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The Beguiled

The Beguiled is a movie starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning. The unexpected arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girls school in Virginia during the American Civil War leads to jealousy and betrayal.

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Kadın Affetmez, Na pokuszenie, Petetud, El seductor, Η αποπλάνηση, Les proies, The Beguiled ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ, L'inganno, Ha'pitoui, La seducción, O Estranho Que Nós Amamos, Lemtinga pagunda, O Estranho que Nós Amamos, Csábítás, De bedragna, Những Kẻ Khát Tình, I Apoplanisi, Pieviltie, 魅惑, Die Verführten, Opčinjen, Lumotut
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Thriller, Drama
Sofia Coppola
Thomas Cullinan, Albert Maltz, Irene Kamp, Sofia Coppola
Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning
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Martha Farnsworth runs a girls school in Virginia during the Civil War. By 1864, almost all of the students, teachers, and slaves have left; only five students and one teacher, Edwina Morrow, remain. While out in the woods searching for mushrooms, Amy, a pupil, comes across John McBurney, a corporal in the Union Army who was wounded in the leg during battle, and has since deserted. Amy brings McBurney to the school where he falls unconscious. The women lock McBurney in one of the rooms while Miss Farnsworth tends to his wounds. All the women and girls in the school are immediately fascinated by the handsome man..

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Janet Ross photo
Janet Ross

Some of the things that people complain about in this film are about the plot, the character development, and the acting. There are some plot twists and the character development is done well, and people are happy with the way it was done. The film is action-packed, it has a high body count, there are a couple of out-of-place nudity scenes, and the acting is really good, but that doesn't take away from the film. The cast does a really good job at what they are given, and the scenes where the violence is coming at you are well-done, and the music is really well-placed. This is the kind of movie that people will probably like, if they can look past the problems mentioned above. I have given it a 7 out of 10, but I can't quite help it, because I still feel that there is room for improvement, and this film has some flaws, but I can't help it. This film is just one of those, you know, like the one I mentioned before, but this is a great film that will please many people. I think this film will be a classic, but it is still one that should not be missed.

Johnny Little photo
Johnny Little

If you're looking for a slick British Gothic film that features impeccable acting, well, don't bother. The Beguiled is not a classic, not even a good one. It's a generic tale of betrayal, betrayal, and then a bit of murder, and that's about it. (SPOILER WARNING!) It is "about" the family secrets that were revealed to one of the characters, but they weren't revealed at all, so you can't really call it a revenge story. The film had been storied for a long time before it even came out. Nobody really cared to see this movie. It wasn't exciting, it was predictable, it was dull. It was everything you would expect from a movie made for kids. They called it "The Beguiled" when it came out, but the older I got, the more I realized that they might have been on to something. After all, this film has been criticized for being a chick flick, and it has been criticized for being predictable. Well, it's the conventional, formulaic, predictable thing. Well, you've seen the formula a million times before. The pacing of this film is awful, but I think that was the point. It was meant to be slow. The pacing is so slow that you don't have time to appreciate all the suspense, and there is no suspense. The main character, Christina Ricci, is the perfect example of an actress who got too big for her britches. Her acting was terrible. The character she portrays in the movie, Bridget, is the epitome of bad acting. Her acting is so contrived that you'd swear she was acting in a stage play. The big problem with this film is that it's incredibly boring. At one point, I was practically praying that it would end before it turned into a big, incoherent action scene. In fact, the whole thing has one of those endings that you feel like you wasted your time on. The Beguiled is a movie that you watch one time and that was it. It's that simple. All the films you've seen that this has been compared to, have been more of an action or romance thriller, and they're all pretty good films. This is one of those movies, that you watch one time, and that's all you'll ever get out of it.

Robert D. photo
Robert D.

I read some reviews from people who said that they didn't like the movie, that it was boring. They must have read the book first. This movie is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a true story, you will enjoy it. The only complaint I have is the length of the movie. I thought it was almost too long. But, I really liked it. I was entertained the whole time. I never felt bored. All of the actors did a fine job. I loved the fight scenes and the suspense was good. It is a great story to tell and very true to the book.

Austin Davidson photo
Austin Davidson

I enjoyed the story of this movie. It starts of as a love story between two women and it is slowly revealed that the man was just a conniver. We find out that he did have something to do with the woman's death. I just wanted to know what it was that made him that way and what went into his change of heart. The villain was horrible but at the same time a little endearing. I enjoyed the theme of love. If you like this movie, I suggest you watch It's A Wonderful Life. It's a Wonderful Life is the best movie that I have ever seen and I think that everyone should see it.

Bruce Price photo
Bruce Price

A rich country girl, who has just been kidnapped by a group of vampires out for a night of bloodshed, falls in love with a local farmer, the leader of a gang of vampire hunters. From this point on, it's a guessing game of what will happen to them and the film is suspenseful. It's very well made, with a great music score by Hans Zimmer, including a lot of classic music. If you like this genre, I'd suggest seeing it. I liked it, but there are lots of things I could've done better, and the ending was a little weak.

Megan McCoy photo
Megan McCoy

First off I wanted to see this movie because I loved the book "The Beguiled" by Dennis Lehane and was a big fan of the film version. I was really disappointed that I did not see the film before reading the book. I read it in the late nineties and was amazed by the detail and complexity of the plot. In the book it was very clear how the characters were affected by the situations in the film. Here in the film I could see every single scene from the book but couldn't decide whether it was about the same characters or different characters. The story was very interesting and the characters were so well developed that I could see what was going to happen next. The film does have some really exciting and violent scenes that were very graphic. I think the violence was used as a way to show that the characters are truly in danger and are in danger of losing everything. I don't think it should have been shown in the film. The violence was not needed and was very over done. This is not a movie that I would want my kids to watch, because the violence would not be appropriate for young children. I understand that this is a film about a woman and the way she deals with her feelings for a man she has never met but the violence used in the film just made me angry and frustrated. I was disappointed that I did not see the book before reading the book and then the film before reading the book, but I was very pleased with the film. I think it is a great film and the acting was outstanding and the characters were all very well developed and realistic. I give this film a 7/10.

