Steam Todos queremos a alguien

Todos queremos a alguien

Todos queremos a alguien is a movie starring Karla Souza, José María Yazpik, and Ben O'Toole. A successful and single career woman asks her co-worker to pose as her boyfriend at a family wedding back home in Mexico. Her situation...

Other Titles
Todo Mundo Ama Alguém, Everybody Loves Somebody, Mindenki szeret valakit
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
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Comedy, Romance
Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Karla Souza, José María Yazpik, Alejandro Camacho, Ben O'Toole
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

On the surface, Clara Barron seems to have it all: a job as an OB-GYN; a great house in LA; and a loving family. But, the one thing Clara doesn't have figured out is her love life. Pressured by a family wedding in Mexico, Clara asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend for the weekend festivities,- only to be caught by surprise when her ex- boyfriend (and family favorite) suddenly shows up after disappearing from her life completely. Torn, Clara must decide between going back to the past or open her heart to new and unexpected possibilities.

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Brenda S. photo
Brenda S.

This movie is excellent, it's a lot better than I expected. A lot of what makes this movie great is because it isn't a straight-forward romantic comedy. It has all of the drama, that we have all seen in movies. It also has a lot of humor, that we have all seen in movies. But the funniest part of the movie is the music, which was the best part of the movie. Every scene has a certain number of different musical pieces, and the ones that get the most attention are the ones that were written by the cast members. The music was perfect, the pieces all fit together, and I especially liked the one that was played during the credits. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies. This movie will keep you entertained for hours, and then laugh for the rest of the day. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Anna Hayes photo
Anna Hayes

A lot of people don't like this movie because of it's last 2 minutes. A bit of an overkill there. It's almost like they just need to show the 3rd part of the movie. I have the DVD and the movie still stands as one of my favorite Mexican movies. It's definitely one of my top 10, but if I didn't already own it, I definitely would own it. It's one of those movies you know is going to be good, but you just don't know what it is. I highly recommend this movie. If you are a fan of "Cloverfield" or any other "horror" movie, I highly recommend this one. I am, and I do mean extremely. 10/10

Jeremy R. photo
Jeremy R.

We saw this film at a film festival in Canada. I saw it on DVD and was glad that the subtitles are pretty good, since I was unable to understand a few words. My only gripe is that the scene at the end of the film that was shown on the DVD version was a bit awkward. I think they should have cut that part out. Otherwise, it's an excellent movie that I would recommend to anyone. I highly recommend seeing it!

Hannah photo

The story, in a nutshell, is about a young man who wants to break free of the confines of his small town, to make a name for himself in a big city. We follow him from childhood, through puberty, through adolescence and finally to his eventual marriage. The town where he lives is a picture of the Midwest, with a solid majority of English people and a significant number of Native Americans. The Indian characters in this film are simply all over the map. Some are so clearly caricatures of Native Americans that it is hard to believe they are actors. Others are obviously Native Americans, or are the product of some type of Native American culture, such as the small family who have no kids. The humor is scattered throughout the film, and the most original jokes are not really jokes at all. Most of the jokes fall into the common denominator of being stereotyped and using stereotypical language, such as "put on a turban". But there are a few laughs where the material is really smart and clever, such as when the young boy is asked to make a big statement in front of the whole town. This film is a fun, lighthearted look at a familiar theme, but at the same time it is a very clever film. In the beginning, the film seems to be about a child, and the writers and director don't seem to have any problem making that obvious. The big problem is that the other characters don't seem to have much to do in the story. All the main characters have no real purpose, and while some of them do make some interesting observations, most of them are forgettable. So what do we have left? We have a couple of real characters, but most of them have little to do, and are so forgettable that they don't really add much. The other characters are basically just some random people we have never heard of. The cinematography is great, and the music is the best thing about the film. The score is such a unique and well composed piece of music, that you can tell that it was a lot of work to produce it. And while I would prefer to see a film with a little more thought put into it, The Boys from Oklahoma, is a very good movie. It is an oddity in a sea of strange things, and it is very enjoyable. If you like a quirky film, with some unique characters, and a good story, then you should check this out. It's definitely worth a watch.

Grace photo

I think this movie is brilliant. From the start to the end you feel you are right there with the characters, in the kitchen, the bed, and on the bed. You never get bored of watching the film. It's a real feel good movie. I think the directors have made a good work with this movie. It is definitely not a movie for people who want an "intelligent" movie. It's also not a movie for people who hate drama. The actors and actresses are great and I hope that they will make a lot more movies. I'm very pleased with this movie, and I hope that the people who made this movie will make more movies like this. Thank you for reading and good luck in your future work

Diana photo

The film is not always as good as the books it is based on. In the two books the portrayal of the characters is very different from the film. But this difference is part of the charm of the film. It is the way of the film that really makes it interesting. The plot is more complicated and there is much more that is not in the book. This is the way I think the film should be done. It is a romantic comedy with a lot of action and excitement. The film is really about our love for food. As a movie it is not perfect but as a film it is really good.

Nathan photo

One of my favorite movie of all time. I never really understood what the hell it was about until I watched it a few days ago. The first time I saw it, I thought it was just some silly chick-flick, but it really isn't. In fact, it's a wonderful drama with some truly sad moments, some great lines, and wonderful performances. I think this movie has a special place in my heart. Even now, I find it hard to forget it. I recommend it to anyone who likes to think a little and has some time to kill. I'd give it an A.

Evelyn photo

It's a shame that my husband and I had to endure a five-minute snippet of this movie before we realized it was just a selection from a four-hour long movie. We just didn't see the whole thing. However, we did watch the entire thing. And we loved it! I had the distinct feeling, when I first saw the previews, that I was watching a really bad sci-fi movie. But after the first half hour or so, I really did start liking it. It's definitely one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. (I didn't laugh nearly as much as I did when I saw "Naked Gun", which is a very similar film.) The other thing that made it more enjoyable was that the acting was actually pretty good, not just the leads. The supporting actors were pretty good, too, and it really shows. So in summary, if you've never seen a movie with a better cast than the ones in this movie, I would definitely recommend seeing it. I hope to see it again soon.

