in such a way, you can't help but be moved by it. It has a soul and makes you feel the pain of the people in the movie. The film is amazing and is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Brenda G. photo
Brenda G.

I am a family and wildlife enthusiast. I have researched many wildlife conservation topics in my time. And, I have read this book from start to finish. I have only two criticism. 1) The main characters are some of the worst characters ever created. This really happens in the movie. They are weak, stupid and ignorant. If you are looking for a documentary, then this is not the movie for you. If you want to learn about wildlife, then this is the movie for you. 2) The reviewers and reviewers' reviews give the movie a 1 or a 2. This is not fair to the movie and the readers of the book. In my opinion, this book deserves a 10. This movie deserves a 10. I think it deserves a 10! This movie has so many things going for it. I don't agree with what some people are saying about it, but I also don't agree with what they are saying about it. I give it a 10 and will continue to enjoy it. I will also continue to watch it over and over. I am not against the actors. I think that they did a great job. The film really reflects the characters well. It really gives a glimpse into the life of a predator. This is not a movie about wildlife conservation. I have read the book and have enjoyed it as well. I will always remember the ending and what it means to a predator. My favorite part is when the leader of the group finds a bag of prey, and he is thinking about it. It's an amazing moment and he shows that he has thought about his prey. He doesn't feel threatened. It's a good look into how he feels when he has to decide whether or not to do something. The main character doesn't even realize how much he is in love with his prey. He just feels attached to it. This is an amazing scene in the movie and the other two scenes are awesome. I really don't understand why people are complaining about it. I understand why people are complaining. They just don't understand the meaning of the movie. There are many other movies out there that don't do that.

Joyce H. photo
Joyce H.

I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is a very good documentary that delves into the human impact of climate change. It is very well done. It is important to note that it is not a "consensus" documentary, and it is not a "slant" documentary. It is a balanced look at the scientific facts. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the topic. I believe that it is a very accurate and well done documentary. It is definitely worth watching.

Kelly photo

This documentary on the role of Michael Moore in the climate movement of the 1980s (a period that he seemed to be personally involved in, if for the reasons you see in the film), should be required viewing for anyone who has ever thought about the issue of the environment. It is certainly worth a look for those who are interested in that particular issue. On the flip side, it is extremely informative on the very wide variety of subjects that this documentary covers. There is an excellent amount of information about the issues of the 1980s in general, and climate change specifically, and the information on that subject is presented with all the same seriousness as it is on the issues of the past. In other words, if you think you are just interested in the issues of the past, you'll probably be very surprised at what this documentary offers. I found it to be extremely well done and a very worthwhile movie for any true climate change fan.

Michael C. photo
Michael C.

People are not being completely truthful in this review. The film was quite a revelation. The book was written by a young girl. Her story was told in a slightly different way than in the film. The story is about how much she struggled to be accepted by her family and herself. It was inspiring. It was also heartbreaking. A young girl should never have to feel so alone. She should be given an opportunity to be seen as a 'normal' person, rather than just as an individual who has some problems. This film also shows the connection between different cultures, and the struggles of them all. The children were well-behaved, and the adults were very kind and kind-hearted, and with an open heart. The director is a girl, and her story is very touching. I can only hope that this film will inspire others to stand up and be counted for what they have to contribute. 8/10

Patrick photo

The Wall Street Journal has an article about a couple of members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra performing in Cuba and describing the atmosphere and emotions they felt while doing so. This is a very good movie, that anyone should see. If you are a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, then see it.

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

I have been to the National Parks a few times, but this is the first time I have been to the Grand Canyon. I am very familiar with the Grand Canyon and it has been a part of my life since I was very young. The film was well done and had a good flow. The interviews with the people who lived there and their stories were very interesting. The movie also showed the effects of the big oil companies on the Grand Canyon. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the Grand Canyon and the effects that the oil companies have had on the park. I also recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the history of the Grand Canyon. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Shirley photo

This film is a journey through the life of a new found bird. This bird was rescued and brought to a sanctuary where she was to be bred and raised. In her care, the viewers are invited into her life and learn about her. The viewer will learn more about the challenges of caring for a wild bird, the support of the director, and how she was able to bring her wild spirit back to her nest. For the first time ever, I watched a film on a wild bird and she was able to live out the dream of her owners and bring her self to the nest. All in all, a very uplifting film that will make you feel good about yourself and the planet. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film about a new found bird. This is one bird that is worth it.

Larry E. photo
Larry E.

In my opinion, this documentary is a must see. It is an excellent look at the life of a bird that I have never seen before. It is not a documentary about the bird, but about the people that care for the bird. The footage is very well done, and the story is told in a very realistic way. The documentary is told from the perspective of the people who love the bird and the people who love to see the bird. The people who care for the bird also are interviewed and are interviewed in detail. The bird is treated with respect, and the people who care for the bird are treated with respect. It is very moving to see the things that happen to the bird, and also the people that care for the bird. I highly recommend it.