Eugene photo

Claudia Christian is the latest figure in the sex kitten industry. So she will be a major porn star, probably. She can be pretty sexy in a certain way. Or, not. Probably neither. I enjoyed this film. It's a movie, and a very good one, for its length. It really is a movie, though. It's about two women, one having sex, the other trying to get it off. The reason for the movie's length is not just for reasons of character depth, but because it has a real plot. It's a story, though a rather slow one. We have lots of scenes that just linger on something a bit too long. We have all the plot holes that you could possibly throw at the story, but you don't really need to. This movie is a good movie, it's not a masterpiece, but it's a good one.

Nicholas W. photo
Nicholas W.

I am in the minority in that I would have to say that I enjoyed this movie a lot. I love Bridget and this movie is just as good as the first one. Not much action here but there is a lot of psychological horror. The idea is, once again, a modern woman tries to escape from her past, from her past and her past makes her more powerful. The idea is not original, it's like a modern version of "Blood and Black Lace". However, this movie is better and I think the creators and actors were more focused on it. All in all, I liked it very much. I give this movie a 10. I hope it will be popular.

Stephen Romero photo
Stephen Romero

This movie is very well made with a very good cast. I thought it was the best remake of a film that I have seen in a long time. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I would have liked to see how James Mason played it out. It was a good movie overall.

Cynthia Douglas photo
Cynthia Douglas

Even though I have been an admirer of Clint Eastwood's work, I do not think I've ever seen a film that has made me think so hard about the world around me. In this film, he takes on a different role than you see him in any other film. He is a better man than I could ever have hoped to find him. He is a ruthless, opportunistic, and unscrupulous man who will do almost anything to take a piece of the action. He is a master of deception, making an enemy out of anyone and anyone who crosses him. In this film, his play, he has been a professional gambler and he is the one who starts the war. He is a very vicious man. He makes his enemies pay with their lives. He manipulates everything he touches. It is when he meets Rachel Weisz that he begins to play the long game. His first target is a woman who plays the violin, and he uses his fame and his money to get her to sing. After she doesn't want to, he takes the risk of bringing her to a secluded spot where he will teach her a lesson. He offers to let her have a photograph of him and her sister to accompany her to the next concert. She agrees and begins to dream about how great it will be. He watches her dreams turn into a nightmare. She is left with nothing and he is left with a chance to take her. The two of them are in the same situation and it is not her fault. He tries to convince her that it was her, but she cannot believe it. After she is convinced, he takes her to his home, but she refuses to come. He then calls a police officer, who then gets her on the phone. He pretends that she is interested in his business, but when she has no money to pay the bill, he ends up being her worst nightmare. It is at that point when he offers her the chance to work for him, and she accepts. He tells her that if she will help him with some of his work, he will make her famous. This is when he meets her, and she can't believe it. She becomes fascinated by his methods, and she joins the other people. There is no sex, but it is all about taking advantage of women. They are all women that he has had to manipulate for him. She falls in love with him and is convinced that they are meant for each other. He knows that he has taken her for himself. He offers her a choice, and she accepts. In the end, she leaves him, and he becomes a minor celebrity in the United States. He goes to Hollywood

Andrea photo

The cast is terrific, and director John Hillcoat makes an excellent job of maintaining a tension and an atmosphere of menace. The photography is almost like a black and white; as is the music. There are quite a few fantastic scenes (for example, a few close ups of the dead and the heads turning blue), and the tension is maintained for the entire film. If you like thrillers, or at least thrills, you should enjoy this film.

Carol M. photo
Carol M.

The Beguiled is one of the more intriguing film of the year, and is well worth the watch. The plot itself is extremely intricate and very thought provoking. However, I feel that the film could have been better executed. The problem that I had with the film, is that I didn't feel that the story line was rich enough to get me emotionally involved. The violence and gore of the film seemed to be random. The violence seemed to be meant to shock, but I didn't really care about any of the characters that were being murdered. I felt like I didn't really know any of the characters that I saw being murdered. As I was watching the film, I thought to myself, "wow, I wish I was more shocked when I watched this movie." So, overall, the film did have some flaws, but was still very interesting and is worth the watch. Check it out.

Bryan photo

This movie really is a feel good movie. It's fun, it's funny, it's dramatic, it's emotional, it's all in the right proportions. With great performances from the entire cast and the direction. This is one movie you can watch over and over. I gave it a 9, for that reason alone.

Samuel photo

I was really impressed by the film. I think this is one of the best movie about slavery I've ever seen. This movie is based on real life events of the time period in which it is set. It's not a 'historical' movie, it's about slavery and the effects it had on the people involved. There were a lot of characters in this movie. I can't really say too much about them, because they are all in the movie, and they all have their own unique story to tell. It's a very interesting movie. I loved it, and the story is really interesting. I think this is a movie you should watch.

Carolyn photo

This was probably the best movie I saw in a while. It was a good story with a good script. I thought it was a great movie to get my mind off the holiday season. I don't usually like Christmas movies but this one made me happy.

Julia W. photo
Julia W.

This movie is a perfect mix of suspense and comedy. It has good story and all of the characters are well developed. There are quite a few cringe moments.but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ashley Brewer photo
Ashley Brewer

I'm not sure if the scene where they are in the church is supposed to be pornographic or if it's supposed to be a flashback. Either way, it wasn't very realistic. In all honesty, I found it hard to enjoy the movie, because it was just too serious. I thought the movie was about much more than the revenge the girls got from their father. The acting was really good, and the plot wasn't too bad. But, it was a movie that was too deep for me.