Juan Payne photo
Juan Payne

I love it! "On the road" was a great movie to start the first night of my birthday. I had fun with it. I had lots of laughs. There were lots of romantic moments. There were funny and interesting dialogs. It was a lot of fun. I have watched it 10 times, so far. The same "Zorro" thing. The same "fucking a fool" jokes. And the same "dicey" humor. It's a movie I watch every year, I think. I will watch it again when I go on my vacation. I love it!

Katherine Green photo
Katherine Green

This is the type of movie that makes you feel good. The way it deals with the situation of trying to decide whether to be a couple, it is very funny. I love that this movie depicts that it is possible to be with your life partner, but at the same time also let yourself be free, and that there are some difficulties that have to be overcome. And the cast is perfect, so many actors that you know. I recommend this movie for anyone who wants to be reminded of the way it is possible to be with a life partner.

Kelly Peterson photo
Kelly Peterson

There is one particular scene that I can't get out of my head. I found myself in the very same mental state the night I watched this movie. And it is that exact moment when I realized that I have seen every film of Pedro Almodovar and no more. I am a big fan of Almodovar, his movies, and the way he presents his characters. This movie, especially, he is great at that. He creates characters that are believable, yet different from the rest. This film is no exception. This film is filled with all kinds of humor and delightful characters. Some of the characters you can relate to and laugh with. Others you will immediately be attracted to. The fact that this film can have so many subplots and plot lines makes it very interesting. There is a romance and a comedy that is very well done. I give this movie an A+. Pedro Almodovar has made another movie that I absolutely love. This movie is the same style as Almodovar's previous films. But this time he goes all out. I can't wait to see what he has to do next. I give this movie a 9/10.

Keith H. photo
Keith H.

Being a Salvadoran born in the 1970's, I was excited to see this film because I know a lot of the people that are in it. I found it to be a fantastic film. I would say that it is a comedy and a drama. It's a very light and fun film that is very enjoyable to watch. The cast is perfect and they make it really seem like it is real. This is a film that I would highly recommend to any Salvadoran and anyone that is looking for a light romantic comedy. If you have ever been to El Salvador, it is very similar to New York and it is like El Salvador. It is very similar in the way that they have their political unrest. It's very similar to that and it shows it is very similar to New York. They have different kinds of gangs that go through political unrest and the director did a very good job of showing how it is different. I have never been to El Salvador but I know a lot of people that have. I think it is very accurate in the way that it portrays El Salvador. It is a very different country and the director did a great job of showing it. It is a very good film and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Frank Riley photo
Frank Riley

The black humor of American movies is on the whole very funny, but this movie is very good in that it doesn't waste time with vulgarity, puns, or general silly humor. It doesn't need it. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful, with its sunsets and ocean scenes. It's the best I've seen all year. The music is very good, and the film is very well directed, with nice editing and the camera just hanging around everywhere. The movie is very short, and in that way it's not a great movie. The main problem with it is that it has a very slow pace, and it's a shame that the movie doesn't get more out of the characters, and they're not very likable. The ending is very emotional, but that's a shame because it would have made the movie much better. It's just too short. I'm giving it an eight, but it's more like a nine. If you like movies like American Beauty, or even American Pie, you'll probably like this movie.

Alexander photo

In the Netherlands, the films that work are usually directed by the native artist. You could have done a better job if you weren't Dutch. In this case, I would like to know how the movie is directed and filmed, because it was so beautiful, and I would like to see the other films made by the directors, too. Well, it is worth it to have this little personal contact. I have always been fascinated by "Sunny West". It is about a man who decides to leave his job and change his life. He starts with an internship, and after a long time, he gets a job as a driver. He meets a woman, but after a little time, he leaves her and becomes the driver. There is a wonderful scene when he gets a call from a friend of his. He answers it, but his friend's tone tells him to go home. But he does not go home, he returns to his friend. After a long time, he is asked by his friend to drive him to his friend's place, so he starts to drive, and in the end, he returns to his friend's place. The film is about a young man's life. The only thing is, that it is not for everyone, especially for some people. If you are used to think, it is hard to understand, because the film is too much for the viewer, to understand. But I think that you have to be a person to be able to understand it. I am not sure if this film is for everybody, but I think it is for everybody. It is good to have a little contact with the Netherlands. And I can't wait to see the other films that the director made.

Jeremy photo

I don't get it. I love that film so much, and I know all of the characters. But why do I feel like a child? Is it the very last scene? Or the last 10 minutes? Or the last 2 minutes? Or the last 20 minutes? I don't know. This film is absolutely brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it, you won't regret it. But if you have, you're going to love it, too.

Keith N. photo
Keith N.

This movie is absolutely fantastic. What is so great about this movie is that it doesn't have to do with sex, violence, or anything else that would give you the urge to stop watching this movie and walk out of the cinema. This movie just has one thing on its mind, the desire of a young woman to discover what her life was like before she had sex, and by the end of the movie, she decides to have sex with her boyfriend and the result is a movie that everyone would love. If you like romances, you should watch this movie.

Billy photo

This is not an epic film like Titanic, The Fifth Element or even Citizen Kane. It's more like a fast paced musical. Like a fast paced Italian melodrama. The main character has an identity crisis and she's basically looking for her soul mate. On her search she meets several people and falls in love with one of them, but it's more complicated than that. This film has a dark but beautiful feel to it, it's funny and romantic. It has it all, it has great music, beautiful cinematography, excellent performances, good acting and a plot that moves in an unexpected way. It's so different from all the other films I've seen in the past. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who likes love stories or anything that is not for kids.

Marilyn photo

As usual, the cast is top notch. The writing is solid, with enough humour to keep the audience engaged. I think the only downside to the film is that it's a little too predictable for its own good. That's the downside of almost all romantic comedies, so that's something to bear in mind. To end, I'd say, try it out. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're in the mood for a light, warm and witty romantic comedy, then this is for you.

Alice photo

This is one of the best Mexican films I've seen in recent times. The screenplay is original and there are a number of surprising moments in the film. The movie has a unique cast and I think they all fit the part of the characters very well. The main characters are played by Eliana Malo and Maribel Verdu. The actors are well matched for the parts and they both play their roles very well. The story is set in rural Mexico in the 1930s, in a small town that is slowly dying due to the lack of water. The movie has a very interesting plot and the characters and their emotions are very realistic. The characters all have their own personal conflicts and I think it makes for a very interesting and emotional film. The film has a lot of comedy and there are several funny moments in the movie. There are a number of scenes that are completely unexpected and make for a great laugh. I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it to any fan of Mexican cinema.

Julie Fields photo
Julie Fields

I found it very interesting and really good. It's a very simple and really great story. I liked the soundtrack. I like the way it shows the life of a young couple. The way the couple looks at each other in different light, light in which they are very loving and together. They have their own special way to express themselves. And the way they feel in their own way. Very well made, very interesting and realistic. There are a lot of parts that are quite nice. It's an interesting and real movie. And a very funny one too. It's very romantic and makes you think about the way you love and how it's a wonderful way to express yourself. And the way they're going to change the world. But it's very important and the way they change the world, the way they make the world a better place, it's just wonderful and really great.

Jason Oliver photo
Jason Oliver

While I had high hopes for this film, I was disappointed. Although this movie is essentially a comedy, the joke isn't on the audience. It's on them. Although this is not an action film, the plot is an example of one that should be studied. However, although the film is a comedy, the plot is very important to the plot of the film, and this is a major problem. The plot is so complex that it's impossible to watch the film without a mental note of where the film is going. As a result, I find it hard to fully enjoy the film. But the first time I watched this film, I was totally lost in the film and it made me think about the film and the problem with the film.

Jeremy A. photo
Jeremy A.

I liked this film, but it's definitely not for everyone. I found the first hour or so, although beautiful, a little bit slow. I didn't really like the music, except for the main theme, which sounded good, but not very memorable. Overall, I liked the film and I think that there's a lot of potential for a sequel. This is a movie that I would love to see again, but not a movie that I can see many times. The film doesn't rely on fancy camera angles, fast-moving action, or a lot of special effects. The story is simple, but a good one. The acting is not spectacular. I don't think that the actors really know what they're doing. The characters aren't too interesting, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. The only character that I really cared about was the main character. I could see that he was really trying to come up with a decent script, but the script is not that great. It's a movie that will entertain you, but it's not a movie that will change your life. If you are someone that likes romantic comedies and are looking for a good, simple, but decent movie to watch, this is a movie that you should definitely check out. It's not a film that I'd recommend to people that are looking for something more than a typical romantic comedy. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you like romantic comedies and like the type of movie that will appeal to you, I think you'll like it. I give it a 9/10.

Madison photo

Carnaval's Benoit Simoneau is an essential part of this wonderful movie. The hilarious dialogue he delivers in the beginning is some of the most funniest I've ever heard in a movie. I can't wait to see him in more movies. What a talent!

Jose Bradley photo
Jose Bradley

If you have not seen any of the movies of Julia Solon, which are all directed by Luis Salazar, be sure to go and see them. They are all very different from each other, yet they all contain one very interesting idea: that of love. (Two examples: "Carol" with Julie Delpy and "Florence Foster Jenkins") Julia Solon takes a "feel-good" approach to her films, which can lead one to think that her movies are just about a woman's obsession with finding the best man and settling down with him. However, with "A Queer Romance", she brings out an even deeper theme: that of how a woman is supposed to find the ideal man. And how can she do that if she is unhappy with him? "A Queer Romance" is a beautiful movie, which even the very young can appreciate. Solon is always delightful to watch and her acting is wonderful, and she is in her best form as a star. What is even more interesting is how she reflects her current situation. After a rough day at work, she takes a walk in the park. One of the young people there offers to drive her home to her small hometown in the country, and she accepts. There she meets a kind and handsome young man, with whom she starts a relationship. (They meet and fall in love and they have a daughter together. It is a touching story, although the ending is ambiguous.) Her film is also very funny. She has a unique way of moving from scene to scene, and the result is a very entertaining movie. One thing which I always enjoyed about Julia Solon is that she has a good sense of humour. When her movies do not move the story along at the pace it needs, she knows how to bring a smile to one's face. However, it is also very difficult to watch her movies if you do not know the voice of the actress, because Solon's voice is often very different from what you expect. "A Queer Romance" is also very talented in her directing, because she knows how to put a "feel good" atmosphere to the movie. It is a very natural film-making style and I really liked it. Perhaps because of this, I was somewhat disappointed when I realized that Julia Solon's next film is the forgettable "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". But I still think that this is her best film to date. I hope that she does not forget about this. In fact, I hope that she does not fall back on the mistakes she has made with this film and chooses to make the better film she deserves. If you are a fan of Julia Solon, and you have not yet seen "A Queer Romance", I strongly recommend that you go and see it.

Robert R. photo
Robert R.

This is one of the best romantic comedies of the 90's. The main plot involves Helen (Laura Fonda) who after being dumped by her boyfriend turns to her family for help. Eliza (Samantha Mathis) meets her family for the first time and she feels better than ever. And she starts to take care of the house and gets a new boyfriend, José (Mario Andretti), who is more of an oddball than a guy who actually likes her. But the problem is that Helen's family are kind of snobby and Spanish-Americans. The cast is great. The supporting cast is really good. And the comedy is really funny and the chemistry between Fonda and Mathis is great. It's a wonderful movie about family and people who don't want to leave each other. I definitely recommend this movie.

Madison K. photo
Madison K.

I thought this movie was wonderful! It was fun, entertaining, and a great romantic comedy. The characters were interesting and entertaining. I liked the actors who played them and the movie itself. I think it is a great movie for everyone. I would recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies and thinks that it is a good movie.