Jessica Webb photo
Jessica Webb

Suspenseful and moving with great acting. There's not much in the way of blood and guts, but the bloody parts are frequent. And the suspense comes from the fact that the film focuses on the relationships of the three central characters. It's all about them, not about the violence. The three main characters are lovely and sympathetic. The begrudged father, played by Morgan Freeman, is one of the most effective villains I've ever seen. He's not a violent man and he's not a racist, just a man who is haunted by the memories of the murders of his son and his wife. The two sisters are also very well played. It's sad to think that they grew up in a home where the family was poisoned and the girls have never known a normal childhood. The father's memories of the past are just as powerful and devastating as the memory of his son's death. The story isn't very clear and the ending is a bit unclear. But all in all, it's a very good movie.

Andrew photo

I didn't realize it until later that we've been shown that the notorious protagonist, Marion Crane (Natalie Portman), has a dark secret from which she can't escape. That secret is that she is a vampire. Marion is the only survivor of a mutiny from the original Red Coats in 1745. She is a murderous opportunist who would have been easily appointed as the regent of the United States. After her arrival to the settlement, she is able to get away with what she is doing, but it is always in the shadows. In the town of West Point, a group of new cadets is massacred in a riot. The cadets are a bunch of sociopaths who don't know how to be men. It is clear that they are terrified of their leader, Colonel Jaye (Peter Sarsgaard). When a young cadet named Willy Schumacher (Liev Schreiber) makes it back to the base, he meets Marion. Willy is a nerd who likes to shoot rabbits. He is also a vampire, but not a full-fledged one. He never goes out to hunt, but rather tries to escape. He doesn't succeed, but he does manage to shoot the colonel, and the colonel shows no mercy to a vampire who has taken the name of the president of the United States. Marion has been infected with the blood of the president's daughter, and she becomes one of the vampires. But she is not as vampiric as the president's daughter. She can't be killed by other vampires, but she is more dangerous because she can be used by the cadets to do harm to the troops. Colonel Jaye finds out about Willy, but he is not sure how to deal with the situation. He is trying to balance the military and the civilians, and he wants to ensure that the cadets stay out of the Red Coats hands. There is a crucial part of the movie in which Willy becomes a leader, and he has to decide how to handle the situation. Marion's decision that she will take a man's life is one of the most profound moments in the movie. It is clear that Marion was not the only person who was influenced by the president's daughter's influence. We see that the cadets have a lot of humanist tendencies, but they also have a lot of fascist tendencies. They are not above killing a man because he looks like the president. This is how they saw the cadets, and they do it. When Willy sees that the cadets are going to kill a man, he tells Marion to let it be. This is a very important scene in the movie.

Kathy H. photo
Kathy H.

The film is directed by John Dowdle (When Harry Met Sally, The Time Machine) and stars Nicole Kidman (The Devil Wears Prada) and Clive Owen (The Transporter) as two lovers. It's the story of a couple who are married but divorced. One day, the husband (Owen) comes back to find his wife with a new lover. When he finds out that the lover is his long-time mistress, he goes crazy and starts shooting the man. They then try to get him in custody. When I first saw the preview, I thought that it was a terrible film. I was really disappointed with this film. However, it was a lot better than I expected. I am going to give it a 7/10. It's not the best film I have ever seen, but it is one of the better films I have seen. My rating: 7/10.

Zachary Coleman photo
Zachary Coleman

After some parts I had expected more of the Beguiled and especially the meeting of the two detectives and how the war between the two survivors of the Beguiled. The first half was really intense, the second half was more action and more like a thriller. The problem I have with the film is the last part. The last scene in the hotel is just a joke and doesn't fit. It looks like a parody of the film. I also don't like the ending, I don't think the film should end like this.

Harold S. photo
Harold S.

This is a good movie to watch if you like war movies, because it is very different from most war movies, and its main reason for being is that its violence is really brutal. It is not a gore fest, it is not a horror movie, it is more like a thriller. The violence is totally justified, in fact, it is very realistic and not that much of a shocker. In my opinion, it is a great movie, and it is not that violent. The acting is very good, and I am impressed with the acting, but I must say that the main character is very annoying. I am not sure why she was in the movie at all, but she was very annoying and irritating. It is very hard to like this movie, and I think that it is not very good. It is not a masterpiece, and it is not very good, but it is worth watching.

Benjamin photo

So often, the films that make the big bucks and get a lot of media coverage, are films that are great but also boring and dull. This movie was not such a great film, but it was still a decent one. I must admit that I am a sucker for romance movies, and this was one of the better ones that I have seen. The story was solid, the acting was pretty good, and the film was quite stylish. I thought that the cinematography was great, and I thought that the director did a good job of keeping the film a fairly low key. The only thing that I would like to criticize about this movie is the fact that the film could have been longer. For a film that I can easily overlook, I could have done without the last fifteen minutes or so. However, as a whole, this film was a good thriller. If you like thrillers, you should check it out, but if you don't like thrillers, this one is not for you. If you want a good romance film that you can watch, I would recommend "The Exorcist" or "Moulin Rouge".

Anthony Day photo
Anthony Day

After reading some of the comments about this movie, I thought it would be a good idea to see it for myself. I'm glad I did. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's not for everyone, but for those who like to watch movies and have a good time, it is definitely worth it. The acting is superb, but the performances by the actors are far and away the best part of the movie. Tom Wilkinson is one of my favorite actors, and I can't help but love this movie. It is so emotional and you feel as though you're watching a real person on the screen. For me, it's a film that I can watch over and over again. This is an absolutely wonderful film. I look forward to seeing the sequels. I can't wait to see it again!