Diana photo

El brillo del nino, De La Riquez, El Cid del Crimenor, Don Elio A Martinez, San Francisco. Great comedies, made in El Paso, at that time that made me visit the Old Town. Well, I am trying to find out whether the screenplay was written by Benito de la Torre and Cesar Vargas. Also, I have a great memory of my visits to El Paso. In this film, "El brillo del nino" was a rude man, a famous Mexican celebrity, who started a beautiful and funny relationship with a widow, a woman who was a widow herself, who looked like an opera singer, a model, and who moved the fame of El Nino and everything around the world with her beauty. There is no doubt that Benito de la Torre wrote the screenplay. His screenplay is the basic book of this film. The dialogue in this screenplay is absolutely wonderful. His screenplay is the basis of the screenplay. Also, a few scenes in this screenplay are the basis of the dialogues in this film. And you have to say that this is one of the best comedies ever made, it is a masterpiece. This is a Mexican Hollywood. When it was being shot in El Paso, Benito de la Torre was standing in a giant circle. The scene is extremely amusing. And you should see this picture because it is one of the best comedies ever made.

Eugene Stewart photo
Eugene Stewart

I saw this film at the Rio Film Festival and was thoroughly impressed. The film is a very interesting and unpredictable mix of humor and drama. The script is very well written and the cast is absolutely great. The film was very well acted, especially by the young actors. It's a shame that it didn't get more recognition. The film is a bit slow in places and I think that it could have been a bit shorter, but it was definitely worth the wait. If you have time, definitely see this film.

Frank photo

Despite the stiff dialogue, this is one of the funniest films I have ever seen. The new guy is the doctor, but it's really a spoof of Italian culture. The doctor is trying to steal the face of a famous lady's friend, and is really desperate. The doctor's flatmate is also a bit annoying and helps him to take her place. The plot is very original, and there is nothing in it but comedy. I found it so funny that I have watched it over and over again. I think this film is much better than the Pianist.

Joshua H. photo
Joshua H.

An amusing movie about a twenty-something woman who is pregnant and pregnant and pregnant, so she goes to a night school and is treated like a freak. The scene when she is having the baby in the hospital is really funny. The movie is also about a woman who has to marry and has to start a new life. The movie is a great mixture of humor and drama. I really liked the scene where she is in the hospital and she gets the nickname "the poor man's man" and the scene where she is going to go to the wedding. It was really funny to see her and the baby. I really liked the movie.

Sarah Porter photo
Sarah Porter

The scenario of a young woman coming to terms with her sexuality is unusual for an Oscar winner. But the film is well cast, well directed, well played and well written, and the story as a whole is far more than anything I would have expected from a woman's magazine. The relationships between characters are well depicted, including, however, the relationship between Nancy Sinatra and Alfred Molina. I do not find Molina's character a very interesting one. He is merely a bump in the road that has to be quickly forgotten and the movie ends with a promise to be remembered by future generations. In this regard, this is one of the better films of recent years, and I commend the cast and crew for a film that, while flawed and lacking in depth, is compelling and is very watchable.

Jennifer Miller photo
Jennifer Miller

This film has a very simple plot but is so engaging and full of drama and wit that it is a movie that you can watch over and over. It is a very good movie for a rainy day and a relaxing evening. I really liked this movie and would recommend it to everyone. The cast is fantastic, including Julia Ormond, who plays the mother. She has a great performance and has a lot of depth to her character. The other actors and actresses do very well in their roles, and the script is very good. I think that this is a very good film for everyone to watch and enjoy. I would highly recommend this movie.

Adam photo

As a student of English literature, I had read the young adult novel the film was based on. It was a highly perceptive work about both the importance of conformity and the perils of escaping. The young adults had many of the same concerns. Of course, when young adults speak like that, young adults can get lost in a sea of other voices. So I always liked the film. It was a very funny film about the pitfalls of the teen. I'm still bitter about it.

Anthony photo

What we have here is the result of a long, long, long and tedious adaptation of a great novel by the great Spanish writer, Oscar Wilde. It would be no great crime, if this adaptation actually ended up as a good one. In all its glory. As a great novel. As an adaptation. It is one of the great novels of the 20th century. There is no doubt that if you are a great fan of Wilde (like myself) you will love this adaptation. In all it is well done, although the story is not at all what it was supposed to be. Although some actors are good (like anyone from the cast) it does not make a difference. The idea is here, however, is not the best idea. The last third of the story is something that you cannot find in most adaptations of the Wilde novel, and is not the best, but at least good enough to keep you interested. There is a lot of unexpected humor in here, which may be charming, but usually do not work. The story is simply too slow to be very interesting, and the ending is a little far-fetched. Nevertheless, the ideas of the novel, and of the movie, make up for the lack of anything that could be considered a surprise ending. I must admit that this movie has a very good soundtrack, but a terrible soundtrack, too. For those who liked the original, there is a score of the old songs, some new songs, a few new adaptations, and some re-interpretations. As a result, there are two versions of the soundtrack. One from the book, and one from the movie. If you are a fan of the original, this is a must. Otherwise, go for the movie version. For those who were not fans of the original, this is a great way to see the novel, without the stress that is required to make it into a film. If you have not read the novel, then watch the movie, you will understand the differences when you see it. * out of *

Austin R. photo
Austin R.

After seeing this movie in a foreign cinema I was astonished by the fact that it is an absolutely amazing movie. I think that it's a must see movie and I think that you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I also love the movie's beautiful soundtrack, which also includes an amazing composition by the composer of the movie's original music. So I recommend this movie to all lovers of Brazilian cinema, and to anyone who has seen this movie, you will not regret.