Dylan photo

The second Beguiled film in the Beguiled trilogy was not as good as the first, but it was still pretty good. The film starts off in the wild west with a runaway slave who is an escaped slave. She manages to escape from her captor, who was an outlaw, and ends up in the same town. She's met by the town sheriff who is a cross dresser, which is a common trait in the 19th century. The two of them both have a mutual attraction for each other. But the Sheriff realizes that he has to put the cat back in the bag and gives her the choice of staying with him or going to a place where she can stay in peace. He's willing to let her go if she can pass a test, but she doesn't pass it. And the town makes him captain of the town militia. So, she's going to be with the Sheriff. The Sheriff's wife starts to get suspicious of him and the town's reputation gets tainted. But she still has her eye on the runaway slave. The story becomes a thriller, and there's some funny moments in it. This was the second film in the series that is not in 3-D. But I think it's an okay film to watch. It's not the best in the series, but it's still good. It's very good for what it is.

Brandon Mason photo
Brandon Mason

A lot of time is spent on a bunch of conversations with a single boy who seems to be lost. There is an alarming lack of emotion, but there is also an unearthly desire to survive. The film makes you feel very good about the characters, because they feel alone and isolated and we feel something for them. They are damaged, but they don't make themselves out to be. I really like this film, and I think I would have liked it better if it had been longer, or if I had seen it twice.

Christopher photo

This movie is amazing. The first time I watched this movie I was like oh this isn't that good but then I was like this was way better than Saving Private Ryan. So I decided to see it again and I loved it. This movie has the best and best actors in the world in this movie. There's some actors who really don't need to do a whole lot but in this movie they did. I think the acting is so great that the actors aren't looking at each other while they are on the screen. The plot is just amazing. There are no twists in this movie. There is no ending. You just watch the movie. I have never read the book so I am not going to compare the two. This is the first movie I have seen that I was very disappointed because of the end. But if you have not seen this movie yet go out and see it. It's amazing.

Phillip photo

Here we have a very bad movie, because the acting is very bad. The most pathetic scene is when the girl is crying and says "I love you", and the little boy says "Oh, no". But the worst is when the boy, played by Corey Haim, is telling the little boy "He's a big guy, he doesn't like little guys". He's just unbelievable. The big guys are awesome, but that little boy just shows that he can't do anything right. I really like this movie, but it's a disaster. If it's on TV I'll watch it. But if you're going to watch it on the big screen, don't bother. Just save your money and go to McDonalds or something.

Daniel R. photo
Daniel R.

I have seen the movie, and it was good, but very different. We are used to the Bollywood script, or the Hollywood version, to which most of the Bollywood movies have been turned. It is a different style, and its movie. A good story, with suspense and many twists. After I saw the movie, I realized that this is a typical Bollywood movie. Bollywood movies are different from Hollywood movies, because they are more graphic and violent, so most of the American audiences who like movies like "The Matrix", or "The Dark Knight" are not going to see "The Beguiled". That is why I am giving this movie a seven out of ten. I am glad I watched it, but I have seen better movies like "The Elmo Show" (also a Bollywood movie) and "Blue Valentine" (another Bollywood movie).

Susan S. photo
Susan S.

I've seen this movie 4 times already, but it's still amazing. A lot of people were calling it a B-movie. Yes, it's a B-movie, but the acting, the story, the direction, everything was done so well. It's a one-of-a-kind film. I saw it again this weekend and it kept me riveted the whole time. It doesn't give you a lot of details or highlights to look at, but that's what I loved about it. I never knew who the guys were or what they were doing. I didn't see the actors' faces, but I saw the actors' bodies, and that's what I loved. I felt the suspense of the movie and it made me think a lot. It was an amazing film. It was also completely unpretentious, the editing was just amazing, and I felt everything was real. I was never bored or felt like I was missing something. I had no problems with the actors or with the story, and I can't wait to see the film again.

Heather M. photo
Heather M.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this movie. I thought it would be a typical thriller, but it turned out to be a very interesting drama that you can't help but like. The script is very good, and the actors are outstanding. The first act of the movie is very good, and the second act makes you think about what's going on in the movie and how it ends. The third act is also very good. It's very slow, but that's what makes the movie so good. It has a good ending, and that's what I like the most about the movie.

Sharon Barrett photo
Sharon Barrett

I can't recall the last time I watched a film which went straight from the cinema to my head. The film was a harrowing experience. No action scenes and no heroics. Instead, the film follows two men as they go through their own individual crises. As the film progresses you feel as though you are watching the struggles of these two men, all at once. I think that the reason that this film has stayed with me so much is because it has shown a way to deal with our own personal struggles. As I said at the beginning of the review, this is an emotional film. What the film does is to make you feel as though you are watching it in real life. I don't think it is possible to capture the feeling of such an event in a film. I was left speechless by this film, and I was also left speechless by the experience. I can't think of another film which has captured the feelings and the struggle of two people, who are separated by such a great distance, yet at the same time both are left without words to express their feelings. I hope that the film will go on to be a classic.

Madison photo

SPOILERS! I really wanted to like this movie. The storyline is really good. The movie has a lot of great actors. When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was very excited because I was really curious about this movie. It seemed like a really good thriller. After watching the movie, I have to say that this movie was very disappointing. The story line was very boring. The characters are very unrealistic. They make a lot of stupid mistakes in their own life. The only character that really made a good character is the father. The other characters are completely unreal. I think this movie is a 7/10. I recommend that you don't watch this movie.

Robert E. photo
Robert E.

I'm not a huge fan of "The Beguiled" by Michael Winterbottom, so I had little expectations going in. But the film was fantastic. It was great. There was something to be said about making an action film that stays on the track and doesn't falter, and that was the case here. And I think the biggest compliment I can give this film is that I don't feel like the director and writer were trying to have it both ways and "be a chick flick" and make it "family friendly". They did both of those. I think they were trying to get the message across that sexual exploitation is wrong and to be honest, I did feel like they were going too far sometimes, especially in the beginning of the film. I think that they were trying to make sure we were only getting one view on the sex trafficking, but in the end I was left thinking that the film was well worth it.

Christian S. photo
Christian S.

I was a little skeptical going into this movie and I'm glad I didn't listen to my gut, because I was really impressed. To be honest, I went into the movie and had no expectations. It wasn't as good as the previews made it out to be. I just wasn't into the story line and the romance seemed to be falling apart. But it is so much more than that, and it's one of the best films of the year so far. I'm not sure if this is for everyone or not, but I'm definitely going to watch it again and I'm definitely going to rent it. I loved the way it captured the early stages of the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. This is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Alan photo

I haven't read the book or seen the movie but I felt that this movie was very accurate and the plot is very interesting. In my opinion, the story line was well structured and I thought the actors were very well selected and played their roles well. The filming was very well done and the movie is worth watching. The casting was perfect, and the movie did an excellent job at portraying the girls' fear of going to an all male school. It was also good to see the girls as characters in the movie rather than just the victims. The Beguiled was a very interesting story and I think it was well told. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a good suspense story. I give the Beguiled an 8/10.

Helen L. photo
Helen L.

It's easy to see why this film is so praised. It's so powerfully acted, and the story is so gripping. By now, it's a bit dated, and perhaps it's better to appreciate it for its time and to be thankful for the clarity and meaning of the story. When I first saw this film, I was about 14, and it really had a significant impact on me, and it's impossible not to be affected by it. It is hard to see, in retrospect, why this film was so hard to watch. Some of the scenes are hard to watch for a reason. The performances are superb, and those around it - no matter how young or old - are just as brilliant. It's the story, and the world that is so compelling. The impact of this film, as a thing, is hard to explain. If you can't see it in the theatres, buy it on video, it's great.

Janice Snyder photo
Janice Snyder

My problem with this film is that it is so damn slow. It's boring. The second time I saw it I thought the first time I just didn't get it. I think it could've been so much more. I've seen quite a few European films, and the pace of the 'action' wasn't so bad. But it was just boring, and I kept waiting for something to happen. I can't figure out if it was a director's fault or the script. I know the characters were just pretty in a low budget film, but it seemed to go on and on and on. It really should've been more intense. The film was slow, and the characters, I just felt like they were just not believable. You don't really know anything about these people, they're just so boring. If this film was a little bit more intense, it would've been great, but it was just too slow. I don't know if it was the writing or the directing or both, but I just didn't really get it. I know I just don't get it, and I'm sorry, I think it just wasn't for me. I would definitely recommend this film to someone, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that isn't a fan of the genre. 7/10.

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Teresa H.

I'm not sure what people expected of this movie, but I thought it was absolutely terrific. I don't know why I've never heard of it before but I'm sure that there are people out there who will love this movie just like me. It is an incredibly dark movie, but it's beautifully made and the story keeps you hooked for the entire duration. I loved the old world setting of the movie, and I thought the acting was very good. I really don't think that it was a bad movie, it was just very good. I highly recommend it. It has the same feel as "Hanna," "The Notebook," "The Help," "The Help II," and "Mommie Dearest." These are all movies that I think are brilliant, and I'm sure many people will enjoy them as well. I just can't wait to see what directors, writers, and actors do with "The Beguiled."

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The Beguiled is an excellent film about the young son of a wealthy man who has been married for several years. He is quite a young man and has a knack for making money through illegal means. He uses this to build an impressive home, but he also has a very bad temper and a bad attitude. One night, while trying to use his father's old safecracker to steal a boat, he accidentally discovers his father's house, the Beguiled. It is a beautiful home with a very good history. It is a country estate and has had several owners. The son wants to sell it for money, but his father is reluctant to sell it to a young woman who is not his daughter. There are some moments where the son has to take a strong hold of his father's hand. It is at this moment that the Beguiled is revealed. This is one of those movies that takes a dark and sometimes dark humor. The Beguiled is a good story with good acting. It is not a film for children. It is not a film for people who want to see a normal story. It is a film for those who want to see a dark comedy with a great story. The Beguiled is very good. This is one of those movies that is worth watching, but it is not the best film in the world.

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Tiffany Rios

Don't get me wrong, this movie is not for everybody. However, I am not going to say that it is a bad movie because it is a good movie. It is about a woman who goes to a camp for escape, where she meets a man who shares a lot of his problems, with the exception of the woman. The plot is actually very interesting, but in a difficult way. It is very difficult to understand, but also very enjoyable. The two women in the movie are played by a very attractive cast, which is very funny and interesting. When you watch it, you'll be able to understand it. It is a good movie, not that bad, but it is not a good movie. The good thing is, that it is not that hard to understand, it is just a story with a few events. This makes it easy for everybody.

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Martha B.

Although this film was made in 1974, it is still relevant to our current times. In the film, a young woman (Laura Linney) and her husband (David Strathairn) find themselves in the midst of a cold war situation with a neighbor (Julia Stiles) who is a doctor. Laura Linney plays a young woman whose husband has been killed in action. After her husband dies, Laura has to look after her children and her husband's college girlfriend. Linney plays this woman with a keen eye and a calm demeanor. I will say that I did feel that her character was a bit too simplistic, and that her character was the most sympathetic. However, I did feel that this film was very realistic in it's portrayal of war and of the conflicts that women have to endure. As I said before, the acting is outstanding. This film is filled with many dramatic and emotional scenes that will make you think about the times in which you live and the events that may occur in your life. This film is a must see for all those who like films that show the horror of war and the human consequences that this is to be faced with.

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This is an average Western thriller. The plot is simple and easy to follow. There are several questions to be answered, which will lead the viewer to the logical conclusion. The movie is well directed, and features several stars. The acting is convincing. In this movie, Kate Bosworth plays the wife of a Civil War general, and Sally Field plays the wife of a Union officer. Both of these actors give a great performance. This movie has a good, realistic ending. If you want to see a good western, then I recommend The Beguiled.