Beverly photo

The title of the film I would like to mention in this review, is "A girl can't help herself." You see it at the beginning of the film, in the language of "A girl can't help herself." I mean, in every cultural and/or class setting you will have a Filipino girl who is the subject of that line. Okay, let's talk about the movie. The movie was a pleasant surprise. First of all, the colors were vibrant and lively, the story line was fairly well written and well presented, the acting was very good and not distractive. The director did a great job to bring in a wider audience. Second, the casting was very good. No actor seemed out of place or not needed. Also, the entire film has a charm that makes it an enjoyable movie. The cast was especially well selected. The screenplay was well thought out and acted by all the actors and actresses. And finally, the directing was very good. It was very smooth and easy to follow. All in all, the acting and the writing were very good and worth a watch.

Scott Kelley photo
Scott Kelley

This movie was sooo cute! It has a sweet romance and a silly, hilarious and fun ending. I especially liked the ending, I didn't expect it to be so sweet. I think this movie is a little different from the other romance movies I've seen, but it's a good one. I highly recommend this movie!

Jacqueline V. photo
Jacqueline V.

This is a good and entertaining movie. A young boy named Diego is given an assignment to play the part of a princess. The queen gives him a horse, a cute animal, so he can be the best in the kingdom. Diego is not happy with the assignment, but in the end he is the best. This is a movie that will make you laugh and make you cry. You will not be disappointed. I loved this movie and I hope that you will too. I think that this is a great movie for the whole family. You will enjoy it.

Arthur Davis photo
Arthur Davis

This is a fun, easy-to-follow, simple movie that everyone can enjoy. The idea of a very simple story being told over a long period of time is refreshing, and the way the plot unfolds is very interesting. The acting is not as good as I would have hoped, but the cast does what it can to make it a pleasant movie to watch. The production values are good, and the music is good. This is a very good movie to watch with a group of friends. I can see it being a great date movie or just a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

Donna T. photo
Donna T.

When I first saw the trailer, I was immediately intrigued. A boy who wants to find out what it's like to be a girl, who is eventually able to be a girl, and who is happy with it. Sounds like a great movie. The trailer had a cute little plot to it, and the fact that it was a chick flick was also appealing. But when I finally saw it, I was quite disappointed. The plot was too vague and the characters were not very well developed. I understand that the film is about two teenage girls, but the main character, she is not a typical teenage girl. I felt that she was too out of place, and her feelings of being a girl were not very believable. I also felt that her character was not very well developed. I do not know if it was because the film was too short, or that the director, Julián Alejandro, did not take the time to develop her character, but the girl who played her, looked too young to be playing a 16 year old. So, if you want to see a movie that is supposed to be a chick flick, then I would definitely recommend this one. However, if you want a movie that is supposed to be a love story, then this film is not for you.

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Richard Burns

The most unusual film I have ever seen, in my opinion. I think it's a wonderful film, with all the right elements to make it a film worth seeing. The characters are well developed and the story is intriguing, full of twists and turns. It's a wonderful comedy, that keeps you laughing throughout the film, and never becomes a dull moment. I really liked the way it was filmed, it is just beautiful, and I recommend it to everyone.

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This film has the feeling of a play and the characters are fun and quirky. I thought the story was a bit thin, but it did have a lot of laughs. I didn't like the ending. It was way too abrupt. The music was good and the actors were good. I thought that the film was a bit too long, but it was still worth watching.

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Kevin Burns

The movie starts with a perfect narration of a happy marriage between two people. The problem is that the two people are not happy, their spouse is in a bad mood and has no intentions of being happy. That is the whole movie. There is not much action, but the story is so good that it is easy to lose track of the time. The director is excellent, the screenplay is great, the actors are great, the characters are good. The problem is that the film is too long, and the ending is a little disappointing, but it's still an excellent film.

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Amber R.

I think this movie is a pretty bad translation of the novel. But, I'm not going to criticize the movie for that. So, what I'm going to complain about is the English dubbing. It is so much worse than the original version. It was like a parody of a horror movie. That was the best part of the movie, I mean that part where it's the "ship ship" scene where the Russians are doing their commercial. It's so terrible. I couldn't even watch the movie because of the bad dubbing. I'm going to complain a lot about the Spanish dubbing, which I saw on TV so it didn't bother me. But, I really didn't like the Spanish dubbing. The Spanish dubbing has some great lines, but a lot of them is terrible. It's like the lines have a strange rhythm, like what I say is really stupid or something. I don't know, I don't know. It's kind of like the lines didn't match to the character. I mean, the character could say a lot of things, but it's not really good. The lines have this strange rhythm. I think the movie would be better if the English subtitles were in Spanish and vice versa. That would be really bad.

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Ashley Henry

Voulez en marche! la poche is a charming romantic comedy in which the title character Gwen is a successful and possibly one of the richest woman in France and she needs a man to go to bed with. When she finds a man that fits the bill she invites him to dinner to prove that she can be a man who can use her money for more than just a man. After a wine and dinner reception she invites him to take a shower which he does. When she sees him in the shower she feels that this is the perfect time to tell him she has a husband and a baby. However she finds that she can't say that because she has to make a bet. She will tell him if he can have sex with the lady who was his boss. Her husband will know the woman's husband and he will know that she has gone to sleep with his wife. That is the perfect moment to get it on. The cast is generally very good. Gwen Brielle (Jeanne) is charming and played a really good part in the movie. The other cast are also good. Luisa Suen is quite good as the victim and she was also part of the drama. Miette Dacroft is good as Gwen's mother. Claude Chabert is also good in his role. This is one of those movies that is entertaining but lacks in some areas and lacks the feel of the original from which it has been taken. Still the cast and the cast of the original makes it a good watch for sure.

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George Mason

This movie has been out for a while now and I have not been able to get around to watching it. I have been wanting to see it for a while now and have had to think of other movies I want to watch and then I think of this movie. I have read some of the other reviews and some of them are quite harsh and I have been kind of leery of the movie but I decided to go ahead and watch it. I am glad I did. It is an amusing romantic comedy and I think it will be great to see it again. I thought the acting was great and the romance was quite good. It was very entertaining and I found it really enjoyable.

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Unsurprisingly, I don't know many gay men who like film so much. I have seen a number of them in my life (as a result of being a teen and a young adult) but as my tastes have changed a bit I tend to stay away. "Pride and Joy" is a film about a relationship between two of Spain's most notorious men, Jose Maria Lobos (Cristi Alonso), a popular singer in the heyday of the Sex Pistols, and Pedro Sotto (Fernando Abril), the manager of the legendary gay bar "El Tabac", where the film is set. Lobos and Sotto are both working at the bar in the early 1980s when they meet. I don't know if they meet because of who they are or if they are attracted to each other. Their relationship is put to the test when Lobos' long-term lover, Humberto Quintero (Roberto Dominguez) arrives to give him a few months notice. They meet with the former lover and they have some funny adventures with him. However, things get a little too serious when a series of unfortunate events occur. This movie is a good comedy and fun to watch. The acting is all well above average and the screenplay is just perfect. I would recommend this film to any of my friends who are in the middle of a long-distance relationship. The acting and the script in general is really good. However, for someone who has never watched the Sex Pistols or even seen them on the stage, the movie might be a little difficult to follow, especially with the very difficult subtitles, but that doesn't have to be the case. As a result, the movie is probably the best way to see them on the big screen. All in all, "Pride and Joy" is a very good Spanish gay film. As I said, there are quite a few gay movies out there, but "Pride and Joy" is the one I most enjoyed. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is very entertaining and, when I first saw it, I almost never stopped laughing. Even if you don't like the Pistols, this movie is still very funny and I think this film is probably worth a viewing. I give it a B+

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I got the impression from the first ten minutes that I was watching a sitcom. The only reason I continued watching was that I knew that it would get better. What I have learned from this movie is that not all married couples can have a good time. That wasn't the case for me. In fact, it was the exact opposite. All the other comments here seem to be just like the ones I read in the newspaper. I loved the characters, the stories, the music, and the clothes. You can see where they went. I didn't expect this movie to be like this. I think that most of the people who gave this film negative reviews saw the same movie I did. When that happens, they go back to their homes, think of the movies that they really like, and then look for the movies they truly don't like. Like I said, I am not a great movie critic, but this is one of the better comedies I have seen.

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Raymond Hawkins

A very funny, silly, and quite funny movie. I was not expecting it to be good. I was wrong. I was totally wrong. It is an interesting and cute story with a lot of good actors. I don't really like that this movie has a lot of swearing and lots of nudity. I am sure that the makers of this movie were just trying to make a good movie. I think it is great!

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Deborah Crawford

First of all, I must admit that I'm not a big fan of Mexican movies, and I usually avoid them for the fact that I don't usually enjoy them, in fact I only watch foreign movies as a way to escape to other countries and a strange culture and getting my fill. I have never been to Mexico City, and only just got out, so I was surprised to see that I didn't really have much expectations from the film. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and would recommend it to anyone. The idea is, that the major characters in this film are really different versions of themselves. Lola - (La Aurora) is a girl that has lived as a child with a broken heart, and she tries to find meaning in her life by joining a gang, going on a path to find happiness. Chuyo - (Chuy) is the social awkward teenage boy that always gets the girl, but that can never be helped. And El Rey - (La Dono) is a 21 year old girl who grew up in a terrible situation and has a sense of humor that's more than his. They all have different reasons to be in their gang, and are trying to find their own way out of their situation, and they all need to get some sort of redemption. While I could go on about all of the characters, I'm going to concentrate on El Rey and Lola, the main characters of the film. The first time I saw El Rey in a movie, I didn't even know he was the main character. He was so small and so awkward that I couldn't even recognize him at first. I would watch him in the credits, but I've never actually seen him in the film. But I never really paid much attention to Lola and Chuyo, though I know they are both actors and actresses, but I'm still not sure I'll recognize them at all. The director does an outstanding job of showing how they feel about the things they have to do and the situation they find themselves in. While they all are trying to find meaning in their lives, El Rey (La Dono) is the one that finds the most satisfaction, as he begins to realize that he might be in a better situation if he doesn't do anything, and doesn't give into his pain. Chuyo (Chuy) struggles to find himself and start to feel something again, while El Rey (La Dono) just wants to start life over. I don't know if the people that know the directors thought this would be a film to make, but they hit all of the right notes. They show the real life issues of the teens, but they also show the struggles they are going through. And their personal feelings and problems just become more apparent as they struggle to find meaning in life. The actors also did a good job in showing their emotions and struggles. I'm not a big fan of Mexican cinema, but this movie was really amazing. And I'm not the biggest fan of films that have English subtitles, but this movie is perfectly clear, because all the actors are speaking their own language in the movie. Also, because of the way this movie is shot, you get an amazing sense of direction, as if you are part of the gang, not just watching the film from the point of view of one of the characters. Another thing about the film that impressed me was the music. I was really impressed by the different types of music used in this movie. From "Ave Verano" (The Lover), to "Ave Amor (The Beautiful Angel)", to "Pangos" (The Violent World), all of the different songs are perfect. The film is really awesome and the direction is excellent, and I would recommend this movie to anyone, who

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Jeffrey Murphy

At last a true drama that shows the power of a true love, how far can you go to do what you love. A perfect film for those who love romance, and who love real life. The acting is wonderful and the story is told in such a way that you can feel what is going on in this film. I think that this is a must see film.

Ann photo

I am sad to say, but I've seen all the 3 sequels. The first movie is OK, I thought it was better than the second movie and third. The fourth movie is not as good as the first two, but not bad. I am not a fan of the first trilogy, but this one is OK. I do not know if it was the good or the bad acting, but it just was not that good.

Kyle Stewart photo
Kyle Stewart

I didn't really like this film, mostly because of the way that it turned out, and the ending left me depressed. It seemed like the film was really about two girls who grew up together. They knew each other since they were young, and one day they got back together, after a serious relationship ended. They continue to live together after high school, but they're still very different. At first, the girls try to adjust to life as a couple, but they find it tough and they want to remain separated. The story focuses on how these girls fall in love, and the relationship between each of the girls. It's sad, but it's not all bad. It's really a really great film. I'll give it a B-Movie rating, not because I can't give it a higher rating, but because it really is that bad. There are a couple of things that are really interesting and fun to watch. The beginning is kind of boring, but it builds up to a nice ending. If you like the way that they made the film, it's worth watching.