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Let's be honest, not everyone in a movie theater can be taken in by all the action. That said, the Beguiled is the kind of movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As the film opens, we see a young female couple leaving their home in Scotland for a new life in America. The first twenty minutes of the film are pretty good, building the characters and setting the tone for what to expect. The film then moves into the depths of the Beguiled itself, focusing on the lives of these characters and their mysterious pasts. Then, the film hits its stride, starting to go on for another three hours and letting the tension build as each character is slowly unveiled. At its heart, the film is an examination of what happens when secrets are kept for a long time. There are some great scenes in the film where you get a sense of the horror and desperation of the Beguiled, showing you what it is to live there. When the film gets into its climactic third act, it comes to an abrupt end. The movie is not for the faint of heart, but it's a very tense and thought provoking film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Not everyone will like the film, and I'm sure that some people will walk out of the theater wondering what the hell just happened, but I think that many people will find something to enjoy in the film. Be sure to catch the last few scenes of the film and I bet you won't be disappointed.

Donald B. photo
Donald B.

I'll just add that I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I'm not sure that I would have enjoyed it as much as I did if I hadn't known that it was based on a true story. It's not the best thriller ever made, but it does have it's moments. The beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but it picks up a lot in the middle, and it just gets better and better. All the performances are good, but I think that Reese Witherspoon and Michael Fassbender are the ones that really shine in this movie. Fassbender is the best thing about this movie, and Witherspoon is OK, but she's not as good as Fassbender. The ending of the movie is a bit of a disappointment, but it doesn't ruin the movie as much as I thought it would. It is definitely worth seeing, but it's not one of the better thrillers that I have seen in the last few years.

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Joseph Robinson

The story of a woman being terrorized and raped by a group of men in a remote, rural town. I don't know the director's previous work, so I can't compare it to any other. I'll try to describe my overall impression. It's not a very well-made film. Some scenes are too long and some too short. The director's previous film was made in 2007 and had a more coherent plot. I think the script could have been clearer. The movie was definitely boring in the first 30 minutes, but the pace picked up and I thought I would find some interesting things, but I didn't. I liked the contrast of the rural and urban locations, but the story lacked any new and original ideas. Some things were explained, others were left unexplained. The only scene that was shown that I thought was "bad" was when the woman's husband runs over to the woods to see if they were alright. I think the director has stated he wants to show what women and men experience when they are in danger, but the script leaves a lot of room for other ideas. The scenes with the young, childlike character were probably the most intriguing and interesting to me. They were shown in a way that the viewer can understand what was going on. The music is the most interesting thing in this film. It fits the mood of the film and sets the mood perfectly. The acting was decent. The lead actress was the only person who made me feel sorry for her. I can't say she was the best actress, but she was the only one who did a good job. The director also plays a main role in the movie, but he was not involved in the script, so it is hard to know what he is really trying to say. Overall, this movie could have been much better. It is a good film that is not well-made. The film is about a woman who is terrorized and raped by a group of men in a remote, rural town. I would say it is worth watching, but I will probably watch it again later. I rate this film 7/10.

Arthur photo

When I first saw the movie, I was disappointed in it. The first 5-10 minutes were completely boring. I was not drawn in, and in fact found the movie extremely boring. But as the movie progressed, I began to enjoy the movie. And I was right. The plot was intriguing, and the characters were really well developed. It was almost a crime against the movie itself for me to give it such a low rating, but I had to. I really think it was the acting that made the movie good, not the plot. And I feel that the acting in this movie was better than the performances in most of the other movies I've seen, and I believe that is why it was so good. This movie had a plot, which was actually quite interesting. And it was very interesting. The plot was interesting because it was original, which makes it more interesting and suspenseful, and also because it was unpredictable. It had a lot of twists and turns, and they were very well handled. This movie had a very suspenseful and exciting story. And the ending, although not very original, was very strong. It was very strong because it did not have a happy ending. There were twists and turns in this movie, but I was not at all surprised when I realized that it was a twist. I wasn't at all surprised when I found out that the twist was actually predictable. This movie was very suspenseful. I was very surprised when I discovered that the twist was actually predictable, and I was very disappointed. But overall, the movie was very good. It was not a perfect movie, but it was good. It was very suspenseful and very interesting. And this is the reason why I rate it 7/10.

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Jeremy V.

I really enjoyed this movie. As an aspiring actress I was able to see more than most of my female friends because I was able to enjoy all the sexual content. The sex scenes were really hot and definitely not gratuitous. The Beguiled wasn't a movie I would watch again. I'd be more inclined to watch something else.

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James R.

This film is about a woman who married a man she loved and gave birth to a boy she believed was her son. The doctor in charge of the operation called off the baby and kept it in his home as he considered the infant illegitimate and kept it a secret from his wife. Eventually, her husband finds out about the baby and tries to get the doctor to have the baby. After a few days, he tells her about the boy. The next day, his wife reveals the baby's real name to him, and she leaves him a big present. When the man takes the baby to the hospital, the nurse tells him that the baby's mother is dead. The doctor's wife informs him that the baby was hers but the husband did not recognize it. She then leaves him a note telling him that she did not recognize the baby. Soon the man realizes the truth and is distraught. When his wife is found, she tells him that she has a son but it was not his son. The wife then kills herself and the husband tries to get the baby back. This film is good in parts but has a lot of problems with it. It's a well-done movie but it could have been better. Some of the parts don't make sense. Like the husband saying that the baby was her. Another problem is the ending. The baby does not survive and the husband is still looking for the baby. It's like they had a baby and they put it in the freezer and forgot about it.

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Phillip Perry

I have watched the film several times, and still find it much better than I expected. The ending is much more satisfying than the final scene in "V for Vendetta" (which, in my opinion, was the worst film of all time). Although I was expecting this to be a rambling and nonsensical film with a lot of forced plot twists and contrived story lines, I was surprised to find that this was more of a story of two people finding their way. There are several people who help each other, and I think that the only ones who weren't believable were the child and the husband. I could not help but think of Robert Duvall in "The Thing" when he was waiting for his son to get home from school. The two characters seemed to be completely at odds with each other, and it was very hard to relate to their conflict. I thought that it would have been much more compelling if the two characters were quite different. Perhaps a more "neutral" character would have helped, and made the story a little more suspenseful. My favorite part of the movie was when the girl was trying to run for her life. I was on the edge of my seat for several minutes. And I think that I can watch this film a second time without feeling like I am watching something stupid.