Jennifer photo

I don't know who is going to like this film or not, but I have been making out with Almodovar, thus waiting to see this film for a while. I should have seen this film first, but who will ever know? Maybe the female nudity will be an amazing experience for the guy, the gay scenes will be completely shocking and the love story will be enough to make you tear up. But, because of the emotions I got from this film, I wanted to write a review just so I could tell you how much I loved this film, and why. So, I hope you'll give this film a chance. It's a film to watch with the whole family and enjoy. My opinion is that the film can be rated from 5 to 9 or 10. I give it 7. P.S. In case you are wondering, I'm not going to give the film a rating system because I don't have a rating system, but since the "B" is with the female nude scenes, the film is PG-13. P.P.S. And last, I'd like to add that I only saw this film in the theater (where I'm from), so I don't have many of the other films that this film is based on. so, please do not be offended if you're not familiar with my country. PS: The film is rated PG-13 for sex and profanity.

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Laura Murphy

This is a movie that is very much worth watching. The main character (Mauricio Guzman) is a man who is a nerd, and a man who is really good at computer programming. He meets a beautiful girl (Nicole Duenas) and they fall in love. But when she goes to live with her boyfriend, Mauricio wants to return to his old ways. He feels that he is going back to his old life, which is not very good for him. I am a big fan of this movie. I have seen it 3 times, and I just can't stop watching it. It is a great movie. The actors are very good, especially Mauricio Guzman. He really is a great actor, and I think he has a very good future. I can't say anything bad about this movie, because it is really good. It is a movie that is not for everyone, and that is why I recommend it to only people who really like movies.

Emily May photo
Emily May

This is one of the funniest movies of all time, with jokes that are great in English and Spanish. It is very long, but I recommend that you watch it. Every scene is full of joy and laughter. Anyone who has a good sense of humor and can handle long movies will be able to sit through this film. The movie is about two women, Elisa and Lucy, who can't decide if they are single or married, as they are at the same age. They have a happy relationship, but Lucy says she is single, which is the opposite of how she feels. Elisa thinks she should be married, but she is single too, so they both think they have to go through with it. This leads to some interesting situations. These are funny jokes that you will have never seen before. Don't miss it.

Diane Baker photo
Diane Baker

What can I say about this? Well, here goes. To start off, you really need to give this film some time. The first two acts are really slow-moving but once the characters start to interact, you just have to accept that this is a rom-com. And that it is. The film plays on both the light-hearted and the serious at times. And for me, they always fit it. The characters have a certain charm to them and that is what keeps them from falling apart. The actors are not at all bad, either. You want to feel for them and they make you feel that. Though the story gets a little ridiculous at times. It becomes tiresome after a while. I couldn't help but get the feeling that this is a romance film, not a comedy. It's like two people coming together and falling for each other. But it's definitely a sweet, yet romantic story. And that's what makes it all work. I was totally entertained throughout and I found the emotions to be genuine. It is a simple film, and I must admit that the idea of a fire sprinkler going off and a couple running around town, but not really knowing what is going on, kept me completely engrossed.

Brittany McCoy photo
Brittany McCoy

I found that this movie was excellent. First of all, it is not only the smallest of the films that I've seen, it is also the most known. It's a fast, yet beautiful, romantic comedy-drama about a loser who discovers that he has feelings for a beautiful girl who he was in love with. The reason is that his sister was the girl's teacher in high school and she didn't like him very much, and also, the teacher's crush turned out to be her student. Now, all of these things might sound confusing, but it doesn't really matter because you will realize that they are not that confusing. In fact, the story is very simple: everything is clear and we can follow it without any problems. The only thing that can be confused is that this is a comedy-drama, but don't worry, I will talk about that in a moment. One thing that I like the most about this film is the musical score by composer/singer Javier Aguirre-Sacasa, and it is very appropriate for the movie. Not only is the music very interesting, but it is also very simple, very common, and very easy to listen to. The way that the pieces fit together and the way that the music moves is really good. The only problem I have with the music is that, while it isn't overbearing, the emotions it was intended to express aren't that strong. Another thing that I like about the score is that it is in Spanish and it doesn't use the word "o" to say "good". It uses a word that we all can understand, "remeto" to say "good" or "excellent", but "remto" is completely different. I think this is the only problem in the score that I didn't notice, but it is the only one that I could think of. Now, about the acting. As I have already said, I think that the acting is very good. Everyone does a great job, but especially the character played by Javier Aguirre-Sacasa. I think that he is a very good actor and I would say that the best actor in the film. I also think that he has the most attractive face of all of the actors in the film. I was really impressed by the way that the actor played the role of the "love interest" of the main character, and I was also very impressed by the way he played his character in the rest of the film. His scene with the main character in the beginning of the film was so impressive and it made me think that he was a great actor. The second-best actor in the film is Fernando Meirelles, who was very good in the film, but I believe that he is the best actor in the movie. I think that the scene when he and his father are in the basement when the teacher is coming to see him is so well done and it is so very powerful, that it should be seen by every person who loves movies. Overall, this movie is a great comedy-drama that is entertaining and easy to watch. I recommend it to everyone who likes romantic comedies and comedy-dramas. But I also recommend that you go see it if you don't like movies.

Nancy photo

Amazingly well written comedy. It is definitely a must see. It is probably a little too long, but not as bad as some others would make out, and it does keep you entertained and wanting more. I thought the direction and acting was great, and all of the actors really delivered what they had to. That's a big plus. Even the supporting actors, who also looked good, added to the film. Some have said it is a little slow. It was. It was definitely a slow movie. It was certainly not the most gory movie I've ever seen, but it certainly is not the one you want to watch to find a really good laugh. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anybody, regardless of your tastes. And, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys comedies.

Sean L. photo
Sean L.