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Aaron Roberts

I was very much impressed by this film, as well as Lotte Lenz's performance. I enjoyed it as a suspense film, and the movie did hold my attention the whole way through. I was very moved by the 'Heavenly Father', who was a very intense character, and very well played. The movie was a very good story of revenge and redemption. It did not disappoint me, and I think that if you enjoy movies of this genre, you will certainly enjoy this movie. It was very good. I highly recommend it.

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Keith Reed

The true story of the plight of the Texas Beguiled is an appropriate backdrop for the film adaptation of the best-selling book by Dr. Stanley Milgram, a "Humanitarian of the Year" for the Chicago Tribune. The film opens with a brief vignette about a Texas town where an armed conflict between two local gangs is a constant presence. These guys and gals have no respect for each other, and every time a gun is fired it is a problem. Eventually, the leaders of both gangs decide to get together and work together to take out their grievances. However, one of the gang leaders, C.T. Jones, is not a part of the gang, and is trying to out-coerce the other gang leaders. With the help of his "heroine" (played by Marisa Tomei) and the advice of Milgram, he begins to channel his inner John Dillinger. The most brilliant aspect of the film is the way the film points out how terrible the gangs are. While one of the gang leaders at the beginning is a heroin addict, the gang leaders at the end are equally bad. C.T. Jones and his daughter are barely hanging on. One of the leaders is a repressed alcoholic, the other a guy who does not want to be involved in the gang. The ultimate goal of the gang leaders is to eliminate the people who have power over them. The social commentary is also interesting. The key theme is the hypocrisy of the two gangs. The guys that want to do what is best for the community, and the guys that are against that. Milgram comes to a similar conclusion, and adds a final note to the film. All in all, the film is a great work of art, and I recommend it.

Teresa C. photo
Teresa C.

I didn't think it was possible to love a movie about sex, sex and sex. I watched this with my partner, who was an avid fan of the series and I thought it was hilarious. The performances were great, the direction was well thought out, and I thought that Emma Thompson was terrific. She was completely believable in her role and the scene with her in the elevator is possibly the best part of the movie. The relationship between Deidre and Christian was perfect. I was worried about the transition of Christian from a child to an adult, and I am glad that I didn't have to worry about that. The final part of the movie that was the rape was what I thought would be the most depressing part of the movie. However, when I looked at the comments, I couldn't really tell what was meant by the rape. It seemed to me to be very much more of a declaration of love, and in the end that was what I felt, the rape was about. So the movie is definitely a must see.

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Kyle M.

The Beguiled is a film which tries to do something different from the usual horror film. It's not about the supernatural or the strange, it's about a man who is haunted by an evil spirit. The film tells the story of an old man (Burt Lancaster) who is a retired private detective. This old man is called Jake Gittes (Brendan Fraser) who is a former star football player who has lost his mind. This evil spirit has taken control of his body and he has become a monster. Jake has had some bad experiences in his life and is trying to forget about his past. One day, while Jake is looking through a private detective's bag, he comes across a large map of Europe. He reads the name of the village and, after reading it, he gets very scared and runs away. Soon, he is chased by a young woman (Kim Dickens) and is cursed by the evil spirit. After this, he is haunted by this spirit for the rest of his life. After watching this movie, one might wonder why the hell would this movie be called The Beguiled. The reason is because it doesn't have the horror of The Evil Dead or The Ring. It's more about a man who is haunted by a evil spirit. The Beguiled is not the most scary film, but it is one of the best films I've seen in recent years. It has a good story, good actors and a very creepy atmosphere. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. I think you should see this film if you liked The Evil Dead and The Ring.

Kathryn G. photo
Kathryn G.

I think this movie is a winner. It is a true story of a couple and their fight for survival after their car gets in a wreck. I think the film is very well done and I think it deserves a 9/10. There are some very good performances by John Travolta and Diane Lane. I don't think this is a movie for everyone, but if you like the story, action, and good acting, you will like this movie.

Roger Peters photo
Roger Peters

My wife (my aunt) and I saw this movie tonight. We loved it, especially the theme and the cast. We also enjoyed the wonderful ending. However, I must add that I really didn't think the ending was well done. I mean, it was not as much of a surprise as I thought it would be. I also have to say that I was disappointed that the movie was not longer. I think that if the movie was longer and it went on longer, I think it would have been better. But I have to say, it was still a good movie.

Amanda M. photo
Amanda M.

I am a sucker for a movie that ends with a cliffhanger, so I can not fault the movie for having such an ending. However, I did find the ending to be somewhat lame. I mean, the movie ends. I know, I know, it's a movie.but a movie has to have some sort of satisfying resolution to be a good movie. You cannot just have the movie end and then just sit back and say, "Well, at least we did the last 15 minutes of the movie justice." In my opinion, the movie should have had a whole new ending. I am disappointed in the end of the movie. And I am disappointed that I am a sucker for a movie to end at the cliffhanger, but in the end, I will probably watch it again, and I'll see what happened to this movie.

Wayne photo

I was very disappointed by the few reviews here and elsewhere, and to the point of being put off from seeing this movie. The ratings here were all well below my average expectations, but I'm glad I watched it. The movie had a story to tell, a compelling story. I didn't find the film predictable or shallow, in fact, I found it incredibly intriguing. The characters are real and very compelling. One reviewer stated that he was always wondering what he would do if he got it wrong. Now I can see why. This film is very well written, well directed, and very entertaining. Even though it is set in the past, there is much that can be read about today. If you are interested in what would have happened in the world in 1820, then this is a good film to see. The only drawback was that I found the ending to be a little abrupt. But overall, I loved the film and recommend it to everyone.

Jeremy photo

Clint Eastwood's "The Beguiled" tells the story of an unemployed woman who is wrongly convicted of the murder of her husband. Her daughter survives, but she is given little to live for. In order to pay for a college education, she agrees to work for the family of a wealthy businessman. She learns to love the husband, and to become more independent. But, when her husband, a loving man, is murdered, she is forced to use her power and influence to protect her daughter from the man who wronged her. I've seen all of Clint Eastwood's films, and I have to say, I've seen this one before, but, it didn't bother me. It was a good story, the writing was superb, the direction was excellent. The acting was good. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film. Although I didn't love the film, I definitely enjoyed it. This is an excellent film, and I will definitely recommend this film to my friends.

Carl L. photo
Carl L.

This is an interesting movie, and I found it a bit disjointed at times. It's an ambiguous movie, where you have to read between the lines to really understand the movie. The whole idea of the victim's guilt being unspoken seems to be very far-fetched. It does have an interesting concept of unconscious bias, which I feel is missing in most of the movies we see these days. I also feel the plot was a bit underdeveloped. The movie is worth watching, but I'm not sure it will be your favorite movie, and it may not be a movie you will watch again.

Deborah photo

The story of a young girl being terrorized by a group of women who will stop at nothing to terrorize her has been done many times before. What makes this movie so good is the character development and development of the characters. All of the actors who were in the film did a superb job in their roles, especially with Joaquin Phoenix. The relationship between his character and the other characters were so real. There were moments where I was screaming for her to help him or for his character to kill them and he wouldn't let me down. The scene where he tries to be a peacemaker with his "woman" is so real that I could actually feel what he was feeling. The film is just a masterpiece of how to present a story in a new light. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes their dramas in a different light than the usual Hollywood fare. Highly recommend.

Louis Ellis photo
Louis Ellis

It's hard to imagine a better horror movie than "The Beguiled" (1984). It's a movie that features a sadistic serial killer, who is almost unstoppable. The story is very complicated. It goes about a teenage girl who has been abused. Her father killed her mother and her brother. She lives with her aunt and uncle and, she knows that she has been bad to her uncle. It's very difficult for her to get away from the family. The movie has a great ending, with a "true-life" twist. The ending is very important to this movie. The movie is based on a true story. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. It's a very good movie. "The Beguiled" is a good movie, but it's not a very good movie. It's a good movie, but not very good.

Danielle photo

After having seen the very violent version of "The Beguiled" in Theaters, I decided to buy the unrated version, and I must say I was very surprised to see that the violent version did not upset me as much as the version that has been released on DVD. The reason for this is that the version I have seen on DVD is of a much higher quality. After having seen the violent version, I felt that it was much more violent. However, I can't say the same for the version I have seen on DVD. The new "Beguiled" contains much more violence, which in my opinion, is more upsetting, but, I would not call it shocking. If you are not a fan of violence, I would not recommend this movie. If you are a fan of violence, I recommend this movie. The acting is excellent, but, I would say the acting of one of the main characters was somewhat awkward. The background music is not as powerful as in the first version, and the background score is not as powerful as in the second version. Overall, I think this movie is better than the violent version, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has seen the "Beguiled" version, and I would say that this version is better than the version on DVD.

Jane H. photo
Jane H.

This film was a good one, although I'd have to say it didn't live up to its title. As far as I can tell, the title and the poster are misleading. This film is more of a thriller, or at least that's what the poster is showing. It's not a horror film. It's not a thriller. There are plenty of good, tense moments, but it's also very much in the character's shoes. It's certainly a fascinating story, but I just didn't like the way the film played out. I didn't like how it dragged on and on. It's not that the movie wasn't good. It's just that I didn't like how it played out. Maybe that's the reason why I didn't like it. I was expecting it to be a bit more active, and I don't think it was. It just seemed like it was coming to a halt. The one thing that this film did have going for it was the acting. Ellen Burstyn, in my opinion, stole the show. She is an excellent actress, and she did a great job. I did find myself waiting for her to say something, but I never got it. Sean Young was also very good, and that's all I can say. It's not a bad film, but it's not really what I would call an exciting movie either.

Brenda Kelley photo
Brenda Kelley

When I first saw the trailer for "The Beguiled" I thought it was going to be a run-of-the-mill "guerrilla action" film, with a lot of swearing and some pretty cheap thrills. As a film it was pretty good, but as a movie it was very bland. The movie was a little too long at two and a half hours, and had too many slow points. The first act is okay, but the second act is almost non-existent. I liked the fact that it was an action film, but it was still a pretty dull film. There were some scenes that made me laugh, but it wasn't enough to save the film. Overall, I would recommend it, but you'll probably hate it.

Anna photo

One of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time. No, I haven't seen Gone With The Wind, but "The Beguiled" is so vivid and well-written, it will stick in your mind for a while. I never expected a film of this caliber to be so moving, even with my extreme soft-spot for strong, realistic movies. The portrayal of the characters is beautiful, and the entire film feels as though it were filmed in one single take. The scene in the hall, for instance, is so incredibly powerful. With the amount of emotion being put into the film, one could never notice it. The film is a masterpiece, and a lesson to the viewer. It makes us think about how we should act in life and what choices we will make, and how the very act of living is dangerous. There is no doubt about it, and the title of the film is a perfect reminder of that. I give "The Beguiled" a 9 out of 10.

Joe Silva photo
Joe Silva

The Beguiled is a very compelling, scary, and at times, thought provoking film. I am usually against films like this, and this film is no exception. It is a very different take on the vampire genre. While the plot has been done many times before in many other movies, the film does not feel like a re-make. The reason for this is because it is completely original, and while you can tell that the film has been made many times before, the director and writer have taken the time to re-imagine the story in a different way. The acting was great, and the story was great. I think this is a very good film, and is definitely a 7/10.