It was a little bit boring, but a lot of fun. The acting was good. The one who plays the dream girl had the most fun at the beginning, and she does some pretty good impressions of that role in the movie, though I wish she was more on the point with the character. Her character was different from the one in the book, and she came out a little too weak in the end. The old lady who played the wife had some funny scenes in the movie, and I didn't think her character was that great in the book. I really wish they had given her some more scenes in the movie. It's also good to see some older actresses in this movie, like her, Blanchard and Tarkovsky. The old ones, though, are not that famous. Although they're young, they're not really great actresses, but they did do a good job, with some good scenes. On the negative side, the movie was too short. If they had given the whole movie, then the movie would have gone way longer. But, at least, it was good. The scene in the old folks' house with the kids was funny. And of course, the last part of the movie is really cute, but I think they could have made it a bit longer, and it would have been much more interesting. The part in the old folks' house with the kids and the sleeping snake was really good, and I think they should have made more scenes like that, for the rest of the movie. Even though the young people were my favorite part, I would recommend watching it with the rest of the movie. But, to really enjoy this movie, you will have to have read the book, if you haven't already, to really enjoy it. I personally have not read the book, so I cannot really comment on that. It is not like I didn't read the book, and I will not read it. All I can say is, I love the book. I have read the book twice, and I still have not finished it. And I really think the movie could have been a lot longer, because that is where the fun is, in this movie. Overall, this movie is good, but a little too short. I would recommend watching it, if you haven't read the book, because the book is a lot better than the movie.

Denise photo

I think the best thing about this movie is the acting. The main character, Sebastian, is a typical handsome guy who has a really cute girlfriend. The other characters are also very well-written. In particular, the waiter, Pedro, is very funny. In the end, I didn't find the plot really interesting, but I didn't think the movie was that bad. I also liked the plot twists. All in all, I think this movie is good and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the comedy genre.

Howard photo

I think I would have enjoyed this film more if I had seen it in the theater. The movie is rather slow, but it's quite funny, and it's nice to see a movie where you don't have to think about the movie. It's a movie I'd like to watch again.

Teresa T. photo
Teresa T.

This is a light-hearted, almost comical romantic comedy with a bit of a twist, and a few laughs. It's an excellent example of a woman's man, but also a man's man. This film is a bit similar to "The Little Hours", a film that has a similar plot, but a different end result. If you are interested in a light-hearted film, you might want to check this one out. If you are looking for a more serious, and more sophisticated, film, you may want to look elsewhere. If you are looking for a comedy with a bit of a twist, this film might be right up your alley. This is a film that is not for everyone, but I would highly recommend it to any woman who is interested in a different kind of film, or just like to see a good, light-hearted romantic comedy.

Howard photo

In my opinion, this is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. I love this movie because it has a very good script, good actors, and it has a great story line. There are many funny scenes in this movie, and they keep you laughing for quite a while. This is a very good movie to watch. I recommend this movie to people who want to laugh a lot. This is a movie that you have to see it at least once.

Alexander Cunningham photo
Alexander Cunningham

This film is great. It is funny, and it is a good story. I recommend it to anyone. It is not perfect, but it is a great movie. If you want to laugh, go see this movie. If you want to be surprised, go see it. If you want to feel something new, go see it. If you want to see a movie that will make you laugh and make you feel something, go see it.

Amanda photo

This film started out very weak in parts, and at times I found myself wishing I hadn't gone to see it. But once it got going, it turned out to be a great film. The acting was very good, and the writing was very clever. The dialog is both amusing and insightful, and the moments between the characters are really nice. I highly recommend this film.

Tiffany photo

I think I saw "El Paraiso de Fecha" or "The Spanish Man", I don't remember. It is interesting because of that. Some people are using that to criticize this movie. But I don't really think so. This movie really has a lot of substance, and it is really funny, in my opinion. The plot is not good, but then again, it isn't bad. It is a bit long and very dull at times. This movie also has a lot of quirkiness, and it is very funny. The first time I watched it, I was laughing like crazy, and I felt really good watching it. The funny scenes and the great acting make this movie the funniest movie I have ever seen. The second time I watched it, it didn't make me laugh like the first time. This is what makes it great, and it makes it great to watch for a second time. I didn't like the plot, but then again, I don't think the plot is very important in this movie. It is just an excuse to have fun. I think that's enough of the plot, and the acting. There isn't much of an acting to speak of in this movie, but it is all good. As far as the plot goes, it is very simple. It is more about a man trying to find his wife, but in the end he just found a pretty woman that he likes. The great thing is that it doesn't really matter where the love is from, because it doesn't matter, because it is a completely different plot. I think that the plot was not the main thing, because it is a very funny and pretty movie. I recommend this movie for everyone who like comedies, and it also has great acting. If you are a fan of Luis Llosa, you will definitely enjoy this movie. I definitely recommend this movie for anyone who like funny movies. This is the second of three movies that I have watched, the first one being "Aqui Fichas" by Joris De Hertog.

Barbara Wood photo
Barbara Wood

Funny, in a funny way, is a word that comes to mind when I think of the movie. For example, when I was in high school, I heard a rumor that a student in my school had been punched in the face. I was surprised when I heard it, because it wasn't true. Anyway, I did watch the movie and I loved it. There are some scenes that I thought were funny, but then I realized that they were not funny at all. Like the scene where Miguel sings a song and it's supposed to be a happy song, but in the end, he just seems sad. I don't know if it was supposed to be a sad song or not, but I didn't find it funny. But the funny scenes are in the movie. And the movie has a lot of funny scenes, but it's not funny all the time. So, I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

I really liked this movie. It's funny, and I can watch it over and over again. It's a true reflection of how life in a small town is. The characters are great and their reactions to the problems are really great. The acting is very good. I think it was a perfect fit for Angelica Hagan. She's a very talented actress and I think she brought a lot of energy to this movie. I think it's a really funny movie. It's very romantic and you can't help but smile when you watch it. It's a movie you can watch over and over again.